The Daytona Daily News from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 19, 1921 · 2
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The Daytona Daily News from Daytona Beach, Florida · 2

Daytona Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1921
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" 1 Cry Awnm Cxccpt 8un- y Yr tiaund, anw dy - r-onlna Dunne Decefnfeer, , January, -r-aaruary an March Only. THK GAZETTE-MEWS COMPANY ' T E. FITZGERALD, Editor and General Manager. Entered, at tfce Poetomee at Daytona, KiorMa, aa second close mail matter. M4.MMER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press ta exclusively en- ntrs cHspatctiea credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local new published therein. not popular or particularly renmner- j "! ' p" "T""! ative. She Is said to have com pari-j 1 Li...') I ' I kf I lively little money now at the age of 82. ..." . . - But this aged womea has tetter cause for satisfaction than most of those who die in the luxury made possible by accumulation of wealth. It is not git en to many to see the ideas to B-K-M 'l-H-H "t I I t f I l OtlTOIlA FAIil AT GiUO SUBSCRIPTION RATES One year $10.60; six months, $3.90; three months. 12.60; one month, 85 rents, in advance. Delivered by Carriers- to all parts f the city and environs, or by mail to alt parts of the United States. which t their lives are devoted enrch nch fruition as the movement-for the political, economic and intellectual freedom of women in the United States. - .---.'. TRULYAMERICAN . - SPECIAL. NOTICE , All t-bituary notices, cards ff thanks, resolutions and notices ot entertainments where- eharsrw are made wlH he eharared at regular advertising rates of li cents a Hne. NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPR6 SENT ATIVE ROBERT E WARD, 5 South Wabash Avmue, Chicago, and 2"i Fifth Avenue, "New York. WEEKLY GAZETTE-NEWS PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Subscription Sates to Weekly One -ear. $i.W: six months, 11.69 in advance. lietivered by mail to all parts of the Unite' States. - Canadian and foreign postage at the rate of 52 cents per year additional.: ASSOCIATED DAILIES OF FLORIDA AN INSTITUTION 'Chairman Benson of the Snipping Board cautions all operators of gov ernment 'vessels "not to be misled into the employment of foreigners,' merely because of the lower schedule of pay. He points to the large num ber of unemployed American seamen and urges that they be given employ ment whenever seafaring men are needed. . An American merchant marine to be truly American needs more than the American, flag flying from the mast. It "needs American boats built in American yards by American work men and they should be maitned by American sailors. Then they'll be American! o o John Van Benschotett left recently for Poughkeepsie. He will rejoin nis family at their ocean front cottage in Ye- TO Vri E 60SSEI? Regiaterea TJ. 8. Patent OSce. .By K. C B.M ORLAKDO, Jan, MPtans now in process of completion assure vitlsors ; Febr-.iarv to the Five Count v Sub-Troofcal Mid-i mA Mrs. Crichley have i r . , ctv Winter Fair scheduled for opening inlnwtnrd to, Miami for a short stay Florida Metropolis: The editors of the Associated Dailies of Florida convened in Jacksonville for one short day, diHCtiSsed the business of vital concern of the-, fourth estate, talked " shop to their hearts content and apparently enjoyed.the features which were arranged for their .benefit, and t.ow have returned to their respective communities to resume work as usual. "Work as usual" is always appdic-able to newspaper folks. The Florida Metropolis considered it an honor and a pleasure to be able to entertain the Florida editors and trusts that each of them enjoyed the activities of the occasion. This organization of Florida daily editors is a commendable institution. Men of any profession profit by com- . ing together and talking over the va rious things of particular interest to thPtn. An inspiration is to be had in the association of individuals working toward the -same goal. On