The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 3, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1971
Page 3
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w KONKSDAV, MARCH 3, 1971 An open house is planned for Raymond J.Henry in Jackson Station, north of Tipton. Mr. Henry will celebrate his 75th birthday (on March 6. The open house is Sunday, March 7th between 2 p. m. and 5 p.m. His children, Bernadine, Anna Catherine and Gene (Henry wish to invite all friends and neighbors to drop in for "a (visit on Sunday, March 7. (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) by Helen Bottel- Marriage Means Forsaking Dear Helen: My mother and I are both widows. We share an apartment. She works, and has enough money to get along. Pm a softie, so I put up with her bossy, tactless ways. Ever since Dad died 18 years ago, Mama has lived with me. She interfered with the children's discipline so much that my first marriage broke up. (Not the whole reason, but her presence increased our .problems.) Now I am getting married again, to a wonderful man who loves my three kids. I know Mama expects to be part of this new life. My fiance has a widowed mother too, but she's happily independent. How do you get it across that you Jon't want history to repeat itself? I can't just tell her to leave. -- T. Q. Dear T.: . Have you thought about telling her to STAY — while you, your new husband and the children move to a real home? Houses often rent for less than comparable apartments, and they're so much better for the kids. Marriage vows don't read "forsaking all mothers," but sometimes they almost should.— H. . Dear Helen: For five years my man couldn't marry me because "his wife was getting a divorce." Well, she finally got one. Eighteen months ago!!! '. I thought we'd be married right away but instead he seems to have got used to things the way they are. There's always a good put-off, like he (now) wants to save enough money for a wedding trip. Since I've been living with him six years, is that really a reason? Honeymoons Pve already had. "Legal" is what I want! • Is there a half-way — HOPE? Dear Hope: " . .... Nopei Signing a contract six years after he got the goods? Well, I wouldn't' give this "hope" more than a 10 percent chance, even if you moved out and made him come a-wooing. — H, Dear Helen: . Pm an adult with something to say about youth. It seems that they already have one strike against them. Because they are "those teen-agers" they face" a world that considers them guilty until proven innocent — and it takes a lot of proof. My oldest son has been driving for a year. He bought his car, as he worked since he was 12. But he has been stopped by traffic officers more times than I can count, not because he's a wise guy or bad driver — just because he looks young, wears his hair fairly long, and drives a sharp-looking car. He has never received a ticket, but his car has been searched, his license checked — with never an apology when they find him "clean." My three sons and their friends have been treated miserably in restaurants for no reason — except being teen-agers. _ Recently one of their friends was in an auto accident. It was the other driver's fault — he was forced off the road by a reckless adult. Do you know the last words the. boy heard before he went out? Someone saying, "Look at that long-haired hippie. I bet he was on dope!" And adults want respect from the young? Pm not the mother-hen type. Have never spoken out before. But I want to say that 99 percent of our sons' friends (and that means average teens) are great kids. I don't always agree with their viewpoints, but I LISTEN, and learn so very much. My young sons not only worked and bought their own cars, they bought ME one for my birthday. — MRS. J.B. Altar-Rosary Has Meeting The Altar - Rosary Society of St. John's held their quarterly meeting in the school and voted to contribute to the Seminary Plan, Adopt a Child, Feed a Family, Pope's Warehouse, and the Madonna Plan. They also voted to pay foranewwater heat-, er and sacrarium for the Church sacristy. Mesdames Thomas Gall and Hubert Tragesser were named the nominating committee for the election of officers at the Dependable Ambulance Service Previews Jefferson - Jackson Day Banquet Annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Banquet to be held March 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the 4-H Building. . Larry Conrad, Muncie, Secretary of State will be speaker. Sponsored by Tipton County Central Democratic Committee and the Women's Democratic Club. ',!.,' ' •;• - ."