The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIKLD CAUFORNIAN THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1908. TO BAKERSFIELD OPERA A slury HP* In treatment, novel tu juiiUoiiM and stirring In ellmaNes, Is •jni"idied in Lincoln J. Carter's latest M'\;> iKiui;iilc surprise, "Too Proud to %?K~ wltlcli will be at the Unkersfleld •JP--M ll-ouse on Saturday afternoon .vi'i .'veiling. Ttcre are no mechanical effects, but llv. Carter has relied solely upon the j.Uyflrs' Abilities to portray and clear£. (Saline the dramatic aetion, deep IJeurt Interest, ami explosive bits ot laughter Ilia! el.b an, I tU>w throughout. I Tbc authiM lias shown in this play j thai wei lianii a' !•• ;enuity Is not all tlial rfr.iw.s the lovers ot the mt-lo- , ilniiiTri to tin- i heater and he has given much tune, attention and regard to lie sol'-l> dramatic action, ,md situations that follow] li"r in rapid succession 1 ihMr-i'jIio.n the story. Interest is nev- ; »r 0:1 tli" wan* but on the other hand , xiidh nie is kept interested and ( di»vst ('Very detail of tint , A we-ihh of beautiful scenery "l ID complete the success of; of some clever players. Indeed the title", foiio-.v-i ur.tll when Miss Sathl east U more than the average. insisted up u a brief rssplte at the | KO6e sstahl in "The Chorus Lady." close ot a run in Iloston last May, Ihj rv.rr.in7 direct from her record- "Chorus Lady" had been presented breaking engagement at the Van Ness Tor 94 consecutive weeks to record- Theater in San Francisco, Rose Stahl breaking business. will be seen In Dakersfleld for the first Mlss.Stihl':- portrayal of Patricia, a tlr-c in "The Ch >i••:# Lad/," lames brusque, slangy young woman, whose cJitna /jut- •snpi"-ij jrarv.i is <-.i : ri. story Is an interesting one, con- . t ill every respert, with much ; anil pathos blended Into its constructed plot and running 1 l;hr<ii!sh nre explosive bits of comedy, wfl ;»cjil satire that are In the hands used ever Seventy Yeai- s In Millions Of American s Homes onrli'a MumlrnkK PIIH h»v» bwn "A^ wi'lml.l Wuiil" in thn homes of tht I Qnlml Hlntwt lhrniit:h tlin*? gflncratinna. I Their Purity and Absolute Harm* I leMne«5, iu w«ll HH tli»lr unfailing nffl- j I cacy, Imvi' flrtnty Mtftli!l»l|p>l ttit'Oi ttfl ft | ~mwcbulil nfcciwity. SCHENCK'5 Mandrake Pilis fur Ooimtlpation, -IndlgMtinn. Sick] Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and Fine China W carry the finest line of imported goods to be found in the Vnlloy. Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Figs in boxes and jrluss. Green Olives in bottles. California Glace Fruits. Pinard Prunes iu glass. Shelled Almonds. Lowuey's Chocolates in fancy boxes. Beach Nut Preserves. Heinze 's Mince Meat in stone crocks and hiilj-. Remember we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A visit to our store will otnvince you of the superior quality of our goods and method of doing business. Our stock of Haviland and Imported Hand Painted China is complete.- t>Pople who have cal'led at our store in past week were amazed at our beautiful display of Haviland Hand Painted China. Cut Glass, Brasses, Carving S"X Steins and articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. Bikcrsfield Grocery Company Tel Mix toe 183 1715-17 19th. Street , (iiiMtmtw, Flatulency I IIiliiiu*ii"HH, Liver Complaint, JuiiD 1 jSchenck's Mandrake Pills "Liven the Llvar," -tug In-ftlth, 1'iwrny ami niwl ni'lrltn, h'«ir «AI" *.¥.<iywhcrt'. Plain or Hugar ! CVml"<l. 35 <-t»nlii t\ IHIX, nr liy nmtl. 3r. J Schenck St, Son, Philadelphia. Pa. GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK We have thein. 'I'ry some of out' importi'il Itnliaii olive nil. .lusl (lie tliitiL,' Fur your salads ami scilsoilillLJ. V\ e also eitrry il line line of im- [iiii'teil macaroni. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. ROSE STAHL in "The Chorus Lady." Forbes' remarkable comedy of stawe i extr. me worldly v. is life, at the Bakersfield Opera House j Koodtiess-: and ntvark on .Monday, Hoc. llth. and philosophy cndc;:r The phenomenal re»or,| 01 this play j iences, lias lie-n univer which was attested by the record- 1 .eakiiiL; eiit:a!;eiiient in the east for two .-.casnns. Is one that h.'is ai-'tonlsh- •, ,i ilieatrical ii!aiKi.',i.'i-s aii'l aliUe for (lie pa>t I wo seasons. Ori 1 .;- inally produced in New York as a play by an unknown author, with an unknown siar, it found favor insi:rntly , and accoiuplish"i! the uni>:iralleled ; feat of playlnc at three important ; ;road'vav ihe-\ii>rs In one season, thus , hreiihiui: the well known theatrical ; iipi•rstitiiui whi"h predicts failure for , :i ),; ,\- mo 1 . • d '••'•' >n* "ii 1 ' hou^e to an- | other. Pri.ilMced ai the Savoy. It was forced mi' by i rcvlous booiUnns and l-'ii in Mi.' (la'rrii-l;, wh.'re P was fiiiain ioni|)elled in ;;ive way to another play :ind taken io Hi" llackett. There it rounded o'H the entire season, and in, the early summer was taken to Powers' Theater. C'hlenreo, where a four months' run to capacity business en- piled. Long engagements In other large Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the Weiser Optical Co., 1033 I street. Fresno \\ill be in Bakersfteld the week- commniK'.insr Monday, December 14, li»)S, and will stop at the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All Work Guaranteed dom. unfailing able reasoning her to all tiud- ially -jrais-od 'i: : . :• \ !:o\vns which started the i: 1 : '.-own eraze when worn at the . -'^-h-Miips traek in Paris last spring. i • : It. Harris has furnished Miss •-.'il with a splendid supporting cast •,i.ii'i includes Wilfred Lucas, Eva •>;:Uim. Iliirle R. Williams, Alice : b. r.ile.s Shine, Thomas Magulre, i;i : line Travera, Amy Lee, Amy ' - r. Marguerite Wlieeler, Annie ••. .lean French, Lavinla Mason and ' : •• i'base. "The Alaskan." Tie- .\lnskan," a mighty good story ' lie- far north, set to niu.ilc of a • i.-h onier, which was one of last sea- ii ~ miisleal successes, comes to the / r-i ,'slleld Opera House on next : s !:iy evening, when it will be glv- •i i» .lohn Cort'a splendid company, •••. : -i iiy Edward Martindel, Mr. icM'i'idci struck the nail of approval :-'!'i;i:••'!>• on the head last season in "i,. io!e of "Totem Pole Pete" and had ii:- opera contained no other song ii UK rendition of that remarkable i '.•:>! IT "My Totem Pole," would easily have carried it. to suecess. In ad.:i to Mr. Martlndel there Is a c cast of principals engaged with Alaskan" as well as a great ':,, ch-jrus. Numbered among the ••'pals are Lora Loeb, Ffltzie Von !:u--iiv,'. Ida Kltzhugh, Forrest Huff, i \\'ii;iain .Kahles, IMek Fitzgerald and i'lni.r Wilson, while there will be a :; •. ill orcheslra with the company i •, 1. v the direction of Oscar Radln. i':i • of the features of the presentn- ••o.. Is a large pack of genuine Esi iiiio snow dogs lirouglit from Alaska ASSOCIATED EMPLOYE MAY LOSE HIS RIGHT FOOT. A falling timber seriously mashed the right foot of G. A. Porter, a well man employed on the Associated lease In the Kern River oil fields, late yesterday afternoon, and the injured man Is now at the county hospital. All of the bonos In the foot are fractured and Dr. Schafer Is doing everything possible to save the member. WAR MAY RESULT BETWEEN VENEZUELA AND THE DUTCH. HAGUE, Dec. 9.—Patrol of the Ven- euelan const may develop'more active measures If any Venezuelan warship attempts to leave port, and If any of castro's ships find themselves on the high seas within range of Dutch vt.s- sels they arc likely to tie seized and taken to a Dutch port. Empire Theater onigHt and all Week Overture, LORRAINE THORNE Singing and Dancing Soubrette Illustrated Song—"You Will Always Do the Same Thing Over for the Red, White and Blue." RAYMONO MERRiTT College Tramp Empire Moving Pictures, Scenic Views 4 Jack—HOMES—Ad,i Comedy Musical Act, Doors open 7 p. m. Continuous Performance until 10:30. General Admission 10c, Reserved Section 15c, Reserved Seats, 20c. * «\* 1 v j *«; ; S* x > ^j*i - ty f ., \ ?' ^^*^fi,*£,^-*l «-/ UORA LIEB, Prim;. one of the great .