The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER in, 1908. No. 112 GUILTY OF BRIBERY AT 4 O'CLOCK THIS APTER-rendant as the center. He charged >ON THE JURY POUND. ABEA- WM RUEP GUILTY OP BRIB- tY. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10.—At 3:36 this afternoon the Jury sitting In the case of Abraham Ruef, charged with the bribery of former Supervisor J. J. Furey, had been out just twenty- that Ruef had practically admitted his guilt upon more than one occasion, and he maintained that the defenst had never shaken the testimony of witnesses who in their testimony had charged Ruef with receiving $200,000 trom the United Railroads, and with giving former Supervisor James L. Gallagher $85,000 to be distributed among the members of the board. At times Mr. Johnson vehemently de- four hours without reaching a verdict, uounced Ruef and the men charged All morning long crowds hung about! w ' tn conspiracy to loot the city dur- the court room, waiting for the verdict ln «, the Pfrlofl following the earthquake and flre of April, .1906. that did not come. At noon there was The Instructions of the court were It11 . «>i* *. * "W Auabi UV.VAWUO UL lUU CUU11> WvlC still no sign, and the Jury was sent tt>| delivered after a slight delay, and a recess k lunch. Judge Lawlor took until 2 o'clock. There are many rumors as to how the jury stands, the prosecution claim- Ing 11 to 1 or 10 to 2 for conviction, while Ruef's friends claim to have,information that the Jurors are equally divided. . ' SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10.—The case of Abraham Ruef, charged with bribery of a former superisor of this tlty, went to the Jury at 3:36 p. m. yesterday. At 5:45, after being out ,.Jtwo hours and nine minutes, the Jury requested and were given permission to go to dinner by Judge William P. Lawlor. The trial twelve returned to the Jury room at 8 o'clock and after deliberating for an hour and a half sent for Judge Lawlor and asked that the testimony of former Supervisors Furey, Wilson and Gallagher be read. The Jury listened closely to the reading of the testimony, which was not finished until shortly before midnight. contrary to expectations occupied oat an hour In delivery to the Jury. There was a npplfl of excitement -as the twelve men In the box filed out for their deliberations, but the greater number of spectators remained In their seats and the crowd in the street was augmented in numbers by persons who learned that the- jury was out. Ruef Very Nervous. During the first hour that the jury remained 'Secluded, Ruef paced nervously up and down the aisle, occa- ROOSEVELTCERIAI1Y IS IT ATLANTA, Dec. 10.—A Washington dispatch to the Constitution says that Roosevelt, talking to a party of Georgians, said that Wall street hates him with a deadly ha te. "When I go to Africa, Wall street expects every lion to do his duty. Wall Street hates me with fervid sincerity, not because of an y general denunciation of railroads and corporations, but because I have done things. "If Congress will give me, and, when I say me, I mean the President of the national administration, power to eecure thorough supervision of financial affairs and railroads, to regulate the Issuance of stock, prevent stock watering and Insure publicity In all their affairs with due regard for legltjmate trade secrets, it will settle the whole corporation question." Judge Mahon's court this afternoon. He Is charged with having robbed > a Japanese. He Is defended by Thos, Scott, Jr., while District Attorney Laird appears for-the people. B. A. T. Company Incorporates. The B. A. T. Oil Company has filed articles of incorporation. The directors are Elliott Davis, Harold Lauderback, A. L. Well, M. Syme, W. Walker. The capital stock Is $250,000. Final Account. In the matter of the estate of Elba A. Tubbs, final account has been filed Appraisers Named. In the estate of Jacob Dlllman Grant Illingsworth, Pat Bynres and Edward Shipsey were appointed as appraisers by Judge Mahon. H. L. Packard Is attorney. BANDITS LOOT A TRAIN (Continued on Page Seven). FOUND GUILTY OF BIGAMY Wm. Nusser was found guilty of big- Throughout the last day of the trial j amv thla afternoon, the jury coming which has required 105 days to bring to q conclusion, the court room was ciowded with men and women of local prominence, and popular interest In the outcome was indicated by the men, who, unable to gain admittance, remained outside in the street during a downpour of rain. The usual precautions taken after the shooting of Presocutor Francis J. Heney were resumed today In full force, and the spectators, subjected to close scrutiny before entry, were surrounded by a heavy detail of police at every stage of the proceedings. Johnson's Concluding Address. Hiram Johnson, one of the attorneys who volunteered his services after Heney was shot, closed the argument at noon after an address of two hours and a half, during which time he re- i ren viewed many arguments set forth by i jj p v ] ( , the defense and advanced others of his own, seeking, as was apparent, to put the case of the prosecution befor* Jurors In the form of a closely in after little more than an hour's deliberation. The young wife was present in the courtroom when the verdict was brought in, and a sistqr fainted while waiting for the verdict. Nusser himself, though ill at ease when the Jury came in, made no sign when the verdict was announced. He will appear for sentence on Saturday R. G. Grimes on 'Trial. R. G. Grimes is on trial in Judge Bennett's court, accused of robbery. He is defended by Geo. A. WhltakW and Geo. Flournoy, whilp the people are represented by Rowen Irwin. The following is the jury: Thos. E. Kllpsteln, W. L. Kizaiar, A. K. War- Tyler. W. ('.. Smirk-H, E. il EfkhuiY, \\'ni. Tvlrr, E. M. A. l.j!i;!biir,i;. C. C. Pierce, A. B. HoblnHon. Alleged Robber on Trial. , DAVIS JURY RETURNS VERDICT OF NOT GUILTY. OMAHA, Dec. 10.