The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

We Want You to Shop Early:] I v .MI- fin' v•"!(• n\vii sal is- .'.flloll. Yl>!! will i,'rt coll)- ,",•>!••'|<H (u sel-'i't tVntii at />.i' >• >, :. v "i (••inn- earl v. VON PLANK FIGflflNG BRAVELY FUR HIS LIFt-CHAIES BOTER Vr af<- Illrfif ji.tiiilu- only il ' v l''i-"-i liere -if, 10, |s t| 1;l ) i'e pieked iif) early — .'• "' Mle liejllltil'iil (liiiiirs '- ''•' '• ' ''"' Christinas «.J|'ts : Evcl: sive Designs in Ladies' .•<,ind Bigs H ,' II M,- It. -IV ' .• || -in, . ;'villH I ' J • ijii'i I ' '' • ' ; Hi 1 ; 1 -: .JI'M t^H'k (if l/nli... li-mi) H'Ki-i. I >i"y ;MV in '• i •.,-|u,;i . ,•; pi'-jc. •!« I mm | ' t» .;; ; i. The f:ti'-' ; i--s. , i • • m i. r \\\\. ,»vte<-: I 1 ' 'ire, .:', ! Tnil,.; \V;i- \'* ...... '«:iu auil CfinUin mini- 'in l'"ii~.. fill'' l.'Mllier C, in. !.,. Slnviun S'-ts. I'riidM Mirrors. )'l' ' e'iliT Sets. i'iil'c i.'e S;i!Vt\ RaziM-.-;. M:llr( lire Sets. (V-lfmiH' Aldirij/errf. "Toilet S. •:,;•• that will sur- jrist 1 yon, K'eilietnlirr We will keep r fi«' u'liods until any day you ••'I Col 1 delivery. Shiy liere Mini now. "Home of the Kodak." Baer' Leading Druggist*. Special Attention to mail orders. Adr.,ni Voji I'lank. wliii is at tlie St. v.-ltli^ five wounds and iden 'missiles thru pro- lifs brtily. has shown a rnvemenl (lltrlnjr the ])• hours. At 4 o'clock mini! his temperature 'inial and alnce then <'<•} notlc-riMi.- ini- the rn:i iitlon and, :.lld ..,: ,-i.i .- .1:1.1 ihey found • [ici-foctly clean. le;ist sltfn of nils. Every BIKE Goes Tlicy must all u'o -fun. 1st to make room Tor !!)<)!* stoi-U now enroiite from liic (vrisl. Our Imsi'int'iit is full miw, »ml more' (!(irninj,'; so this is «n »i>|»or(,unitv T( , ()WU a I,;,,!, graiii- iiuu'liiiie for less than * cheap one would cost you al tin; regular priw. Uon't [KIMS this up as you •«ntf d I ways re«rrot it if you rfo No Trash The condlti the youthful Clalr hoKpit • four of the : fh:ce;t (hern ji wonderful i'n past, twenty-!' : 'Merday a'i Iropped to i there has I n ;. provement both in spirits of the i> n!. i This mornlnx Pi j dre?s,. | the jujm i. j the '.vonndti to I There was not the ("hieli (he dorters assert. In tl'.e best •indication of the patient's condition. '. Tin- paralysis since yesterday afternoon lias been slowly disappearing arid now the yoiinx actor has the use , of b;>th arais :!iiil ha,-; .'-ensatlon in Ma , lets. Dr. l.otis does not believe that the paralysis was caused solely by the shock. He Is satisfied that the spine was injured by one of the but lets. Not until the patient shows some siuns of functional trouble which will guide the surgeons in determining whether or not such is the case, is there need of performing an operation, the doctors say, and they will not pr<)t»e for the bullets until then. "Today the patient is very much Improved," said Dr. Lout;, "and 1 consider that Von Plank has a fight Ini; chance for his life. He Is In excellent spirits. Is cheerful and believes that he will recover and this is hall' (the battle. This morning we dressed I the wounds. They were clean, which Is a great deal in the patient's favor. This indicates the healthy condition of the tissue.-.. *A.s Ions; a.s he is Improving in this manner and is getting stronger every hour there is no need of going after the bullets until lie is stronger and better able to stand the operation. No, the paralysis is gradually clearing up. Today he has the ».se of ills anus and there is .sensation in his legs, signs of functional trouble are Licking and as long as the | paralysis continues to disappear, it is i impossible to learn what U the ex- i tent of the injury in this regard. I j consider Von Plank Jias an excellent j fighting chance and that he may recov- i er unless complications set in. These I complications are pneumonia, second jury hemorrhage and permanent par The patient spent a restful ni^hi and all hough bis temperature raised Nlisililly. ;m was to he expected, and ! he Kplt some blood, this morning he ! felt much better and brighter and at ' !' o'clock his temperature was again 1 normal. lie still complains of p'lin in the Ijfcot. and his breathing is shorter, due j lo the wc.iiii.l an,I bandages. He has i been visited by several friends an 1 IK Ijalde to converse will) much less dil'- 1 flciilty. The phyuicians and nurses speak highly of his brave spirit. "Me is what you call game to the core." is hnw !»;'. Long expresses bis adjnlraHi.ii t'nr the younS Mow. Dr. I .or.