The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 2
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Che BakersWW hwued Kvf-rv Kvenlm: but Sundays at JMUPII r, ^ K| ^ romity , California. Count) „_,,,, , Official Paper Saturday, Dec. 11 DEAR TOM:One trial—and you 1 11 Jintcred In Postofllce at Baken>(le1d, Cal., as Second-elass Mail Matter. in cents a month; 15 a Year in Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Tflephone Main 31 >.\Tli;i).\Y, DEC. TJ, i that Gruenhagen's candy Is the most delicious and enjoyable candy made. For sale at Meroney's. BILL HOW IS THIS? Here s soinethiiii,' In think Btxiiit. Snme individual with none to much honesty as to intentions, departs suddenly from n community leaving ninny creditors behind. One of them chances to sell cooked fund instead of groceries, or meat, nr clothing, or some other coiiiimimty, and he is entitled tinder the law, to have the runa- •way arrested for crime. Very good. A person who deliberately defrauds his creditors ought to be arrested. But the accused person is permitted to square the crime by paying the bi'll, and that is the end of the matter. It thus appears that he was arrested, not for a crime under the statute, but for debt, and the court and its officers simply became the collecting agency for the man who furnished the food or the lodgings as the case may be. The hotel man should be protected against fraud. There is no qviarrel with that law. Hut if the law is violated, the guilty person should not be able to square the account in which the people are made the plaintiffs by slori Colony. Hamo to Samuel H. Stewart, Jio, lot 7, block H, \Vn.sco. .lames Arp and Ellen M. Tracy to Adullne Binnrt, $1, lots 22, 23, 24, block Z, Baker Homestead addition to Bakersfleld. W. A. Colwell and wife to Alexande Miller. |10 northwest quarter, lota 1, 2, 3, 4, In went half section 18-32-23. ACH CLAIMS INTIMIDATION ••••••••i™™™^"^—— JJSJBerqes & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street W, 0, W, All candidates are requested to be present next Monday evening at 8 p in. at the Armory for initiation, and •ito to call at office of tne clerk, at tea store, between now and Monday and sign papers, etc. to avoid any de- j,li,,- lay Monday 116 , night. T. F. Burke, Clerk. tAQ DAY AS IT WAS OBSERVED IN RANDSdURG. Henry Ach, leading counsel for Abe Ruef, and also president of the Monte Crlsto Oil Company, arrived here from San Francisco this morning and when seen at the Southern he expressed an emphatic opinion that the verdict In Ruef's case would be set aside by the higher court, to which, he says, an appeal will be taken. Mr. Ach insists that the verdict was ssjs SUTSISS.SVB i saz-^x-v-ss^*-. Appellate Court the finding will never j UEQAU. Speaking of the matter Mr. Ach . ORDINANCE NO. 92. said: "The verdict will most certainly be reversed. It was intimidation that i An ordinance granting unto the Mt. ^ecured the conviction. The presence i Whitney Power Company, a corpora of Mr. Heney in the court room and } tion, its successors and assigns, i mi the pole lines to be con- ri ,,,. ted horeundrr shall not be less •ban fifteen feet above the surface of the i-round, and at street, alley and ovenm- crossings shall not be less that, twenty-five feet above the surface of 'he ground; and that the poles to be • (instructed hereunder shall be BO plan-d and used as to afford the least Int- rlerence with the use of the struts, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, by the public tor travi ling and other highway purposes, nnd the poles shall be placed au viear the edge of the streets, alleys and avenues and property line as can reas- ftnat'ly be done. This franchise is granted upon the Rands-, condition that work thereunder shall i be commenced in good faith within Over 600 tags were sold In ,— burg last Saturday, amounting to. over 160, for the benefit of the Children's ' not more than four "aioatha from this Shelter at