Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on March 1, 1886 · 1
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 1

Portage, Wisconsin
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Monday, March 1, 1886
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J- DLUME IE DEMOCRATIC -CASE I r POINTS OF THEjREPORT OF 1 THE MINORITY S r v v i Edmniijli Resolution Regarding p lfetaliie(l Paper — Continuous :Jents Claimed for the President’s f — an -A- 1’Iea for Peace I X r iHGTox city March l-The Post fiJr?fatiC 8enat0rs are entirely- a with the report prepared by 8ena-rccn Jackson and Coke on the Ed- resolution and publishes the follow-pprtin to be a Synopsis xft the -"P° "ill start out by showing the1 £Bculties the president had to con-vlth when he assumed office in dis-f cf patronage caused by the complete f administration I and drawing at-f to iLe comparatively few suspen--3n office made by the president It It! !iud' to tbe fact that th® senate the head of a department for a connection with an exclusively life action and will proceed to point tit the senate violated all precedent Ivung Not withstanding this irregu-9 of procedure the senate recived all Trs called for in its resolution which pasted for papers- in relation to the paoent and conduct of the office or the - itt ’rney of the United States for the district of Alabama and that the 7 general in his report stated that bar papers regaining in his departed exclusive reference to the sus-C of George M Duskin next point which senator Pugh and OCiates make is that from the time of ngton down to the present day there eoedents whih have establisued the 16 ua per of this sort axe in no sense I k documents and can not be consid even beng on tile The precedents ot be juotcd because the- Democrats I I theiiiselves as being somewhat position of a defendant in- u at law The burden of the say is on tbe Itepub-they intend that tfao Itepub-tlall act on the offensive The pre- Jail u Jed to however are- at the ot tbe Democratic-senators of fommiittoe aud will be used the debate Tto-report will Jrvine ?rple“eathta dnner prtlee PWiS-t iLSVSSS MAKING WAR ON SATAN Not RequlMd but Expedient! MJtrch 1— Thl New IlVt w!? C0P°ndent egraihx his paper" that the president will send to con- gt a message on the outrages agaikit the Ctnese and will recommend to congress the appropriation of a sufficient- sum to my the cjas made by the Chinese governm nt for In juT to the lives persons and pmierty of to people ia this country by mcJ —violence It is reported thatfhe will ta e the ground that the treaty does hot reqtii this reparation of us but that it is expedit at as an act of friendship to make it V SAM JONES TRYING TO WAKE PIETY Ip CHICAGO UP ’ He Wrote 'Against the Schools Washington city March L— Tee attacks made ia a pamphlet by Zachariah Montgomery of California- on the Public school system several years ago are sd to have influenced the senate judiciary jcom-mittee to decide to rejiort his ranw adversely for the position of assistant attorney general for the interior department i ! I Invited to Address Purdue University WASEixGTcjijf City March 1— Conjrais-' sioner Oilman of the agricultural department ha? been invited by the faculty of Furduelwivettdty Indiana to deliver the annual fcidress before the scientefic societies at the next coalmen re men t exercises of that Institution which will occur in June next ’ 1 — tJ — INTERESTING MATRIMONIAL CASE K — — edrt will At this construction or pjp-rs re-a force until IS 76 whJi Hayes saw enuer certain of his prerotives reason for so doing was aud is understood ProJifclfr the omt in the entire report will be fc-fous attack made on the utter un-u'oouaiity of tha tenure of office act MM tenure of office act mreswa the Protestant church o 'll UInerble p:m in the Republican Jto celebrate the marriages of all Christians j f 801110 “Cfr mest prominent men also that decrees of the council o -- prominent men Herman the life Oiiter P Morton and m fact most of the leaders! e®xception of Edmunds— have made M bitterly assailing the constitution-' r f10 Thtt r P°rt will tjuote e±- ffhm thee lwh :s of these man -rton said about the original act x mred the president to give liis for suspensions that it never Could im-d as it woull take f up all the f the senate to ascertain what those Were and whm the act was amended r Morum