• •' •• G'dr/c Dunkerly Speaker For Cub Scouts On February 22nd, Cub Scout . Pack #590 held their annual Blue and'Gold Banquet. Mr. Cedric Dunkerly, Scouf' Executive was the guest speaker. | His remarks were on Ecology, and directed chiefly to the parents of our cubbers. •Several awards were presented as follows: Bobby Nichols wolf, 1 gold, and 1 slver arrow point; I Brad Nichols wolf and 1 gold arrow point; Melton Cook - wolf badge; Mark Joines wolf, 1 gold and 1 silver arrow point; Dale Shock - wolf badge. Boys receiving their Bear badge were: Kevin Headley, Greg, Kunkle, Brian Shock and Jimmy Zell plus 1 gold arrow point. Richard Holtz was presented 1 gold and 1 silver arrow point. Webelos Leader, Bob West welcomed into his webelos group Greg Kunklw, Richard Hotz, Duane Griggs, making 13 boys now. Scout Master Troop 591, Jerry Minegar and his assistant Guy Jones awaited Paul Fer- \ guson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson as he and his mother walked through the Scouting archway to join Boy Scouting. Mr. Minegar presented Paul with his Boy Scout neckerchief and welcomed him to Troop 591. Lutheran Teachers To Attend Reading Institute . Mrs. ,,Kay Mueller,'. Kindger- . garten,teacher and Miss Dorothy Taggart, teacher of grades 1-3 will attend the ninth Annual Reading Institute on Saturday, March- 6th at St. Frances College, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme for the day is "Reading For All," In the morning there will be a general session for all; there will be two main speakers for this morning session. Dr. Robert M. Wilson, President College Reading Association; Director of Reading Center, University of Maryland. His topic will be .. "Diagnostic Teaching of Reading in the Classroom". Miss Shirley McNeil, language arts supervisor; Great Cities Project; Detroit Board of Education with her topic being "The Right to Read." These topics will be followed by a question and answer period. After lunch there will be Sectional Meetings in which the group will divide up into their special areas - from Kindergarten to Adult Basic, Education. Each of these areas will have their own special speakers who will discuss the importance of reading at this level. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Life is Worth Living Faith For The Future People all over the world torture themselves, disfigure their bodies, put. on strange looking clothes and deny themselves many legitimate pleasures, all in an attempt to please God. The Bible teaches that the way we can please Him most is by having an obedient faith in Him. "For without faith it is impossible to please God for the man that approaches God must haye faith in two things. First; that God exists andsec- ond, that it is worth a man's while to search after God." Hebrews 11:6 (Phillips Translation) Faith literally means to surrender all. It is a complete confidence or trust in someone or something. Faith is not blind as many suppose but it is based on evidence; Today we believe in God because of the evidence available; the evidence of nature, history, of the infallibility of God's word and of God's own pro­ vidence working in our 'lives Faith means that we consider all the evidence and then, on the • basis of this evidence, we trust ! in God and His promises. There are many people who are searching for a deeper faith, one to sustain them in time of difficulty or trouble. There is only one way you can get a deep and meaningful faith and that is through hearing the word of God. Romans ; 10:17 "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of GOD.' True faith will hot co^ie by depending on our own conscience or listening to the philosophies of men but it will come through a knowledge of the word of God. When Christ was tempted He was able to resist the temptations'by saying, "It is written, get thee hence Satan." One reason we yield to temptation is because we lack the necessary knowledge of God's word to produce a strong and stable faith. Larry T.Swaim Recipes On Parade Tasting Party Theme "Recipes on Parade" will be the theme for the .fifth Phi Beta Psi Tasting Party which will be held at the 4-H Building on March. 