The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 9
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BATORPAy, II, ««». THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? It has been in preparation for five years, awaiting the time when the plant could be brought to the point 'of capacity and perfection •which would make it possible at such a price. ' ' There Is not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment in this marvelous thirty horse power car at fifteen hundred and fifty dollars, because It derives its being from twenty thousand other Cadillac cars which Have preceded it. It springs immediately into full-fledged competition wltb the best of others at twice and thrice the price, because it Is the outcome and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory experience that has cost millions in the making. Place your order now. First car load alioady sold. We have a few second hand bargain*. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trade for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. A Bakersfield Auto Supply Go. 19th and G tits. Tel. Main 1260 PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting is my specialty. I use nothing bnt tne best materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. I. D. MEREDITH. Contractor . 211V B »v Fnr,n« Main 172. An Overcoat Brought Trouble A young man giving the name of Atkinson, was arrested by Marshal Badger and Constable Stroble last night for selling an overcoat which the officers had reasons to believe -was not his property. The coat was a twenty- five or thirty dollar garment and Atkinson disposed of it at the French' saloon for five dollars. The officers, who were advised of the fact that the man was attempting to dispose of the coat, caught him just as he was crossing the street toward Peter Zlmmer's saloon, before he had time to spend any of the money. When questioned concerning the coat the man claimed that It had been given him by his brother, George Atkinson of Porter- vine, only a short time ago. He was taken to jail, however, and the marshal telegraphed to Portervllle to find out whether or not there was a George Atkinson there and whether he had given the fellow the coat. Today a 'message was received from the martial of that city stating that there was such a party residing there and that he had a brother,'but that he had not seen him for a year and had not given htm a coat. An overcoat has been lost by a Mr. Mull and the supposition Is that the missing coat is the one Atkinson was endeavoring to dispose of. OFFERS f/THE MOST COMPLETE 8E- LECTION OF USEFUL K E 5 E M <P O R I U M PRESENT^ AT PRICES FAR BELOW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GQODS. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. . 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. VICT1S OF BM Ml That a young man representing him. self as agent for a big dressmaking firm In tljis city, has been defrauding unsuspecting women In the oil fields and country districts during the past: week, came to light yesterday when a lady from the oil fields entered the Grand .Hotel office and asked to be shown to the dressmaking parlors iri room 39. There are noiw in that room. There happens to be such in the hotel however, but it only took a moment to satisfy her that establishment was not the one she was searching for, as the proprietors informed her they had no agents. When assured that there were no other makers of ladles dresses in the house and that room 39 had never been used for any other purpose than for the accommodation of transient trade, the woman saw that she was "stung" and told her story. The smooth talking young man sold her a piece of dress good* and the right to have it made up at the dress making parlors in room 39 at the Grand Hotel, which he claimed be represented, for tbe sum of $6. This, of course looked good and he signed the receipt for the money, which receipt when presented with the goods would NOTICE OP DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The partnership heretofore existing Mtween J. R. Smith and P. T. Burnett, engaged in the horse-shoeing business, n the city of Bakersfleld, and doing uslness under the firm name of Smith Burnett, has been this day dissolved j mutual consent. J. R. Smith will collect all accounts Be said firm up to December 3, 1908 nd will pay all outstanding claims gainst tlio said partnership. J. R. SMITH. 