The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 6, 1920 · 36
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The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma · 36

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1920
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E t '01V I 1 1 ix 1 Pe ( koll a ionitti ionvt- i itinctt nth LI : t Cot - tl innit4 i 'ActiO -- t IMO 4 r ark! 1 It holt 1 CO i I ht totw 1 Rept i kotIV - "1 1' ' : ortt' - 1 itov 4 Ch: : k 0 lk r PI) r "If F otit 1 i 114 i I I fre 1 k ! Ole ril 1 3 : I VI 1 'bar kit t :Volt Vint 1 : J! fr (C CA Lat nt 1111 r 111C t 0t : he tinr 4-ict - t 4 Cr f)tet 7 ' !nnt I : I a rr18) ) t 1 Ree apt ' MP : 6 ! ono - 4111kr' -6' 1 1k loft rwte Ann Atrit At' ' Of ' 101r 4 ho h The Germania would have no Presidvnt who would co-operate h t 4 limna IrvutiltA 1411U 11i I it-rum:at Witt (I(IIII ICUMtpUintv 4°' With the late enemies of Germany in re-establishing World oo order after Germany's dastardly devastation Such n man ! lkould probably be regarded as "falling into the traps of Euro4 pean diplonutcy and becoming its subservient tool" 'Pr - r One who follows observingly the course of this sort of disguised anti-American propaganda recognizes the venom he-'It : -t neath the great concern for the destruction of Americanism by lit - 1 neatn Inc great concern for ine ocsirticnon or AillerieittlISM by "t ' - ' 1 Americans NVe still have in the United States t publications i n 1 t 1' ''' which are indulging not in constructive criticism of those who 1 - eilministe aws r our l which is at all times legitimate but iii a Air f 41i1 t smister crusade to undermine the -Americanism M hich these a " ' - publications profess I t 1 ' A f i IIM Ili Ill Oft NI 1111 lno ' 411 1 di 1 ( 1 Nolt 1 ! ! ' 5i ' I ' 1 f 1 ''''''t 1 t Val I i 1 5 ''''ttl! 1 ! l'"'! t 15'rl 4 In i Itt' f 4 t14 ! 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Itad tura Onort Ko—iiiii--1 vtook 2011 Z month ai:Ati 0 month al ion I war Slot mi lio oolonnve I NATItoNAL 41OVV14'fit4listi lititilaskSTATIVVI lat fAlpin rayn 4 atiquitiy Marrillette Wag 'tItticatm !stoat Rids footrnit Cott 1 (In Stolz St Ioula Puy nO iii r hi AC ioto111 Ili Filth Avointo bids tow lark l' tinfoil li w Slott Itootnn - — ----- ' '' !i SUNDAY JUNE 6 1920 There is a vast difference between the counsel of a friend and of an fese--Bacom THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE PRESS T ms nation e n is Kilncumbered with a forein pess gr vhic h elingm to its over-seas affiliations over and elai‘e lis frd k9 the nation whose protection it end its elites claim tenaciously- The foreign press on the whole is an adjunct this country could very 18i'll (lwnse with A dip into their expressions of opinions only tends to 'strengthen this belief In the curly months of the war the un-Amerienn foreign press mils bold in its ciaalemnation of America's action in entering the war against Ger1111111V With the passage of laws to prevent the spread of lies and deliberate misrepresentation these papers Curbed their tongues and con-1 tinned their propaganda in the guise of "pure Americanism" -4 This assumption of "Americ1nism3it will Is 141111 first made by George Sylvester Viereck in 1917 he clainging the name of his publication min "The Futherlane to "The American Weekly" No one was deceived for a moment Neither his sentiments nor allegiance changed an iota with the change of name i '' The brazen effrontery of this sort of "Americanism" is well illustrated again today in an editorial from the Akron (Ohio) Germania (German) It says: "Since the lieginning of our liepublie thirty-one Presiden- 1 0 I ial elections have taken place The results have been varied 1 - Thceountry has had efficient Presidents but very mediocre I ones too Statesmen In the best sense of the word have been I wry rare and since Lincoln there has been no really important man among the inhabitants of the White flow" The average American will be able to name without great difficulty at least two or three "stelesmen in the best sense of the word" who have been elevated to the highest honor in the power of the people of the greatest nation in the world to tonfer In fact no European ruler certainly not n German ruler collies to mind to rank in any degree with nevem! of our Presidents since Lincoln i The "Germania" continues: "The next President ought I - to be a statesman in the widest meaning of the word a Mall who will be able to approach with understanding the solution of the great problems of the present time