i w i i! njivrcniinon nnri mafaiinM have repeatedly stated that, as a state-wide proposition. Florida is the greatest newspaper state in the union; "aluT The" statement is Justified. The srrest purpose of the press of this state is. to boost Florida, and that the newspapers are greatly responsible for the progress that has already been made and the anticipated development few doubt. The Florida press is loyal to Florida first, last, and all the time and the consistent policy of her- aiding the advantages within the boundaries of the commonwealth has played an important part in the for ward march of every line of industry. The state, comparatively speaking, is 'a now one and needs advertising from within as well as without. This is the part the press has assumed, siid is still pursuing. The daily editors have jtaken a large-share of the task on their shoulders. Say what one pleases, the printed vord has far more influence than the spoken wor.l. luk adds an undeniable emphasis to a statement of facts or to a pretense of facts. History proves th?s. The d.iily newspaper is history as it is be'ng lived: tomorrow it is written. Th4 press tot only records events, but it creates" them. It is the supreme poyr- behind the throne. The power in Florida has ideals Sermons are being transmitted by telephone. Wanted: A new alibi. o o ' The fact remains, that the modern miss isn't as bad as she's painted. : o o Scientists say mental intoxication is possible. It comes from the cerebrum. o o Illinois woman starved herself to reform her husband. Better results if she'd starved him. o o Suspicion that there's little real tobacco in some cigars is strengthened by the fact that the reduction in Kentucky burley hasn't affected their pri"es.' - o o - I SUCH IS LIFE Z Who do think is more likety to be r.rettbtent? Mary Rosicka of Cleveland. O., wbo in 16 years, of school life, has not ben absent one day, uor tardy. Anthony Maroukl of Buffalo, N. Y.. who recently established the record of being absent from school 14 days (not a single sick excuse), and who was tardy 17 times on the other school days of that month, but who, in the month, got himself elected president of the class boys' club, captain of the football team and leader of the Front-av Athletic club? Handing It to Dad "Father should be hoofed out of the home,"' advises Mrs. Shaw Mc Laren, prominent member of English Women's Freedom League. When should the hoofing be done? "As soon as the children are a few years old," Mrs. McLaren replied. "Father's power," she continues, "is thrust upon him by church, state and public opinion. What wonder is it, therefore.t hat he loses his head and overdoes the 'heavy father act?" Thel aegue finally adopted the idea that It would be well for the family if father is conned in his den. excepting at meal times, when he is asleep or at work. for a Applied Thinking Dcss This Person! "Men are always troubling themselves about the gradual disappearance ot the skirt." announced I) can Minerva T. Hinks .lecturing before great ideals, all worthy of encourage- . vom; noo' Applied Think ins -w i oik. Ana yet sue went Exposition Park, this city during the week beginning Feb. 14 and contino. ing through until the Saturday fol lowing, a list and line of attractions superior in many important respects to the exhibitions of last season. This is, saying much. Those who carry a memory of things seen and done for their edification and delight at the fair last year, will wonder how this ran be. : The chronicler forbears to predict. It Is well to bear in mind the fact, however, that the various fair committees, and other officials, having in charge county exhibits and the divers amusements and instructive features, started out earty in the present season on a more intensive and extended campaign. They did it too. with a riper knowledge and a more general experience of conditions and needs, than ever before. For this and other reasons they are In a position to outdo last year's performance. This statement applies with special force to the character and excellence