The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 14, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSPIBLD CALIFORNIAN MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1908. Che Bak«r$fieid Callfornlan Issued Kvery Evening but Sundays at Bflkersfleld. Kern County, California. City and Count) tVfc •ntercd In Postofllcc nt Bakerfifleld, Cal., na Second-class Mnll Matter. to cents a month; $5 a Year In Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone Main 31 MONDAY, DKCK.MBKK 14, 1908 SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. Tin 1 Democratic state platform contiiiiiK n pledge to abolish the race truck evil, hut iiHi<lc from all political promise, the legislature should take up this matter in nil good faith, mid put an end to what is one of the most demoralizing institutions in the state. Hardly a day passes that the newspapers do not relate the story of some unfortunate whose undoing is traceable directly to the race track gambling. Only last Friday it developed that an Oakland man, a trusted cashier of a big department store was $20,000 and when pressed for an explanation, he admitted that the ffiftney. bn4 been squandered on the races. - Every influence of the race track is bad, and there is nothing to be said in its favor. It is not expected that the legislature will take up and carry through this needed reform, hut in the interest of the state, it should do so. - «-*-• -- ,~ THE POLICE WAY. Just now the police and some of the newspapers in San Francisco are busy convicting n man mimed Wilson for sending poison through the mail and so bringing about the death of one Boas. The accused may be guilty, but it is absolutely certain that none of the facts so far made public is eonelu- give, arid certainly they do riot justify the sensational head lines in the papers. A handwriting expert declares that the writing in a letter sent to Boas through the mail is Wilson's. But handwriting experts have been so often mistaken their testimony is now gi%'en but little credence and aside from this there appears to be j nothing against the accused, nothing that will be 'admitted as evidence in court. Once the police suspect a man of crime, their investimitii'ii proceeds not nti lines to ascertain whether lie is innocent or guilty. but lire all based mi tin- supposition that he is guilty. And they have willing aids in the sensational news gatherers. DEAR Monday, TOM:- Dec. 14 Gruenhagen's candy. At Meroney's. Best made--th« more you have the better you llKe it. Try a box tonight. BILL ly, pay lawyers, and meet all the expense themselves. The people do that for the men who keep hotels and livery stables. Some newspaper writer with a vivid imagination says that Perkins is trying to coerce Taft into giving Qeo. Knight n cabinet position. The idea of the good friendly Perkins trying to coerce anybody is laughable enough. An eastern professor has made the discovery that as an article of diet dog is much to be preferred to hog. That's all right, professor. Every man to his taste. Help yourself to the roast of canine, but please pass us the ham. 1—*-»* Lou Angeles has just begun tp appreciate Stephen M. White. But JL B, Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street CALIFORN1ANS m HARD FOUGHT BATTLE WITH THE ECHOS Callfornlans, 16. Bchoa, 12. The baseball game yesterday tween the Callfornlans and exceeded the fondest hopes contesting teams In except in regard to Californlan victory was known since early morning because Sam Fergu ; :i r.r!Hl on sailing Henry, the Echos Tinner, with the big league motion i,,r four runs and that settled the run oe- i-cums and the victory. The Call- Echos f 1)rn j ans failed to score In the ninth, the ft ] t h 0ll( ;h Alexander made a hard at- everr respect t( , nipt to stretch a three bagger Into the victory—a ft nnme runi losing by a few feet at tii.' plate. The Echos were shut out 1 y gingerly playing In the eighth and ninth innings, Pitcher Johnny Moore holding them down In flue _._— ._ style. and lads of the afternoon paper wal- j) r ,t n teams played well and all the loping the staff of the morning paper m ,. mr ,ere were stars. While Ed Ben- other big pipe line to tap the west, ty an awful score, a truly frightful _ on got four hits, Earl Harris was the side fields is to be built is true. I score, 63 to 62, The Californlans hf , avy hitting kid with three three •—« i won In Sam's dream and as nobody t, ag pers. Alexander got two and Roy A lady in San Francisco took | has yet questioned Sam's ability to 1Ilirp pr three two baggers. Editor poison because her husband didiP Ick a winner, It