Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1895
Page 8
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Ate you going to build, Repair or Want a Veranda? See Thompson's Lumber Company. They buy cheap and sell cheap. Yard and Office, Sixtn and High Street. ?BIHT. Item*) of. • Penonftl Character Con ceralnK JJoa;»ii<rport»rM;sunl Their "t FHenas. | In the city yesterday: Eddie Foy of Chicago. L. W. Smelser of Flora. John B. Wood of Garrett. Samuel Rothrock of Monticello. M. M. Hathaway of the Monticello Democrat. FOUND AT LAST. Miss K».e Sullivan is at Frankfort visiting her sister. Adam Graf made a business trip to Kswanna yesterday. Mlie Jessie Conn will spond Sunday with Peru friends. Mra. Charles Buhl hug returned from Wlnamac after an extended visit. Mrs. McBane hai returnei to her home at Indianapolis after a vlilt here. Judge M. B. Lalry has gone to In. approaching Meeker the conductor, dianapolla to join hii wife for a vlilt | P ul . led the * lr «lgnal cord for » stop FIGHT ox A. PASSENJKE TRAIK. The crew of Pan Handle pa«enger train No. 20 had an exciting time ol it Thursday afternoon. At Hartford city a well dressed robust man. apparently about 30 years old, boarded the train and paid his way to the next station. This he continued to do from ttatlon to station until the train reached Union City. He had not quite sufficient money to pay his fare to the atter station and rather than have any trouble Conductor A. J. Oaborn paid the deficiency out of his own locket. At the latter station he failed o get out and when Conductor Osbo. made his rounds the delinquent pas aenger coolly Informed him that he had no money but waa goteg to Bradford, When tha train was Tfie j)lftce to fret Iron Force Pumps with wooden handles, that will puujp-e-Hgler and dra ir water farther than any other pump in the umrkvt. Daniel Murphy, of Duer Creek township, has one In use that draws water over 300 feet up a hill with a raisins of 18 feet. Call and see this wonderful Pump and be convinced. JOHN J. HILDEBRANDT. Plumber, Steam and Gas Fitter, 408.Fourth Street, Next to Dr. Jordan's Office. also dealer in Iron and Wooden Pumps, Tubular, Driven Well and Engine Supplies. Seo me before buying «, Wind P. S.—Bring in your Hornet's Nests. DAIIV JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 5 Mrs. Ed Xwomey was reported quite lill yesterday. John Gray, the dry goods merchant, It* reported eiok. HOBO and uoderwoar at the Trade /Enlace special Bale. Mlaa Lelnnd Grovo has a severe attank of the measles. Wanted — Girl for housework; small i/KQily— 322 Fourth street. Don't fail to secure tioketB for Marie WAinwright Wednesday night. To'.Mr. and Mrs. Ephriam Fry of Washington township, a eon. A daughter of Mr. and Mra. Al . iftradener is ill with the measles. John a on & Thatcher's -minstrel company will appear in '.he oity May H. Soo the new figured china Bilks for 17 centa a yard worth 35 centa — Trade Bklace. Edna Closson, daughter ot S. M. IB Bald to be sick with the The telegraph operators will play ball thin afternoon with the South Side team. Natural gas bills for May now due and payable at the company's office on ;?earl street. Ninety-nine people took advantage of the low rates to Peru yesterday and •took in the circus. The EntreNous club was charmingly idntarlained Friday night by Misses Btozzlno and Nellie Gallagher. Miss Lllllo Newer, & daughter of attorney J. C. Newer, celebrated her 15th birthday anniversary yesterday. Every style of shirt waist, the kind which make people talk about UB for 490, SOc, 75o and DSc Monday— The Beo Hiva. Don't forget the plant sale Tuesday; •pen all day and evening. Ice cream and strawberries will be served corner Market and Seventh streets. Soethe ohlia silks, figured dreis atlk worth Soo and 40c a yard, for tomorrow I7o. Go quick before the orowd or you will get left at the Trade 2ftlace. Tho woman who hasn't two or more waists for each skirt doein't know how taheaply she can enlarge her wardrobe; 98 cent waists will be the specialty Monday —The Bee Hive. A decided improvement hai been reported in the condition of James Baed, the young man from the South Side who waa