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Portage, Wisconsin
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3 WEATHER FORECAST 8 Fair north partly cloudy in the south tonight and Wednesday Cooler tonight Low tonight in the 40s High tomorrow in the 70s i 1 Temperatures at Silver Lake At Noon Water Temperature 69 Air Temperature 72 7 CENTS PER SINGLE COPT I and DEMOCRAT ESTABLISHED 1886 PORTAGE WISCONSIN' TUESDAY JUNE 17 1958 House Agrees vJv come to ersonal Calls Are Wrong I oxpono -CENTENNIAL i United Nations Force May Be Called to Save Lebanon WfWJHWIJWP se'1 INVITATION Kenneth Fandrick Ed Zimmerman and Henry Phillips are shown as they were finishing hanging a self-explanatory sign across the main street of Oxford (Daily Register Photo) Oxford Centennial to Run For Week Starting Sunday Queen Contest Ball on June 21 Chain Store Heir is Kidnaped for Ransom Defense Bill By House Is Held Lacking BULLETIN WASHINGTON (UPI) The House Public Works Committee today approved a new $1555746-000 rivers and harbors bill By United Press International Defense Secretary Neil Me-Elroy appealed to the Senate to give President Eisenhower more sweeping defense reorgan ization powers than the House was willing to grant McElroy made his plea as the Senate Armed Services Committee- opened hearings on reorganization legislation The secretary said the House-approved bill while giving the President most of what he want ed falls He said the House measure would encourage continued "disunity and among the armed services Other congressional news Pay: The House by voice vote gave final approval to a bill granting 10 per cent pay raises to some 1021000 white collar government workers The measure now goes to the President Sports: The House Rules Committee cleared for floor action a controversial bill providing for qualified exemption from antitrust regulations of most phases of professional team sports Aviation: Undersecretary of Commerce Louis Rothschild told a Senate subcommittee tlieie must be military in the proposed new federal aviation agency He said civil authority "must be but the military affords for all of us" Farm: The administration came out against an omnibus farm bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee last week Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson and Republican congressional leaders said after a conference with President Eisenhower that the bill would be "undesirable Benson said Congress instead should extend the farm surplus disposal pro- gram the school and armed erv 1 I i i i i il 1 1 it I I1 il i1 I Centennial Celebration a weeklong observance begins this Saturday evenihg June 21 with a queen contest and centennial ball The celebration will continue through Saturday and Sunday June 28 and 29 with daylong programs planned on the last two days Officials report that there is still time for girls 16 to 20 years of age from Adams or Marquette counties to enter the Oxford Centennial Queen contest Those interested are asked to contact Mrs Eli Nesbitt in the immediate future giving name address and age Her address is Oxford Wis A Century Style Show will be staged on Tuesday June 24 at 8 pm with an old time melodrama slated the following night Activities next weekend will start on Friday June 27 with square dancing in the streets at Oxford to the music of Herb Johnson and his Range Riders Indian ceremonials and a chicken barbecue are planned for both Saturday and Sunday with a big parade on Saturday along with a junior legion baseball game saddle club horse show old school mates reunion a Blatz band concert street dancing and a "Brothers of the contest A carnival will be in the village on all three days with lunch stands pop stands and a dairy bar also in operation Want to Seal Off Frontiers BEIRUT The govern ment of rebellion torn Lebanon said today it had asked the United Nations to move in a force of several thousand men and seal off its frontiers The disclosure was made by Health Minister Albert Mokheber WASHINGTON UPI Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said today the United States might send troops into Lebanon if devel opmenls there should call for it He told a news conference the United States was prepared to contribute to a United Nations force there but also might act on its own if certain contingencies which he declined to explain should arise At the same time Dulles charged the Soviet Union with apparently trying to break off preparations for a carefully organized summit conference and force the West directly into a top level meeting on the terms named by President Camille Cha-moun to act as liaison officer with the United Nations observer teams here Mokheber said Lebanon asked for land sea and air force troops and that the request already is In the hands of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold- Hammarskjold leaves New York today and is expected in Beirut sometime during the night for an on-the-spot report from the observer teams Mokheber said the Security Council may be reconvened to consider the Lebanese request Lebanon accused Syria In the Security Council of