The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 2, 1971 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1971
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1971 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion 2 insertions 3 insertions 4 insertions 5 insertions 6 insertions 5? per word 8f per word 10? per word 12? per word 14? per word 15? per word Minimum Charge $1.25 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion, Service charge of 25 f will be added after the 10 day period, -f Advertisers should check their *advertisements in the first issue in which they ap pear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made; except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memoriam 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion next day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. CANCELLATION- Pr^cedingday CLASSIFIED DEPLAY- Classified per col. inch $1.10 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch —$13.00 . Rates Quoted Are Local FOR SAtE URENT!! New F-826D 90h.p. Tractor, Only $700. for 30.days. Contact us early for rental details on this and other new tractors and equipment. Come in and reserve your new rental outfit now. ARMSTRONG FARM EQUIPMENT Swayzee, tad. 3=17/922-7941 your INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER . DEALER FOR RENT --3 room unfurnished apartment. Upstairs. Phone 675-2734. " P-54 FOR.RENT — Extra nice furnished apartment Also newly remodeled unfurnished duplex. Ground floor. Close to town. . 675-7276. . C-51 FOR RENT — 4 room furnished upstairs apartment. Adults or one child. 409 Oak St. TF FOR RENT — Furnished upstairs 3 room apartment. Heat and water furnished. In Tipton. • 552-6953. . . P-56 FOR RENT — One full size lot . for big trailer. ., Phone 6752692. C-53 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FOR SALE — 3bedroom all modern home on 9 acres, more or , les.s, in Tipton Co. 758-4703. • P-52 FOB RENT — Nice 2 bedroom unfurnished apartment. Private entrance, adults. • 675-, • 1 4304. TF New offering - 2 acres with 6 room house in excellent condition. bedroom French provincial home with many extras; priced to sell. acre building lot, well located. FOR SALE — Agriculture limestone. Ed Henry. 675-7235 P-59 FOR SALE — Floor furnaces. Call 675-7276. "C-51- FOR SALE — Nice used .refrigerator, 11 1/2 cu. ft. $50. 505 W. Main, Arcadia. C-51 FOR SALE — Sears ' 140,000 BTU gas space heater. Like new. Call 675-7285. P-53 FOR SALE — A profitable small business, restaurant, grocery and ' gas. Hobbs, Indiana. 3 room apartment upstairs. 6752163 or 675-6548. C-56 FOR SALE — Genie garage openers by Alliance from $139.95. George Morrisett 6752096. TF FOR^S'ALE -- Aluminum siding, • Storm windows-doors. Kool- Vent Awnings. A. J.'Butz . 675-2646. C-TF. USED CARS FOR SALE — '62 Chevy 2 door hardtop, 327 cu. in, 3 speed on floor. Best offer. Call after 5, 675-7285. P-53 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE — Nice 3 bedroom mobile home.. Call after 5:30 p.m. 675-2477. C-51 FOR RENT FOR RENT — '2 bedroom trailer. 292-2551. P-53 FOR RENT — Upstairs/2 bed-room unfurnished apartment. Stove and refrigerator furnished. Adults or one child. 675-6639. , TF room house' located close to town. Will /sell on contract. 31 acres, all tillable with a semi-modern house. 4 apartment-house, with large lot for parking. Also has ' garage thai could be converted to another apart- i Imerit; close to town. LISTINGS ARE NEEDED AS I-HAVE MANY PROSPECTIVE BUYERS Want to sell or buy? Give "Mr. Ed" a try! ED MELOCHE R£A W 675^4993 675-6810 FOR SALE - House at 233 W. • Washington. Full basement, garage on corner lot. 675'6639. . C-52 FOR. SAKE — 7 room hpme, partially remodeled. Immediate possession. Phone 5954705. C-56 PETS FREE - Puppies, mixture of collie and German Shepherd 11:30 to 2 p.m. 947-3205. ' C-52 WANTED TO BUY • WANTED TO BUY * WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWINE'S