Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1895
Page 2
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'•V THERE ARE TO MANY CLOTHING STORES IN LOGANSPORT! The above heading was taken from my last week's ad. The sense of my argument has been appreciated by at least one of my Competitors who wants to quit business. .$15 Suits, Sacks and Cutaways $20 Suits, Sacks and Cutaways - Also Clay Worsted Suits, Sacks and Cutaways The above was the Knock-Out argument. We don't want to quit business. We don't want to lose trade. We want money. We must have money, therein we are like our Competitors, $7.50 $7,50 $7.50 I don't deal in Generalities. I don't use high sounding phrases such as..... SENSATIONAL SALE! BONA FIDE CLOSING OUT SALE! TEEMENDOUS HAVOC! TO QUIT BUSINESS! LEASE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE! 50 PER CENT LESS THAN ANYBODY! We name certain price suits at $7.50. We placeadvertised goods on the sidewalk We name prices that seem marvelous, but are real, You can see them in passing store. ' Otto Kraus. BASEBALL. fe' ; ~*able« Showing the Stimcllnn of the Lead* Ing Club*. >The following tables show the •tending of the clubs in the various Up (baseball organizations uryto date this ;:pe»son. National J, CLOTS. S', Pittsburgh "1 Boston..TT. ....-.!!.. -devoload AT LAST YIELDS. Japan Forced to Submit to Eussia, Germany and France. M'on. klyn,... r. Chicago.... ;"!New York. Itoolnnittl. dolphtit... ayUlo . <! . 8 .'5 . & . 0 . S , 0 .1 3 4 JOcA Pfr cent. .750 .1187 'Western: Won, Unncapolls 4 Oledo 3 dlanapolla s , Paul....„...„....'...., 2 . ttroit S and Ba'plas 2 msas City 1 tllwankoo 1 Western association: 3 •4 4 4 « 5 7 C H (1 a .665 .655 .600 .500 .463 .•ICO .333 .333 .307 Gives Up Claim to Liao Tung Penin- •ula Including Port Arthur—Bulldozed by Many Warships. Lost, ftr ctni. 0 1000 .000 .000 -son .400 .400 .250 Ctrw. i Molnes.. , Joieph. iron. 3 Lott. Per cent. Jacknonvlllo.... ....'.'.'.".'.'. i . 0 0 [lord...., '•: Interstate league: CLUB8. ' Won. nlngton 4 i Wsyne 3 eHauto..« 3 . nmond ,,;.„, 1 fcarora 0 •Tette 0 icoo 1000 .007 .W7 .333 .833 .000 .000 Ptr ant. 1000 1000 .750 .250 .000 .000 OMIKOBH, \Vis-, May C.—At a meeting ~T fishermen it was decided to test the wwtitutionaJity of the fish and game »w passed at the last session which rbids all net fishing in adjacent wo- irofula From Childhood f My mother has been afflicted with ofal». in her head ilace her childhood, 8he is now in her 51st ye*r. She has also Buffered from we«kne»B In her back for which ihe never expected •ny relief. She jhas faithfully tried Hood's ^ ^ [her syitem i from scrofula, I cured burning i In her feetand limbi and alio a ptln «fJ«ft bremst which prevented her 1 Jyln r on th»t iJde for fourteen yean * made her feel many yean younger. food's *?> Cures ihM taken fonrbottlw of thtmediclne. •'Mnaot recommend Hood's toohlchly." IXA. B. I Preen, Indiana. lood's PAJIIS, May 0.—The Japanese minister hero has informed the minister of foreign affairs, M. Honotaux, that, accepting the friendly ndvice of Prance, Eussia aud Germany, Japan has renounced its claim to the permanent possession of the Liao Tung 1 peninsula, Including Port Arthur. Official Announcement Mad*. 1 BKBLIX, May G.—The Japanese government has informed the government of' Germany that, in accordance with the advice of the powers, Japan has relinquished ..her claim to Liau Tong 1 peninsula under the treaty of Shimo- noseki. Al.o Give* Up Fen»t Tlrn. ST. PETERSBTJBO, May G.—The Journal do St. Petersburg says that Japan, in conformity with the advice of Russia, Franco and Germany, renounces her claims to tho possession of Fenc- Tien. The Figaro's view of lh«t Situation. PAIUS, May G.—Iho Figure, commenting 1 on tho situation of affairs in the far east, said Monday morning 1 : "Although the situation is grave, tho bombardment of the Japanese coast by tho Kus- staa and German fleets.is not expected. The negotiations do not proceed easily." M»»y M'arthlpH at Che Too. CHE Foo. May C.