The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 9
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DELINQUENT TAX LIST Treasurer's Office and ex-Offlcio Tax Collector's Office. City of Bakera- neKl. December 4. 1908. PREAMBLE. PUBLIC NOTIC13 IS HEREBY U1V- en that default Laving been made In payment of taxes duo the City of Bak- ersfleld for the vwar 1908. upon the hereinafter described real and personal proper* v. I. A. W caber. Treasurer of- said City and ex-ofllclo Tax Collector of said City, by virtue ot the power and authority in me vested by the law and Ordinance No. 9 of said City of Bakersfleld. entitled, "An Ordinance Regulating the Assessment of Property In the City of Hiikerslleld. and the Collection of Taxes thereon." passed and approved bv I he Board of Trustees of said City March 4. 1898. will upon MONDAY, December 28 1908 at the hour of 12 o'clock, m.. at the City Hall In said City of Bakersfleld. Bell by declaration and by operation of law, unless the taxes delinquent. together w'th the costs and percentage are paid, the hereinafter described real property upon which such taxes nre a linn. Dated, City of Hakoraflcld. December 4. 1908. f A. WRABRH. Treasurer and Rx-Offlclo TUX Collector of said Cltv of Bakerslteld. Arlington Hotel, personal prop- Alien. C Abbott. ] H.. ... and costs .. lot -I. block 1C!) s nnd costs .. _.. lots 4. 5. 6. block 13T). Tuxes and costs Beginning 40 feet north wf southeast corner block 16S. thence north 40 feet: west 122 feet: south 45 feet: east Vi'i feet: to beginning. Tuxes and costs .... Beginning at southeast corner Block 1(iS. thence north 40 feet; west 122 feet- south 40 feet: east 122-feet: to beginning. Taxes and costs B Brown. R. A., in the Lowell Addition, lots 1 and 2. block 19. Taxes and costs .... Banduccl. A., lot :t. block 149. .$ !U7 1.4C 4.G;{ 3.10 3.10 'Taxes and "costs 9. block 169. 2.55 1.26 ... _._Taxes and __ Brown. Irene w.. lots costs 1.46 ' 1 and 2. U N OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF USEFUL E I K E S E M cp O R I U M PRESENT^ AT PRICES FAR BELOW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. Bernltz. Brown. Oi Baker. axes and costs ..... 6.41 Blodeet. Blodget. ces and coats jve property assess„. A.. Tot ft. ptock' 182. Paxes and costs ..... , A., personal property "axes and costs ..... x>ts 8 and 7. block 384. Taxes and costs....... fn the Lowell. Addition jots 157 16. block So. axes and costs v n.the City of Bakers- leld. Chester tract, commencing at " nolnt 360 feet north of son' east corner of norL. west Quarter of northeast Quarter section 'M. township 29 south, ranee 27 east, thence north 320 feet, west 407 1-10 feet, -orth 40 feet, west 120 9-10 feet, south 360 feet, east 523 st to beginning. terest'ln"" commencing thwest 14. then .,_ .3et. easu irth 27 1-2 feet..west feet, to beginning. 5.14 2.68 4,67 1.64 1.67 . axes and costs ...... 41.46 ndivided; quarter corner uth eet Cannell. Taxes and costs 0 T. A., mortgage inte: eat fn commencing 56. feet, north and 189 feet 2.7< .,--- and east of southwest corner of southeast quarter of southeast quarter section 25. township 29 south, range 27 past, thence north reef, east 33 feet, south 99 feet, west 'M ilnning. south 99 feet feet to beglni Taxes anff co Cornmenclng, i north and 136 6.44 leteaft of aoTfffiwest" corner of southeast quarter section, 257 township 29 south, range 27 east, thence east 33 f( ' north 99 leek w.est 'eet. south f eglnnlng. xes and costs 6.44 'eet to Bucbti. ,co»U ..... 18.3& , in, thejCo»- :, .