E. Edge, Tipton, Cu. WANT TO BUY — Attention Mr. •Farmer: Wanted all species of saV timber and black walnut. Reply to Larry Hi Frye, R.R. 2, Edinburg, Indiana 46124. P-51 HELP WANTED -- Babysitter evenings in my home, ^children. One school age, one 21/2 years old. Patty Reecer, 675 4888. C-54 TYPIST NEEDED - Electric, normal or above requirements for G.P.M., 45 hours per week - opening sometime in June or before. Apply Box AA. Tipton Daily Tribune. C-61 HELP WANTED — Lady to live in and care for elderly lady. 675-4011. TF T.V. RENTALS - For hospital room $1.00 per daywPhone Elwood 552-3796. "P-56 SERVICES RAY BROWN Roofing and Carpenter work. 552-3238. P-66 picture frames artist supplies 'Wet paint for sale" Kokomo Glass 226 S. Union PORTABLE WELDING — Water line thawing. Tony Hancock 947-3832. . TF Paint Glass Radiator Repair BODY SHOP 445 Sweetland 675-6847 FRONT-END Smith Tire Indep. St. ALIGNMENT — Service, 115 N. Phone. 675-6165. TF" FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCE TUNE UP: EBERT'S A«CO SERVICE €)IAL 675-7125 SINCLAIR IS ARCO SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. Raymond Trigesser.' Call 5527162 or 675-2163. ; C-TF Front End Alignment Brake Reline Monroe Shocks Mufflers & Pipes Wheel Balancing SMITH TIRE Phone 675-6165 SAVE Big! Do your own rug and upholstery cleaning with Blue Lustre. Rent Electric Sham- pooer $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-55 Auction Service WE TAKE... • Consignments for. Auction. • Spacial Salts. • Antique Salts. • •Liquidations. Plant/ of Seats. Nice Warm Building. — APPRAISALS — EARLYWINE'S 1st A Main 552-5315 Carolyn Coy TAX SERVICE — H & R Block graduate., 221 S. Main. Evenings and Saturday afternoon by appointment. Phone 675-6960. TF INCOME TOO SMALL? Consider full or part-time Rawleigh - Home Service Plan. . Many earning $5 hourly and up. Opening in your area. Write with phone no.: Ray Harris, Rawleigh Co., Freeport. HI. P-51, WASHER and DRYER REPAIR Service. Joe Reed, 675-6123 y p -54 LOST & FOUND TV Schedule 6:00 O <B) Dick Von Dyke O Early Report Q.Big News © Eyewitness News 03 What's New JJ3 Adventures . 4:30 O Daniel Boone M:rnaet Renrie iueft 5: Rcdcodr officer. .\Sie cics Do".el. 1 .. O Early Report Xant .'d) O Big New, ! Cont'd)- © ABC News C3 Misterogers crs"Qi Q •"person- FOUND male — Young cat. A pet, buff colored 675-2369. P-53 US PA Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Drying and storage facilities for grain, soybeans, and o'Jier storable crops are as necessary for many modern farms as specialized planting and harvesting equipment, according to Tipton County farm program official Carl Retherford, who announced recent changes in. the loan pro-, gram for farm storage and drying equipment. A lower loan interest rate and an increase in the maximum loan amount are among the changes, as well as liberalization of other provisions. . "Retherford said many farmers will be using the new set- aside farm programs to tailor crop production to meet market demand. "Producers are changing their crop planning from the patterns they have been locked into for so many years under restrictive farm programs. The new set-aside program lets them concentrate their production, if they choose, on crops they can grow most efficiently, r "Modern on-farm and commercial storage and handling facilities are needed which will promote efficient marketing and provide for an orderly flow of goods from producer to consumer," he said. Through use of botn on-farm and commercial storage, farmers are better able to avoid a harvesttime glut, make more effective use of transportation facilities, and spread their marketing over, a longer period, Retherford said. Under the farm storage and drying equipment loan program, eligible farmers can obtain Commodity Credit Corporation loans through their local Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) Office to buy or build