remarked ‘there was noth- I 7 ° bbatow of Uie corjse left ” bin I the Salaries are SniAll H-vgton City March l-A repr- I I tK°n° ° i thu iiuroIeaA monarch-IJ’mntatjv of The Chicago SJn that' at-Mfrprised him most gmeental' organisation was the Hries that are paid to the high CtfTbe United States and be thought cnTwS ihgri L“dua and not - Sf lth UIty of the Offices ZJr dutles they performed ' s of °C °ur fiOVfmmeiit p J)re8ldent ar0 the ministers to c'Ke’ r e!Tnany’ and -Rowla the of the United States oa tou t The ministers receive $17- I 1 ler anyre from 15000 to Hatho shape of feei Gen Sher- -Ye tired pay as general is -ud G0'13’000- The minit®-to ’i i‘ua’'Meic° V$in etc P yL1 thocoI1 t°r at N-c’w York LtVt Chief Jastico gets $10500 senate and 8taker of the 5 000 and comptmJk®1 of the cur- (fu-OOU The ento-e number who re- V than $0 -0 is riot loo I 1 ’ i tb liouM rzUTx CITY March l-The sen- -i°7d Lv n turJaT and the y uon asst mbligg went rfcty tha state ot ltvZZ ay was consumed in speech Can the Koman Catholic Church Annul 4s Marriage in Canada? Montreal ! March 1 — List December Elizabeth Globensky daughter of a rich property owner was married to her cousin Daniel WJson by Rev Dr Doudet a Presbyterian preacher The parties were CAtholic but of full age and tlio registrar iued them a license A Catholic priest refused to niary them as the parents of the latly who is an heiress objected to the union Mgr Pabrie Roman Catholic bishop of Mont real was appealed to by the mother of the bride to! declare the marriage null anil void which his lordship did and the archbishop tf Quebec confirmed the bishop s action The case has occu pied the attention - pf the superior coart here for some day a Counsel for the mother laid down as Ian indisputable proposition that a th? parties had not abandoned their religion they were subject to laws to which the state had extended as a protection its sanction Counsel fqr the husband Maintained that while England had conceded religious liberty to the Roman Catholics of Canada it could not be inferred therefrom that it had divested the Protestant church of her right l the silver qustion R eaver for free silver coinagd find said product of our ffiVer mines It would e twenty years l?o-asniucB perpjta circulation ithout Considering the in- dltion I!hnSU same LG handler of Georgia ground ’-us Jil of Trent on which the bishops had based their decisions were never promulgated id Canada Moreover the judgment rendered by the privy' council in London in the celebrated Guibord wolealyliwimf-tft3TialiTfy of ecclesiastical decrees of that kind The case was taken under consideration by the court and the judgment is largely looked for to settle the point that has been raised for the first time ' j A LIGHT KEEPER’S PERIL struggling for Five 1 Hours with the r Angry Waves— A Safe Landing - New Loivdox Conn March 1 — Saturday afternoon a telegram announced that the schooner Annie D stationed at Cowyard Reef and sustained as a lightship by The Stoningtoa line had broken from her moorings antPwaa sinking The only person on board was keeper Sisson The U S S' Cactus started outn a fruitless search for the missing vessel Parties in- Noank afterword saw the Annie D in a sinking condition Mr Sissofn could be seen on board and the waVes were dashing over the vessel She was leI w ith the water Later she rolled over and 'Sisson took to the small boat and headed for pish- ’ er’s PvteabL There - was a fearful seaAebb anJ high wind Those who watched through glasses saw the frail boat battle wmd and sea and finally land on the east side of Fisher’s island where Sisson landed a a r °ne ot the ra0st Perilous trip3 von recr ord He was in the small bolt five hours! LuckilyTor Mr Bara the assistant keeper he was not on the boat 4 ? V 4- ANOTHER ATROCIOUS CRIME L Slcjy MaR81 j 4 4 Gegiu JomVof Texas and per-sast The latterl-losed with an at-adnjinistratioi)rwhich he charged tiDg felons to office violatinithe' nploying convict labor lackf with internal improvement and 1 1-administration Lauham of e in favor of a bill to prevent i cjien-v of dis asal cattle into and TV olford of Kentucky la Uo Mexican pension bill CJwrf-jT Against Goode iTok City March 1— Several oivolk Va were before the sen-y committee Saturday testify 9 charges against Solictor Gen They were interrogated about :cent of Sir Peters to be re-Exchange