Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on August 12, 1965 · Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 6

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1965
Page 6
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PAGE 12 Greensburg (Ind.) Daily News, Thursday, Aug. 12,1965 Less Drastic Plan May Win OK— Merger of Guard, Reserve Is Buried WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Pentagon's plan to merge the Army Reserve into the National Guard was dead for all practical purposes, but there were indications today Congress might go along with a less drastic reorganization. A House armed services subcommittee, in effect, buried the merger plan Wednesday when it decided to end hearings on it. Thus the panel precluded any legislative action this year on the plan, short of direct White House intervention. No such intervention far. has materialized so But key members of the subcommittee were reported to be Hints From By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Gals: Here's another little tidbit I just discovered. Occasionally, we buy 100 per cent nylon nighties in brilliant or pastel colors, instead of white. In a year or two, some become muddy looking, and we think the color hasn't held up. For example: Some lovely pinks turn purplish; greens turn grey, and blue becomes a brownish color. Well —what are we going to do? Since some of mine seemed to be a lost cause anyway, I decided to give the following method 'a whirl (after sending some of the gowns to a laundry for testing, and they came back still discolored) : I put the 100 per cent nylon nighties in a mixture of two quarts of warm water and one- fourth cup of bleach, using a stainless steel (or glass) bowl for this strong solution, I did not add detergent since some contain ammonia which forms a harmful gas when mixed with bleach. After soaking the garments in this mixture for about 30 minutes, the colors were restored. Nylon samples tested by this method were all restored to their original colors. Gals, it really works. Use the above treatment on COLORED 100 per cent nylons only—it will NOT work on white nvlon or treated cottons, etc. Heloise The Almanac By United Press International Today is Thursday, Aug. 12, the 224th day of 1965 with 141 to follow. The moon is full. The morning stars are Jupiter and Saturn. The evening stars are Mars and Venus. American painter Abbot Thayer was born on this day in 1849. On this day in history: in 1861, President Andrew Johnson appointed Gen. Ulysses Grant secretary of war. In 1877, Thomas Edison completed a crude model of the first talking machine. In 1898, a peace treaty was signed ending the Spanish American War. In 1936, Germany's Nazi government announced it would not intervene in the Spanish Civil War. Dear Heloise: The paper seal inside an instant coffee jar can serve as an aid to measuring level teaspoons of coffee per cup or pot. Instead of tearing the entire seal off after opening the jar, carefully cut across the middle with a small knife, and leave one-half of the seal on the jar. Carolyn Chilless LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: I keep a,supply of bubble gum handy when my 14-month-old baby becomes restless while eating in his highchair—not for him —FOR MYSELF! When he starts hanging over the side, trying to stand on his iead, etc., I pop a piece of bub- Die gum in my mouth and blow bubbles at him. This fascinates him, and he finishes his meal sitting still. Besides, it's fun, and a great tension reliever for me! Gloria Dear Heloise: I cut the sleeves out of discarded T-shirts and cover them with your nylon net to use as dishcloths. The two sleeves together make :he right thickness, and the cloth is just hand-size. The body of the shirt can be used for many other things but the sleeve is not wasted. L. L. H. Dear Hetoise: We know from experience that small youngsters needn't be scared out of their skins by that first visit to the barber. My husband, who had never cut hair before or since, borrowed electric clippers from a friend, and we put our son in his highchair and trimmed his hair. As I remember, he had three of these home-haircuts, which weren't things of beauty, but certainly a joy forever! Then, when he was taken for his professional trim, there was no screaming or struggling, and the barber didn't look grim when he saw us coming! Evlyn Mason Dear Heloise: I was having difficulty storing my purses until I saw a fish stringer advertised. (It has eight hooks and cost less than 50c). I bought one and put it on a wire clothes hanger. These clips are like safety pins so you can open them. I attach a purse to each clip, then hang the string of purses on the rod in the clothes closet where they are out of the way. Copyright, 1965, King Features Syndicate, Inc. A thought for the day—English novelist and playwright Somerset Maugham said: "People ask you for criticism, but they want only praise." Buy Gates V-Belts TO KEEP YOUR • LAWN MOWER • REFRIGERATOR • WASHER • POWER TOOLS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT RUNNING SMOOTHLY Available Thronfb Holt Automotive Service Oealeri and Hardware Storei. DISTRIBUTED BY Rodefeld Co., Inc. AUTOMOTIVE PAETS HEADQUARTERS open to some kind of reorganization of the Army Reserve. Any such plan would have to je on their terms, however, and it would have to preserve the reserve as a formal organization. In a statement Issued after the subcommittee's action was announced, the Pentagon "regretted" the move, but said_it was prepared "to continue discussions immediately" with the panel. Sought by McNamara Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara sought a merger which would do away with the Army Reserve as an entity. He and other