Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 2, 1974 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1974
Page 8
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Mrs. Mao and a Sick Horse: a Chinese Detective Story HONG KONG - The obscure struggle going on behind China's shuttered windows may now involve no less a figure than Mrs. Mao, the wife of the Chairman himself. The subjects of debate are still. ostensibly, philosophy and literature, and the objects of attack are still, ostensibly, people long dead or disgraced. But as China's anti-Confucius campaign moves into its third month it has become unmistakably a political battle. The mass criticism drive was suddenly raised to an explosive new level three weeks ago when the People's Daily published a denunciation of a modern revolutionary opera from Shansi province which had just been performed in the capital during a drama festival. The party newspaper stressed that its attack on this "poisonous weed" was not just an ordinary academic debate but a "life and death class struggle." And to prove that this was not jusi the usual inflated rhetoric, the paper drew a direct parallel between the opera, called the "Three Ascents of Peach Mountain." and an earlier poisonous weed, the play which set off the cultural revolution back in 1966. Just as "Hai Jui Dismissed from Office" was attacked in November. 1965. as a veiled argument in favor of bringing back the defense minister who had been purged for criticizing the great leap forward, so Peach Mountain is said to be an effort to "reverse verdicts" on Liu Shao-chi, the head of state purged during the cultural revolution. All this would be inflammatory enough. But there are layers and layers of intriguing political symbolism in the story of Peach Mountain and how it grow. The opera originated, so the People's Daily explains, in an excursion to the countryside in 1963 by Mrs Liu Shao-chi, known, in the Chinese way. by her maiden name. Wang Kuang-mei. Wang was convinced that her experience in invigorating the Taoyuan production brigade in Hopei province was of major importance and that Taoyuan should be set up as a rival to the Tachai production brigade which had been endorsed as a national model by Mao Tse-tung (Mao's slogan. "In agriculture, learn from Tachia," is still in use today). So not only did she order a Fruit Can Stretch and Enhance Meat spurgeons Minis, Plus Sizes, Regulars All Love White Swan $ 14 Just what the doctor ordered! Crackling- crisp easy care dresses in polyester blends. Left, 8-18. Center, doubleknit bengaline, mini 4-16. Right, 14V2-24 l /2. or or SPURGEON'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 792-1656 CHOOSE IT AND CHARGE IT AT SPURGEON'S! BvGavnorMaddox (NEA Writer) Today's prices force many to cut down the amount of meat bought each week to a minimum. "A little meat plus something to expand it" is now the market order. But deciding what that "something else" will be is a problem. 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The Italians also like the flavor of lemon - Spazzate (bits of veal in lemon sauce). If you can afford veal! For fish, try Poached Fish With Prune Sauce using California dried pitted prunes. A Czechoslovak recipe is for Chicken. Peach and Bulgar and uses dry peach halves. Dried fruits such as prunes and raisins help add needed iron to the diet and many European countries import quantities of California dried fruits for their baking and main dishes. "Fruits in Cooking" supplies several recipes using dried fruits. One is Ground Lamb With Dried Fruits and Lentils, a dish from the Middle East. And from Cuba comes Beef with Raisins. This quick rundown of the recipes from the book may at least give you some appetizing ideas of the many combinations of fruit and meat used in manv countries. 10-foot-tall monument to be erected to herself near Taoyuan; she set propagandists working to immortalize her visit. 1966 came the Shansi opera about Peach Mountain. That an opera so intimately associated with Liu Shao-chi could have been revived at all is remarkable. That it could have been shown in the capital is even harder to understand, especially in light of the political dynamite incorporated in the opera's leading role. The main character in Peach Mountain is a woman who cheers on the whipping of a sick horse to make him gallop at high speed. The horse later dies of exhaustion and is replaced by a new. healthy horse. The People's Daily interprets this horse episode as a sinister allegory of the great leap forward. The flogging of the horse seems to stand for the pressures put on the Chinese people during the leap years. 1958-59: the new horse represents the moderate policies which were introduced after the leap by Liu Shao-chi. Significantly, the "representative of capitalist forces" who brings on the new horse is named Lao Liu. "old Liu." But even more significant is the name of the female lead whom the People's Daily describes as "a political philistine who is more concerned about horses than about the enemy and who grasps only minor issues." She is Ching Lan — Ching as in Chiang Ching. Lan as in Lan Ping, the presentnameand former stage name of the woman otherwise known as Mrs. Mao Tse-tung. The People's Daily stops short of spelling out this connection with Mrs. Mao. although it would almost cer- tainly leap from the page at Chinese readers well schooled in esoteric communication. But Mrs. Mao's name was raised directly on the very same day in a discussion in Kiangsi province of another bad opera which was said to have been designed "to settle old scores with the proletarian revolution in literature and art Renewal to Face Test DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)— Revitalization of downtown Des Moines appears headed for another test at the polls. Opponents of a proposal to develop a $4.2-million east side hotel complex with the help of tax-increment bonding announced Monday they intend to force a vote on the plan. If a petitioning effort under way succeeds, the referendum would be held within 60 days, a city official said. Des Moines residents would be asked whether they approve the issuance of $950.000 in general obligation urban-renewal bonds for the purpose of aiding an urban renewal project within the Capitol Center development area. The issue would »need approval by 60 per cent of the voters. Voters last fall defeated a plan to issue $22 million in tax increment bonds for urban renewal projects in the 67-bIock Capitol Center development area. Robert Dilley. who led the opposition to the Capitol Center plan, said Monday he is circulating petitions to force the public vote. He expressed confidence that he will have the required 1.310 qualified signatures needed by April 14 to force the referendum. led b y Comrade ^^^tS C Tpeac n i? Mountain was ™* * *="? "**"<""• b >" lhe indeed an attack on Mrs. Mao as well as an effort to revive the policies and perhaps even the person of Liu Shao-chi, then who was behind it? Neither the collective authors of the opera — the creative group of the Shansi province culture bureau — nor any provincial cultural officials could have taken the risk of carrying this inflammable can alone. Responsibility for staging the drama festival has been spread, perhaps deliberately, to include just about everybody who matters in Peking. It was convened by the cultural group under the state council (Chou En-lai's government administration) "under the kind attention of the party central committee." The buck should stop first at the head of the cultural group. Wu Teh, who is also first secretary of Peking's municipal party committee. It may be that two factions, one led by Mrs. Mao, another perhaps by Wu. have been competing for control of was a Mrs. Mao forces to a thrust by the other lot. But the involvement of the Liu family and the whole contentious question of "reversal of verdicts" in the Peach Mountain affair make it highly unlikely that the dispute will stop at opera or at Mrs. Mao and Wu Teh. If the analogy with that other opera, which launched the cultural revolution eight years ago. holds good, the big fight is on. It is detective-story stuff, but that is what China is like. (c) The Economist Newspaper of London BOARD TO MEET ~Times Herald News Service LAKE CITY - The Lake City Board of Education will hold a special meeting Wednesday, Aprils, at 7:30 p.m. at the high school building for the purpose of discussing employees' salaries for the 1974-75 school year. 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