National bank for -ich Mr Goode is said to have fee The Norfolk people said that mont was made at the request of-mber of business men of Norfolk argely interested in the insticu-ifho wished- to have a man ap-receirer in Whose integrity and y bad confidence Woman Assaulted by an Unknown I Villain -RSHnxLD Wi March 1 — Last Saturday night a strange man raised the window of the dwelling house of George Kund-rt in this city entered the bouse and after a 41rible struggle raped Mrs Kundert Iho was at the time sick abed Her husband is employed as a night watchman and no one was with the woman except a boy about 10 year old The ruffian choked and beat the woman until she was exhauste l The boy I a wakened and came to his mother’s aasist-anrti but was brutally knocked down The fobms were very dark and Mrs Kun lert1 has no idea who her assailant was The local authorities are trying to ferret 1 the matter out I trance at the White House GTOX City March L-Miss Cleve-eranco views have come to the 2 o’clock Inncheons to ladies at are A poll inaria and Potomac of wines and lemonade in the ich This meets with very gn-Tal not only among those she in-Vomen outside of t ad Inct approbation the - entertain-The president - Profit on Gen Grant’s Hook New York March 1 — One year ago Saturday Gen Grant signed a contract for the publication of his memoirs by f which it was hgreed that hr ffiovlj receive 70 per cent of the profit of the w6rk $11000 being paid in advance An edition of -325003 pf the flrst volume has been printed "and less than 12000 copies remain on hand while forty presses nr banging away turning out a complete book at every revolution of their cylinders Saturday Mns Grant received a check for $300000 on account The publisher expects ti give Mia- Grant a check for a similar amount before July 1 and is confident Sirs Grant will receive in all $500000 from th? book r j “ Ford and Morphy Must Hang Baton RoCgk La March 1 — Governor McEnery1 Jiaa decided that tbe executive of Patiick aud John ilurphr shall take place on Friday March 12 An o order has not been made as was not officially informed of the action of the board of pardons refusing to interfere until Sunday Two Large Audiences Whleh Were Itept in a Hilarious Humor — Selections From His Sermons— Sin Vigorously Attacked in one of Its Strongholds ! Chicago March 1— Mr Sam Jones the Georgia revivalist arrived in the city S&tur-dayjAnd began his campaign against the wickedness of the Garden City j Sunday mbrning at I Chicago Avenue church! Mr Jones is tall and of spare build with black hair straight and unkept a thin black mustache which was made a trifle longer by encroaching on the hair of the chin the awakener of sinners looked anything else but a typical theologian Hi- face is sharp-:eaturod - his complexion sallow almost to iiaithiuess and his dark eyes have a look of seeming dullness which however un ler the power of excitement or deep emotions could brighten and blaze with tthe fires of magnetic force and brilliancy 1 He was dresseU in a clerical suit of black with a standing collar and broad neckband There was not a vacant seat in the building and leaning againsi the de-k with his elbow resting on top of it he began his address as follows 1 1 “I want to say brethren that In order to get the most out of this servio let us be perfectly free and easy We aro all children of the same Father therefore make your? selves pei fectly free If you’d rather laugh than cry take your choice— there is as much good in one as there is in the otheh- If you’d rather do (neither that willsuit me tOG There is a class of people that ought to look sad Thn thief and the drunkard ought to put on a solemn countenance in church but if we do our duty we ought to wear a smile as broad as heaven and let the world know that we are enjoying ourselves Some people will look sad v thinking that sadness is religion Why a minute of that religion would kill me” Laughter - 1 Mr “Jones announced as his text Matthew v lfi: “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in be” u He dwelt upon the strength hidden in the words of the text and continued: ‘The moral light is a trinity in unity— its principle is faith its essence is love an I it3 development is obedience What is faith! Some think it is a kind of attitude in which one has hands and mouth open to catch something that the Lord will