The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1908. Our Toy Dapartment is now in Full j [Swing If you want to get the best toys for the least money, get them at Welll's. Our assortment Is large, complete and Includes every kind of a toy that a youngster might want to make him happy. If you're wise, you'll start Christmas toy shopping now and here. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. The High School Doing Practical Work in Stenography, Every effort la being madee in the High School to make the work practical as well as educational. The tendency nil over the United States In education is In this direction. Manual training, domestic science, sewing, mechanical drawing, stenography and typewriting may bo taught In a man !!'•!• both to train the brain and provide technical skill whereby the student may cum his livelihood if obliged to do so before he Is able lo proceed with his university and professional courses. Professor Mason, Instructor in shorthand and typewriting, himself a skillful court reporter and experienced H'.'u Her, has brought his classes to sin li ;i point of advancement that they ;u-e dally exercising their art in taliliif, miles of the principal's morn- Ing talks in the assembly hall. These notes ;uv carefully transcribed upon the typewriter, nnd because of the wide i-aiii;e of tojilcs and large vocabulary ( niployed, afford the siunlor commercial pupils splendid pracMce under jeveiy cori'lili H;M .similar 10 which they , for li will li.m- '(.i grapple with in the office, I ikv, I who sometimes think the High School a very costly Institution cannot fall to I roall/i. thai this practical work golnu on side by side with purely academic! work makes the local high school ,-i j many sided institution where any and i every hoy or girl In the county may I acquire, at p\iblic expense, the kind of training in> s t adapted *o his needs. THE Y. M. C. A. WHAT IS IT? I tie (.'i'ltt'orniait. I it Is not a money nstitution, neither is it the or creature of any sect; i organization, planted in 'xcd country, existing pnidy c of men. Its motto is the tit. of the whole man; spirit, t i .- >\vly N'fizarenu as •I <sI 1 . i'iel T ;.i . • . * 1 '""•">•'IKi'jQ' lifll .fulX 1 ,]^; - ,V- i.L'i!:-ii!i HP i'..' ii'h.u l>y i.,•<••,M; ,,|| and shelves all kind,-! of and the best bodies of th« Good Whiskey Stimulates the circulation of the blood—makes the liver active and the liowcls regular. For most headaches and simple complaints it is better than any drugs or medicines. Next time you feel "-"" •' " or iii, trj 'run down 1 SunnyBrook THE pURERJOD Whiskey It is bottled in bond, therefore absolutely pure, natural, straiVht whiskey, mellowed by age only and with a delicious flavor. Used judiciously, its effect is both invigorating and exhilarating. The Green Government Stamp" on each bottle is the official proof that it has been distilled, afted and bottled under the super, vision of U. S. Government Inspectors. If your dealer doesn't carry SUN'XY BROOK, write us and we will be glad to tell you when- to get it. SUNNY BROOK DISTILLERY CO., JeBerson Co., Ky. L, C. ROSS General Distributor. BAKERSFIELD, CAL i'>'.a in- lecture hall. It Is ox- : '..;. i his menus that the -gradu- j ili.' cominerein] department in i i:niil, as in previous years, ; of \v-ll fitted to take positions of j j rcsMi-nslldtity and make good, as reli-i j(, ' able and iie.'-uralo stenographers. j ro'lowius is n condensed report of | one i., Principal Conner's recent lalk'i J [t develops the body by providing . :ts tal.en down l.y the shorthand stu-.wel! , quipped gymnasium, instruct')-,-, ^'ents: I baths, games and in fact everything "i witnt In t'.'11 you a story because j that can possibly be used In the piv- jl ihink It has a point. A number of j lug of u good time to men. It he] years ago there lived in Russia, in ; lit'VK ihar recreailon is healthful, 1 .tie of the great cities, some Russian wholesome and In every respect deslr- ' Jews that managed, by the greatest j able. The treat interest It taks in i-i onuniy and with the. assistance of j a'h!'. li-.; i-,v.d 'lie stimulus it gives to I'rUnds.'to get enough money togeij. r j them Is sufficient to mal;e every one to pay their passage to Now Y. rk. I enthusiastic in Its support. Kven They were crowded into the steerage where athletics have prove,) a failure t of the steamer like so many sheep, !>el'oi<>. the V. M. <'. .\. ••.-ii.-,. > t ,. 1M l;(1 . ! and the passage was so uncotiifortabKi j The Y. M. C. A. makes the exercise . iluit ft -c-iin be better imagined than j and (are of the body not a duty but u pleasure. A good gymnasium and baths are a boon to every one who has I access to them. The young men who ; have had the pleasure of its privileges ' find how sorely they miss them when they are by any reason deprived of thorn. A most prominent characteristic of the Y. M. C. A. Is the good fellowship' It promotes in every department; at the reading tables, In literary work, In these' athletics and athletic contests, in its .slums little children are set to work j camps In the mountains and at the sewing on the buttons nnd doing little ! ""«'*., «'"' ;lt Hs banquet board. bits of sewing at a n early age, and are ! ' «*1"<*» m « v . f .