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Miami Daily Record-Herald from Miami, Oklahoma • Page 5

Miami Daily Record-Herald from Miami, Oklahoma • Page 5

Miami, Oklahoma
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

MIAMI DAILY RECORD-HERALD Ththsday June 29 1922 PAGE EIVE LONDON INCOGNITO In 1lusivgqe county'sifurt Five cows on every farm) the goat that has been set Prodigal Retitrns After Many Moons Gets Glad Welcome Dairy Di live is Muskogee- by the Muskogee chamber of commerce John White farm demonstration agent has launched a dairy campaign MONTHS OF SUFFERING Subscribe for the Record-Herald MirSIM'ff Arica :25 How a Baltimore Girl Recovered Her Health 11111 i itisr lb 111 016 I --1 241N Pt APPETIZING GREEN OLIVE ENTREE Serves 6-8 Preparation 25 Min 2 cottage cheese 4 melted butter 1 bread crumbs yt boiling water in which Spanish green olives y4 tsp beef extract has quartered been dissolved ft11! METHOD: Mix cheese crumbs and olives adding te enough of the melted butter and beef extract to moisten the '10 mixture sufficiently to shape into individual rolls Place 14 'A on a greased tin and bake 15 minutes in a hot oven Baste occasionally with a tablespoon 9f the liquid: Serve cold If as a salad or hot as main dish with hot tomato sauce N(1ftr 71A1A0 s' 'OM tANDs PRINCESS Vi 7 CNItElt OltECIA)SUItE OF MORTGAGE Notice is herebytgiven that In pur- suance of an order of sale issued out of the office of the Court Clerk and Clerk of the District Court of Otte- 1::: county Oklahoma on the 24th -bay of May 1922 in an action where In Frederick Wickenden is plain- tf- tiff and Clintbn Jackson Winifred! Jackson and First National Bank of Miami Oklahomae are defendants directed to me the undersigned 'sheriff of Ottawa -county command-- Ing me to levy upon appraise and sell thi following described Beginning at the southeast corner of northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of See- ostlfarvet tion thirty-one t-(31)z Town- ship twenty-eight (28) north carhilif Range twenty-three (23) east thence west 350feet to an iron a pin thence 590 feet in a north- easterly direction alotig the bank of Tar creek to an' iron pin on the bank of Tar creek thence east 14475 feet to an iron pin thence south along' the section line 542 feet to place of begin- ning in Ottawa county Okla' home For further description reference is made to plat of Homewood Addition as recorded in office of the Recorder of Deeds of Ottawa county Okla-to satisfy a judgment and decree of! foreclosure in savor a said plain-1 tiff and against said defendants ob-1 tamed and made in said court on thei 29th day of April 1922 for the sum! of 147426 with interest thereon! at six per cent per annum from the' 29th day of April'1922 for the sum of $1500 costs and en attorney's fee In the sum of $14412 and costs ac- cruing I have levied upon the above described property and sensed same to be appraised according to law at $75000 I will on Tuesday the llth Princess Yolanda of Italy day of July 1922'at the hour of 10 Heiona Her marriage to a Br o'clock a In of salirday'at the front Eraigmt has been often spoken door of the court house In the City of Miami Ottawa county state of Oklahoma offer for to the Jury to Get Gordon highest bidder forash subject to the confirmation of said court the! Case Late Tod lahoma offer for to the! Jury to Get Gordon highest bidder fortash subject tol the confirmation of said court the Case Late Today iRINCESS' OiTING Princess Yolanda of Italy Heiona Her marriage to a lirahani has been often spoken Baltimore "For several months I suffered with severe backache and general ea knessI could not sleep comfortably at night for pains in my back I found your book at home one day and after reading it be- gan at once to take Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Corn- Hit 4pt pound have had very good results and some of my girl friends are taking it now You may use this letter to help other girls as the letters in your book helped me" ROSE WAIDNER 3018 Roseland Place Baltimore Md That is the thought so often expressed In letters recommending Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound These women know what they have suffered they describe their symptoms and state how they were finally made well Just plain statements but they want other women to be helped Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a medicine made from medicinal roots and herbs and without drugs to relieve the sickness women so often have which is indicated by backache weak feelings nervousness and no ambition to get anything done or to go anywhere It has helped many women Why not try it? The family of -Nat Wright has been worried and full of regret and mourning because "Patsy" left them several meting ago without