Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1891
Page 4
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SHORT SPACE Is enough to tell what everybody knows. PORTING GOD "-.;" The Grand Bazaar is headquarters on ; ail kinds of sporting goods. Fishing : cods, •Lines, Reels, Bicycles, Safety's, Velocipedes, Tricycles etc. The Grand Bazaar. ^PATRONIZE TAILORS' UNION LABEL Dr. CORBETT, V. V. S. A veterinary surgeon" -plnum; years experience Isnowpemianently'locatediit' '_•"•• Diehls Livery Stable 209 Market street, Logansport, Ind. Dr. Corbett will be pleased to wait upon ;ill who may favor him wltt a call. DR. E. M. HATCH, Bfrysician ana. Surgeon. OfHce,.McCaffre?.-S)ock Broadway Cor. .Sixth St. Kesldence, llZTHlgli Street, logansport, Ind. MONEY, a»n«r«l Inenrano* and Loam. All Hinds of In- iur»ncB plaood in ttrBielsae companies. Endow. m«ot policies purohised, Bondu of roretysL. written [or parties holding poilttww of tram •litre * bond 1» required. 319 PBABJL ST. S. M. Closson. 81 00 »i»<l Upward* CAK BE INVESTED IN A POSITIVE AND SAFE 15 Per Cent Dividend Paying Stoek- Fuii particulars and Prospectus c»n be toad .. -on application or addressing S,t. SIMPSON, Banner, 64 Broadway, X. Y. MONEY TO LOAN, n any »mn »t tne LOWEST rstta. only. Money always In hsnd. Uoreltapnordc. l»y. Interest and principal DoysWe In I/o$an»port. flp»olal Brraogementu »s to payment 0} principal and Interest, made to unit fi» wl«he» at Borrower. For tnrttier. paTttoulars apply to Fred W. Mnnson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Toorta street, opposite Court House. MONEY TO LOAN! Ana Notes Bougnt in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts e percent. GEO. B. KORQY-. F. M. BQZER,|D. D. S. DENTIST. Office Over J. Herz' TniJorins JEstab- liBbment, 400 Market Street. '- •'•-'' aprllditwtf Pally Journal. TUESDAY :MORNESTG, MAY 19. China-silky-in new designs, at the We. guarantee prompt delivery. Try us.—Foley. New. chailies, best styles in the city, at'the'Golden Rule.: •••". Best styles; 3|ndiaL silks to ..be found at the; Golden-£ule. - . -'.... Tb» Pan JBandle pay car arrived; yesterday".' on: its .regular monthly ' mission'" of money. la our_closingr-out sale, Harry Frank offers .men. and boys clothing- less than cost to manufacture. d&w Never was there such a chance offered as Harry Frank offers now. Head his new : . advertisement. d*w Latestjreport, .aUJboys^patronizing us this "week will get 'a cracker' from the crack clothier.—Harry Prank. d*w The crowds of Qladies at the Golden Rule yesterday declared the 'challies and India, silks, the^handsomest in tha city..'-.-•': . •, • '•'" .' I'Why, Maud,- how your complexion has-imprby.edv-':::,-' : '.Yes,. I -took B. --'F. Keesling's advice, and use the famous 'Blush of. Roses, 1 " . , 11—. All'those knowing 1 "themselves indebted to me for; .four ; months and over,, will please 'call and : settle- by cash or note,'Otherwise will be obliged to leave ic for collection.—Harry Frank. . ' d*w, /Harry' Frank, the enterprising Fourth street clothing" merchant, is reducing his stock preparatory to opening- a^branch store , in New York city, which,.with his Delphi ibrauch, b.e thinks will keep him busy. | Do not miss the grand band con- eovt to-night. , Logansport Military band at tho Opera house to-night. Mrs. Harry Chapman left last night for St. Louis to join her husband. ' Mrs, A. J. Dickerhoff is visiting her brother. Hugh McCaffrey, at Peru. Mrs. Will Quaintance, of Neiv York, is the guest of Mrs. Quaintance on Race street. - Mrs. I. A, Johnson, of Spencer, Ind. is visiting her daughter Mrs. M. M. Gordon of East Broadway. W, D. Minthorn has moved from the Shultz block into the McCaffrey residence on Fourth street. Mr. and Mrs. Will Rockfleld, late of the Barnet hotel departed for their home in Chicago yesterday. Contribute your mite toward purchasing new uniforms for the Military band. At the opera house to-ni^ht. George Vinoon was on the street yesterday for the first time in weeks George's long illness has cut him down greatly and he is far from ttrong yet. Bert Bauder is clerking at the Barnett house temporarily. It is understood that; Arthur Stewart will return from Marion and take his old position behind the counter at the Barnett. .Miss Florin Tingley, of Marion spent Monday with