The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 1, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1971
Page 6
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•Pago. 6 * TV Schedule 7.-30 O Petticoat Junction •The! Baffling Raffle." O Slelton Red welcomes Phyll.'s Diller. 0 Gunsmeke- Guest slor Jeanetle Nolan por- iroys o woman who finds a wcunded outlaw, and -tries tc* nurse him bock to health. IB Let> Moke A Deal Audience participation gome show with Monty 'Hall as hast. E3 Werld We live In Repeat of Sunday's program. CD Walt Biddl* j . 8:00 O Truth « Consequence! © iaugh-ln Guest stor Richord helps • the Laugh-In crowd look ot religion.: , , Q Gunimoke (Cont'd) (Q Newtyweo* Game ' Fouri young couples recently married, demonstrate how well or how poorly they know each other. 03 World Pre*! A'~globo) press perspective on a variety of 'international events. Q3 Country Music 8:30 Q What'* My Une O Laugh-In (Cont'd) ' H Here' ( Lucy Richard ,Burton arid Elizabeth Taylor guest star in this repeat. Burton tries to sneak Miss Toy- . lor's famous ring out of a hotel. Q The Reel Game Jack Barry is the emcee of this quiz show. " ED World f ten (Cont'd) • QD Haasier Viewpoint 9:00 O David Frott Elliott Gould, Alan Arkin, Jules Feiffer and John Stewart join Dovid.' O Premiere Movie "Ronsom for a Dead Man" (TV Movie), starring Peter falk and Lee Grant. An attorney kills her "husband and schemes .to .gain possession of her stepdaughter's trust fund. O >Aayberry RFO Howard moves into a swing- singles apartment ot the invitation of a beautiful newswomon. {Q Monday Movie ''The Flim-Flom Man" (1967), comedy about a creative con- man starring George C.. Scott, Sue Lyon ond Michael Sarrozin. ED Reatitiei Profile of Henry Mjller. C0 Homier (Cont'd): 9:30 O Frott (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd) ' O Dorii Day Show John Gavin guest stars os a physician who takes a fancy t6 Doris, when -they meet ot a ski resort. '© Movie (Cont'd) S3 Realities (Cont'd) CD Soul City 10:00 : O Frost (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd) f3 Carol Burnett , Pot Carroll, Karen Wymon and Tim Conway join Carol. CB Movie (Cont'd) ED Booh.Beat •Monica DicKens discusses "The End of the Ctrie." CD Patterns 10:30 1 O Local Newt O Movie (Cont'd) O Burnett (Cont'd) © Movie (Cont'd) ED IB) They Went That'a Woy The films ond life styles of JTorr. Mix. 11:00 Q iB) perry Mason O Final Report O Local News NOTICE TO HEIRS, , LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF Levis Rickey, deceased ' .In Tiptoo Circuit Court, No. 2665 ' Calendar Term, 1971 Notice is hereby given that Cecil Rlcbe; as eiecutor of said estate, has filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and his petition praying.the Court to' allow said account aod order distribution of .said estate, and that' the same will come up for hearing and action in said Court on the 3rd day of March 9:00 a.m., 1971 in the courthouse ' in Tipton, Indiana,'at.which time all heirs, legatees , and creditors of ,sald estate are required to appear and show cause, if any there be, why said accountand vouchers should not be allowed, and distribution of the estate be made as prayed for in said petition; and all the belrs, devisees and legatees of said decedent and said estate, and all others Interested, are hereby required to appear at said time- and place and make proof of their helrshlp-or claim to any part of said estate. Paul H, Jones Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana Stanley M. Herbert, attorney L-95 P-43-49 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE o o o CD a a o (0 Eyewitness News 11:30 o • O (B) Perry Mason (Cont'd) O Tonight Show O Late Show "Funny Face" (1958), with Fied Astoire • end Audiey Hepburn. fB Dick Cavctt . Tues., ~ P) Today In Indiana O Sunrise Semester fB Perspective: Space 7:00 O <B) Panorama O Today O CBS News {B Zoo Time 7:30 O 'Xartoon Karnivo. O Today (Cont'd) O CBS News (Cont'd) IB Kindergarten Colleja 8:00 Karnival (Cont'd) Today. (Cont'd) Captain Kangaroo College (Cont'd) 8:30 Karnival (Cont'd) Today (Cont'd) Capt. Kangaroo -Cont'd) IB Man Trap 9:00 O (B) Topper 0 Virginia Graham O Coffee Cup Theater "Ironside" (1965), with Raymond Burr and Geraldine Brooks. IB The Paul Diaon Shaw 9:30 jack LoLenn* Graham (Cont'd) Theater (Cont'd)'' • fB Paul Diaon (Cont'd) 10:00 The Lucy Show* Dinah's Place Theater (Cont'd) CB Paul