08 p. T. BURNETT. MITTIIGK NINE' ILL GIVE IANCE Happy Hogan, captain; of the Me Klttrlck baseball team, telephoned in from the west side to-lay that on Christmas eve the ball club will give a dance In the school homse to rais* funds for the support of tfce team. Ex cellent music will bo secured and fou hundred tickets are being printed fo sale throughout the oil i lei da and in town. If was planned to play the Bakers field team at McKittrick si week from Sunday, but the game has been post poned a week. < New suits- have been ordered for the McKittrick toesers am they would not have arrived" In tiro for the game as it was originally eet Less Clotfelter is in from JUcKHtrlci today and he purchased a. supply o entitle the bearer to have the BU! mad up without adltlonal cost. "Fre< Harris" has not been seen lately ant It Is said many women are mo»rnin( over a bolt of goods that cost them $< but Is worth less than one-sixth of that amount. E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE Because it does not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous and injurious drugs. Because E-BU-SA. CUBES PILES. U. S. Dispensatory recommends every ingnedient of E-RU-SA. Drug laws make "false or Byfl-Jeading staiijsnients" a crime. All old or narcotic pile medifi^nes affect the brain aiid spinal marrow, produce constipation, never cure and are therefore illegal. E-RU-SA is not for sale at opium" joints. Berkeley, Gal., July 3, 1908. Dr. L. Griffin, Dear Doctor: We certainly <eah, NOT conscien- iiously recommend or legally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or narcotic File medicines except upon prescriptions. Tow'fl truly, Muller & DeMerritt, University Pharmacy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Taylor Graduates in Pharmacy.' Only druggists of highest standing »U asft Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 23e~-L, M AND 24 STREET Supply Company Oil Well Tools and Supplies Phones Main 19 and 1O26 STORES AT r, McKitricK and Coalinga alls, gloves and hats, rick players have got The MclCtt the baseball abtt good and, promise to build up team tbat will beat anything on th« iaraond the county can boast of. M. D. B, LEQAU. STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. ,nuarv 12th. ctors and tl oter bnsiti it cember NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice t lual ptlce la hereby given .that the an- L "A 6 ? 1 " 1 ,?..*" stocknolaerB. of the nefiehl Oil Company wiU be held !.ii8. nt 3 o'cl r the election anil such other busi ttay be brouebt before, ihtLrt A. T. LiIG]ti.rr4£xv. No. 1. Produc . . for rectors a b iy. Decemb' D t m. of sa a poara of c business as Office. ,rqom No. f. ¥ro3ucers Say- njrs Bank bulidlne;. corner 19th and H streets. Bakerafleld. CfoUfornla. Iz-t i NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR* DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. Welltns Oil principal _plae place oi PI ft? Alamuda .County. ^ hereby given that t' ... „. , ,pon the following described sloe e corporation, on account oF.a~ ere js delinquent bed stock ol the corporation, on account of.aesesi ment of 3 cents per share levied N< vember 9th. 1908. the sovera) amount set ODDoalte the names of tni live sharehoUlers. as follows,: __ amounts respec i\ P. Faeeiv lenry Nuesp x>ra P. COOK Martha Stone ! -i K. 7 flu¥fu M.. ("aholen. A. ("analen ..... % '. mbrlrg. p. K. Mills ..J Est'','!e of CJias 'E.' 