- _,_- on. low 11 and la. olock TJ). , Bon Taxes and costs ..... 8.82 J Johnson. .August, lot l. block _ . .axes and costs , ---- 2.89 Jackson. Qeorge L.. Tots 19. 20. Taxes and costs ..... 1-87 Fieri. L... , its 7. 8. block 149. 'axes. and. costs .. — >ts 6. «. block 149. izes and !itv of _. ludnut tract fiakeratieTd'. ct. all block Rlettlng. Victoria, n quarter ol lot ...,.„ Krull. C. jF&jteesu-ttf. fa ft" r 6 - ™Taxes and costs L 2. 3. 4. 5. Lolzeaux, L. p.. . block 4 1 Long. J. .L. lots i. ., . » ,. /raxes and Lotello. Juan. In. the Jit ion. lot 1 Lewis. M*" 28 -"^ Laird. ock' '126. "bto: *fcti"tt. 1.18 5.96 3.35 11.08 1.05 Rosnagle. Edmund J. lot 6. block 6JIU. _, , Tuxes and costs...... Heeding. ,Oeo. c! lots 14. 15. block 125. „ , Taxes .and costs ,,..,. Rehraan. Jr., .John, lot 10. block Tux'i axes and costs , .. i «-*^v*ijl MUU \t\jKvt-n _» • « j * RoRptnever. Estate of J. . V. lots 12. IS. block lir.. Taxes Lot J. Tuxefi and coi n the Lowell ot 18. block as and COB' Ie. in the -..tlon. lots ock 94. ^ and , T ... in .the dUfqo. lots Roheskv Rood. — -•'98 1 east 121 60 ,f«et. 1.50 Lowell Ta \0i Above property asaess- „ ml to M. H. Slsson. Caldwcll. Mary J.. personal property. Lots 9 and 10. block . ..Taxes and coats ..... Campbell. Mary _E... lot 1 and :. block 2 costs 9 . . . . , cit.v of Jn citv Souths outhern , commencing point 82 1-2 feet cor- ence of northwest IJOCK 22. th 82.1-2 feet, s Caldwell. .'axes a Cookendorfer. 3. „.. Bakersneld. addition at a east ner east __ . _ 264 feet, west.— . _ feet, north 264 feet, to beginning. Taxes and costs . .Hoot.. In, the Lowell Addition; lots 14, 15, _, , Taxes and cost Carlson. A., begjnplnir st ana 4», ., southwest corne _. southeast Quarter 01 southeast uuart section 25. tow son til. range thence north 33 feel east 136 5-10 fee . sguth _ 33. feet. . west 3.91 18.38 n , -."feet eet north 2.96 5.76 'axes and costs mencing at 'eet south of corner of ;ui. thence Hi lrtt.>orta feet, to beginning, ne- ing a portion of Diock Taxes and costs ...... Commencing at a point on west line of L street 288 76-100 feet south of center line of fata street intended: thence, wait 122 feet to east line of, alley, through block .392. tnence south along ne of said alley. r jt: tnence., east _. .'eet to .west line of L street, thence north J feet to noint of be- 1 Inning, axes and cos'- ..... d ana Improvement oanv., Lowell addl- ion. lot 11. except 25 eet off east end block es and costs„...,... s 4. 5. 6. 10.. 11. r _3c S. . t axes and coats ...... Lotsl lp 6 inc.. 12. 13. 4.Ti)R>ck 9. I^Wnsr-n. •'•*•»:•« 3.23 13.40 T. , , .'axes and Rodriguez. FrancTi Jewell. costs...... 16. inc. 1.5.1 1.18 3.37 5.69 5.96 2.76 11.69 5.96 1.18 i. its ...4,.. _,;v of Bu- judnut tract, and" east 25 set. lots 1. 2, plock i2C. ''lues and costs 8 Spltler. Cluis.. personal proper! v Taxes and .costs Diock 186. „ L - Taxes and COS.IR Suhr. C. ami R. Tot 3. b'-'Ck 169. Taxes and. coat B Skinner, Newton J. lots 7. 8. block 226. Taxes and costs ,.,..,. Sweet. N. §.. lots IT. 18. block Taxes and costs Lot 10, and north 8 ft lot 9. block 576. .Taxes and costs . Ifda S.. mortgage, inter- t (n the Lowell.add '8 1. 2. block 4.05 8.14 4.26 2.41 1.18 2.14 1.S7 1.80 i.or, 1.46 L'.L'T .91 1.7:! 