The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on August 22, 1995 · 29
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 29

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1995
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The Salt Lake Tribune TV FEATURES Tuesday August 22 1995 ASIMOV QUIZ Take Isaac Asimovs Super Quiz to a FhD Score 1 point for each correct answer on the Freshman Level 2 points on the Graduate Level and 3 points on the rhD Level Subject: SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS FRESHMAN LEVEL ws 1 He kills his wife then himself when he learns of her innocence Answer 2 Unable to trust her nurse she risks death to avoid a forced marriage Answer 3 Hamlet kills this king Answer GRADUATE LEVEL 4 He was more interested in his books of philosophy and magic than in affairs of state Answer 5 After being murdered by Macbeths assassins he appears at a ceremonial banquet Answer 5 She was Caesar's wife Answer PHD LEVEL 7 He is separated from his twin sister during a shipwreck Answer 8 She was Celias best friend and the daughter of a duke Answer 9 This drunken tinker gets fooled into thinking he is a nobleman Answer ANSWERS: Ajg joqdo -suqo 6 punissoy 8 nsiSBqeg BrajndjBQ 9 -onbuBg g ouedsorci f -snipneio g qatpif Z '!l9Wl SCORING: 18 points congratulations doctor 15 to 17 points honors graduate 10 to 14 points youre plenty smart but no grind 4 to 9 points you really should hit the books harder 1 point to 3 points enroll in remedial courses immediately! 0 points who read the questions to you? ACES ON BRIDGE By Bobby Wolff "Thinking is hard leork One can't bear burdens and ideas at the same time Remy de Govrmont A reader asks about todays hand He questions bis proficiency in bridge psychology When the opponents force a guess he always seems to go wrong Typically he misguessed todays hand and asks for help West cashed his top hearts and shifted to a low club South put up dummys king losing to Easts ace and a club return sent the game a swift one down How was I to know West didnt have the club ace instead of the queen? asks South Although West passed originally he did double after my one-spade bid so I placed him with the club ace and gave him credit for a tricky underlead There are times when bridge psychology comes into play but this was not one of them More important than reading Wests intentions was to conduct a logical analysis After losing two hearts with an unavoidable club loser South must go down if East has the trump king So South must assume the trump finesse will work Otherwise he has no chance However if the trump king is with West it is not realistic to credit him with the club ace With all those cards he would have had a mandatory opening bid This leaves South with no other option than to play dummys club jack at trick three a play that makes the game Applied logic usually produces better results than reading minds NORTH u A A J 7 2 MQ K A Q 10 9 8 AK J EAST AS 4 VJ 10 7 6 3 64 A 10 8 3 SOUTH Q 10 9 8 8 Q 4 K J7 4 9 7 8 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: West The bidding: Opening lead Heart ling BIO WITH THE ACES South holds: A Q 10 9 8 6 VQ 4 K J7 A976 North South 1 A t A INT t ANSWER: WM paa pjqnn u 8upiot poo8 iCq pwpTpnjquod jraj t numq-ou U 8iqAed jo Jtstj v Cjdiuj pino os Sujou 'ipd oqt pjqaJ tou 0(jj dumij-ou ooaqx KJZZ Game Plan After more programming misses than hits in its first six years as a primarily independent television station in Salt Lake City Larry H Millers KJZZ-Charmel 14 appears to have a solid (albeit sports-oriented) broadcast blueprint as it heads into fall Thats not to say any of the regular programming on Channel 14 including most of whats from KJZZs still-new affiliation with the still-new United Paramount Net-wort is going to be dramatically different as KJZZ hype would have you believe But after six years of old movies syndicated reruns and cartoons KJZZ seems to be trying to appeal to a family-based audience with its sports programming (slightly more) contemporary movies and action-based first-run syndicated series We have a plan we have put some pieces together said Larry Baum representing KJZZ As a staff we are dedicated to making KJZZ a strong competitor Since buying KJZZ in February 1993 Jazz owner Miller has devoted more resources to the stations overall efforts both behind-the-scenes and on the air KJZZ is also targeting many of its promotional efforts around its new contract with the University of Utah a pact guaranteeing Ff CLUH CHESS QUIZ r n Hint1 Pin it attack it Solution1 (081 "mSmyo jaqostj luo4 pOApop) Ojo CJ g (pauiijd mou ( lq5uij m) ux tpfa I mi AVO Is Solid - If the TELEVISION five football games on the Utes schedule will be broadcast by KJZZ this fall (a play-by-play team has yet to be announced but local broadcaster Steve Brown