Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on August 6, 1965 · Page 2
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 2

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1965
Page 2
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Medicare VII -Questions and Answers—• One or More Private Health \ Groups to Handle Payments EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last of a series explaining the new Medicare-Social Security legislation. It deals with the questions Social Security officials expect to be asked most frequently about the program. It also gives their answers. By LOUIS CASSELS WASHINGTON (UPI) — Social Security offices across the country are braced for a flood of inquiries about the new med- icare program. It directly affects 19 million Americans over 65, and officials anticipate that most of them will have questions about eligibility, enrollment, benefits or other aspects of the program. Here are some of the questions Social Security officials expect to be asked—and the answers: Q. Is it necessary for a person to be drawing Social Security retirement benefits in order to qualify for Medicare? A. No. Participation in Medi- care is open to nearly all Americans over age 65 regardless of whether or not they're covered by Social Security. Exceptions are certain retired federal civil service employes who already are covered by another program and aliens who have lived in this country less than five years. Keep Insurance Q. Should a person over 65 immediately cancel his private health insurance policies or give up his membership in Blue Cross? A. No. Hold onto existing health insurance coverage for a while anyhow. The hospital insurance provisions of the h'ew 1 legislation do not take effect until July 1, 1966—nearly a year from now. Nursing home care will not .be provided until after Jan. 1, 1967. The voluntary supplementary insurance program, which will help pay doctors' bills, will be effective July 1, 1966. Q. If I'm eligible for Medicare coverage, will the govern- COMMISSIONERS' ALLOWANCES Allowances Audrey Navarra. clerk $458.33 Roberta Ruth Shera, 1st deputy $300.00 Florine H. Jones, 2nd deputy.,28333 Mary L. Mobley, auditor. $458.33 Eunice Low. 1st deputy 300.00 Ann M. Wesseler, 2nd deputy.. 283.33 Vida Loucks, clerical 99.00 Mary H. Miller, treasurer..: $45853 Thelma Manlief. 1st deputy....$300.00 Marita Cherry, clerical 84.15 Jane Armstrong, recorder .$416.68 Edell Williams. 1st deputy 300.00 Jrvin Gidley, sheriff —.$458.33 Clinton R. Tucker, 1st deputy.. 291.6B Clinton R. Tucker, salary per diem 62.00 David Blodgett Jr., 2nd deputy 100.00 Ed O'Mara. surveyor $200.00 E. A. Porter, health officer.... 66.66 Rosemary Peters, county nurse 375.00 Beulah Tucker, clerical 23853 Earl Wonn, sanitarian 170.66 Hazel Worm, relief clerk 48.00 William R. Shaffer, coroner...... 125.00 Cathleen Loyd. assessor $416.66 Wanda Loyd, clerical 10755 Charles F. McFaU, Washington twp. assessor .: $225.00 Walter S. Redington. service officer - 5200.00 John W. Goddard. judge $241.66 Beulah Mae Knarr, court reporter _ 335.00 Albert Beeson. bailiff 210.00 William Duncan, custodian $325.00 Helen L. Linville, matron 88.33 Myrtle Gidley. jail matron $125.00 E. A. Porter, county home physician .'• 50 -<W George Roberts, commissioner.. 191,oo Charles Ed King, commissioner 191.66 Kenneth Wallpe, commissioner 191.66 Ronald Beard, county attorney-$ 8333 Russell Corya. councilman 25.00 Joseph Strasburger, councilman 25-00 Edgar Craig, councilman 25.00 William Galloway, councilman.. 25.00 Staton Maudlin, councilman 25.00 Wallace Johnson, councilman.... 25.00 Bertis Farmer, councilman 25.00 Raymond C. Moeller, board of review 108.00 Glenn Gault, board of review.... 