defense officials, including high-ranking Army officers, claimed it was wasteful and illogical to have two components — the Reserve and the uard — with much the same unctions. The controversy over the merger plan began last Decem- jer when McNamara said he did not need specific permission from Congress to implement the merger. He later }acked down from that position, but has been waging an iphill congressional battle ever since. The plan, which McNamara claimed would have saved $150 million a year, would have merged the 300,000-man Army Reserve into the 400,000-nan National Guard. The organiza- ;ion thus created would be trimmed of its fat, leaving a 550,000-man civilian backup force. IET A -HARSH: HOIST DUMP YOUR IOAD! TwJn-ScwsorAelfc*. Mora stable-more powerful UGHIOUGHT . Average weigfct of 500 Its, obo* 320 Ibs. on rear aide. More legal payloadL tOW COST - Original Mffing price tow. Mounting cost reasonable. Trouble free os a botstctmbe. Guaranteed 1 yeem Ywdader* S. R. BENTLEY R. R. 5, Greensburg SHIRK'S TREE CITY. SUPPLY, INC. 926 N. Lincoln St. Barber Placed On Most Wanted List WASHINGTON (UPI) - The FBI today placed Warren Cleveland Osborne, a Nashville, Tenn., barber sought for murder, on its list of 10 most wanted criminals. Osborne, a longtime lawbreaker, is accused of killing the proprietress of a Nashville beauty parlor when she sought to prevent him from shooting his estranged wife. The fugitive has been sought since July 29, 1964. The FBI warned that the wanted man must be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He was known to have suicidal tendencies. TSHOMBE TO VISIT BONN (UPI) — Congolese Premier Moise Tshombe was scheduled to arrive here Monday on his first official visit to West Germany. GIGANTIC I WEEK I OF THRILLS | 50 FUN 50 ATTRACTIONS WEEK NIGHTS 7 p. m. to 11 p. m. $1.50 SATURDAY NIGHT 7 to 11:30 p. m. $2.00 SUNDAY, AUG. 15 In Person, "THE KING'S MEN" 1 p. m. to 11 p. m. $2.50 Per Person, $4.00 Per Couple. Wednesday Afternoon 1 to 4 p. m. $1 Per Person Special Discounts ChUdren under 12 years, with parent, $1.00. Adults, over 50 years $1. DATE NIGHT Thursday evenings $3.00 for a couple including sandwich and drink for both. CLOSED MONDAYS ADMISSION COVERS ALL RIDES 1700 West 30th Indianapolis, Ind. why newspapers give advertisers FOR THEIR MONEY . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ADVERTISING AUDIENCE IS LARGER THAN ANY OTHER MEDIUM Absolute facts show that daily newspapers are read by 88% of the families in the United States . . . or more than 100 million people . . . Remember . . . only a fraction of these are exposed to a given A ad in any other media. Remember . . . too, your Greensburg Daily News advertisement has an opportunity to reach over 5,642 families! PEOPLE ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS MORE THAN IN ANY OTHER MEDIUM Survey after survey shows more people want advertising in their newspapers . . . usually well over 80%, compared to less than 70% for magazines and less than 40% for radio, and television. People A feel friendly toward your newspaper advertising and your product . . . you never annoy ... you are wanted. ADVERTISING READERS ARE "READY-TO-BUY" PROSPECTS Readers of your newspaper ad are interested in what you have to offer. They are live prospects, not entertainment seekers. Live prospects are easy to sell... they want information ... they want to be sold.. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING GETS MORE ACTION Survey shows that no other medium has the combination of action and believability to the degree found in newspapers. When people believe and an atmosphere of action is present, your advertising 0 gets prompt results. MORE MARKET-BY-MARKET VARIATION POSSIBILITIES Markets do not conform to political boundaries such as state lines or to signal strengths of .broadcast. Newspapers provide true market-by-market variation possibilities. Your advertising can be varied to A bolster weak markets and protect strong ones, to meet competitive problems, to permit sales timing, and to coordinate wih merchandising programs. GREATER FORMAT FLEXIBILITY Flexibility in size . . . from an inch to a 2 page spread. Flexibility in copy ... one word to thousands of words. Flexibility in display . . . words, pictures, illustrations. The wide physical flexibility per- A mirs you to tell your story in many different ways either in one ad or in on? campaign or from ^ year to year. OUTSTANDING RETAIL MERCHANDISING POTENTIAL U .5. retailers number around 4 million . . . they invest over 2Yz billion dollars annually in newspapers . . . more than in all other media combined! The close association of newspapers and retail- A ers provide you advertising with a merchandising and tie-in potential far beyond that supplied by any ™ other medium. THE SAFEST AND SUREST ADVERTISING DOLLAR INVESTMENT Newspaper circulation and reader coverage are the most constant and consistent of all media . . . they are unaffected by competitive variables. Your ad dollar is always secure from inter-medium • competitive efforts and talent variables. When you plan to sell, you sell. HIGHEST SALES PER DOLLAR OF ANY ADVERTISING MEDIUM Cost is a combination of reaching people and the cost of making the sale. Properly computed figures show newspapers reach people at a lower cost than other media. Figures pertinent to your 0 situation available on request. The Greensburg Daily News maintains a staff of persons trained in the art of ad-writing. This service is offered to any business or individual who desires it. For consultation come to our offices or phone 663-3113. GREENSBURG DAILY NEWS Doily Paid Circulation Now At An All-Time High Of.... 5 816

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