8.42 fi.23 M. D. & M.. containing 160 acres .......edTone-elghth Interest In S F tne SM> ot section 10. town. range 21 K.. Si. I). U. & M. ne 160 acres more nr less. . . . ..... ... more or less. Also, ' ' Ided. ship 30 „. containing _. . ....... _,_.. ... _____ Also unt 1 Bet of single harness nuiv be found for inspection dence of I. T. Curtis ut Kern Cuiiiitv. California. Bids and offers In writing a rjje cKll McKlltiiok. g fur said real and personal property will be re- I .. . . by tup salil adml _. f s said office, or mav bo f clfirk of the ce \n th cent oenv Held. Kern cei oa.. of Hah ilHtrntor at C. Ul ..111. UV II. I'll Wltll til" v e above named Court at his e court house. In Hnlicrs- Count v. California, ten oer te amount bid must accotn- ; bid. bain nee on con Urination bv said superior, court. IJeod ..- -..-at tho i-'Xiiense of purchaser. W. A. Administrator of the estat , Krirltson. (leceaHiul Matthew S. mtnlstralor. Date of llrst i I'His. . MrCINN. ot K . mll . Plats, attornev for ud- publication. December 12-1 In the of K-— SUMMONS. I iesday». Jji^ in Kern. Returns ruesdayi _, Urns, BARBEAU ft ROQUBTTB. tt Pronrlttofi *'. NOTICE TO PROVINO fc uperior Court of Uie County Kern, tate of Cn Horn n, Ethel Kounuette. Plaintiff Smith. Ell 17.S4 LOG Superior Countv of Kern. Sjiite of no, tlie Complaint fljed In . of "Kern, in the office of tute of CnllfornL.,. „ -. ..ounuette. Plaintiff vs. Peter RoiKiuotte, Defendant. Act'-in brought In . the Court of the Countv of Ke California, a " Bald Countv _ „. the .CTejrk of said Superior Court. .The People of the .State of California send greeting to Peter RouQtiette, defendant. , You are hereby required to appear In an action Drought against you uy the. above-named plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California, and to answi " Complaint filed therein, wlthii du'-s (exclusive of the dav of »e In the Superior v°un ot,th» of Kent. State- of Collfornia. In tlii' matter of tho estate rich Ainrust< Notice la hereby given. lnt& Uie 14th dav of December. < at 10 o clock. a v m. of thai.- the Courtroom. Department 1. Court, at tht! Court Hoi County of Kern. State ol have been appointed us the place for proving the will. ,.- Helurlcn Aummt OildemelBter, ceased, now on tile in said Co for hearing i'-ie application ol MohiiH for tho Issuance to qlm.o ters of Administration with the annexed thereon. . . I. L. MlLLxuK. vJIorK.. Thna. Scott. TllOS. Scott, JUT.. & Wright. Attorneys for Nov. 19. A. D. 1908. 11-1* SUMMONS In the Superior CQtirX of Jh« CoualT of Kern. State of J. O. HodgenB. Bow Oil Company. , " tlon Brought in. e County of iiittornia. and the Cotj' ild. wer the, bin ten lav of service) inter service on von <»f this Summons. If served wltlilu Bald Count v: if served elsewhere, wltllln thirl v davs. And juu are herebv notified that If vim fall to HO appear and answer, the plaintiff will take, Uidicnient for anv inonev or damages doiimiided In the Cgmnlalnt ns arlslntr upon Contract, or ilv to thi' Court for anv other inunued In the Complaint. ...,nc*Bti my hand and the Seal of said Superior Court of the Countv of Kern.^ State .of. California, this 16th 6. Boi .axes and costs jots 1. 2. 6. to Sine. 3 and 14. block 30. 'axes and costs. ...... ,n block 31 tow Inc. „, Taxes and posts ..... 34.36 . Jl except lot 2. block ' 'ajtes and 0 costs >,.... . ,pta 1 to 8. inc. block ' 'axes and costs ...... ; Arts 4,j» to 16. inc. flock 45.. Coronado. . , Taxe Cunnlneham. ijra ..„— 33 feet. . ..^ 136 5-10 feet to begl nine. Taxes and costs ,..... nsunnuh. lot 5. block an'd m. . A. ., Lowell Aoditfo east quarter .68 2.76 4,32 6.62 Jeo.. \- "-• • • • Taxes and costs 1.18 O Dlnkelsnlel. Estate of L. M.. personal property. Taxes nnd costs 4.67 ots 7. 