Miss Maihelle Justice. Miss Justice and her friend attended the picoie Saturday at Lake Makenkuckee, given by the Purdue students. D. E. Pryor touched a responsive chord in the hearts of the Journal, gang by leaving a pocketful of tickets, each good for a glass of his inimitable soda water, at this office last evening. They will be appreciated. A young son of Mr. and Mrs. George Warner fell into the race near the water works house Sunday morning. The little fellow was rescued as he was going down the third time by James Ayers of the electric light house It was a narrow escape. Messrs. R, Strain a'nd Chas. L.Woll departed last night for Indianapolis to attend the annual meeting of the Funeral Directors of Indiana in session at that place to-day and to-morrow. Mr. Woll is treasurer of cthe association and reports the body of solemn vjsaged men in good way financially. ,, The Military band srave another of their delightful open air concerts last night which met with much favor j from 'those who heard it. From the advance sale of seats it is seen that the efforts of the boys to give a first- class entertainment are appreciated and that-a big crowd will greet the boys at the opera house to-night. Death of Helen Tucker. It is seldom the sickness and death of a child aged four years, and nine months elicits such general interest and sympathy as the sickness and : death of Helen Millett Tucker. Born in Orange county, New Jersey, Aug. llth,-1886. She was for more than two years to all appearance a perfectly healthy child. About two yeafrs since it became evident that disease had taken hold of her. .What it >vas could . not then be decided. About one year since her condition became alarming. It was thought-'a change of climate for a while might benefit her"and she was taken totbesea coast of N'evv Jersey and to Maine. Slight improvement followed but nothing permanent. The best medical skill was employed from the first.The physicians pronounced the disease tubercular meningettis and decided her case incurable,' She was a bright, thoughtful, s\treet child. IftTever was there a more patient little sufferer than she was. None who saw her during her long' sickness, especially in the last niae months will ever forget her. To any question her father or mother might ask her she would respond with "remarkable promptness and intelligence, but she is now in the presence of Him who said: "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven " Occasionally a few days before her death, as her sight grew dim she would ask to to have a, light brought. Dear child, she is now where they need no light, where there is no more sickness, no more pain. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker have had during the long sickness and now 'in their bereavement the deep sympathy of their numerous friends. ,* WOMAN'S ADVANCEMENT. TkerefemoreCafarrh m this section of the country thin all other diseases put together, and until the last Jew years was supposed to be Incurable. Foragreatm.w doctors pronounced It a local dlsease,and prescribed local remedles,and to constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronotifuediUncarable. Science has proven e<i- t;irrh to be a constitutional disease, ;n.nd therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Care, manufactured by F. .7. Cheney <fc Co., Tol»do, Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the marlcet. It Is taken Internally !• doses from 10 drops to a teaapoonfuL It aci s directly upon ttie blood a»d mucous surfaces of the syst*n. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It falls tocur*. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address. If. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. H?~Sold by Drugglits, "5c, F. JT. B. A. Picnic. The Onward and Pipe Creek lodges of the Farmer's Mutual Benefit association will jointly give a basket picnic at the falls of Pipe Creek in Tipton township on Saturday, June 6th, to whice they extend a welcome to the general public. Good music has been engaged and leading men of the association will address the people on the work of the F. M. B. A. Remember the date and place. Electric Bitter*. This remedy is - becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention,. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exisl and it is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters, will .cure all diseases -"of the liver and- kidneys, will, remove -all pimples, boils, salt rheum and other _ affections caused by impure blood. Will, drive malaria' from'tlie system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. . For cure of headache," constipation..-.and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 50 cents and $1 per bottlte at B. F. Keesling drug store. 5 A tady to Texas Write*: My case is of long standing; has .baffled, many, physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is : all that relieved me. Write the Bradfield Pveg. Co., Atlanta, Ga. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co. to23 Election of Officers. The following- officers were elected Sunday at a meeting of the Logansport Typographical Union 196: President—Wesley L. Walls. Vice-President—John R. Moore. Recording Secretary—Henry H Six. Secretary-Treasurer—Henry Peters. Sergeant-at-Arms—Frank Barr. Trustees—Charles E. Marshall and Will S. Rosier. Jake t711man Heard From. Jacob Ullman the clothing salesman whose mysterious disappearance created somewhat of a sensation in the^ city Saturday has been heard Jron5 He quietly took his departure for Huntington to spend a few days with old friends. His reasons for going so quietly and' rather mysteriously are. not known. The sensation is exploded. Bie Fire at Kokemo. About 10 o'clock last night fire l»roke out in the Lake Erie depot at Eokomo and consumed the entire building. It was only by the greatest exertions that the fire was prevented from spreading to adjoining buildings. The building is an old one and the loss will not. be rery great. _ GEORGE W. CHILDS instructed his assistant editors many years ago never to let any witticism which reflected on woman creep into the columns of the Ledger. Miss RYCKMAX has been appointed "English master" to the Collegiate in- sfitute, London, Ont., receiving- the same salary a'man would have filling the post. A HO.MB for lonely women is about to be erected at Helsinjjburg-, in Sweden. The home will provide a pleasant and cheap residence for women, and there will be a common-room, with piano, a library, etc. INVENTION is just beginning- to receive something- like just appreciation at the hands of intelligent 'women. It has been the greatest of all helpers in the advancement of women, in placing each successive generation on a higher plane. —Inventive Age. Miss SOPHIA GKEGOKIA HAYDEN, the winner of the $1,000 prize for a woman's building at the world's fair, is, in appearance, "of medium height,with well- developed figure, black hair arid eyes, and dark rich complexion." She is about 25 years of age and lives in Boston. THE Madison , Avenue depository and Woman's Exchange, of New York has distributed fourteen thousand" dollars during- the past year. Only those wom- , en who are self-supporting are allowed to take the .advantag-e of the exchange. One woman has received twelve hundred dollars from the sale of pies alone. THE question of the marriageable age for women is very much to the fore in Sweden. A bill has been introduced iuto the Swedish parliament that the lowest ape at which women might be allowed to marry should be raised to eighteen, and the matter will now form the subject of exhaustive inquiries as to the various points which may bear upon it FRAULEDf VON CEAUVIN- has the most perfect collection of butterflies in all Germany, and, although an invalid, has made valuable discoveries in connection with plant' and animal life, which have won for her a more than national reputation as a naturalist. So thoroughly does she understand the ways of animals.that she keeps a larg-e aviary in which birds and animals of naturally* hostile disposition live together in harmony. . A WELL-KNOWN syndicate manager says of women as literary wprkers: "It is an indisputable fact that the best literary work <,o-day is being done by \vomen, and the most conclusive evidence of this lies in the fact that of the fifteen most successful books published within the past two years, eleven were written by women. In my experience of eight years I have found literarv women just, fair, always courteous and obliging-, and capable of far better work than men are generally willing to credit to them. I have found their work more evenly meritorious than that of men, while the most successful articles which I have printed, in both newspapers and magazines, came from the pen of wom- fen." Black Cheviott Mackintoshes with Cape ; , (4 &§Silk Umbrellas, Large Gold - Heads ; . \ . "•: 'f' ' „ ; "i§$ Silk Umbrellas, Novelty Handles, equal in style and appearance to any $6 Umbrella, for. -.,-.