Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 21, 1898 · Page 35
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 35

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1898
Page 35
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«ENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doe* flrtt class work. Stylish and well fit- 35? clotbw rnsde. Cleaning *nd repairing ne»tiy done. Bee him. 324 PEARL STREET. Kroeger & Strain. UNDRRTAKKR8 T8LBPHONB - Offlo«. M. IK, Kroeg-er, 16 SETH M-VELSEY Loans Money at S per cent. Makes Abstracts and w r lt«3 Fire. Tornado and Plate Gla«8 Insurance. W J Burnett Succee9or to c. L, Undertaker, Embalmer aad Funeral Director. Phones 417 Market street. Calls attended day Tfce flmest outttt In the 0. S. Col. C. L. Woll. wlC remain with me. Office 16. Residence-Mutual' 65: 0. 0.169. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wipperman, 906 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Bntranoe, DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National BanK Corner of Fourth »nd Broadwav ••Central ftoiephone No Office 363, residence 343 E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, S16 Market Street. New Alumlnitc Rubber Plates, THE HENDEE MUSEUM At Eojal Center a Place of Mnefc In- teresit to Visitors. The Hendee museum at Eojal Center contains a large aad varied collection of natural hlstorj specimens, which has been gathered from various sections of the United States, and to which the genial proprietor Is constantly adding. Tne: collection in- cludes'mounted specimens of insects, birds, flsb.es, reptiles and quadrupeds. The most noted and interesting specimen on exhibition is a partial skeleton of a great mastoclon, supposed to have been at least) sixteen feee In height. A. single tooth of this monster weighs several pounds and will nearly fill a half-gallon bucket. The enormous tuaks are about six feet long. The remains of this great oeast were unearthed on Grass creefc, in Fulton county, Ind., a few years ago, by a body of workmen ditching. Mr. Heii3ee takes special interest in commenting on trie nature of the monster. The collection is one that would be creditable to a city and affords a tempting field to the student ot natural science. Mr. Hendee doesn't maintain his treasure House of ani mal specimens to mitk<e money, bu simply to gratify a natural Inclination of his for the curious. The store of curiosities may bei seen almost any time free of charge !Dy calling on the proprietor. ADDITIONA.L ITEMS' for & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. <Jlve us a call. 309 6t ii street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Qpstalrs over Bruggeman'g Millinery Store. f / ivate Monej to loan No C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. *O* Fourth. Street. OITY NHW9. Mias Grace Barker Is visiting at Lafayette. Uprlghi piano for rent. Enquire at 918 Broadway. Marion Leader: George Piese, of Loganeport, was in the city yeater- dsy. Peru Journal: Mike Daugherty, of Log»nsporB, was a visitor in this city yesterday. 0. B. Seeding was up from Pendleton yesterday -visiting his brother, B. F, Keesllng. •Bet, J, A.. Burkeli has been installed as pastor ot the Lutheran •church at Walton. Mrs, Ben Martin entertained a few •friends at whist List evening, In , -honor of hur birthday anniversary. Prof. Michael expocts to have his residence In Harrison township completed for occupancy by the first of March, William Wlna, of Harrison township, has gone to California to visit his son Albert, and will remain until spring. Peru Chronicle: Miss Agnes Snyaer, who has been visiting with friends here for some time, returned home to Logansport this afternoon. The Chrysanthemum club was handsomely entertained yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Charles Fohrer, at her home on Fourth street, Two thousand ranks dry wood for sale cheap. Inquire at Dr. Bradfield's office, or at yard, corner of Market and Eel Elver avenue. The Pharos collectors are provided with subscription receipts made out In regular form at this office. No subscriber should pa>y the boys without receiving such a receipt. The umbrella trade should pick np now, as dozens werei ruined yester- 4ay, and those attempting to carry them soon found them wrong side out and badly broken by the heavy wind. Crawtordsvllle Star: O'Neal Watson, B. E. Hays and L. J. Burdge have organized a new Insurance company with headquarters at Logansport, which Is called The National Plowman, a beneficial organization, and will make that city their future home. LET US HlTE IT. EranSYllle Unable to Accommodate the Medical Fraternity. Dr. W. N. Wishard, president of