8. block 284. Taxes and costs 61.49 Damn!. J. J.. lot 1. block 172. Taxes and costs 1.12 E Edmlnston. T. A., lot 7. block Taxea and costs ...... 6.28 Mrs. R. ,R.. Jots L 1 3. and 4. block 155. Taxes and costs 7.05 Freeman. G. R. lot 20. block 238. „ „ Taxes and costs ..... G.28 Ferguson. A./..lots 19 nnd 20. south 15 feet lot 18. Vilock 484. Tajces.and cos\s Mn.'baueh. el Jj, If 1UVIV L _ Taxes anff costs Rmerv, axes and costs . Sarah .).. In the Low- 1 Admtlon. lots 7 and block 70. 1.46 5.22 L«.t (rlraulf. estnte of Andre, cltv of nakersflaliL ,,,Hu- ' tract, lots 11. 12 an block B. , Taxes and costs. .. G.raud. J ft nX fttj' t o? U fo r S Ihaterai 0116881 Taxes and costs H Howard, Bprl. personal property. . Taxes and costs ...... 1 in the JLowefl addition lot 4. block 26, Taxes and .costs Hinds. O. L.. lot 8 block 186. Taxes and co"»- ..... Ren/.l. moricrnite inter.•si In lots II to J5 (ne, block 237. . „.„, Tuxes and costs 25.07 Aliove iironertv assessed to J. M. Hunter et Holly wood,'NeJlle^.CUv .of Bak 5.41 4.12 3.50 .,. ' 'axes and x>ts 1. 2. S - . lot'W et off east osts ilock' ad'14 "axes and costs..... I iH blocks 12 and 73. a ?axos i and costs to 12 Inc. block and costs oc 7.. axes and ts 1 iixes and. i ^est half feet bv 150 northwest . southeast. west half. 4.46 1.59 1.26 3.03 4.60 13.06 15.52 2.53 5.6S 3.64 5.96 costs 4.87 5.90 except '75 feet in corner, quarter, nartnea^ Inc. to~8. inc. block south hal 6.37 Taxes and costs ..... Bust naif.of, southeast auarter block H. „ „„ Taxes and costs 2.6<! Molina. Jesus, in the Lowell art- dltlon. lot 14. olock 18. and coats Morgan. Migrana. .. terest In. Hudn lot 8. Dlock Y. Taxes and coBt Above orppertv lortgaee tn- ' .ut tract. . coBts UBSt'SB- llut'hes. 4.40 3.60 2.41 1.26 2.14 lots Taxes and gostp <,..<• Homer. W. ft., lots 12. 15. block .telo? (1 17^ock-'4W. ' !l - C f| 8 block Harrison. and coBts. , t in .the Lowell lots 6 - *• 3.10 2.41 2.00 .99 2.14 L outhe elnnjn west cor bloc ce n east 100 e 30 feet, west I north SO feet 1.94 3.25 1.4fi Morgan. raxes ana costs O O'Neill. John. In the Lowell ail dltlon. loin 7. 8. block Taxes and costs — JP Preston. J I... I Putnam, &n!mwi$ ' an^ costs „ .,. >n. Mocfi .Taxes and Phelps. P.. persona costs axes and costs ^ Pogson. Anrne L.. wrest Jn. cnjleld. » . e; es and costs ff 1.18 2.55 6.72 2.08 2.62 2.00 3.23 .HBC.8S- cra._ Associated ^Supply Company Oil Well Tools and Supplies Phones Main 19 and 1O26 STORES AT Oilcenter, McRitricK and Coalinga Ylck. Jon. j'n'xeH and costs 7.60 Above propi ' fd to Maud Smart. Sn*. fe Slams, H uerionaT pr'opeVtv.' axes and costs 12.10 RS anil costs' 19.34 jersonal property. j. west naif of lot ock 250. 'axes and costs 3.37 r> n .. run «..| nroporty. ].•}(> •«,-".. j'^ Lot 5. jj. bloc .'Paxes , W.. ItClB**! Taxes and In the l Jots 1. 2 ind costs n the Ixiwell addition. ". 3. 4. block 75. Complain win iipiil relief di't WttneK said Sup Kern. St , dav of .luTv. A. D. 1906. (Seal) I. L. MILLRU.Clerk. By Bodcl Smith, Deputy Clerk. Rowen Irwln and J. W. .P. Lalnl. attorneys for plaintiff. 11-18 „ Action Court oT tl California, and the ComPla, o.llrl f'fiuitttr nt KofH Jn tl ""'t'b v e v 'People*"6f tne State nla send (Treating to Silver Company. Defendant. You are hereby reouired to In an action bruugnt against the above-named plaintiff, in nerlor Court of the County Ol state of California, antf to answer Complaint Pled therein, within. (lavs (exclusive of the dav of servi ufter service, on vqu of this Sunun If served within sold Countv: If aei elsewjiere. within thirty dkvs. And you are hereby notified tha t'ou fail