The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 6
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TTl R BAKERRFTELT) CATJFORNIAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1908. (snrrnvF V.' .V. * ,„',!.. I, 10V/ AT OPERA THE CH an a' the Pale-: - T;--M t. e.ivi riye.v afternni'ti ati;l ;>•• I ineotn .1 Carter's ••• st.u'.v, "Too r-'oud in '•>••)• ::< said |,i he veil "', i;i'e;-estin.; ,-i:ni ">:• II- iiis tli it ivf!:ii 1 qiiiility iterr s( thai is late'y irei- rarity in melodrama. i mui'ii pat In -i and hub,-e hi' .< of cnmeiiy. The U'i '<> l.i- lii-l< l'nl ai ,1 rich i:i- very UIHII] p'ayerK ill"' 1 .!- Mm., thi' i wo ehildren ' !•-.11 •. i.i! :n- nthm. M r. ;'- ; - d, -i". 'i on :n inci- a de!e<'ti\- ( > Who : i' -i eil with a mei ••••'• leireil'l. Asi«le fl '..111 • -,-l I'lrP'i'u: r-iima.ves i!n:r i >t;S ever s-'een ' >n i'lav' .I'l'innd* 111 a .mind- L-< M'V sentiment and so- .r A very able 'cast In• ;'!'".-, . important roles : - r • hil.lp :i liii\e the slug?. A u"\!t:ate In road produe. tiona was ((•''..>• ;-d by a three years' • . leading woman at the tlinii'il Aveir;,- Hicater 111 Phllntlel i'ltin. Afterwards she filled similar i'ov.Uoiia in resident companies in ,-. vent] '.vejiei'M cities. Then came s'arrlnp tours of which the most am- 1 itioiis was In "Janico Meredith" In whldi <;.> sure; i (i.'ii .Mnry Mtmn»rlng. Vthoujrh Miss Stahl had always ;..• •} Id'-n'tflfd with emotional roles as eveinillfled in the Hernhardt »-ppcv- ti'i -i •. ii -.vim In Mr. Forbes' twenty ivlnu;-' vaudeville sUolch that she .i: -triu-d -lie I'nll resources of :.i!d quipment. It was til? ; •,•• -ivor -,- hlfh <ri . •• led' i= >r inim- e . haracterl/.itlon of Patricia t(.;i. 'he tviiii;.; ; horns girl of to- -ind a !Hrure new to contemporary ()'H rt ny ••Ira ma that led Mr. Forbes to place Ihe eharaeter In a ni w environment 'in 1 to ir.aUn |ipr the "iiiral figure of :- four art play. "The nionis l.r.dv "i! 1 " lie ;;••• n !•! place with ;'u:it opera for the present season, he qulie overlooked the fact. I that aside fp.r.1 n maid (necessary jwlth eV'M-y p:-ini:i donna) th,. "fad" of j the' day :in-.o:i.' the higher lights of the stage was the automobile. So when I he approached Mi** I>eih with his i proposition in mind — contract in ono ! hand and advance monetary retainer In the other— In his "rush and bustle" way, he f|ttl'e forgot that she must have some kind of a vehicle other than parlot cars: nnd sleepers to trave In. "\Y1lPti the s'limuirrfs Irid ear'.desaly scanned :!i" (-'"itraet. ':it;en the monetary eon:-;!''., ration without omment .and In'd !t a>!di-. 'he sf.nlie:! the problem then looli fquarr; ill the eye an 1 ' Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and Fine China eye I ride around Mie them?" ThiiiUliiri manager reidled. has a street car;" stress iiDiichah'ntly su not slam th.- iloor whe awoke to the fa,-: 'l,;u 5 .lolin Cort | said. "How do ^ \vhen I net to' a moment the ' .v every town when the SOUK- tnesjed that he n lu- went out ho ; he hail made a •W carry the finest lino of Imported sjnods to be found in the Vnlk-y. Imported Fi^ in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Fi<rs in boxes nnd uhis-s. Green Olives in bottles. California Glace Fruits. P'mard Prunes in slass. ShelleU Almonds. Lowney's Chocolates in fanev boxes. Beach Xut Preserves. Ileinxe's Mince Meat in stone crocks and bid;-. Remember we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A visit to our store will convince you of the superior quality of our goods and method of dmiitf business. Our stock of Ilavilaud .nnd Imported Hand Painted China is complete. uPoplo who