Bakersfleld. ,}„,<, an( j prosecuted with reasonable Miss Sue Spurlock, captain, and her i diligence to completion, and if the force of aslstsants were out early and i grantee shall fail so to do, then and in ' ' and did splendid work consider- jihat event this franchise shall be fop Day came Just a few days felted and shall thereafter be of no COFFEE Insist on the roaster's name; never mind the country it grew or is said to have grown in. Yfir 0Mtr rataret *tw furiher force or effect. This franchise is granted for the i consideration of the sum of Twenty- i five iiii-iuo dollars, paid in cash by said /I Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, and upon the further condition and covenant that the said Mt. Whitney a ; Power Company, its successors and the cheering and threats and me Lm.cnu6 «•»!" tu.w^v^ — I be placed on the same plane. FOOLISH WORDS. r ^__^_^ The foreman of the Ruef .jury gave voice to the expression that the speech of one of the prosecuting attorneys, made, it difficult for the jury to get together, and delayed the verdict. On the face of it. this seems like a strange state- id Q and ' tion, its successors ana assigns, a.rowei v..uiu|iau.», •». - ,":r " fTT" uolse ! franchise for fifty years to erect polei assigns, shall pay, and said Mt. wmt . * « -~.— --1 -ii— —1« ' D,.,,.p r Company, and its succes- „„ assigns, are hereby obligated transmitting" electricity |; nd required to pay, to said County of Mr Ach said there were other ! and electric current for light, power ; Kern, two (2%) per_ cent of the gross means of Intimidation practiced but i and other necessary and useful pur-i annual receipts of Itself, its Bucces- means 01 inumiuuu y -'poses, over, along and upon the ' sors and assigns, arising from the use ' streets, alleys and avenues of the un-1 operation or possession of said iran- ! Incorporated town of Delano, in the , chise; no percentage to be paid_for ! County of Kern, State of California, i the first five years succeeding the date Whereas Edwin Alderson did here-, of this franchise, but thereafter such CLEANLY WOMAN. Think* by Scouring" H*t So«lp That Sbe Curom DnudrnH. Cleanly woman has an erroneou* Idea that by ecourlng the •calp, which remove* the dandruff icales. ,»he la curing the dandruffl She may wash her scalp every day, and yet have dandruff her life Ions, accompanied by falling hnlr. too. The only way In the world 19 ciiw- dandruff Is to kill the dandruff germ; Btiij there is nn hair preparation that wlU do thnt but Xewbro's Herplcldc. Jlerpl- clde by killing the dandruff germ. lenves the hair free to grrow «s> healthy; Nature Intended. Destroy the cause vou rcmovo the effect. Kill the dandruff germ with Herplcldo. Sold by lending dru(r«rlsts. Bend lOc. In stamp* for sample to The Herplolde Co., Detroit Mich. Two sizes, 50c and 91-00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LAND^tnK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and EMI* Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. : Opposite Rallrtad and Steamship oflces. Especially convenient 1 for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THR-CITY , Free bus meets all trains and bpata. Take Market St:' cars or Fourth Mud Bills oaf' to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. • i • jii *ii tho rhppriHE ana mreaiB uuu uuiae t n«*«v.uiac »«-/» m.t,jF j^mo *«• *.*•**.*, */~.~. , ---- • <— , •implyjmymjr the bill. made bytbe thousands of people a* j and stretch wires and other appll-! n,•>• I'owe II this 18 good practice in coti- somlj ] e( j there, caused the Jury to de- | ances thereon, for the purpose of con. ;;ors and : nection with the hotel man why is c |',j e as it did." | ducting and transmitting electricity |; ml rc-qui: lip iiliiccil i f i 11 clnm* bv hitnsoll' 1 ' " * ~*- --.u *u«**n ~«n«.A *-»*Jinr i nml alonti-ln nni»r*»fit fnr Uffht. nflweT : Ket'M. two If the luws are to be used to collect bad debts, let every business UJtitLUD »**• **»*••••«•*•*••»»"• £»»»•» — — , - — ._.