pitch at them Laughter They will say: ‘Lord give me I something I don’t know exactly what I want but give me something I don’t care what it ia Laughter It looks to me as if their whole Christianity bad gone into a whistle which was doing nothing but blowing It’s just like throwing the dinner on the li -or and wrapping jho tablecloth around a febow telling him that he had a nice dinner Laughter ’ I wouldn’t give the pop ct my finger for the kind of faith that is doing nothing but waiting for God to do something” said Mr Jones with a contemptuous gesture aipi a snap of his fingers “A maw that ha such faith will end in a chain-gang oif in a poor house I pray for Sweet potatoes but I find them at the point of my h do handle lLaughter I pray for corn rindI find that it will grpw after x goo I deal bf plowin But just1 looli at this fellow” J Here Mr Jones began scratching his head with one hand whiU? he put- the other in hi-i pocket assuming a kind of a lisdess attitude! “Lord give me something” I ' ‘ Well whatj’’ “I don’t know but give me somethin Great laughter j - “If I say 1 to my b y ‘Paul go and fetch me a bucket of water and I will give-you 10 cents’ he will not believe in thedima unjtil he sees it j That’s human nature the world over” ' j Then the speaker began a lengthy homily upon true faith being time and again interrupted by the laugher of his audience especially when be cited the examination Scendxjn heaven from Ingersoll’s “Mistakes of Me esZ when he had de cribed how one of the two men examine i had been ordered a harp and thexpther had lieen disposal bf py turning up the lid of the fire-box and pitching him in head tpremojit there was a Thar of laughter broke oiit again and again He protested against any orthodoxy in his religion "V ‘ God knocked the orthodoxy out of Peter 1I00 years ago” he said “Then tha Jews couldn’t see how God could save a gentile and nowXafter 1800 years we are here! anK can not see how God can save a Jew Laughter What is man’s orthordoxyf uu&u Le a chance for hl conversion At the afternoon meeting which was held at the Casino roller rink on South State street there were 6000 people present and after-the preliminary services had been con-i eluded Mr Jones proceeded to tell the south eiders what they should do to be saved Saying: ‘I will now ask your prayerful attention to the 0th verse of the sixth chapter of Galatians: “And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not’! A man can never be worth much to others so long as he its up with himself— so long as he ser res himself A man with 175 pounds of concentrated selfishness has got a big job on his hands to get through this world Laugh -terJ If there is anything incompatible with Christianity it is selfishness’! 1 Speaking of people who attend revivals he said: “They will make trips here every day for two weeks but after awhile the re- vival is removed to some other city and then they begin to fail to- make schedule time Then another revival epmes along and God takes them apart overhauls their machinery an I tightens their blts If he didn’t do this the devil would get away with them in short ord -r for tlie ffievil can run a mile while you are pulling on your toots Laughter You know that don’t you old i'eiler!” (Pointing to a gray-haired man who was laughing so neartily that his eyes seemed ready to creep down his cheeks) 1 Mr J ones concluded his discourse as follows: “Aijid there is another thing we want We waut mori sympathy bet -veen man and man Here is poor drunken fellow who joins a church - Herein re twej Pnarisees who co'11 to i-to m'ffisl r and cay th t ttov ar sorry to see such a disreputable character has bjou un into uu -o uua ta - ati'iae s set to work to drive to drunkard out of the thufJi All this comes to the ears of the jiOor sinner and he gives up all tope of re-" form- Several days later the Pharisees see the sot itag- gering along on the opposite of the street Look at him’ says one Pharisee fanthe other ‘didn’t I tell you he couldn’t retorin'1 W hy brethren I had rather have that drunkard's chaqces of going to heaven ttyai those of the back-biting carping Pharisees tumultuous applause We wat vvortv of the milk of human hindpess Let Met odists G— C7- ’he tout'd areen pasture of the Presbyterians —laughtor — and let Presbyterians fee 1 on the so It short grass in the Methodist pasture Laughter