108.00 COMMISSIONERS' ALLOWANCES Clerk's Office Jackson Office Supply, • other office supplies $ 18.95 U. S. Post Office, postage 25.00 Qualityprint, Inc., other office supplies 351.30 Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc., law books 34.00 Auditor's Office Indiana Carbon Co., stamps and supplies $ 32.62 Adding Machine Cales & Service, stamps and supplies 3.60 Mary L. Mobley, stamps and supplies 7.40 Qualityprint, Inc., printing and stationery 58.50 Jackson Office Supply Co., stamps and supplies 2.35 Mary L. Mobley, mileage 8.00 Association of Indiana Counties, law books I— 37.00 Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc., law books - 34.00 Treasurer's Office Mary H. Miller, postage ? 74.15 Recorder's Office Remrand, official records $283.42 Jackson Office Supply, other office supplies 4.68 Jane Armstrong, postage 5.00 Greensburg Daily News, binding of newspaper 14.00 Sheriff's Office Clinton R. Tucker, per diem mileage $ 62.00 Brenton Company, car radios.... 1732 Irvin Gidley, gas, tires 4.95 Irvin Gidley, meals for pris« oners 152.10 Schroeder Service, gas, tires, tubes and oil 125.93 Health Office Robert P. Acher, paid without appropriation 5 9.39 Greensburg Daily News, stationery and printing 12.95 Beulah Tucker, postage 50.00 Public Service Co., utilities 3.30 Curtis & French, Inc., professional supplies 17.56 Earl Wonn, mileage 41.76 Rosemary Peters, mileage 36.48 Brulin & Company, insecticide.. 190.20 Assessor's Office Cathleen Loyd, postage _ $ 5.00 Qualityprint, Inc., official rec- . ords 18.00 Service Officer Walter S. Redington, traveling expense $ 7.60 Circuit Court Robert J. Duncan, witness fee....$ 7.70 Ronald Beard, probation officer 40.00 John W. Goddard, postage 10.00 Lawyers Co-operative Publish. Co., law books 72.00 Legal Directories Publishing Co., law books '. 6.50 Court House Gary Wallpe, extra help $ 82.50 Greensburg Mun. Water Works, utilities 58.44 City of Greensburg, utilities.... 69.12 Gambles, supplies and expenses .87 William Duncan, supplies and expenses 15.00 Public Telephone Corp., util 13851 A. H. Winders, repairs of bldg. 237.50 Hoto-Rooter Service, repair of equipment 24.00 County Supply Co., supplies and expenses 1.40 Worland & Schweadenmann. supplies and expenses 41.89 Dec. Co. Farm Bureau, supplies and expenses 238 McCamment Wholesale, properties and fixed' equip 432 Western Auto Associated Store, properties : 9855 Plymate, supplies and expenses 9.85 W. C. Pulse Lumber Co., supplies, and expenses >2.0C Indiana Gas & Water, utilities.. 1.00 Lynch's Firestone, supplies and expenses *•"* County Supply Co.. supplies and expenses 1-35 Jail Greensburg Mun. Water Works, utilities S 2752 Indiana Gas & Water Co., Inc., utilities I 5 - 36 Arab Termite & Pest, pest control 7.00 Strasburger Dry Cleaning, bedding 3.00 Indiana Gas & Water, furniture and fixtures 23.05 County Home Hunter Pharmacy, clothing and household ? 6-46 Commissioners' Claims George Roberts, travel expenses $150.00 Charles Ed King, travel expenses 26.72 Kenneth WaUpe. travel expenses 135.60 Greensburg Times, printing and advertising 10650 Greensburg Daily News, printing and advertising 10650 Robert Fowl, fox bounty 6.00 Tom Crosby, fox bounty 3.00 Gaston Eddelman, fox bounty.. 3.00 Paul Fisse, fox bounty....". 6.00 Robert Koehne. fox bounty 1.50 Richard Luken, fox bounty 3.00 Jonathen Miller, fox bounty.... 3.00 Steve Neslit, fox bounty 1.50 Charles Sherwood, fox bounty 9.00 Owen Stoneking, fox bounty.... 3.00 Charles Sherwood, fox bounty 9.00 Charles R. Wood, fox bounty.. 3.00 Norm's Cities Service, civil defense 3359 Beulah Mae Knarr. change of venue 15.00 Albert Beeson, change of venue 15.00 Richard L. Wooley, state bd. of ace., exam, of records 131.40 Bridge Cumulative Bulter. Fairman & Siefert, engineering $5,737.75 Welfare Department Allowances Russell D. Royal, director $575.00 Doris Jean Browning, salary.... 355.00 Florence E. Richardson, salary.. 335.00 Marilyn Bouse, salary 355.00 Helen H. Marsh, salary 305.00 Jane Ann Steir, salary 225.00 Harvey S. Colvin, bd. member 20.00 Ruth Helen Osting, bd. mem 20.00 Willamette Lemmon, bd. mem. 20.00 I. Lynn Thurston, bd. member 20.00 Public Telephone Corp., telephone expense 22.82 Qualityprint, Inc., postage and office supplies 222.00 Russell D. Royal, postage 12.10 Russell D. Royal, transportation 15.84 Marilyn Bouse, transportation.. 