Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on March 25, 1887 · 3
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 3

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1887
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uly Register COUNTY Ju&f ’lerk — Tfnrer oft he Court aperlntendent OFFICERS L W Barden R C Falconer chas C Dow Chas A Colonio " J W Brown ’ L E Grcenleaf Thos Armstrong J r " Z Merrill Cbas B Corning ' B M Allen CITV OFFCERS'r- L snbo'n Taman Tlrt 1 1 tl 7tl A f James Duilaghan -t Charles Ilaertel r HW Hildebrand John Glndet ndeni W S Stroud nd WG Bunker S B Linscott E S Baker COMMON COUNCIL Frank Helm Louis Scbnlts F II Lewis i E S Purdy P J Bark man ' R A Sprecher Jas McMahon ” 0 F Mohr A Rhode '” !!! - Robt Zinke rfoanclV Meeting first Monday of every 'cuoncil-room on Wisconsin street (ST-OFFICE DIRECTORY FIRE DEPARTMENT John Mueller A C Klenert C P Jaeger Thos Walker Henry Epstein A Kiefer irtmect meets third Monday of March ILsBY STEAMER CO No S V E Brewer n W Hildebrand MJ Welsh instant A J Eastman J W Wells of Steamer — -R 8- Brown rst Monday oft'ach month at Engine (rfner Pleasant aJd Clark streets 00K AND LADDER CO No 1 Louis Prehn - vrvri5SS Frank Keim -if C Thede W PaRKnr?ehr -recu first Wednesday'otevery month fM and e losing or Tit mails -UoingEart I Mails KJoing West 6:(0s m I Close at 7:45 am 1045 am “ “ 2:45 p m 9:00 p m I “ “ 9:00 pm )in2 North I Mail Going South it 9:50 a m j Closes at 6:00 a m HAIL ABRIVXS ' From West at 7:00 a m ‘i “ West at 11:45 a m North at 6:45 p m “ South at 7:00 a m -con and points on the H & P Division n ' from Portage to Friendship via Lewiston ! Davis Corners and Big Spring arrives Wednesdays and Fridays in the evening tris at7:00a m on Tuesdays Thursdays irises j tod from Alloa Wednesdays and Satui 'from Padific Tuesdays Thursdays and a nd domestic Money Order Office ' joirs" a m to 8 p n) On Sundays from a lo 12 45 p m Access to lock boxes from 12 45 p m i J E JONES Postmaster CtVfc SOCIETIES WINNEBAGO LODGE No 33 F A Communications first ana third Saturday ia each month Thos Armstrong Jr C T Busan Hec’y "WINNEBAGO CHAPTER No 14 R 1 Regular Convocation second and fourth evenings of each month at Masonic Hall berH P W H C Abell Sec T WINNEBAGO COMMANDERY K Tt t Silted Conclave first Thursday even-ifh month D AUillyer Commander: AMI Recorder’ i : WINNEBAGO COUNCIL of Royal and t Meters No 17 H S Goes Thrice er: W rU C Abell Recorder Regular ijarst Monday of each month OSA LODGE No 132 I O O F A ‘7' G-: E- CMoran R S Meets ueday evening V6E CITY LODGE 1 O O F No 61 Monday evenings in Harter Block Cook and Clark streets Louis Prehn C Jens R S 'ISI0R ENCAMPMENT No SO I O MLalborn-c- p- w- G Bunker leet first snd third Fridays of each sPhanix Block ATd TeEMuLE No-4 p- c- Meets ec-ttOddfv0nh ‘idV evenings of each v'0nHafl on DeWitt Street 0 Bc Moran Sec LtBRA?Cv? No' c- K of W— lthfw tu thlrl Wednesdays in each j Gonanf street J E ‘SncKc “llaghaD’ KeC- 8eC !ai‘ondE°?GELJ0' U- W- No-Wondand fonrthFirtday evenings In r 4 E Wells MW R 8 Brown 7ThuravTv®' R- meets p!L £-“$ the° A R- Gall MdSunt aght Commmndfr5 gORPSo- 9 snxillary £ : President Mrs C T bn-“rCfuiT£mma Goodrich Meets evening at the G A R Hall 3' 85 K p- 1 Conven- arter? ‘ Tuesdays of each month :al8locl'W-M- Edwards c C x Dusen 8c Co ers in all kinds of lt cement 0rsi Sash and Blinds :arC‘Dal and DWltt Streets - Wisconsin BE Wanted quanu lh' "7 highest mar at huyE®nub‘ Wheal 1886 WKNTWOBTH t srorir? and ®ke more yoS l£L' orldthc“piU ltenite ihr f”yone c d® the ba I u free nL5f° m fifst aUrt Cost- na yot1104 deisy Coatt Poh?