bad to be that the Hi(rrf .n had not lost his batting eye not kiss her ,ood night. Yet there those who say women nr« strong minded enough to vote. then there is mightly little that j 8on - **e local prophet of all events is California.! .bout Los Angeles, *£™*S he* «S"SS 3TSZ Let us hope the report that an- ex- i ceeded the fondest expectations of imost everyone. In the first place | there was more fun to an Inning than !a person dreamed there would be and walloped the pellet for plr?. Homer Hicks In center got a nice put out and faced the pitcher -,vlth the same confidence as In days pone by. "Noisy" Smith at second the eyes of the girls in the MORGAN GIVES $100,000 TO CHURCHES IN SAN FRANCISCO, [for a real old-fashioned slugging pnind stand. "Ain't he cute?" they _____ match, the kind we used .to see In Claimed. Fred Hunter In left got a NEW YORK, Dec. 13.—Bishop Wll the good old days of baseball, the n j. ar ty round of applause for a catch Ham Ford NfchoU , of the Pr O testant ewB ' a ' 1P Episcopal diocese of California IS leav- I *,•*«* Ha ' Chases an " Us} Co ™* "f * 1™K «* and Johnny Moore In the chanc a 1,,-v worked hard for the victory. Ing this city for the Pacific coast to-1backed onto a Turkish divan with, For the Echos Millard and Wllla- clay nnd announced that J. Plerpont > about a dozen_ electric fans vainly en-i ninn wf , re t ne hard hitting kids, each Morgan hus contributed $100,000 for! deavorlng to aid the big leaguers ln; p ,. t ,| np three hits. They both play- the rebuilding of the Episcopal church-j catching their breath. And there was ((] , :(l(vl g arnes . Dude Wear should es of San Francisco destroyed by the j some good hall playing, too—far bet- lliavp worn a football suit. The Call- tdinian base runners did a couple of ,..--. - ..._-. flip* with Dude which lamed him up York, Philadelphia. Cincinnati, Boston j, y Pnc h team, was a feature of the r( , r ^i(lerably Dude forgot the rule and other cities, appealing for funds,; | n fi e ld work, while "Blondle" Church COFFEE The best name for coffee is one that tells where the money's to come from, if you don't like it Yesr mew return* yew MMf M m 4sHt «k.Bthtts ( 'i»M<i**ssr •— AeU M APPEARING OLD « Bar t« Vroflfoble meat. earthquake ami fire three years ago. j ter than most people expected to see. Bishop Nichols, who has been In Now j TWO fast double plays, one pulled off with which churches, 10 rebuild met with the ruined ' generous re- ODD FELOWS. In right field for the Echos, pulled down some high flown balls In bis league style. And the umpire escaped ; without being so much as even shot. Not until the last man was out KERN LODGE NO. 2(12, I. o. O. F.—i was the same won. Victory hung in Regular meetings every Saturday '. the balance and although the Califor- evenins, s o'clorii. Wurk in second i nians were in the lead most of the .lofn-ec, S:itiird:i>. !>,•<•. mher I'.nh. T. ;time, it required all'the pepper snucc P. Plnnt-H.-N. O ; ,1. W. Croslaml, ' ;ul() lobasco thy could muster to keep secretary. V O. n<>\ r,2. « Ollt in tr , e front. A linttlng rnlly In an "*"••• j inning would entirely chance the as-] Chamberlain'.- Liniment is one of . I)l>f . t ()f lhp ftff . UI . a(] as , nf . Cnllfor- ! the most remnrkalilo preparations yet , IllrMli . s ,. ( , moa ,„ llavt . morn rallies produced for the relief of rheumatic . , U( , y n!Uui . a ,ly had more of the as-, pains, and for lame back, sprains and , I)(lt : ti , wlli( . h j n thp t . ni , of 1no nine hrulses. The quick relief from pain • | Iln!nRi . Ulrm . d t() victory. : which it affonla lin case cf rheuma-! , v ,, U . EP .,. r( , W(1 was ln attendance, u'hich gives the base runner the • lent to the base line. He got a nice long hit. Harry Warren waa there with the "big mitt" at second. Wallace Morgan did not stay In the game enough to show what, he could He played one inning. Bert and Church showed that they had played before. Frazler made the most 'runs on the Echo side. He scored three times. Henry pitched pood ball but the Californians got in those hatting rallies. -And Umpire Galloway wns lucky to escape with his life." Ton cannot afford to grow old. In these days of strenuous competition' It Is necessary to maintain, as long as possible ones youthful appearance. It I» impossible to do this without re* talnlng a luxurious growth of hair. The 'presence of Dandruff Indicates ths | presence of a burrowing germ which j lives and thrives on the roots of the hair until it causes total baldness. Newbro's Herplclfle Is trf only known 1 destroyer of this pest, a-" It is as effeo* Wve a- It is delightful to use Herplctde makes sn elegant •'hair dress* Ing as well as Dandruff cure. Accept no substitute—there Is none. Sold by leading druggists. Send lOo. la Stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co., Detroit. MIcH. Two sizes, BOc and 91-00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. Good Cough Medicine For Children. The season for coughs and colds Is now at hand and too much care cannot be used to protect the children. A child Is much more likely to contract diphtheria or scarlet fever when he has a cold. The quicker you cure hla cold the less the risk. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is the sole reliance df many mothers, and few of those who have tried It are willing to nee any other. Mrs. F. F. Starcher of Rlpley, W. Va., says: "I have never used anything other than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for my children and It has always given good satisfaction." This remedy contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given as confidently to a child as to an adult.. For sale by Baer Bros.. Bakersfleld; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * TY COBB IN THE . PUGILISTIC ARENA, IS IT TRUE? "Tho newspapers never jM anything rijiht." s.iild a wise pence officer the other day in diseussinj.' A-local happening. Let us .see. In 'Hie course of a year a paper relates the facts pcrlainiiitf to several thousand incidents*, including deaths, marriages, all sorts of crime, from murder to petty thieving, land sales, huildin&r improvements and (i host of oliier matters. All the facts connected with each ', of the events chronicled in an issue of M paper are gathered in a day, and must he put together hurriedly. Oftentimes a do/en people or inure must In- seen hoforo :t .-i;i;.!f ;•: ! !'•!<• ran ! e '.vi'ii '-"I. In the nature of limits there are certain i!t l ; :-ie>< to In- iliae.-Mi'acios. but ;t ' •' •.!•!> !i--d think a Hn>. nicuI, it may m-cur to y.>;i tint! i'i most instances the newspaper accounts are correct. It is the exception when they are \\THM". Arid it is 1 lie cxee.'tiu-i ; ; i;ii :il- trncts attention. The correct report passes unquestioned. The in accuracy is what causes inniM"- and hrinus about the criticism that "The newspapers never net cny thiint rijjht." , tlsm is alone worth many times its cost. Price, 25 cents; large size, 50 )iark in ?ents. For sale by Baer Bros., T\ak- ersflelfl; Kern Drug Co., Kern. • t h e largest baseball gathering at the NEW VORK, Dec. 13.— Young Cor- nny monibs. The little '"fit ;ui.;l Phil Brock fought ten nre " to recive the benefit in ' rounds here last night at the South- Artistic Steins 50c to $5 Talk about n variety of hnnrtsoniH, artistic and un- UBiial dcslRiis lu steins, you should »«;* our large and complete asortment. \Vc've steins anil steiiiH — jurt< some of the quaint- *<st iind most original do- you ctm v (| SHlbly iin- the I' it [{(uiscvt'lt mars aliout 'iinaiiia canal as it' il wrc . in-w. KooscveH. '.ini- solf loiii-hctl (lie bnlton that started the scandal. ('<uij.'ivss provided for ;i N^Mi'a^tia canal. Roosevelt ignored tltc la\v 'I'lifii within tWi'iity-funr hours b.- used tin 1 army and nav.v to i-uui[H'l rcc'iyr- nition of a non-cxiNicnt "rcpnli- lic" thus wresting 1'nnii Colomliifi by i'orco territory liclonjjiiiij; (•> a friendly nation. No\v liis principal witness- William Nelson Cromwell is the same man \vlm was canirbt liy Senator Morgan jnirtrliMy with the truth before a senale conimittee. And yet linose- j veil once wrote, that .lelTerson was] I'OiiNtitntionally unable to tell the trnt li! Star. Hotel keepers nnd liverymen are of the ehoncn few. They win collect their bills by tho crimimd prosessoH of the court, and without coHt to them. Other A pretty wtciu ulways riiiikew a nlc.e gift, ani'l with Chrlhtniiis BO uoar It's tnix! you v»\'re making Belonllons no\v* bitl'ore UKI aBHOvlmu'iit I* pi<-kod over. Priw-H r.Oo to |5. Fred Gunther Co. ! Family Trade Solicited I Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main. 99. NEW YORK •OUGH South Fields ia. City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. A. I yons TOP. 1512-18 Main 977. jthe form of something nice for' ern Athletic Club. Ty Cobb of the I Christmas, will get all the pretty nnd Detroit American League team, acted • noisy things that almost tldO can j as referee, buy, for this Is about the amount the ' game realized. The returns from the same have not been made out yet but the. managres estimate the gate receipts at almost that amount. The hand, after playing a few pieces in town, made Its way to the park nnd goon after the arrival of