—After de- * liberating thirteen hours, the * jury in the case of Charles E. Davis, charged with the murder of Dr. Frederick T. Rustln on September 2, returned a cer- dlct of not guilty. The prisoner was discharged. County Attorney English was greatly disappointed. In response to the question, "Will Mrs. Abbie Rice be prosecuted?" he said, "Well, I should say not." . She will be released from custody. It required nineteen ballots to reach a verdict. On the first ballot the jury stood eleven to one for acquittal, one favoring murder iti the first degree. It is expcted that there will be no further proceedings in the case. SPOKANE, Dec. 10.—The * Great 'Northern passenger No. * 4 eastbound, waa held up a * mile and a half east of Hillyard * Washington, at midnight last * night by three bandits. They * crawled down from the tender, * covered the engineer and fire- * :-:i'! v.-hen they had stop- * ped they forced the fireman * to uncouple the mall and ex- * pros cars, iind leaving the en- * gineer behind, they run ahead * and rifled the cars. Fireman * Perin saved much by his presence of mind. In uncoupling the cars iie left the express car behind. The amount of booty secured U unknown. An*• er looting the cars, they again v boarded the engine, ran it three miles to Mead, where a fourth man was waiting with a buggy. They jumped in and supposedly drove to Spokane. VI6ALIA STORES MAY KEEP OPEN SUNDAY AGAIN. It Is likely that various stores may decide to keep open Sunday mornings henceforth. It Is alleged that one or two of the number have been*vlolat- Ing the agreement to close by permit ting customers to enter and that the others are indignant. As a result it is possible that many of the stores win hereafter be open on Sunday.— Times. Genevieve is gone. So has most of the Cunningham Stock' Company. But Genevleve will return again. She doesn't want too but that Is the mandate of the law and Its long arm Is reaching far out Into the desert, across which the pretty actress is said to be speeding. In fact report has It that the late leading lady at the Union has already been seized In thj grip of the aforesaid strong arm and will shortly he returned to the scene of her former histrionic triumphs to face sundry and angry but trusting creditors. Genevleve went away this morning. Nearly everybody knew she was going but they did not expect It so soon. R*u- mor said that the engagement at the Union was to terminate at the end of the present week. But Genevleve decided to make her getaway sooner and so this morning she and six others of her troupe hoarded the Santa Fe train and were whizzed out of Bakersfleld orc'an eastern Journey. How far Gene< vieve planned to go is not known, but it is said that tonight she had arrang ed to open a short engagement in [ Barstow. In evading her local creditors Gene- vleve likewise took precaution to leave three members of her troupe to whom she Is said to owe $300, behind. They are Miss Virginia Amex, Mona E. Anson and H. J. Kennedy. And they are likewise anxious that Mlsa Cunningham be returned and forced to settle her bills. return despite her overtures, \ Mrs. Elinor L. Thompson, a trained nurau who has been here for some months past and was very friendly with Miss Cunningham, departed with her this morning for a career on the stage, but before going she left a flo- titlotig check which will also cause her arrest and return to thlo city. Mrs. Thompson traded with J. A. Hughes, always paying her bill! promptly. This morning when she entered the store and presented a check for $13 on the Bank of Bakersfleld, the check was not questioned and the money was given her. When the hank opened It was found she had no account to her credit and Mr. Hughes Immediately notified the sheriff's of- flee, with the result that she was 09- prehended at Mojave. r-onnected chain of events, with the de- Jaintis RIeil wan placed on irlnl in TROOPS WILL SOON, BE WITHDRAWN FORM CUBA. WASHINGTON, Dec, 10.—Genera Magoon declared today that the Am erican troops will be .withdrawn from Cuba within ninety days after the Inauguration of Cuba's President. He expressed full confidence in the Cubans to govern themselves. Give a Trunk or a Suit Case For Christmas And get them at "The Toggery." A trunk, suit ease or grip is a lasting present, one that' is useful and necessary and sure to convey happiness to the receiver. When you make presents, give sensible presents like these ami let us help you in getting the best for your money. We have by far theynost complete assortment of trunks, suits and grips iu town, and we can please you in the best at the price you want to pay. Remember we're the Men's Christmas Store—so buy all votir gifts for men here. All priced suit cases, trunks and*grips here. The Men's Christmas Store. THE TOGGERY tewiu 4 II.OOM The Men's Christmas Store. NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR VIOLATED THE LAW. * NEW HAVEN, Dec. 10.