The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on November 28, 1968 · Page 52
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 52

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 52
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6E THE KANSAS CITY TIMES Thurs<kiy, November 28, 1988 REPORT OF SUV RIOTS FINUL VOTE APPROe Kansas Canvass Shows Nixon Carried State 175,678 Ballots—Docking In With 36,596 Margin by Much of Population in Area of Albanian Origin Belgrade (AP)—Yugoslav au thorities reported demonstrations yesterday in the province of Kosovo-Methohija where much of the population is of Albanian origin. reefed against ... the constitutional system of Yugoslavia.” The announcement said several hundred demonstrators assembled in front of a university building in Pristina and broke windows, overturned vehicles and caused damage to property. It added that there were injuries. Similar demonstrations-with- jf'l, CLOSE TO END Democrat Wins No. State Office by Only 4,206 By Robert H. Clark fThe Star's Topeka Correspondent) Topeka — Presidential electors for Richard M Nixon carried Kansas by 175,678 votes, while Gov Robert Docking and James H. DeCoursey, jr., won the top two spots on the state ticket, the final official tab ulation by the state canvassing board revealed yesterday. Republican state officers won re-election by substantial margins. The results were certified after delays when the canvassing board took the initiative to accept the totals from Leavenworth County, although the county vote abstract had not been signed by two of the county commissioners. The abstract made no difference in the outcome of the races in Leavenworth County. In the presidential race, NLxon carried Kansas by 478,674 votes to 302.996 for Vice-President Hubert Humphrey, and 88,921 for George Wallace. There were 2,192 votes for the Prohibition ticket. Rep. Bob Dole (R-Kas.) won his bid for the U. S. Senate seat on the Republican ticket over William I. Robinson, Wichita Democrat, by an almost identical vote as in the presidential race. The total there was 490,911 for Dole and 315,911 for Robinson. Governor Docking was a substantial winner in the hotly contested gubernatorial race over Rick Harman, Republican, with a 36,596 vote edge. The total was 447,269 for Docking and 410,673 for Harman. Marshall Uncapher. Prohibition candidate, had 4,528 votes. DeCoursey emerged the victor for the lieutenant governorship with a 4,206-vote margin over John J. Conrad, Greensburg, Republican and speaker of the House. The victory gives Governor Docking a Democratic lieutenant governor and an on-the- scene spokesman in the Legislature. DeCoursey will be presiding officer of the Senate. Other state officers: British Ai*e Resigned to Latest Taxes The government of the prov- violence-took place in three ince announceri that in Pristina Province, the announced that m Pristina, autliorities said, adding that this indicated the demonstrations were organized. (New York Times News Service) London—The British upper lip remains stiff in the wake of the new austerity measures here, but the public mood generally is one of despair for the future. The British are accepting their higher taxes, including 48 cents more on a bottle of whisky and 5 cents more on a gallon of gasoline, not with outrage but with resignation. And they yearn after this latest series of deflationary measures for the day when they can see some light at the end of the tunnel. capital of the province, and some other towns, demonstrations broke out “with expressive hostile character and content di- Phone Sunday Want Ads in before noon Saturday. BA 1-5500.—Adv. for Stelneger and 25,742 for Robert Alien Peck, Republican. R^tults certified tty the canvassing board of congressional races: First District Congress—Keith G. Sebelius, Republican, 87,012; loY®* W. Meeker, Democrat, 82,Second District Congress—Chester L. Mize, Republican, 110,768, Robert Austin Swan, jr.. Democrat, 53,151. Third District Congress—Larry Winn, |r.. Republican, 100,877; Newell A. George, Democrat, 59,672. Fourth District Congress—Garner E. Shriver, Republican, 101,991; Patrick F. Kelly, Democrat, 55,621. Fifth District Congress—Joe **''"bitr. Pf>nuhlican. 