The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 7
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The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES Brewars of Celebrated Red Wurzburger Bottled Beers A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakerafleld and uarantee for purity and quality. " The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. TICKETS ARE FAST SELLING FOR THE BALL GAME SUNDAY TieUets are nrw being sold for the lilK C':i! baseball f^rtii- wbk"> takes jd-icf at Recreation Pan-: Suii'l!'.;, . Tht ilule pasteboards were flrsf ,il,ici.- ! .-.! '•',:••:• ;!-u'n>i vf>,->t« . i.i nf'c pa !).••!• frien' tleki : ol'.is. IK- i- cm ti t 1 "" " an 1 .-OIIH- olle 'It; their the bi era \v|ll COHtume .Callfond Is a mer the pbiy form '~.>t evening tK' n-wr. 1 un I ni.'.ny of t.i.'i- ;• ]'••] in disposing of :.u •-" numbers. Jee N;>"!; I'.KS sold the mnfit. au i "'Hi--1 of en-tt- ivorin-' te 01 tl*e rocorjs made i,;. i->-"p.? 0,1 t xc -lay. i,in I' are putting in all i.'.re momenta practicing' fur trial Sun]-.". The Kcl'.c play appear In regulation wcrklu'i . it is .sai.l. while raoit of the ans v.-;il have suits. There y scramble being made among •rs to grnb the available unl n 1 the sight that will be pn at noori iie find Caterer Harris eu v-'age in secret practice and the edi tor annouiici s his arm never felt bet ler. In ciisi' the going pels tn siren UOUB, he will be reMe.el b\ Johnny Moore. Alexander w'.l: b« at seeoiri "Noisy" Smith on s"f-ond, Eddio Ren son at short and Roy Harper at ihir.l. In the outfield the i ullfornlnn pla.\en- will have Fred Hunter, Homer MicUs Schuster, Ed Willis and Leroy Sweet to choose from in addition to the e lit or and Johnny Moore. Ralph (lallowiiy Is conditioning himself for the arduous tusl< ft mipiriujj The game will begin at 2:;iO. Admission In 25 cent a.' Artistic Steins 50c to $5 sente 1 when t.'.e two teims are in ac tlou m-omises not to be much unlike one of the branj new crazy qiilltB Which arc v;ont to appear Christmas time. Edi!:.r Harveil will mount for ilX' c-ilKornlan playcw. OPERA HOUSE »OBT. 0. 6A«TON, run» 4 c r MATINEE AND NIGHT. SATURDAY DEC. 12th "Too Proud to LINCOLN J. CARTER'S A Play with a rush, run; along with spirit and ends just right. Famous Reichardt Children. Father O'Malley at St.- Francis HISTORY OF 13th by Morris Haas, a liquor dealer, who several weeks before In Ruef's second trial, had qualified to a seat In the jury box and whose record as an ex-convict was exposed by Hcney. Hans on the night of November 16th about ', committed suicide In his cell at the jiounty jail by shooting: himself with t the slab j -'i small derringer which he Is believed Every day I to have secreted In his shoe. During a period, of considerable excitement that followed ' the shooting •<; Hcney, many attorneys of ability offered their services as substitutes In, the trial. Of those. Hiram Johnson, M:m I. Sullivan and J. .'• lawyer were accepted and their servlc'ep duriiiK ih» x'.st four weeks have- been without lu ':n< lary. eoinpenantion, John J Tall; about a variety of handsome, artistic nud unusual designs in BtelB*,^ you should see our large and complete asortment. We've steins and stein*-. —Just some of the qualnt-r est and most original d»-; signs you can possibly Imagine. A pretty Etein always makes a nice gift, and with Christmas BO near It's time you were making; selections now before the-; assortment is picked over.i Prices 50c to $5. Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. California!! w;i<it. \',-:,i result*. The ''''.' •' .-'lil :,.lsi-ioi> ii'.nv p.oins o'.i at _• - - St. Francis Church is drawing crowds j : •••' ' daily regardless of faith, "in the larpe audiences each day and evening , ' ; ' are many ef the lending citizens of i 1' - ; il:i!ie'.'-e <•'•!. 'i ••• -y • ..-• |-:rse.-t I t '.* :• • thus fur . roted the speaker. Rev. ju.>• » Father O'.