The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on July 9, 1963 · Page 23
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 23

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1963
Page 23
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THE KANSAS Ci TV TIMES, TUESDAY, JULY 9. 1963. 23 CHIEFS ALL SET Billie Jean Played at Low Pitch. FOR GRID CAMP Kansas City Opens Workouts Monday at William Jewell in Liberty. 5TRAM ON SCENE NOW Three Top Hopefuls Missing Because of All-Star Contest With Packers. Ry William E. Richardson. (A Member of The Star's Sports Staff.) Twenty-three rookies, along with three returning quarterbacks, will he on hand for practice when the Kansas City Chiefs kick off their American Football league camp Monday at William .Jewell college in Liberty. Throe highly-regarded rookies will nol be present. Lineman Bobby Bell, Minnesota; Ed Rudde, Michigan State, and Junious Buchanan, Grambling, are members of the College All-Star squad and will not join the Chiefs until August 4. The college stars meet the Green Bay Packers August 2 in Chicago Already on the scene at Liberty are Coach Hank Stram and his coaching aides. They are making plans for the pre-season camp Assistants are Tom Gatlin. defensive backfield MANAGER SURE 0’S ARE IN RACE Baltimore, With Slump Bro-j ken Will Stay a Contender, i Hitchcock Insists. BETTER PITCHING NOTED Staff Is Key to Club, He Says, and It Is Shaping Up. Baltimore (AP) — Manager Billy Hitchcock, in a mid-season appraisal of the spjrit is^good/ Baltimore Orioles said ves- Ike Drives Tun tn Dedicate Course. Air Force Academy. Colo (AP) — Former President Dwight Eisenhower drove two balls—the first one didn't suit him — to dedicate a golf course in his honor yesterday at the U. S. Air Force academy. The former President skied the first hall off the first tee and a spectator called out. “Do you want a Mulligan?'’ Eisenhower said. ‘ Sure.'' His second drive carried straight down the fairway for about 175 vards. Chateau flay, Mon fio Satureia Favorites ( c (Rv t*# Associated Pre«« Saranac handicap last week at HATEAl'GA’S , winner Aqueduct, got 122 pounds. Other of the Kentucky Derby weights included 119 for Hot and Relmont stakes, pust: 12n for R. Major. was assigned top Mongo has the starting top weight of 129 pounds for the . , , ,,..n jj j 2 l j weight. 126 pounds, m the $100.- L.i.OOO added Dwver handicap _ K 1 . Saturdav at Aouediiet hut there 000 Monmou,h handicap in tsaru na> at Aqueduct, nu. there bpa{ Carrv was no immediate word on „ * ’ ,, . . n.LntLn, . Back last fall in the I rent on whether qp would start in the ... . ... . 1',-mile event handicap, and Ihi. year ha, non the Rmvir. Camden and Chateaugay h a s n t started nlamnnd staU, handicap,. since June R when he heat Admiral-S v„vapc, flown from stakes. aS hiArai’ner jimmy Hollyxvood park to New York a good club and can win. The Conway , said he would confer nr, ' 3 Swith j2n (nr jv_ with John W Galhreath, the . , I, „ . t. Vt%n cidedlv, winner of the 1962 Ken- Baltimore has lost nine more ™'ner> regarding the Dwyer. Ujckv * Derbv Dedimoud .... . decisions than New York, hut hateaugav also is eligible fot <, •. Countv both drew terdav his team was in nUl^ fiv mAro fl,mac the $ 100.000 American derby at u - and 116. Candv _ _ ■ ^ which Rex Ellsworth’s Spots is to start. Second high weight for the Dwver is Crewman, with 125. Get Around, who lost by a neck Saturday in the Hollywood derby to Y Flash, was given 123 pounds. Outing Class, who won the with 113 for Cyrano and Guadalcanal. and 112 for Saidam. MILGRAM VS. COUNTRY CLUB SUNDAY, JULY 14-8 P. M. Klamm Park, 22nd K Rowland, K C A TZZZ TTj SWINGING TOWARD TITLE—-Australia’s Margaret Smith bends for a volley shot in her Wimbledon victory over Billie Jean Moffitt. It was the first women’s championship for her country—(Wirephoto). W- has played six more games. * *• , , „ t pretty good position for the ..Thp riifferpnce in thp Jost Arlington park