Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on March 16, 1932 · 1
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 1

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1932
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-- -- - 4 v vr nMa ESTABLISHED 1886 PORTAGE WISCONSIN WEDNESDAY MARCH 16 193? 15c a Week Delivered sz KtWflNIS PUTS ON GLAMOROUS PERFORMANCE ‘Pirate Gold” Vehicle for Eastman Heiress FREE CHEST FOUR BANDITS 10th Annual has Snap of Professionalism CLINICS HERE CAUGHT AFTER FORTWODAYS BANK ROBBERY W f ' -yi-1a Early Discovery Aids in the Clinton Iowa Holp-up Plot- Traveling with a speed which Ji usually found only In professional shows “Pirate Gold" tenth annual show op the Portage KlwanU rftiTt “’ha-if "iT- "first- sfciwift night at the Portage theatre It will be given its final performance thin evening at 8:15 Plenty of good seats both reserved and general admission still remain for this evening’s show From the opening scene at Cafe Rouge where Agnes Baker Mart Hays Helen Seaton and a lineup of six snappy dancers appear at the floor show to finals on board the pirate ship with the gorgeously colored pirate uniforms to give snap to the closingwene theV-e- km f 8 Can’t Retire W Early Cure of Diseases and Defects ted in Louisville Ky by Clinton Man "Early discovery of physical defects or diseases aids tremendously in bringing about early correction of the detects and early cure here of $10000 Tuesday four you- Wisconsin Anti-Tuherculosis asso- tily spread police dragnet the claUon say money had been returned to the “Particularly in the cue of tu- bahk-atid the eobtmrs £ad confess-berculosts is! early discovery and ed prompt treatment essential to ear- The confessions were obtained ly recovery from the disease In at gcott county Jail In Davenport the case of heart disease early dis- ty stale Agent Ray Scott Sheriff covery is very Important also Franii Martin and authorities Early discovery makes it possHrl" from Clinton county who assisted for a person to adjust his life so tje apprehension of the bandit that his defective heart is not over The four who admitted WAS FAMED AS EDUCATOR AND AS3HST0RIAN Recovering vue and minstrel J a thoroughly enjoyable affair Big Small Are Hita Every person who took part In the show turned in a creditable performance but it remained for the biggest man m the show and the littlest couple to score the biggest hits or ttre evenirtfc ' ’ The biggest man was Norman “Fatso" Stowers whose performance as the singing slave in the minstrel show came jvery nearly stopping the show with gales of applause after his solo "Yes Yes" and his shuffling dance front one Side of the stage to the other The littlest couple 1-ols Reid and less Smith: also were favorites with the audience "Tm may not be Greta Garbo but you re mine” sang Master Smith but he Frederick Jackson Turner was Bom and Reared in Portage - — ' Older tetldenls Of Portage many among whom were his school mates In tho city schools where - - Ms early education was- secured WlgAMmwi rmm riria — r “Vffr-firtsply regret 1 Wm tnU death of Prof Frederick Jackson Turner-fnffliarly knpwn to Ills friends here as "Fred" —which occurred at his home 26 Oak Knoll Gardens Pasadena Calif at T o’clock Monday pvenlng March 1' His age wus 70 years The world- j famed historian had been 111 for many months but the end Induced by heart trouble came suddenly Raymond B Turner of this city on of the !ate V F Turner !s a nephew of the deceased Although Clarence Darrow The following brief summary of famous Chicago lawyer started work of Prof Turner a bUdderlrouble last t nltMssai s mI iwa tnr nnrl writer mi hlt rtrina I Friday is reported to be reeov EDUCATION -AND GUIDANCE OF THE YOUNG Parent-Teachers Hear Discussion by Madison Teacher Gut- supposed to follow Aileen — rick and John Kayartz as a sMgbt-jfl Gy older couple were very good as were Helen Seaton and Phil Wip- perman N0 Wise Cracks” As was predicted the burlesque trial of Alary Google a a veritable riot Hizxoncr Judg Mitchell touched off the s laughter when after stumbling over a chair on his way up to his bench he brought down his oversize gavel with the warning "No wise cracks" Phil Owen Milton Melster and Norman Stowers in taxed and many years of useful planned the robbery in I-ouisrifle living made possible" Ky are Clifford Edwards 28 of Free examination for defects of Clinton and Leslie Stanley 28 Mrs George B Dryden of the lungs and heart will be made jdie Morris 19 and Earl Jetfrl- Evanston 111 who