aiding the six-week -old rebellion against the pro-Western government by sending a steady supply of arms and smuggling troops across the border Lebanon Remains Quiet Lebanon itself was tense though quiet except for the occasional bullet and whine of a Maj Gen Fuad 0 the Leb- And Egyptian newspapers have warned that any American aid to Lebanon would be regarded in as a declaration of war It was obvious that the deadly situation in the Middle East would give Hammarskjold one of the biggest tests of his policy of "quiet diplomacy" United Nations report Kai( merely that Hammarskjold would come to Beirut to oversee the formation of UN observer groups charged with seeing that no Syrian aid reached the anti-government rebels But observers said his duties 1 bI Lebanon la the past he has won approval of his quiet method of handling Mideast INVITE ADAMS TESTIMONY As hearings began before a House sub-committee probing Federal regulatory agencies on alleged use of the chairman Orcn Harris (D Ark) (top left) and counsel Robert Llsh-man issmed an to Presidential Assistant Sherman Adnms to testify At the hearings Francis McLaughlin (below) exhibited hotel bills paid by Bernard Goldfine for Adams at a Plymouth Mass hotel and told of other payments of hotel bills in New York (UPI Telephotos) Adams Admits He Learned Lesson Was Not Prudent WASHINGTON (UPI) Presidential Assistant Sherman Adams said today he and his White House associates have now concluded they ought dot to make personal calls like those he made to the Federal Trade Commission for his friend Bernard Goldfine think there are some lessons we all learn no matter how far along we Adams said He made this statement to House investigators inquiring into his relations with Goldfine who pressed favors on Adams while in hot water with government agencies The presidential assistant testified before a standing-room-only audience Adams while defending his actions In the Goldfine case testified he might not have done what he did for his friend had he he was told that his action was improper Offers No Excuses Adams said if he had the same decisions before him again he would have "acted a little more -He said two years ago he called members of his staff together and ordered them to "refrain from that could lead to such questions as are now being raised by the subcommittee "I have no excuses to he said did not come up here to make apologies" Adams completed his testimony shortly after 11:30 am cdt and was excused Adams staunchly defending bis controversial relationship with the New England industrialist conceded under questioning bis decision to help Goldfine very well have been had he known the government information he sought for Goldfine was supposed to be kept confidential "I had no knowledge of the Adams said certainly had no knowledge that the Information I received was not perfectly proper Had I known of that my decision might very well have been Adams has acknowledged receiving gifts from Goldfine and contacting In his behalf the Fed- qral Trade Commission and the Securities Exchange Commis- -sion Got Preferred Treatment But the chief aide insisted be was merely forwarding a routine inquiry He swore he never sought or got any federal favors for his Bostop friend Adams appeared at his own re- quest at a Jammed hearing of a House subcommittee investigating his reiutions with Goldfine who once was accused by the TC of mislabeling fabrics Subcommittee Counsel Robert Llshman told the presidential aide that Goldfine "did get preferred as a result of action LLshmnn said that after inquiry Into Goldfine's troubles with the FTC the Industrialist got Information which both thc law and FTC rules required to be kepi confidential Shortly beforo Adams lestifiod White House PressSecretary James Hagcrty said Goldfine in 1956 sent President Eisenhower a gift of vicuna cloth Hngerty said the President told him be gave the cloth to someone but forgets who It was The secretary denounced as lie" a published report thut Goldfine had given the President a coat and had conferred with him at the White House No Intend oa to Err Adams admitted accepting gifts from Goldfine on the basis of long friendship and said he and Mrs Adams had presented gifts to members of the Goldfine family Asking the rhetcrlcol question It proper for any public official to accept any gifts from any be gave this reply: "I can only say to this committee with a clear conscience that in the 8M1 years that I have been at my post I have never permitted any personal relationships to affect In any way any actions of mine in mailer relating to the conduct of my office on the contrary I have In (Continued on Page CoL I) Former Premier Nagy Executed by Soviets ancse chief of staff declared situation under But official circles expressed concern that the well armed and well organized rebel troop units reform bill Amendments were migjt severely strain the security considered under a limitation on forces if an attack is or- dered across the nation greatest worry was believed to be that another flare-up of the fighting might embroil the the United States Britain and