-.: this afternoon \viied (o Von Plank'.- mother explaining the condition of !,••.• sun. Mrs. M. O. Von I'lank, mother of the actor, is on her way to this city. This nt'tenifioii Marshal McKumy received « tolearam for her entrusted to him and sh-- is expert*"! to arrive ;.<on:e time II>HK,:TOW or Saturday moinin- Al.'. McKamy re elved M mesa,iv fro;: ;!;e Injiire.! la.l'g sister, OJenevieve -,'on, in Snrague, Washlng:<.n, ia'iiiirlns IM to the condition di' tl.e \ i.iiUS m.'!l, Blacker Is ,-ii!l at the county Jail, bis ball not having y t been fixe;!. Late >(•;-)(; day :ifi":-noon he was visited by his wife. The ucene was a -i.'tr.etlc one and before she ilcp.irt- i-d it reconciliation ha;! boon effected. New Program AtJUorleys The regular mid-week change of program occurs at Morley's theater tonight. The Cans-Nelson flght pic tares have been crowding the housa at both performances the early part of the week, and as the program tog the latter part of the week Is also an exceptionally good one, It Is expected that the crowds will continue. j "Hidden Treasure" is billed as the feature film tonight. "Barbara Frltch. ie" a historical subject, will also be a good drawing card. Among the comic numbers are "Yens Yenson" and "Hid Ing the Dinner," while "The Lovers Telegraphic Code" Is an exceptionally pood dramatic number. The new songs are "The Man With the Ladder and the Hose" and "Moonbeams and Dreams of You." Tickets are given away nightly for the drawing for the 24 piece Rogers Brothers silver set, which will be given away next Monday. *-•-> NOTICE. The second of the Calendar Club socials will be given Friday evening December Hth, at the First M. R. church. Come out and have a good time vith the ladles of the club. There will be p beautiful drill by ilolls and a program Club members free. Admis-don •'."> '^••••"'"^^•••^•••^•••••••••"•••••••••••••^••••••••••••••B Do You Want a Go:d Skirt at a Bafgain?.-Buy One During The GREEN TAG SALE All skirts are included in the Green Tag Stile—flue voiles. Panamas and mohnirs: black cream and colored. We'll just mention two of the lines in this advertisement— buy one of those, nnd one of the shirt waists we'll have on special sale, ; Saturday (see ad tomorrow), and you will have a complete outfit for Just a few dollars—think'it over then come, QUICK' ACTION IS NECESSARY FOR BEST CIIOICK. &3 75 F OR SKIilTS WORTH TO $7.50-Of panama, woo! tat«?«-*•• *•» feta, suiting In solid colors nnd novelty mixtures, stripes nnd checks. Many black, navy and gray skirts in this lot $5 25 POR 8I V?T 8 WORTH T0 $io.oo-0f black chiffon, pan**'*' , , unia; w th broad fold at bottom, trimmed with narrow i.'tin oan is alternating with tiny tucks. * BEAR IN MIND, that you can buy TaHorad Suits, Opera and Evening_Coats, SMk^Dresaes, Long or Short Coats, Raincoats, Chlldren 7 a C _ 0 l t8 . an J_ 8 J lk Pett'coatg, at ONE-FOURTH, ONE-THIRD or" ONE'- the "Green Tag SaleT Important Millinery Sale Saturday ^"" 1 - I,.™. ,l«lg.. nnl.tlc.ll, MIOD.XI. in J,,,, ,h, color ,-oull lite, wort, u, to w to at 0 .$2.98 fr HATSHALL I GIVE SO AND SO CHRISTMAS?" ""• We cdnSWer: ^ ive * ^^ic^CioveorJKSerckanclise Order—BECAUSE: ^^™^ < ^™^^^. ° r m6 "' A RCdliCk Q ' OVe ° rder entltles the ^'-t to seiect is the handiest and most satisfactory way to settle the question of gift giving. is m-irtP outfm- in«f SOme , POOr fn1n } 11 >' wm» a good substantial Christmas dinner — your no ,i anw r-br-jTbeing used for olhel- pSoses 0 " W h the fam " y '" re ° elve from ° Ur Grocery Department- ever invented for this pu/pose. " bervice> you>11 find a Redlick Merchandise Order to be the handiest thing tint tin.- rea ,. Such well Known makes as SNELL TRIBUNE READING STANDARD APPEAL PEERLESS ami others. We also !