Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 15, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1964
Page 8
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS J8—Saturday, Feb. 15, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts] SO WHAT COULD ICO? THAT THING TOCW WAS fN FRONT OF WTW£SS£S.'OH, WEU_0ON'T IET MEBOet£YOU. S'lOHS, DOC, I HAVE THE FEELING THERE'S SOMETHING flOT QUITE RIGHT HERE THINK HL WANDER BACK TO THE CIRCUS. SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI BOY.' WHAT A CWV I HAD AT* IhS OFFICE. WAS ITONB Oriwxe CAYS WHEN eVS2yiHlNG 665UED TO 60 M0/A6AMATTB2 OF FACTTONO/ WENT WBON0... T I GOT BRED. 2 -is- ALLEY OOP ^M^NI^UC. TM r. t u\ f B f. m By V. T. HAMLIN 1 PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER ^ SOME DAY I'LL BE WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT .CHAMPION.'. 1 CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER YOU WERE COMIklS HOME TO MAKE AMENDS, NO D0U5T; WHEN A BLOW WIPED Our VOAK MEMORY... BUT FOR WV TIMELV IDENTiriCMlOMi VOU'D NOW BE APRIPT IN A WORLD OF UNSCRUPULOUS STRANGER*.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS IN HOLLYWOOD What happened to purple dawn Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines, 3 average words to the line. m: letters and spate*. Do not abbreviate. 1 Time 3 Times 6 Time: 6 Help Wanted By Erskine Johnson HOLLYWOOD — Onstage, offstage and upstage: Eyebrow-lifting movie advertising? A faded tal in Santa Monica. 2 Lines :> Lines... 4 Lines— 5 Lines...6 Ln;es 7 Lines 8 Lines 9 Line- ..51.00 1.IX) _ I .TO I 23 1.50 _ 1 73 . 2.00 51 32 1 .03 2.« 3,30 :196 462 S2S 591 6.60 FEMALE beauty operator, experienced onlv. Beauty Bank Salon. Rediands. 792-22K1 or 792-4733 cve- 52.40! Jitngs. 3.6o i WANTED — supervisor - fi>r —i i73be3 4.S0J nursing home. RN or California h- fi.OOj censed LV.V. Write Box 27, e o 7.20 Facts office. E.40 9.60 . .. . „ . .,,3 movie director has ever magazme clippmg in our mail faccd> . are John Huston . s wds extols a movie with the words:,about re-creating the Creation •Handsome Men. Beautiful;for "The Bible." From our man 110 Lines 2 50 6.60 12.CC The most difficult sequence p " Month by the line — $350 Commercial Kates on Request ID*,! 7 Schools • Instructions TUTOR in Krench or Rur^i^n. Don van Eman. M.A. "Harvard' 79S-6201. DEADLINES | 9 Room and Board Private party ads — 4:30 p.m. day un\t prccedme publication. . Commercial Ads — 3 p.m. day pre Jazz Babies. Champagne Baths.'. j n Rome comes this report onr cdmg P" b """°" Midnight Revels and Petting,Huston's plans for the big Dino, ABBREVIATIONS . :K Soldma sl Rediands. 792-3068. Parties in the Purple Dawn." Idc Laurentiis movie: j Readable and understandable ads ~r^~*~~*~~: The year: 1924. Which reminds j "What audiences will sec on; ^&S™&M*£*££I%Z £ ID Fo." Rent mc. whatever happened to those! the screen will be from thc^lM^' 1 Advertisement* ^s false _ ——-^t^— purple dawns" concocted on a sound stage "To achieve reality, Huston atmosphere and cooking. Couples or_sine!es. _792^-2416. j HOTEL CASA DEL REY , Retirement notel for senior citizens, home cooking, friendly atmo.-phere. Frank Sinatra's fist flinging as a climax to the Bing Crosby golf tournament practically has him taking bows. Joining Dean _ „ , .... Martin's act at Las Vegas, hcjvolcanoes, storms, quipped: "I just got back from the Crosby tournament, where I was a big hit." world we live in. not something '.ZSSSU ' h " €lorc on!y standard; A _ APARTMENTS tions arc authorized. ! ERRORS k. _ « _ r . ' Where an error is made on the part Has a team Of Camera experts: of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the ranging the world. They arcf ac " "notified by 9 a.m. day foi- ° , ' . a 1 : lowing first insertion, correction will photographing the interiors Of made and the ad will be run PALM GARDENS Extra large deluxe 2 bedroom. Built- ins. carpeting, air conditioning. Lots of storage. Heated pool. Only SI20. 70 X. San Mateo. Apt. S. „,„,:.„ properly one additional Hay. Sunrises.; The Redlands Daily Facts will not; ELEGANT There is now exactly S3 mil lion invested in screenplays j based on James Michener's best; false dawns. Skies by day and 1x5 responsible for more than one in-! night, bubbling hot springs, seal 00 ""' ,nser,ion - \ shells, underwater life, forest fires, the melting of snows, the movement of ice and thawing of rivers." Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Green Stamps ! THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. State pnone 7S3-236fi While directing a movie. A! seller "Hawaii." Plans to film fred Hitchcock never looks'like J_ jjSf and FoUtld the entire book have bee nine's directing a movie, a n d L °f„l^'.-^. jadc rmg go:d iC '" shelved in favor of just telling the story from the arrival of the missionaries to modern Hawaii. There's also talk about having Walt Disney's artists recreate the opening chapter in which Michcncr told how the islands were created. In the competition for mother of the year, how about the mother of actor Telly Savalas? When he was cast in George Stevens' "The Greatest Story Ever Told," he announced the news to his mother. Mama enthused: "Son, you will make a wonderful Jesus." "But mother," said Telly, "I'm playing Pontius Pilate." After a moment of silence, mama said: "Son, take the money anyway." there's good reason. Says he: "I don't direct on the set. 2 PerSOfialS When my writers give me a; COIN collection for sale, an or pan. script I re-dictate a visual script! s™- 72 " 3 - Banning, and then I just write with a! o c_. r » i ii camera for the screen. The dra-j JL • i P ec i5' nOHCeS _ ma is on the screen, not on the' PLBLIC^OCTTON- ON THE bedroom. 2 bath furnished apartment. Adults only. No pets. 5175 month. 6 months lease. PHIL Ll'KEI. Realtor. 793-2855 Brookside Patios 711 Broofoide Ave. LLXL'RY APARTMENTS Private patios or balcomc-. Extra l .irRO rooms and closets. Krce circulating i:ot water. Heated swim- m:n2 pool. Recreation area. Off >trcct parkins. 1 bedroom. $113; Z i>cdrooms. I bdth. from $130: 2 bedroom?.. 2 baths. SHQ. Manager. No. 3. 7p:i-4273. Plantation House Apartments * 2 BEDROOMS • Carpeting • Drapes • Refriperator ^ K.incc + Refricerative Cooling ^ Patio + Recreation Room June Haver is one of the Hollywood victims of infectious hepatitis. She's at St. John's hospi- sct." There was drama off the set. however, when Hitch worked years ago for producer David} 0. Selznick. The producer was worried at the time about the title for the hit Ingrid Bergman- Leslie Howard movie "Intermezzo." A better title, he decided, would add to the box-o f f i c e draw. He offered a prize of $100 to any member of his staff who came up with a substitute title he thought had more audience appeal. The film was released as "Intermezzo," and Selznick never once mentioned the title Hitch suggested. It was: "There's Many a New Tunc Played on an Old Fiddle." "The Finest in Apartment Living" n.iO W. Slate Manager. Apt. It Terrace Garden TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW PROPERTY 3 a m . Feb. 20. 19M. Item I. Parcel of land containing approximately 1.37 acres located easterly of the Massachusetts Ave. off-.-amp. City of San Bernardino: zoninc, C-2: minimum bid $7,000: minimum dc- An^rfrntinTr posit S340. Hem 2. Parcel ol l B nd ' r\ya l I men I S containing approximately 3 65 acres Furnished or Unlurnished located northerly of the Freewav. .• - bedrooms • Private patios southerly of E St. extension. Conn- •• H:mse Fenced tv of San Bernardino: zoning M-I; • Carpeting • Air-conditioning minimum bid SI4.50O: minimum • Healed pool * Drapes deposit 51365. Item 3. parcel of. • 1 s,or >" .• Spacious room! land containing approximately • $125 month 2 109 acres with 491 sq. ft. frame-i Laundry facilities. Pets allowed, stucco building located southerly! Children OK. of the Freewav. easterly of Hunt's Mgr. No. 3 Lane: portion in City of San Ber- »- THE TERRACE. KEDLANPS nardino. portion in County of San OOf) OOfi C ,4.:|| P _, n Ave Bernardino; zoning M-l; minimum] 'iU-70U OTIIImdn A\Ve. bid $3500; minimum deposit S945. '• Is the Place to Live Item 4. parcel of land containing! PATIO PARTMFMT 's approximately 2.31 acres located r " ,lu r /-M\ I IVII.I > u southerly of the Freeway: caster-: 2 bedrooms, built-lns. air conditioned. Iv of Curtis Ave-. County of San! carpeted, large private covered Bernardino; zoning M-l: minimum! patio*. Extra storage rooms. Near bid $4,000: minimum deposit $560.j l r . of R., Sylvan Park, schools. For further information call San! Quiet area. $125 month. Bernardino TU 9-6511 or inquire I Ear. 4 , on Colton to Chapel St.. turn Division of Highways, 247 3rd St.. j right to Stillman. then right. Man- San Bernardino. 