___ _ not until the time comes to present _ poses, over, along and upon his appeal, will he make known what ' they are. ^_ STANDARD MAY NOT SUBMIT ANY FURTHER EVIDENCE. NEW YORK, Dec. 11.—Hugo Washburn, in charg of the lubricating de WJlClcUo EtfUWJIl .rtlUdDVJli UIU *ACi»S- . v/i im.j » . i*«%,«.»-~j ~ - tofore make an application in due percentage shall be paid to said form for a franchise to erect poles and County of Kern annually, and in me stretch-wires and other appliances event said payment Is not so made, thereon, for the purpose of conducting this franchise shall be forfeited , and transmitting electricity, and elec- ordinance shall take effect and UUIll, *n vul»le> "* - — ~ - — -- -------- « - i Hud LI UllDlUlLliUg CJCV.H IV.ll'J'. ClUU CIISV IHIS UJUIUUUCC bllt*i* v»**>»- w^*w%.» MU U partment of the Standard Oil Com- trie current for light, power and othei . be in force on and after the 31st day nanv of California was the principal . necessary and useful purposes, over. ' of December, 1908, and shall be pub' ./ . .. ,,'•__ i n *hP suit to along and upon the streets, alleys and o for one week in witness in the hearing in tne sim iu j enuea unlncorora te town of Gocd Cough Medicine For Children. The season fbr coughs and colds Is now at hand and too much care cannot be used to protect the children. A child Is much more likely to contract diphtheria or scarlet fever when he has a cold. The quicker you cure his cold the less the risk. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is th/e sole reliance of many mothers, and few of those who have tried It are willing to use any other. Mrs. F. F. Starcher of TUpley, W. Va., says: "I have never used anything other than Chamberlain's 3ough Remedy for my children and t has always given good satisfaction." dissolve the trust today. It developed this was itsi'T LOOKS LIKE THE DUTCH MEAN BUSINESS. ment, but when the lanj/uajii ... , the attorney is considered it is I that the company may not submit any not so strange either. A city news j further evidence in defense, paper in commenting «n the address in question says burden: "The only reason you are askc.l not to convict Is that Ruef is n nilllliiiKiiri and will pay bribes. Not only doe.- Kuef concede' Ills gulll. '"it III' 1 evi deiice in this CHIC iiroves it conclusively. Therefore, you collectively, 01 you individiiiilly, will have no excuse for ii vole of acquittal. Dun- you cast It? Dare you acquit Hue! an ! thus betray the people who have Imposed a trust In you?" Is it anv WII.LKMSTAO, Pec. 11.—The government has no Intention of beiim m-sll- -cut in the matter of the blockade of th ast of \Vneyiiela which was be-mi lust week. One Dutch battleship and three cruisers left here today for Ycno/uolaii waters. They have' been cb-ared for action. wonder that (lie lore- j man of t'ue jury said -^ii-li Ian-' gua^e stood in the way of a verdict ,' A conscientious man with no other thought than to do his duty •would naturally resent >ueh language. "Dare you east a vote for acquittal?" That is not the kind of talk that appeals to the n\er Hire American. It is tin- kind of talk to arouse every particle of resentment in him. Just how any juror could have if-^oubt as to thcj guilt of Jiiief after hcarini; thcj testimony, it is difficult to see. but that is not the question. All j minds do not run in the same groove and it will be conceded that if any man on the jury had ;vu l;o!h- />.'>!>{. the thrcaten'tnir 'a.:, :;... li " i;t ,oi-:i.'V tended to place him in an unyielding frame "f mind, and discounted in advance the efforts of the majority oi* the iwe|\-.- men to ro'iso•> w'! 1 him. The shrewd man knows that there is a way u> appeal to tli', reason of men. and I hat the ;;'<.'•>• age riiiin can be convinced. 1.1:1 the surest way to defeat, oncscM in an argument or content inn is to grow iiup.'itii'iit and llireali'ti. And that is nearly what 'hape:ird in the Ruef ease. With a verdict of guilty in reach, an ovc!'