Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on February 16, 1897 · 1
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 1

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1897
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VOL IX NO 191 GOODMAN PORTAGE WISCONSIN TUESDAY FEBRUARY 16 1897 ’ The absolutely pure 4 ' BAKING POWDER ROYAL— the most celebrated of all the baking powders in the world — celebrated for its great leavening strength and purity It makes your cakes biscuit bread etc healthful it assures you against alum and all forms of adulteration that go with the cheap brands doing East I not at the fort it being but about three milea from the fort to our house It was I a fine gallop out to our bouse for the officer and their wives so our people were I more intimate with people at the fort 1 than any one else Our folks were the most conspicuous of any who lived about I Portsge at that time Well Mr Turner if there is anything in this letter that is new I am glad if I 1 were with you there are many things I I could tell you Well now Jf there is anything 1 can tell you just ask me and I if my memory is jogged a little I can re-I member many incidents of old times and people By the way Mrs Kromer the first lady married in Portage died in --------o---- Grand Rapids last fall The first child1 born Lydia Whitney lives in Milwaukee RAILWAY TIME-TABLES Chicago Milwaukee A St Paul R R MAIN IINS — VIA WATERTOWN Arrives Passenger No S Passenger No t Passenger No 9 Fast Mail No6 Passenger No 2 3 Going VTest Passenger Nol Passenger No 3 Fast Mtul No ’5 Passenger N "5 Passenger No St 11:40 pm 1 3:40 a m ! 3:45 pm j 1:17 am ’I 12:10 am 3:15 a m 7:26 am 2:15 p m l 8:t0p m Departs 11:46 p m 3:46 am 3:50pm 1:22 am t7:30 a m 1215 am 3:20 2 ro 7:3" a m 220p m Stoos he J C BRITT! Paying DEALER m i NORTHERN DIVISION— VIA gKAVIR PAR Passenger No 42L Passenger No 406 Freight No 92 ! Passenger No 4J3 in I Passenger No 407 r ' — “ ! 11:45a m! 7:30p m ! 3:16 p ml 635a m 3:45 p m 8:30 a m MADISON DIVISION Passenger No 326 1 our truly Passenger No 306 Passenger No 306 ! Passenger No 01 Freight No 307 E Everett Madison Wis will be Freight No 3ns 2:05 p m 8:15 p ni 11:00 am 6:15a m 365 p in 11:35 a m l l l I ' l I' I I 1 i ' Dr in Portage at the Corning bouse Thurs- ‘Daily tDaiiy except Sunday Ltor Vet IS from flam to 3 D m Fassengers make connections at Chicago tir day reb is irom W a m too p I ftU JH)lnt®Eagti West and South Tickets sold I Treats the eye ear nose and throat and' I Glasses fitted to the eyes fllt7wl IVIUIS UOBl II CTV tU CiVF uiu baggage chocked lor all principal in tlie United States and Canada A - C FLANDERS Tie1 rl Agopi It will pay you to buy Boots and Shoes 1 I of Ketchum & Parry if 1 Wisconsin Central Railway GOINS NORTH— DirABT 'Accommodation 4 65 p ' ' ' - ! COINS SOUTH— ARBIVR Did you ever play carroms: Its las Accommodation 3 r r a I cinating Buy a board and begin For! tDaiiy except Sunday sale at the Bee Hive flit i Passenger trains arrive and deiar:vfvmu C i M A St Pauldepot I AC FLANDERS Ticket Agent IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS 4 1 ' ARD TOBACCOS i Pipes Smokers’ Articles And Fancy Goods BRITT’S BILLIARD PARLOR Is one of the best in the state and is a quiet place of amusement CORNING HOUSE BLOCK 31 sWrtCp i Rfa’ L in n ’ im tx t n i M GOOD ROADS TheColumbus Republican says: “The icellence of highways just now is in a asure due to the frozen ground But Wage has some' excellent streets and misleading into the city the year round tied into Fox the other where the canal left the Wisconsin the third at where the new canal locks were It was built as a kind of a warehouse The fourth one was built at Madam Pauquettc’s on the hill across the river from Armstrong’s Friendship Did you ever try sitting or walking for an hour in the company of any man or woman without sustaining a conversation t It yon can do that and not weary the friendship is true Apropos of friendship of all the false aphorisms that were ever credited the meat untrue is that of Benjamin Franklin "A man shonld keep his friendship in constant repair” Friendship is a structure which grows and maj be added to from day to day and grows stronger as the stones and mortar settle PORTAGE Business Directory A List of Prominent Portage Business Houses Who Invite Your Custom And Who Will Treat You Right Call On Them btVUCI CAD KMO MSiEDUlUg 6USW uw vi J - -------- I more and more closely together with time omthe liberal judicious and systematic brickyard Here was the old Catholic use but jf jt needs repairing all the ei0i unite This nit v nhnnel and Leach's old wind and current I time if the materials of which it is built