the State Medical society, has re celved information tlaat Evansvllle will have to decline the honor of entertaining the society at Its annual meeting in May on account of the utter lack of hotel facilities. The principal hotel In ttac city Is now being rebuilt. The executive hoard of the society will hold a meeting tomorrow to fix the place for the meeting. The membership of the association is 1,500, and several hundred physicians attend the meetings. Here is aa opportunity for Logansport, with the superior hotel accommodations, to capture a good meeting. By May our list of first- class hotels will be enlarged by the New Bald win, which will very probably be opened previous to that time. FiRft PRODUCTS Are Shipped In Large Quantities From Walton, Four car loads ot hogs, two of cattle and three of corn were among the shipments from Walton the past week. Tbe cattle and hogs were shipped to Indianapolis and Chicago, while the corn went fto Norfolk, Va., for shipment to Europe. It Js a matter of comment that a large portion of the corn now being;- exported from this country via Norfolk is of Indiana production. When it comes to fat live stock and the best grain products Indiana is hard to beat, tele- Stolen Horse Recorered. The police were notified by phone last evening that a horse and buggy had been stolen at Koyal Center. The owner utated that he had left the rig standing in front of a store there and that the thief drove in the direction of Logausport. The owner also stated that he would procure another rig and come direct to the city. The officers found the rig on Sixth street, where it had been left by the thief, and upon the arrival of the owner It was turned over to him. The horse was covered with sweat and showed other evidences of a hard drive. Goes to Red Key. Mrs. Lulu Gore, the late keeper of the vile resort on Third street, which was closed by the authorities last week, has removed her family from near Onward and taken up her abode in Red Key. It is said that the family Is a quiet and peaceable one, but was supported wholly on the profits of the Illicit business conducted by the wife and motner in this city. S A. Buss, of South Bend, is in the city on business. Charles Sine left yesterday Omaha, Neb., on business. Will Kirkland, of Lucerne, is preparing 1:0 visit the Klondike gold fields. A bairsted sta"e in the Boval Center water works is causing a big leakage. Miss Blanch Wagner, of the South side, hais returned from a visit at In dlanapolts. Mrs. William Mangans, of nea Onward, is very low and little hop Is entertained for her recovery. Mrs. George Houghton has re turned from Rensselaer, where she attended the marriage of her cousin Mrs. Paul Taber and daughter,Mis Julia, have returned from Peru when they visited the family of Pliny Grume. The new stock firm of Stout, Bun kle & Anderson, at Boyal Center shipped two car loads of mixed stock to Chicago yesterday. Peace, be Still," will be the subject of Rev. H. E, Wieand'a sermon at the English Lutheran church tonight. Tne public Invited. It Is said that Louie Wandrei and Jim Hall are organizing a base ball team, and have secured control of the Driving park grounds for next season, A very enjoyable, entertainment was given last evening by the Daughters of Pocshontas at their hall on Fourth street. The audience was large and appreciative. The revival in the M. E. church at Eoyal Center has now been in progress two weeks. There has been a big attendance and several accessions to the church have resulted. The Elks last night; decided to give a ladles'social session some time next month. The aflalr will be confined exclusively to Elks, their families and the sweethearts of members. Adolph Ecfcerle, the new proprietor of the John Mitchell saloon on Berkley street, will give aa "opening" tomorrow (Saturday) even- ng. An elegant lunch will be served. Royal Center has organized a gun club, with Morris Weyand as president, Wco. Bingaman, secretary, and B. Thomas, treasurer. The club will have practice shooting once a week. Mrs. C. P. Buchanan, who was a ueat of her sister, Mrs. J. A. larger, returned today to her home at Chicago. She was accompanied by heir niece, Miss Helen Stevens- Larger. The last of the series of union meetings will be held at the Fiirst Presbyterian church this evening. Bev. Huckleberry delivered an 1m. presslve sermon last evening to a large congregation. The opera house was crowded last night, which fullv demonstrates the fact that the old plav, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," has lost none of its drawing power. The piece was cleverly handled by the Davis company. Moses Crockett, of this city, yes- terdsy received