° wtl1 doaoit find out 0rUdhMnat once H CITY AND VICINITY N —Mr and Mrs 8 B Lewis will go in to Milwaukee to-morrow morning — W 8 Stroud has returned from B&ra boo where be had been attending court —V E Brewer last night arrived home from a trip to Ashland Duluth and the iron region — Mrs E H Taylor accompanied by her little daugblei is visiting her parents Dr and Mrb Vm Meacher — W W Haseltine who shot and killed Morse last year' was in the city to-day on his way home to Stevens Point —Mrs C L Derlng Mrs C T Susan and Miss Irma Dering are in Milwaukee whither they went yesterday They expect to remain over Sunday —March has evidently caught cold It came in like a lamb and true to the old adage bids fair to go out like a lion and a whole menagerie of wild beasts — A real estate sale transferring block 128 plat of Ft Winnebago from N H Wolfe of New York to Joseph Janda of Poitage was consummated yesterday —Max Neuwald has closed his store here aDd has almost finished packing up his stock He will leave Portage but has not yet decided on his future location — C F Hyde left this morning for the Butternut iron range in northern Wisconsin and will look over the situation there in the interests of the Alpha syodicateT — Conductor £ L Clark is now runoing on the Central road between Stevens Point and Miaheapolis Conductor M V Dustin runs on the passenger between here and “The Point” —John Williams who has clerked at Loomis Gallett & Breese’s for years recently severed his connection with that establishment He expects to locate at Ludington Mich — Mr and Mrs Chas Foster "of Eau Claire departed for their farm in Dodge county to-day Mrs Foster had been in the city under medical treatment for some time and is now rapidly convalescing — The Republican city committee chosen last year at the city convention comprises: Wm Bengal Geo S Race R C Pixley A J Eastman and Carl Schneider Hadn’t they better begin to think about the coming city election ? — Died last night at the residence of her son-in-law Wm Lucas ia the First ward Mrs Buehler She was a very old lady and had been sick some time The funeral will take place to-morrow morning from the German Catholic church Rev J D Schwartzmeyer officiating — Mrs David Williams Con ant street died yesterday afternoon aged 59 years She has been ill some years from consumption hence death came almost like a relief She and her husband formerly resided in Caledonia but moved into the city last year The funeral services will be held at the house to-morrow and the remains will be interred in the cemetery at the Welsh church in Caledonia — Baraboo Republic : “The Ry Y M C A take pleasure ia announcing that the Rev J E Irish of Portage formerly pastor of one of our city churches wilt deliver his lecture on France at the association rooms on Wednesday evening March 20th : The admission will be only 25 cts Mr Irish’s targe circle of friends in this city will no doubt be glad to see his face and hear his familiar voice once more” —It being rumored that the steamer Ellen Hardy had been sold a Register reporter called on R A Sprecher to ascertain the facts in the case Mr Sprecher said that the sale was made or rather would be in a day or two and that he and Messrs Henry Little and L D Comstock had disposed of the boat to August Swanke and John Pahl both of Priceton He declined to state the consideration l — The young ladies m Wausau are about to organize a hugging society and amoDg the by-laws and regulations adopted is the following: Straight up and down hugs girls under sixteen years 20 cents each hug of two minutes duration from seventeen to twenty-five years 75 cents school marms 40 cents another man’s wife fl widows according to looks 10 cents to $2 old maids 3 cents or two for a nickel and no ' limit of time Ministers not charged and editors pay in advertising — ’"'f — " ' " " Randolph — John Trenery is clerking for W H Davis & Co — Hi Yopker is4 patting down a well for E P Jones — E P Jones lost a cow of milk fever last Wednesday Sr — Mrs W H Davis has had a 'tumor removed and is doing well ' - A 1 ' 7 — A number of our scholars are attending the teachers examinations at Fox Lake 1 - — W H Stark has sold that part of his farm lying south of the railroad to William Thomas1 Jr Consideration $ 2300 He also sold the north half about fifteen acres to A L Gilmore Consideration $825 The Rev Dr Hanson of Chicago recently lectured in Chatanqua his subject being “Fools” Rev Dr Vincent who is something of a wag introduced him as follows: “We are now to have a lecture on fools by one — (long pause and loud laughter) of the wisest men in the country" jThe lecturer advanced to the desk snd responded as follows : “I am not half so big a fool as Dr Yin cent— (long pause and loQd laughter) would have you suppose” The Y L C I A Entertainment Wednesday evening next March 80 an entertainment wil be given at the Opera House by local talent the proceeds o which are to go to the Y L C I A Great preparations are now making and it is confidently expected that it will eclipse everythingjjf the kind ever given in the city The costumes will be rented from Milwaukee and all the scenery and properties will be appropriate ' The outline program of the entertainment is as follows: Instrumental duct — violin and piano Mrs F F Lewis and Prof S H Haync'r Vocal selection Male quartette Japanese fan drill Thirteen young ladies in Kate Greenway costumes Recitation Mrs W B Chandler Mistletoe Bough”— four acts "Too Late”— vocal solo sang behind the scenes represented by two tableaux on the stage ‘ Mri 8 B Lewis The last piece on the program repre-resents in the first tableau twelve young maidens in life— six wise ones and six foolish ODes in appropriate postures and groupes easily distinguishable by their adornments and manners The second tableau represents the maidens after death —the gates of Heaven the wise maidens just passed safely through into the land of eternal life and the foolish six contending vainly against St Peter who has denied them admittance It is a very pretty piece when well executed as it undoubtedly will be The cast of characters for the “Mistletoe Bough” is as follows: Bride Mi Minnie Fyfe Grom Mr J C Anderson Bridesmaids ) M'8 May Becker I Mlaa Ansie Keed Groomsmen i Mr C P Jaeger a I Mr W L Brooks Baroness mi9b FTo Bacon Baron Mr T J Wells Mis Millie Becker Miss Lizzie Vcertmann Miss Kit Gops Miss Carrie Muir Miss Anne Muir Mr G C Fyfe Mr J W Wells Mr EJ Conner Mr Chas Agner Mr J F Hnrihnt Waiting maids J Miss Ada Rolleston I Miss Josie Hettinger The vocal solo “MiPtletoe Bough’ will be Bung by Mrs S B Lewis The synopsis of the pantomime is asfol lows: I WKDDINO SCXNX — “The mistletoe hung In the castle hall I The hplly shone on the old oak wall” Tax Hiding — £nd! be sure thou'rt first to trace The cine to ray secret hiding place” II Th Quest— “And her friends began Each tower to search and nook to scan” III Rxverix— “And years flew by and their grief at last Was told as a sorrowful tale long past” IV Tax Discovert— thx Vision — i “And a skeleton form lay mouldering there In the bridal wreath of that lady fair Oh sad was her fate In sportive jest She hid from her lord In the old oak chest” Columbia County Farmers’ Institute at Rio Tuesday and Wednesday of this week this long expected meeting of farmers was held at Tongen’s hall according to notice The meetings were all well attended and went off to the apparent satisfaction of all concerned Their local committee had been very efficient in making the necessary preparations as might be expected of such veterans in such services as Kennedy Scott John Urquhart L H Doyle E C Scott and J M Scovill 1 Any one in looking over their program can see how well they and the Institute workers had prepared to please and amuse as well as educate the attending grangers and others by sandwiching their heavy meaty lectures with a number of songs in each meeting and a few recitations thrown in once in awhile by the talented young folks The address of welcome by Kennedy Scott secretary of the County Agrlcultur al society the response by Wm H Morrison superintendent and a lecture on ensilage by John Gould of Ohio occupied Tuesday forenoon 1 :30 p m — This session first discussed Mr Gould’s lecture then was taken up by J F Robinson of Leeds Centre on the draft horse T B Terry of Ohio on potato raising and by Mr Austin of Neillsville principally and others supporting Mr Robinson’s lecture and en-doraing bis views urging the desirability profitableness etc of this branch of farm industry ' 7:30 pm — This session was occcupied by T B Ferry on farm leakages and waters and discussions fallowed ! Wednesday 9 o’clock a m— Session was opened by Henry Hutchinson of Randolph on sheep husbandry followed by H J Wilkinson of Whitewater and discussions then F W Maxon of Walworth gave