49.04 Doris Jean Browning, transportation 9.80 Florence E. Richardson, transportation 26.85 Richard Andrew Young, transportation 44.70 Standard Duplicator of Indiana, Inc., furniture and equip 32.36 Jackson Office Supply Co., office supplies 23.07 Jackson Office Supply Co., furniture and fixtures 4.46 ment henceforth- pay all of my medical bills? A. No. You'll >still nave to pay the first $40 of a hospital bill. And if you remain hospitalized for longer than 60 days, you'll have to pay $10 a day toward the cost of the next 30 days. After 90 days, the hospital insurance coverage runs out, and you'll either have to pay your own hospital bills or move into a nursing home, or some other kind of post-hospital extended care facility. Under the voluntary supplemental medical insurance program covering expenses other than hospitalization, you'll have to pay the first $50 of your doctors' bills in any given calendar year. Thereafter, the insurance will cover 80 per cent of the cost and you'll pay 20 per cent. Also, certain important medical items—such as drugs—are not covered by the insurance. Finance Program Q. Suppose a lot of hypochondriacs stage a run on medical care facilities and the cost of the program turns out to be a lot higher than anticipated? Will this bankrupt the' Social Security trust fund on which I'm depending for my future retirement benefits? A. This cannot happen. The Medicare program will be financed by a new trust fund, entirely separate from the regular Social Security retirement fund. Q. What kind of doctors' bills are covered by the voluntary supplementary insurance program? A. Bills for house calls or office visits, or .for visits made by a physician to a hospitalized patient; surgical fees; consultation fees; fees charged by Xray specialists (for diagnostic or therapeutic X-rays). Q. Is there any ceiling on the size of the doctor's fee? A. No arbitrary dollars-and- cents figure is set. But the legislation provides that the payments will be handled through one or more private health insurance organizations such as Blue Cross or Blue Shield. These agencies must determine before paying any doctor's bill that it is "reasonable" and no higher than the fee that would be charged for comparable ser- County Highway Allowances — Personal Services — Paul H. Huber $666.66 Henry E. Brown 401.40 Wm. Trobaugh 397.80 Cloyd Schilling 379.10 Charles Strasburger 37650 Boyd Craig 363.00 Gary Mozingo 301.05 John R. Fogg 29835 Lewis Clark 342.00 Oris Ladd 33855 Paul Hinds 314.60 Paul Rethlafce 316.03 Fred N. Moore 396.00 Elmer D. Powell 396.00 James E. Mitchell ^... ttttr 374.00 Zack Shoemake !l..i 1 ± 367'.95 Howard Niles 351.45 Rollie H. Bostic _ 291.60 Vemon B. Evans 297.00 Henry A. Schmid 302.40 Fred Hayes 170.00 Howard G. Fromer 417.60 Elvie Hobbs 396.00 Tillis M. Dinn 336.60 Wilbur Mozingo 36630 Howard Pyles 331.65 Joseph P. Sherman 299.70 Arthur L. Smith 303.75 John Moore 270.00 Harry Dwenger 170.00 Dale Moffett 396.00 Clifford Weisner 341.66 — Other Operating — Public Telephone Corp $ 31.18 Public Service Indiana 21.48 Decatur County R. E. M. C.. 555 Indiana Gas & Water Co., Inc. 4.08 Greesnburg Mun. Water Co 4.06 Wells Repair Service .... 15.00 Charles L. Howell 8.75 Decatur County Farm Bureau 1185.63 A. M. Lynch, Inc 376.51 Rodefeld Co.. Inc 37.48 The Gibson Co 122.77 Jackson Office Supply 19.19 Heid-Holcomb Co., Inc. 141.12 — Materials — New Point Stone Co $ 2022.09 Harris City Stone Co., Inc. . 1206030 St. Paul Quarries, Inc 1719.83 Rush County Stone Co 63.90 Meshberger Stone Corp 1578.17 Indiana Gravel Co.. Inc.. 42 56 Roadways, Inc 33803.72 Rodefeld Co.. Inc 12458 The Gibson Co 35.91 Kocher & Co 36.78 MacAllister Machinery Co.. Inc 7.52 110.00 372.55 13233 International Bristle Co The Westport Implement Co.. Panke Machinery Corp Jones & Laughlin Steel Warehouse 5057 Harris City Stone Co., Inc 175.85 New Point Stone Co 38.15 — Current Charges — Bob's One Stop Service .