Russia There have been persistent reports the United States and Britain would go to ChamounT rescue if be asked for military aid The Soviet has warned it would reply ieces milk programs and the wool-buying program Labor: The Senate worked against time to pass by nightfall a middle-of-the-road labor union Eight Suffer Atomic Exposure OAKR1DGE Tenn (UPIi-Oak Ridge officials began an intensive investigation today into an accident which left eight workers suffering from radiation exposure town of Mount Royal urged the kidnapers in a tape-recorded plea to leave Joel In any church or public building The ransom 10000 in unmarked $20 and $30 was deposited in a downtown hiding place as instructed in the ransom note Police said however that as of noon today the money had not yet been picked up Wire services newspapers radio and television stations were informed of the kidnaping Monday afternoon but withheld the story at the request of the police until noon today The ransom note had threatened death to the brown-eyed curly Irown-haired boy If police were Informed The news blackout was maintained until the family and police agreed to release the story The Reitmans were visiting friends Saturday evening and left Joel in the care of Miss Goede a German immigrant living in Canada since 1954 and an employe of only 2V4 weeks Mrs Reitman called at 8 30 and talked to the maid but when she called an hour later there was no answer The parents rushed home and found both Joel and Miss Goede missing and discovered the handwritten ransom note demanding $10000 The notclso indicated that the kidnaping was the result of a grudge the time is coming to take your boy the note began want $10000 If you give the money to us we will kill your son right now Your father (Sam Reitman the grandfather and principal shareholder of the more than 200 retail stores across Canada) said something to us many years ago Now we have something for you" The family was unable to explain the grudge police said The note also said the kidnapers were surprised to find the boy attended by a maid have to take her too" it read will be killed too Maybe we will kill her after we have the money She is too smart Perhaps she can pick up the money" Columbia To Attend A number of county 4 II club members will attend the annual State 4-H Club week program at the University of Wisconsin next week according to Carl Smith 4-H club agent Full time delegates selected Include Ronald Kohn Lodi Happy Hearted Gene Steinnh Welsh Prairie Live wires Florence Winnebago Badgers Amy Lewis Newport Busy Bees Marion McMillan Peppy Pershing Pebbles Lyndla Neumaler West Point Willing Workers Janice Psyne North Scott Marilyn Meyer Garrison Williams Go-Caters Loren Lewis Newport Busy Bees and ELkm Wejh Lewiston Larks Alternates who will attend in event that regular delegates cannot go are John Pate Winnebago Badgers Gerald Packet South Columbus Willing Workers BULLETIN OTTAWA Ont (UPI) A boy tentatively identified as Joel Reitman 2)4 kidnaped in Montreal Saturday was found alive and abandoned in an Ottawa taxi cab police said today MONTREAL (UPD-Joel Reit man 2)4 year-old heir to a worn' retail clothing chain fortune was kidnaped Saturday and is being held for $10000 ransom police disclosed today Hie husky good-looking youngster the only child of Dorothy 23 and Cjrliriteflinan 29 disappeared Saturday between 830 and 930 pm with his maid Miss Greta Goede Mrs Reitman under care at her home In the upper-middle class suburban 350 Pheasants To Be Delivered Some 350 day-old pheasants will be delivered Wednesday morning at the Mootz farm for the Tri County Conservation club's pheasant rearing program Amend club president said the pheasants will come from the conservation Poynette game farm He noted that Mrs Mootz who inci-dently Muskie was unopposed for the Democratic nomination The showdown battle between the two veteran politicians considered two of the best vote getters in recent years will come Sept I in the last of in-the nation" elections The state is abandoning its famous election after this year Fayne swept to an overwhelming victory although his recent disclosure that he had accepted an expensive vicuna coat from Boston industrialist Bernard Gold-fine who is under fire from a congressional Commtbtee investigating government regulatory agencies became a last minute campaign issue Presidential Assistant Sherman Adams received similar gifts from Goldfine ao curding to the committee The accident called the first of 1 to such aid by helping Nasser School Route JVUU Pn rim A norm t0 vst the Pbeasant Pn I Ul ICjr I IwUU with their families to watch the A meeting to set up high of birds' school bus routes the county Tri club has been called for Monday June Paton Pbeasont rearin 23 at 1 30 in the courthouse meager compar-at Portage The Columbia county olber conservation clubs school committee advises that and the group ha school boards administrators and hi6h hoJ of at 700 ether interested parties are in-! a vited to attend A lar6cr membership and greater Barnard county school club participation will make this superintendent stated that