his experience on Holsteins discussions followed and a good talk by Editor Hoard of the Dairyman 1 :30 p m — How to make butter on the farm equal to creamery by our old friend F C Curtis Mr Austin explains the oil test— discussion followed S Favil gave his experience in feeding steers then Mr Hoard again gave his lecture (with illus-trations)on “principles of dairy breeding” 7:30 p m — John Gould talked on successfully farming and TRTerry followed on “business management in farming then poem by Mr Cuff Closed by Hoard on “our prejudices” being expensive against progs etc We only have time to give a sketch of main proceedings- May be we will make & few points in another article Correspondent The Brooklyn Magazine has been remodeled and now appears under a new title the American Magazine - Furnished Rooms With or withonVoard miyrUCTented by inquiring at this olSHjThe rooms are in one of the pleasantestTacotions in the city and but a short walk fromtha post office Unfurnished rooms may also be had Wyocena — Wood Bros have about closed ou their stack of goods j i — Wm Wood intends to go West this Bummer for his health — Musicale and Literary society every Tuesday evening at Town Hall —Old Settlers say they have never seen so much sickness in this locality before —Mr A Dustin’s family of Portage is visiting at Dr Metzler’s this week while Mr D has gone to Kalamazoo on business — Mrs Gibson who has been nearly blind from ulceration of the cornea has recovered from that and is now sick with other ailments — Mr Richard Hughes a respected citi zen of Spragueville is lying very low with diabetes aellitus Drs f Williams and Metzler are In attendance — The dance at the Asyium on Friday evening was a grand success It was perfectly astonishing to see how well some of the most violent ones can dance ant seem to enjoy themselves hugely —A B Calkins filled the office of nius ical director Tuesday with! satisfaction to the members and audience The members performed a play “Jumbo Joe” which evinced some local talent — Physiologists have heretofore claimec that the brain was ‘only V&p&ble of per forming one thing at a time but there is more room for argument since our estimable agent L N Co&pman has in the pres ence of reliable witnesses performed the wonderful feat of receiving an important message of not less than twenty words also writing an express money order anc carrying on a conversation on a different subject all at the same time Shrewdness of the Newsboy The newsboy is a grade above the ordinary gamin he frequently comes from better stock and is under more restraining influences He is more intelligent and I almost feel constrained to say more unscrupulous He has facility of expression though it may lack correctness he is posted upon current events he has opinions formulates theories encourages expectations He is generous he likes a good feed he is ready to help a chum he hates shams he doesn’t indulge in make believes he is sure of the past he is confident of the present he doesn’t trouble himself much about the future I He is shrewd wary artful he is quick at resentment and sharp in repartee At one time I had a weakness for chaffing newsboys but 1 don’t chaff them now I generally came out second best in the encounters Out of many instances I can recall two in which I was left three or four laps behind On one occasion I gave a newsboy a bright new cent for a paper “I made that cent” I said He shot me a swift glance and replid: “Well you look like a counterfeiter S On another occasion I said to one of them: “Bub do you know how you can sell twice as many papers!” “How?” he asked with keen interest “By -keeping your face cleaner” I said “Humph i” he ejaculated with a scornful deliberate survey of me “If mv face “was as hairy as yours I reckon it wouldn’t matter much whether it was clean or dirty” — “Observer” in Philadelphia Call A Glimpse at the Czar The reserve which for many reasons was forced upon the present czar while yet heir apparent seems to have grown into a settled habit In society during the St Petersburg season which however plainly bores him ax much as it visibly delights the empress