-,,,, ^ ^ Ask To See Our $15.00 Suits for Men, $10.00, , ' $20.00 Suits for Men $15.00. Fine as Tailor Made. Further Great Reduction on Children's Suits, Knee Pants made from Re nants by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., worth up to $1, Choice 25 Cents. Base Ball Outfits Free with Suits. Nellie Ely Caps, and Straw Hats! See our Ladies Kid Button Patent Leather Tip Shoes. Men's every day Shoes . . • ........... . Dress Shoes ... ALL STYLES, 9& 25, OTTO A KRAUS, OF COURSE." FRANK BINZ, Pi-es., AUG. C. Biyz. Sec., WM. Siiptc Logansport Brewing Co. Kaiser and Bavarian Beer, Brewed of Pure Malt and Imported Hops, "' \ Logansport, Indiana. . -. ,' —"there is a man from New York taking 1 baths at Mount Clemens, Mich., who can be classified among- the curiosities. He has straight black hair and was a white man until some time ago, when his skin t.irned to the color of mahogany. He was afflicted with jaundice, and the medicine he took is supposed to have caused his change of complexion. In the morning' he is several shades lighter than toward night. The medical fraternity have labored in vain to bleach him, bat bv taking a course .of baths he hopes to be able to again recognize himself. THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. Tho only Safe, Pure, M)<J rOuOtlt Fill torwjo. Druggist for Cliichctttr'i AivjUth Diamond £rmid in l£<jd sad Gold mctalilo boxen scaled with blue ribbon. Take no other kind. Ktfutt Substitution* and Imitation*. All pills IB pasteboard boxes, pink wrapper*, arc dnzifcHraM c^untcrfclta. -At DniKRlflta, or Mnd-M - 4c. In sump) for particulars, testimonial!!, anj "KolTcf far C«dfeV '" itcu*, by rttnni Halt. 10,000 TMHmeidaH. Kant Paper. CHICHCSTEB CHEMICAL' CO.. Mndl.on goun. Sold by all Local Uruatfeta. - I'mi.nWT"nryyjj^ Commendable. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup Company. It acts gently OD the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. Mr. Charles Lee will start to-day for a months' visit through the West. He will visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, and all the _ principal points in the West. Cfel. Xu M. Dayton Dead. i, May 18.—The death of Col. L. M. Dayton at the Queen City club will be _, almost as great a shock to his large circle of friends in. military circles as was., that, of his chief to the. country,, at, large. Col. Dayton was perhaps closest, to Gen. Sherman, of all his military associates. They were tog-ether almost from the, beginning- uatil the end. Col., Dayton was a prominent member of the Society of the'Army of the Tennessee, and was its .recording . secretary from its origin until his death. A Planing'Mill Burned. FOBT WATSE, Ind., May 19.—The planing roill of Charles Stelhorn was entirely destroyed by fire Saturday morning. Cause, sparks in shavings. Loss, §8,000. No insurance. • „ —Countryman (just married, addressing the parson)—"Abaout haow.much do you ginerally git for sich jobs, mister?" Parson (concealing a smile)— "The amount varies according to the generosity of those I unite. The law allows me' fifty cents——" Countryman (hastily)—"Then I'll pay you a quarter, an" that'll make seventy-five cents you'll git fer abaout three minutes' work. I call thatpurty good pay, by gum!"—Texas Siftings. Lord Edward Cavendish Dead. Lojnooy. May IS.—Lord Edward Cavendish, youngest son of the duke of Devonshire and member of parliament for west Derbyshire, died from the effects of antattack of influenza. Lord Edward Cavendish was the only surviving brother of the marquis of Hartington, and- Lord Frederick Cavendish, who was murdered in Phoenix park, Dublin. _ • ; A liorvib e Deed, BEADFOKDSVILLE. Ky., May 18.—Sunday evening Ad Clarke, a young mulatto, became angered at a child belonging to his employer and slit its , head open with an ax, killing it instantly, Clarke is a mula,tto. A reward of .151,000 has been offered for his apprehension. Hall a iuiiliui} lor \> isconsin. WASHINGTON, May 18.