Ile ought to be a statesman such that the American people will run no risks of his falling into the traps of European diplomacy end becoming its subservient tool" There is little question what this subtle "warning” advises CRIPPLED COLLEGES liC1 AA A A414 110L "ALAI:di VT LAO An inquiry into the present plight of the higher eduedtional institution shows that eollega professors by hundreds are giving up the struggle to live on professional salaries and are taking industrial positions which pay them anywhere from 50 to 500 per cent more than they have been getting 1 Teaching forces have been so much depleted by such resig-' notions that many technical achoola are obliged to place a limit flu the size of their entering classes t The natural outcome is that facilities for turning out well-equipped leaders of the future Jile and work of the nation are deteriorating just when they ought to be improving This is all the more serious because it is the opposite of the situation prevailing in other important countries Elsewhere niore attention than ever before is being given to the up-building of I ducational systems and the production oof a generation of men specially trained to cope with the economic and political prob Ions of the new age The American public has awakened somewhat to the need 14 more liberal salaries for public and high school teachers but Ibis policy an yet has been of Wile help to the colleges In some ways it has been to their disadvantage In the agitation in be- half of elementary institutiohs the higher institutions have been lost sight of This finitude must change if Americans hereafter are to hold their dominant place in a progresske world Thorough education is going to be needed more than ever before and any generation not possessing it will lose in the keen world-competition 11111 Om 101 CO-OPERATING READERS ! nooks cost money even those which fire placed on the shelves of public libraries for the free use of the community That is why small libraries while carrying on a good work and supplying the general demands of the average reader so often fail to have what the specializing reader wants There i un opporttmity here for public-spirited citizens to help out i About 50 attorneysin Long Beach Calif have joined t forces to establish at the local public library aeo-opeentive taw library They have contributed law books from their private ! libraries Some of these attorneys have mint in as Many as 200 f NA um es Those contributing to this co-bperative library are allowed to take books home-for five-dav periods! The gesteral public is free to consult any of the hooks any time nt the library By thus pooling their individual resources they greatly in a r His Batting Average Couvri Ott 1101 In Om Pruso Pub Ob By KIRBY 1 iN rt ' ‘ k e s ‘4ti -'44rAPIVI"- ltiao441 !1 The Disinterested Spectator 11 n M liTIVERS litounds funny to hear of thOme movie cowboys opt at ixis Angelso for $10 a day The old time owhoy—th real thing not the Movie Lype—was glad to get that much a month lind his "beano" -- It will be noted that th complaint of those "Non-partisan LeilqUe" era-tors in Kansas is based not On the Met that they were pei:yd with pima but on the ground tf tothiccs destruillon of hanane rarest antlitutin Although he haon't boon an 'tho tothllo Pvt much -of tho lion Alhort J Deveriolao fully sporda to be stymy' a Chautauqua salute when ho walks down the stole of the big Chleatto hall A June bride writes to learn If Ire It bought by tha pound Well the man calla it that hut it la rarely Inure than half a pound William Dean Howell'' who left an estate valued at only lieb000 Mutitiree will bib pitied by many a wer-made millionaire who piston with pride at hie throe wtkq of perfectly matched red-bound bOoka Th public prints announce that Mitrr end Dona after a perfectly lovely honeymoon aro preparing to tritrarao for the areatafit pietura of their Ile We may now reaume our orationia it roues it I haroly peaathle that thorn are no tiornoceatg in Chicago at Litt particular time Wat guppoao that la tha 2-ammo Mr Brvan a ro velltion committOe wag matte up att lultholy or Prohlhitiontata "Hand 'ont any other issue you sant to htva" tuays Sonator HI to Ma Ovals In 0131aan -but lay off that antt-leaaus stuff That's Mine ti ”t hear?