saying a word This wain February No trace could be found though every effort was made to locate the lost member of the never a day went by but "Patsy's" name was 'mentioned in sorrow though hope for the return of the prodigal had ceased a surprise Thursday noon "Patsy" appeared and stuck his head in at the office door of the Miami Flour Feed Co looking for Mr Wright to take him home as he formerly a distance of more than a mile from the Wright home northwest of the city a daily occurrence the old balmy days before he strayed away to battle with the cruel world When "Patsy" came to the mill looking every inch the most abject prodigal he was evidently very glad to be back Evidently he had gone to the former home but finding the family had moved Ile came back to the mill office to see if he could find Mr Wright Be Aid Mr Wright was very glad to see him took the prodigal home where he was bathed and clothed in fine raiment amid -much joy on the part of the entire family After being feasted to his heart's con raiMent amid'-much joy on the part of the entire family After being feasted to his heart's wi 1 44 404 14 F7 Jctil 0 i i 1 FR I SD 1 i 0 Low Round Trip Fares1 To the Lakes and Seashore cws 1 Low Round 'Trip Fares 4 To the Lakes antiSeashore Sgosmote4o94-0- 11 QUAPAW NOTES daughter of King Emanuel and Queen British Ito Nal Prince or to the Duke of of 0 0 e4 5 et Round trip excursion tickets at fares 5 very much lower than havebeenin effect '40! for years may now be purchased topoints in the North and East 14 Let me telljon what pow railromLamtP slatTing' A i oi car tickets will cost make reservations aitil of litirwise A A 34 eot assist in relieving you of the many etails incident to 5 the trip A A 34 A II DOUGLAS 0 Ticket Agent Frisco Lines Miami Okla 'of 4106WitIAA14VVOA100A1161610000000MAIANA16C4 Ask your grocer for "Mother Goose" bread None better 23-tf Walter Norris returned Wednes con-(lay front St Louis where he has been tent Patsy went to sleep and has on business for the Odapaw Zinc Pro slept most a the time since duc-s Co only waking long enough to eat Mrs II Jackson and son Harry some more and give a cheerful reached for his revolver He declared if anybody could give an accurate' 1 account of the shooting it was these above described properly or so much thereof as will satisfy said judgment Front Page One former soldiers who were expectinr with interest and Costs 1 testimony rouble between Cobb and Gordon mony that Cobb had snapped hii 1 Witness my hand this 24th day of I and who stood watching them as they I and who stood watching them as they' May 1922 NEIL HARR Sheriff of Ottawa County By COX Deputy 8-15-22-29 July 6) revolver at Gordon a few minutes before the shooting and that when missed fire he had returned thc weapon to his wicket He said a scratch on the cap of a cartridge walked down the street Moore said' he would put their testimony against' that of young boys anti girls appear ing for the state whose attention' the first shot and at th happy family of Kansas City Kan are visiting al lo "Patsy" was the little black the Wilson home dog which had made its home Try our pies cakes and cookies with the Wrights for ten years Thry are fine Quapaw Bakery 23-tf "Promenade bound" seems to hi and was ra familiar a figure as the slogan of a number from Quapaw the slogan of a number from Quapas: I I KEEP KOOL TODAY LORY To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I taken from Cobb's revolver was made' Notice Is hereby: given that I the Wben Cobb inserted the cartridge and whose itories did not coincide in Nat himself always riding in it tovri undersigned John Dunham will apply to the pardon and parole board of the let the trigger plunger down many particulars the Wright auto when the lam- stands there in great number and State of Oklahoma for clemency hav- ing been convicted and menteneed 01 Wolild Have Fled The defendant remained calm ily went driving or when Mr work of erecting them has already trict court of Ottawa county Okialio- Wright went to hiS work the state penitentiary from the die-I "The guilty flee when no man pun throughout the session When ad- begun The celebration will begin ma for the crime of conjoint rohnery silent but the righteous stand forth' journment was taken he was allowed Honolulu has one of the finest and FlidaY night in a small way rryna and sentenced to serve a term of ten years in the penitentiary at memes- bold as a lion was the textof the 10 go to a restaurant with his mother rations are bs'ng made for a large ter Oklahoma- That stid application defense attorney If it were true the sister and brother and a group of most efficient telephone systems in the world crowd and the management is work will be made to said parole board attor friends from Miami