'da'l'n? |(!i>ceased> John .E. Baton i>ceasgi ""And In accord order of the Bpi. on the ninth day o mi r:::T-:7%^ rdance wltn law. jpard of Director LEGAL. & M.. contain*' f60 acres ' . .. x ,_uvldedlpne-eliihth Interest in he frfi St theSEiOrsectlon 10. towu- BhlD 30.8. nautfySl B.. M. D. u. & M. containing 160 acre's more or less. Also one. sot of dlnitlo harnesiH ma,v >e found-for inspection a', 'lie .ri-w- dence of 1. T. Curtis at McKittrick. P — County, California. , , ,, f ana offers in writing .for said lu JCern. Returns ruesdays. Ad- drms, BARBEAU & ROQUHJTTB. U • Proprietor* oersonai property ,wl v_ttu.- said ath'-'-' pfflce. or may be,, "he above narned 1 the court house, County. Cplifor erty wl be re iy_ttu.- said a.(itninls.trnt< w« . ma ipurtat . In Bi:.V... ornla. ten per sale~T>y~'8ald"su~i>erlp th mount bid must accom- balance ou conflrmatimi u the expense of Ueed er ^ Administrator of the estate or Kmll Bricksou. aeceasod. , Matthew S. Pliitz. attorney for ad- Date oF r first publication. December 4.. 1908. 12-4 Of SUMMONS.' , . --.Art or tbe County State of CaljRornia. _ x Inuff vs. Peter n the nor Court, tate of Callfor- r eter Roumiette. Superior o of (I In th ¥he T 'l" ' — - - • u ot la send (sreetrns: To efendant. . • . . . • You are hereby reaulred to appear S an action brought against vou »y e above-named plaintiff. In the, Su- lerlor Court of the County of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Complain! riled therein, within ten dn'-s (exclusive ot the qav of service) This Summons. .._ „ _._ _junty: If served elsewhere, within thirty days. And you are hereby notified that,If you fall to so appear and answer, the plaintiff will take ludKnient for nnv nioney or damages demanded In the iialut as arlslne upon Contract, or , as arlslne upc _.v to Hie Court i-man Joel in the for Jtilfy. twi. \Jl .nv other jm plaint, the Seal of of iaffi,iS Will uppl Wtne8^r"ni"v"T>tind""iuidr"tirp"'Seai of said Superior Court of the County ot Kern. $tate of Callfon-in. this iCtli Clerk. Seal) , I, L. MILLBR,.-,- By Bedel Smith, Deputy Clerk. Roweu Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, at torneva for plalntltf. 11-18 NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Compuny. Prlncl pal place ot business. Bakerstleld Kern .County. Ctillfornta. No .. . Notice is hereby Klven. th meetlnK of the directors. Jhelrt 2lBt day of November. 1908. an ment"6Y ,hat at a on the an assess wan levied upon the capital stock of tho corpora tion, payable .Immediately to the un derslened secretary of said corpora ry of 3-204 P K. Bak reducers erslli icers ,Sav eld. Kern lion, at roqmi,, r,— .KB Bank.buHalnK, junty. California. ,, . .,. Any stock upon which thli pent shall remain unpaid on he Ilth dav qfjanuarv. 190(1. . [eiln.auentv.qnd .advertised for sale a unless __ e sold on aturdav the 8 25.4^ 14 9.42 r , and an Directors made _.. — _.__.. — wf November. 1908. so many snares of each parcel of such stock iis may be necesary will be sold I public auction, at the office of th DubJic.auctlon. . made before. W1 H T -ft,a, .T the 6th day of Februai v. 19«9. at th hour of 'i o clock o. m. to pav the th Unguent assessment, together wftl costs of advertising and .expenses of sale P. B. BORTEN, Secy, pro tern Rooms, ,203-204 Producers Soylnea bank bulidlne. Bakersfielu. Keru Conn tv. California. 11-27 lid corporation, roo Broadway. Oaklai >ms icretnrv of . T8 and 19. 1068 Broadway. Oakl Ajameda Countv. California, on __„ 2»tn day of pecpmber. 1908. at 8 ocloc 1 - a. m. of that day to pay deiln- auent assessments tjiereon, together with costs of aAv ' if_aale.. ___JF,..H. ice of A'tomldaT County. -md. the ^JV*il. I.UKVJX.11U1 : and expenses J. Secretary. mpany. rpadway. Oa alifornia. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Armlnta .Oll.Co: I oration, ness. That at a tne.Armin- helaon Armlnta Oil Company, a cqrnorai Location of princ/Dal ,Dlace of busk Bakeraflekf. California. . _. ^gffoe ia Jiereby «iv«Jn: That ' * tbe directors of tr - - upany-a corrx>ratloi ... -a.v, of December. 19i ™ent of^slx and qne-fou. .„ _,_„ c). per share was levied upon the tal slocK. of said corporation, nav- W° r to A 0 ? *We^ ay< - -^ nuarv _. Ml i street. An.v,stock .upon w .all rem jDruary. 'ertised .unlei be arch. _. j«BBpi.ent. ve.' . . etary, rala. . aln unoa . 