There ought not to be any cross fences ii the Lord’s field Laughter This idea of one set of people building a fence around them and refusing to let down One rail to kave the rest of mankind from hell is all wrong Applause and Laughter If a Newfoundland dog came to me with the indorsement of having saved 5000 sinners I would itake him into my house and let him lie on the tost rug in the parlor “Let us go to work for others” THE AIDRID6E MYSTERY ARREST OF THE SUPPOSED PfRPE TRATOR OF THE OUTRAGE i x W N Price an Old Resident pf Windsor sill In Jal for Hanging Miss Aldridge I — -Grounds Upon Which the Arrest Was 3fade — The Prisoner Nothing elso but a fishing pole and line If a fellow is eteinally fixing on his tackle how’s he ever going to catch fish? Laughter The trouble with the preachers in Chicago is that they think God loves a Christian better than a sinner a church member totter thari a barkeeper Laughter If wj put the thing in the right lignt we would understand that Christ died be cause God lovel us Whatever lhan may have if the spirit of love is wanting he misses everything” i “Some men are very secret about their religion” he said “They don’t let tho left hand know what their right hand is doing— perhaps they have good reason to tough' ter God did not give religion to run into a corner and hide it God never converte 1 a human soul without somebody to help it God himself is powerless ( to save sinners without human ' 1 agency and tbe devil never damns anybody without the aid of man - If I see such a rusty old sinner going around damning peo-ple I shout at-him You old hound you’ v torp people will say: ‘That’s slang’ WILL BRAVE NIAGARA RAPIDS lUaisled anti Ross to Risk the Fate ' of J "v Cap Webb I Boston' March 1 — Oarsman! Fred Plaisted in an interview PtaturdayJ said that the proposition of him self and Ross to row a boat through the iNiagar i rapids next summer was not the huga (oke many seemed to think but an Enterprise which wil surely be attempted He said: “The boat will have plenty of beam and grating for a floor and no bottom If we fill with water we can’t sink because wej will havex jan air-tight compartment around the boat and the water We take in will quick disappear through the grating ! If anything should happen why we are both good shimmers and would make a grand I struggle le-fore we wept und-hj It-will be money in our pp kets if we succeed and if Wfe fail our wives and children will get the tonefit pf it There is positively less danger in trying' to row through the rapids than there is iii go-ingoat on the frontier for $KU)U a month and found an 1 we get $2 x) for what we are going to do J Oh! on? point about 1 it is ttot we row with oar' laces toward- the danger instead of rowing in the ordinary Fay We wore otU up at Niagara Falls a week ago and ma le ur calculation and measurements of pis (a ices" Half-Ilreeds Thank t Canadian Govern-raent Winnipeg March b— Tho half ffireoda held a public meeting Saturday at St Lawrence the headquarters ofth? late rebellion Leai-ing men from all the 1 rench parishes were present Resolutions were adopted thinking the government in wjrm terms fori the humane manner in which tha halLbijeeds had been treated since last spring It was ided that the half-breeds should ask the Windsor HIsl March L— On the night of Feb 12 Miss Georgia Aldridge was found in an insensible condition hanging to the limb of a cherry-tree in her father’s ‘ yard Had' an arrest been made that night the person arrested would j have been summarily lynched Tbe finding of a note on tbe table in the room occupied by Miss Aldridge in which there were eiprossions of exultation over requited revenge against the Aldridge I family caused strong - suspicion against W ' N Price anold resident of Windsor and at present a member of the city council who was a known and declared enemy of the Aldridges bat this being entirely of a circumstantial nature no one was bold enough to make an arrest although a reward of ? 