a letter from his brother, J. V. Crockett, whom be thought to be dead. The latter left home thirty years ago, and Is now located at Brownsville, Kan. A close observer of the sessions of the common council can readily isee^ the success of Bepublican officials of A SOARING COMEDY. Hort'g '-Black sheep" at total's Sat- nrday Sight—Clssj FitzjceraJU Coming. Hoyt's roaring comedy success, "A Black Sheep," will be presented at the opera house tomorrow night"A Black Sheep" is one of the jolly entertainments. It Is not a bur- lefque as many believe. Specialties new and novel, up-to-date music and dances and handsome costumes will bs a bright particular feature in the production of "A Black Sheep," as presented by a company of artists especially selected for tlaelr abilities In comedy work. CISST FITZGERALD COMING. Miss Clsgy Fitzgerald, the young lady whose alluring wink has made her famous, will make her initial ap- earance in Loeansport Monday night in the brilliant comedy success, "The Foundling." Since her arrival In America with George Edwardes' original gaiety ^company, Miss Fitzgerald has succeeded in creating quite a large sized furore with her brilliant dances and fascinating personality. There are quite a few clever dancers and quite a few pretty girls on the stage, but it is very seldom that there is found so delightful a combination of terpsfchorean talent and fascinating beauty as in this young English woman. She Is a sumptuous feast to the eye, and the marvelous grace, poetry and vivacity of her dancing make her indeed a star at- ;ractlon, "The Foundling" Is from the pens of W. Lsstocq and E. M. Robson, and while the treatment is distinot- vely British, the pi jt is taken from the French. The story is exceedingly droll, and the dialogue sparkles'with brilliant repartee. Miss Fitzgerald is supported by & company of comedians which is unusually well selected aad clever, and entire production will be given exactly as in the original New York un. RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. Officers Elected. The newly elected officers of Ida- Tllle lodge No. 556, I. 0, 0. F., are ,a follows: N. G.~E. E. Gates. V. (?.—Amy Bllllngsly. R. S.—Newt Townsley. P. S.—Bert Irelan. Treasurer—Dick Cornell. W. R—Cbas. Cornell. C.— F. Jones. B,. S. N. &.— Lon Tedford. L. S. N. G.—H. E. McCully. R. S T. G —J L. Moorman. L. S. V. G-—John Johnsonbaugh, Chaplain—Gilbert Union Temperance Meeting* There will be a union meeting oi all local temperance societies at Good Templars' hall, corner of Fourth and Market streets, Friday evening January 21st. An excellent pro- gramme has been prepared, and matters of Importance will be discussed. Everybody Is cordially Invited.—Committee. The Public Library. The annual roport ot Miss Libbie McCullough, the librarian, showb that there are 3,300 volumes, ex- lusive of legal reports, etc., and there was an arerage of ten readers for every volume. all grades, whenever a Democratic member dares to lift his voice in op- posiMon to the plans of the bosses. Tbe papers were mistaken in coupling the name of Eckey Cahill with that of Owen Carroll In connection with the theft at Traut's grocery Tuesday night. Cahill was found to be innocent of the charge. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Needhain and Mr. Kldwell, who have been visiting B. F. Keeslingaod family, left yes- ierday for their home at Gleodora, !ai., accompanied by Mrs. M'argeiret Will Stand Trial. It appears that Tom Coy, Dess Hardiman and Mart, Shortal, of Kokomo, who are in jail at Delphi, being charged with chicken stealing, will stand trial. It was their intention at first to plesid guilty, but it seeros that they have now some hopes of escaping the penitentiary. The cases against them are regarded as very strong and conviction almoss certain. A Sew Conntj History. The Lewis Publishing company, of Chicago, has placed its men Jn the field, according to a Eoyal Center writer, and is engaged in gathering information in that neighborhood for a biographical histoiry of Cass and Miami counties. Smoke the,0r>luxibiaicigsr Terhune, Mr. Keesllng's mother, who will make her home there. Flora Sentinel: Hiss Eose Eeke:rle went to Log-ansport Tuesday where she has a situation.... C. A. Drake went to Logansport Tuesday on business. He submitted plans for aa elevator, to be erected at Clymers, which were accepted. It will be on the plan of the Btinghurst elevator. Prof. Michael, of Michael's college, which was burned more than a year ago, is the financial backer of the enterprise. Judge WioSeld attended court at Delphi yesterday. He is the attorney of the Delphi bank in a suit against Pollard & Pollard, the well- tnown