1909. w: d for sal on Tuesday. pavmenf is fo nay Ihu. ither with e. delinauent as fBfitt-- t . , iccretary Arml Location of .o_ Fresno. California. „ NOTICE Of ASSESSMENT. Kern^utan Oil Company. Principal place Counl Notice is. nerepy eiven mat a.t a raeetfne of the_ directors. _"hela on the 3rd day or December. 1908. an of business. Bakersfleld, Kern _. -,nty. CaflfornTa. Npjlce Is hereby eiyen that ______________ ,, .. _______ . assessment of one-quarter of re was levied upon- the c of the cornoratlon. payable 1m- tier eha ujediatelv"t6 the "undtirsl'KUcci il(J -- • - - a cent e capital of said, corporation, at The e 3e. Btikersneld. Kern Count Any'stock upon which this it shall.remaln.ujiDaid on. een lay of Janu ma tfie"6th _ Bllnauent and. it public auction. • made before, wl- „„ „ 1*7^. tbe 25th. day. of January, li the hour of 2 o'clock D. m, to .j dellnauei 1th costs of tne Jellnuuent casejsmeat. with costs of ad ™~~ os_pf the sal . vertlBlug and exoens u B.v . , to, Directors. leorelary. In the Superior of K n tne niatter of t! County Bnckson. Deceased. Tptice Is hereby nee or, *~ 'elven that in pur- ar Qi.,the Sunerlor y ol( Kern. Btate of n^-the 30th day of oT L e on ^__ „.,.. „„ In. the matter o, nckflbn. deceased. L e aqmlnlstrator or . •ell at Driyate sale it«8, and 'subject _j« auBerlorCourt. on UK flay of December, .the aald adminls- house.. In ;SakerB- Itate of C'alTfornla, ateresl. and estate CKBon. qeceased. at -_ f h anoallthe nihl. it that the estate has of law or,otherwise, ac- ,thnn or In addition to ( Id Emll Enckson. at the eath. in and to all that ece, or parcels oLlfuids .. and belne In tne. Countv ,ate of California, and described as foTtows. to- Interest I —. -*.•-. — — n— —.-x ~. and, lota 1. andJS In secllep A<5-«township 3ff ..n undivided one-elahth Interest in lq£5 1. 2. 3. 4. anil 6 in section 6 " ablt) 3*0 S. raM.0 21 E. M. D. B. i contululnK ** ' ' th interest I An undivided ^one-eighth.Interest lots 6.J. 8. B. 10 and Ij. of section township 30 .8.. rantse 21 B.. M. D. an more or less. NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Company. Location of. principal nlacc { f biiBineaB.! San Francisco. California x)catlon of works. Korn County. Cu 11 Notice is hereov clven. that at meetlne of the Boaid of Directors held on the 23rd dav of November 1908. an asBe>>Bmeu» No. 2. ot 40 cents per snare. W:IB levieo unon the lasued capital stock of the corporation. nay : _v_\. r. lately In United States NOTICE TO HEIRS ON WILL. PROVING In tho SuiHTtor oourt or the Count In K f Kern. S ut Comoniia. . . iient 1. hi the matter of the estate of Heln; cfi Aueust (iildemelster. dee hi r.-by ulvep. tha ' •ecomber. f in. of tout ._ ._ jy ulvep. tha.t he 14th day ot Decemoe » t II ft t ftlf\rttf , Ice'lB -4th da.. 10 o clock. A. dav, he Courtroom. Department 1. of sali .onrt. at.the Court House. In tni Bounty of Kern. State of California ave been aptminlci aa the time "~ ilucefpr nrovlnt: the will of leinrlcn AUC-IIHI (iildeinelster, eased, now ou file in Haiti Cou or hearinu: the upulloatlnn of tohns for the Issiiiitico to him ITS of Administration with tl nnexed tnereon. \,P- MII.f.RR, Clerk. . Thos. Scott. Thos. Scott. Jr.. jind rluht & Wrkht. Attorneys for PetT VrlulL. toner. Dn< lined Nov. 10. A. D. 1908. 11-19 SUMMONS In the Superior Court of the County of Korn. State of California, _ J. O. Hpdeens. Plaintiff vs. Silver Bow Oil Comuonv. Dotendant Action TirouKht In the Superior ourt of the County of Kern. Slate pi Jal fornla. and. Uio ComplaintT^ said County of ,Kern. in the O the Clerk of said Superior CO' The People or the Stiite of — nla send Greetlne to Sliver Bow Company. Defendant. You are hereby redlilrert to an' n an action broiic:)^ aRatnat "" .. — „.„,._.., aKutnat you by the, aboye-namerf plaintiff, la the, 8u- —-— ';ourt of the County of Kern. .