there is nothing more striking thhn his majesty’s mild and severe look at one and the same time It is curious in this l connection that among all bis portraits painted since his accession there is no uniform and settled stamp of expression given to the face I For some time past however the gloomy cloud that used to hang about the brow long after the terrible death of his father has been gradually wearing away In order to be seen perfectly at his ease he should be observed with his children in the grounds of Gatschina where he is much more at home than in St Petersburg His physical strength it is said fully accords with bis enormous size of body and limb and one often hears it said that he can easily break an ordinary horseshoe with bare hands Of one thing there can be 'little doubt and that is certainly his tenacity and obstinacy of opinion and purpose— St Petersburg Cor London Times A Tenor and His Throat Niemann the illustrious tenor prefers to expose his Jhroat to tbe cold air and to promenade In the streets after singing a laborious role rather than to muffle his neck and go home in a close carriage The cold air serves his larynx as a tonic and tbe prime donne who are afraid of it make a mistake he thinks— Public Opinion Time and money saved by usiag Fair-bank’s Soaps Try them and you will be convinced i Take Notice C L Ackley having rented the dairy farm of N H: Wood will on March 24th begin delivering milk to old customers and as many new ones as will favor him with their patronage Tbose desirous of taking milk and are not called upon will please leave their names ait N H Wood’s store aDd they will be accommodated C L Ackley Wanted1 A good traveling mah for Merchant Tailoringestablishment to take orders and measure also have established trade Only those who can furnish unexceptionable re-: erences as to character and ability need apply Address T O L Zander Saginaw i Michigan 1 French Lessons Mrs Isabella!! Irish is prepared to give private lessonkHhe French language by the ConsatiohaUIethod For )artlculars enquire at the M E parsonage 1 Dressmaking Miss Ireqe Ells is now prepared to do all kinds of 'Drqssmaie at exceedingly ow prices Rotfiaoyer J C Forbes ewelry storeT)e W i ttsfreet Wanted! To rent a house In a good location C F Hyde SPRING GOODS ! " I i ' l We wish to announce that Qur Stock of boods ) -Hats and Caps- Is now complete and we can show you the Largest and Best Selected Stock ever shown in the city Spring and Summer Piece Goods! i - Are also in and we are now fully prepared to take your spring orders PH GOODMAN To wash easily and remove dirt effectually use Fairbauk’s well-known Laundry Soap ' ENJOY LIFE What a truly beautif uly world we live in ? Nature gives us grandeur of mountains glens and eceans and thousands of means of enjoyment We can desire no better when in perfect health but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened discouraged and worn out with disease when there is no occasion for this feeling as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof that Green'z August Flower will make them free from disease as when boro Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent" of such maladies as Billiousness Indigestion Sick Headache Costiveness Nervous Prostration Dizziness of the Head Palpitation ot the heart and other distressing symptoms Three doses of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect Sample bottles 10 cents Try it MAUST0N AND WESTFIELD ALSO ALL KINDS OF Feed and Grain -AT— Portage Market ’ March 25 18S7 WHEAT — Red Winter t 78 — White Winter 67 —No 1 Spring ' 66 —No 2 ' 65 — — N o 3 bG —No 4 56 —Rejected 1 50 RYE — (60 pounds) 50 —No 2 48 OATS 80 33 CORN 42© 45 BARLEY— No 2 45 53 —No 3 40© 45 CLOVER 3 75 © 4 00 TIMOTHY— Prime 1 60 ©2 00 FLOUR — Patent per barrel 5 60 6 00 —Spring “ “ 4 60 ©5 00 —Rye “ 3 80 SALT per barrel 100 CEMENT per barrel 1 25r50 HIDES— Dry 10© 16 —Green 5© 6V4 —Calf 7© 8 BUTTER 10© IB EGGS 10 BEANS 75© J 15 POTATOES 40 HOGS— Live 4 50© 5 40 —Dressed 4 50 6 50 FAT CATTLE 2A 4 DRESSED BEEF 4© 6 WOOL--Washed 25© 82 —Unwashed 18© 23 HOPS 15© 20 D Wells’ Old Stand - - Oa DeWitt Street CORNING