1 ager. Apartment H. Employment Wanted | TREts removed, lopped. Free haul- 1 , ing. Free estimates. 792.3076- I EXPERIENCED gardener: have few openings. Monthly. 79-''-1333 eves, , CARPENTER, cabinet work, remodel".| paint, by hour. Tony Smit. 792-U13. j PAINTING —A-l workmanship, rca- 1 sonablc. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. CARPENTER work, repairs rnqdeling. by hour. 793-4016. GARDENING. rototiMing, lawn service 796-0922. 4 or new lawns. CARPENTEH. cabinet maker, small al- wonderment at Miss Grimes' HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Des-fand that one spent primarily in! ^x ^i^T^ try rode again Friday night,' this time on the ABC television network. The well - known western hero, light of heart and wary of turmoil, turned up in a new one-hour series entitled of all things, "Destry." This is how the western ends, not with a gallop, but a trot. "Destry" replaces the long- running "77 Sunset Strip," and is ABC-TV's latest attempt to find a worthy successor to its droll and successful western of yesteryear, "Maverick." Unfortunately, its new star, John Gavin, docs not appear to have the comic flair of "Maverick' heroes James Garner and Jack Kelly. And even if he did, Frilay night's leaden script would have taxed the abilities of anyone seeking humor in it. Another note of sheer coinci dence: In the new series, Des try is looking for a fellow who framed him in an embezzlement, in order to clear his name. This bears a faint plot similarity to another successful ABC-TV series, "The Fugitive.' None of this really matters because "Destry" is less exciting than, say, living in Mineola, N. Y. In Friday night's debut, he got involved with a saloon singer (Tammy Grimes) and a mining company investigator .(Broderick .Crawford) who were looking for $100,000 in stolen, buried gold — each for different reasons. The law.; of course, got it after an hour! ns. 797-0596. PAINTING and decorating, paper, ing. carpentrv. 793-M62 or 792-2661. presence in such doodling. «w» Previously, the role of "Des-| 6 Help Wanted try" has been played by Tom | HOUEEKEEPF;R~— Mix, James Stewart and Audie Murphy in the movies, and by Andy Griffith in a Broadway musical. ABC sums up the character like this: "As Destry sees it, a hero is a man who thinks slower than a coward." In short, he is timely, if nothing else. The Channel Swim: An African safari is seen on "CBS Sports Spectacular" March 1 .. .The Mexican location filming of the movie "Night of the Iguana" is the subject of NBC- TV's "Hollywood and the i Stars" March 2.. .ABC-TV is' reported interested in broadcasting major league baseball games in prime time on Mondays. Andy Williams returns to a regular series on NBC-TV next season.. .Jonathan Winters will do six specials on the same network — plus six to eight j guest shots with Williams... Also next season, NBC-TV's Monday Night Movies shift to Wednesday. ! Martin Milncr, star of CBS TV's "Route 66" marries ani heiress in an upcoming episode j as the series draws to a close. CBS-TV is considering for the fall a situation comedy with weird Charles Adams - type characters; the recently - shot driver's license. Devel-A-con, Inc. ^36 Brookside 793-2518 The Palmbrook One Story — New — Garden Apartment _ Homes ri- Every convenience for gracious living in Redlands distinguished new apartment area. Secluded, but close in conveniences. Combined quality and space at moderate prices. Individual garden plots for the "green thumb." Pool, private patios, recreation lounge. Carpeted, drapes, sound-proofed, insulated, soft water. I and 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Adults. No pets. 930 PALMBROOK DRIVE (Near Ash and Brooteide* Resident Mgr. Act. 1 792-6928 as seen through the eyes of four of its citizens, is the subject of CBS TV's "One of a Kind" series Feb. 23. . , „ . test film included tred GWynne NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE _j T >T_„I,,1I in off n ^ Notice is hereby given that carl (and Joan Marshall.. .An affec- W. Ihrig. of 1405 West Park Ave..' tionate view of Dublin Redlands. California, intends to sell 1 to Donald H. Brumbaugh, of 509 West Cypress, Redlands. California, All stock in trade, fixtures, and equipment as appears on a physical inventory taken for this purpose on February 10. 