Portage Daily Democrat from Portage, Wisconsin on January 27, 1893 · 1
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Portage Daily Democrat from Portage, Wisconsin · 1

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1893
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AGfE LY SMOCEAT, VOLUME 2. PORTAGE, WISCONSIN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27. 1 81)3 NUMBER 1282. SENATOR Senator Woodnorth said lie differed1 . from Lis friend. Senator Voss, and ITCHELL ! j thought tlie interests of the party de- manded the selection of Col. MltcheL. When the name of Tracy was called 1 he voted for MitchelL HIS CAREER. building blew down a few yean ago hjo advanced tli money to rebuild them, and he lias advanced the amount needed whenever the society lius been short of money. Col. Mitchell is now, and has been for Forty-one; forty-one! was the shout ' F f i f Vienti muniy yean, president of the Wisconsin ,'hirh itoti t fmm moil. 1 I TlUttinif HotHi lirJtdurttv iDttiOliU t lull The Man from Milwaukee Finally Wins the Great Prize. ( which went up from the Mitchell men. CoL John L. Mitchell was at that stage the democratic nominee, as 41 was a ; majority of all the democratic members. The roll call proceeded and when the end was reached a great cheer went up. sins New tor. Sena- Hunt, of Sauk, obtained Assembly i recognition from Chairman Pratt. I want to change my vote ,Bora in Milwaukee, His Whole Bragg to Mitchell, from said he, and the I , alteration was made. The vote was 1 ! then announced, the whole number of J votis cast being 70: Caiuer Has Been Spent in the State. Trotting Horse Breeders' association and of the Northwestern Trotting Horse Breeders association. In the latter position he has accomplished much towards purifying the business of speed lng horses, and a huge share of the credit for the advancement of the horse breeding interest in the west is Knig'bts Forces Break and Thus Bring About the Nomination. ! John L Mitchell f 40 ; Edward S. Bragg . . . ... 32 & Result Received With Tre- ; John. II. Knight 1 Assemblyman Sampson, a Bragg man, made a motion to declare the nomina- tion of CoL Mitchell unanimous. Assemblyman AL G- McGeehan seconded it and with a loud shout it prevailed. The caucus was then declared adjourned and the members made a break for the corridor. Soon CoL Mitchell's room at the Park was thronged, and ! he was showered with the heartiest con- , Splendid War Record Titles Honorably Won. . Deep Interest Vvliich He Manifested in Agriculture. mendous Applause the Democrats. by gratulatious. Republicans pressed for- ward to take the hand of the victor I and to offer congratulations. The final vote in detail was. i For Mitchell Abort, Altpeter, Barney, Bashford, Binder, Brauer, Burke, Brifi, J Couch, Connor, Conway, Hilly, Deuster, ! Edmunds, Evans, Falconer, Fetzer, Filz, ; ' Finn, Fitzgerald, Harmon, HeyL Hintze, McGediiin (AL G.), Jennings, Keogh,. Kingston, Kennedy, Koenitzer, Kruszka, Monuments, Scholarship Other flood Things to llis Credit. .due to lihu. But the great interest which Mr. Mitchell leels iu the advancement of agriculture in the state is best shown by the forty yeuriy scholarship jin the short agricultural course at the state university, which have been instituted by hhu. Forty young men from the farms of Wisconsin are enabled through his liberality euch year to become scientifically acquainted with their life's business, farming, and uiso to secure general culture und eduea-tion. These scholarships are iu such doll 8,8 jmaud that Air. Mitchell, after at first instituting twenty, finally concluded to double the number, making forty. Inestimable benefit results to the