re cently consigned to She iniane hospital at Long Cliff. Now Is the bast time of the year to Sreat catarrh of the nose and throat. JMease remember that Drs. Christopher *Longen«cker are the only people who mteoeisfully treat these diseases, America'!) (ireatoNt I>OK <u"l Pony 81101V. Slpe & Dolman's America's Greatest Dog and Pony Show will appear in this city under their tent at tbe corner of High and Tenth streets, three nights beginning Monday, May 6th, with matinee Wednesday at 3:45 p. m. This exhibition is positively a distinct innovation in the way of a trained ani~ mal exhibition. The performance, the animals and the manner in which they are exhibited are vastly superior to anything we havo ever seen. The dogs and ponies, numbering over 50, are of the most costly high bred species, and their exterior appearance is sufficient evidence that they are not only high bred but that they receive the best of care and treatment. The appearance of this exhibition in this otty should receive a hearty welcome, and' especially from the ladies and children, who are shown special cour* tesles. The prices of admission are within tke reach of all—children 10 cents, adults 20 cents. RIarle There should bo a large and fashionable audience at Dolan's opera house on Wednesday, May 8, to wit- ncsa the performance of the most successful play of the season, "Daughters of Eve" by Marie Wainwright and her splendid company. This society drama, written expressly for Miss Wainwright by A. E. Lancaster and Julian Magnus had last week its 200th consecutive performance at the Schiller theatre, Chicago. The Times of that city said: " 'Daughters of Eve' is the cleverest play that has been written in America in many years." Tho coatumonle of Miss Wainwright and the five other ladles of the cast is a specially attractive feature. The ball room scene of the third act will give great opportunities for the dig- play of magnificent toilettes. •135,000 Failure. One of the largest and best known clothing manufacturers In the East has failed for $135,000 and has asked some of the belt retail concerns to make them an offer for the whole stock in order to settle up their affairs. On good authority our town IB likely to profit by this failure as the New York Bankrupt Company with ite numerous stores have made an offer and are likely to get the whole stock of men's, boys' and children 1 * suits and pants; and in this case would ship part to their More In Loginsport. For the community at large It would be a blessing, as our cltlzans will then get good clothing for lees money than ever before. ED. FISHER. A LlttU'Late in the Season, So much the better, as we aro picking up many desirable seasonable goodi at our own price way below early purchasers. Will be with you soon, the n«w dry goodi and millinery house In the New Fashion store room. over Sunday. Miss Minnie Foglesong bt\a returned from Lafayette, where she visited several days. Miss Nettie Crawford will go to Peru to take a position in Kilter & Co's dry good store. George Graf, H. S. Elliott, Michael Hannifin, Gee Luce and Edm and Cohen were at Peru yesterday. Burke Morse of Peru, returned to that city yesterday after a visit of several days here. Judge N. 0. Ross left yesterday on a vacation of a week, which he will paes at Martiasvllle. Dr. John W. Schneider and family of Burnettsvllle are visiting M. A. Little and family in the city. Clarence Bennett will go to Chicago tomorrow to stay a week before making a trip to New York City. Arthur Baker will go to Chicago Monday to enter on a course in the Chicago Opthalimlo and Engraving school. Mrs. Benson and children have gone to their home in Missouri aftu- spend* ing the winter with rels.tlves at Anoka. Jack Reagan, the blacksmith who was summoned to Kowanna to shoe a string of fast horses for the tfairview stock farm, has re turned home. Jerome Root representing the West. Chester Insurance company, was here yesterday and adjusted the fire loss on the Peter Schneider property.. Mies Altie Cooper of Chicago, is tbe guest of Miss Harriet Zlnn north of the city. A violet luncheon was given Friday night in her honor by Mies Zlnn. Mrs. Mary