may be- a( the free chest clinic to be con- e is au of Louisville Ky come one Of Americ&’l wealth- dlKted by the W A T A at the Force Banker to Open Vault to retire almost two decades educator and writer Oil historical iest women through the death ourt house in Portage next Thurs- The youths said they left Louis- ago he has found that he sim- subject is supplied by th? Wi of her uncle George K East- day and Friday March 17 and 18 ville last Saturday afternoon drlv- ply can’t get around to it He Historical socieiy at The clinic is being sponsored by lnK a car which belonged to Ray planned to retire after the Me- -Madison: the Portage Anti-Tuberculosis so- Stanley Leslie’s brother They ar- Namara dynamite trial in Cali- ’’ seventieth anniversary ciety and will be open from 8:20 a rived in Clinton Sunday and went fornia bnt since then many which brought Mm congrntuiaiory m to 5 p m each day during t0 the home of Miss Gertrude Hill world-famous trills have call- message from every part of the which time any resident of the an aunt of Edwards ed him back to work This Vnit' d State was celebrated on community may come in for a free They went to the bank at 7 o’- time he is leaving his home in he 1411 of laHt November He was examination I clock Tuesday morning and com- Chicago to go to Hawaii where a ntlT of Portage Wisconsin Children under 16 year of age reUed Clyde Willetts the janitor he will defend Mrs Grace must be accompanied by an adult to admit them the youth said Fortescue her son-in-law preferably a parent because ac- They then waited until other em- Lieut Thomas H Massie and rnrate information concerning a pjoyes of the bank arrived tying two naval enlisted men charg-child’s past illnesses or possible each a he arrived Altogether 38 ed with murdering a native contact with someone having tu- employes and customer ware I I X photo berculosis is of great aid to the bound by the bandits ' examining doctor 1 Forcing one of the hankers to Children under six years of age open the Inner doors of the vault will not be examined unles they they took what currency they could and fled The youths said they did not know how much money they had taken Unable to get through the rear door witlwut the Janitor s aid they cut hi bond Stanley allowed James A Seed former United States senator friRB Missouri who was operated cring satisfactorily Mr Seed is in a hospital at Rochester Minn and his physicians say that unless complications set in he will recover speedily I I X phot hied at the embrace which was were Betty Bias Marion Towers aVe had close contact with some- Iris Gordon Elaine Wohlfert and — i kanlnn li luire lllnaltl one having tuberculosis No treatment will be given at the clinic All person whose examinations reveal them to be in need of treatment or further medi- giady j Jgalinovtiky It was a tuneful musical number with a difficult dance done handily The minstrel show With the ua-oal mintrel characters hut with an unusually colorful retting was excellent The usual Jokes of local personage frequently interpark of spersed with good chorus number sale ot anti-tuberculosis and some fine solo work was well maR put across Everybody present at ii night’ performance indicated that they appreciated the finish to the production the speed at which It the leading moved froip one scene to the other feminine role gave sterling per- and the work that the actors had formances and Ross Bennett and put in to practice t te r ’ Date for coming event at the Donald Woodman in the role of The chorus wor was porage high school were announc- attomeys ais® took their part good ant Director Jack Gel today by Supt A J H Clvde Huber the bailiff and serve a great deal of praise for his work with the show The theatre' should be packed for this evening’s performance for so good a show as is being offered by the Kiwanians this year cal advice will lie referred to their the blade to slip and cut himself own family doctor The chest clinic is made possi ble by fund raised in the annual Christ- Date for the Senior Class Play Set for Tuesday April 12 rIiaetSy " thC C' h"' COnfeBSl0n Present Publisher Gradu-i at Toss Money from Auto te from the Journalism Fleeing through the rear door Course at Madison the bandtts headed toward Daven- port At Camanche they changed Among recent journalistic rhnng to old clothes then drove to the cs noted in Wisconsin i the transform of Eugene Hill Edward un- action wherein the Rio Journal rle where Stanley was given first Rio village's local newspaper aid The four told