have called'at our store in past week were amazed at our beautiful display of Havilund Han.I Painted China. Cut Glass. Brasses, Carving Sets. Steins and articles ri ^eneral. which appeal to Christinas shoppers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street town voted "wet," ami It Is because of thfs that the application is now made, It Is said. Today the members of the hoard held a conference to discuss the propriety of presenting a protest to the Kiipervlsors and although no decision \vtls reached it is prohable this well be doiio.---t,os Angeles Expres, BARBECUE AND PUBLIC SALE AT WIBLE ORCHARD. On Tuesday next at the Wilde or"hard, there is to he disposed of a i vast deal of personal properly, consisting of horses, mules, wagons, harness. trays, tools, etc., and in order to provide for the comfort of the people who all end, a free barbecue will be provided by the Wible Orchard and Vineyard Company. Thi> sa i e w ill be- irln at 0:30 n. m. an.; me barbecue will take place late in the afternoon. ,1/i-AN TO SHIP OIL FROM REDONDO BEACH. •IT. 1 i i.Ni'.O UKACIl, Dec. 10.—H. !io o: 1 San- Fi'.r,K''.:'eO. repre/enlini; I!. Shlriilshl, manager of a steamship line between the norihorn porl and llonc- '; liong, but only In HIP capacity of a. ' frieml. h (> say. has been fn Kedond" ' i"!en-cli In couferenrf- with harbor offl- i cials concernitiR the shipment of oil ' from here. Mr. Shiralshl now Is In Mexico City on steamship business for his line, which Is known as the Toyo Klsen Kaishl, but will be in Iledondo Beaqh in about two weeks, when It is expected that a decision will be reached on the details of oil cargoes for Japan. At present Mr. Slilrolshi is charter- inc; steamers, and it Is hoped to bring the boats to this port when arrangements are made to supply them with oil. -'•'I FAMOUS -V.ESSING ROOM SCENE IN "THE CHORUS LADY" i'W.i' important wo;-k entrusted in ilie rril-;ersfndd Opera House on itmv case. ; day eveuint;. • Som;tl-,ing About Rose Stahl. ] Lora Leib's Auto. V>: q'n--,. Henri-- !a Crosmap's sen- ||' anybody m.Ucos a cloud ot *sii)ii;il triumph ;•: "Mistress Nell" . darkenitiB t'lie horizon-hears a i.i--i, «!,,- we') i,. .in,, nlnbi 1','t-o-jnl-' den bn// and whirr, a short, ?:•/!! from Ne\v Yorl; critics as worthy i,.<i,t and sees a vl.-.ion of blonde •i. : :-';:-. has an :n tress scored a similar '* jsiice in Ihe lionl rank of American atrirs. h:e, an act re.w scop-d a similar .•fi.-Ti'r-iH titiiil Hose Siahl aii|)eared on : Sr^ii'/mhei- ls.i ai the Savoy theater in f*m<"* Knrhes' eomeilv "The Cliorns I tiSdy." Like Mis; ('ros«Mi:in. she was jtrwuV-all.v uuknowii ; c) Uroadwuy. To. 4Vr ulie is recoLMii/ed as a i-omedleniie jif vninue capacity for In the words of !<7l \'-ti)i:ii-ill ' rilic ^;,-- possi s.~ > "a nift ' pic iii't-'n found in present day ae- [ .••.V.---S, iiie !.••-. that makes her akin ••rt ,fi!.<o[di .iet'- .on. Sol Stmih Russell ••;!•'. Nat ."...cnlwin. 'i'n-.i felicitous | wn'-.ty !,i alternate, In r.l.uosl merue i i-^nmedy and pathos —'the t' ar behind i*r fad:;h,' " -1B.I.SS stahl'-.- l.epiniilnus \\'i'.- 1-01:1 i«ftitl\ >'ly oli.-cure. Kducated in a "Montre;ii convent and a conspicuous pftni'-ipaiil i |1 'be miracle plays R|V- ; am (ttere under the direction of the ' t xixtcr'-, it was small wonder that oil; *O.H'graduation she found her u'ay to' Moa- mistake, and the sum and substance of the whole thing was that after a business argument of less than two dust minutes be agreed that she was en-S sud- tirely in the right, and that her "buzz' sharp wagon" should have a special corner I >t '' riy .' lovell- in one of the Alaskan special baggage mile or.