Allen and Jos. Murphy are at Peru, attending Mrs. Eil Mur. phy, who hue the diphtheria. The latter recently lost a child by the terrible disease. A. Grusenmeyer, John Hurt/, and M. Schneeberger are at Indianapolis to attend the state meeting of nhe St. Joseph Benevolent society, which will close Tuesday. A. F. MoFan is in the city renewing old acquaintances. Mr. Mo,?an is traveling for a Cincinnati house. He IB located at Harvard, 111., but will shortly change his headquarters to this city. J. H. Styles and family have arrived from Wllman, Minn. They airo the guests of R. M. Kistler and family and will soon take up their residence at No. 1314 High street. Mr. Styles is e, member of the now dry gooils firm of Rice, Styles & Co. Peru Chronicle: Miss Nettle Crawford of Loganaport arrived last even* ing to visit her sister Flora a few days.... Judge N. 0. Ross of Logansport was in the oity this afternoon.... George Graf came up from Logansport last evening to take In the circus. and when the train came to a standstill the conductor made an effort to eject his moneyless passenger. The latter strenuously objected to this and put up a vigorous fight. It took the combined efforts of the conductor, brakeman, porter and newsboy to fire him off the train and BO great were his pugilistic propensities that he warded the blows of jail of these, until the colored porter ;produced a billy and commenced belaboring the oranl* urn of the delinquent, when he was compelled to evacuate. Hardly bad ,tho train been brought [under motion again, however, when he made an effort to regain the rear platform but the crew was too alert for him and the porter with his "billy" was again brought into requisition this time with disastrous results to the would-be passenger. When he saw that all further efforts were useless he relln* quiehed his hold and started overland for Greemill, the county seat, four milea distant from the field of action, with the apparent purpose of having the train crew arrested. Nothing has been beard of him since then and it la evident that he left the country to escape arrest. The Pan Handle detectives are looking tor him and If caught it will probably go hard with him. The unruly passenger IB thought to have been a crook following a circus that on Thursday exhibited at Hartford City. It is believed that he was in pursuit of another passenger with money and not knowing how far hla intended victim was traveling did not want to spend more money on the pursuit than was necessary. TOMORROW! We will be pleased to welcome you back to our old quarters which have be greatly improved and enlarged. Ouj opening will be announced later. HARRY FRANK, TO BB SURE,. York, Logaasport, Delphi, Flora. THE CHCKCHEH CUMBKIlLAJiD PiaESBTTKRUN CHURCH—Cbas. B Wellbern, pastor. Sunday School 9:45 i». in Preaching botb morning aid evenlig by pastor All are Invited. BAPTIST CHURCH.—Preaching nt 10:30 a, m. an 7:30 p. m. by Rov. tf. M. Hnckelberry. SunUa; school at 12 o'clock Young People's meolln at 6 p. m. Ali are Invited. has the and : ' Pan Handle engineer Pat Grady remodeled his dwelling house at corner of North and 20th streets will probably move into it. The Pennsylvania lines have since the last of January, handled 6,733.360 tons of coal and coke, against 5,025,. 286 tons In the corresponding four months of 1894, an increase this year of 1,708,074 tons. It Will Pay Ton . to wait for the new etore; will be open Boon with bargains for everybody in the New Fashion room on Fourth St. Filling's Popnlar Prices! Ladies' Oxfords, 65o to $8, nice Roods. Child's shoes, ISe to $1.50. Misses' shoes, 95c to $2.50. Boy's shoes, 75c to $3, Men's shoes, 95c to $5. Women's shoea, 85c to $6 per pair. We have the stock, the widths and the prices to suit all. Come and see as.