29. Theta Delta is again spon-^ soring this project to raise funds for its many charity Droiects. Foods will be ready for tasting between 7:00 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. The Swing Choir from Marion High School will provide entertainment at 8:30 p.m. Recipe books containing recipes for over 50 items of food which can be tasted will also be on sale. The variety of foods promises to be even greater this year than in previous years. Cocktailtidbits, salads, casseroles, cookies, cakes, and special desserts will alsobe featured. Proceeds from this project, as all Phi Bete projects, will go to finance many projects including the national sorority project of cancer research. Locally, the chapter contributes to various charities such as the United Fund, band uniforms, arid the Tipton County Cancer Society. The Theta Delta chapter has begun providing admission kits and toys for • children admitted to Tipton County Memorial Hospital. Aflouride dental program in connection with the Tipton Community School Corporation is also sponsored by the local Phi Betes. Chairmans for coming event are: Mrs. Jerry Glossing, Tasting party chairman; Mrs. Gregory Caldwell, co-chairmen; Mrs. Myron Chezem, publicity; Mrs. Richard Smith, decorating; Mrs. Gene Whisler, cookbook; Mrs. Rick Curnutt, program; and Mrs. Doyle Hobbs, preparation. Some Like It Hot... Some Like It Cold... June meeting. Mrs. James Meng, the N.C.C. W. chairman, announced the spring deanery meeting April 21 at Elwood. The pastor. Father Eckert, gave an explanation of the new regulations regarding funerals and closed the meeting with the Lord's Prayer recited in unison. If you soak shell mils in sail water overnight before cracking thi-m the meals will come out-whole. Austin Lodge No. 128 F. & A.M. Tipton, Indiana Stated Meeting Thursday, March 4,1971 7:30r».m. 1 Jackl. Plake. WM George Greene, Sec*y. For a hearty mid-winter supper how about grilled knockwurst and sauerkraut in toasted bread shells, with hotI potato salad and a crunchy celery salad? It's a menu that makes a marvelous Saturday night supper and one that is sure to make a hit with the teen-agers as a change-from their regular party fare of hamburgers or pizza. With this hearty meal serve mugs of hot or iced tea. If you serve it hot, be sure to make it strong and hearty, remembering to use one teaspoon of tea teabag per serving. If you serve it cold (and more and more families are serving iced tea all year round), remember to use 50 percent more tea to allow for.melting ice. Here's an easy way to make a big pitcherful, enough for 10 servings: • Bring 1 quart freshly drawn cold water to a full rolling boil in a saucepan. • Remove from the heat and immediately add 15 teabags or %•,' measuring cup loose tea. • Stir, cover and let stand 5 minutes. • Stir and strain into a pitcher holding another quart of cold water. \ • When ready to serve, pour into ice-filled glasses. GOOD Anna Corbin Special Guest At Rebelcah Lodge Kempton Rebekah Lodge met Monday night at the Odd Fellows Hall. Special guests was Anna Corbin, District Deputy President. Applications for membership was presented to lodge for Sandra K. Childers. and Deborah J. Delph. The raffle prize was won by June Bagley. Spring District meeting will be held at Zionsvllle Bee-Hive Rebekah Lodge on April 3, from 10 am. to 3 A pitch-in dinner will be served at noon. Each member is to bring a covered dish. Meat and rolls will be furnished by the Bee-Hive LodgV. WINDFALL NEWS By Mrs. Ted Barrett WINDFALL — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ryan and family have moved from residence on North Posey Street to property in Point Isabel. ViAEALTIME it> vor A ooo;"' Vr . .vs. iCh. »rVvX'-iA, •. >"in> * j- s :..AU-HL\I .'