are imperfect and the foundations not firm (t is an unreliable thiDg and not friendship with all due apologies to Mr Franklin— New York Press It pays any city to be liberal in the atter of fixing up the roads leading to it id every dollar spent on roads leading this city has been returned in in-(Med trade We are ready to advocate e expenditure of money on every road ithin five or ten miles of the city limits f this city if the money be wisely used chapel and Leach's old wind and current wheel mill There was in early time an old rope ferry here run by a halfbreed Indian named George Dekorra At the time father’s field Was broke in we lived in the old frame house There came up a big gaDg of Irish from the old Fort Winnebago end of the canal the corn was just nicely in the ear They came with ox team loaded with lumber tore the fence down right in front of the house and unloaded then six men com- BO VKARS EXPERIENCE Umbrellas made of paper are coming into use in France The paper la made waterproof by gelatined bichromate of potassium The minister who loves to discourse upon the delights of the rural surroundings often epends his own vacation In the cap j Itals of Eurcge Drugs and Sundries JOHN GRAHAM E S PURDY Harnesses and Horse Goods PETER COCKROFT Butchers J H BRYAN GEO KRECH Wools ARTHUR BROS Gents’ Clothiers menced putting up shanties and the team Ir A J Turner has received a letter from wenj for m0re lumber and that day they Wallace Potter a stepson of Mr Clark1 itaeywho was one of the very first settlers put up four or five shanties in our yard SStASSUv K°S“ 7KSSK tb1 right Armstrong Dunn McFrlne Portage which he has placed at the disposal Morrison Whitney and several ot her the Heffister At the commencement of ’ rebeWon Mr Potter enlisted in the Co G young men formed a gang and tore the the Second Wisconsin and was wounded at Jown and burned it The next battle of Bull Bun and was subsequently whole lot Clown ana uurneu u a uv un d Later he re enlisted in Co E day Up they” went again then they JtchP lbeym theQ commenced and for the next six months more than 100 shanties went up and down and many men were hurt The putting of the canal through made upper and lower Portage and those who had shanties on the south side kept them but father managed to clean them all out of the field north of the canal which contained about 85 acres and this was Portage proper East of the field Dick Veeder jumped and then others jumped him This was where most of the litigation came in Vender's title was not good The court finally held it good McFarlane built the next bouse this was up near the Wisconsin locks on Armstrong then took up the 40 i vnvuiiy 4ui i a ww " — m mining with headquarters at lokee Wis— Editor ReoistkrI Penokee Wis Feb 9 1897 in Turner-— Dear Sir — I hardly know v to commence but will give you rtage as I remember and saw it first I a born in Madison in 1845 my father iog when I was but a few weeks old unhurt received from State work build-5 My mother married Clark Whitney ien I was nine months old and moved Portage and built a log bouse near bere the locks arc now The canal was 't built then Daniel Whitney had a t house about 20 rods from our house cing the river those were the only uses in Portage up to 1844 Then Mr bitney built the house that he died in A J NIEMEYER Milliners Notice 20 an Intelligent Public MjSS RQLLESTON Ask your grocer for Lacrosse soaps the 1 Grocers purest and the best the most for llm HENRY money We don’t reward you with cheap I SHAVER & JAEGER worthless trashy silverware for using our R O PUGII fine grade soap but we give you good : C L NIEMEYER honest goods-7-oncc used is a household : ' Colleges MsAUfactming" liyVft STORY’S COLLEGEOF COMMERCE HEN WANTED Local and Traveling Salosmen for SPAULDING Nursery & Orchard Co Spaulding 111 to sell their Trees ani Plants direct to the retail trade saving Dealer” and ''Jobbers' ’ profits Premium and mild medal trees 600 acres -40ih ye r— MUOOonoo Capital Write for terms Bend reten m Crosse Soap Co LaCrosse Wis j21ml H C Deaiunger Salesman Harper s Bazar In 1897 our land itney built the bouse that he died m of iin( wegt of u8 extendlng up by the ir Collins’ blacksmith shop and three f pa8t bia brick yard Andrew Dunn :rs also Mr Richmond who kept a wag arried l0 a Miss Jones they lived ior store in one Orre lived in another dowQ ncttr Duck creek 8omewhere Dunn mel Morrison in one George Race’s (ook up 40 on lhe Dorthwest This was ier in the other— those were the houses pnrtae and jt embraced all the Portage at the time the canal was com- I land out to near Silver Lake Dunn was need and built and the land-jumping McFar1ane-s wjfe’8 brother There was it height I