«.v«.... California, and to answer the Complaint tiled tnereln. within ten lavs (exclusive of the iiav of service) it'ter service on vou of this Summons. t served within Bald Countv: if served elsewhere, within thirty days. , ,. are hprebv ngtlne.d that^lt "wl?l° ulntlff tnke ludinnent for any nioney or damages denmmlert In the Cpfliplalnt as urtslne noon Contract, or e Court for any other til VIM wflP rel v \e; pjilv to th demands inv. __uit ror any lu tni' Complaint. :ui(l ant\ the. seat of f id Sjmerlor Court of Uip L County, of irn. State of California. IhlB 2nd dav November. A. D. 190SJ. , . ealY I. L. MlLl/EH. Clerk., Qeo. E. Whltakor. Attorney for Plaii tint. 11 ~~ SUMMONS. In the Superior Cqiirt of the County of JCern.. State of CWlfornf . Plaintiff. la. tiVlant.' TVMT'HpJfBeni: PfilntTir; vs. Sliver Bow Oil Coninany, Defeu Action brotich of tho Countv ~ fornla. and th Cpuntv.of K« Clerk oi Bald 8uperlor Court. The People of the State of California send iffeetlnc to Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. You are nerebv reaulred to appear In an. action brought against YOU by the above-named plaintiff. In the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, aud to answer the Complaint filed therein, within ten duvB (exclusive of tho day of Bervlce) after service on vou (if this Summons. If served within said Countv: if served elsewhere, within thirty days. And vou nre hereby notified that if vpn fail to so RTtnenr nml nnRw«r. Mie Imlenii'tjt for any the . Jnlntlff will tnke ,-,--,- .... monev or damairon demnnded In the cornulnltit as uflslnu unim contract or to. t!|p. Court for nnv other -_ the seal « Raid Sinicrlor Court pf tne County « Horn. Htate of California, this 28t LlflUIJlitlllL ilt Will fll)l)lV tl relief demar \yltjiess .r Gco. E. Whitakcr.At ty for Pltff. 11- coln to tfee secretary at the .office of the company. No. 569 Caltfi Sap Francisco. Callforji\a. 9 California street. ment 18 made .before, will De sold on Friday, the IsfJi <!nv of .lanunr.v. 1DO.S. to pav tne delinauent assessment, to- getner with the costs of advertlslnc an'I expenses of snl<?. y order of tlie Board of Diroctors. P. J. R^S.''.^.. a«;i;|-eiiii-¥. Office. No, fi69 Cullfornla Street. Son allfornla. Secretary. . . Francisco. Ca '"Sl NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. QARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. the Superior Court of the Countv srn. state of California, the matter of " Gartman. deceased. Notice Is bereoy given bv the under- siened administrator ot the estate or U Qartmttn.,,(fecea8ed. to the creuttors and, all .oresons havlne claims ist ' tbe estate of L, of, oealns tnem with the necessary vouchers within four months after the fl-' - • , . the said deceased, to ex ith four tho same bole transaction of I In Bald Keru Co Dated Octobv iountv, iier 11. IMS. W. A. McG I Public Admlnlstrntor o| Ij:orij estute and Administrator of tho L. Gurt.inuu. Deceased. N. U Countv, Estate of Thos. Scott. Attorney for Admlnlstrn tor. 11-11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Welllnsr .Oil vv"">inv. locatli principal place of business. 1068 i WAV, Oakland. Alamedu County, of Call torn 1 a. nerePv .riven, t, at .he. Dl I n ot iiul- .ate - - - j — - meetinK of the ninth day of. N . ^ . — rectors ,,__ on the Ctiniouiiv, ut tils ol U). lutls Broadway. County. Culffonim. wYiTch, thisi assess; unniildon Jhe.nlntl . and i\la[iic(iu uk UIJIHI reinaln HV 11 IS *MIIV-\~I i in'M Oakland. Any BI .„ lesBment. si ild on the ninth dav or uoceintiur. . will, be (lolhiouojil and advertls- 'or sale at Public A.uctlon and tin- payment is made before, will, be on ,tne 28tn dav of, December, at 8 u. m.. to pay dellna ' ig, at 8 u. m.. to pay uellnaueu isntent toeether with cost of u LnK_and_«ix^nBe4>"LsaTe.. ^ ani 3y order o- .. Office r I cut ua- dver- Dlrectors. Letary. Broad- m NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ioiirt of the County llf fornln. e Estate of Alox- In the Superior of Kern, ijtute of In tnn Mattor of am pr BesBueltle. deceased. Notice IB nerebv Klven. by the un- dorHlpned administrator of the estate or Alexanuor BesHueille. dcoeahocl. to ;he rre.dltors of. and nil persona nav- 1112 claltus aealnat the said deceased to exhibit them with the nocessarv vouchers within four months after tho flrat publication of this notice, whlcn ' ••-- -•-•- ' -' '- •-" (linliiistr-i. of Ke rn ke Countv. .me bplnc the place of the uuBlni'Hb of Imlnlstrator of the Estate of Alex- ancler Bessuellle. Deceased. lied Noveniber 19. Ut08. 