™ m , botl .. *°^™™ 'and Northern California will speak at 'he Armory next Sunday at 3 nnd.7:30 p. m. in the interests of the Y. M. C. A. The object of these meetings Is to make the men of liakerstlokl acquainted with die Y. M. C. A. and look toward the establishing of one In our midst when It is possible. He sure to attend these meetings. JOCKEY JAY RANSCH ARRIVES FROM FRANCE. -J r TALKIM' MACHINE 3 3 RE E Equipped With a Large cMorning Glory Horn The O'Xeill-Jamcs Co. of Chicago, the well known dealers in Talking Machines, has placed us in a position to give every family thai trades ftt our store, one. Grand Busy *Bee ^tsc Talking Macbien c/lbsolutely FREE Here is the plan- \Vi' issue coupons <m nil I'ash pun-liases, dollar for dollar, When your cash purchases amount to $50.00 you are entitled to one of these sk'Jo.OO machines. It is not noeessary to buy a certain number of records to obtain a machine. We on try a stock of Busy Her- Records at the following prices: 10 'inch. fiOe.; 12 inch'. $1.00; 7 inch, 35e. This offer expires December I!l. IflOS. Buy your Practical and Useful Furniture Gifts here and receive one of these machines absolutely free. PHILIP W. NIEDERAUR 1408 Nineteenth Street. Main 173 HOLLY G ENUINE H° LLY * HOLLY WREATHS Roses, Carnations, Violets and Chrysanthemums.. First class Nursery Slock. Tree's, Shrubs. Orders promptly filled. CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop.. Cor. aivlh St. and Cheater Ave. I'hone Main 7-lu. described. "They finally reached New York, and. as many thousands do, they went to the- Jewish quarter, which Is known as the Ghetto, and la simply one of the many slums. There they had a strug- j gle for mere existence. The father, was a tailor and was very glad to get work In the sweat shops. They slept on piles of clothing, some working while others slept, the sewing ma chine going all the time. In DIXON SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Rmbalmers. Successors to Morton & Connolly. Lady Attendant. 1414 19th Ifc RED OKOM AMBULANCE. Phone, Night or Day, Main 91 VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC thus, many of them, deprived of their schooling, the natural heritage of j every American child. One of this 'humble tailor's sous was ambitious to po to school, and by working afternoons and evenings he was able to at. tend one of Ihe many magnificent schools provided by New York for her enormous foreign population. He finally got into High School. There he took a course in shorthand and type- writ ins. I waul to read you part of a letter which has just been received from ibis boy by one of his former teachers: "'Dear Mr. Mason: Feeling sure you would be glad to know a former pupil of yours is s along, I take this opportunity to write you. My name is Nathan Bohrln. I was a member of yuiir stenographic class In l!Kir>. Since gnuluatins I havu been employed as stenographer In - |j v- Southern Bakersfield's Leading Hott) Gulaine, Service Unexcelled . After an absence In France for two years, where he has been riding in employ of James Hennessey. Jay I Ranscli, Ihe former Hnhersfle-ld boy who made his mark In the world rid-1 ing thoroughbred race horses to vie- \ tory. arrived In San Francisco Wed-1 nesilay OD a visit of a few months. I After a short stay In the bay city he will po to I.os Angeles, where his THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? eral high class law firms in this city, and have filled those positions successfully. In March. IJtuS, i t""!; the court stenographer examinatii'ii »»d was successful in passing same alter 175 words a minute dictation at '.'") and a fraction per cent. I cam.' out No. 1 on the second test, beiu.i; MI-- 'it' 1 five who passed out of a p.i.-sil-'.c lo;y. I was soon appointed to the po : -t:ii.n of stenographer in the police department of the City of New YnrK at a -salary ol $2,CM' per aiiii'.un i sit 1 ' 1 ''^ rf- fully i assed the probation |-erii,.| and was' recently ,,fllcla!ly a|ip'iilil-"i, "nil am informed that no oilier >•eurt the city has a rate of spi ••.! M' i MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9M6 Admission lOc No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. Tin. Hidden Treasure (special) Mhe Miner's Daughter (drama) Yens Yensen (comedy) Barbara Fritchie (historical) The Lovers' Telegraphic Code (ro-SONGS—"The Man With the Lad- mance) der ind the Hose" H tf'ng the Dinner (comedy) "Moonbeams and Dreams of You" Entire change of Program Monday and Thursday otghts. Matinee Saturday and Sunday. Coupons fllven every night. Nov. 23d,24-piece quadruple plate Rog. era Bros.' set to holder of fucky coupon. mother and sister are now residing. The past season has been a good one for Hans:-h and out of 2n7 mounts he won !i". which Is excellent riding, Kausc!i sllll rides at 111 pounds, the foreign climate not having added to his slender form. .Mrs. Hansch, who was I'lirnn-rly Miss Kdi : h <J!asn of this city, in accompanying her husband. KERN CITY PERSONALS. Hert Sloan of Stockton was In lowi today en business. Rev. O. Franklin Thayer dime u[ 1 • •Per ihls poor raise payinti "tToris . i-dnfa-: ii. .