107,085; the Al Bramble, Democrat, 59,- wvJ. let ’ s go SKATING CONRAD IN BRAZIL Her Lands in Rio de Janeiro on World Trip Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (API- Max Conrad flew to Rio de Janeiro yesterday, continuing his solo trip around the world by way of the North and South Poles. He flew here from the Brazilian coastal city of Salvador in his twin engine plane, “St. Louis Woman.” He arrived in Salvador Tuesdey after a flight across the Atlantic from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Diai BA 1-5500 to Piace your Star Wanf Ads. Save 5 cents a line each dav by placing thè ads for 3 or more consecutive davs.—Adv. Secretary ©f State—Elwlll M, Shanahan, Republican, 468,254, and Kenneth J. StodgeU, Democrat, 295,101, and 17,392 for Ada Hinebaugh, Prohibitionist. State Auditor—Clay E. Hedrick, Republican, 428,514; Jack A. Myers, Democrat, 320,252, and Howard Hadin, Prohibition, 17,019. State Treasurer—Walter H. Peery, Republican, 438,256; Gene Lee, Democrat, 306,232, and Alfred Baxter, Prohibition, 21,361. Attorney General—Kent Frlz- tell. Republican, 476,173; Jerry Muth, Democrat, 308,097, no prohibition candidate. Commissioner of Insurance— Frank Sullivan, Republican, 458,406; A. Clayton Dial, Democrat, 289,631, and Vearl Bacon, Prohibition, 17,787. State Printer—Robert R. Sanders, Republican, 442,691; James Bayouth, Democrat, 293,858, and D. Lloyd Huyett, Prohibition, 30,887. The constitutional amendment proposal to lift the term limit on county treasurers carried by 481,657 to 142,078 votes. All three justices of the Kansas Supreme court won overwhelming voter approval to be retained on the bench. The vote favoring chief justice Robert T. Price was 428,324 for, to 112,047 against; Justice Alex M. Fromme, 426,093 for, to 119,915 against, and Justice Alfred G. Schroeder, 430,226 for, to 113,750 against. The belated certification showed Sen. Edward F. Reilly, ir., incumbent Republican, as re-elected to a second term in the Kansas Senat# from Leavenworth County. It also made official the election of Robert W. Hedrick, Ambrose L. Dempsey and John D. Bower to the House of Representatives. Their districts included all or part of Leavenworth County, where the final outcome of their races was held up by the disputed count. Joe Steineger, Kansas City, Kansas, Democrat, also was shown the winner in the first district position for member of the state board of education, with that district also going into Leavenworth County. The vote was 37,142 KUDL & SHAKEY'S PRESENTS IN CONCERT JACKIE * WILSON TONIGHT NOV. 28 lit 9 P.M. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM ALSO APPEARING GENE CHANDLER WM. BELL B. B. KINE BARBARA ACKLIN THE FANTASTIC 4 EMORY AND THE DYNAMICS JUDY CLAY JOHNNY JONES AND THE KING CASUALS BAND PEG LEG MOFFETT ADVANCE ADMISSION $3.50 AT THE DOOR $4.00 Tickets eii Sale ot ell Shakey's Pi**o House—Municipal AuiiiteHum Box Office and Parkview Drug Store, 27fh & Bentan. SCHEDULE THANKSGIVING WEEK-END WED. 6 to 8 p.m.-8:30 to 11:30 p.m. - THÜRS. & FRI. 10:30 to 1:30 p.m.-2:15 to 5:15 p 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. SAT.- 2:15 to 5:15 p.m.-8:3i) to 11:30 p. - SUN. 2:15 to 5:15 p. m. 8:30 to 11:30 p. m. / ADULTS ONLY DRIVE IN MOVIE DIRECTORY FREE ELECTRIC HEATERS KANS. AVE. AT 59TH OPEN 6:00 “Odd Couple" 'How Sweef It Is" S°m 'IT'S A BIKINI WORLO" Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau COLOR—t.SO Dpbbie REYNOLDS James GARNER Color 10:45 LEAWOOD jW 12 0 T H ^ ^NDSTATE LIKF FREE IN-CAR HEATERS! “FOR LOVE Of IVY” '^HIGH COMMISSIONER” SIDNEY POITIER 7;00 ROD TAYLOR 9:00 RIVERSIDE EARLY BIRO SHOW I FREE ELEC. IN-CAR HEATERS ‘ODD COUPLE’ Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Color, 1:00 'BAREFOOT IN THE PARK"-“','if,r'=?!iS* ■'NEVADA SMITH" mcoueen Kil tisici 2(0] SOUND • F’OFL THE PLAZA LIGHT CIREMONY —"WITH— I MCINTOSH amplifiers JBL speakers installed & operated Beatty CUSTOM STEREO HI-FI ^ AUDIO COMPONENT SPECIALIST 1616 Westport Rd.