\vi'".,,,'h lawyer ' came nearly wuism^r a mis-trial. r Artistic Steins 50cto$5 Talk about a variety of hiiuilsiinii', artistic and unusual designs in steins. yon should see ciur litr^e iiltil coi'ijjlete nsortineiil. XVe'vi- stains iiirl i-ti'in^ ..... Ill-it soiue of (lie quaint- eKt, anil ni') 1 -! oriuiual ile- simis you < an |junsili!y iui- iiU'llie. A lire! tv Btein ahvaj'K iiinkeh ;'. nice ,t:i!t, air.l with riirlsiumrt ^o near It'.s liiiM 1 >ou were inakliii; Keli.M'tlous now before the ii!<sc>rlim'ut is picked over. I'rir"s :,ne to *5. Fred Gimther Co. Family Trncle Solicited Store and W.irerooms 1513 18th St. No bar attached. Phcne Main 99. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. M. WuUlo ninl wife In t'hn.i. 10. Jones $1P, soutlieast s i •'•!,• S-IT.HOII ;!4-!»-ty. John Conley ana it othera to It 1 . 1C. Jones, |C, all Hociti'ii l^'iii:. 1 :'. Onico A. Pathi r ti- <!. \V. Kin'ier, $1, eolith half of iiortlie !>•! quarter s',-c- tlon 8-28-L'T. Alpheus T. Colemau to Kern <'oim- ty Jiiuid Company, $f'. all nottlivro:u qnnrter section L'-U-2i. R. M. Spoucer and wile to R. N Ca*(sy. $H'. north H feet lot. :it, uorth 25 feel lot 30, block Hit Mojavc. i D. (\ Cooler anil wife to I'erey ;•: ; Carpenter, |1(», lots 11 und 1-'. blui K • 2J. Kern. J N. ThotapBon anil wife to Wa tl'i Oro,i.i. $10 kits it I", block 2t», | Kern. i Biline to Urn. !". '•''.. Gnisi, ?H', lot 8, hiouk ^9, Kerii. ' Mre. Mary K. l-.ivi-rs to Lewis J. UiTOfH, »208, )ots 2 anil :i, blocJt 208 BnKersflold. fl-1 tnteresl-B In. AmarontU I4«d fik> to W. H. *»- City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. A.Lyons ^ 1512-18 Main 977. avenues of the unincorporated town of i Delano, In the County of Kern, State ' of California, for a period of fifty \ years, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, repairing and operating '• electric, lines and other appliances for ; the conveyance and use of electricity no; nnd ' Whereas, said application was made ' under and pursuant to an Act of the 1 legislature of the State of California, entitled "An Act providing for the sale : of railroad and other franchises in counties and municipalities, and pro- i vidlng conditions for the granting of such franchise by legislative or other , governing bodies, and repealing ecru- flicting acts", approved March 22, : 1905; and .. J Whereas after due proceedings had and taken by the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and after due notice Kiven and advertisement published as required by law, said franchise was duly sold, awarded and granted to the Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, and having its principal place of business at Visalia, in said state, its successors and assigns, and | said Mt, Whitney Power Company ! having been the highest and best and 'only bidder for said franchise; I Now, therefore, in accordance with 'the premises and In compliance with iihe laws of the State of California In 1 such cases made and provided, the : Hoard of Supervisors of said County : of Kcru d" ordain as follows: That a franchise be, and the same IB hereby, grunted uiiio said Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, ' its'successors, and assigns, for the HTm of fifty years from nnd after the date herr-of, authorl/.ing and empowering, snd said Hoard of Supervisors • docs hereby auth«r!/e and empower, 'said Mt. Whitney Power Company, Us .successors and IISMIMIS. to erect poleR and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the pui;icifc of conducting 'and transmitting eh-c-irlly, raid electric current for I';;!