—The treasury department on Saturday paid to the state of Wisconsin §441,331, it being its share of the direct' tax, minus ;$5,301. which was withheld on account of a balance due the government /or arms furnished the state. i Electric I.IsrJjt,Company Assigns. ; IiroiANAT'OLis, Ind., May IS.—A News special from New Albany says: The New Albany Electric. Light- and Heat Power Company, capital stock 875,000, has assigned to Charles A, Sowle. l£s- • timated liabilities 350,000; assets about the same. Blainc Is I'.cttcr. • NEW Yor.K, May IS.—Secretary of State Jaim'.s (!. Klaine is reported to be better. lj s puysuun.n found him sitting nrj. . n • iU- IV ^» that troubles hi:-.i is th« ;, r onL in i; f ;et. TAGGART'S BAKERY, Bread, Crackers* and Gakes. 524 and 526 Broadway. OPINIONS ON LiVE ISSUES. -' —The skin of a boiled egx is the best remedy for a b'>iL Carefully peel it^ we f , and apply to the boil; it draws out the matter and relieves soreness. Prominent Men Define Their Positions on Political Questions. BOSTON', May 18.—The Industrial Alliance sent out from this city the following- questions, addressed to the members of the next congress: (1) Do you favor government ownership 'or tne telegraphs of the country? (i) Do you favor government ownership of the railroads? (3) Do you favor the establishment of postal savings bunks! (4) Do you favor the restoration of silver to the position it occupied before 1873— namely, on an equality with gold as a monetary standard of value! (5; In your opinion what should be the volume of currency per capita In the country for .the proper conduct of Its business! Replies have been received from, thirty-three democrats, twelve republicans and nine who are classed as representative of the Farmers' Alliance. Some answered all of the questions, others answered only one or two. .To the first question five democrats, five republicans and eight alliance men answered "yes"; eighteen democrats, six republicans and six alliance men answered "no.'' To the second 1 question "yes" was answered by two democrats, three republicans and six alliance men; "no by twenty-one democrats, seven republicans and two alliance men. Fourteen democrats, nine republicans and eight alliance men favored the establishment of postal savings banks; nine democrats and two republicans opposed it. D The silver question, the fourth in the series, was answered in the affirmative by twenty-nine democrats, ten republicans and nine alliance'-men; in the negative by two democrats—Messrs. Barter (0.) and Sperry (Conn.). The last question was answered in only half of the letters - received, and the per capita amount of currency varied from S30 to S100, the latter sum being: mentioned by Jerry Simpson. Indicted. NETV YORK, May IS.—The grand jury has indicted Ameer Ben AH, alias "French" for the murder of old Carrie Brown, alias- "Shakespeare," at the East Biver hotel on April 34, charging murder in the first degree. There are four counts in the indictment, each one of which is sufficiently- strong- to hold hirru - i Raised the Debt. COLUMBUS Ind., May 19.—Bishop W. J. Joyce presided at ameetrnginfhe Methodist church here ;Sunday. The church was cleared of debt,,..$5,000 being- raisori J; ENJOYS Both tie method an'd" "results Syrip of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing 1 to the taste, and ac«* gently yet promptly on 1 the Kidneys, Liver and Bow-els, cleanses the system effectually, dispels co,lds, .head- t aches and fevers, and cures jiabitual constipation. .Syrup of Figs is th| only remedy of its kind ever pro. duced, pleasing to the taste 'arjd *ac- ' ceptable to the stomach, -prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only. from.>the.most healthy and agreeable substances,,ats many excellent .qualities commend, it,, to all and have made it jthe most , popular remedy known. ' '"'"' Syrup of Figs is for _ sale In. 50c a^d §1 bottles by 'all -leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not haye .it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try-it; Do not-accept any substitute. . • -.. . '•'--••.' CALIFORNIA FIS SYMP C$ , SAN FMNQISGO, CAL^ ,,-, louixvme, JCY. KW'roR, •,*,"' Tortile by B.F.KeeailoE and'all :rjgglst«; '"

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