Dixon (Cont'd) T0:30 Movie Game Concentration Beverly Hillbillies CB That Girl 11:00 Girl Talk Century Sate . Family Affair Bewitched ' 11:30 News Hellywood Squares Love of Life fB Eyewitness News 12:00 CI Chuckwagon TheoK (3 Jeopardy Q Where the Heart '•• CB SO-SO Club 12:30 O Chuckwagon (Cont'd) O Afternoon/Channel 6 ~0 Search for Tomorrow £B 50-50 Club (Copt'd) 1:00 O '(B) Hollywood Movie "The Doctor and the . Girl" (1949),- with Glenn Ford and Gloria DeHaven. The. son of o prominent doctor merries a girl from the wrong side of town, O Afternoon (Cont'd) Q Local News (B 50-50 Club (Cont'd) ' 1:30 O (B) Movie (Cont'd) O Memory Gam* O As World Turns CB Moke A Deal . 2:00 a (B) Movie (Cont'd) a o o a a a o a o a o o CB a a a a o CB o o Days of Our Lives Many' Splendored Thing Newlywed Game 2:30 IB) Movie (Cont'd) The Doctors O The Guiding Light CB The Dating Gam* . 3:00 Q Gourmet O Another World Q Secret Storm CB'General Hospital 3:30 (B) Lone Ranger Bright Promise Edge Of Night CB One .Life To Live CD Romper Room 4:00 Popeye and Jonie Another World Gamer Pyle . CB Dork Shadows CD Romper Cont'd! 4:30 Popeye .Ccni'd) Mine Douglas • -• O Early Show "Living It Up" . (1954), w'th Oean Martin and. Jerry Lc.«v/s. A.roilroad worker's dream comes true. CB Big Valley ' ED Sesame Street. CD < B ' Mack and Myer a a o a a o a a NOTICE Due to our auctionsale being cancelled February 13 on account of weather condition, the sale vill be held MARCH 6 at 10:00 sum. at our store located at the east edge of Fishers, Indiana, on 116th Street and SR 37, the same listing of Farm Machinery, tractors, plows, planters, discs, spreaders, loaders, elevators, augers, cutltlvators, hoes, self-propelled combines, corn heads, lawn and garden equipment; other miscellaneous equipment. = Reynolds Farm Equipment Inc. Fisners, Indiana Phone 317-849-0810 *What Price effluent under the bridge" and urged far stronger measures. Later in the year he aroused controversy by urging . two- children families, the goal of zero population growth groups in the U.S. also. (The British royal family has four children but it is arguably a special case). • ' By contrast American moves . were more precise and^ unequivocal.. In a message to Congress. accompanying the report of his Council on Environmental Quality, President Nixon called for $4 billion in federal help for clean water; legal action against industries which lower water quality standards; replacement of DDT and similar lingering pesticides; production by 1975 of a . low pollution automobile; establishment of air quality standards with heavy penalties for violations; research into solid waste management and disposal. The President also telescoped work previously diffused among 80 agencies into the federal Environmental Protection Agency and ihe 'National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Then the Senate by a vote of 73-0 passed the National Air Quality Standards Act setting new levels for 10 major pollutants. Opposition in the Senate to a supersonic commercial aircraft also was based on environmental grounds. . Central Subject Prince Philip's intervention on birth control at least sharpened the debate on that. controversial subject which is. central in the long term to the whole issue of pollution. Most experts believe it will take half a century to balance births against deaths and the world may not have" that long. A new American is born every nine seconds. Every minute 235 babies come into the world, four out of five of them in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. In 1900 there were 26.3 acres in the U.S. for every American. Now it is down to 9,5 acres. Britain already has only one acre per person. "Look 30 years ahead," says the British government's chief scientific adviser. Sir Solly Zuckerman,' "and . what do you see? At best a way of° life marked by. stress diseases and frustration. At worst a disturbance of nature which could eliminate whole species including man." But in .1971 man at least knows what action is the answer to the question of his own making: What price survival? MONDAY, MARCH 1. 