—Pilling, 412 Broadway. Sunday School Convention- A Sunday school convention will be held at Crooked Creek Christian church, Jefferson township on Sunday May 12th at S p. m.: PROGRAM. Devotional services led by tbe aresldeat, Topic— A. Model Class tote taught by Dr. D Overnolzer. A Sunday School Teacher 1 ! Preparation— Horace Pnor. Question drawer. Everyone is cordially invited to at. tend. JOSEPH VANATTA, Tvwnihlp President. Cook Wanted For summer hotel — young white man. Must be good meat and pastry book; ctrtut work reasonable; at&te price to commence May llth. Address RANNELLH & MITCHELL, Columbia Park Hotel, Rochester, Ind., Box S12. A WeddiBc Anniversary- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clary of the North Side were given a very pleasant surprise last night by immediate relative! and friends. The gathering assembled to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and MM. Ed Clary. The event was much enjoyed. Tbe latest Style Shoe*. Pilling the shoe man is showing some very elegant styles in spring and summer foot-wear, especially those beautiful -white Oxfords and the price only a trifle, $1.05 and his colored man will keep them clean for you free of charge. Who does more for your*trade? T«n Shoes are Quite the Thine. Especially so when they are kept nice and-clean. Filling's artist understands his business and will keep them looking nice and new. ^Filling's stock of tan goods can not be equall ed in the city. A Shining Reward. Will be given to anyone buying their shoes of Pilling, J412 Broadway and did you know his -line of shoes are warranted both in price and quality. Price guaranteed to be as low if not lower than any other shoe house on the same class of good honest shoes. No cheap shoes, but good shoes at low prices. Fn»T PKRSHTTKBIAN CHDHCH—Bev. D. P. Pni nam, pastor. Services al II a. m. and 7:39 p. in. Sunday school at 9:SQ a. m. Young people' meeting at 6:30 p. ui. A cordial welcome to all. CHUKCU OF CHRIST (Scientist)—Services will be bold In tnelr new rooms In tbe Magee block corner ol Sixth and Broadwny. Bible Class a 10:30 Sunday morning. All are cordially In vlted to attend. BltOADWAT PRESDYTEHIAN CITOHCH—B«V. H. X Ferclva; pastor. Preaching at 11 am and 7:30 pm by the pastor. Sunday School nt 0:30. am Y. P. S. C, E. meetings! 8:30. Strangers and others are cordially invited to attend. EvAsasLiCAX, CHOUGH—Rev. Bhyder, pas tor- Services today as follows: Sabbath schoo at 9:30 a. m. preaching at 10:30 a. m. by the pastor. Y. P. A. at 6 p. in. Kwichlng la the evening at 7 p. m. All are cordially Invited. ST. LDKK'S EVANGELICAL LUTHKRAN Cinmcii. Eev. J. C. KauHman, pastor. Serried at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 9:30, Junior Endeavor at 3:00. Young people's society ol Christian Endeavor at 6:30. Evening service! at 7:30. CHRISTUM CmmcH—Cornfr Ninth and Spear streets. Hev. T. S. Kreeman, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. sermons by the pastor' Snnday School atfcSS a. m., G. N. Berry, Snpt. Y. P. S, C. E, at 6:15 p. m. All are Invited. BROADWAY M. E. CHOTCB—Rev. H. J. Norrts pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and730p.m. class meeting at t) a m. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Junior Leagne at 3 p. m. Senior 'League atG:3A p. m. conducted by Mlsa Ella Zlnn. All are Invited. UAKKKT STBIBT M. E. CHURCH—Rev. W. R. Wones, pastor. Preaching at I0:4fi a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor. Clasiat 11:45*. m. and 0:30 p. m. Sabbath -school at B:30 a. m. Epworth League at 630 p. m. Topic''The Daysman." Leader, Frank Oliver. A cordial invitation it extended to all. A.M.E. CHUKCH—Garner of CIcott and Market street, Hev. R. McDanlel pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by tbe pastor. Sunday school at 3 p. m. Teachers' meeting every Wednesday evening- Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. All are cordially Invited.. TRINITY EPISCOPAL; Cmmcn—Eev. Doagl««s I Hobbs, Rector. Services today as follows: 9:30 a. m. Sunday School 11 a. m. Homing Prayer. Holy Communion and sermon. Subject "Profit and Loss." 7:30 p. m. evening grayer and sermon. A contradiction explained and an objection answered. A cordial welcome given to all. UNIVIHSALIST Cinmcn—Eev. T. S. Gathrle pastor. Service today at 11 a. m, and 730 p. m. Subject In tee raornlne, "Objection to Christianity considered materialism, natural- Ism and rationalism." In the evening "The Views of Destiny bv Jnstln Martyr Origin Fertulllan and;TheOphllug. Sunday school