the musicians and the rendition of a pleasing number, Umpire Ralph Gal- j loway, editor of the Labor Journal, i appeared In the center of the diamond and shouted "play ball." Cap! tains Hicks for the Califoriiians anil I Millard for the Bchos flipped a coin and tho Echos won. Millard took his j "outs"—just like a real big league , captain would have done. i The Callfornlan batters went aftet • Pitcher Bert Church like a pack of Ihun.nry hoboes after a Salvation Ar- I my Christmas dinner. Smith walked I and Henson hit. Editor Harrell went i out and Alexander slammed out a | ; three bagger, lie scored on Hicks' ; out and Harper, who pot to first on a •• hit, made tho circuit. Harris made • nn out. 1 Tho Callfornluns! then trotted on I the field. Editor Harrell, a reminder j of the days gone by when there were ;. ro such things a-? padded mitts and 1 masks and chest protectors, stepped i Into tho box and unloosened hla crafty wine;. It was crafty once upon a time but the constant plying over copy paper and proof sheet seemed to biiV(> extracted the art, of pitching and the Kchos evened up the score. In the second thp Callfornlans «"t ! four more. Kenon, Harrell, Alexander nnd Hicks crossing the rubber, Tho Callfornlan captain pulled the editor out of the box and sending him into ! right field, ordered Johnny Moore to ! deal out the horsehtde volleys. John- ITI.V • allowed but one run in his first inning and the second spasm closed S to 5. In the third the Californians wero shut out, while the Echos drew up close with two runs. Score S to 7. The Callfornlans made their score !) in tho fourth, while the Echoa jumped abreast of their opponents by pulling two men across the pan. Score !' to y. In the fifth Callfornlans scored twice, while the Echoa were shut out. Score 11 to 9. In tho sixth tho leaders went to their positions without making a run. The Echoes made the score 11 to 10 by pulling another man across. Harris scorea for the Californium* In tha seventh, wMle the Echos evened up the score board by twp tallies. Score, 11 to 12. Jn tin alghtt flu Denver Restaurant Regular Meals, 25c and up. Eastern .Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Chou Mean, Pineapples, Chicken, and Chop Suey. Good Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfield. The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 257 leilhet&l aylor tiorid vegetables are hard to pet these days. The local supply is limited; the rest is old. We keep a fresh supply always on hand. Give us a trial and be convinced. 1423 19th S* Phone Main 401 FOUR AND ONE-HALF ! JOYOUS DAYS ON THE • OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY 1 ' i EQUIPPED STEAMERS ASK AMV AGENT Leave for A.M. P.M. AnUoch Berkeley . . . Chicago Corcoran .... Denver .... Fresno Grand Oanyon Hanford Kansas SUy. JohannesB'rg Merced Oakland Oakdala Richmond . . . 8an£*rnnoiBCo Roarchllght . StodUon .... Tutors YlBaMa YoewBlte .... 7:55 8:ZO 7:65 8:!0 7:30 9:00 7:55 8:20 7:80 9:00 7:55 8:80 7:80 »:C ( • 7:55 8:80 7:80 9:0« 7:39 7:15 8:20 7:55 8:20 7:85 8:20 7:55 8:20 7:10 7:65 8:2« 8:2t 7:3C 7:3C 7:3C 7:3e 7:3( 7:3( 7:3( 7:3C 7:3( 7:3( 7;3« 7:3C For BMtOHnaUon phoae or Mil TO H A IWBWONn Agwrt. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDM MA*RK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Bills Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect 160 rooms. Opposite Ram-sad and Steam- Ahln flfflces. Esjjeclally convenient for commercial travelers. IN THB HEART OP THE CITT Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth aid Bills car to hotel. Bntraioe on Powell St GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle horses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spati about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and ; Sts Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you •will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have uo$ already such an acconnt with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fa* yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. PAYNE !& SON Funeral Directors Embalmera AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night A Bargain!!, FOR SALE—Lots 23 and 24, block 39, on Q street, between King and Baker streets, Kern. Price $450. .Terms If desired, 1150 first payment; balance 1, 2, 3 years. Write fo Lolgh Thornton, 531 North Boyluton Street, LOB ABgelea, California. OLD K8L1ABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Bpe- eialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8ION1 Phone Mmn 1138 tSZ7 Wall 6t Cat.

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