—rnins" "Wonderful!" exclaimed an 87- year-oh-I xrandmother who had flown with her itrentienn at a helotht 141000 foot pti her birthday 'It wita plat ilin Kitting in tily rocking chair" Thetea a valiant noul who a ill not fear to no the rein of the AA) to heaven when her time cornea N'ttilk&OI harvest hands aro to hoe tended communitity conform with ribitteir and other ontortatoment of eV1111111CM the host term "grub" ohtatnaluo and motor-car tranoporta Hun from one farm to anothor Pomo of them though will probably bo iinianding dancing stria while they sip their demitasses riranit MO whIch het a ear-load of TN-T in Its whim and ts afraid to romnvis tho touchy &solo ale might be wore off Suppooe it had a bunch of Bolshevists on t he It'el107 Surto tha womon of Ttilaa ars far floon for president thseldea endowing him itenprousfy 'with Intolloct Nature was not MIRY with th wan-:tint In th matter of physical poi chritude Ha la allot the ladle ca:1 "fituy tguro of a men" hkso-rtp Irk Jun plenleo and ehtivearn THE TULSA TRIBUNE OIL TROUBLES ox INTERNATIONAL WATERS "Whoever spok of pouring oil me trntibled 'frame remarks the New Bedford Standard Mewl "did not foresee how oll was to become a disturber a rause of strife and 4ie11111e1On" among nations And while perhaps the oil satuation internationally speaking ha not reached th etortny stage indicated lay the Standard tt has managed to stir up quite a rumpus In the American press Many hewspe pore are considerably arouned over Great Brttatin's elimination of eilen holding' In all till companion within her latiral hire and urge that America "gb se far as Itritsiti" Some seugstest government 'eneouragement to private capital in foreign fields A few stand for conservation at home rather than any aciltny abroad The Italian Newt s litot Diem takes great pains to show that (treat Britain is doing nothing that 'con- travenes cuslion and international law" but declares its course creates a precedent that in enother menace to world peace furthermore: "It in an action too which moat have the- effect of heightentsg the worlds growing dietrunt na It eontempletea the expansion of Britiath potter and Influence It la an action which tends to intensify the national rivalries and Jealousies at a moment when the world la prostrate as a ennaenuenee of their 'nailer' work-Anita To imest osplial sleeking nil with a nationallattin mitution can °nit-add to the list of nenvocattons which are productive of woe" Rather as a itinrkant to "the machinery of trouts- than fuel for the nsinee of halt! in nil an important fector in the vos nt the Chicago Tribune tind !top) which commodore itritnin's Men in thtui direction a wise one to follow "'With governmental andatanee a much greater ittiOCISII might be atteineti" by the United States the Tribune 'walleyei and the organization oureeeted in the eanate's prnposal "nt a Untied State oil corporation tr etimitint Ameri(an development of nil !stride outeide of the United States le worthy nf osupport" The Batt Lake Tribune ) enneiders flint titbit country ie "vitally interested- in the "alleged attempt" of the Engliath to content tho terser share of the world's petroleum It ears "Should such he the polies' Of ()reit Britain some meaeures of retallation may he 1Ink001 for In the neer future The Brittah eery re mitres a vt amount of oil hut there are Inn 7111110 In hi looked after and Great Britain will he sure to rouse floras antegontem if she eatempt control of' lbia isind" h Pun and New York Herald (Ind ) whtch points nut the danger of an oil shortage in this ennntrir declares that the petroleum Inditetre Is essential to the (4onomic aupromacy of the nation" Thla Is why" it Pave the Ptandant Ott eompentse hays obtained i2fif1141000 new working retinal from the nubile and have diatriboted no nansational dtvidenais It is a Wood omen to gee the government toinitte In this ter-visioned undertaking to wimp!) all fur future Ameriesin in cluoaing lite entreats that attur - 1r Ser It' I Prl 41141 È DAILY EDITORIAL DIGEST (Title B AppLkd for r & Patent Office EDITED ST THE WASHINGTON FEATURE SERVICE Supply of oil will be exhausted in twenty years at the present rate Of consumption the Omaha World-Herald I Ind) 'pine in the appeal for consaryation anti expansion by mean Of govprnment aid "It is the Interest if not the duty It declares "of any nbition to assist its nationals In the development of no oll resourcoM" We are Justified in going as far II Great Britain in protecting oursolvon in the opinion of the Brooklyn Eagle (ind Dem) for "the Diturs of the world limy he trotnointo I su Willa or f$11" Bot MO Engin liming' that tho pretient "nil-of-tsudden" r000lution now before the Renate will Puffin& he "WO have merely trallod bohimi the English now "the limo has comet for the government to