to so appear and answer, Plaintiff will take fudiunent tor money or damaceh demanaed 1alnt as arlHing upon Con pplv to the Court for any demanded in the Comolai r 0 ^ ltnesB my nand and the 8« Superior Court of, the^Goun: n. State of California, this 2m 2.14 .04 'faxes' arid' costs T Tlblx'tts/ Lizzie, in the Lowell addition, north 6 feet lot lf>, block 28. Taxes and costs V Voclkere. Helen, lot 4 and south half loi 5. block GlMi. Taxes and coats 7.87 W Wrl-ht. Mrs. B. C.. lot 10 and • IK feel lot 9. block 429. faxes and costs ..... Wllklns. M/7,lp. In the Ixiwe 1 addition, lot 2. Block I8.or. Wearing. xes and Ton. 1( costs the. . jl NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prl/,o Oil Company. Prlnct pal place of business. Bukerslteld. Kern t'ountv. California. Notice is herebv given that at. .. meeting of the directors, held on tue 21 st day of November. 1908. an assessment of one cept, per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to the undersigned secretary of said corporation, at rooms 203-204 Producers Savings Hank biilldlnc. UakerttOeld. Kern CountT. California. Anv stock ment shall n the 11th <lav ... delliiauent. and ._ pubjlc auction, anil unless payment IB tnn( the hour lintiuent costs of sale upon whic ent shafl renuilji uiipaiil on Tuesday, llth (lav o.f January. HM>9. will bo advertised for stilts at h this Id on T iiiatient and advertised for suits at ijlc auction, and unless payment Is le before, will be si Id on Saturday. ritn dav of February. 19»!». at the ir of 2 o'clock p. in. to pay the de- t»iri>tlif>r ami .expens F. E. BOKTEN, Socy. pro tern. de- wltn s of Taxes and costs 1.18 to- Ben Cohn went to Los Angeles day on the noon train. Arthur Shaw returned on No. 107 today from a business trip to Los An- 0>s*lno ASSESSMENT NOTICE. A rm In ta Of 1. Cop Inta Oil Compflay, a corporation. 'fief/. ™« f ° Ce Ol *>" [ce ta herebv given: ""•• ng or the director- J Com pan v. a co th day of. Dece., That «t a the.Anpln- II run, , ors of t _ Wi ,_ . 'Doratlo. — the 7th day of, December. 1908. an assessment of six and one-fourth cents <6Vlc) per shar.o w.o.s levied upon the camtal sto able on o 19th. 1909. at 104? I Any stock hall remain unpaid on the 9t 'eoruary. 1909. will be dejlnQ .dyertls.«d for sale at public stock of said or oeforo to A. B. street.. " corporation, im.v- 'ucsday. January Imore. jecretarv. 'respo. California, ih tnU assessment .„„,. -- - .. .on th _ _. . . _ruary. 1909. will be dellnauont and advertlsnd for sale at public auction, and unless payment Is made before will be so d on Tuesdav, tho, 2nd dav of March.' 1909. to pav the dellnauent as- scssrnent. toeether with costs of ad „ NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. , . Kern-Utah Oil Company. Principal & laoe of business, ounty. Canfprnla. Notice is hereby of ounty. C; ce I.. meetine of on the^ird da UBsestiuient Bakersfleld. Kern elven that at a stock of the mediately to of said ay of per phare was levied upon tho directors, heh of December, la08. un f a cent one-quarter led oni _.,,. .— —.^ und~ laid, corporation ce. BaKerBneld. Kern tno corporation, payi the undersigned •li the .capital ublr '— at the aher County. :k upon which thlsassess- _ rornaln. unpaid on Jvednes- ie 6th day of Januapf. 1909. will ouentand advertised tor sale ic auction, and. unless payment e bejpre. will pe sold on Moni 25th. day of January. 1909. our of 2 o'clock p. m. to pav ellnauent iiBBessment. together costs of Hdvortlslug and ttxpens- tbe sale. order of the Jloard of Dlreclorn. T. A. rV.