$ 2000 Motor Fuel Tax Div. ..: 109.62 D—July 30-Aug. 6 _:_ i_,-. W—July 30-Aug. Hamilton to Conduct Unit at Legion Meet Frank I. Hamilton, Greensburg attorney and Southern vice-commander of the American Legion in Indiana in 1964-65, will conduct one of the groups at the annual Legion Leadership Conference at Indianapolis Saturday. The workshop session for commanders will be directed by Hamilton. The Indiana Department of the Legion will use present congressional districts for operating purposes rather than the new districts, set forth under reapportionment. The resolution in this field, passed at the recent department convention, was introduced by Welsh-Crawley-Kramer Post No. 129 of Greensburg. DRINKS FOR CREW LYME REGIS, England (UPI) — Mrs. Frances Wilson, 102, has donated $5.60 for support of the local lifeboat fund, plus $2.80 to buy drinks for the lifeboat crew. vices under a private health insurance contract. • Q. I've been seeing a psychiatrist three tinies a week. Will the government pick up the tab for these visits? A. The insurance will pay up to $250 a year for treatment of mental disorders outside of a hospital. After that, you're on your own. Nursing Care Q. What will Medicare do for an elderly person who needs nursing care at home? A. It will pay for up to 100 "home health care visits" a year by nurses, physical therapists- or home health aides. However, the home health care would have to be furnished by direction of a physician. Q. A man is 65 and drawing Social Security retirement benefits. His wife is 62 and is also receiving retirement benefits. Are both eligible for Medicare? A. No. Only tht husband..No one under 65 is eligible. Q. Suppose a person under 65 is disabled and is drawing Social Security disability benefits. Is he eligible for Medicare? A. He is not. Inly people 65 or over can qualify. Q. I'm over 65 and in poor health. Must I pass a physical examination to qualify for Medicare coverage? A. Definitely not. You're eligible for participation in both the basic hospitalization and supplementary doctors' bills insurance plans, regardless of your health. Q. My mother-in-law is 80 years old and a semi-invalid. She's been in a nursing home for several years. Will Medicare One .Too Many . BATON ROUGE, La. (UPI) — Jimmy Wayne Kelly, 21, was peacefully motoring along early today when a house loomed up in his path. Kelly managed to pass it but a second house in the road was too much. He crashed into it. Police charged Kelly with reckless driving, driving' while under the influence of intoxicants and having an expired chauffeur's license. The houses were being, towed to new'feitey'ft ffigftf room for an expressway. Buy Gates V-Belts TO KEEP YOUR • LAWN MOWER • REFRIGERATOR • WASHER • POWER TOOLS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT RUNNING SMOOTHLY AviiUble Through Hast Automotive Service Dealer* uid Hudwue Storef. DISTRIBUTED BY Rodefeld Co., Inc. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS HEADQUARTERS Muscatatuck Valley Feeder Auction Association FEEDER PIG SALE WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11 Beginning at 1 p. m. (CDT) Community Building On Highway 3 3 MILES NORTH OF NORTH VERNON, INDIANA SELLING 600 FEEDER PIGS Pigs fresh from the farm day of sale, weighing from 30 to 100 Ibs. Sold in uniform lots. All pigs auctioned by the pound. Sales are sponsored and conducted by local farmer producers with cooperation of the Producers' Marketing Association and Extension Department. :..'',.-'. - - .'