1964. of that retail gasoline filling station business, known as C i L Shell Service, and located at 1405 West Redlands Blvd., Redlands. California, and that a sale, transfer and assignment of the same will be made, and the consideration therefor will be paid on or after March 10, 1964 at the escrow department of Westward Escrow Company, at 4137 Almond Street. P. O Box 389, Riverside. California. The consideration therefor will be paid as follows: Cash thru Escrow. Dalcd February 10, 1961. Buyer: DONALD H. BRUMBAUGH. Seller: CARL W. IHRIG. By Loueva Y. Ihrig. 'I'll tell you something- else clothes can do besides 'make the man*! They can break the father!" VALUE Sarong's Criss-Cross girdles and bras keep their shape and control after months of wearings and machine washings. For personal fitting Inez Hebbard For full details turn to The HARRIS Company Ad on Page 3 NOTICE OF CONSTABLE'S SALE Case No. 31725 BV VIRTUE of an execution Issued out of the Municipal Court of San Bernardino Judicial District, County of San Bernardino. State of California, dated January 16. 1964. in an action wherein SAN BERNARDINO BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION. INC.. a Corporation, as plaintiffs on December 23. 196.7. recovered judgment against GEORGE MAYNARD LONG, aka C. MAYNARD LONG, aka MAYNARD G. LONG, aka G. M. LONG and/or MABEL LONG, akaj MRS. GEORGE MAYNARD LONG.' aka MRS. MAYNARD G. LONG, for the sum of $511.67 lawful money of the United States, besides costs and interest, etc.. I have levied on the following described property, to-wit: Located at 1665 Garden, Redlands. Garden Ct. Sub Portion Lot 4 comm at Intersection of Southerly Line of Lot 4 with the Northerly line of Garden St.. thence No. 55 Degrees 59 Mln. west 131.30 ft. thence No. 38 degrees west 4.74 feet thence No. 43 degrees 37 Min. East 162.86 feet thence So. 56 degrees 15 Min. East 33.85 feet thence North 60 degrees 51 Mm. East 43.90 feet to a point on Southerly line [ said Lot 4. thence So. 21 degrees i 40 Min. west along said line to point of beginning. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on Friday. March 13. 1064. at 2:00 p.m. at Front of Justice Court. 216 Brookside. Redlands. County ot San Bernardino. State of California, I will sell all the right, title and interest of said defendants jn and to the above described property, at Public Auction, for lawful money, to the highest and best bidder, to satisfy said execution and .ill costs. Dated February 7. 1964 at Redlands, California. CHARLEY FRANCIS. Constable of Redlands Judicial District. County of of San Bernardino. By MARY SLAUGHTER. Deputy. Variety Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Vehicle 4 Appear 8 Stuff. 12 Follower 13 Brazilian state 14 Chest rattle 15 Parent 16 Gullet 18 Bombarded 20 Entries in ledgers 21 Nothing 22 Gaelic 24Butterbits 26 Egyptian goddess 27 Harden, as cement 30 Kind of type fprint.) 32 Judicial writ 34 Unruffled 35 Aphrodite's beloved (myth.) 36 At all 37 Indigo 39 Frosts 40Geraint'swifo in Arthurian legend 41 Mariner's direction 42 Go 45 Penetrated 49 Amuse 51 Before 52 Famous BritisI; school 53 Spanish jar 54FIaxldial.) 55 Social unit 56 Chemical suffixes 57 Hitherto vows 1 Offers 2 Western state 3 Settled 4 Incantation, 5 Comfort 6 Eats away 7 Cartograpii S Container SFrenzy 10 Chemical substance 31 Disorder 17 Greeted x villain 19 Kind of lace 23 Opponent 24 Italian community 25 Solar disk 26 Ancient tribe of Britons 27 Honestly 23 Iroquoiaa 29 Hardy heroine 31 More trifling 33 Din 38 Utopian standards 40 Happening 41 Heating devices 50 Also 42 Dregs •43 Grafted (herJ 44 Above 46 Egyptian stream 47 Great Lake 48 Depression 1 i 3 • 5- 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 u 15 15 If 18 19 21 24 25 23 W 30 31 34 56 • 40 El 42 43 44 4T 43 50 51 52 53 ST 55 56 5f - 1!

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