taki up the nil mire-Lion in a gerioun any" With England' onample in mini tho Philadelphia Press tRel I add the government cannot beslitito to civo Am-'Moan capital and filterprio an even chance in the competition" for— "Having oeured the oil Bolds In her own territory by Poen 'tarring forolcu ownemhip and enforcing meson ron of goy -t mont eon t itrat Britain is bildinr foe mom oho ha o Ioticht I v etI lode in the Dutch Indies In Asla Minor In South Amorice and ham nom cononstions In Menu-o Vratieo II enoValt to control th At-Iran supply sources Other countrien are looking after their an reonurres" The Boston Transcript Md Rept Iona the danger In a possiblo "world monopoly' though IL swim plainly that it does not wish to impugn the faith of Itritioh tatelonen who have denied that England is mantinvering to control It" admitting that the trate(' titate holdo 12 per rent of the pronent world supply and Britain but I per cent" Th Tranteript points to the activity of the British to increase their petroleum retource and Amorica's dwindling supply and coneludas "It is a titleatinek for the future whirh our V1410011 linti0O can decide" Cooperation is the only Mutton of the problem In the eye of the Philadelphia Public 1Ofitten In4)1 which feels that "If the British and tho Americans cannot agree to Combine to get out of lb natural reaourcos whieh they oeverally Control the heat posoiblo moults for mankind without thinking how to use thorn to wage war upon each other then the future of humanity and our Christian civilisation to black indeed The Muncie Stair find Pop ) also urnre caution in approaching the intuition and points out the clangor of luitowing in John Bull's footsteps for it would probably oroate bitter-news among the importing countries and load to rotaltaticna" thrift Father than prefettre the solution of the oil problem In Amalie and the illicit °boomer I Dem ) token a still mote optimixtio view In consider" that with promising MI dietricts In Contritl and South America whet "Ametleans hays a material foothold"' there is "no doknittnn that automobiles will have to be put sway because of the lack of twerviltie to mans them To tilt Doirott Journal find Soto V Ovate to little to fear in the Vnitod 1 k-trzav What's in a Name Facts About Your Name Its tory Ito Meaning Whom It Was Derived Ito Sigollinanoes Your Lucky Day and Lucky Jewel 07 b01DRED The real Origin of Virginia is widow' It means 'flourishing' and comes from an old Latin Fens who comae from an old Latin gene who called themselves Verginius Their name wao orrived in turn from vireo meaning to flourish and was oonneettot to the word "ver' translated am spling Virginia waa the n'AMII at the far-famed Orsini family The more popular and prevalent belief regarding the origin of Virginia has always been that she came from the Latin wimp meaning "a virgin Indeed the first instance of her use In England was in the time of Queen Elisabeth when Sir Walter Raleigh named his American colony Virginia in honor of the Virgin Queen It was under a elmilar belief that Rernadin de St Pierce etkilert heroine of his tropical Arcadian romance Virginie The Widespread popularity of this story In England France and Germany brought Virginia into enormous vogue throughout Europe France still adoreti her Virginia anti her popularity in England is assured forever out of sentimental memory of the famous queen The tint American colony sonablinhed the name In this country Likewise the find whits child born on American anti and named Vie-girths Dare did much to spread its vogue The South b as always abounded In Virginias which unfortunately has been contracted to Untntlittellt 'Windom" and "Jinnys " The emerald IP Virginia's talismanic stone It promimes her wisdom prophetic vision long youth and charm TN hawthorns bud England's spring flower is Virgin flower Wednesday is her lucky day and I her lucky number The bpantards among other rooting fruits eat their strawberries with sugar - and the pules of °rumple which will he found a more agreeable addition than the win owed by the French or the cream of the roglialt TTungery's new money Is eald to be pretty washable and durable Now If it had any value it would be an ideal medium of exchanta—Birmingham 4ye-Reraltt vi eras luel le the act of dispatch In the last tooreel of the savory stewed iamb and rine which bad formod my Meal "---Thackettry -- The weather bureau can !lately predict killing frosts in Chicago anti Ron Francisco In Junao—Oreenville Piedmont g otos whit ths oil Industry bt tho hands of