\';i!l"v, S. J.. who spoke on I am) 1 "The CXu.i-^ional." Father O'MaHey, I conv .> finally M : -a:!<>H Prices—Evening 25c, 50c, 75c.Hatinee 25c and 50c MONDAY, DEC. 14th. BUY SEATS SATURDAY "Say! Bakersfleld Looks Good to Me.—Patricia O'Brien HENRY B. HARRIS PRESENTS Rose Stahl "THE CHORUS LADY" A Comedy by James Forbes, Author of "The Traveling Salesman" EXACTLY AS PRESENTED IN NEW YORK FOR ONE YEAR. Prices 50c to $2.00 ; like Father Maher. presents a strik- | hip appearance, has a complete con- jtro] of the English language, presents jproofs for each assert ion and has a | fine delivery. The subject treated last evening was "The Confessional" and a deep interest was manifested in the eloquent, speaker's theme. Father Maher This Evening. This evening at 7:45 after the usual opening service, Father T, A. Maher, S. J., will deliver a sermon on "The Sanction of the Divine Law." A cordial invitation is extended to everybody to come and hear these great speakers. Instruction Class Last Evening. Every evening beginning at 7:15, \vl;o h:\ d Kiom Page 1.) :. to speak to acq'iaiut- n j.l:iHng into hi.s si'.'i.t, ire-! Lowed ill thought. M; i laforn. Once or • d In a discussion of .. ,;>;r v.-ith his intimates,* , u'.< ,i down to a long '»! lih ; v, •• women';'* d i In- v'i! ''''use :r steu- ' •! O'Cara, iin as !:iis li>'<u i.'ii in K!nninir. On th" ?i A', 1 ; h.'i-' be thr ni.dn>ut, Sh;t!-';,i ha?; isiant district in tho til-i1 attorney, 1 of the defense Henry i chief coiiiu--! for Huef Tliuma-.- r>. Poy.ier of : -slti d iiiui in the case Rahler Says: ' tin' retirement of ,7. Mur- follo'.vins the iattcrV indictment. CITY BRIEFS. V chief counsel, half of his client , threatened Mm i ,„.,„,, • Eagles Hold n plnsiea! collapse, ;,. ts( « Henry Aeh. rtm- whojv efforts in b have several time: with a penalty o did nut appear in i nun ;his yesterday j afternoon, and i' was r'-ported that he had been stricken wiih pk'itri«v dur tup; tiie noun recess a* a result of n i cold contracted Tuesday night after i he had completed an address of six hours and twenty minutes. j History of Remarkable Case. ! I SAX FRANCISCO. Per. fl.—One of) j the iro?i remarkable trials in the hlf- \ (lory of California will end with the lischarge of the jury that is tonight Business: —The Rai'.i'et K rcytilnr lmsin".«' meeting. On.- can.II 1,'ie, 1 lurry S Shaw, was initiate ',. •! Beaten by J—j—Joe .Fisher, a butcher who works for Miller & Lux Is nursint? a core bead today because of an altercation with the Japanese waiters in the Saddle Hock restaurant one of the fathers in St. Francis hall considering the fnto of Abraham Ruef, will give instructions on the practical points In Catholicity that are needed for those grown up Catholics -who have not made their first, holy communion and for any and all desiring to learn certain Interesting points about j tained a position as the most impor- the doctrines of the church. Last even- ( an t outgrowth of the "exposures of the ing a large class was formed, there i summer of 1900, when a grand jury I being many of other faiths. Let It be a fter hearing the confession? of six- understood that they are instructions (f)pn uu , m i,, rg of the board of super- for any and all desiring the facts on visors, returned scores of Indictments matters of faith. fbnrsIiiR 1 bribery ngnlnst tho Rupervis- Way of the Cross. 3 p. m. OI . PI n t-nlnst Mayor E. E. Schmitz, ' | last night. While drunk h '.the place and ordered a m>'nl, The 1 Jup.-i refused to serve him unless he ' mild first. This antere.l him an.l the I Japs alleged he made for tin. ni with ia chair. They say thev threw him . . . OI . PI n t-nlnst Every afternoon the stations of the nRn '| ns t Ruef, then recognized ns the cross take place with one of the missionary fathers In charge. CLAIM THAT PROHIBITION WAVE IS NOW RECEDING. WASHINGTON. Dec. 10.—That ill" wave of opposition throu--'hoiir ;i-.; country to the liquor tra It- sei-m.- u be receding WUH Isle keynote of !'•..