fanning Interest through the youug men given a practical education by mean of CoL an(j 1 Alltcheli' generosity. Alany young men ( throughout the state have taken advantage of these scholarships, und are putting into actual use the tralniug there acquired. The public life of Col. MltcbeU also possesses many noteworthy features. .1 j j ' Buscher, AIcGcehan (1L J.), Alurpliy, United States senator from Wisconsin Brown Votes for Bragg and lein, Schmitz, Sslnnidt, Tracy, Vander , n rnw.,ko. lleiden, Wheelihan, Woodnorth and VT1-.son Hi. J For Bragg Apple, Blenski, Bon e, Brown, Croll, Danielson, Dassow, Dieckman, Gaynor, Goss, Grimm, Hagemel- John Iji-ndrtnn Ailtclioll, tlie Junior jje was a member of the state senate Earnestly Defends His Course. Mitchell Gets 46 and Bragg 32 While Knight Gets 1 . ster, Jacobi, Jamison, Konrad, Lange, Lebeis, Lies, Leissring, Llebenstein, AfacBride, Nash, Parkinson, Itingle, Sampson, Sinead, Schwefel, Smith, Sol-liday. Stack, Voss and Yahr 32. For Knight Wescott 1. The democratic senatorial caucus was -n-hose change from Alltcheli to Bragg called to orde. at 3:45 P. AL Thursday, -was the sensation of the senatorial fight. It was perfectly apparent from the J voted for Bragg. Assemblyman Bowe manner of the legislators that the end of ! followed suit, but Assemblyman Brahe contest was very near at hand. The , dor, a Knight man, changed to Alltcheli Antrhpii men, so profoundly pleased -and was the recipient of hearty ap-with the situation, were not able to j provaL Assemblyman Brauer adhered THE KANSbS SCRAP. RepuhllcHU-t CiMii.'ti.e with Dam.xrj tn In Hie k ignt. Topeka, Ka&, Jan. 2G. The republicans have given up all hope of electing a United States senator. They made a last effort today to devise some mpnna to check a meeting of populists. j They met in caucus and decided to support Stewart, democrat, for the position if the five,, democrats would go over to them and give them a quorum on a joint ballot. Three of the five democrats had cast balllots for Alartin, populist, in Joint convention yesterday, and of course could not participate in another senatorial election. When the republicans met in joint ballot they found themselves without a of Wisconsin In 1872-73 and 1875-70, uud was appointed a member of tlie legislative committee to visit the charitable and penal institutions of the state by Gov. Washburn In 1872. In 1800 be was elected to a seat In the fifty-second j congress, and in that body was placed on the military committee and was chairman of the sub-committee on soldiers homes, military cemetarles and military reservations. Ills services in this position were very valuable. During the first Cleveland campaign he was chairman of the democratic county committee of Alilwuukee, was for mu 113' years a member of the democratic state central committee and now hold the Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Govt Report. t n . o ABSOLUTE! PURE ONLY A FEW BILLS. Use Legislature rnmsiwt.s Some Business of Minor Importance. A Second Formal Vote for United Mates Senator Is Taken. t Kennedy David Jcimhig. King ton- .Iniue Bunion. Kocullzcr 1 lenry Hullo, Kruszka Ig. Czorwluskl. 1 )e A, It. Bendy. MacBride W. I'. Bailey. Met lechan John Noonan. Muriln-W. It. Htaffonl. Murphy D. H. ltno. Nnh 13. 