10 JO had been offered and Price was present when the council offered $300 of the amount Suspicion was also directed! against several others- but on being traced was found to be unsupported The’ theory of n - MTed suicide likewise fell ’ to the ground j i u - outurday afternoon William M Baldwin a dec tive of Macoupin 'county caused Price tq to arrested pn the charge of being guilty of the heinous outraga He was taken before J udge 1 L & Baldwin and gave bond in the sum of $2000 with Jack Clawson W- H Storm and John Fortner as sureties to appear for preliminary examination on Monday Judge Anthony Thornton who defended the- accused in the Emma Bond case has been retained to assist the state’s attorney Wyfc Kelley in' the prosecution and H J Hamlin of Shelbyville will appear for tho defease The examination will be held in the Uni versa list church The yprosoCution has already subpoenaed seventy-five witnesses A s Tha grounds on'witict Price was arpgsted are contradictory statement oh tEe part of himself wife and children the murderous threats be has made I against Dr Aldridge and his son and daughter at one time re marking while cleaning his revolver: “I will get even with them inside of a year yes less than six months” On the Saturday following the tragedy Mrs Price th wife of -the accused who went into hysterical convulsions at the time Miss Aldridge creamed sent her son to Dr Aldridge with a message stating that she must see him before night While the detective read the disgusting letter found at his request and without objection P ?e copied it with the' same ink and pen u 1 in writing the original The resemblance was so great that the detective says he desires no better" evi-’ dence to secure a conviction The words “Aldridge” and “mighty nigh” were misspelled iivtbe original and he made identically the same errors He 'wrote slowly and with much hesitancy but ft general similarity extends through the ’ entire1 document Had Bald v in delayed an hour later the ' arrest would have been made by the Anti-Horse-Thief association Price took his arrest very coolly laughs and jokes about it protests his innocence and seems really pleased at the prospect of being relieved from the mental strain which he has been undergoing during the past fifteen days as he has been under the ban of suspicion since that fatal night Sunday afternoon a rejxjrter -was granted permission to visit llissx Aldridge unler promise that she should not bo interviewed She is yet id a vry feeble condition is’ not able to walk without assistance and passes the greatest portiotopf the time in an invalid’s chair bnt hopesNu-e entertained of her ultimate recovery Her hkndsome face is pale and indicates unmistakably the pain she has suffered - ' AN ACCIDENT CONDENSED NEWS - V ! The receipts of internal revenue at Peoria ' for February were $841345 New Mexico having finished a peniten- 7 tiary took twenty-five of her convicts home from Kansas 1 ? Father Tabaret principal bf the university at Ottawa Ont died at the dinner table Sunday after having said grace! Judge Tuttle pf East Tawas Mich re- fused to pay taxes and the town treasurer 1 rized a span of horses valued at $117 A jury at Terre Haute Indl acquitted i Ben Blanchard ot the charge of obtaining a signature to a note by false pretenses -- ! ! The municipal authorities of Paris Ears ordered the school committee to expunge I from children’s books the name of the Deity ' At the ' auction sale of Lorillard’s horses 1 in New Jersey the‘ Dwyer Bros paid $1750) for pontiaC an imported black volt W I The reserve bf the N$w Yorks banka ‘ decreased $5763100 last week The5 surplus is now $23733708 above legal requirefhents Fire swept away seven wooden buildings at Bradford Pal six stores at Homestead in the same state and three stores at Port Berry Ont - The Missouri & Arkansas division of th Texas & St Louis rqad was sold Saturday to a representative of the bondholders for $7401000 t A fire in Brooklyn destroyed the depot and sheds Of the Cypress Hills street-rail- 1 way causing a loss of $100000 mainly in cars and motors - The supreme court of Ohio upholds the governor in removing the police comini sioners of Cincinnati ' The mayor alone power to fill the vacancies An engine and nine cars on the N Central road were totally destroy day - near j Watkins Glen An and ’fireman were badly injured Two young burglars who w in Wheaton Ills were follow junction and cajturedwhile after one of them had been By an acc near Tho Hill Ont erjsd -team running i 'agent was killed and twei more or less injured A trust company of N tioned the federal court appoint a receiver for Atlantic road for defaul bonds aggregating $1150J Rev RVd1 Moore lately- fronTV Ills has been inducted into the rector of