appears to be a favorite for the main role) KJZZ will also be the broadcast home for ' the U of U coaches shows (previously broadcast by KUED-Channel 7) and Browns Jazz Journal" which follows the ups-and-downs of Millers NBA team Of course Millers NBA team is the great mystery of the KJZZ broadcast schedule and it has nothing to do with Miller Given C&Wflrtij tOLVt THI MBUJ IV WRITING IH TKJ NAMES OS TK8 PICTURE AN0 ADDING OR JUITRaCTING THS UTTSR BECAUSE SHE WAS HAVING A tED RHVH OVA "ENV m ' Team Shows Up the current NBA labor strife the Jazz may or may not be in action come fall and Channel 14 was forced to underplay the Jazz in its current advertising presentation of programming highlights With or without the Jazz KJZZ is committed to its second year with the fledgling UPN this fall and that network too has had to make some adjustments (UPN canceled every first-year show it introduced with the exception of the popular Star Trek: Voyager following last season) With Voyager as the mainstay of its Monday-night schedule UPN will reorient its focus toward action-adventure adding the futuristic Nowhere Man in the 9 pm time period locally (KJZZ will lead off the evening with the ridiculous Babylon 5 at 7 pm) Tuesday will be another UPN night with more emphasis on drama: Star Treks" Leonard Nimoy has given Paramount another sci-fi thriller Deadly Games while UPN is also taking great pains to promote the Foxesque Live Shot which appears based on previews to look something like Melrose Place set in a TV newsroom At 9 pm Tuesdays KJZZ will also run the inexplicable syndicated smash Baywatch (obviously during the one hour of the week when that family-oriented credo is put to bed early) Movies dot much of the rest of the KJZZ broadcast week (on Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays and Sundays) clearly leaving holes for Jazz game broadcasts and University of Utah basketball (approximately 30 Jazz games and 10 Ute games are part of the KJZZ plan) Any other series commitments Channel 14 has made are of varying quality the David Hasselhoff spinoff vehicle Baywatch Nights" could be interesting on Wednesday evenings but Im having a hard time getting too excited about Xena: Warrior Princess (Saturdays) or Cheryl Ladd playing Jack Klugman (shes a medical examiner in One West Waikiki") Iley you take it you leave it We are committed to making the station a real viable competitor in this state" Baum said Yeah yeah yeah Let's just hope the NBA settles that labor dispute soon John Youngren works in advertising in Salt Lake City His television column ap-jrars Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays UHF TALK SHOWS FOR TUESDAY Today: (2) 7 am actor Scott Bakula arctic golfing Good Morning America: (4) 7 am Microsoft founder Bill Gates a review of computer software Windows '95 education series (Part 2 of 5) - life lessons This Morning: (5) 7 am musician John Berry husband and wife disc-jockey team Jim and Melissa Sharpe Olympic Ice skaters training In Venice Beach Calif the new Heigh Ho Mozart album Breakfast Time: (FX) 8 am John Berry Peter Fortdad actress Jacqueline Bisset Regis 6 Kathie Leo: (4) 9 am from May: Andy Wiliams Chelsl Smith Yakov Smirnoff From Branson Mo (R) Rlckl Lake: (13) 9 am from February: identical twins in conflict (R) Leeza: (2) 10 am from March: beauty tips (R) Montol Williams: (4) 10 am from May: Viewers confront guests from past shows (R) La Hora lunatica: (3848) 10 am con Humberto Luna Maury Povlch: (2) 1 1 am Family members complain about their loved ones' skimpy swimsuits Donahue: (14) 1 1 am from 1994: Transsexuals Including a police officer and a fl re-fighter tell their stones (R) Gordon Elliott: (13) 1 pm tram May feuds between relatives (R) El y Ella: (3848) 1 pm una balalta de lot i sexos Jenny Jones: (4) 2 pm Teens who want to be parents get advice from therapists Sevcec: (3848) 2 pm un progrumo Investigative y de entrotenlmiento con Pedro Sevcec Salty (2) 3 pm from April: teenage girls reputed to be bullies (R) Mon tel Wiliams: (4) 3 pm from May people In conflict with their formor lovers over possession (R) Oprah Winfrey (4) 4 pm fiom March: local newt people who have exposed corruption and crime In their communities (R) Charles Perez: (30) 5 pm from June: women who regret having Interracial rota-ttomhlps (R) 1 David leftermon: (5) 10 38 pm from May odor-comic Martin Short chof Ptorre Franey actress Julianna Marguttes (R) Jay leno: (2) 1037 pm from May odor Mel Gibson slngor Vince GW comic Car- rot Top (R) Jerry Springer (30) 1 1 pm (9) psychics solving mysteries Conan O'Brien: (2) 1209 am from Juno ) actress Yosmmo Biuoth talk show host Lorry King music group Wttco (W) Charlie Rote: ( 7) 1 230 om from February a conversation with odor John Travolta m ) 1 f

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