1C. Knud. Plutlcu W. II. Heitnmn. Pratt G. H. I.nzcher. Smoiul N. I.. Gilson. Holliday Cliarlc Drajior. Vo B. F. Hhorntau. Wczcott W. 11. Carter. Woodnorth A. B. Ioa. Ynhr Joint J. Wood. Houatos Baxter, I'hlpps, Hpeiwoby, Meeting Again Today and the ntd with.M. votini rr Hiumitnr, wliltn Htviittnr llliflnot wit iiIindiiI. Tliiid and Lttsp Vole to Occur. oryppni the satisfaction which they had j to untnhrfl, but Assemblyman Brill left countenances of the Bragg supporters 'also applauded, as were the others of a battle bravely fought but now nearly ja similar nature. When Senator Neal lost. The Knight adherents had reached .Brown, a Ivnight supporter, was a stage of resignation,, though in the preached, he arose, with a face pale with of a few it was plain they gave suppressed emotion and begged unanimous consent to explain the vote he in- responsible position of cbaJnuan of the national democratic congressional committee. The latter honor has never been conferred on any other man than Air. Alltcheli during his first term in congress. Alt. Alltcheli bos always been singled out for responsible positions in his native city, Alilwaukee. He wits for several ycais a member of the Milwaukee school He enlisted In the union army when jmd ,n 1885 lu prC(8ldmt. aud quorum and with no means of securing but nineteen years of age, and was WfU aIso a member Cf ti,e puiiic u. good reason fo feeling, while the pale 'Knight for AlitchelL This change was We. they then gave up hope of elect- afterwards chosen second lieutenant of b board and ltg preHldont. Col. 0 : lnT n oon O 4m ati1 aFvm a wnnln Ha m .. - -v 9 d.. St i.. .i. M cp with sorrow and regret. On motion of Senator ( strangers were excluded, but James si tion, and he then went on to say: - "Until my release, I have voted for CoL Knight, and my loyalty and devotion to him are based on the kuowl- Morgan was granted the special privi- ( lege of remaining. The only absence was Assemblyman Mahoney, of Kenosha, who was a AUtch-ell supporter np to the time he was forced by illness to remain away from the caucus. On motion of Senator Kruszka, the thirty-first vote was then taken. For purposes of comparing the last vote Wednesday is here given. It was: For Alltcheli Abert, Altpeter, Barney, Brauer, Burke,CouchJeuster,Edinunds, , Evans, Falconer, Filz, Finn, Fitzgerald, HeyL Hintze, Jennings, Keogh, Koenitz-er, Kruszka, Luscher, McGeehan (IL J.), Alurphy, Phalen, Pratt, Bnachlein, Schmitz, Vander lleiden, Wheelihan and Wilson 29. For Bragg Apple, Blenski, Bowe, Conway, CroU, Danielson, Dassow, Dieckman, Gaynor, Goss, Grimm, Hage-meister. Hunt, Jacobi, Konrad, Igmge, Lebeis, Lei-s, Lrassriog, Llebenstein, MacBride, Parkinson, Quigg, Sampson, Smead, Smith, Solliday. Stack .and Yahr 29. For Knight Bashford, Brader, Brill, Daily, Brown, Connor, Fetzer, Hannon, Kennedy, Kingston, McGeehan, (AL G.), edge that he .would most worthily represent, not only north Wisconsin in the United States senate, bat the whole state as welL I now change my vou: to Gen. Bragg the more readily because 1 'believe this soldier and statesman 10 1 be the choice of nine-tenths of the Uetn-. ocrats of Wisconsin. (Applause.) And we have a duty to the democracy to I perform. We must heed the voice of tlie people, or disaster will be our lot. Unless we do this we wifi be tom from power la this capitol building. I vote for the choice of the people, ol the democratic masses Gen. Bragg. (Applause.) Not a man who had been voting for Mitchell changed, but the Knight followers continued one after another to go over to the gentleman from Milwaukee. Assemblymen Conway and tjuigg changed from Bragg to Alitchell while Assemblyman SSclimidt, who left Alitchell Wednesday "morning, went back to him. Senator Kingston, ing a senator and after appointing a Company I and first lieutenant of Com- . . . , , ... committee to prepare a statement of pany E 2'th Wisconsin volunteer in- MitcheU Iuw been electod one e thl facts concerning the election of Alartin, , . T . , ,, ... state commissioners of the world's fair and a protest against his admission to fautiy