Hill that Stan- passes to the management and edl son of Andrew Jackson and Mary Hanford Turner Hi father distinguished a editor of the State Register at Portage wa prominent likewise as a local historian and a a legislator i M'ProfsOr Turner was graduated from' the University of Wi- con -in in 1S84 He became tutor in the same institution in 1X85 and after a year of graduate study at Johns Hopkins w'as made assistant to Professor WtUium F Al-len Ifl history In 1X91 hgbeeeew MANflRrMrNT 311 d- Infill flUklm II I department where in an Incthp- 1 bency of two decade he attained' unique renown as an interpreter of American history and politics In 1910 he accepted a professor- ship si Harvard retiring emeritus in 1924 "In recent year he ha lived in California when health permitted acting as consultant In the Huntington Library and continu ing his personal research in Amer- ley cut himself while fixing a tire torirf control of Mewsrr ilakken lean history He was th author t the confession state fed Stroebl two capable and en of Rise of the New West The They had thrown out their dls- ergeiic young men both of whom Frontier In American History carded clothing and the money in have completed the journalism ed today by Supt A J Henkel the first of whlon will be the annual Itand concert which will be held in the high school gymnasium on April 1 On April 12 the Senior class play entitled “So This Is Latndon’ will be presented by the graduat Ing students Work has already begun on the play and a successful performance Is assured bv a fine cast On May 6 the high school sta-- — dents will present a public pro- The thermometer today rose to gMm and the date for the annual 43 degrees according to the offl- -hooi exhibit which will be held clal thef-nomeur and the cold ea r j v May has not yet been for more tb spectators all added considerably to the humor of the piece Agnes Baker who doe an aerobatic dance in the opening scene Is a fine dancer who gave her act -somewhat of the professional touch The bowery kids Aileen Butrick and Mildred Hoalt who do a specialty dance were very good Singing ia Good Much of the singing was very good even though home talent are usually weak on this line of endeavor Mias Evelyn Connors who sang two solos was good a was Miss Margaret Atkinson a tbf southern belle In the final scene thn a wppk waR declared deflnlt-of the revue ely broken “Don Marwbtfil Phil Wipperman Ar f t0 ann0unoe that spring and the ijarinonizer Helnic Den- waR indeed on its way a robin ie in Martin Heller Waller Witt was seen this morning at the and William Filler all contributed Thompson residence at 207 West a great deal toward the men’s Emtt tret voices At the same time many Portage Much of the success for lhe r residents saw the large flock of fonnane Is due to Ed Miller and wld feete which winged Its way His Nomads the orchestra which over the rtty on Its way north this r room panted the entire perform- mryninR you may fool a robin in-ance They had harmony and at to minting that spring D coming all times kept the accompaniment ))ut th8 geese wait until they get in the proper relationship with the 0fflci notice before they head winter a brush pile on the road near Camanche It was found shortly afterwards by two farmers who saw-the green coupe speed past and the bundle tossed into the brush The four were brought back here course at the University of Wisconsin Alvin F Johnson who retires as editor and publisher of the Journal after a service of six years will It is understood here engage in Tuesday night under heavy guard farming in the vicinity of Rio to await legal action - This statement aa to the future plans of Editor Johnsm has hnw- Blow Open Vault Get (2500 rer not been definitely conflrm-lfewton Kas March IS— Three ed In his valedictory to hh read robbers was captured a night wa- era Mr Johnson says in com many essay lecture and paper and at the time of his death wa pngag d m completing an Impor-tant work entitled The United Plates 1830-1S50: The Nation and Us Sections It is recognized that Turner’s pamphlet The Slgnifi- j canee of the Frontier in American History published in 1893 has in- fluenced historical research and teaching more than any other work of the past generation "Professor Turner ts survived) tchman and a bank official opened mending the new owners to the by his widow Mae Sherwood Turn-j HEAD-ON CRASH NEAR ENDEAVOR LAST SUNDAY Both Cars Demolished but Occupants Escape Any Serious injuries What our Endeavor rmresponJ-ent terms a very fortunate