Cal ary church Chicago llev - Thomas E Green anf wife were confirmed by Bishop McLaren as members of th? Episcopal churi h Bundiy George R Blanchard the new commissioner of the I Chicago pool has pen-uaded seven roads to sign the agreement has got the St Louis sun-pool in working order and has nearly perfect d associations at Indianapolis arid Cincinnati The Detroii lady who has charmed Senator ’ Jones is Miss Frances Palms whose father is reputed to be worth at least $12- 000000 She re sected his offer of marriage and her father house The Borgess to aid bringing about a marriage and received in reply a withering rebuke forbade him to enter the jejnator then asked Bishop COOLED OFF COMPLETELY should ask rnment for a freu grant of their larids on i their being the orig- here peoi hound is ?re’ a Mis Royal Marriage VaNNA March h-The marriage of the Arch Duchess lUrie Thereof Tuscany ArchLuk6 StephenCrother of Queri Regent ChrisUna of Spah wax soIemnizS ia the royal chapel 0f Hofhirg Sunday The SSSSJST bUhop f is a good English word and if there’s tf Miss Nancy around who can’t stand it I’m sorry I She needs boring fora hollow head Laughter If my cow gets a hollow horn I tore a hole into it so as to pour turpentine in jand save the old critter Laughter Propriety! Talk about pro prietyj Why I’m nothing but a good whole consolidated lump of propriety Great laughte Let your light so shine that the wc rid sees it” He concluded by saying: “We don’t go to heaven by sections streets or schools We go there all alone and have to answer to God' gancti-l fication means voluntary obedience to God Some will bring in visions and revelations at this point Why if I eat half a pound of fresh pork at supper I have more visions before morning than I know what to do with Laughter In announcing the meeting for the afternoon Mr Jones said he wanted everybody to come even the “pusillanimous skunk? who came for the fua of the thing—there decide goveri Lasingrtheir claim inal possessors and -that amnesty be extended to hMf-breeds in prison and across the tordorA Thqname of Riel was not mentioned For the Benefit oris$tarving Irishmen New York March JBishop O’Farrell of Trenton N J lectured Re ore a large audience at Steinway hall Sunday evening l'or the tonefitlof the suffering fishhonen ln the weat coast of Ireland ' Charles AxDana presided and upon tha platfirm were many well-known citizens The subject of tha lev ture was “Ireland’s Rights and Claims”4 The bishop who hae recently returned from the island of Achille gave a graphic description of the terrible " sufferings of 5 the fishermen there The lecture was at success — : — Rough Passage Across the Atlantic1 New York March!— The North Lloyd Steamer which left Brevien haven on I the lrth inst arrived tore Sunday afternoon The vessel looked as If it hsd been in the Folar sea Her rigging an l spars were Firet Officer Wanske stated that tha voyage bad been an unusually rouh one h avy seas breaking constantly over he ship I A sailor was washed overboard and loA and the (first officer had hi fingers frozen while casting the lead Tragic Heath of an Unknown i Niagara Falls Buffalo N Y March 1— The ice nound in front of the American falls was die scene of a tragedy o unday In the vtter noon a man of Respectable appearance arrived on the 1:15 train wearing a long brown overcoat a high silk hat sidm whiskers and mustache paid his way to the man at the wheel of the Prospect park incline railway He was shortly noticed by some tourists climbing with much difficulty the highest peak of tho largest ice mound at-a point which on account of its dangerous position is not frequently aseride l by vi$i-tos here Tbe nmn either fell or threw himsejf into the fearful canyon made in the solid ice by the motion of the waters comine over the falls B Wolford of Kentucky on the Sectional Issue and JeffRavis j Washington City March I— While making a speech on the Mexican pension bill in tha house Saturday Col Wolford of Kentucky who served in the Union army during the war said: “I sir have nolthing to forgive in Jefferson Davis! He did as an honest man what " be believed to be right But I look upon him not as Davis the president of tho south- era Confederacy for I forgive all that I put it behind ipe when the war was over I did not wait — as -heard a distinguished gen-' tleman say in the Fite John Porter