eut Mltcbe11 participated in aud appotnted chairman of tin stand- the senatethe senate, they adjourned several battles In which his company commlttoe on Uve stock, represent- thelr joint convention sine die. was engaged, among which were Ier- ing the farmers' interests. lie is one Alartin out of the senate now rests " , T, , T o the ustees of the Layton art gul- m Senator Perkins, who will make a he staff Genolal ayard and lery and prebldcnt of the juntau ciuh. fight on the ground that Martins elec- Kousseau and other generals. Alltchells rank In the busltusj tion is illegaL coL MltcheUs military record is high- WOrld U lilgh. He Is president of the ly creditable to him, and enlists In his Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance favor the veterans of tlie stale. He Is member of the board of managers Bank, of the 'Alilwaukee Gas Light company, .and is also first vice-president of the Northwestern National Fire Insurance company. He Is now and has Proceeding InMitute-t for the Kxtradttlon U - ot three citurrd Htiidit. of the national home for disabled volun- Washington, Jan. 2G. The war de- teer gofers, and has been local man- partment this afternoon received a dis- , .. . ... , . , . patch from Gen. Wheaton, commanding agor o ' aukee so era ome befcn or gom,, time one of tlie trustee the department of Texas, stating that or lll past six years. By his kindness cr the .N rtfiw,stein Li.e insurance com-the Mexican government had instituted and care to the veterans residing there, proceedings for the extradition of the he has endeared himself to them and three bandit leaders captured by the xt . . , , , . their friends. Several Wisconsin men United States troops for violation of the neutrality laws. have been appointed to desirable po ( The dispatch was sent to the secretary sitlons at tlie home through Ills Influ-j The generosity of Col. Alitchell has tary of state who will co-operate with ence, the governor being a Wisconsin not been confined to the donation of the Mexican government In securing xie has also effected much In soldiers' monuments und the establish- spccnv action ti tnp case t the construction of ntw buildings and ment of agricultural scholarships, but situation in waxiiiiiKmii. -the improvement and repair of those not long ago lie contributed five acres Olympia, Wash., Jan. 2G. On the 'already on -llie ground, thus providing ( of land valued at $25,000 to the city in thirty-first ballot today the name of It. increased comforts for the old soldiers order to enlarge one of the public parks O Dunbar was added to the list of can- who niakc lheIr Lome there. 1 didates by one of Allen's supporters.. 1 . . , , . Hie vote stood Allen, 50; Turner, 25; A soldiers monument, which is to be shown by the fact that he donates Grigs, 25; Leads, 9. " 'one of the most beautiful and impos- school books to Alilwaukee children J ing in the country, and in which every ( whose parents are unable to buy them. STRAY SPARKS. old soldier and all citizens of Alilwau- Col. Alitchell is highly educated aud a Blaine is worse than he has lnon for kce nnd of Wisconsin at largo will sreat student. He can rend, write or si oral dajs. Alton Junction take pardonable pride, has been donated ( converse in German or French, In ad- diSster was increased by one yesterday by Col. Alitchell, and is now In process ditlon to his vernacular, anil lias por- The scheme for building tlie Winona, of construction. Tlie cost will be about formed some very credl table literary KMs" chief lieutenTthrgb th hwsmUtown & Southern railroad is 5,000. work, nnd while not aspiring to oratory, Fnia 1 SUrVy ",U be in,ucncod j coi. Mitchell takes great pride In his is able