1971 * Fifteen , (Continued from page one) court Cost; Philip M. Slatt, 25, 215 North Scott, South.Bend, speeding 79 mph in | a 65 mph speed zone, fined $5 plus $26.25 court cost. Harris G. Wright, 41,204 Her-. . scher Dr., Warsaw, speeding 80 mph in! a 65 mph speed zone, fined $5; plus $26.25. Leroy J. Weston, 24,416 Armstrong, no operators license, fined $1 plus $26.25 court cost. Larrjf L. Scott, 34, 625 1/2 W. Sycamore, Kokomo, unlawful operated vehicle, taken under advisement. John V. Moody, 51, Box 22, Goldsmith 1 , failure to have vehicle, $|4 plus court cost. Jim Martin (41), Trojan high scorer, gets another fielder against Rossville Saturday nightj as John Kamstra (11) and Bob Dyer (53) look on. - (Photo by Jim Heaton) Frank J. White Dies at Hospital Frank J. White, 74, route 1, Kempton, died Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at Tipton County Memorial Hospital following; a lengthy illness. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Mc-:. Mullan-Rude Funeral Home in Kempton with Rev. J. Franklin Arthur officiating! Burial will be at Bacon Cemetery. Friends * Extensive (Continued from page one) damaged according to Powell. He said there "appeared to be aserious = crack in the wall" of the west front. Reporters were hot allowed into the damaged, area until about six hours after the explosion, as FBI. agents and other experts sifted through ankle-deep debris with wire screens in hopes of . finding clues to the identity of the bomber and the type of bomb used. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said that the blast would not affect today's Senate schedule, with the day's session beginning at 10 o'clock. A thought for today: America Statesman Henry Clay said, f 'If you wish to, avoid foreign collision, you had better abandon the.'ocean." By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.I>. Tampering With Tantrums Dr. Coleman OUR 9-year-old boy, the elder of two, has sudden fits of temper, sometimes even without provocation. A family friend, a nutritionist, feels that his anger may be the result of low blood sugar. A test showed that his blood sugar was rather low. • For the past six months, our son has been deprived of all sweets, but as yet there has been-' no change - In his personality. . • Can low blood sugar produce such strange behavior in a child? Mr. & Mrs. B. R„ N.Y. Dear Mr. and Mrs. R.: I am . not quite certain - what you mean by °a "nutritionist," and I certainly am not impressed by how the diagnosis of low • blood sugar was arrived at in. your son's case. . A single blood study for . sugar is insufficient evidence of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). ^ Hypoglycemia seems to have captivated the attention of a great many food faddists and "nutritionists," who are very generous in offering this explanation for many physical and emotional symptoms. I feel you were doing your child a great disservice by falling into this trap. Hypoglycemia is a very complex disorder. To illustrate how complex it is, I will name only a few of the many conditions associated with it. Tumors of the pancreas, complications of diabetes, impaired function of the liver, deficiencies of the adrenal gland/inactivity of the pitui­ tary gland in the brain, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, and marked chemical imbalance in. the blood may all be associated with hypoglycemia. It takes the highest degree of laboratory technique to definitely establish the existence and the cause of hypoglycemia. You can be sure that one test is inadequate, and the destiny of your: child should not be based on it. / Your situation is not unusual. Thousands of alcoholics have been caught in the web of "nutritionists" who' falsely believe that treatment for low blood sugar is a "must" in the. solution of their problem. If your son's temper tantrums are felt to be due to low blood sugar alone, then certainly all the elaborate laboratory tests should be completed. First, however, yoUr boy deserves the attention of his own doctor. Then, a battery of psychological tests will undoubtedly be part of the recommended approach to his problem. -. To delay seeking this kind of help is to do your child a great injustice. . » • • SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: All muscles — the heart, too—improve their efficiency with moderate exercise. . Dr. Lester Coleman has a special eye-care booklet available for readers of this column called, "What You Should Know About Glaucoma and Cataracts." . For your copy, send 25 cents in coin and a large, self - addressed 6-cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.D., P.O. Box 8170, Grand Central' Station, New York, N.Y. 10017. Please mention