..IIT = i P-.s r i-i-^u . The next meeting will be March 15 at 7:30 p.m. at the Kempton Odd Fellow Hall. Hostesses will, be Beth Silence and Wanda Star­ rer!. There will be practice for inspection to be held April 19 at .the next meeting. Refreshments > were served by Betty Kir by and Linda Delph. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shockney of Anderson were Saturday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Shockney and his aunt, Miss Edna Brankle. : : Mrs. Frances Bates of Kokomo was the Monday afternoon guest of Mrs. Laura Shaw. Carl Clem has returned home from the Tipton County Hospital following observation and treatment the past several days. . Mrs. Chester Frazier was the weekend guest of her sister and family, Mrs. Dorothy Williams of New Albany, i WEDNESDAY Redi-Maids Extension Homemakers - Club - 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Robert Strong, 703 N. Main Friendship Circle of Normanda Christian Church - 7:30 p.m., at the church Verus Cordis Sorority of Soro- res Fidae Chapter - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Louis Weber, 419 Kentucky Avenue, . ; THURSDAY Lutheran iadies Aid - 2 p.m.,' Lutheran Church WJS.C.S. 'of Goldsmith : United Methodist - 1:30 p.m. Loretta Lee, Goldsmith _ • -i . Present Day Club - 2:15 p.m„ -Mrs. Rolla L. Hobbs, 311 W. Washington . Silver Belles - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Robert Salsbury, route 2Shar- psville American LegionAuxiliary-7:30 p.m., Legion Home SATURDAY Jefferson - Jackson Day Banquet • - 6:30 p.m., 4-H Building MONDAY Town and Country Homemakers Club - 7:30 p.m., GasjCompa- ny .•'.*• . TUESDAY Sharpsville-prairie PTO-school. cafeteria MONDAY Psi Iota Xi Sorority Style Show 4-H Building Mrs. Clingenpeel :". Entertains Merrie Missus. Kindness During Life. I would rather have one little rose From the garden of a friend Than have the choicest flowers When my tay on earth must end. I would rather have one pleasant word In kindness said to me Than flattery when my heart is : sjttll ' ';' And life has ceased to be. I would rather have a loving smile From friends I know are true Than tears shed around my casket When this world I've bid adieu. Bring me all your flowers today Whether pink, white or red I'd rather have one blossom how Than a truck load when I'm dead. (From One Still Alive) Fresh fruits will flourish in the refrigerator if you transfer them from cardboard box to sealed container. Berries' — on the other hand — should be spread out on a shallow dish and • left uncovered. They should also be washed just before serving. ***** fewAlb No mailer what the' song used, to say,, you can put bananas in the refrigerator;. when they are fully ripe. But, be sure to store them in sealed containers so odor Won't transfer to other foods. .'.••'•'•'• Mr. Taul Larson, Windfall was-73 years old yesterday. He cele- ' brated .his birthday Sunday with his children and grandchildren who are; Mr. and" Mrs. Frank'Larson, Melanie Jim, and Lori; Mr. and Mrs. Luther Larson, Jerry, Kelly and Pat; Mr. and Mrs. .Philip Lawson. Rex, ' Terry, Paul, and Donald; Mr. and. Mrs'.'Steve |Smith; Debbie and Becky, and friends, Mr. and Mrs. • Ned Kemper. . (staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) THE FAMILY LAWYER Barbed Humor .'"Many : truth," says an old proverb, '"ii spoken jn jest." 'But what about a lie that is spoken in jest? Is a false statement excusable if the speaker is "only'kidding"? ..- Consider the case of a television personality who,, in the .course of his patter, referred to one of his guests as:"a member of the Ma ia." The remark got a big laugh from, the audience, but (he guest was not amused^ Instead, he filed a defan.ialion suit against his host, accusing him of soiling an innocent person's good name. • By Mrs. Ted Barrett WINDFALL — The Merrie Missus Home Demonstration club met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Ernest Clingenpeel: southeast of Windfall. Mrs. Ferrell Wittkamper, president, was in charge of the meeting. The history of the song of the month "He" was given followed "with devotions by Mrs. Harry Parr and she followed with prayer. Roll call was answered by the group with a famous quotation from a famous person born in the month of February, The project lesson "Indoor Outdoor Carpetjng" was presented by Mrs. James