to express liimself on his feet In Won Chin Foo. representing the Chi- record as a soldier, and he is found in 'a direct and concise manner. As an old nese Eqtrnl Right league of New York tlie ranks whenever or wherever the soldier with a creditable record and in-Schmidt, Voss, Weseottand Woodnorth ; that Knight had released hint : Clt-V appearinl lntfore the house com- 0id soldiers are gathered together. terested in old soldiers, as a practical -20. and that Mitchell had from the ; "cSaLxl e 'repeaTtlh Cld- Jolm Mltcho11 ls and 11318 bcca for far,Uer ,md a tried friCUd f tU ftU1U' Secretary Lange proceeded with the been bis second choice. I always have 1 nose exelusion act. He urged tlie pas- many ' a practical fanner and era and of the farmer boy of the state,, pail, and the fate- of Gen. Bragg was . been a democrat, said he. I never sage of tlie Andrew bill which leaves stock-raiser. He resides on his fine as a business limn of Inge capacit , ns made apparent only when the fitfh ' bolted. I cannot help but say that if the law as it was ten years ago. fann, near Alilwaukee, devoting the a gentleman and a scholar and a man name was called that of Senator Bash- senator Brown feels the way he talks1 At I p,ljJ tT . tb,o pped fcri.eilter porlIoil of ilIs thne to rural of ripe experience in the affairs of life, ford. Prior to that Senaor Apple had be ought to have voted for Bragg from t.utv-four hours ;uk1 tonight registered pursuits. He lias for many years been Col. Alitchell is an ideal senatorial can- voted the same as for several days past, Y tbe heginnihg. CoL Alitchell has always 14 beiow. Duluth reports the same, as in active co-operation with the state didate. lie is married nnd has several for General Bragg, while Assemblymen been a democrat whether beaten or do tlie Dakotas and Montana. i agricultural society, anil for several children. Albert and Altpeter had kept on in the ' not. (Applause). - j Nearly 200 women were present at yeara gave his undivided attention to even tenor of their way, voting for Col- - '?ie auaid meeting of tlie supervising the horse department. Col. . .. -irri, o , Assemblyman AL G. AlcGcchan, of W onion s Press association held at the i.iq been for manv vears a onel AlitchelL But when Senator Bash- . , - , , , , , . Pimpr house last evening. Mitchell n.w been xor manj j tars a ford's name was reached there was an -Ashland, explameil that he too had been ; j,TXcitement over the Scougel bank member of the executive committee, instant of breathess silence. His vote ; reIeased by 1113 first cbolce, CoL KuiSht, failure continues at fever heat at Yank- mid was for two years president of the would decide, insofar as he was the first Knight mfiTi on the roll, whether the Knight followers had concluded to break. The senate was called to order by I President Pro Tern. Aiacllrido ut lo o'clock Thursday monung, uud seMsiou wu opened with pruyer by Dr. C. li. 1 Hull, of the AL 13. cuuruk. j Indefinite leave of absence wu grunted Senator Becbtuer. The following bul wero introduced: By Senator v o, by request, to re-peal efiupter 2U4, law of 18U1, in relation to impecunious litigants. By Senator Koeuiuer, to provide for the disclauge of mortgages of record lu certain casus. By Senator Boslxford, to change the xuiuhule of the UUi und bin Judicial circuits, und to fix the tonus of suM com-u. The bill proposes to detach Uie county of Juneau from the UUi circuit aud uilucii it to the Uth circuit. By Senator Pratt, to amend chapter 232 of the privute und locul laws ot leuu, retelling to the Incorporation of the Oshkosh & Alississlppl river ruilioud company. By Senator Apple, to provide for the establishment und maintenance of state roods. On motion of Senator Lees, the senate took a recess of 30 minutes to wait Uie action of the ussembly. On motion a recess was taken unUl 11:45. At that hour the senate reassembled und went into the ussembly to take a vote on United States senutur iu joint convention. At the close of the convention the senate returned to its chamber. Upon being called to order a motion was made aud carried that the satiate adjourn until 10 o'clock this morning. while Hctintor llcchlncr wits absent. 