-ars ad if necessary be would provide GOOD THINGS WE AT AND BRIM \Ve have them. Try some til' our iiMji'ifli-il I talian olive oil. .1 o -I ! IM- thin-.: fur yniir salail.-i atei -. a ,.i'!Hi^., \\'o also carry a line line oi' im jiorleil niaeatoni. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. on ii-••-.• Thursday evening in a new, called "The Substitute," writ- leu i,-, iteulan M. Dix and Evelyn (••rcetileaf Sutherland, who wrote that him New York success "The Uoad to "The Substitute" is a idea 'in comedy, new In theme and i!'--.v in treatment. It not only keeps I'M. audience in constant hilarity, but a -o has touches of human interest fiat make the heart heat faster and rouses genuine enthusiasm. Mr. KlK- miin Is under the management of Mr. John Cort, who has provided him with a large, capable company and a com- pleto scenic production. WANT NEENACK ON AQUEDUCT TO BE "DRY." A "Hoosler" cabinet will be given away on New Years' Day to one of our customers—come in and we will explain just how to become the winner of this valuable article. See the cabinet in the window. Get a nice piece of furniture for that Gift; something that will be useful as well as appreciated. The members of the board of public works were told today that an application for a saloon license at Neetiach, a little town on the Mojave desert on the line of the l.os Angeles aqueduct, is to be filed with the board of supervisors in time to be acted on Monday. The board Is strongly opposed to the granting of a liquor license at Nee- uach because it is near one of the i aqueduct camps, and the presence of ' liquor among the workmen, the hoard believes, is sure to cause trouble. At the recent county election ten of the sixteen registered voters of the DYER & JONES. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. m a minute on next Tuesday, don't Met excited and yell for the police, lor ii will but mean that the opera company present ing "The Alaskan" bad leached town, and that little Mlsa I.ora Leib, the prlina donna, is out for .in airing in her Olclsmobile. When John fort, proprietoi of "The Alaskan" was studying on the pioblem of who was the most suitable soprano to i\ special atliMidaiit 10 >e,.' it wag j not annoyed by the ,-nttle of the rail-i road train while I raveling. I Max Figman in "The Substitute." Max Klsmaii who established himself j n firm f;i\orite throughout the west and south during the past two seasons by his admirable performance of "The Man on the Box." will be the attraction of the Bakerstleld Opera House IDEAL FOR SHORTENING AND PRYING. MADE FEESH DAILY, RIGHT HERE ON THE COAST. OR— Eastern Shortenings—at least 30 days old when you receive them—not fresh -not in perfect condition for baking and frying. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies That Is Ihe question that thousands o!' California housewives have decided sensibly and profitably. Suetene Is 1.1.1.le of the choicest beef suet and p' healthful vegetable oil. It ugives wlth^the most delicate stomach. You can INSURE the goodness HII.I dlK«stiblltty of jour pastry and frie ! foods By using SUBTENE'exclu- sively. Decide today that you will use a KKrcSH, HOME-MADE shortening—a trial U"H W 'U1 make you a permanent user. SUKTENE Is made In a aanl tary plant—as clean and spotloas as a model kitchen. Every ounce made under the personal supervision of Pure Food Inspectors. Order from your grocer or meat dealer. Sold in 3, 5 and lo-pound palls — hermetically sealed. THE CUDAHY PACKING 00. LOS ANGELES. PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230~L,IM AND 24 STREET

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