11-19 .er tho ... M> . of this notice, whlcr IB the date .hereof, to said adinltilstr-i tor at the law Pfflce of C. L Clajlln i 31 and 32.,Hiink of Bakersfloli ne, IlakerBtioUl. x . rnia. the pan ir the transaction sa es a e. DBSmK nESSUKIM.B, Adml.nlstfatpr Da ^ DE LO N EG H A H OT SP R IN QsT "~U<nt remarkaMe nnnornl springs at California. An HPBOIUTO cure tor RHKUMATI8M Forty-five miles from BaKerBfleld In Nevada Mountains. Fine sum mer climate, Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Buk- •refleld Thursday mornlngit between I and 9 o'clock from ArfAigtou and Occidental hotels, and froia Mvtropole DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice IK hereijv mvcn to ull .mis ownlue nnd V .he limits of tno .hat License T»Kf. ^. are now readv for dollverv at the ol sons ownlue nnd k<><>nlm: does, wluil the limits of tho Cltv (it nakorsfliaji that License.TnjtB r.or.thc v<-,'ir. 190 iM W IIVIW H-illl> Illl lU'HVflv tlce of the City dork. In tbo busemont of .Producers S.avlnirs. Bank bylldlns!. or Producer! and on arte arv, I will docs foun(t r are not or tho iStb ilav of Janij proceed to Impound .all .. runnlne on (lie streets that ...„. wearlnsr the llcensn ta«r fo? (lie vear 100S. J. K. COX. Poii Dated January U. 1(M)S. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. .Swrinefield Ol! Conuwnv. I of principal place of biminc-psi. i tleld. Caliloinln: 1 ers- Notice Is meetlni; of , e!ven that ..„ C tne Directors liuld day of November. " u a on the . ._ _.... ... . V.MIS. au, as- sesamcnt of two (2) cents uer snar* was levied t^uoi the capital stock 01' ble Immediately alii to the see- the corporation, payal In United SWtes KOIU retarv of Biitrt conio' tho company, roo hnlliilnc: .__ bank bulldlna. .... Any stock upon whic! ment shall rental u un d.av of Doceimie.r. llunuent nnd public Jiuctloi mnde bejore. will of January. ilu coin to t.iie sec- oration at olfice of I. •Producers ,sav- . BakerKfleld. Cul. liicii thli tialil on s assess... the 2f>U\ will bo do- for sale at .. . ....................... ______ puhllc auction ami miles* navinent Is 1)« Hold on the 1.7th ii() nt. nnd CX day Illiiiili of a<^ Hold on the 1.7th . . to pnv the asfleHinent. U)ucihi>r with e 1. lii()9. to pnv the de- t. U)ucihi>r with cost ndvertlsinic nnd CXDCIIHOS of nale. ol Dlrt'Ctors. Hy order of t.l)«Hoiiril ol I A. T. MtiHTNBR, Srcrclary. Cilice, room No. 1. Prodiinerd Say- uw Bank huilijlnsr. ''ornor I'.ith nnd H •wlf), Knknroiir'iil. Cnlltornl:i. 11-24 Notice Is hereby given that tit taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on th« second Monday in October, and win he delinquent on the last Monday IB November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to the amount tliori.-of, and that if said on* lialf be not paid before the last Moo> Iny In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., un additional five jmr rent will bi added thereto. 1. That tbe remaining one-half ot the taxes on all real property will b« payable ou aud after' the 'first toon- day In January next, and will be delinquent on the lam Monday in April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m n and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to ttt» amount thereof, 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, a* herein provided, IB due and payable. 3. Tbat taxes may be paid In tht office of the Tax Collector In UM county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m, ant 5 p. m 10-1 Dated October 1, 190g. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, Kem County, California. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. is nerenv Klven bv the administrator of thei es A^ Hp»l-iln. deceaBed, .to tqe eai with M .-_ -he havrnx deceased, to ie.. necessa ucnerB within four mouths 8t Publication of this not" TLadminiBtrator at ffie

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