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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 10

The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 10

San Bernardino, California
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A Day of Wild, Wild Scoring in the Football Worldi oboeD-led Hots Rout irowmis, 427 Roman Passes for Five 70s, Runs Over Sixth By JACK WILLIAMS Sun-Telegram Sports Writer LOS ANGELES There was joy in Mudville yesterday as the Los Angeles Rams brought sunshine to 49,048 faithful fans. The victims of their fun-loving frolic by the enormously unlikely score of 40.7 were the National Football League champion Cleveland Browns, of all people. fifth best yardage figure for And the Rams did it in Coli- field and Norm Van Brocklin, one game in Ram history. seum turf turned into a vent-; and a flanker back (Tommy! able swamp by intermittent McDonald) whose hustling bril- The last TD capped the Rams' rains. liance suggested a modern-day scoring with 12:29 left in the The prone figure of Brown Crazylcgs Hirsch. last quarter. Cleveland defend- quarterback Jim Ninowski a (Ironically, Hirsch, now the 'er Bernie Parrish was draped e5oM nn Hav Rams' general manager, was re- all over McDonald, but the common sight on he gray day, ib? for acquiring McDon-1 Rams' Mr. Inspiration miracu-- refected Cleveland's gloom sponsimeio acquiring wcuun fmctratinn shamlv as ad for the Rams a pre-sea- lousy nea m- leaPea ecsta" 2 Lv son trade with the Dallas Cow-ltically into the air like a wild me ciouay stsy. boys). man wnen tne officials signaled Ninowski, talented Jim Brown! lied the Ram record ja JjJL rfa and any other Brown who of five touchdown passes es- 1J Itablished in 1949 by Waterfield la dkroPPed on. lhte would 'V haw hpen noainct the Rome dared run against the Ram Carea run againhl ine nam nnrl rniiapd 19M anri 'SI Deen agamst the KamS, rnni uur uauanv wuuiiu up -j iu: i But this IVan IWl-lin uul w1! UdV ana was L. day in a pne oi oozing numaiuiy. luck played a key role. McDonald, the effervescent 5-9, But as impregnable as the -pounder, gathered In three Ram defense was, it had to perfect touchdowns throws of share heroics with a quarter- 46, 48 and 42 yards. He also back (Roman Gabriel) who speared three others for a evoked memories of Bob Water- grand total of 200 yards the The mud, for example, was worth at least an extra defender as the Rams continually (Continued on A 11, Column 2) AP wireohoto THEY COULDN'T STOP HIM Ram quarterback Roman Gab- lunging, face-mask clawing of Brown Bill Glass (80). Gabriel riel manages to get off a long pass to Tommy McDonald despite threw five touchdown passes and ran for another yesterday. Sayers Annihilates 49ers With Six Touchdowns by Wally Triplett of Detroit against Los Angeles in 1950. San Francisco 0 13 0 7-20 Chicago 13 14 13 21-61 Chi Savers 80 pass trom Bukich (pass fai.ed) Chi Ditka 29 pass from Bukich (Le-clrc kick) SF Parks 9 pass from Brodif (Davis kick) Chi Savers 2) run (Leclerc kick) SF Crow 15 pass from Brodie (kick failed) Chi Sayers 7 run (Leclerc kick) Chi Savers 50 run (Leclerc kick) Chi Savers 1 run (Run failed) SF Kopay 2 run (Davis kick) Chi Jones 8 pass from Bukich (Leclerc Hck) Chi Sayers 85 punt return (Leclerc kick) Chi Arnett 2 run (Leclerc kick) Attendance 46,278. A-10 THE DAILY SUN Dec. 13, 1965 SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA CHICAGO (AP) Fabulous Gale Sayers scored six touchdowns yesterday, pushing his season total to 21 to set a National Football League season record, and the Chicago Bears routed the San Francisco 49ers 61-20. Savers' touchdown spree established a Bear club scoring record for one game and also matched the single game NFL mark. His total of 21 bettered the league record of 20 registered last season by Baltimore's Lenny Moore and duplicated this season by Cleveland's Jimmy Brown. The triumph, avenging an opening 52-24 defeat at San Francisco, kept