(W. 43rd) • JE. 1-3109 I 3 BLOCKS EAST OF STATE LINE ■ pi-«NOW NEWEST ELECTRIC Miuuar mn ^HEATERS 1^ MIWAT 10 TOWN! s. OF SHAWNEE shawnef SHOW COLOR, 9:50 7:C0 Jack Lemmon W.3lter Matthau 9:10 Barefoot In The ODD COUPLE STARTS 1Í Redford, 7:15 FREE ELECTRIC ..IN CAR HEATERS 9:00 P. M. SIDNEY POITIER EAST ¡3f< AT HIWAY 50 ) “FOR LOVE OF IVY” H GH COMMISSIONER" ”THE SWEET RIDE” ROO TAYLOR H Lll-Y PALMER Color. 6:15 Tony Franciosa ' Jaaueline Bisset sotti INO STATE AVí l(.(,lf»S, sotti ANO state m It.C.KAS. OPEN EVE ISTI3STC3-S THIS EQUIPMENT IS FOR SAIE OR. 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Lincoln Color, 8:50 Audrey Hepburn Richard Crenna Color, 10:40 Rod Taylor Color 7:00 If PARENT TRAP “SCALP HÜNTERS” "ARABESQUE” HAYLEY MILLS BRIAN KEITH COLOR 7:00 Burt Lancaster Ossie Davis Color 9:10 SOPHIA LOREN COLOR 11:10 SIDNEY “For Love of lvy"..S “WAIT UNTIL DARK" 24IGH COMMISSIONER' H Lincoln Color, 8:50 Audrey Hepburn Richard Crenna Color 10:40 Rod Taylor Color 7:00 MOO SOUTH- WIST at VO. FREE! ELECTRIC IN CAR HEATERS NO LICENSE NECESSARY a iá Hayley Mills Brian Keith Color 7:00 Burt Lancaster Ossie Davis Color 9:10 SOPHIA LOREN COLOR 11:10 PARENT TRAP" SCALP HUNTERS" "ARABESQUE" IF HE HOLLERS, LET HiMCO” BARBARA McNAlR. 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He 5:15 5 45 ^ SPECIAL REVIEW Featurins Tall 8i Tantaiizine SABRINA Pius; GIRLS, GIRLS See the Curvacous KIDDIE CAT GIRL Teasing as you like it -PLUS- The Famous Scintilai- ing Street Tease Girl ^xtra Added Attraction K. C.'s Newest Panto­ mine Artist & Tease Star COLOR 7:00 ROD STEIGER COLOR 10:40 OPEN 6:45 ClAU electric K OF FORD PIAMT HEATERS Color 9:05 I "IF HE HOLLERS Barbara McNair . Raymond St. James —LET HIM GO" Dana Wynfer Vince Edwards, "HAMMERHEAD” ^oior | r "TORTURE GARDEN" Jack Palance Color Late Show' Also on Screen 2 Daring Adult Hits She Wanted Love "I Led 2 Lives” MIDNIGHT SHOVT FRI. & SAT. TWIN 1st RUN FEATURES I Now for the first time at popular prices. Direct from its reserved-seat engagement. , 2 A Vinner of 3. Wademv Awards! W ‘ODD COUPLE’ EARLY BIRD SHOW FREE ELEC. IN-CAR HEATERS 'BAREFOOT in the PARK” "NEVADA smith - open 6:30 FAIRY LAND STARTS 77fli 4 PROSPKT Free Electric Heaters FREE ELECTRIC PEOPLE- Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Color, 8:00 Jane Fonda COLOR, 6:00 STEVE MrQUEEN COLOR. 9:50 Johnson Co. 1-35 & 87th HEÄTER5I "IF HE HOLLERS Barbara McNair . „ W... ™ Raymond St. James Color —LET HIM GO" Dana Wynter 9:00 Vince Edwards, "HAMMERHEAD" 'J'g "TORTURE GARDEN" Jack Palance Color Late Show We'll B« "Thankful" If You Come Out Tonite! Great Family Fun From the Master—Walt Disney! M-‘‘Tlie PARENT TRAP" « W,lt,r Brennan r.||,g GNOME-MOBILE" MOB IB mWlIEBÎ Dim KIBIHSIir suo» «I SII 9TRAIID ^ *X8T THEAIRi . ^36111 FWBSf PI 392ÍD w PI ‘3 wS^ HE PAID THE PRICE OF . . . Kl>L>JÎjnHLJK>AH!) WCHAHOVANESSA DA. mmm n ;ub LIONEL uL '•W«ElOr* Mlk JÆf'lffMR-FRfOERlCK LOEVV£'íí]^‘HÍRT-r^i'ír.’.% Tom Lowell In Colorí ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATERS FOR YOUR COMFORT Plus! A delightful change! "Young Americans" 11:15 cotor Walt "Parent Tran”. O H»ra rureni irup Hayiey Mills in Color 8:45 «LSO-UVE ON SIAGE-ln Pcrton ★ ILL GIRL REVUE if-A Disney's 'Gnome-Mobile” Walter Brennan in Color 7:05 Also "FOUR for TEXAS" I 4aN»t i«*rVMlrMl “FOR LOVE OF IVV” ‘"S.'S"" "WHO'S MINDING THE MINT" 'Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" JIM HUTTON COLOR 7:00 AAlchael Connors 11:00 Short Subiects at hoo Electric In-Car Heaters FREE! ELECTRIC IN CAR HEATERS FOR YOUR COMFORT! Jack Lemmon VLairer Mstthau Color—9:30 Robert Mitchum Yul Brynner Stewart Granger H ODD COUPLE ff Color it 7:15 ii "VILLA RIDES "The Last Safari," Color, Late'Show ff IF HE HOLLERS, LET HIM GO BARBARA McNAIR, JOHN RUSSELL COLOR 8:3S "COLOR OF HER SKIN" '"'J olor ®,'?'’^ "IRMA LA DOUCE" '"'V olor "*«':«'"® PICTURE FRAMING 1120 Grand VI 2*1744 ABACtlEK Phone Sunday Want Ads In before noon Saturday, BA 1-5500. — Adv. NOW PLAYING! 3RD SMASH WEEK! TODAY AT 2:00-5:00-1:00 TODAY AT 2:00-5:00-8:00 TODAY AT 2:00.5:00-8:00 LADIES' CHAMPAGNE NIGHTS MoR..Tuef.*Wed.*Hiurs. TRIO 3605 Broadway Open Thursday, Thanksgiving _ _ _____ _____ Featuring . 1 *%! TEIBItKLI, ON VOCALS THANKSGIVING DANCE 3406 TROOST WE Î Î228 mb UOCK Off TROOST

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