at 18 a. m., Edward Canls Bupt, Young people's meeting at 0:15 p. m. All are invited. If you want your' lace curtains to look the same as new, send them to us for lanndrying. A long experience in this line of Tvork enables UB to guarantee satisfaction. CAMPBELL' BBOR, • 439 Market 8t 1 F.lsc La grippe is confounded by many persons with a severe attack of catarrh, which in some respects resembles the former. These individuals suffer severely with pain about the forehead, eyes and ears, with soreness in throat and stoppage of the'nasal passages, and in fact, are Incapacitated for work Of any kind for days at a time. These are catarrhal sufferers. Ely's Cream Balm has been used with the best results In such cases. The remedy will give instant relief. Fort Watyae T> Logtunapoit. The following is the billing order of the Fort Wayne and the Logans, port teams which meet this afternoon at the Driving park: FT. WATNI. posrnou. LOOAKSPOKT Murray _ _ r 1 — Brown Tracy ~ —* I ...Yonngker Parker ~ -1 1 _ _™Steml« Ball _ _-ss Shaver Anrdews 1 b.— . May White _ 2 b : _...UtUe Crook -.3 b Geljrer Campbell.... —. ** Vnnnl*a Walsh _ ..p ~ —.Bebee DeMB of Jft«tlB CUot*. Katie Giosi, the 20-year-old daughter of Andrew Gloss, died with consumption at 11 *. m. yesterday. The fuaeral will be held Monday at 9 ft. m, from tbe Si. Joseph's church. BACKWARD SPRING Following • Hevere Winter, Bring* Blood Dlxeaie*, Xerronn Dennge- nientH ana ChroBle Catarrh. Never was there a greater demand for spring medicines — something to cleanse the blood or strengthen tha nerves or regulate the digestion. la there any medicine so good for those purposes as Pe-ru-na? Thousands of doctors, druggists and tens of thousands of people of all classes and vocations have long ago decided this question — that Pe-ru-na has DO equal in these cases. Poor, shrunken dyi- peptios become strong, vigorous and hearty after * few, bottle* of It. Poo- pie who are blotched, pimpled, sallow and sluggish never fail to find a course of Pe-ru-na to clear the skin, invigorate the system and enrich the blood. hronlc catarrh in all phases and stages, cases that have defied the best of treatment for many years, take ft 'ew bottles of Pe-ru-na to their entire relief. .Nervousness, debility, weak. nesses of both sexes, sleeplessness, rritablllty, despondency, hypochondria, all these disappear when Pe-ru-na s used aocordlng to directions. One of the first and most Instructive books ever furnished free, Is being oat by the Fe-ru>na Drug Manufao- urlng Company, Columbus, O. This book Is very instructively illustrated with expensive drawings of the hu man body, and will be sent free to^| >ny address for a short time. Send ""• ,lso for a copy of The Family Phf . Ian No. 2, a complete treatise on catarrh. colds, coughs, la grippe and onsumptlon. For tree book on cancer address Dr. Lartman, Columbus. Ohio. lako d la- Haxlnkvekee Cottage for Eleven room cottage, 100 feet ront; will give a bargain. See rum at the Journal office. W. B. BoRFono, Indianapolis. Insurance, Loans, S. M. CM»SSON, 319 Pearl street. VEND Speaks to Logaasport People. Hundreds of People In Lofuifort H»r» Been Cir«d by T«D*'I Hdldnet. il« Will Be- turn tkc Honey to imjon not Cnnd. TDe Fairest Offer Ever Made by a Doctor BEAD THKuFOLUXft FACTS. ginee Veno left I/ogaosport hundreds nave bought M» medicines at the drag (tores, and letters are being received daily from people w«o have been cored. He guarantees TF!k 0'8 CURATIVE STBCP (50c t. bottle), to completely coca nerrousness, dyspeDS'a, poor ..appetite sad sleep- essness, liver, Iddaey, blood and stomach dl<- ortera, and when used wltti VKXO'S ELE4TKIC ( FLUID (Me a bottle), will positively cote tbe ' worst and moet desperate Terms of rheamattan. paralysis sciatica, neuralgia, backache, week muscles, stiff Joints, all acces aad palni. KIR MOURILL MctESZlEli CiCABEH AAD HEAD. ACHE CUBE (lOc a bottle) Is an instantaneoax relief, and will cnre catarrh, coM In tbe bead, bead- ache, sore tnioftt and bronchltu. Soldbr John(ton. KJ*»lint and Ben KUher, droatlK*, wllb. a guarantee to core or reload toe money.

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