.» I 'A few lots of pigs from certified boars to be sold. Boar identification will be given. All pigs will be inspected by Indiana Livestock Sanitary Board Vaccinated as requested by the buyer. LUNCH WILL BE SERVED MUSCATATUCK VALLEY FEEDER AUCTION ASSN. Lewis Beesley, Auctioneer. cover the cost of keeping her there? A. It won't pay for her room and board .There Is no provision in either the basic or supplementary program for custodial-type care in nursing homes. However, she might be eligible for payments for other expenses, such as doctor's bills. Q. Will I have to go to the doctor or hospital the government chooses for .me in order to qualify for medicare payments? A. No. You're free to choose your own doctor just as you've always done. And if you require hospital care, you and your doctor will choose the place. The new legislation contains a sweeping provision forbidding federal interference in the practice of medicine. The government will not be employing doctors, nor dictating how they should treat patients. Ban Thunder PAGE 10 CHRISTCHURCH, England (UPI) —"William 'Goodenough, a member of the town safety committee, wants the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) not to mention the word "thunder" in its weather reports. Hearing the warning, he says, "turns thousands of women into frightened animals" who spill boiling water and become careless with gas and fires through nervousness. Fans Visit Crypt Of Marilyn Monroe WEST LOS ANGELES (UPI) —More than 100 persons visited the crypt of actress Marilyn Monroe observe the third anniversary of her death. A spokesman for Westwood Memorial Park said the number of. visitors was "more than usual." The spokesman added that an average of 200-300 fans a week visit the park and view the crypt, marked simply, "Marilyn Monroe, 1926-62." Three times weekly, Miss Monrore's former husband, baseball immortal Joe DiMaggio, sends six 'red roses, which are placed at the crypt. Miss Monroe was found dead in her home here Aug. 5, 1962. Her death was listed by the coroner's office as a probable suicide. Greensburg (Ind.) Daily Mdwj, Friday, «i& 6, A VACATION ON YOUR DAY OFF: that's right! Lake Santee t- I I select your cottage site & less time than it takes to do the family shopping, •rat can be fishing at Lake Santee. Or ... you will md pleasure in swimming, waterskiing and faaaily cookoate.' But only if you're a property owner. You see, the privilege of privacy is part of your purchase of property »t Lmk» Santee. Make your day off a holiday at Indiana's finest private lake development! -DIRECTIONS: Take Route 74 Southeast past eradnAwfl *• . ^ New Point Interchange. Follow Indian Signs. / I P. O. BOX 88 • GREENSBURG, INDIANA Ji Subsidiary of American Realty Service Corporation, Memphis, Tennessee © COPYRIGHT ten »r muurr CHECKERBOARD u 11 From Purina Research... IMPROVED STARTING FEEDS FOR BABY PIGS! Purina starting rations have been made EVEN BETTER! 12.4% faster gains 5.2% saving in feed 5f, reduction in scours Research tests prove the above benefits. These improvements, now are available in Purina Early Weaning Chow, Baby Pig Chow and Pig Startena. Get them now at our Store with the Checkerboard Sign. LOOKING FOR AN EASY WAY TO FEED CATTLE? < PURINA SPECIAL STEER Purina's "Built-in Roughage TM " Program for feedlot cattle has made self-feeding practical and efficient. It's an easy way to feed cattle! We're equipped to grind and mix a "Built-in Roughs age" ration using Purina Special Steer Fatena, and to deliver it to your self-feeder in bulk. You save. time, labor, capital investment... get good daily gains at low cost. 1',^ If you have silage or hay, ask us how they fit inta^ Purina's program for building low-cost beef. They have a definite place in Purina's Growing Program. "Built-in Roughage" feeding is primarily for finishing cattle. Cygon 2E Insecticide Stops Flies For 2 Months .... -'in The fly-killing power in one spraying of Cygon 2B Insecticide lasts for 8 weeks or more! You can spray your poultry houses . . . then forget about flies for two months. Cygon 2E Insecticide is safe to use around chickens when you mix it as directed. Use it as a residual spray for large areas ... as a spot spray for small areas . . . and to control maggots that breed in poultry droppings. Call or stop by our store and ask for Cygon 2E Insecticide. Use it ,. early this spring and all summer long, whenever flies are a problem. "Ke PURINA PROGRAM Careful Sd/j/rarion /^PROFITABLE PRODUCTION GREENSBURG Co. Co-op LETTS CLARKSBURG

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