> re ponti from various state oi-g; : .:ii;-.-ti')?i.'- Hi;i<le t-xlay at the c!o.s;ir.; s-e.-.-i 'ii o! the national li()uor league. Tii" i'uv census i. 1 ' nnin'iu; w:'.;' that i!i" •"•••" < n oonsevy haxlnu tin 1 H! .;, .;. .;. -,. .;. .;. .;. .J. •:• .;• •:• •;• •> •* * -J- PAINT YOUR HOUSE U-.iuo puiiuiti? Is my rpeclalty. I u-.e unUiiui; but tin.' best •male- rial--, ^u.-iramoe tny work nud cli:iri;e reaonnable price.;. . I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 ('cr'hiclor J. Cii)lini;haJ)] came fr •)..! i.os Aii.tjele.s tbls morning ;o siieei. bi.s oil property at Midway. ri'hol.» i ;iie \,~ a tin- null , from the place aurt he sustained bis I charged with tlie bribery of a former ( injury, a scnlp wound over the ri^lit Fiipervlsor of this city. Both In dura-, t »ar, by fallini; against the door. Oft! ' tion and by reason of the startling j cer nienn Investigated the affair and , finri unusual occurrences that h^ve at- | took charKe of an awning handle with tended i's progreBB. the trial has at-j'.v'-'i'.i it Is supposed the niun was in ' 'ured. HI.-I v. rur. Is -,vf:e dressed at t'ae St. ('lair hospital by Dr. Kees. Buys Cigar Stand.—J. V. Fowler, a ret'«>m arrival in Hakersfii-ld from Rcdlan Is, yesterday purehus-'ed the l.ouvre eiu'ir r,ro.i,'K and will Uereriftor. CaiKalu FCIlls of the falvatlon Army announees flfnt tht> locnl r'osl in in need of clothing for ill.strlbuilon uniong tlie poor. All pi-rsons having any clothini; for babies two weeks an.-I old er -vliK-ii they wish to donate may no '|fy tin- Salvation Army \Vorkers at Main h2«l. New Show Cases—Baer Bros., the druggists, have juat added two handsome all plate glass. 8-foot show cases. Thi' basements are of Italian marblo and the new fixtures add much to the appearance of the store. A Bicycle Found—A f halnless •v.Fh!onc;l frame Pierce Arrow bicycle has been found In front of the Majestic saloon. But one lost wheel hns 1i"i-n re-ported to the sheriff's ofllee a;' I (!ils wheel Is nut the one. Now S till 1 thlli 1 tO !'-ct imi- si oek of fr< make <>\\r Christmas Goods Suitable presents j'onnfr and old nt •suit all. for T?e sure and come. HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS AND BOOKS. BAKERSFItLD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros. PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A I 8t«, OiiHfornlnn want ads.; three days, political head of the administration, and against officials of the street railway system, the gas and electric company, two telephone companies, a realty company and a quartet of prize fight promoters. In addition to several trials in which the alleged associates of 7tuef figured j jas defendants, Huef himself has twice' I appeared to answer one of the scores i , of indictments pending against him. | j In (he first case, wherein Ruef was 1 | charged with extorting money fmrn ' • the i.'iopi'n-lor nf a Kn-nch rehia', j ' the defendant plead guilty, at the | ; same time protesting his innocf n'••_•• I Tlie c'.i-f wi'.j afterwards reversed by tb" hi.nh'T COSH-IS. In the Kecond In- C. J. flanz, President Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. our A BANK ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS There is no tfift f Ixiy or yirl that, compans with a hank iicuount. It will make niiuiy a Merry Christmas for years to come, because- it teaches tho wise use of. money, instils economy nnd thrift and helps to form the saving habit. When making up your list of Christmas presents, include 11 Hank Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 per cent interest paid on •iime de-posits and Saving ac- loon to. MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW LEFT FROM-LAST YEAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS A WEABER. 1822 Chester ave Phone Main -! Five '.!v-:.;'l\:L'S M Icncc: * <^uud; *•>• *** hue; **** fuii' finest: all Schilinu •** *** , IVst. Your like it. we pay r rclnriis yoi.r . P ICTURE frames to der. \Vt; call at your with samples and prices on application. Me Car on's Art Store. Office, M. 731. Ret. Farmer* 18x1 2O25 Chester. 