*!, p'pwor and othei necessary i'!id '.r f 'n! purposes, and to maintain, repair and operate the Isiiine, ever, ale'i;; and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of tbo un- i incorporated nf Delano in said ! County of Kcrii. together with all )• proper, useful, convenient or desirable i appurtenances atu! appliances to fully carry into effect Uie satil francUlHe. Tliis grunt of franchise Is not ox•elusive, and the i-nverning board of said County of Koin shall havo tb« I right to grant Bimilar franchifies to otluir person-, Onus or corporations. It Is futhur provided that the con- Ktruction, operalion. mahitonaneo and repair of «aid poles, wires ami other appliances thereon, over, along and upon tho streets, alleys and avenuo.-i of said town of Delano, shall bo under the direction of the Hoard of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and Hie erection, const ruction, operation and repair of the samo shall bo dono F. O us lo be no injury to the paving, planking, maciulami/.iug or grading of any such streets, alleys or avenues, and fcrt that public travol shall in no way bo obstructed beyond what la necessary In tho act of urecting, constructing operating, maintaining and repairing micb poles and wires, appurtenances and appliance*. IX is ftrthay yovitoli ttat *c llshod prior thereto for one week in , The Bakersfleld Callfornlan, a dally r-cwspaper of general circulation printed and published in said County i.! Kern. The foregoing ordinance is adopted by said Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California '-by the following vote, to-wit: l Ayes: Supervisors Petersen, Brf.'*, i Wtoody, Corsett and Jastro. i Noes: None. ! H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors 'i of said County of Kern. (Seal.) ! Attest: I. L. MILLER, County Clerk of said County of Kern, and Clerk of said Board of Supervisors. . 12-12 GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle l.orses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spai. about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. BATLIPP Cor 21tt and < Sts Tel. Main 88 This remedy contains, no opium or other narcotic and may be given as I confidently to a child as to an adult. , For sale by Baer Bros.. Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * Denver Restaurant Regular Meals, 20c nnd up. Eastern Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Chou Mean, Pineapples, Chicken, and Chop Suey. Good Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfield. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 251 "> NEW YORK OJGH South yields'''' ia. FOUP AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPFED STEAMERS 1 eilhet&l aylor Good vegetables are hard to get, these days. The local supply is limited; the rest is old. We keep a f™sb supply always on hand. Give us a trial and be convinced. Phone Main 401 1423 19th A checKing account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have uot already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo' yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. PAYNE JA SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night s$8T^ * ^ $P?..;.. A TRAINS LEAVE )§'•%>****•.' " '"\j *^* ) VwR'Sf*?** BAKERSFIELD VIS,/ Leave for Ant loch' Uorkolwy. . . . Chicane Corcoran .... Denver Fresno (irnnd (Vinyoii llanford Kansas City. JohannesVrg Mercc^il .... Oakland .... Oakdile Uichmond ... HanFrftnoisco Soarchllght . Stockton .... Tularo ...... \'lsalia YosemUe. — A.M. 7:,",r, ,s:20" 7:65 S:20 7 : :10 0 : 0(( 7:r,5 8:80 7::tO 9:09 7:55 8: 2ft 7:30 9:0'7:65 8:20 7:W 9:0» 7:30 7:65 8:20 7:55 8:20 7:G5 8:20 7:B5 8:EO 7:30 7:55 8:20 8:20 P.M. " 7730 7:30 .7:30 7:3» 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:39 7:38 For doUil lafomatlon phoie or oaJl on N. J. HUDSON, Agent. A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 and M, block 39, on Q trtreot, between KinK and Baker streets, Kern. Price $450. .Terms if desired, $150 first payment; balance 1, 2, 3 years. Write to Leigh Thornton, R31 North Doylaton Street, iMa Angeles, California. OLD XILUBZ.E Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branohea. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAHmNGt 8IGN1 Phone Main 1198 1527 Wall 8t Mikenfldd, C«L

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