alive the Bears' mathematical chance of sharing the Western Conference title. They now have a 9-4 mark. The remarkable rookie from Kansas tallied this way on a rain-slick field as 46,278 fans gave him standing ovations: First quarter Rudy Bukich hit Sayers on a screen pass and hp streaked 80 yards. Second quarter After Jon Arnett ran back a punt 77 yards to the 49ers 21. Savers bolted across on the first play. Buk-ich's 51-yard pass to Jimmy Jones set up Sayers' scoring smash from the seven on a pitch-out. Third quarter Sayers cut through tackle and raced 50 yards. Later, after Ron Bull passed 54 yards to Jones, Sayers dived over from the one. Fourth quarter Sayers tore through the 49crs for an 85-yard runback of a punt. Other Bear touchdowns came on Bukich passes of 29 yards to Mike Ditka and eight to Jones and a two-yard run by Arnett. The 49ers scored 13 points in the second quarter as John Brodie hit Dave Parks and John David Crow with nine and 15-yard TD shots. After Crow's tally, Tommy Davis' try for point was wide. It was his first miss in 235 consecutive attempts in seven seasons. The 49er's only other touchdown came in the fourth on a two-yard smash by Dave Ko-pay. Sayers' six touchdowns tied the NFL record set by Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals Nov. 28, 1929, and tied by Dub Jones of Cleveland, Nov. 25, 1951, both against the Bears. His 126 points for the season breaks the Bear record of 109 set by Johnny Lujack in 1950. The Baars' 61 points were a club record for regular season play. Their previous high was 58-27 over Baltimore in 1956. The Bears all-time high of 73 points was recorded against Washington in the NFL championship playoff of 1940. The Bears' nine touchdowns also was a regular season high. Sayers accounted for 326 yards 113 rushing, 89 on passes and 134 on punt returns. The combined yardage record is 331 The Greatest Day In Bear History 49en Bean 19 58 272 23-44 0 649 0 First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage Passes Passes intercepted by Punts Fumbles lost Yards penalized 21 183 401 17-33 3-33 0 30 14 CHICAGO (AP) Brilliant, fantastic, unbelievable and out of sight is Gale Sayers. And that's according to the San Francisco 49ers, who were still in a state of shock following1 their 61-20 defeat by Sayers and the Chicago Bears yesterday. Sayers scored six touchdowns to tie a National Football League game record. He ac Although the season isn't over, he already holds every scoring record in the brilliant history of the Bears for a season. George Halas, owner coach of the Bears, said "this is the greatest performance I've ever seen by one man" and Halas has seen many of them as a pioneer of the NFL. The Bears never before had Golden Soy Polishes Off Tarmish, Colts the Colts scored a counted for 326 vards and his BALTIMORE (AP) Paul ball Leagues Western Confer-, third quarter when Cuozzo was Although the Colts drew first worked his way out in the clear big play, Hornung scored Ihve touchdowns ence. and the Packers ran up a blood on Lou Michaels' 14-yard the next time the Packers were! touchdown in leading the Green Bay Pack- The Packers, winning their 35-13 lead with Hornung scoring field goal after Lenny Lyles re-lin possession and Starr hit himjyard run. on Moore's three- A mcim gd.Mc 6 imcc i turned an intercepted pass to! with a pass for a 50-vard scor uihh'cu Dcuunuic vAms a gauic uvci; Tne Cols muffed an 0pp01.the Green Bay 11, the Packcrslinc play Tom Matte, normally a halfback, substituted at quarterback for Cuozzo in one series. stormed for touchdowns the Michaels kicked another field uay anu Miuvi-u me fdLicia vuilt anu lou iic uvjwii tunitv to take th lead at half-first place in the National Foot- championship playoff berth Jan. tjme jnstearj nf "trailing 2113 against Cleveland by beatingjXhey were on the Packer two next iwo times witn tne ball. onai nf varfk anH 1 nmJHe tried three nasses and com