Saturday, in second half of the schedule, column is not as great as it ap- “We went through a tough pears with so many games to streak (24 losses in 36 games) play.” Hitchcock said. “In ad- and camp hack to win nine of dition. the Yanks must win all our last 12 games.” Hitchcock six extra games to maintain said. “I don’t know why we their edge in losses.” can't go ahead and win a lot “So far, this has been a sca- of games.” son of streaks for most clubs.” Does that mean the Orioles Hitchcock said. The ^ ink- sa m mm isnip f r ^ 1 91 8 M will he a contender0 haven t had a bad one yet. and Hi ■ "Why not?" Hitchcock said.; ^ s they will although "WeTe contenders now. aren't ue can t depend on it. we,„ “If I had to pick a weak spot ’ The Orioles, who led the "n lhe Ya"ks- Pi.tchin.f: r"a-v ^ American league hv V; games "■ ho *»«*• the sub- on May 2R before their disas- Pal; P^dfmances so far of trnus slump, now are in a vir- Ralph Terry. Bill Stafford and : Stan W illiams. He said three IMBLEDON, England .fatal,” she said: “If I could have ¡reputation for nervousness on tua I tie for third place six pitchers(A P 1 - Billie Jean got my first service in. Mar- big occasions, looked confident games behind the first-place Whlt Ford n3_3) Routon Moffitt. the college girl garet wouldn’t have been able from the start. She told news- • e^^ork^amkees.^ ^ (11.4) and A1 Downing (4-1)- vov...., . from Long Beach, Calif., to return so well and 1 could men. ^ n, u u- rv have accounted for New York’s roach; Bill Walsh, offensive line said vcsterdav she lost the Wim- have got two nr three paces “I think the postponment from ^ and there has been 1 very iq_game hu, nypr thp 500 pcr. roach; Tom Pratt, defensive hledon fjna] tn y|arcaret Smith nearer the net for the volley. Saturday favored me slightly. I S°?du th,e ,S „J,^0 V , rentage line roach, and Boh Ghilotti, nf Australia because she didn't “As it was. we didn't have a had had strenuous matches on j Hitchcock said. But we ve got, j ^ end coach. feel nervous enough. good match. IF I had played bet- Wednesday, Thursday and Fri- j to continue to get good pitching Added to the staff for sum- (.j kevpd up for ter. I'm sure Margaret would day. The rest did me good.” —that’s the key to our club.” mer work is Dick Peters, head ^ match.” Billie Jean said have plaved better too.” t fool wo will cr«nro rr roach of Ottawa university, who j after hpr fi 3 fi 4 dpfpat in thp , Rijlie ,jean worked hard worked with Stram on the ‘'¡women's M. U. staff. Other cadre in m ■ m ■HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHI AUTO RACES TOMORROW NIGHT 8 P. M. GRAND TOURING STOCKS 1955 to 1963 Models GUARANTEED PURSE S500 AGAINST 40°. final. “I wanted so much to be nerv LEADER MEETS V. F. W. ________________„ ___ Gateway, setting the pace in Other results- “I feel we will score more the Senior 3 and 2 league with at men s double s-Rafaei osu™ ,nd runs from now on,” The Oriole a 5-1 mark, plays V. F. W Post her social studies at Los An- Antonio Paiafo*, skipper said. “We have too No. 11! (1-5) at 8:15 o'clock to- Plus Thrilling CADETS! '49 THRU '54 MODELS Special! Adults 98 Kids 12 ond under free! n m no ni’rv . ph . p , . ,llirKC .. ----^-------, many good hitters on the club night at Clopper field in Kansas .... w.. . ! Wdiucu au ,uuv.n lO DC nrrv- geieh oime umege «>> ; WOMEN'S DOUBLES — Maria Bueno. . f ®., , ______ ramp are Wayne Rudy, trainer. ;ous nut thGre For on(.p jn my ] and didn-t start serious tennis Brazil, ^eaVeaJlen^arH9a/rde> L^^.^Beac^, not to hit better than we have City, Kansas -* • ---- poby|^ Edb^rn> Australia. 