of each exhibit,' and attraction. The writ er is informed on the highest author ity that there are a number of added features to the 1921 Fair that no tour ist or Florid ian can afford to miss. The counties destined to compet for high honors in the order of then importance, based on past perform ances. are Volusia, Seminole, Orange Osceola and Lake. Last season Volu sia took the place as the premier subdivision of the state. If this is no; credited take note of the fact that this county carried away from tht fair in hot competition with others, all the major and most of the minor awards and prizes offered as a tempt-Vg bait where excellence and merit sought a just and deserved regard. Volusia set a swift pace then and i: all reports are to be taken at face value, the county has started out in ;he 1921 campaign to put a mark sc high that the other counties in the ex position arena will find it extremely difficult to attain. Just here it may be mentioned that Seminole has a well established repu talion for producing large areas of celery and lettuce; Orange has a certain fame in matters of citrus fruits; Osceola has possibilities and so too, has Lake. But when it . comes to al! around performances on things agricultural fruits, vegetable", live stock and poultry; fine arts and domestic science and matters educational, whether of college or county schools, the fair committee and all other ties doited hats last season to Vo lusia, the versatile. Thev will have it to do again if signs count for anything. This feat is acknowbniged as an accomplishment never betore equalled by any county in the state of Florida. In the period when Volusia was mak ing history, visitors attending :he fair on all four days aggregated approximately 450,000 individuals. They uaiieu irom every state in tne i mon and Canada, and 9(1 per cent of them looked on what Volusia had to show. As they scanned these exhibits they, learned more about the versatility of mat section man would nave hoon possible in any other way. The l?iowl-edse gained was pu to good use. Folks "back home" were told about it wnd in a thousand wml one wavs the resources of the county versatile and. Incidentally Florida, got the benefit. la this connection it can he stated on high authority that ihe'PeLand Commercial club has in the last year, located manv families from scattered mill, con- The captain hopes to get In a bit of polo; at which he used to be most pro ficient. Mr. and Mrs. H J. Pinney or Spring field. Mass, are settled tu'one of the new stucco bungalows on Hartford venue. Mr.. Pinney Is one ot the nrnmtnent building contractors of the Bay state, his specilaty being factory and department stove structton. William Marsden wbo is here with his family from Amsterdam. N. Y.. has greatly improved in health since his arrival there weefea ago. Bathing parties are In evidence every day. Mrs. Root rd Thomlison-ville. Conn., holding the plum for braving all sorts and conditions of weather. Thomas Berry entertained at dinner Tuesday night at the Clarendon grilL taking their guests later to the Sea- breeie Opera House. The new restaurant on t'ie river trot adjoining the Ortona Casino, is rapidly nearing completion and will open for business on or before February 1. Fred Smith, salesman for Simpson & I'one is back In Daytona, greeting . D,ar K..C. B. Won't you piease write what ym think of a ' never took a drink in hi life, which make it orw. ! thiu. an o dome at one or two a. m., and ir yoo.aa oin. -y - saaely mad and throw things so tht at times hie wir e?- "- blackened and her body and soul bruie4. Yet, to his friends he is all flattery and sweene. Perhaps you can think of gomcthiiig that itsht M ' me. crack . jld friends WASHINGTON BIBLE TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION IN NEW YORK Newspaoer Enterprise Association-.) NEW YORK. Jan. 19 The family Bible of Martha Washington will be NM at auction Jan. 21 at the Anderson galleries. llor autograph, with the date 17S9 tppears in three places in the bible. Tho romance of Lawrence Lewis, ieorge Washington's nephew, and El-aanor Purke Curtis. Washington's MY DEAR Grace. - I DO NT believa. IT WOULD 1 any gd. ' IF I Should teU y.m " WHAT I itiink. OF THE type or man. , YOU WRITE about. " ! IT'S JUST hard luck.1 THERE ARE such men. . AND STILL worse 1 k. THAT YOU got onrt. BUT HAVING him. ., IF I were you. AND I hesitate. TO TELL you thK BUT IT soent H me. IT'S THE only !hi"F.