accident in that no one wa more sor-iaqsiy injured and in which Pack-waukqe and Moundvllle people were mvolved occirfed Sunday one tulle sbqih of Endeavor when a Chevrolet fftw-door sedan and a new model Ford Tx4 together ht a head-on cdHd(ll' r Shirley Jones George- and Ed-way Johnson a Mr Aushu and Otis Marshall of Packwaftye were the occupants of the Chevro-' let Willard Jones of Moundvllle was driving the Ford Both cat's were practically demolished Af-j ter the first crash the Chevrolet ! smashed against a telephone pole I The Moundvllle diver Willard Jones suffered a broken nose and a deep gash The people tn the Chevrolet with the exception of Kdway Jones snstflned severe cuts Austin suffered a broken finger and a tntdly bruised head A passing motorist brought the injured persons to Endeavor where they were taken to the home of the Johnson hoy’:: aunt get W E Hosted of Milwaukee was a Portage business visitor on Tuesday the safe of the Sedgwick Kan State bank at 4 a in Tuesday with an explosion which wrecked the vault and aroused the town They escaped with $2500 releasing their captives a short distance from Sedkwlck TRY A WANT AD United Action for Employment vocalists on the stage (0 One pf the prettiest " itmhprs it which was sung by Don Flora Am Vivian corthward from their home In the south Iday Girl" Marshall with I Mid-Week Bake Sale of the Episcopal Guild will be - Thursday Mart 17th at Kleoert’s Market Beginning 11 O’clock A- M Orders Taken Miss Olive Hhyme Chairman Vntted Action for Employment Is remarkable mostly because it Is Upited Action Doubtless a great many ‘ are most Interested in the dally figures showing the number of Jobs secured each day by this great group that has gone into action to get a million jobs for unemployed workers To get Jobs Is ’the aim of the compaign and the number of Jobs Nobody was dragooned Into this campaign Nobody has any power or authority to say YOU MUST thb community both business and community of the Journal’s supporters “They have virtually been in charge of The Journal for the past two weeks and their work here will speak for Itself “fir Bakken come to Rio from Black Earth and Mr Siroebel from Fort Atkinson They arc pleasant aggressive young men and we are sure in the course of lime they will do much to improve The Journal and will be valuable elti-xens of this community “We bespeak for the new firm th? co-operation of the citizen of er by hi daughter Dorothy Turn ei Main wife of John 8 Main of Madison and their chtldren Jack-son Turner Main Elizabeth William Main and Lots Dickinson Main After their hurt were bandaged and they were given what first aid could be afforded In the home they were taken to Westfield for medical attention Little Miss and St Patrick's Day Friends Observe Program Given at fifth Birthday Wisconsin Dells Little Mis Barbara Muetzel dan- Stressing th fact that education-ha to consider more than mental development to be of true value to the student Grant Haas Madison lust night address d members of Pmire -Wit-TNWberWsocla lion at tlielr meeting at the high sehool v Mr Haas’ subject was "Gnld-ance of Boy and Girls" and hie facts were drawn from his experience tn the guidance G partment of Ventral high school at Madison Preceding the talk was a program of dance by pupils of Mr Florence Knight of Barahoo and several musical numbers by high school sludeuts under the direction of Ml Margaret Atklnaon Since the guidance department of the Madison schools has been established It has gone far in as-staUng In solving the problems of the individual students Mr Haas maid The department has branches In the different parts of thi clJX to strategic points Three Phaeee of Work The department ha done much of its work In three phass of the problem of the maladjusted child Vocational adjustment for crippled children speech correction work and the necessary work to rid children with defective speech of self consciousness and personality guidance In the grades and high school are th- phase occupying most of tho time of the depart- ' 4 V-' V" ment One of the biggest works of tho guidance bureau to try tq assist the children to ttod tbadr true place It life so that they will be happy Cooperation i given the bureau by Madison shops factories and professional men to assist them in doing this work The school children are taught that any occupation necessary to society I worthy and that "white collar jobs" are not the onlv honorable one in Industry In this way children can consider freeJy any Job without regarding