8-6, 9 7 rt,.rinrt fhö firct half nf tho CP3- geles State college all winter ¡ i ■ . ous nui mere, r in nine hi m) | «uu umu i and Rohby Yarborough, equ|p-1 ||fe f couldn't feel any nerves until May. ment manager. at a]] And mv game never got “That’s p Len Dawson, sparkplug of the gning •» son why I didn’t win,” she said 1962 champions at Dallas; Eddie Delay No Help. “I’ve had competition only for Wilson and Bobby Ply, all quar- match was postponed the last two weeks. Margaret terbacks will join the rookies ^rom ^aPirday because of rain, has had it for the last three for the first phase of ttainmg. “jviavbe it was the long wait years. The quarterback’s role obvmusly ovpr thp weekend that djd ¡t.” j “To heal a player like Margare^ you have to play regularly. “Because of my studies, 1 don't, go around the wmrld cir................... ^ , cuit. I’ve only played in the tinseeded, knocked out t h ree United States and Rritain, apart seeded stars — Lesley Turner from one week in Russia, of Australia, Maria Bueno of ■ nr- quu* w. - t uvri ii»*~ « rrnruu uiu u* is extremely important in pto Rj|j¡p jran sa¡di “[ shall never during the first half of the sea- miACU UUUDUCO—iV)drHOfci jiimn nuu enn — Ken Fletcher. Austral]¡a, _defeated . Dar- | readers of The’Star through a Star “The players realize we have Want Ad niai r,\. 1 . 5500 -Adv. “That's perhaps the main rea-1 - “IJYE.?..P9.UBLE.fc;ííír"ST,,..s.lT],hn,.,'.a I If you have property to sell or a service to offer, talk to the million iene Hard, Lonq Beach, Calif., and Bob Hewitt, Australia, 11-9, 6-4. P DOUBLE-FEATURE RACES-JULY 12 a 13 " \nmx$msíAPíUM\ ^ 2Vj Ml. WEST OF N. K. C. ON HWY. 71—NEXT DOOR TO RED-X Jj football, thus the necessity of the advanced work. know. All I can say is that instead of feeling like a final, it Retirements, a winter trade. fp,( Jjkp a fjrst.round match.” L The 19-year-old American girl, Brazil and Mrs. to the final. Against Miss Smith, she couldn’t, get her first service working. A Loser’s Analysis. “For a volleyer like me, that's and a service call have opened up possibilities of jobs for rookies. Dick Davis, end from Kansas, and Sonny Bishop, guard from Fresno State, were sent to Oakland before the Chiefs switched from Dallas. Jerry Cornelison, 2>i*0-Pounrt offensive tackle, is the most- prominent team member retiring. A veteran of four years in pro football, the 26 -vear-old Cornelison, an S. M. U. graduate. elerted to devote full time to his insurance business in Dallas. Ted Greene, a 29-year-old linebacker from Tampa, called it a career after five seasons with the pros. Considering retirement ts Jim Saxton. 22, halfback from Texas. Business interests in Dallas are likely to demand his international league full time. were items scheduled for dis- Servicp duty will e p cussion during a meeting of Pa- Hull away this fall '’ Fnr’ cific Coast league directors yes 245-pound end from Wake Forest. turned in a key intercep- d>- She Will Return. Ann Haydon Rjnie jean said she will re- Jones of Britain - on her way (urn tn college in September. “And there, my day lasts from 6 a. m. to midnight.” she said. “What time is there for tennis? Rut I expect I’ll he hack at Wimbledon next year." Margaret Smith, a girl with a P. C. L. Looks Toward Expansion and Play-Off S MERCURY MARAUDER... NEW PIKES PEAK PERFORMANCE All II Ain I SETS NEW STOCK CAR RECORD! ANOTHER FINE PRODUCT OF FORD MOTOR CO. bUflIVIr ! PR0VESITS PERF0RMflNCE SUPERIORITY AND DURABILITY IN OPEN COMPETITION. tion in the championship game against Houston last December. Among the rookies seeking The International league has indicated it might trim dowm to eight teams and the P. C. L. , r t would at least consider picking jobs will be Ron Haggard. * up any club with a fun major- 250 -pound lineman rf*n league working agreement, said Ham Jewell. Haggar . o Dewey Soriano, P. C. L. presi- he working out at the site or his relieve davs. was a mem-! „1 ihf Small Tollega All- The P. C. I,. wo«ld prohah y Ml- Am a ri r a ” ho»l last vaar in and scheduling in a IcaugfMhal now strPtchPS from Oklahoma T’ r nokies,’'as well as all other U. the West coast, he said pro players are signed to eon- Soriano said several cities had tracts but do not go on the pay- made inquiries about joining the roB until the first league game P. CL, hut he menttoned only in September Omaha and Sacramento — as The Chiefs kick off their 5- .strictly potential members - at game exhibition schedule August a press luncheon, a in San Diego. Vancouver. B t w h i f h The rookies dropped out of the P. ( . L. last Anbbv Bell. »¡Ckie. *-*. m Minnesota.; year, has paid off all debts to junious Bucbanfin, Mcki«. - . > mpmbers and is considered in- r'E<CbMudrtPt, t^ckip. 6-s. 76 ft, Mirhioan tprcstcd in rejoining the league, 'm’L Oflvis. qunrjj 6 1 7.91 TsmpB he said. r,„ Vancouver doesn't Cur» F«rripr. Mrklft. 