8lng«r OMee CROUP QUICKLY CURED. Don't Let the Child Ch Ac to Death While Waitino Fo;- t'-c Dcctnr. Ilyonjel, tho jiilraeu!' . •':;':-•• ;itie, , dry nlr trealninil, will >'-. .-;• .up In, ! either the first or scron.l -•.'••••• K"B-' Illy Inhaled, even when Ui-> ie-.-.thing' i is Irregular, It roaches* move ; j'haji any other remedy Hie t' -•• -h' In; lluiued membrane of the \\lt: : , • Its j soothing tmlsains not Imnir'lii' I. 1 ', tho lullammatloii Is allayed am! ';••• "well. in)? reduood. "Not long ago our little I" 'A'alter, nwoUe In the night with a (>a<! a Hack of erotip. Wo allowed him 10 Inhale Hyomel; ho bogan to breathe easier, and In half an hour was fast asleep. I arn glad to speak a K nn d « or(I for a remei'v 'hat will r<>!> f-oii]) "f i'- ; t'-r- rors." :i-'V. Oeo. Sis (-1, pastor of M E. ohur.'h, South Londonderry, Vt. Hyomol (proiiotnicitd (UlRh-o-nie) IB giaaranteed hy druK^ists to euro catarrh, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and croup, or money back. A complete outfit, Including a'noat hard rubber pocket Inhaler, costs only fl. An extra bottlo of Hyomei. it after- warde needed, coeta bu CO cent*. AilC' 1 ! iti n: v.liii b :il li-aM sevnty eoutt ila> s. The jury v::v •t"d utiiil Xovenilo r I'th. i''-i! wan p'.-vcnt.v-two day; record, now containing -,. hho\vfl iliat 1-ino tali" ummoited, cf '.vlioin MI" -.>,.•• iiiiiDy examined. A.* ill" juror.j pus"i d over to the s'l. riff as were selected, six of the oi" cnmposp the jury have been d of their liberty since S-Vptemh a period of Keventy-flve days. Attorneys Indicted. Shortly after tho frlnl coiiitncni.-ed Frank ,J. Murphy and Ad'dpU New- burnh, two of the attorneys ensaRed In tin- defense of Rnef, wen 5 Indicted u;ion it i liarj-'e of ntti iii))tlng to bribe John M. K'-'iy. a tu'csnian in otv.- o! ihn Ruef venire. E. A. S. H!aK< <diitractor, Indicted upon- the -n charge, was convicted by a jury •' afterwards confessed. lie i.-. awaitini.- sentence and tin- trial .Murpliy, in which I'.l.ikr wn- tb' 1 i' cip;\! wilin.'Ks for th" 1'rosei u;ii Ti. I: progress in another di-partir.i.-tit of 'h. I I superior court, I 1 Anotlii-r outcome <>!' the 'li' 1 '- nior,-| HISTORY UAI, TWO j or less of the aame cbaractr-r, was the j Mndletment for'perjury a f«w «l iy« ,'tfio j(,f Aleck l.nthnn, Jr., former chauf- fi'iir for Huef, who twice left the st.nte ; while under subpoena as a witness • and who admited duririp: the present 1 trial that, hf had Riven false testimony before the Rrand Jury. The attempted assassination of Francln J. Hcney, who originally bad charge of the case an assistant dia- rtlct attorney, was perhaps tho mos* atartllnf? outcome of the third Ruef trial. Hcney waa enot In the court room on the afternoon ol November City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY, PROMPT DELIVERY. A. Lyons 1512-18 Main 977. * When the Furnace Fails a n On many a colil \vinlrr morning you will wake to lind tlie iin s "out." Whal are you going to do uliiml it—shiver ? Prepare now lor tin: emergency with a PERFECTION Oil Heater (Equipped wltb Smokeless Device) and you'll have genial, glowing heat—inslanlly—wherever you wan! il—without smoke or smell—smokeless device prevents—turn thr wick as high or as low as you like. Easily carried about. Brass font holds 4 quarts ol oil—burns 9 hours. Handsomely finished in japan and nickel. Every heaterxwarranlcd. *"& Jbff^f/St T Hfnt\ ""''*• cheery tlif lung JlXCy ^^ JUrftmiJJ evening— brillunl, steady Vw**^ Ijghl lor retting or u w. Ing. M«Je ol brin, nickel plited *nd equipped with the Uiul inprovol central drill burner. Every Urop wimntcJ. II your Jwltr doesn't urry the Perlection Oil Holer »nJ R»x» Limp, wii(« »ur nevert •jenty lor Jocriptiv* drcuUr. STANDARD OIL, COMPANY (l •«•**•*•*•«> *

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