mon "who haws boon obi to nor it than hold their own to ditto in sotto of mu-trust lame sovornmont prooecutione and Public ntipathy" It is oulto probable that prosperity will continuo it con-eludes no will Amerioan Interests hero in ask for any favors lit the roe for world dominion - - i' ! crease them Ity making use of the library facilities already I available they save expense and trouble The books are cared ! for and checked up by library experts just as are the other vol- umes in the library By extending the advantages of their co- - operative scheme to the general public they are performing a V a I tin hie service If at any time one of these lawyers move: us- another city he is still the owner of his volumes and 'can l'Ae -- 1 them with him Their places on the shelves would probably be filled soon by other lawyers 6i It is an excellent idea and one which any group of professional persons or others who own books on special subjects might well take up It would greatly augment the usefulness of the public library with no additional expense to anybody ma In Pe Mg Pa Pla HARVEST WELFARE CAMPS There seems to be nothing which the Inter-Church Work Movement is unwilling to tackle' provided the enterprise of - ters opportunity for helpful human service ' This summer the Inter-Chuch Organization plans to run 'welfare camps for harvest laborers in-thetrent grain belt Of the west These camps will be run on a plan similar to that of the War Carim Community Service which was familiar to soldiers and civilians alike (luring the war There will be decent places to sleep and eat There will also be provisions for recreation and entertainment of a cheerful wholesome sort These camps will be located at various centers through which the farm labor armies will pass in their progress from one state to another with the different harvest dates ' - - The farmers themselves are offering better wages and bet- ter living conditions to these 'transient helpers than formerly but there is obviously room for such work as the vvelfare camps are to do 1 OR lia IN IN la Ott THE CRUEL CLUB An estimated meat loss of one-half pound a head for over 30000000 hogs killed at some 53 markets in 1919 because of bruises alone is a rather startling figure The report is more distressing still when it is further made known that the bruises were the result of inhuman prodding beating and clubbing of the animals in the loading and unloading chutes and pens on the trains and in thr stock-yards The bruises represent a clear meat loss because all bruised - portions must be cut out of thecarcass before it is offered for sale and a carcass thus disfigured rates as a second or a third when undamaged it would have rated as a first - Aside from the waste in a valuable food product the cruelty which delivers such blows is an appalling thing The National Live Stock Exchange which has taken up the matter is acting for the benefit of the public the owner and the animal which should be protected from ruthless injury Instead of a club or a pitchfork the slap-stick with a snapper should be used "Throw away your club! Every blow to the animal is a blow to the live-stock industry" the slogan adopted by the reformers is -deserving of general observance — THOUGHT OF THE NATION NIFAIRO LEADYJISILM ' Arkansas Democrat (Dem) e If we may Judge from the negro literature which comes to this deak In newspaper periodiral and book form the negro race in America bide fair to suffer and Buffer keenly the lack of the conservative well-consId- ered leadermhip eupplied by the late Booker T Washington Unfortunately it would seem no outstanding leader of the Washington type able to lift his race and win substantial vinteries for it in quiet unanatertive dispassionate ways has been raised to take the place of the Tuskestee eduentor In his stead there now reigh in negro opinion a FIUMher ot agitators whose general philosophy le voiced in the writings of W E B bu Dols author of "Darkwater" and editor of the well-known Du tiols On whose shoulders many of his race seem to think the Washington mantle has fallen is entirely different from Washington Where Washington tonic his race as he found it and endeavored to lead It to better things through co-operation with the white man whom he recognized as the negro's beet friend Du Dols temperamental bitter passionate I the poorly4concealed foe of the white race only waiting impatiently for the opportunity to light the fires of nationalism and antagonism which must inevitably lead the negro to bitterness and sorrow If we