— * Governor-elect Lilley was sub- * poenaed today to answer the * complaint that he or his agents * violated the corrupt practice * act In the recent campaign. It * Is alleged that Lilley or his •{ agents distributed " money •* among saloon keepers for 4 "treating purposes," of which •{ he made no note In his sworn •£ statement. CAUGHT ROBBING SLEEPING While asleep in u chair in the bar room of the Walters Hotel last night. H working man well known about town by the name of "Old Tom," was twice robbed by two men, one of whom la lor jail. He gave his name as E. E. Spauldlng and was arrested after the second robbery. The two men approached the sleeping man and first took five dollars Believing that they did not get all the money he had, they returned and round $2 more. They were caught In the act, however, by Ed Tlbbets, the bartender, and he managed to capture one of the men and hold him until !* Miss Cunningham i officer Goodall arrived. also Is said to owe $50 oh back salary i *••"• to Adrian Von Plank, who Is at the St. i & RROR IN STATEMENT Clalr hospital. j 1N THE BLACKER STORY. Kennedy remained up until 2 o'clock this morning trying to squeeze some money from MJss Cunningham, but none was forthcoming, | "We were foolish to remain with her as long as we did," the three ac- fors say, "but she seemed to have a j source from which money was coming j and we thought that there might be a hauce of us getting our pay and settling up pur affairs. Instead, all we got were promises." The three Thespians this morning busied themselves looking for posi- f t tions, as they Intend to remain here until every cent charged against them have been paid. Miss Cunningham's moat anxious I creditor is William. Dean, who con^^ flucts the small restaurant under the AMERICAN RESTAURANT Grand Hotel. He has a bill for almost IS TO BE REOPENED, i $30 against the charming actress and Richard Houser of San Fvanclsco | It was he who appeared before Justice will reopen the American restaurant. Mr. Houser is now here making the arrangements. He announces that white help only will be employed and the establishment will be open ' night and day. Ho is an experienced restaurant man and will conduct his place of business In a thoroughly first-class and up-to-date manner. Saturday Is the opening day. A. Meyer is conducting the American Bakery. The plain has been in opt-mUim KKK i- a few dtiys utter Arthur Ferguson withdrew from the lui.-i IIICHS. ,* Mr. Meyer is milking the cele bailed "Butternut" broud u'i'l Is build iiiK 'up u nice trade. WISHES SHE HAD STAYED WITH GOOD OLD BAPTISTS KANSAS CITY, Dec, 10.—Louis Pratt, who waa wounded In the battle «ith the police, Is unconscious and sinking. Policeman Mullane suffered M relapse last night and his life is hanging by a thread. James Sharp, the leader of the fanatics, is uncaptured. Mrs. Pratt, another of the fanatics, says she realizes now the folly of the false prophe >ml wishes she "had remained with the good old Baptist Church." «-*-*. Black this morning to make the complaint. A warrant was Issued and Constable Newell notified the officers at Barstow. Miss Cunningham Arrested, Miss Cunningham watt arrested In Barstow this afternoon by Constable J. L. Struckberry, who Informed Constable Newell that the actress "is anxious to settle up without being forced to return here. She will bo forced to In the account of tnu BiucKer shooting in last evening's pa- ptr It was said that .Mrs. Blacker took refuge at the home of * 1,. J. LH VITS. Thin was an or- * roneous statement, due to a •£• .similarity of the name wiUi # thai of another resilient. The * ,L. J. Lavers family U not even * acquaintud with the Blackers. * STRICKEN WITH APOPLEXY ON FLOOR OF HOUSE. WASHINGTON, Dee . 10.— Oenoral Henry G. Worthlngton, former member of Congress from Nevada und tho only living pall bearer of Uncoln, waa stricken with apoplexy oa the floor o tho house shortly after noon today. He- was conveyed to the cloakroom and his condition IB critical. THE GRAND JURY VISITS PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Tho Grand Jury, which has been In session since Tuesday, this morning as a committee of the whole, visited tho Jail, and this afternoon the publli sdioolH. There IB no intimation as to the probable length of the session, the jurors obeying the court Injunction to Ray nothing as to tholr proceedings, PANAMA YOUNG PEOPLE ARE WED. Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Vittunn, near Pan- I ama, occurred tho marriage of their daughter, Alice Effle, to Mr. Frank P. Lane, Rev. J. W. Wilmore, grandfather of the bride, officiating. Only a few relatives and friends were present. A number of beautiful and useful presets were received. Mr. ad Mrs. Lane came from Kan- ] sas^ to California about two years ago. They are most estimable young peo- Pi* and are very popular among all of their acquaintances. They will probably make their home In Bakers- fleld for a short time. Our Annual Holiday Opening Saturday, December 12 We cordially invite you and your friends to attend our holiday opening on tin 1 above date— and to every lndy, we are going to present a souvenir sample of the now perfume " Jerofle", It is OUR now odor and W want you to try it. A new blend and peculiarly delightful, and wo'a re sure will charm you. Remember the date, Saturday, December 12. J. A. HHGHtS . The Leading Prescription Druggi st. Phones Main 64 and 74,

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