ad- Amend explained mimstrators hae already sent in 1 their bus schedules to the super-! Vininn Cnnt office but will be pres- IVUIIU WUUI ent to explain any revisions to their schedules who feel that they are not being serviced adequately in the way of high school transportation whether they live in a district or outside should be present on this date to meet with the school committee and air their wishes" Barnard said "This is an important day for the establishment of high school pipping businessman Her bus routes because any changes man Sahagian of Belgrade has had a fine record in rearing the birds in previous jears again invited club mem- BUDAPEST (UPI Former Hungarian Premier Imie Nagy a liberal Communist who load the October 1936 revolt against the Soviet Union has been executed for high treason the government announced today Executed with him were Gen Pal Maleter leader of the revolutionary military forces which held out for days against Soviet troops and armor and journalists Miklos Gimes and Jozsef Szilagyi whose writings helped raise what the government called pirate flag of national Communism" Five others identified by the Hungarian justice department as Columbia county reported seven ffc touJhe for thc first flve hg (J5g compared wh one for the same period In 1957 according to statistics released today by the motor vehicle deportment May traffic death which fatalities wre lower than for Mrne month the previous year This year the five month toil of deaths was 2(A compared with 295 in the same period of iar7 Marquette county is one of in the state with no the first five months tolls by counties In fur the first five months leading figures in the "anti-state conspiracy" were Imprisoned for terms ranging from one to five years A communique carried in the official Hungarian press said Nagy and his accomplices were tried and found guilty of attempting to overthrow the Hungarian Peoples Republic In addition Nagy was charged with high treason and Maleter and Sandor KIpacsy former Budapest police chief Imprisoned for life Others who joined the conspira-trrs in the months preceding the revolt were Ference Janoisi minister of culture who received on eight year sentence and newspaper editor Mikios Vas-arhelyi sentenced to five years Former president Zoltan Tildy a non-Communist who Joined Nagy's Jhblnct during the revolt was sentenced to five years Nagy Silagyi and Maleter went to their deaths without admitting their guilt the communique said Neither the trial nor execution dates were given A evidence that Nagy and the others conspired with imperialists" the long communique accused the United State Yugoslavia Britain ami West Germany of aiding the revolution Squirts Dancers WOLVERHAMPTON 1 England LPD i Archibald Mac-Queen was $26 poorer today because he chose to fight rock roll with a garden hose Ho was fined thut amount because he broke up a record dance party in the basement of his apartment bouse by poking hose through the window and flooding the place lie told the court he thought the candle-lighted room was on fire its kind happened Monday in the Atomic Energy huge special products plant when an employe emptied a small container of enriched uranium into a larger drum A nuclear reaction then took place 4 Group State Fest Diane Simonson Lewiston Larks Joyce Llnk Hampden Happy Hustlers and Donna Hughes Willing Workers Vivien Grundcmann and Sue Ryan both members of the Lodi Happy Pals 4-H club were selected to take part in the state chorus and band respectively Several 4-H club members will take part In dairy and livestock judging contests a distinction received by winning judging contests at the county fair last year They ar Mary Tbiede and Mary Darrun of the South Columbus Willing Workers and Gene Rohr-beck of the Brace Busy Bees oho ill judge dairy cattle at the state contest Bill Herrmann also of the South Columbus club is the alternate Philip Waterworth Ft Prairie Hustlers Don steffenhagra (Continued from Page I Col 8) in high school routing after this date jwiil need to be corrected by the state department of public instruction Pedestrian Honors Are Won by Portage Portage is one of 15 Wisconsin communities cited this week by the American Automobile Association for special pedestrian honors for the year 1957 According to the AAA Portage will receive a special citation for pedestrian program activities last year During 1937 Portage had no pedestrian fatalities or auto accident deaths The AAA Wisconsin' division In cooperation with the motor vehicle department will make the special honor presentations to o4-firvds here Sandbags Are Flown To Ravaged Indiana CAMP DOUG US Wis (UPD-Wisconsin Air National Guardsmen interrupted their annual summer training program Monday to County fly sandhags to flood ravaged Columbia southern Indiana Adams The C-47 transport plane with a Dane cargo of sandbags was flown to1 Dodge Terre Haute Ind by members bfj Green Lake Headquarters Squadron of thej Marquette llSh Fighter Group Sauk 13 counties totalities in of 1938 The death this area arc 1 I I- M- 1.

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