—Tho warships of several of the powers are rapidly assembling here. The situation is regarded as alarming 1 . Already eight Russian warships, including 1 three tor- ptdo boats, have gathered here and more are expected. In addition British, French, American and German warships have arrived here, Beport That Chang (s Oejrraded. TIEX Tsix. May C.—The Chinese peace envoys have left Taku for Che Foo, where the ratifications of the treaty of peace arranged between China and Japan are to be exchanged •on Wednesday next. It is reported that Li Hung- Chang- has been degraded. Japan Confident at tbt RcntUt. YoKOHAitA, May 6.—Ko official notification has been received here of the ratification by the emperor of China of the treaty of peace between Chins and Japan. But reports from many sources confirm the statements that the treaty has been ratified. , Count Nyogi, secretary general to the Japanese council of ministers, has arrived at Port Arthur and will proceed to Che Foo, where the. ratifications of the treaty of peace are to be exchanged. lii Hung Chang hajijbeen »fc pointed Chinese envoy to exchange the ratifications of the peace treaty, which is expected to occur at Che Foo Tuesday instead of on Wednesday, as at first supposed. Frequent cabinet meetings, which are attended by 'all the Japanese ministers, are being held at Kioto. The Japanese privy council and the head officials of the government have been hurriedly summoned to Kioto in order to attend a meeting Tuesday at headquarters. French Cruiaert Start for China. Si May 0,—fhe French cruiser Cecillo will accompany the French cruisers Tage and Suchet, which left Monday for the China sea. They were oaaed Sunday with ammunition and provisions... "'••.• Hotel Clerk Murdered. PITT8BT7BQH, Pa., May 6. — Isaac Jope, night clerk at the First Avenue hotel, was found murdered in the bace- ment of the hotel Monday morning'. He had been beaten on the head with an iron bar, and though still alive when found he died soon after. He carried the money of the hotel in his pockets, and this was no doubt the ob- •ject of the crime, as' he was robbed and left dying 1 on the floor. 'Five arrests have been made and others will follow, though there is little evidence upon which to work. ADMITS THE MURDER. John Barn* Hooted ut. LONDON, May 6.—John Burns, the member of parliament and labor leader, in the course of his speech at the Labo day demonstration in Hyde Park wa jreeted with groans and cries of "Wh didn't you support Keir Hardie? "Traitor," etc. Replying to this outbreak of disapproval Mr. Burns sale "If you don't want to hear rae I wij go home." This was followed'by crie of "Go home," "You are no working man. :l Crazed by the Church Mordert. «---wr Six FKA>.-CISCO, Cal., May 6.—The horror of the Emanuel Baptist church murders a few weeks ago resulted in the suicide of one morbid youth anc now the disappearance of a young; gir. is ascribed to the same cause. Stella Haughes, daughter of Capt Haughes, of Oakland, 23 years old, is missing, and it is supposed that the accounts of the church murders deranged her mind and caused her to leap into the sea. Divorced AUnueapolU Alan Say* Ho Killed HI* Wife's Admirer. MUTMEAPOLIS, Minn., May 6. —Early Monday morning two young men found in the gutter the dead body of H. W. Thomas, superintendent of the "Soo" Telegraph company. There was a bullet hole in his he.ad. Thomas Sun day night called on Mrs. F. L.Williams, a divorced woman, at the home of her father, E.L.Berg-lund. He left and soon after a shot was heard. The murd&rec man's valuables were found on his person, precluding the idea of robbery. Mrs. Williams is a young woman who ran away to Hudson, Wis., to marry Williams. He turned out a worthless character and Mrs. Williams obtained a divorce. Williams was arrested Monday and confessed. BALFOUR NOW IN JAIL. Tak«n Back to England to Amwer Serl- ou» Chargci of Fraud. . Lojrooif, May 6. — Extraordinary scenes were witnessed and precautions of a thorough nature were taken upon the arrival at Southampton Sunday night on board the steamer Tartar Prince from Buenos Ayers of Jabez Spencer 'Balfour, the ex-member of •parliament, whose extradition from the Argentine republic was obtained lifter great delay on the charge of :traud in connection with the collapse of the Liberator Building society and other concerns in connection with it. WHEAT— Unsettled ana lower, wo. 2 casn, <!13£B.