debate— x' I did not wait jteE years for cooling tipifil God knows I was cool enough when was over Laug iter When it an over I forgave the men we had ben flKht ing I have lpokd upon Jefferson Jjavis tos a great man vfho saved out army Mex- ffioo and who saved the country Ndw you 11 me 'f ought to say with you that I neveri f orgi ve and never forget' that th?reis one place on earth as Iwell as in another region where forgiveness A Ter ' congL-ss attenn -:d Eleven Men Lost’ Nkvc York March 1 — Th'e steamer Idle-wiid w ent ashore op the rocks off Stamford Conn Fi xday morning and eleven of the crew took a boat and moved away As there was a heavy sea ou and a gale blowing and nothing has been heard of thorn they are almost certainly lost ( Hied me the Fool DIeth ' Hasa March l-— A Frenchman named Maximo Boullier tns in a Congress street saloon Friday nigi J when a bet was to the amount of whisky' he could chink He drank sixteen glasses and fell to the floor He was taken home and hwi soon after 9 Became Suddenly Insane Middlkboro Mas& March 1— Michael O Toole proprietor of a gentlemen’s furnishing store became suddenly insane Saturday evening while eating his supper and began smashing the crockery Ris sori interfed but this so enraged him that he attempted to pour the contents of a kettle of toilin' waterupon the young man who escaped by Hm ffing out of the house He then drove oily into the 6tre®t- Chief of Police °ncer urSess were notified of the alYmr and after a desperate struggle succeededNk Uking QTool0 cm 0’TI’U k6 ted the insan asylum to h?aS 8tato of melancholia for some time passM caused it is said bv unfortunate speculations ’ y ' Glande Chicago ilarch l-Thofetete livestock commission m?t at the Grand Pacific Saturday mid discqsssd the atorming prevalence of glanders in the state nearly e voryboimt v from the Ohio river to Jo Davie® hSSS Isolated cases j Where horses have been In close contacts with diseased animals they have aiso been killed and in a number It such eases tho commissioners appraised the value of the hbrsl at from $10 to $30 The state veterinarian of Iowa who was present at the meetixig Btited that a similSTepL demic of glanders existed in his state to forty four counU Fatal Result of a Boyish Caper Owen Cardin aid oSfifen 1 asked Duffy to let them nse'hls skaf8 H refused and Cardin and Henrv himnp He fed on his head anh1 canded homa Sunday diodciSif® nd Henry wef Arrested Vu CardJl ba investigated by? thecasdwiU the American ’ I want the iretbren You pay a gc deal of taxes andxI honor you for the wa you have voted pensions for the Union’ soldiers God knows wtot we would do if the case were the otherKway If all the money went to you and nona-of it to us we ri&ight Le selfish Laughter!! But you vote pensions with a magnanimity that has astonished me and I 'want to sa)Mto the country here and now to the credit of our southern -brethren that they have conup with th? love of the Union and the love of the soldiers and the love of liperty and the love of the country in their hearts and have voted pensions freely to the very men : they fought” ! u 1 Off on a Long Tramp I at the Queen City rink togfih Monday at noon The I following are some of the pedestrians who have entered for the con-tesfc: Anthony Strokle champion of Michigan Thomas Cox of Cincinnati Alf Courts 011ngtoa Ky i Prank Hart Robb Vint Brooklyn N Y Grorge Bhmtomt Charles Hairiman 1 In Memory of John H GouCh J- Hass March L— Some 2500 t 1110 memoriat service in Me- I tw?1 t1 ®undaY afternoon in honor of Gou°h' Ilev- D O iMeare 1 MAUii0 wasfuished by a double quartette A letter was read from Professor rker of Amherst college extolling the de- character: i -Addresses were made o?hernat°r °&r Congiessman Rice and 1 a Sanguinary Prediction ' LoNDpN March L Saturday Mr Davitt in an interview said :“I have the greatest hope for Mr llorley God forbid that the castle glamor wfll have influence over him If he fails us constitutional rule in Ireland will be ended and blood will be mixed with water In our streets” Something Uausual for 'the Chancellor i Berlin March 1— In the cabine counsel upon the subject of the bill forlThe expul- non of Poles from ‘eastern Prussia! Prince ' Bismarck proposed expropriation pure and simple but' yieldedrto the objections pf his coUeaguei — ' ' t- 1 'I i

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