^ive you over and above tlieiie in west prices ever offered, bell, tool bag, lamp and carbide, nil ready for the mutch — and wo furnish that too. Could yon ask more for your money? Chas. l^itcas, formerly a conducto out of Kern, Is here from Sacramento ' visiting old frJenda. See^Us Today Don't put it off till the trat are gone, but blow right fa and get the pick of the whole stock. Think of that $45 Appeal for $37.50. $45 Baker and Hamilton for $37.50. How does that sound t Ton save enough on one wheel to buy Santa Claus and his whole outfit. The sairie old place on Chester avenue. Bible's Cyclery 1817 Chester Ave. TIONAL CREST YOU WANT IT t SOLO ONLY IN TINS Bakersfleld Grocery Co. Bakersfleld, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th Too Laic For Classification FOR SANE—An electric fan. wood heater, electric stand lamp and several other articles of furniture. Call at room H, Land Company building between 1' and 3 o'clock in the afternoon and after 7 o'clock in the evening. u( And for mailing to friends in the country both orders' are very ry appropriate. CHILDREN! PRACTICE' VHIS YELL: "Toys! Toys! Redlick Toys, Suitable girls and Boys. Just yell it to your heart's content—and come to WIN] t' 's Toy l),.i FOR SALE OR REXT-Falrview ranch, containing ItiO acres, near Rosedale. All under cultivation- good water right from the Calloway canal. John A. Fry, 902 Chester , avenue, corner of iith street, Bakersfield. ^ Salient Points In Message FOR SAKE— One Stockton flvfTgang plow, nearly new; $;!5. H. N Cat- ver, Waaco, Calif. U4 FOUND—Chainless, cushioned frame, Pierce Arrow bicycle. Owner may have same by proving property and paying for this ad. Apply Majestic saloon. m WANTED—Younu men and women quickly prepare,! for railroad and commercial telegraph service. Main lino wires. Positions assured. (Salary $7." to $o;.i. Apply s. P. Telegraph School. ,".12 Central Are, J,os Angeles. VOU 8AI.K-—Two brei-ilin- m , n8 ,,f Buff Wyandottes. Each pen, one cockered and four pullets. 2029 B street, Ualiersflcld: plione Maln"t2-li5 S. I'owera. jj| i The chief points of the President'! message may be summarized as follows: Some of the persons opposed to my policies are sincere, but of no great weight. I and my successor should have more power. Those who go further than I do, and those who fail to go as far, in ! dealing with corporations, are equally wrong and dangerous. An unscrupulous demagogue la as bad as a wealthy malefactor. Everybody should ue good, and then all would be happy and the nation hunkydory. The workingman should get all that is coming to him, and so should tho capitalist. It is crude and vicious for anybody but the President to attack the courts or criticize judges, although there are Judges who ar either simpletons or scoundrels. The workingmen who voted for Taft showed their patriotism, but those who voted for Bryan wero either fools or undesirable citizens? Certain decisions by various courts have done lasting harm, but fellows like Oompers have no right to complain. Courts should consult the election returns and never declare laws uncon- stltutlonal unless clearly opposed to my policies. The forests should be preserved. Likewise the duties on lumber. The Porto RIcans are all right, am should have American citizenship. But if the Cubans don't behave themselves better in future we shall have to take their island and govern them. Everybody should practice self-restraint except the President—Sacramento Bee. THE WEATHER. Fair tonight and Friday. The Big Picture Sale On Saturday December 12 Only at Special Pnce of $125, Come early so as to be sure to secure one of these Beautiful ^Pictures, Worth twice the money, c/¥T Haberfelde Furniture Company 1604-1610 19th . street Cor. 19th and I Cor. 19th and I Wishes to Announce the Opening of a Grand Selec tion of Useful Gift Bathrobes, Smoking Jackets. Silk Mufflers and Reefers, Silk Suspenders, Silk and Linen Initial and Plain Handkerchiefs Elegant Neckwear, Dress and Drivim* Gloves. White and Fancy Shirts, Sweaters and Sweater Coats. Fine Hosiery and Underwear. Handsome Overcoats and Cravenettes. An inspection is solicited. The Best Clothing Store

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