the booklet by title. may call at McMullan-Rude Funeral Home after 2 p.m. Tuesday. .' The deceased was born August 21, 1896, the son of Rodus E. and Nancy (Rayl) White. He was married to Ethel Fay Cline February 7, 1921 who preceded him in death October 8, 1965.. He was - a retired school teacher, and faugbt 50 years in Prairie Township.; He was' a member of Indiana RetiredTea- chers Association and attended. Indiana State Teachers. College, Marion College, Ball State Uni-. versity, Indiana Central and Indiana University. Surviving are two sons,. Frank. White, Jr. and Dane White, both of route .1, Kempton. Also surviving is a brother, Arch White, also of Kempton. * Two Frankfort (Continued from page one) drivers of the two cars, were thrown from their vehicles. Three other persons were injured slightly.| [ 2 Teeh-Agers Killed Two youngsters from Chicago's northwest side were killed Sunday when one of them; Walter Gabrys,; 16, fell asleep at the wheel of the car they were in and it crashed along the Northern Indiana Toll Road. State .police said Gabrys and Leonard Prypr, i 15, perished when the car veered across the median and down an embankment onto St. Jpseph-LaPorte County Line Road about 14 miles west of South Bend., The deaths were; charged against LaPorte County* j Charles W. Mitchell, 30, Shelbyville, was killed when his car rammed through a fence at a -drive-in • theater : along Indiana 44 in Shelbyville Saturday afternoon. A man riding with him suffered minor injuries. Ernest Turner, 33, Remington, was killed Saturday afternoon in a car-pickup collision along a Jasper County road two miles southwest jof Remington. January Wreck Fatal Donald W.Fuqua, 21, Indianapolis, was killed Friday night when his car went out of control at high speed on a southeast side Indianapolis street and struck a tree. Joseph P. Adams, 29, Monrovia, died Saturday in an Indianapolis hospital from injuries suffered in a six-vehicle pileup on Indiana 37 [ Friday night, •nine miles north of Bloomington in Monroe County. Kathie S. Haynes, 16, Attica, died in an Indianapolis hospital Saturday of injuries suffered Jan. 31 in a two-car collision along a Warren County road two miles north of Williamsport. Mrs. Louise Taylor, 82, Williamsport,! was killed outright in the wreck. U CHASTITY BELTS LONDON •;; (UPI) - Chastity belts are not "safety devices"— they're for: wearing. At least according, to British customs and excise officials. British craftsmen who make the wrought-iroc belts, which- are exported mainly to the United j States, and Sweden, asked customs to exemt them from sales tax on grounds they are "safety devices."Not so, ruled the government. * School For (Continued from page one) part of authorities at the school to be of more service to the people i of Indiana, particularly blind children. The conference will be completed at 12 noon Saturday. Keynote speaker, will be Dr. Max Woolly, superintendent of the Arkansas School for the Blind. He is an outstanding leader in the education of the blind. Medical and educational specialist and resource persons will be on the program and will be available for |individual conferences with, the parents. Hospital News SUN., FEB. 28, 1971 . DISMISSALS: Beverly. Campbell, Indianapolis; Mary A.J?un- yon Kokomo; James B. Sagar- sall, Elwood; Helen Opal Pratt' Tipton; Lou Ellen Jones, Windfall; j Thelma Raines; Tipton; Jeantte Whitaker, Tipton. ' ADMISSIONS: Jean Montgomery, | Tipton; Diana Cutsinger, Elwood; Nora S. Zimmerman, Connersville; Linda L. Amsbury, Tipton; Linda C. Guffey, Tipton; Vera D. Evans, Kokomo; | David Ploughe, Frankfort; Donald Howell, Kempton; C. G. Savage, Tipton.' | FRI., FEB. 26,1971 ADMISSIONS: Sally Hammack Kempton; Willie Marie Russell, Elwood; Aenes Head, Tipton; Joyce; King, Sheridan; William L. Peace, Sharpsville; Betty Yeary^ Tipton; • Jeanette Dye, Sharpsville; . George England, Tipton; Mary A. Runyon, Kokomo; ; Mark Smith, Sharpsville; Georgie Quillen, Kokomo; Shirley J. Shelby, Sharpsville; Danny Frye, Tipton; Mary Jane Malone, Elwood. DISMISSALS: Mark Smith, Sharpsville; Bryan Fitzgerald, Kokomo; Michele Fitzegerald, Kokomo; Sally Hammack, Kempton; David Irion, Noblesville; Ricky Garst, Atlanta; Joyce King, Sheridan; Herman Cook, f Sharpsville; Ricky Goodnight, Atlanta; Connie Stewart, Koko- I mo; Weldon Farley, Anderson. VVal ?!