6-6. 745, Mnnt»n* - POKANE. Wash, <AP> would hr interested only in play—Further expanion and ing the true champion of the a possible play-off with International league and not some second place team that might win a league play-off. The proposal could now he considered as meekly alive. In answer to a question, Soriano ruled out Albuquerque and Phoenix as possible additions to the P. C. L. at this time. Other cities are being more actively considered, if the league does expand again, he said. Soriano spoke enthusiastically about the increased attendance in the enlarged P. C. L. which he announced was up 35 per cent. Hawaii, once considered the weak point in the league, had the best attendance as of July 1 of 117.367. OUTDOOR COLUMNIST DIES. Utica, N. Y. (AP)—Mortimer Norton, sportsman author and columnist, died Sunday after suffering a heart attack at his home in nearbv Clinton. He was 55. S,Davft Hill, tack la, 6^5, 245. Auburn Simon Hobbarrt, onri. 6 3. 19R, Mor halfback, 6 1, 1*0, Brewb Stone Jnhmnn, %Tnb'L^no. centar, 6-3, 735. Murray | ''sammie Leonard, end. 6-5. j Jesse McGuire, halfback, 6-ft, iw. *r ImgtOb SIfilP. * * ¿t acft \A/ak 0 Kent Martin, tack!*. 750, waK r°Rov Peck, linebacker, 6-3. 770. Okla hrGarvStSteward, halfback, 6-7, 30ft. Ken- ,UOick Teels, end. 6-2. 220, Charles Warner, halfback, 5-11. i»o, P Jerrel V'wiison, linebacker, 6-4, 225, *°Pon*rHapqaSrd, „Ckle. 6-1. 750. William WeH Raooold. quarterback, 6-3, 715, nRk(^er Hansen, end. 6-3. 715, Mornino * <Oavid KIKter. tarkl*. 6^5, 735. Lake '*Joe L Grandv. tackle-auard. 6-5, 74ft, North Carolina college. Claudte Davannnrt. ouarn. A, 74n, at ',n|i||n olamond, guard, 6, 74ft, Miami ‘^Gerald Winstead, end, 4H3, 715, Cornus ' hClaude Wat»«, halfhark, 6 1. 195, Blue field, W. Va Southeast Standings. DIVISION. have thp required working agreement. On the possible inter-league play-off, Soriano said the P. C. L. 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Route of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb stretches over nearly }2V? miles of the ruggedest terrain in Colorado, It rises from 9,402 feet at the start to 14,110 feet at the finish-snaking back and forth like a coiled string. rvENT SANCTIONED by THE UNITED STATES AUTO CLUB “This course really wrings out a car,” says Jones. “The tight, twisting turns and rough dirt road give suspension systems a real heating. Constant shifting can tear up transmissions. Brakes get a rugged workout; there are 166 brake-wrenching curves from start to finish. And, of course, you need a tough, powerful engine to stand the gaff. Mercury Marauder proved to me that it’s the real performance champ on this run!” You can prove Mercury's superiority for yourself and you don't have to go to Pikes Peak! See your Mercury Healer today; test drive the Marauder, new Pikes Peak performance champ. SEE AND DRIVE THE EXCITING NEW MERCURY MARAUDER AT ACTION HEADQUARTiRS-YOUR MERCURY DIALER’S ANGELS OPTION KOSTRO. Los Angeles (AP)—The Los Angeles Angels optioned infield- «»r-outfielder Frank Kostro to their Hawaii farm Hub In the Pacific Toast league yesterday. GOODYEAR 1501 Main K. C.. Ma. GR. 1-4787 2021 Swift North K, C. V!. 2-5211 SERVICE STORES 300 S. Main Indep.. M®. TE. 3-0300 Guy Hinkle, Inc. Walnut ond South Liberty Sts. Independence, Mo, Jerry Scott, Inc. 3440 Main St, Kansas City, Mo, H. E. Miller Motors, Inc. 2015 Burlington Rd. North Kansas City, Mo.

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