any work with condescension Work Against Drifting The likes and dislikes ot th ildren are consider'd in the guid work so that when the children gfqw up they will not be moving aboutvtyyfng u find placu lb life Mr Haas test given childreft-v saying that they were given merely to determine scholastic aptitude And not a a measurement of po slble ture success Through the tests he said it was po dble'to tell whether or not the children were balanced Intellectually physically and f emotionally The dance program by Mrs Knight's pupil was as follows: Tap dances by Keith Hollenbeck Keedsburg: Janlx Perry Baraboo: Phyllis Jackson Portage Paula Griggs and Dan Lenlhan Baraboo Song and dance by Dorothy Jean Marriott Mary Loui :e Peck Maxine Sconce Alva Ma Keltxman Katherine Ann Fleming Genevieve Briggs Jeanette Burkhardt and Keith Hollenbeck of Baraboo Acrobatic dance by Nina Ruth Grunke Portage Tap dancts by lynette Garrlty JOIN Nobody could say anything except "here is a plan and here is a platform upon which all can unite" ’ i And ax if drawn by some magic force millions joined for United Action for Employment in War A- professional” li ghter of Mr and Mrs Ray Muetxcl portage John Griggs Baraboo Baraboo erdav with a party at her home on Glee Club Sings W-st Carrall street ri coder The boys glee dab under the direction of Mix Atkinson sang several numbers The members of League Bowling Games Scheduled ot ®ch day ant of places where gainst Depression at Abell’s Alleys Admits Attack on Girl and is Given Prison Sentence An invitation ha been ex ended (-elebrated jjer gfth birthday ycat-j and Dorothy Schuman io the members of th? Partage fa-1 1 — - — - holic Woman’! tlub and their bus- I land to attend a St Patricks lay ptogratn at R-nvcr hnll Wisconsin Dells (old K'lbournl on Thursday rntninz Mrcli 1-7 at 8 o’clock This program Is helm sponsored by the Catholic Woman’s club of Wisconsin Dells THY A WANT Alt the t oy guet present were Shtr-ley Johnson Merna Schultz Wayne Johnson Beverly Johnson Patricia Jobnxou and the honoree TRY A WAN 1 AD rtth yellow predominating Amour me glee club were Fred I Tosoh On Wednesday evening at 8:15 the major gto league will roll it games The schedule follows no Jobs were supposed to be is -founding But remarkable as is the achievement the thing that is more de-markabie that is of enormous importance Its the fact that Ameri- Thix great unity Is the marvel Ban Francisco March 4— An attempted criminal attack recent- to coast putting thousand of un employed workers -wack on payrolls every day United Action is Eutberg A O'Learys vs Sllnger’a cans have UNITED for a common something Hint dot not happen nui'rkg r purpose every day to a land where every Portage Hotels vs Nu Drugs Not only that but they untted of person can do aa he pleases Per- their own free will haps it Is because every person ous thin about this campaign that y on Mias Barbara Burns 16 dau-Is sweplng the nation from coast ghter of Bishop Charles Wesley Burns of the Methodrtt Episcopal church Tuesday brought a one to fourteen year pri ion sent -nee lor Victor Perez 19 part Hawaii an Perea admitted the charge The sentence eras given on a te- The Farmer' Union No force except a sense of mor-' given half a chance will pleee to chnlcal charge of parol? violation The Farmer’ Union meeting will al duty brought these twenty U do the rlgbjt thing Perhaps this Peres having pleaded guilty tn 3 be held Thuraiay night March 17 lion men and women together tn is one of the great lessons of free- similar case Involving an eight I dom Have you Joined? at Spicer's school bogae i this great campaign year old girl a year ago MENU FOR ST PATRICK’S DAY LUNCHEON AT THINITATIS CHURCH DINING BOOM THURSDAY MARCH 17th ROAST PORK — MASHED POTATO DR OWIN’ GRAVY — ST A I LOrtD CORN HUH KJtAlLMSH REUSH - PICKLES RYE AND WHITE BREAD SANDWICHES CAKE AND COFFEE f5 Ct Per Plat Ice Cream 10 C’ Extra Serving to begin at 5 o'clock John Denzlen Jack Saxe Jerome Levens Edward W’elsh Douglas Heberleln Robert Curtis William Huebner Rob?rt Monthey Lyle I ratio Blaiae Cooke Jack Tuck-wood Arley Heinz Harold Wip I penman Kenneth Amend Erwin Huber and John Mattke accompanist Th girl sextette also presented several number Th? mem-bra of the sextette are Evelyn Connor Bernice O'Keefe Jose phlne Wright Betty Tennant Dip rothy A hell and Krna Weinke Betty Bias was accompanist Donald Johnson also played a trombone solo accompanied by John Mattke TRY A WANT AD ! - ' V

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