^_lndustral Norses Industrial nurse. Must be R JJ. preferably with industrial experience. Full time, daylight position. Good salary and benefits. Send resume to Employee relations director, P.O. Box 930, Kokomo, Indiana^ 46901 or call 317/4577511 extension 261. Equal opportunity employer. - Futi tores (Continued from page one) years. [Through this he has gained great experience for himself as well as understanding the market and trends, of the market on a yearly scale. Mr. Crouch has spoken to other adult farmer groups over the state and finds great interest amongfarm- * ers. The farmers interest is not. that of playing the market, but understanding 1 how it effects the market prices on the individual farm.' "' .. ' The Tipton Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 - j By carrier in city 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: 1 year $11.00 . 6" months 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. Published Daily ExceptSunday If ybu; have any questions about tie Tuesday meeting call Stephe l Craig 675-4567. Donna Groves Dies Sunday Donna E. Groves, 23, of Sheridan, died Sunday at Indiana! Medical Center in .Indianapolis fol- . lowing a five year illness. Funeral services ,will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Hinshaw Funeral Home in Sheridan With Rev. James Schmeltzer. officiating.. Burial will te at Fairview Cemetery. : Friends may call at Hinshaw Funeral Home anytime. The deceased was born in Hamilton County September 14, 1947, the daughter of*Edgar andVelera (Newkirk) Groves. She was a member;of Indiana State Teachers Association; member of Indiana Library , Association; 4. President (Continued from page one) Jan. 22 would bring . about a peaceful American revolution to return "power to the people." They would "refresh and renew" government, he said. "These changes can give us better government throughout all America—but they have special meaning for roral America," Nixon said. "I want those. decisions that affect rural. America made by people who .know rural America. And the people who know a place best are the people who live there." Honorary Literary and Alpha' Beta Alpha of Indiana State. She was a 1965 graduate of Sheridan High School and a 1969 graduate of Indiana State University where she received an AB degree in French and Library Science.- She had been employed at the Renns- elair City School system as a Librarian. Surviving with the parents is a brother, Dean of Sheridan and a sister, Ann Skene of Ihdiana- polis ; ILY CROSSWORD 2. Harem • chamber 3. Site of Expo 67 4. Anecdotal collection 5. Fat 6. Violin, guitar and piano 7. Smell 9. Singer, Rawls 10. Sicilian city 11. Capital city 15. Well-known Hun 17. "A Boy Named Sue." singer ' 18. Architectural pier 20. Miss ' Tebaldi 23. Alberta's capital 24. Defeat decisively 25. Withered 27. Saskat­ chew­ an's capital 32. Opposed to 34. Columnist's tidbit Saturday's Aniwfr 35. Accomplished • 36. Ionian gulf 38. Take for a sucker 40. Table scrap 42-. George's librettist 43. Vitality. ACROSS .. 1. A Jones boy 4. (counter-. : .tenor 8: Turmoil 9. Comic, Jack 12.f>allid 3. See 39 : across 14. Tantalize , 16. Click beetle' 17. ^larket ' wagon 19. Swiss river 21. French author, Claude 22. Useless ' plants 26. Step 28 .4- Gide 29. German city 30. Asian river 31. Moslem VIP , 33. Two of Hamlet's words .' 34. Mis3 Lupino 37. Of anojd - IPeruvian empire 39. Capital of . 13 across 41. Tout's suggestion 44. Board a sleeper 45. Pay dirt 46. Food 47..Forty winks | DOWN • I. Playing marble DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXK Is L O N G F EL LOW (3ne letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's r X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. ~A Cryptogram Quotation FYXHDXHR XN DSK YLD J Q F L J • TDXHR QEfD NZLQYTKN QLJO DSK AKYDSKL YHO KBFJNXHR DSKG DJ DSK TI» XDXTN- — UXKL.TK Saturday's Cryptoquote: WHAT YpUR HEART THINKS IS GREAT IS GREAT, THE SOUL'S'EMPHASIS IS ALWAYS RIGHT.—R,W. EMERSON (O 1971 King Features Syndicate. Inc.) 1 2 5 4 , b 7 a 10 II - IZ wm 14 . IS •K n ia 21 :z ZY 14 iiP zt ] il m 51 mm Si IS Ni WWfff/A y////m i 41 42 41 IIP 4b • { (O 1971, Kins Features Syndicate, Inc.) | tana-"'" The incredible attack on Pearl Harbor as -told from both the American and Japanese sides : 35 *i if only they hadn't thought that the blip* on the radar screen were our own planes... j Hmut WED. John Wayne In "Rio Lobo"

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