- -THERE IS to do. IF I. were you. I'D BORROW a br.t. A BASEBALL b;it. AND AT 1 a. in. OR 2 a. vi. e WHEN vOU IN THE fr nt dm ' 4 hear hit k'f . !'D TAKE itit' pi. DECIDE THE Ur, AND WHEN it (. AND HIS hea.l tnm-i lit. I'D SAY to hr.n. -WHERE HAVE V(. II - t. kHQ I -u;div a CUT RIGHT .... I'D SCAN Mm Ktttri. WITH THE ba--'b.U bt IT'S THE tudy w.iy. A MAN tl...!. CAN EE AND A !( tun tlout. . WILL LAST lois b.oeer. . THAN JUST a l'nt CUT LISTEN, ('.race. WHATEVER YOU DON'T MISS h w. f I THANK you. adopted daughter is read between the, other live stock will " n' M'' l lines of three entries in the Bible. The dates of their births are followed with this inscription: "Married at Mt. Vernon on Friday. 22d February, 1799. i the presence ot Gm. and Mrs. Martha Washington." The record of the births of their :!.u!it children is entered. The Bible was printed at the Clarendon Press, Oxford, in 178:1. Cl-Ss "t td . I: Afternoon Teas a Specialty at the Vantucket House. F.;ist end Concrete bridge.- 209.12-11-tf other buildings in hxposttioti k'.irk The section in tlie m.-iin build'ri: when complete 1 will b ;in up to th-minute department. Tlii- cotin-s in us on the authority of Kar! W. Brow u secertary of the DeL'aml I'ommerci il , A i!l 'lub, a pnoninent olTU ial of ilie firi i t committee and a beuileman iih pro-'the found knowledge of what to do hi I i make an exhibition a succe-. .Tuj-". a ii,i.r ! hint- then? are io . some surpri'-e. i fj th-! in store lor visitor io the Voin- :a ;rtii h section this S'-ason. n ,ri Volusia, th" versatile has for St . pii i'y couilty seat I)el.and, "The A'beux of ' I )i .!- Florida." Its 'civic boi!i .; are working i;r.-;--r 'n?i.l, Seville. ra'iie City. Ijk'm-. . n and Ih . So tg. it f.-S r-xtf-i te-1 threfcr i:u tw will all eoi.triiitil to the ,-- l'ii- Mti'v. It ran be profit 1 a p d l i ihe ere ;id n-J' -t-"il. Tl sections of tjie north, who became interested in DeLand and Volusia county through the medium of the exhibit at the fair in Orlando last Feb ruary. This itself, speaks in no un-1 g certain terms of the potency of ocu j 5 lav demonstration of a s m ies (if tiven s assets. a So much for past performances. At i a the fair in February this year these j assets and Inducements tf home-1 3 sekcrs and winter tourists will be ; on a more comprehensive scale. I'is-jg plays will be exhibited to better ad-i 3 vantage. A larger space lit I ho main 1 building has been secured and exhib-1 3 itors can be certain that their pro- ducts will get a conspicuous place for i E obscrvai ion. All the products from all the towns within the borders of Vo- jluia will find a place and space a! Ilotted. It can be ;t.Ued that the exilih-I its of fruits and produce, domestic ; science, fine arts and kindred fea Mires j will' be displayed In the Main build ing. north win";. Poultry, cattle and in conjunction with Orm.nil. those of Daytona, New Smyrna. I'!,rt Orange, :. I... ,t a l.jrge M-4lr. n r : !e W dter tio-ntitnd Iva j m'i - ' P'T cent pnre. " tiine.i and state- it it .. v. u'ct ni'iv !; i,t.r'e(j tisat :i(-r r.'tt ptt uliar - il-rn!.i ?f,rifr flow if4c .