<Ki4e: May, 81Jjii.<KWc: July, Gi!;i<S633<e. COH.V—Fairly active and ilrm. No. 3 ana jfo. 2 Yellow Wo ovor Mny. May, 49tfO-19}jc; July, 40«Q)'W«c; September, 40?{©50)jc. OATS—Moderately active ana lower with Rood trading. No. 2, 28y(ijSSKc; May, SS^c; Juno. 28JJSi29e; July, Samples are lower. No, 3, 29®31c; No. 3 White, SSJi'atf'-Mic; No. 2, MKQiSOc; NO. S White, 82X0330. RYE—Market quiet and easy. No. 2 in store, B3@<Ho; sample lots, 03i3»5o; May delivery, <Ko asked. BAKLEY—Scaroo and steady. No. 4, <8ffi5io; N'o. 3, J9®5Hic for.fair to choice, and No. 2, 614j6-Jc. Sojeeninsrs atll8.00318.50 por ton. MESS PORK—Trading fairly active and prices lower.. ' Quotation*raugod at 111,75311.80 for cash regular; (11.TDOH.60 for May; $1L8?KO 13,00 for July, andtl2.05.aiii.L3M for September. LARD—Active and lower. Quotations ranged at »0.56aaG7H for cash; 48.80<iJ8.8S for May; $0.ei«aa.67i4 for July, and $a.803(i85 for September. LrvEPonLTHY—Per pound: Turkey*. 7Q]Oo; Chickens. 8c; Ducks, 8S9e; Geese, per dozen. edby the Times-Herald plant. Mr! Seymour will take possession Monday. Tne new paper has not yet been named. BUTTER—Creamery, 8317«c; dairy, ?ai5o; Packing Stock, 5@7c. LKJUOJJS—Whisky quoted steady at $1.20 per j gallon for highwines, '."'•' ti Burnlnsr Tovrta. SANTIAGO DE CUBA, May 6.—The fort at Ramon Jaguas has been torn down by the insurgents and the town burned. Saturday the town of Fi-Amba, about 10 miles from Songo, was burned. The people in other pla<»s in the vicinity have been ordered to join 'the insurgents or have their towns burned. Chicago 1'oit Office .Plan! Approved. WASHISGIOS', May 6.—Secretary Carlisle Monday approved plans for the temporary building- to be constructed lor the Chicag-o post office. Co ban Rebeli Surrender. HAVANA, May G.—Twenty members of the band of rebels at Villas, commanded by Quintin Bravo, have surrendered. THE MAEKETS. Grain, FrovUioni, Etc. CHICAGO, May 1 PLOCB—IE sood demand and steady, Quota- tie M follows: Winter—Patents, ii.905js.30; ilraights, RTSQaOO; clears, ja.33S2.SO; second*, tS.0082.85; low grades, !L75ai.8a Spring— Patents, t3.403J.60; straights, {2.7523.15; blJters 1 , tl.85e2.25r low grrades. ll.75ai.00; Ked fi:.«1.65ai.75; Bye, N'zw YORK. May 6. FLOUB—State and western quiet, firm. WHEAT — No, 2-red, declined IJOltfc'on •weaker cables, lower West and foreign selling; advanced He with the West and on local covering, fell Me on realizing; steady, quiet. May, SGX<&67c; June, ft) 7-IOc; July, «7Ha88e; Au- Kust, 67Ji(8(585fe: September, 67 15-16asWHe; December. 70«!i>70 ll-16c. COBN— Xo. 2 quiet, easier. 'May, WJic; July, 'MX<a&47(c; September, 55«c; No. 2, 57fca SSJic: steamer mixed, 543«a55Xc. OATS—Receipts, 10,800; sales, 10,000; JJo, Z, dull, easier. July, 33J$c; state, 37Q41c; western, 33&11C. BEKF—Quiet, arm. Extra mess, $&S039.00; family, fll.00313.00. POiuc—Quiet, steady. Mess, J13.503H.OO. LAKD—Quiet, easy. Steam-rendered, £6.80. BnrrEB^-Llberal receipts, weaker. Western dairy"8Q I3c: do. creamery new, 12®18o: do. old, 5tol4c; do. fuctory. 7ailc: Elgins, 18c; Imitation creamery, 8tf3Mc. CHEESE—Quiet, easy. State large old. 5i lie; do. now, 5Htt73ic: do. fancy new, 7i^!^7^ do. small old, 6Gllc: do. new, 5V4S7'/jC; da small oliJ, 53,110; do. new, !>y,&~Hc; pan skuas old. iVSSiSHc; da new, lt»£0c: full skims new. l&ljfc. EGGS—Quiet, easy. Western, W3.13&C. THE STRONG POINT ***** • the cures by Hood's: Sanaparilla Is that they arc pe>0i^ent. They start from. tbeiolidfoundaUon— p r "MOTHERS' FRIEND" CURES RISIN8 BREAST. I have-been a midwife for years, In each case where "MOTHERS' FKIEND " was used it accomplished wonders, shortened labor and lessened the pains. It is the best remedy for rising of. the Breast known, and ivorth the price for that alone. ass. M. M. BRZTTSTCB, Montgomery, Ala. Sent b j Bzpreit or mail, on receipt of prle*. U.OO per bottle. Book "To Mother." IBAIiJTELD REGULATOR CO.. Atlanta, G*. SOLO Br A1X DBUOOIXtS. Live StocK. CHICAGO, May a Hoes—jiiirket moderately active on loca! and shipping account, with llgat grades weak and other grades' stroaff at -Saturday'^ closing prices. Sales ranged a: 83.50&455 for pigs; .