The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on October 11, 1977 · Page 12
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 12

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1977
Page 12
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" "' I!" I l I j- , , . 1,''. ij---g r I ll I -1 j - ! 'f'V , Ul'"l I) '' "' "" " "' " "" ' "' 1 "' I'"r" ' ' "i ' ' t t '"' 't1""' I U 1 H I 'T l""H"l't Tues., Oct. 11, 1977 THE SUN-TELEGRAM A-ll You can learn control of how your skin talks (Continued from A-9) box, that can produce soft or loud tones, high or low tones, and all the other individual idiosyncrasies of vocal communication that make it so easy to recognize another person's voice. Science has catalogued many of these idiosyncrasies and can literally typecast people by their skin talk. It has been found, for example, that females and blacks have better skin electrical conductance than males and whites, but that the conductance improves with age in everyone. Also, the skin talk of the right side of the body is louder and clearer for everyone than that of the left, regardless of whether one is right- or left-handed. Interestingly, ethnic differences show up in skin talk maybe as a mirror of long cultural influence on the way a person expresses emotion. The skin responses to electrical shock of Jews, Italians and Irishmen adapt less quickly than those of Yankees. Carl Jung, possibly the most creative psychologist who ever lived, ex- S.F. sheriff (Continued from A-9) dangerous man," the supervisor said. "I've been creative, but not radical," Hongisto says. "I think our social problems are very pressing and I give them my best thought. You can call it creative management." perimented with skin talk in 1900. Using a primitive instrument to record changes in skin electrical activity, he conducted psychological interviews with patients and found that the skin responded to hidden emotions. It is said he was so as-tounded by this phenomenon that he exclaimed, "Aha, a looking glass into the unconscious!" The rest of the psychologic-scientific world may not have been ready for Jung's insights. But now, 70 years later, medical science has rediscovered the extreme sensitivity of the body to reveal the emotions and thoughts of the mind. New medical research with new sophisticated instruments clearly shows that all physiologic systems of the body reveal the way the mind and emotions react to the stresses of life. Skin talk, as we know from the lie detector, is particularly sensitive to the nuances of emotion. Using an instrument to record changes in skin elctrical activity, the skin talk shows that feelings, specific emotional reactions and thoughts can be recorded more faithfully than the complicated, convoluted use of language usually allows. Psychotherapists are coming to realize that skin talk can be used in counseling and psychotherapy to .uncover emotional problems more quickly than dialogue. Imagine that you have a personal problem the Heartline HEARTLINE is a service for senior citizens of all ages. Its purpose is to answer questions and solve problems fast. If you have a question or a problem not answered in these columns, write HEARTLINE, 114 E. Dayton St., West Alexandria, Ohio 45381. Senior citizens will receive prompt replies, buy you must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The most useful replies will be printed in this column. HEARTLINE: I am thinking of buying a health insurance policy, but I'm worried. Wht happens if an insurance company goes broke? C.L. A: State insurance commissions run regular audits on all licensed companies to make sure they have enough money in reserve to pay claims. If a company is getting into financial trouble, the commission can issue a "stop writing policy order," which forbids that company from writing any more policies until its financial condition reaches a certain level. For people who have problems understanding their health insurance, Heartline has developed "Heartline's Guide to Health Insurance." This book covers the major questions you will have concerning the purchase of health insurance, Medicare supplement and disability income policies. There is also a policy checklist in this book which will help you in asking questions of an insurance agent that YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SPECIALTY u 1 u IPIKTOi, 'I S 1' u FREE INFORMATIVE VISIT LOSE UP TO 25 LBS. IN ONLY 5 WEEKS WITH THE NATION'S LEADER IN MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS. Join tho hundreds ol thou-Mndt of overweight men and women who have undergone our medically administered quick weight low program which hat them losing up to 25 lbs. In as little as 5 short weeks. Call a clinic today. CALL A CLINIC TODAY (714) 883-8641 SAN BERNARDINO kind that's so troublesome you can't even admit part of what's bothering you to yourself . . . like a problem with sex or not knowing why you aren't being successful on a job you really like. Let's say you are depressed and worry about committing suicide. You are confused, not really sure why you feel this way, and you can't crystallize the problem to yourself. So, you seek help. If you see a therapist who uses skin talk, the therapist can use the instrument to help probe emotions hidden in the unconscious. The skin does not hide secrets of the mind, and it may reveal reasons the mind cannot or will not recognize because of repressed feelings. But, with the device that can detect skin talk, both you and the therapist can watch the instrument while probing the emotional problem. The instrument shows responses of the skin your throat cannot voice. Once the emotion is revealed as important to you by your own body, it becomes recognized as an emotional problem and .help can come faster. Like other new therapies, it may be some time before skin talk psychotherapy becomes available to the general public, although public clamor for it can hasten the day. All new therapeutic techniques must undergo intense study to learn how effective and reliable they are. One of the pioneers in this area is Dr. Marjorie Toomin, in Los Angeles, but few other therapists are trained in the technique. Skin talk psychotherapy and counseling are on the move nonetheless because research is showing how body signals of all kinds reveal repressed emotions. When emotional problems can be pinpointed by the body's responding to discussions that evoke emotions, recovery from both the psychologic and physiologic symptoms occur much more quickly than during conventional drug treatment or psychotherapy. Current research using the skin's electrical activity as a communications medium between patient and therapist looks promising in such stress problems as drug abuse, alcoholism, neuroses and other tension states. Until as recently as 10 years ago, skin talk was employed only two ways. Psychology researchers studied it in the laboratory to find its origins; and it was used as a tool to test certain learning theories. The only practical use of skin talk until now has been as the guts of the lie detector. Police work is not the only place lie detectors are used; many large industries use them to check on personnel records or when some company wrongdoing is suspected. As lie-detecting techni ques have been improved, skin talk has been found to be much more accurate in establishing a persons's truthfulness than any verbal communication. The lie detector can usually find whether a suspect is telling the truth, and as many people have been found innocent by the reactions of their skin as have been found guilty. The reason is because the body, and particularly the skin, has not learned how to hide the emotions the way the mind has learned how to manipulate language to hide one's true feelings. The discovery of biofeedback learning may change the legal status of lie-detector use because it has shown that individuals can learn how to control their own skin talk as well as they can regulate their heart rate, blood pressure or brain waves. This raises the question about whether people under interrogation are being taken advantage of unfairly because they are neither informed that skin talk can reveal secret thoughts nor that it may be their right to prepare for interrogation by first understanding what skin talk is and how it can be controlled. The lie detector, after all these years, may be found to infringe upon personal rights. Next: Future thought waves . '. ; i f i j w 'iMp'L'sl.' 1 .?...' ,-! I VP H s- v a whole new look for your portraits! Choose your favorite from ourcolorful new backgrounds! 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I receive both benefits as I worked under both, but I did not get an increase on both. Can you tell me why? g p A. The Tier I Rail Road Retirement increase is reduced by the increase in an annuitant's Social Security benefit Thus, it is possible for a dual beneficiary to receive no cost-of-living increase or, in a very few cases, an actual decrease in his or her Rail Road Retirement annuity. This would happen only when the increase in the Social Security benefit is equal to or greater than the cost-of-living increase in the Tier I amount. However, the Tier II increase is not affected by entitlement to Social Security benefits and would be payable in any case. Certain additional annuity portions, which are payable over and above Tiers I and II to preserve pre-1975 vested dual benefit rights, and are frozen upon the employe's retirement, are not subject to these cost-of-living increases. 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Open Friday night until 9 P.M. 440 South "E" Street Telephone 884-6827 Between Inland Center end Downtown San Bernardino, California

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