-si t'.ie stage. In the, l'an;oii.^ .! in the second ;u i. . I'.owerful factor i:' ; play, will be riei ,, 11; na Soprano in ih" history of iu r room scene •i hii.-- hoi-n a -iii-eess of the i -iicil Taunura tlit f.'trr.cus r.cinic opera, "Alaska." ! , ! direct. Musically "The Alaskan" Is] one of the most tuneful offered for, many years, while iis book and lyrics; reveal a story of (lie f :lr north that IH always drawn. Interesting nnd truthfully Stevens Big Millinery Sale! CHICAGO, De i;',n s'U at thi' Mor 1 the Come and see what un exclusive millinery store can do, and convince yourself that we are offering the greatest values ever offered in Bakorsfleld for $5.00. HAIR GOODS We are also selling at reduced prices all kinds of up-to-date Hair Gooda. Fifth Avenue puffs, transformations, pompadour bangs, cor- ouet braid and all kinds of hair ruts and switches. 1905 Chester Avenue. ni'-'lit while U K. Yoakum, c'l.iinnnn nf the executive coaiMlltoe of the Hock Island-Frisco lines, di ;cnsse.l "Our country and our railroads." YoaUuni decl ire 1 th'it the p'uiic •>" hi^t vlnler causi"! a sbrlni;a"e j n t'ie payrolls of the railnnds of $|.eiiu.n(ii| a day, largely as u result of nils.llroct ed agitation against Ihe ma's. He averred his conviction Hint an esiab llshesl railroa I policy by the govern mi'iit Is ncei'S'iry l>ut it mu-t bp :\ Htable, centralized one, under which the railroads can plan const ruction years ahead. He said luo.ooii miles-of railroad would have to be built west and southwest of Chicago to cure for increasing population and com- merco. Railroads alone, he said, can not solve the transportation problem of the country, but the government . slvc 1 waterways polKy as he. ••. bei n pur- s.ur.l by c;i;ii...--.. ; i'' '. ii'i .'.;. • r.ill roads,- T'i'.unias Blivke of Hesitl!.-, \Vashlna!- u, d'Hc;: . • ' ''T 1 :* 1 C'cun •''•(•; il rela- • .. iv-'rl 1 . f' •'•••• 'i-' . •! .1 • ."•.'•••.•''•.-vest iuu' PORTERVILLE PRINCIPAL STANDS WITH BAKERSFIELD. Pr'n-li'ul \\":Ute fir tin Portervllle iiiv;h School, and presldunt of Ihe llish School Athletic League, has '.vrltten a letter to Principal Rankln of tin- Vtsalia hlsfli school, says the VI- Ir-alln Delta, stating that ho did not favor the protest lodged against. Ihe Tinkersfleld Knnie by Visalla, and that he would vote against it, whenever iilie matter was brought up. The local ho> a feel rather resentful toward !Pr ident 'White for his evidently • piv! -diced stand on the matter, In eon. der -ilng them and their cause without a he lilug, and think that his decided stand without knowing anything about VisaHa's side of the controversy scarcely the proper spirit for the pres- j ident of the league. Hiram Deuel has returned from short visit iu Los Angeles. \ A "Hoosler" cabinet will be given away on New Years' Day to one of our customers-^-conre In and we will explain just how to become the winner of this valuable article. See the cabinet In the window. Get a nice piece of furniture for that Gift; something that will be useful as well as appreciated. 4, * DYER & JONES. Hat Carnival DREAMLAND SKATINQ PRIES FOR THE LARGEST AND SMALLEST HATS. Also Obstacle Race, with more than one dozen Obstacles. Friday Evening DEC. 11 '08 No Extra Charge for this Occasion. \ Over The Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno 8:50 a. ra. Arrives Los Angeles 8:35 p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:^5 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacified).

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