HOUSE BARN A - i w r : 1 Opposite the Corning House Portage Wls COBB & TOMLINSON ' - PROPRIETORS Good ngs of every description inclnding Hears and Carriages fior Funeral famished on sbor notice t V short 1 T CITY BANK - Portage Wis i- 1 1 i Organized under the laws of Wisconsin ' Mar 4th 1874 - 4 ’LL BREESE President ' E L JjEGER Vice President M T ALVERSON Cashier erfame! SATCHET POWDER t I — Over 30 odors to select from FA RHYME Drafts sold oh all the principal cities orEngland Ireland Scotland and Germany Money received on deposit payable on demand U S Bonds bought ted sold COLLECTIONS promptly attended to and remittances ’made on pay of payment Money loaned on good collater- ala at reasonable rates ot Interest 1 j t“Offlce hours: From 9 a m to 12 m- and 1 from 1 :80 tp 4:00 p m H I La Crosse SEXTON 8ELLS Baraboo & Colnmbns NOTICE OF JUDICIAL ELECTION STATE OF WISCONSIN I Coumty or Columbia ) Notice is hereby given that at the Judicial Election to be held in the several towns and wards of tbe County of’ Colombia on the first Tuesday of April A D 1887 being the fifth day of said month the following officer- is to be elected to-wit: An Associate Justice or the' SnpreBtoCourt for the fall erm commencing the first Monday in January A D 1888 in place of Harlow 8 Orton whose term of office will expire oa tbe first 1 Monday in January A D 1888 Said election to te held and conducted votes canvassed and returns made in accordance with law j Given under my hand at the offiedof the County Clerkln said county this 23d day of February CHAS C DOW County Clerk FLOUR " 1 Also Ground Feed 8horts and Bran at reduced prices COLUMBIA COUNTY BONDS FOR SALE Omcxor thx Cpuhtt Tbxasitrkr Pobtaok Wia MaTCh 6 1887 The undersigned treasurer of Columbia Co Wie will in pursuance ol sn ordinance passed by the Board ol Supervisors of said county Jan 6 1887 otter for sale Monday April 11th at 2 P m the following uescribed bonds of raid county viz: Niret Ciertee — Six thousand dollar in denominations of $100 each with interest coupons attached bearing date April 11th 1887 and payable March 1st 1888 ’ v Second Series— Six thonsand dollars in denominations of $100 each with interest conpons attached bearing date September 1st 1887 and payable March 1st 1889 Third Series— Six thousand dollars in denoni' nations of $100 each with interest coupons attached bearing date November 1st 1887 and payable March 1st 1890 1 - - t All to bear six per cent Interest and principal and Interest payable at the office of the County Treasurer in' Portage Win interest payable March 1st each year and to cease at the maturity of the bonds t J Bids may be Mr the whole of said bonds or any 1 portion thereof and maybe under cover or verbal Persons making the beet bids will be entitled to tbe bonds In case any person should make a bid for only a portion of the bonds ne will be entitled to receive each bonas if his bid is the most fiTontle 10 tbe bounty end toy person bidding for the whole will only be entitled to each portion as may be most favorable to the county EaCh scries ol bonds will be offered separately and any person’s bid for tbe whole of either series will be construed as being for the whole or any part thereof 1 No bid will be entertained which lx for less than par and all bids musr state the premium that will be given for the bonds bid for j The fall amount of the first series must be paid for upon the day of sale The second and third series must be paid for when tbe bonds are delivered which will be at the dates of the bonds bat one per cent mast be deposited with ’the Treasurer by the successful bidders for any of the second and third series awarded to him Blanks for making bids may be obtained on application to me at my office CHAS A COLONICS County Treasurer NEW GOODS ARRIVING 1 Every Department Complete I Dress Goods 1 ' DOMESTICS I i -i ’ Flannels Cloths XJCNTEEbTS - 1 Household ! Goods NOTIONS In endless variety 1 Boots & Shoes J Ht ATS AND CAPS j CARPETS CLOTHING Trunks & Valises Immense stock ot Ladies Misses and i j Children's CLOAKS! Grocery Department I '1 I I ' v S J

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