A deputy sher-I 2L ing hard on plans for a general good thirty days from the date of this defendant had attempted to assault notice iff vent along gun time for all JOHN DUNHAM I he would have left tewn Moore said Widow Substantiates Gordon away from Beckham's reach but he I James Xavier and wife were vis (fly June 22-29 July' 6-13) it ors to town early Thursday morn- He enumerated instances where he When called to the stand late Wed- jumped for it and grabbed it just as NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT I said Gordon had attempted to keer 1 nesday Mrs Cobb failed to give the lug I did We had a light scuffle and OF ACCOUNT state of Oklahoma Ottawa a way from Cobb to- prevent trouble testimony which the state then Beckham said'we'll bothhold A Douthat and Lee ty spent 'In the County Court "Theittate has argue dwhy didn't Gori depended on I Wednesday and Thursday in the In the Matter of the Estate of Claud I It' Her story Norvell Deceased don put Cobb under peace bond said! of the occasion when Council House country Notice is hereby given that Clyde Moore Gordon should have done Cobb her husband took Gordon to I Mra Cobb declared Gordon had Mother when you Morsey the duly appointed and quail- been standing near the door and that Say fled administrator of the estate of so he declared the Cobb apartments to force an! want bread 23-tf Claud Norvelj deceased has ren after the scuffle for the gun he re- DeVilliers and I Bing- dared and presented for settlement and The defense attorney attac tee- ee- apology for an alleged insult to her port of his administration as such ad- peated that he didn't know her and ba left Tuesday for a few days bus- filed in said Court his account and re- 'timony of state witnesseS that Cobh dovetailed easily with the testimony rn I ministrator and nrayIntz for distribu- called "Oh buddy don't shoot" "1 Gordon ffered to take Cobb to the place be on had given previously iness trip near Ottawa Kan nf thm hninnem in him handm mnd I had been the night before don of the balance in his hands and "aa was attracted by Nat himself always ruling in now as they are planning to put ut stands there in great number and work of erecting them has already begun The celebration will begin ID) A Paramount Picture as Big as a Subscribe for tile Record-llersid 0k0ofte'100to CECIL "FOOL'S DeMILLE'S PARADISE" With Dorothy Dalton Mildred Harris Conrad Nagel A picture that sweeps you from Texas to Siam and gathers into a hundred lavish scenes the love and beauty of the world left the roent" she testified when Beckham went out departed" her testimony and the off with slight cross TOO LATE TO (71AHSIFY FOR RENT-1 room furnished modern apartment 15 Phont 3541 752 752 that Monday the 24th day of July A was a buck private in the army and "my husband and Gordon came to 1922 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon In all my army experience I neveri "Gordon 1 the house the Monday befare the of said day at the County Court room fled "but In the City of Miami in said county heard one soldier call another mid shooting" she said "Beckham has been duly appointed by the said buddy" said Moore The state wit- Court for the settlement of said se- 'l Gordon had count at whic time and place any testified that all the shoti called wine here Bertle' but before This ende I got to the door he burst in person interested in said estate may 1 nerves efease left appear and show cause if any they fired by Gordon were discharged told him to quiet hi I have why said account should not be within one or two seconds' he contin- I I examination approved and distribution made as i and hat eckha took off his coat prayed for ued It would have been impossible In testimony whereof I have here and laid his gun on the dresser unto set my hand and affixed the seal for Cobb to Make the plea within that Turning to Gordon he said now tell G000 of sad Court this 27th day '0 June time he contended 1922 about this and apologize' McGHEM I Student Testimony Stressed (Seal) County Judge Moore asked the jury to believe thc Tried to Get Gun 1 29-July 0) testimony of Horace Graham and "Gordon said 'I do not know your New Orleans is to use poison gas Alvin Cannon federal students whc wife' My husband angrily answered 4 in an effort to exterthinate rats testified that Cobb was shot as he 'yes you do go ahead and apologize' Make It "Gordon "but Gordon had This ended defense left Make It GOOD ---it I so-- SOAP FOR LESS HMI TWO WITS A POWID 1 Comedy and News Reels Prices 10c 30c Tax Included 1td ivviiT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ott 14 Ana Mom Aon mdIEIMh6MOMME At Home By This Easy Less Than 30 Minutes THE( GLORIOUS FOURTH By A Trehibath 1 1 I J4 STOP! 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