\KBR. Hecrtstarv. la. „ In the Superior Court in and for Uie County of Kern. State of Ciiltfornla. „ la the matter of the Eatate of EmII Erlckson, TJeceas«d. Notice is hereby given that In pur- Luance of an order Qf r ,the Sunerior of. the Countv of Kern. State of e .on the 30th day of n the matter of the cksqn, deceased, the the le to coin oject to , -Jourt, on December. ,d admluls- louse.. in "Bokers- of Caufornlu. orn! . iovember. estate of E un.q.erslgnei st o 7 ] pitei confirmation )8. at the office , f orjn t tb< the sal Bqn. deceas ministrator of m . at private r for cash, gi teg. ana su! e Superior day of L_ _ of,the said e court hout l^ate he tlme j of JtTe. and .L. bv, operation of law , aulred that time irtain ,te. , — interest mil Krl iis deat nterest t f l ..... ... _____ and estate , rlckson. deceased. .at and all the rfit ai the estate h d. other .than or Of the said Em 1 of ,nfs deatn. in in lot. piece, or in Brlckson. all that jT lands Countv a. and ivl ... ,, tne ID 20. S. ran containing Iso. . An undivided the awft of the and range. ri undivided SW/4 of th a in Bectian i?l_ea8LM. 8 73-100 a erreht: _ _.._ate bus or otherwise, ac' ttddlUon to son. at the and to ov;o. ui parcels o .. pad being In. t ; ate of Cailfqi Yr ... x descrlbea as follows, to- uurter Interest In the of secuon 31. tbwn- 21 east. M. D. B. & acres, more or leas. Interest 1. andjots * sjiln 3t _ container less. Goo" E. Whltaker!' Attofnev 'for SUMMONS."". ," _ "" In the Superior Court of the C*umlr Kern. St '- ' "- 1 '*—^ Ito I Como - ..ctlori broiiKhtln tl of tno Countv or Ke of "Kern. State ilia. T. MV'iroftena. Plainflft. vs. Bow Oil Company. Dele.! Action brough' I'prnia. an County i Clerk of .... The People nla send Company Superior Complaint Wed It i. In tne office o: iiperlor Court, f the State of Calli greeting to Silver Bow . Defendiint Jountv of md the Cc of Kern. SaHl HUP^..vy. w".« ^ .... 5 of the State of Calltafc tlnir to Silver Bow *• Y ou are herebv reaulred to In nn action brouent against Ton the nbov'e-named plaintiff, in tne, ucrlor Cpjirr of the Countv of K< State of California, and. to answer Complaint filed therein, within duvs (exclusrve of tlie duv of servl after service on vou of this Sum If served within Bald County: Its Rooms 1!(!',!-«04 Producei'K Kaylngn bank b ill I ding. Hakt-rslleld. Kern Conn- tv. CailioTnla. 11-27 NOTICE OF~ASSESSM¥NTT" (Civil Codts of California.) Kern Countv Pipe lino and Sionme Company. Location of principal place i t business. Sun Francisco California, .ocutlon ot works. Kurn Countv. Call- ornia. Notice is herebv clvon, that at n meeting of the jBoaid of nlrectors. neln on the lllird dav of November. 1908. an aSBOisment No. 2. of 40 cents per share. W:IB Jevlea upon tno Issued capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in United States gold coin to the secretary at the office of the company. No. 669 California struet, San Francisco. California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Sat iii'dav. the 26th duv of December. IflflS will bo dejlnouent and advertised for sale at public auction: and unless Pirv ment Is rnade before, will be sold or FrldHv. the 15|h dav of Janiiarv. iilflS to pav the aoilnaiient asKosHinent. to- gpther with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. Bv order of the Board of Directors. „ Office. No. r.6!) California Sfreet r &an Francisco. California. 