on-farm storage and-drying facilities and to buy essential operating equipment. Loans can be made for storage needs based on two-year production of a producer's crops which are eligible for price-support. In Tipton County these may include barley, oats, grain sorghum, corn, rye, soybeans and wheat. . Carl Retherford, who is chairman of the Tipton County ASC ' Committee, said the changes in the program include: BANK ROBBER PAROLED LONDON (UPI)- Roger J. Cordrey, 48, who has served half of a 14-year sentence on conviction for taking part in the $7.3 million great train robbery in 1963, will be paroled soon from Doldingley Prison. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS AND AllOCATIOHS • • .' Notice Is hereby siren tlx tupajrws of Tipton County, Indiana, that at (be request of the County Commissioners toe proper legal . officers of said municipal corporation will meet at taslr regular rneaUoc place at 9 a.m. os the iJs> day of alarch, 1971, Saturday, to consider abd take action oa lbs recast of tot Circuit Court Jodfe to trauttr' funds of - J1O00. (one Oavaut) from I IM-ptr dleni of ptUt Jjrors to tbi sqjripmtnt fond *602-C. for - tbi purpose of porcluslaj a dlctiptuos. * Lowering the interest rate on loans to 50 cents per $10tt per month, which is a 6 percent annual rate. The loan rate had been 7 1/2. percent. It was possible to lower the interest rate at this time because of recent lowering of the borrowing cost, of ' money to the CCC. * Increasingithe maximum loan or outstanding aggregate balance from $25,000 to $35,000. * Removing the $5,000 loan limit on drying equipment and permitting such loans for 65 percent of the net cost up to $35 000. " i * Removing restrictions on various items of equipment essential to the practical operation of the' storage or drying unit. * Removing restrictions on costs of foundations and electrical wiring in the loans. These program changes will not only help farmers install needed on-farm storage but also will help them modernize facilities to keep up with new harvesting, conditioning, and storage techniques, the ASC Committee Chairman-said. "Almost every sector of agriculture is participating in a technological and marketing revolu- ' tion. Crop storage and conditioning is included in this tremendous change which has given this country the most efficient food production system the world has ever known," Retherford said. C0 Adventures (Cont'd) 7:00 C| Daniel Boone .Cont'd) 0 NBC New* . O CBS News -•' © Beat the Clock Q3 (B). Know Your Antiques .RdJpS and Terry. Kovel discuss •co'lle:tin:j and restoring antiques. Q3 Hosel .-<w - ' • • 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Dog Turns'Ploybo>s." . O Julia . Ccrey- and. Earl misinterpret- o pleo made during raising telethon and rob their piggy banks to help pay e hospital bill for their favor.ite .TV perforrner. O Beverly Hillbillies 'Jet'-tro's •-chi'dhood .sweetheart comes for ' o visit, and . Jethro fears she- has morr.oge on ' her m:rd. (3 Mod SquoJ The sfluod" sets out to, find the fc-ther of o farm boy and discover the long-lost parent is involved in o." loanshark racket. BD IB) Bridge Q3 Walt Riddle 8:00 CJ' Truth or Contequencci O Don 'Knolls Don's g u e s't s ore <=T«rmmy. Smothers, GwenVerdon and the King Cousins. ' O Green Acres Oliver's plaos to repc-r K.; farm-, house fall, i Trough when . Mr.~ Kimball injuries himse : * On the' front- porch. CD Mod Squad (Cont'd) ££) <B) Forsyte S090 Repeat of Sunday's prcgrj*>i. Q3 Country Music 8:30 O l-U Bosictboll Indiono of Wisconsin. • Q Don Knorts 'Cont'd) O Hee Haw Charlie Pr:de ond Jconn.c C Riley ore Quests on "this repeat. CD Movie ot Week " Yumc-.' ^TV M^v ie). siorrlng Chnr Walker 05 o U.S. ..^ar^hol whose lire is. threotened when he tries to eleen up oiawles^ 'OAD. CE) (B) Forsyte -Cont'd) ££) Hoosicr Viewpoint 9:00 Q 8aiketball (Cont d) Q First Tuesday MBC's monthly telcv.iion -vicjq- zine with Gcrrick Ut'ey GS ' Oit O Hee How ^Cont'd) O Movie .