\viiat ' ' iruin • l !>•<! i'"<l 'Hi.' same ai.d it Is you are pr It has been In preparation for flve years, awaiting the time when the plant could be brought to the point of capacity and perfection which would make It possible at such a price. There Is not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment In this marvelous thirty horse power car at fifteen hundred and ftfty dollars, because H derives Its being from twenty thousand other Cadillac curs which-Lave preceded it. It springe Immediately Into full-fledged competition with the best of others at twice and thrice the price, because it is the outcome and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory experience that has cost millions in the making;. Place your order now. First car load alraady sold. We have a few second hand bargain*. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trade for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. * ^ Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and O Tel. Main 1260 I "K, in the future.' "Now what is the story? Just this, that if humble foreign Jewish lad himself from obscurity to of honor and responsiei $2ui.iii a year through hi.-- . and by availing hinii-eii o tlonal advantages Irech i> may we not reasonably ' you, living under Ideal eon housed, well clothed, wet .surrounded by loving ear. 1 ? opportunities exist for you. only a question of whether willing to make the necfssjry preparation for responsible ami well paid work. The surest way to succeed In tlt'o Is to work, work hard and earnestly and faithfully in your .-t miles, and prepare for your vocation The greatest blessing In life is work Was '.t not Mrs. Browning who salil. "'Out leave to work In (Ins «orld. ft Is the best you get at all, for (!od In censure gives us better gifts than man in benediction. For foreheads men say crowns, but God says sweat. Therefore get work, and he sure it is better than what you work to get.' " In addition to this valuable exorcise in reporting the words of a fluent speaker under ordinary platform conditions, Professor Mason Is making a marked feature of his unique course In the proper paragraphing and arranging of a large variety of legal documents supplied by local attorneys, and peculiar to the courts of Calilfor- I nlu. I The shorthand department possesses eighteen typewriting machine's and thirty-two pupils are enrolled, seventeen of whom are first year and flf- toen second year students. People in i from Ocean Park this morning on No | 7. . O. A. \V«ldo loft yesterday for Spo kano, Washington, where he has tak- ! en a position In the auditor's office. ' Ills family will follow within a month j or two. ; J. Shelaberger is In San Francisco | on business. j Mr. and Mrs. O. Harrow have taken | apartments In the Marsh building at I the corner of Baker and .1 streets. George T). Colvln Is singing the Illustrated songs at the Majestic theater again. Fireman Fred Toats has returned from a three months vacation spent ' traveling In Europe. j Mrs. F. P. Taylor and children Imvc returned from a visit with relatives In Sacramento. Mrs. M. K. MeKetizk went to Keone yesterday on the noon I ruin to visit Mrs. O. A. Burton for a few days. J, F. Donnor of the car department Is off duty on account of Illness. O. U Ferguson of McKlttrick is in town on business. Empire Theater . onigHt end all Week Overture, LORRAINE THORNE Singing anct Dancing Soubrette Illustrated Song—"You Will Always Do the Same Thing Over for the Red, White and Blue." RAYMOND MERRITT College Tramp Empire Moving Pictures, Scenic Views Jack—HOMES—Ada Comedy Musical Act. Doors open 7 p. m. Continuous Performance until 13:30. General Admission 10c, Reserved Section 15c, Reserved Seats, 20c. Stevens l^^?^ Come and see what an exclusive millinery store can do and convince yourself that we are offering the greatest values ever offered In Halier.sfleld for $5.00, HAIR GOODS Vo are also Helling at reduced prices all kinds of up-to-date Hair (!o/>iln. Fifth Avenue puffs, transformations, pompadour bangs cor- , tme-t braid and all kinds of hair rats and switches. $ 1905 Chester Avenue. $0&0&G&IX&C>0^^ TEA The greatest tea-drinkers are full - bottom Dutchmen. There isn't much nervous prostration in Yonr grocer retutni your monty II rou don't Hk« Scliiilinj'i B«»t we p»» him FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF if yon have any doubts iihont the superiority of our process of dye- in<T or cleaning, by testing it on'an old suit of clothing, a delicate evening gown or waist, or anything that lias be<-omo soiled or faded in Ihe wearing. We also give genuine satisfaction in the beauty and thoroughness of out work, and ni the inofleniteness of otir charges, Pioneer Cleaners &ud Dyera A. C. Jaoobten, Proprietor, omo». 1515* 19th St.. Phone Main 1 Worlu, 129-133 20th St. Phone M&ii. 166

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