have read "Darkwater" aright if we have followed and Interpreted the "crisis" accurately Do Dote as the prophet 'of the negro rare I seeking to line it up in antagonism to the white race and shaping thoughts along lines which can have but one result And the danger which is potential in his writings is not lessened by the feet that he is a thinker strong and logical artned with I bitter and passionate eloquence WI:hout fear an to the security of the future or the white ram: actuated solely by an honest deeire for the continued growth and improvement of the negro rare and for the establishment of absolute justice in inter-raeial relationships the Arkansas Democrat could wish the rrovidente would rates up a new negro leader with the breadth of Vittion the sanity and commonsense of the late Doelter Washington and that the race would turn to him and listen to his vole For only grief only sorrow only unspeakable woes can result from the DU Bois leadership pushed to Its logical conclusion Arnoag the State Editors Stripes end Ram Harlow's Weekly statee that figures show automobile accidents In Oklahoma aro rapidly t increasing 'Until a rigid enforcement ot the speed laws and traffic regulations puts the tear of the (Maier-mark Into the hearts of the speedsters we may expect the accident toil to grow—Ardmoreits State Pride That money invested tfl charitcter development is the beet inveotment possible has been accepted as true doctrine by tho Masonic fraternity of Oklahoma Following the teaching of that doctrine the hicAleeter Consistory has begun to- build at Oklahoma University a boys dormitory that will when completed coat $2000nd A necond dormitory will be constructed later for girl of Msionic connection ettending the Univereliy—Ada Nowa Beat hatr Moo I do who aro clamoring for a cha Of administration aro In the same cateirory with those who were PO dietreseed over government operation of the ralirnada NOW that the owners of the roads have taken the helm once more the eratea in worse than ever and a change in admintatration—when one le aware of the tremendous price Wall street is wilting to pay for the presidency—Is apt to he even worse change Don't be fooled by Camor And progagamia Do your own thinking and keep your head level The beat single bet for the American poop) today is to vote for the man of tried ability who will be nominated by the dernocratie convention-- Shawnee !ows At $ee Thor I nne fine thing shout a walking stick You don't have tio hack it tip to tilling station every uog ogee Tint - Dem ocre t rrnitne1o4r taptorrnrd Mirada The school that run only holt so long as the average school le Vtll its pupils only half an education The pupil who is only half educated hi' only a half chance in life The bor who attend whool only half as much as other boys is like a man with a cork leg lined tip in a fot race with men pommeling two goo4 legt—Ada News As It Was Now that women have a vote we notice that "beauty and the hetet" are found on almost every countv ticket democrat nind rOpUbliran the great southwestern commonwealth Verily verily we my unto you the roiling pin la Mightier than th moat eulogistic and pompous and oratorloal stump epeech-Ardmorolle Glom House& Don't kick' on th pcitI Pertir0 until you have granted tno moo In the pootal 81ViCe a liVITIff Wail — Shawn" Nowt Vain lore go far th4a aro only nine reputlrang who have filed for the nomination for United Watt senator from Oklahoma lint of course there IA PPntY lime ami that number may be doubled Which means that inet that many more will have dimnpointment Republican leaders haa been kidding around &bent a rhame of carrying Oklahoma this fall that they have got a lot of fellows witi the oMee-holding Itch believing alai' It may tut true--hitutkoge TirnaDern nett t Pungent Pararraphe The rcaon 410IP b 111c a not told to children thee la that the children rome in aftceell mother ha gone to bd—El 11 Herald mom WOMPel are' barn boaufitzt and other have beauty thrum 11001 them by the eoctety rporter stAr e4 to rover the phla Public Lodger 41 Th preettlont Irrighog the tres'v proved without ths dotting of an t It is perhaps to much to helm ter Its approval whhout tho blacktne et tin eyla—Totedo News-Boo I 0 t 1 0 0 0 -'s I tm tdy red lc- ol- co- !GI)(e 44 CS 1181 L of ler Fur the 1- J ers Ck'S (11 gh pl lYi 1 Lre 7ez of )re tes of on ied or qt- zal " r a a d 0 a re- q I i1311i'0' 17 A k4 4 tor i I t st 1 I 14 te : (Y i ft I t i f L------ Vz 24 I ---------- 1 i gib 1 e - 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