(Cont'd! 23 Hollywood Theater "Momserrat" Kt 'r Du'lecsto^s in this adaptotion ci Emmanacl Roblcs' ploy. Droma centers cn on idealistic officer whose refusal to. betray his leader, S:n-on. a a o A Basketball (Cont'd) Tuesday (Cont'd) 60 Minutes look behind the scenes at a White House -state dinner for visit .iof. Italian - Premier Ih Errjilio Colombo. Q) Marcus Welby. M.D. W'jen Dr. Welby helps o blind niother arrange plastic surgery -forj. her, big-cored son, the trans-' •forrnation causes -problems. g3 Theater iCont'd) 33 Patterns 10:30 Purdue Basketball. Pujjduc. at Michigeo State. O Tuesday (Cont'd) • " O 60 Minutes (Cont'd) 83 Welby (Cont'd) {0 Theater (Cont'd) ' 11:00 O Basketball "Cont'd) O Final Report CI Local News © Eyewitness News ' 11:30 .O Basketball Cont'd) O Tonight O IB) Late Show 'H 3 h Sierra" .1941). . with Hujnphrey" Bogort and Ida Lup- inoj A released convict returns to a life of crime. © Dick Cavett . (3 That Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sale O Fami'y Affair fQ Bewitched a n o m 11:30 News Hollywood Squares Love of Life Eyewitness News Mar. 3 12:00 Q Chuckwogon Theoter O Jeopardy Q Where the Heart Is CD SO-SO Club 12:30 Q Chuckwagon (Cont'd) O Afternoon/Channel 6 O Search for Tomorrow © SO-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O (B) Hollywood Movie "Crisis" (1950), with Cory Grant and Jose Ferrer. Brain specialist is kidnaped while on vocation. O Afternoon (Cont'd) O Local News ' © SO-SO' Club (Cont'd) 1:30 C| (B) Movie (Cont'd) f£ Memory .Gome Q As World Turns © Make A Deal 2:00 O 'B) Movie '(Cont'd) ^£ Days of Our Lives . O Many Splcndored Thim Bolivar, will of innocent ffftl Hoosier result •-. ho>ta.ncs ;Co-.i'di 9:30 Q Boskctball Cor.!\ tT3 Tuesdoy "Cont'cD,- (3 - In The Family ' Archie oitemptN tc family from moving neighborhood. © Movie (Cont'd). 03 Theater- ('Confi Q3 Soul City 10:00 t'~e deaths 6:30 (T\ Today In Indiana Oj Sunrise Semester CD! .Consultation ' j' " 7:00 [ C9 (B) Panorama ^ Todoy ' 0| CBS News. © Solely Corner ! \. ' 7:30 , •' CJ| Kartdon Karnival O Today (Cont'd) O CBS News iCon.i'd) • CD Kindergarten College. 'I 8:00 tj% Karnivol iConl'd"' O today iConr'd) JTJ -Captain. Kangaroo £D College Ccnt'd) . '"J r^ 30 - Kornival ont'd) . OJ Today (Cont'd) . ... , (3, Capt. Kangaroo (C^ni'dl CD Man Trap I / 9:00 O < B > Topper Virginia Groham O Coffee Cup Theater "Perils of Pauline" (19471, with Betty Hutton end John Lund. Story of silent screen star Pear! Wll.t.e. ©' Paul Di.on -Show • | ' ' ' . 9:30 Jock LaLahne Q Graham (Cont'd) . . O Theoter (Cont'd) ©J Paul DiKon (Cont'd) 10:00 Lucy SKow Dinah's .Place Theater (Cont'd) - Paul Dixon (Cont'd* 10:30 Movie Game - Concentration Beverly Hillbillies © a o a © a a o © a a o © CD a a o © Newlywed Gome 2:30 (B) Movie (Cont'd) The Doctors The Guiding Light. Dating Game 3:00 Gourmet Another World Secret Storm General Hospital 3:30 (BV Lone Ranger Bright Promise Edge of Night One Life to Li>«* Romper Room 4:00 Popeye and Janto Another World Gomer Pyla Dork Shadowi S3 Romper (ConkTd) . 4:3fT O Popeye (Cont'd) ' Q Mike Douglas O Early Show •"Games" (1967), with Kcthenne Ross and Simorie Signoret Wealthy couple turns hip end gets involved in murder plot. © Big . Valley S3 Sesame Street Q3 (B) Mock and Myer 5:00 O Batman O Mike Douglas. (Cont'd' O Early Shaw (Cont'd) © Volley ICont'd' KD Sesame Or?ont'd) Funtime • " ' 5:30 O IB! Addams Family () Mike Douglas (Con , O Early Show (ContM © Dragnet FJ3 Misterogers Q3 Funtime (CuntMi L-101 Harold B. Allon Auditor at Tipton County '-• • C-51 • Wanted; |||d||Stra | N||r$es Industrial nurse. Must be RJl. preferably with industrial experience. Full time, daylighl position. Good salary and benefits. Send resume to Employee relations director, P.O. Box 930, Kokomo, Indiana, 46901 or call 317/4577511 extension 261. Equal opportunity employer. - .'

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