1 The democrat of the iissemhly were reglHtenil the: I Abort For 1 W. von (otnhuiwon. ' Blenski For M. Kruszka. Bowe T. L. Iliirlmess. ! Binder- For David Fold. Brauer For D. 13. Wescotl, Brili-For 1). J. Urol hers, Bitrko-For J. t! StNldatil. Lon way-For A. J. Schmitz. Couch For 1!. roll B. Park. Croll For John Nagel. I tally For C. A. Noel. Danielson Forl3. II. I1'. Krtnmor. Doss w For W. II. Sttnian. Detwlcr For August Ilennes, Dieckman -For W. II. Seammi. 1-klinunds For John Noonan. Fill For Jolm Wiillawa. Finn For John Woorilueh. Fitzgerald For II. I. Schwln. Ga.nor-l'or V. C. Sllverihorn. Goss For Rlchaiit Wistver. (lilmni For T. W. Bird. IliLgemiisi(r-For 13. II. Martin. Ilnrmon For T. J. Cunningham. I ley I-For M. J. CanlwelT. Hhilze For John Black. Iliuit For 13. W. 13 vans. Jacobi For Ktisel, Jamison For W. J. West gate. Jennings For Jos. Nicholson. Konrad For Pat. O'.M.stra. IamgeFor N. S. Gilson. , Isdicls For W. 11. Stafford. Leissring For C. L. NVissI. Lnschcr For Dr. I title. McGeehan For Tito. Hardon, Pnrklnsmi For Then Keraten. Quigg For J. M. Alorrow. lteuschlcin l'or Adam Apple. IUngle For L. Ahtrchettl. Sampson -For W. II. -Fitzgerald. Stdmildt C. A. ICoenllzer. Schmitz For O. W. lorih. S,hwt,fei For II. F. Shenunu. Smith For M. M. Strong. Stark For N. S. Gilson, Tracy For Rush Winslow. Vander lleiden For C. J. I WIgmaiL Wilson For John Whntiis. Air. Sp stker For Jas. Morgan. The republican meinlKra, Alessrs. 1 Austin, Burdick, Cochran, Cor- ASSEMBLY. In the lower house Thursday momlag resolutions wero introduced us follows: By Air. Smith, joiut, to provide fur a clerk for the committee on privileges und elections. Adopted. By Air. Edmonds, Joint, for a clerk to the committee on education. , By Air. Gosti, authorizing a clerk for comn, Cox, Davenport, Davidson, ltel-the committeo on insurance, banks and 1 cgllsc, Frazer, Green, Hall, Fulmer, bunking. Referred to the committee Hnnke, Illrschlngcr, llolcombc, Holman, on legislative expenditures. I Hoyt, lthbard, Iverson, Jeski, John- Bills were introduced: ! son, James Ivoordi, Isimherson, Dmg- By Air. Smith, repealing chapter 449, vray, AIcKenzIn, 1). O. Mi- luws of 1885, relating to i giving ot 1 Gllllvray, McKenzie, 1). O. Mit bonds. j honey, Mllbrallh, Mills, Nelson. By Air. Alllis, by request, amending O'Neill, Perkins, Peterson, Fierce, the law relating to defects in recorded Procknow, Putnam, Reiikenut, instruments, so that If the seal ls not Thayer, Tucker, Williams nnd Wlpf, vo-recorded the title shall not bo defect- td for Spooner. ive. I 'Hie absentee were Messrs. Barm;', By Air. Lebeis, amending the Conway, Evans, Fulmer, Jamison, D. laws. I A. ALthoney, MeCotiorehl and Wlteell- By Air. Illntz, by request, to repeal ban. chapter 4204, laws of 1801, relating to 1 'Hie nnmmncenieiit of no choice was uid to Impecunious litigants. jiiiode, the house's sepa rat hI and Iwith at By Air. Ivciwon, amending the real once ndjottnieil till 10 n. m. Frldity. property laws relating to taxes. By Mr. Iteukomo, relating to practice HOW'S THIS? in the circuit courts. By Air. Sampson, by request, am opting the act incorporating the Oshkosh & Alississlppl river railway; also relating t- the publication of the blue book. 