Delphi attorneys, to recover $3,000. The case was contiEiued until tha April term. Pollardl & Pollard defended D, W. Neible, of Delphi, when he was tried upon the charge of murdering his wife. Neible went acquit, and he gave Pollarcl & Pollard a note for $3,000, secured by a mortgage on his farm. PollartJ & Pollard sold Che note to the biink. Neible failed to pay the note whssn lb came due, and now the bank is suing the attorneys to recover the amount of the note together with Interest and atto rneys' fees . Attsntioa, St. Weorge Commanderr All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present at the armory at 8 o'clock Frlda/ night for drill. OHAS. BUBX, Capt. Fashion Echoes. Quills are al'I the rage in millinery. From Paris comes the cry that white cloths are worn for ceremonious occasions and for theater box parties. The Roman sash ribbons are in vogne again, with fringe on the ends. Camel's hair material is in fashion again, and it comes in all the new shades. Short bridal veils are not half as becoming to bridesmaids as toques or pretty hats. Malmaison pink, a new English perfume, is now in high favor among smart women. The desire f OT rich, velvety effects has extended to the trimming department, and one sees chenille embroideries, chenille fringes and chenille nets in great profusion. Flannel petticoats are trimmed with flounces of wash silk edged -with lace. There is a craze for very elegant black taffeta nous* gowns. How to -Make Brazilian Coffee. Parch until black (not trarned) a cnp of any preferred coffee. Grind to a very fine powder. Place the coffee in a cheesecloth bag and tie so no grounds can escape. Pnt the bag in the coffeepot and ponr over ic 6 coffee cups of cold water. .Let all come to a boil aad then boil 5 minutes. Take from stove aad add a teaspoon of cold water. Serve hot This ia delicious with whipped cream. Best to tafte after drnner; prevent distress, aid diges- con, cure constipation. Pnrely regulable; do not gripe or ewwe pain. Sold by ail <irnggJ«liL » cent*. only bj C. L Hood 4 Co-, ixnreU, MJUJ. S Pills of Truth Gleaned From the incn of All X>**tiominatioii£. The end of all most be beauty, beauty in itself was truth.—Rev. Dr R. A. Holland, Episcopal, St. Lonis. Church Influence. No influence is more effective in aid ing tis to reach our moral ideal than r.b influences of the church.—Rer. Dr Hinekley, Unitarian, Phi&delphia, Truth. f Truth at all costs should be th watchword of every honest soul. Th bond of society is confidence whose basis is truth.—Rev. J. Q. A. Henry Baptist, Chicago. Rest and Labor. Like the fabled bird in the oriental legend which slept on the wing, learn to rest in your labor, but never rest from your labor,—Dr. H. .Allen Tup por, Jr., Baptist;, Montclair. Welfare of Society. The cornerstone of human rights is endangered %vheii justice fails to be recognized in the adjustment of great social and economic questions of the day —Rev. M. S. Levy, Rabbi, San Fran cisco. The Living: Truth. Christ is the living truth, .not a string of formulas intellectually perfect, however venerable. He is embodied truth, the knowledge of whom is better thaii the discipline of sacred metaphysics.— Dr. Barrows, Presbyterian, Chicago, ftlau'g Befit Lesson. • God often answers onr prayers by revising our plans. The lesson for yon and for me is that the best answer to onr prayers is in God's coming to us and revising onr plans for higher use. —Bishop W. F. Nichols, Episcopal, San Francisco. Noblest Side of Onr Natures. All that is noblest in our nature draws its life from the spiritual world. When we come here, we think of these things, and no man ever yet contemplated this side of his nature without being better for it.—Rev. Dr. Hinekley, Unitarian, Philadelphia. Affections and Intellect. It was not for heart alone that Solomon prayed, but for an instructed heart. We must bring the affections and intellect into closer conjunction if we would reach a fully developed manhood and womanhood.—Mrs. Celia T. Woolley, Independent, Chicago. Our Saviour's Voice. The voice of Jesus answers more questions, supplies more motives, solves more difficulties, satisiies more needs and furnishes more immutable hopes than any voice which has been heard through the ages.—Rev. L. M. Clarke, Presbyterian, Brooklyn. The Mystery In Human Life. Clouds, after all, are not such bad things. All sunshine becomes monotonous. I think God has darkened our lives that against the cloud of mystery we may paint a picture of him, of loy- I alty and love and life.