touchdowns included an a player the game ball dash with a short screen in one season. But Sayers' an 85-yard punt return and runs performance left them nn of 50 and 21 yards from scrim- choice. He also received the mag3. ball after scoring four TDs 'against Minnesota. "That's the most brilliant ex-- "He's "ut sight; said de-hibition I've ever seen," said uback (E1( roush. A. Tittle, now an assistant! He the greatest runner I ve nnonh th ioDr Titfio seen and that includes w. JiV I I They ran and passed through' vided the offense with another ipleted none. the Colts for 64 vards on siv rhanpo tn smrp hv rprnvprino rim hif nn 911 nf tfl fnr )t') di.runiw.uinniii.i 6dm" and second down when Cuozzo aunaav The" scoring outburst by thev p3SS nnj plays, with Hornung rammingjfumble on the Packer 23. With a'yards while Starr threw only 17 was their highest of the! the last two- Hornung! 14-yard pass to Berry being the and completed 10 for 222 yards. 1 t- i Packe ackers Interceptions Set Record "iiii tiiv- i.ii iiinv it i i and unrmm, fivn! ioeuacKLT nave Kooinson season touchdowns were the most everi.i"te,riePled b.a11 ra.m' Jimmy tsrown. He noi a power runner like Brown. But, man. who needs power the way he runs?" hv a Par.Wnr Th Rnlrfnn Rn, yOS 10 me LOU 10 De- cornered by reporters because San Francisco Coach Jack Christiansen walked out before talking to anyone. PITTSBl'RGH (AP, Thejhad scored only three in the nrpviniu Damps thiq spasnn um ine nisi uidy, Sldrr Lombardi Reaps Dividends From Hunch About Hornung ow rifled a touchdown pass to end lead in the first quarter on iBovd Dower LOSING YOUR uiree pass lniercepuons aim a as me lolls were staging fumble recovery and rolled over'their second attempt at a come- "Hugh McElhenny had a great day out here against the Bears in 1952, but he didn't score as many touchdowns. This the Pittsburgh Steelers, 47-13! back in the last quarter, Hor The sudden turn of events ex-1 tinguished what had been a rally by the Colts to overcome a 14 3 Packer lead in the first No. 2. your barber Hair? Anti-dandruff. Pink Pearl Results guaranteed or money back. Ask any shop. 6 Months Supply TU 3-9174 nung and quarterback Bart Starr pulled off a 65-yard pass and run scoring play. yesterday in a National Football League game. A crowd of 22,002. smallest of the vear at Pitt Stadium, was the greatest day I've ever seen a man havs," said Tittle. Sayers admitted his performance against the 49ers was his bachelor, was asked how he spent the week off the practice field. "I know you'll find it hard to BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) -Looking like the Golden Boy of old, Paul Hornung scored on passes of 50 and 65 yards from quarterback Bart Starr and got start his veterans in the pressure contest. "It was a hunch," Lombardi said, but Hornung is a pressure player. I told him Wednes $325 watched the Steelers drop their In the first quarter, the same sixth straight game and 11th of pair worked a 50-yard touch- I greatest game and greatest I thrill. believe," he said, "but watched television." three more touchdowns on runs 14 7 14 7- 3 10 0 14-27 Green Bay Baltimore Bait FG Michaels 14 of 2, 9 and 3 yards as the Pack ers downed Baltimore 42-27 yes- GB Hornung 2 run (Chandler kick) day that he would start." Hornung gained 115 yards on the two scoring passes, and picked up another 61 yards rushing. COMPUTE "ONE-STOP" FAMILY SHOPPING CENTER GB Hornung 50 pass from (Candler kick) the year for their worst record down and Hornung ran for three; since 1944. The Colts, with quarterback The Eagles scored three times! John Unitas on crutches on the on pass interceptions and the I sideline, and his substitute Gary Steelers once to set an NFL Cuozzo playing the last half with record for one game. injured shoulder, had trouble The sparkling performance reaped big dividends for Coach Vince Lombardi's hunch and balt-F Michaels 45 Bait Moore 3 run (Michaels kick) GB Dowler 