'forence of Chicago lawyers today at By Mr. O'Neill, giving liens on logs, whlch thl, ,im.tioti ol filling the u-luntber, ties, etc., for supplies, prece- pl.,.ulP ,.,IUi-t vacancy eaus d by the donee over all other Ileus except those douth of j uni ice Lunar, was discussed, for labor. 'Alexander Sullivan made a suggt'stlon By Air. AIcDonough (by request) nu- 1hat commended Its. If ns an .piltable thorizlng E. 8. Hammond et al. to lm- m0(j0 of p,.0vl)llng for ex-preslih tits In prove Ixwt crc'ek In Savvjer cou nty. (l uihiiuhI way wit. 11 they posses the On motion of Air. Iloyl, a recess was jvtpifivd legal attainments. It was that taken till 11:55. least a majority of the senators pe Hie assembly reconvened at 11:53, tltlon President llartlsoii to 1-islgn and and on motion of Air. Itingle, the senate that Vice-President .Morton, who, the was Informed that the house was ready countiy knows, would make a dlgnl-torecelve It. The senators soon appeared jhM, safe ami patriotic pr. silent, nomi-to hold a joint session to vote for 1 'tided mite Gelt; Harrls-m to the hujircnie States senator. lresideut Pro Tern bench. MacBride, of the senate, pnsUlcd at Harrison's rccognlziM petition as a the Joint meeting. The roll being called lawyer would mnke the apiMilnimcni. the vote for senator was taken vivo tit strictly on Its merits, while It would voce, the dcmocritis scuttling their furnish the pnsldciit whit haul work, votes, while the republicans wero a til best solace In Ills domestic grief, t arrlswn Urgently ThIIiinI or .In wiles of Hit siiirenie Clint Chicago, Jan. 21. At an Informal eon- unit for Jolm C. Spooner. Democratic senators voted thus: Altpeter Atig. Uehlein. Apple N. D. Fratt. Bashford J. It. Parkinson. Brown IV O. Hllvertliom Connor .T. M. Morrow. Falconer A. C. Parkinson. Fetzer J. Iv. IVrlght. aud make It tmmcinry for him to return to his desolate liitiliuyt b one. j The suggest mil was received with favor Itecnuse it would prmlden lieemn-itivr position, wnliout the oIhioxIo.js feature of being it sin euro.for nit ovpresl-ilent, nnd at I no same time give to the countiy n superbly good I'nltisl Slates Justice. Itenisln of the Right Rev. Phillip Urooks Conulgnril to the romh. Boston, Jan. 26. With the impressive and I now, said he, wish to vote for ton, 8. D. The wife and eight children society and is now vice-president. While funeral services of the church In con-CoL AlitehelL - j of the dead banker will lose tlielr htm occtipj-fiig the office of president lie de- nection with which his life work was Senator Voss decked msLtie Md, 800! cLrcSl tv!.,! votod moh of Li, Utno n, U.o dtoclnus. : nl? i ipported CoL Ivnight as long as he had receiving money after the bank had lo- of lxLs duties and took a deep interest 1!infiatvl t1ll, coinmunlty for tt Kcn. John L.ACtchelir was the response, any show of winning, but now, said come Insolvent, is held in $25,000 liond. jn tlie success of the fair. It is a fact eraUon nt least the remain 0f the late I vote for Gen. Bragg because 1 sUnatioin6 tiilast Ltfiot Ulftt no 1113111 lu Uie 8tate lia8 done 08 Bishop Phillips Brooks were today con- the outburst of applause was but ( he, the herald of the Alitchell victory. Assemblyman Blenski, of Alilwaukee, I believe the interests of the party de-! Powers 54 Paddock 3 mu:U for Uxe state 8ricultural society signed to their last resting place In lie only l'u.c Cream of Tarur Powder.- . numd u.- M ha. Jolm L. MltoUelL Vfhan Uio.Mount Auburn cometeiy. j Use-t in Milliotw ' Homes in The only Pmc Cream of T.trur Powder. No Ammonia; No AlteiL Yuirs tin StxstUsji

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