<4.$iiji70 for light: Jl. 303445 for rough packing: f4 403-L75 t or aiied. and W.50 Q<-£5 !OT heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—Supply moderate and demand rather good. Prices linn and S&JOs higher. Quotations ranged at £5.6056. (S for caolce to extra shipping Steers; $5.15^5.05 ?or good to choice do.; JiCO-^e.a) Tor fair uj good; HCOiM.70for common lo medium do.; sat-OSi-W for Butchers' Steers; S2.50as.70 for Scockers; 13.753 4.35 for Feeders; l!.75$3.80 for Cows: tS.50 C*80 for Heifers:.ti.004frt« for Bulls; J2.90 t>5.00.ror Texas St««rs. »nd-ttOOS475for Veal Calves. A NEW DEMOCRATIC PAPER. Chicago Pott Building and Plant Sold to H. W. Seymour. CHICAGO, May 6.—As publisher of Chicago's new democratic newspaper Horatio W. Seymour Monday closed the deal for the purchase of the Evening Post building, its lease and the entire plant of that paper, which after Sunday next will occupy • portion of the Herald building and will b« nrin*- Buchanan'* Execution Delayed. SJSG, N. Y., May 6.—Warden Sage said Monday that acting on the • advice of Attorney General Hancock he had abandoned the idea of executing Dr. Buchanan on Wednesday. The second respite by Gov. Morton will expire at i that time, but owing to the legal muddle the execution, according to the opinion of the attorney general, must be delayed till the courts again decide the questions raised by Buchanan's lawyers. Prominent Amateur Artlit Dead. NEW YORK, May 0.—Harry LeGrand Cannon, the prominent amateur artist, died Monday at his home. No. 60 Fifth avenue. His death resulted from an abscess on the brain. He had only been seriously ill for the past tow days. . • . • ... The Choit of » Cluuiee. Is a very shadowy affttr. Ere the cnance of recovery becomes, a vanishing ghost, .take a most potent means of overcoming tho Inactivity <jf the organs that terminates ID their too frequently fatal-disease, by resorting to Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which gives lust the requisite Impulse to the renal organs to promote their vigorous action without exciting them, an effect too often pro duced by the flery and nnmedlcated *Umnlants of commerce. Brlght's disease, diabetes and Inactivity of the bladder, are foes of terrible menace to the system. The Inroads may, however, be stayed If they are met at the start and combattd with the Bitters. This flie and genial corrective also remedies malaria, dyspepsia, rheumatism, debtllly, nervousness and the infirmities Incident to age. It hastens convalescence, and Is promo- tlve of sleep and appetite A New Pofttixm«ter. DELPHI, Ind.. May G,—The president has appointed James W. Weidner ] master of this city. Kicked Orer the llaihboard. SA>-DIVJCII. III. May 0.—Clarence Hough, of this place, was killed by being kicked over the dashboard by the horse he was driving. - j Philip Shumacher, 57, committed suicide at SL Louis by drowning in a pond at (jrund's quarry. MoneyMade at Home La.tt month I cleared, after paying allexp<u«s, (235.38; the month before (186.80 and have at the larae time attended to my ragular btulness. I be- Here anyone, anywhere, can do aswell. fts I have not a particularly good location and not nrach ex- perleace. When jun have an article thai ever/ imlly want*, it Is very easy selling it- It seems strange that a good, cheap dish washer wu a«rer Mfore placed on the market. With the Perfection which sells for $5, you can nasa and dry the dishonor a family In two minutes, without pot' ting the hands In water. A* sootx as .the people tee the washer work, they want one. SDdthtt Is why so mnch money can be mmde to qmltkly. For nil partlcu'an address TbePerfection MJg. Co., Station O., Enjlewood, III I feel convlaeed that any lady or KenilMaan, In any locsUon. can make 5 to (10 s day, ai every family will very won tare H dish wuner.. Try It MX! pobUth your ez- h«rienoe for ihe benefit of othen. lucxO. .

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