10 pass from Slarr (Chandler kick) GB Hornung 3 run (Chandler kick) Bait Hill 1 run (Michaels kick) served as a personal vindication: i gliess that lakes me olf the for Hornung. Atlanta list." Hornung said. tUol, rfnc, (no Ban-Berry 5 pass trom urazzo iwi OPEN 1 2-9 SAT. SUN. 1 J-S wiui ijicii untune until inc ja.n chaels kick) Thp Vaalnc intprronf Prl nino GB-Horning 65 pass from Starr (Chan- In 19 previous CamCS. Hor- refprrino In tho n'ravrrs who will passes to tie a record bv Ihe rilor Lirirl to. Attendance 60,238. Thev scored twice then had scored only three ne made available for selection packers coits! touchdowns and had spent much: by the new Atlanta tram next Detroit Lions against Green Bav in 1943 chop the Packer lead to 35-27. Cnn770 set nn thp first scnre'Flrst downs Alert defense by Nate Jim Nettles and Maxie I Rushing vardage with a 40-yard pass to end yardi 1201 E. Highland Ave. San Bernardino TIRE DEPARTMENT 3-DAY BRAKE SPECIAL! 144 121 10-17 3 J44 1 the first fiveimond erry 1'm the Passrs Interceoted by second on a five-vard toss. Punt? Baughan figured in J'jtime on the bench. season under the NFL expan-1 12, But with the Western Confer- sjon lead in the National Foot- -r never felt better than I did 4-35 ball League resting on the out- jn practice this week," Hornung j) come, Lombardi decided to said. "The other guys were kidding me just like a rookie, and The Colts were blanked in the yards penalized (Continued on A 11, Column 1) 'Bad Decision Says Colt Coach ARC SHOES TURN DRUMS REBUILD WHEEL CYLINDERS NEW RETURN SPRINGS PACK FRONT WHEELS LABOR AND LINING BONDED LININGS Complete irakt Job before the game I felt I was ready for a big day." Hornung said he found it difficult to get back in the starling line-up after the Packers won a couple of decisions without him. "We stayed with the winning line-up," he said. "Everybody in athletics is sort of superstitious, you know. But after nine years, you'd like to take it for granted that you'd start." Hornung, a noted fun-loving BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) was a bad decision on third quarter ended. "He came back and got us moving to where we had a chance to win," Shula praised. It was the defense "that just completely blew then," by allowing Paul Hornung to score a He broke to his right and threw a looper in the direction of his fullback, Jerry Hill. But linebacker Dave Robinson intercepted and ran all the way to the Colt 10. On the next play, the Packers scored. Instead of possibly leading 20-; 14. the Colts trailed 21-13 and: good call, but it didn't so it wasn't." Cuozzo explained he had anticipated that Robinson would be blitzing. Even when he; didn't, Cuozzo said "I saw him back there but thought I could throw over his head. He made a great play." FRONT END SPECIAL! Gary's part," Coach Don Shula of the Baltimore Colts said yesterday of a play that might have cost "them a victory over the Green Bay Packers. "It wasn't that bad a call, it was bad execution," said Gary 88 In the first series of the sec-! ultimately lost 42-27. ALIGN FRONT WHEELS PACK FRONT WHEELS BALANCE FRONT WHEELS ADJUST BRAKES '20 REWARD For Your Old Junk Cor DELIVERED SAN BERNARDINO IRON ft METAL CO. 1897 W. 4th St. TU touchdown on a 65-yard pass play. Cuozzo had directed the Colts to two fourth quarter touchdowns and they were trailing 35-27 with nearly six minutes to play in the last quarter. Cuozzo, subbing for the injured; Johnny Unitas. With the Colts on the Packer; two on second down and nearly a minute to play in the first-half, Cuozzo called for a pass.) ond half, Cuozzo suffered a slight separation in his left shoulder. He went to the dressing room for a pain-killing injection and returned before the "He should have just rammed in there with two yards to go and plenty of time," said Shula of Cuozzo's play. "It was a real big play for us. If it works, it's a

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