McCorkle and Mrs. Ernest Clingenpeel. The meeting was dismissed with the club, prayer repeated in unison. The hostess gift was received by Mrs. Chester Heflin. Refreshments were served at the close of the evening by the hostesses to eight members and a guest, Mrs. Chester Heflin. the next meeting will be held Thursday March 25 at the home of Mrs! James McCorkle. Nevertheless, the court turned down the guest's claims The judge pointed out that the remark not only was| intended' to be funny .but also was. taken that way by the audience," j|; it is this last item—(he reaction of the audience—that mat­ ters most in the law of defama- derogatory remark seriously, the tion. Unless listeners take a person's reputation simply is not , harmed. On Ihe other hand, a jest may indeed be defamatory if those who hear it take it as true. Thus: A giicst at a party passed the word that his hostess had been dabbling in adultery. When she later sued him for defamation, he explained that he had been trying to be funny. "How can Ybc liable." he said, "when I had no guilty intent? It isn't my fault that some people just did not catch on." But the court ordered him to pay damages for failing to make his humorous intentions clear. As one judge put it: "A person shall not be allowed to murder another's reputation in jest." Even words of flattery may bp defamatory if they carry a hidden sting. Another case arose because of repeated references to a local political leader as "beautiful" and "godlike." In fact, the man was widely, known to have an. ugly deformity, left from a . severe illness some years earlier. Under these circumstances, the court held that the words of seeming praise were actually defamatory. The court said the insult was. no Jess painful, merely because it came in disguise. Ekin News Mrs. Anderson Hostess For Arnica Sororis EKIN —j- A Family Night was held Sunday evening at the Boxley United Methodist Church with a carry -Tin supper at 6 p.m. Entertainment for the evening included music by the Evange- leer's Quartet from Lebanon. Mrs. Gordon Orr was the ho-, nored guest for a miscellaneous shower inj the home of Mrs. Lora Gamble in Ekin. Assisting hos- jfessr.was | Mrs. Neil Stowe of Indianapolis. Decorations were in the colors, green and gold. Contests were won by the honored guest and Mrs. Mildred Orr. -The door prize was presented to JMrs. Eunjce Off. Refreshments were served by the hostesses during the evening to Neil Stowe and children, - Indianapolis; Mrs. Mary Stowe, Lima Ohio; Miss Dona Crew, Carmel- [Mrs. Eunice Off of near Hobbs; - Mrs. Mildred Orr, Tipton; 'Mrjs. Betty Garst-of near Ekin; Mrs. Lucy Kirby and Mrs. Emma Thompson, route 1 Tipton. Mrs. ijora Gamble attended the Mother-Daughter banquet at the Hinkle Creek Friends Church near Cicero. Her guests were Miss Dona Crew, Carmel, Mrs. Neil Stowe and daughter Rochelle of Indianapolis. World's Most Accurate Wrist Timepiece 1.\ C|L lltiu f ni a Kultn.i ! Colkc ii-iii ol fine w.i|tlits. Conic .ice tin ~*oj«mond fc>t«ii*ncy •'A'* —A diamond en" hinces'thil elegant watch. 17 lewels. Faceted crystal. $55.00 . The regular meeting of Arnica Sororis Sorority met recently in the home of Mrs. Danny Anderson. - s ; Mrs. Glen Yeary, vice president presided over the meeting. The creed was repeated in unison. The minutes and correspondence were read. Mrs. Rex 'Powell, treasurer,collecteddiies and flower fund and gave the treasurers' report. Mrs. Powell gave a report on the raffle project. It was decided that this will be the next money-making project. It was voted on unanimously that Mrs. Kenny. Hungate take over as secretary due to Miss Sandy Summers, present secretary going inactive. It was also decided that the next meeting will also be a rush party. ' Refreshments were served by the hostess Mrs. Anderson. The next meeting will be March 10 at the home of Mrs. Yeary. LEAVING HOME IS NO LAUGHING MATTER... But the Welcome Wagon hostess can make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings, and maybe put a smile on your face! Cali 675-44y2 ACCUTRON" by BULOVA It goes tim-'m-m-m.. Bar\ G. Rhodes tW« will »nc«, if n»c.»ury. Guiranttt it tor on. yeir. ^

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