—Rev. Arternus Hayues, Congregatioualist, Chicago. Need of Men In ChnrcheK. Much as we admire woman, much a we rejoice in her Christian cbaracte and service, we should feel there wa something lacking either in a religion or in the male sex if that religion not attract and win men as its adber ents,—Rev. Dr. S. W. Dana, Presby teriau, Philadelphia. • Ideal Marriage. The ideal marriage is one in which there are mutual respect, personal free dom and passionate love. When a wo man lives in such relations and in the home which nourishes them, she wil seldom respond to what is sometimes denominated the higher call of a public career.—Rev. Dr. Charles Eaton, Episcopal, New York. The Lonely Jesus. I have thought that ia the world Jesus is lonely still. Few in the church today enter fully into bis scheme of worldwide conquest, carry with him the world's sorrow, share with him the world's shame, bear away with him the world's sin, live his lofty and unselfish life, exhibit his matchless love and enter into fellowship, partnership, communion with laim, for his joy, their comfort and the world's good.—Rev. J. Knos Montgomery, Presbyterian, Cia- cinnafcL The Biffht Spirit and Power. The search, for power is the spirit of the age and the spirit of all progress, the student bending over a white hot crucible watching some delicate reaction, the astronomer gazing in the heavens, an Edison wrenching inventions from bis brain, are illustrations of the spirit of search for power that bnilds.up civilization. This spirit is right, bnt do not be content with this lower kind of power. Be content only with that power that shot the Psalms from the heart of David and sent them speeding across the ages.—Bev. W. E. Dugau, Presbyterian, San Francisco. What Is Truth? Modern economic reformers each as Professor Herron would make society the scapegoat for individual failure, vice and crime. While the professor was endeavoring to convince some ministers with great earnestness chat what the world needed was not only more old fashioned convicrion for sin, hut more conviction of hope, love and economic righteousness, a well dressed thief was stealing overcoats from the room. Was the thief responsible for bis act or for Ms social environment? The good professor said at the beginning that Jesus Christ taught a communistic system of society. Concede that, and yon are prepared fox the conclusion that any social system not cominnnistic is tin-Christian and that there can be no rich man who is a Christian, any more than there can be a white blackness or a black whiteness. The truth is feat Jesus taught no system of society or government as such. He dealt with great principles and not with special fads.—Bev. J. T. Brushingham, Methodist, Chicago. --THS-New Furniture Store. Cor. Market, 5th nnd Erie Ste. ANOTHER SPECIAL BARGAIN. THIS COMBINATION BOOK CASE. Only $6.90. lere's a real pern for a low price, solid oak. ts worch $l'i Fou can buy It of us Offi /•» /-» this woekforonly „ ^>U.yu Ve show an elegant line of Combination Boole Cases in Oftfc or Mahowny finish Cf\ en at $80, JS5, £M, $15, $12 and S>y • 5 ° Our buyer is now at Grand Rapids inakiag selections for oar spring' irade. The Logaosport ow Phone w Commercial High School. If you wish to secure a position to work for Experience Only. I>OX'T attend tha oeantiport Commercial High School If you wish to secure a pon'tfonthat wltl par ou from f l to (2 per week. Don't attend tke Logunsport Cummerelal High School If you wleh to attend a School where you an Dave plenty of t'uu. do as vou pleogo, aad avea"HotTlme"ingeneral,I>"n't attend the oganHport Commercial High wehool But, if you wish to attend an I T n * n Hnf P> choolwtiereyO'i will receive V V lu "aic t&e best instruction and the best preparation. or the reiiponslblli.ieB of life: wnete you will •ecelve a thorouRh mental and moral disc) pllne ad traiams-that will devoiop yo 1 r Intellect rouse your ambl ioc and equip you 90 that ou may live worthily, that you may lead a fe of usefulness and that your Ufa may be rowned with the laurels of success, ike steernof your fellow men and tho approba- on of your own ooaaclenoe. then, Attend The LoQansport Ccnmnercicul High School, M. W. MURPHY J W. HOOK8 ( Over 331, 32) and 335 Fourth Street. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Orer- coatings that cannot be beat. W li fraiir Merchant . ii. traig, Taflor Pearl StNsxt to Dr. Bell's Office. The Detective Wins Ye*, tha detectfw wwt, MA .: tfa* ttory of how to did ft f» v' one of tha moat exoidB|f «v«r /;'' told Yon-can n*d it in colcmn*. A Conflict of Evidence V It wa* TvilUea Try OttoleEgia. the«atb«raf M A* Attwt ia CrfeM," and <NM «0 the atr«nge*t wiitaM of dft- *ective storiei fivin^ W» have r—timil 1JM lMX» liw tto OKillinj W» >"'^

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