-mt are (uppc.t m at o'h-r poie'ji in Wnit- i ile ..! -ia ! itiiHHiiiiiuiiiiutiiiwsiiiiiii'niniimiimiit3!iiiii!it:H::mt. iiiiiit)S!mHr:witi!tnH.mH:nimiHaiii:iitwtBanipraKir fl 3 - 3 Some specials in skirts, bathing suits and sweaters Some of our new dresser for children are in All kinds of colors of yarn at new prices. The Little Gray Shoppe J t. e. mzz 9-11 VOLUSIA AVt, NEAR SO. CCACH 'iit:iiiiiiuintuniiii:if!HrjiHi;iiMMtiiiiMiii:i,it3niii)i::!iii3niR'miiir:iai'ii;ii wni,wwmxamHtwmwcmMm& ment. JPHE LIVED TO SEE THE DAY f The Rev. Phoebe Hanaford, pioneer jvonjari .'minister, was born on the Is-l iml of Nantucket in 1829. j She taught school there. Then the feminist movement stirred her, and she studied for the ministry. She was devoted also to the temperance movement. She was the first woman ordained in New England, and became a cl.ise associate of Susan 15. Anthony and Lux-ret iu fott. She spent many years working in the feminist movement, writing and lecturing on subjects which were then at on to observe, centuries ago wh'ch were a costumes, and Members of "men set the example by ''abandoning skirts, part of all their early taking to trousers." the freshwomen class of the school or Applied Thinking if were greatly pleased with Dean j 5 Hinks' encouraging remarks. ' nnHiiOHiiiwwtinmmmrcj!iHiiflmijiiiimtmitjitiiiin j The BLUE BUS X j I The Blue Buses follow NO particular route. I They are available for calls anywhere 1 At any time. Meet all trains. 1 PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE I Accuracy and Reliability are two of the factors in the uon'-'J c.j of cur !.-:- i. We ay w reputation and the brit loter-sti o ow !u-,tim- to rrcc'., aw-l are doing it to the best cf our -c.i ty. AT YOU3 SERVICE 2 HOURS A DAf. Braeey's Pharmacy A Rerjistered Pharmacist in etiarg? Day ard U -got. ct our PrtvrtD'-ii Department Have you tried the FRESH FRUIT STRAWBERRY SUNDAE at our fountains. If not you have missed something good. HANKINS DRUG CO. 2-STORES-2 - League of Nations cables out of Europe were delayed to give way to the very latest bit of information from Paris, which is none other than a correct definition of "teajamas." Teajamas, accordingt o the cable, is a costume resembling the well-known pajamas, but adapted for war in the. house during the day time." Now go on with your IeSs important business! wiriHiiaimiiiwwr3iiimtetitntinnmitoimit!!i)ttitiiiHiti The Booker Washington Idea 1 g of Education I s Is Being Demonstrated g At the Daytona Normal and j Industrial Institute I S For Negro Girls on West 1 i Second Avenue. i 1 Visitor Are Cordially Invited to i Inspect the Institute Daily 1 ' Except Monday. 1 I GUIDES FURNISHED. I "Negro Spirituals and Plantation DAYTONA TRANSFER CO. PHONE 11; NIGHT 7. OFFICE: 5 MAGNOLIA AVE. s iiuaii(iiiiiJiimiiiu)iiitiuiniiiit3iiiiti!iii)iiu:iiiiM!U'ii;iiui in)!ii!!..n: :::ui 5' 3 linuiiieiinntKtn'iMrabTwrj OlinilllllllllMUIIIIIIHIllttllUltllUtllUtlilllllllllCHtlll!ili:tMi:illlllli::Hllli:NIMrlltlHIIIIHIt3HIIII Melodies Every Sunday Afternoon at 3. MARY McLEOO BETHUNE, Pounder and Principal. Have You a Bank Account? Money is meant to circulate, to grow, and to make for progress. That's one reason we have our banking institutions. They guard safely the funds entrusted to their keeping, and they put the dollars to work where they do the most good for depositor and the community. Let this bank aid you in systematizing your financial affairs. First National Bank of Daytona , OUR NEW HOME 'BWSl. gJ J 2 1 Is at j 202 SO. BEACH STREET 1 Opp. Casino 1 ;. r :.'.;. r ! FOSTER COMPANY nnaui:aiiatlMHiauiilUiiiiiiuimiiiiiii)iirtuiiiiiiiui:!:iiF-i:,i.t!? 'il :i'i';;i:i!itai!;:;H.;:;:ii-t.!ij.'j-iB'.s:&i.!ia:ir,tjrMa- W. M. HANKINS, President. j. A. CLARK, Vice-President. C. D. DYAL, Cashier. JIM0IIUOI'mMI 1 Malby-Gonniil Lumber Co. I ROUGM AND DRESSED I PINE AND CYPRESS LUMBER I Lath, Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling. Bri and Cement in Stock. ncK, Urn ltjtll Tr.. A fHONE 833 K. J. MALBY, F. N. CONRAC, Praaldant and Traasurar. Vica-Preettfent. Phto iroNti, tirtXmrj. ! c. r , j tm Waw I A, A. Wkwac" ! - r pi:c: tCCAV ' Keo 9 M, 8ad St. "' Oateaaaty aC. J. P. E Pirtea F Roy Kr: PHVSfCiAH V! m Dr. Bncn2 . CTEOTr STAPLES r aw John A. I Architect tz Re. So. a.wMt Te '. ATTSNV.A' C S r,-1t 5. E a St. F. W. POPE La wye VmII 8-ar Sc. JACOB ESFZ Arcixltr -''- ant t- r. saw. Bond-Hoc Lumber C Corner Mnt-: phone fir: BINGHAM & f M AIV : FurnituTe House Furnishing and UndeTUlci tHtBiiuiwinwimiiiCj!uHiiiiiiitai!Huiiiiitjiiiiiiii.ntr:imiiMf jiii!t-:ii:f 'iiiiHiiiwrjuiit'iiimrawmwirsHixwieiiaiiRaiisf

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