11-25 «"ls~e where'.' "wlihlh" thlrtv Ami vou aro ti«>rebv no^ days. Hi you aro ti«>rebv notified you fall to no aniiear anil answer. PliVlritiff will money .or damatrf'fl complaint us arlslne upon will atiulv to the. Court for any relief demanded In the coniPluint take UjilKment • • de Witness rnv hand and seal NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE-' SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. In the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. Htato of California. _ In tho matter ot tlio ebtate ot L. Gurlmau. deceased. Niftlce Is herebv given bv the under- nltined administrator of the estate or L. Uartmun.,,deceased, to the credllors of. and all piVsons having claims iVgalnst .thu ijald deceased, to exhibit lUMii tfFein with tlio necessary youcnerB wlunn four months alter the first publication of this notice to tno Bald ad- strator at his office In this court B. In (lie Cltv of Hakersfleld. itv of Kern. State of Cn Iforiila. H.'Uiio beliig ' InlniHtralor noiiHe. Countv ... ........ ...... .. . the sanio being the plan- for the transaction of uwduess of t.ald ostalc j'tlpn ... In Bald Kern Conntv. Dated October Jl. 190S. Public Admlnlstrntor'of'K« ttnd„ Administrator of th( L. Gartman. Deceased. Thos. Scott. Attorney for Administrator. 11-11 CG1NN. t ern County. he KHUito of . of (road- State tint at a NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Welling oil vv'ii'&nv. location •Inciuul place of PuslneBS. 1068 Bri way. Oakland. Alameda C< of Call forma. Notice IB norobv iHven ' r of tho Directors tiel av of Novemtier. 1908. an As...... .it of •' cents per share waH Jev- ii-d upon the caiiltal ntwK of the Corporation. 1'avabu' at. imi;i- to .). II. Kdson. Sfscroturv of said Wi'lllnu t)l Conipunv. ut his office, rooms IS ami •9. 1068 Broadwuv. Oakland, Alainoou 'ifornlii. Anv stock upon assessment BhujJ remain - ',h dav of December. tneoffng" o'f" tlTo"Kirector8"l)elU"bn"the ulnth dav of. November. .1908; . Cali this . or sale at pavment on tho 'UCte 6 / '110?^^°.^ ninth dav or iJeceuiber. delluauent and advertla: Public A,uction and uu- is .inudn before, will PO .a on the 28th duv of .Decom )8, at 8 u. m.. to pay uellnaiient isment tcirether with cost of ad f .Decomuer, ' as- ng~~aniriixnen8e o'flaTo. y order of the Boar ' of Directors. J, H. KDSON. Secretarv. Offlfce rooms 18 ami 19. 1068 r way. Oakland. Alameda Countv. Hta of California. ^ B. acres, more NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court of the County of,Kern. State of California. v/uuul ' y Iii the Matter of the Kstote of Alexander Bessuellle. deceased. Notice is hereby given, by tho un- dpiHlinied admjnltitrator of the eKtato of AR'xaniler J|e8sneinu. deceased to tho (-redliors of. and, all persons hav- ng claims against the said deceased to exhibit tpern with th« neceHBarv oucher.M..wlthln four months after (to -•- - r this .notice, 'whlca to Hald aamin Htr-i- f C. L. Chtlliii. )f Bakersfioltf ern Conntv. r .the transaction"ot "tlie puslness of ' DKSIRH BESSUKILLK, Administrator of the Estate of Alox- _^Hnqer,Be8Buelllq. Decfiiiaed. Dated November 19. 1908. 11-19 vouc first publication IH the date.nereo 001 An und lots 6.7. township divi . 36 less. JotVl. auction -. ,_. ranee ntalnlae 168 inqly'ided OBo-e :. .13. 14. IB. j , 6. towuanlp 8 -th Interest in and IJj of «^tigi fl. mer climate. acres, more DELONEOHA MOT SPRINGS. ""Mont remarkable nnnerai springs n California. An annotate cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BnKersfield in •Urra Nevada Mountains. Fine sun> flood nccommodntlonH. or Termi reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornloga betw>>eu I" | and 9 o'clock from Ar'tngtoii and Ocl " A ' f -lfMJIR. Cler*. Goo. E. Whltaker.Atty for Pltff. 11. DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is heroftv eivcn to sons ownlnc and keeping dogii, of tlie Cltv of Baki the llnilts that License lire now rea tice of the Ci of Producers and , . jyiB tor the vearj dv for dellverv at tki 'tv Clerk. In the oa Spying Blink bn' 5 IKS Ban ter the 15th dav of 1 proceed to imponi runnlne on the street nro not weurlne the license u .'T. k. COX. Poundmastw. Dated January 9. 1908. . ', of principal lield. Calif. Not Ico mtiiiting oT rne'lJ'rref tors', held NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Springfield Oil Company. t . ...... ........... u j,. co o f iiuslness. flu 01 nla. horr'bv elven . ... .no Directors hold on 23rd dav of November. 1UUS. a: R(!tisn)c.iit. of two (L 1 ) t't'iits pur L, was levied upo'i the capital Btoo.. jho corporation, puvuble Immudittt n t'ii)t(;d St.itoH trohl coin to t •etury of Bald corporation ut offlci, the company, room 1. Producera .inch bank bnlldint;, Ilakoi-Hfleld, i Anv stock upon which this HBB< tnent Hliall remain unpaid ou the -H dav ol Decembur, IWUS. will b« i llnriiiciit anil advertlBeu lor sale public Micilun and nnli'Hf) nav,ment ll be KO|<| on the IX or inife bel niient aHse's'iiVcnt.'tYigeiher wlt a ti anuarv. 1H09. to pav the th ises or I of Dlr :. Sucre roducer ,_. ,.rni d. Culifi . .._. advertiRlnii and expenses of aalo, Itv onier o7 the lloard of DlrocloTS. A. T. L Office, roo uB Bank iiiil streets. Vlakerafl the HoariT of Dlre< •iqilTNER. Jjocreta No. i. Producers i!'')? ^°ra«L.!»"> a fornia.. TAX COLLEOTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given ^&t tki axes on all personal property, one-half of the taxes on all real arty, will be due and payable on tM second Monday In October, and irtU be delinquent on the last Monday Hi November next tKerafter, at 6 Q'ol<Mi p, m., and unle%3 .pttldj ri pr}or..Ji«r«1& fifteen per cent will be added to ttffll amount thereof, and that', if aata on* half be not paid before the last MOtf day in April next, at 6 o'clock p, ,»., an additional five* per cent ' will b'l added thereU. ."'•"•• 1. That the remaining' one-half at the taxes on all real, property will tM payable on and after the first Uo» day in January next, and will bt £» llnquent on the fast Monday In AprU o'clock p. m, prior thereto added . to t»« next thereafter, at 6 and that unless paid five per cent will be amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, a« ber» In provided, is duo and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in th« office of the Tax Collector In th« county courthouse between the houn of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. u. an* 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax 10-1 Kern Connty, California. CREDITORS. for thi NOTICE TO In the ., j Superior Court In anil for th County of Kern, state of California. In tne matter of thu i-slafe "f Bmfl.v A. Spurlln. dncfiiiKpd. Notice la hercliv irivnn bv the un- irBjgtied admlnlatriitor (il the estata Kmllv A. Sniirllu. docfasoi). to tn« creditors of, and all porHons having claimB iicaliifit the said deceased, to exhibit fliein wfth tho neceasaty vouchers wltllln four nionilin after tn« first publication of t/iln untlce. to tnj Hjifd. adiuUilstrator at "- -~— J .3- T M;itlb('W niiiilstrator. Occidental hotels, and from M«tropole> 16.18W. 8. Plat'/,. utibliciitlon Novenil

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