have marked our another Dunn Samuel who lived down Id out on accompanying' diagram and ngar Lowvjiie The little lone house ®ana ran through about 30 rods of I back o WbjtDev-8 8t0re house at the i south one-half of same the locks aa nRpd a8 a bouse to smoke furs 're in our door yard this was for the canal the old canal as originally jected had been commenced years be Fox was used as a house to smoke furs in by Daniel Whitney This old diagram accompanying the ectea bad been commenced years oe-1 abaolutely correct as I remem- and entered the Wisconsin one mihi r carae Portage in th of the new one near the old U S wUd times and buiit a atop- f J1"6 h“d C°“8 hJfh "‘ffnto ping house just outside of our field at the sbed the sand from the Wisconsin into f j fJthe road from Madam Pa- old military (7) canal and filled t so 00 Wisconsin one mile north government concluded it would be y der-8 t0 the old Fort Winnebago saper to dig a new canal I can re- brancbed here at Veeder’a mber father and the government men h tQ Carpen Frito vmihf ‘“VeLri”erioFonWi- 1 ciril ogioeer and Irid out the new be 0bef kept eut Irilowioglb ial I have marked the roads as they 8 ’ the Fort to Ketchum’s re before the canal time as everything WKh ndgem cuou man n conformed to us we were the people uotntj Portage Lydia Whitney later the wound lhe fort wm a Mr Weir 1 tri Bod F’s Elm of Griep B M tbe first white child born in Portage j ot 1 J 1845 In the old log house at the re"mh 1850’ after hat WaB Sow 0 Lower Portage or Gougeville The first marriage tbat ever tooplace father named it there were six houses in Portsge was Mi“ A"dla ‘ "t ie mouth of the old canaL The En- Lemuel Kromer in the oldlo8OU“ -- ‘ the head bf the canal He came from Grand Rapid in winter on foot she came from Fort Atkinson on an Indian souse and trading house— two uuna- jumper! Hugh McFarlane said the wre : Ml old Freockmmn b lb W a1 Qrid1briodbyrig freeze had a whisky shop and boat : the next day in tbfiriul“Pcr 0 tb bk of L -l-er Tbo twaJBpldt " ' ' £ " was one house on the road at 01a romi Basse 60 milea from Portage kept by old Bobf Weighty at the foot of the Whitney Rapid where the Whitney the two Amidona uncle and nephew had buiU a aaw mill f ' a wlf that The BAZAR a thoroughly up-to-date periodical for women will enter upon its Thirtieth Volume in 18B7 As a fashion journal it is nnsurpussed and Is an indispensable requisite for every well-dressed woman Katharine De Forest writes a weekly letter on current fashions from Paris In New York Fashions and in the fortnightly pattern-sheet supplement ladies find full details directions and diagrams for gowns wraps and children s clothing Sandoz Baude and Chapuis draw and I engrave the newest and finest Parisian de- Th8eeKrfor 1897 will he: The ited Bridge Neighborhood by Maria Louipg Pool: and Father Quinnalllon by Octave I Thanbt Short stories will be constantly presented bv brilliant writers among a bom are Mart fi Wilkins Harriet Prescott Spoppord Marion Harland Hutu Mc-Enkhy Stuart Viola Hoseboho and Mar-1 oa ret Sutton Briscoe What Women are Doing In various parts of the Union will form a series of special In teOther Interesting features are The Out-door Woman devoted to healthful sports and pastimes: Music a weekly eritiealsummary of music in New- York: Amateur Theatricals Embroidery and Needlework Ceremony and Etiquette Good Htnteekeepinb ‘Whal GIrls are Doing” “ Current Social Events and personals gleaned from 1 original sources Women and Men Colonel T W Uiooin-bon will regularly fcontinue his valuable Answers to Correspondents This column is conducted for the benefit and convience of readers and all questions received are answered in rotation as promptly and fully as practicable ( Art The BAZAB is a notable picture-I frallerr reproducing the most beautiful work I of American and foreign artists as presented in the annual Paris andNew York exhibitions I Wit and Hnmor Everybody turns for a I hearty laugh to the BAZaB’8 last page 1 An Al£bound Woman’s PAPKR-What more appropriate gift can be made to wife I daughter or sister than a subscription to HABPEB'8 BAZAB ? Secure It as a welcome I visitor in your household for 1897 HARPER'S BAZAR I For one year J® I Pottage Pres to all subscribers- in the Vn " States Canada and Mexico Address: HABPERA BROTHERS P O Box 959 N Y City ONLY SS00 FOB Merchant Tailors A MATHIESON Lawyers R E MITCHELL FOWLER & McNAMARA Coal and Lumber C F MOHR A J WEIR Produce OWEN & WILLIAMS Carpenters and Builders BRODIE & HARDIE E Cook St Factories PORTAGE HOSIERY CO Foundries JAS BAIRD Feed Mills H A CUFF Shirts and Pants SMITH CUSTOM SHIRT & PANTS CO Flour and Feed N M HENRY J E MCDONALD Hardware E WELLS & CO WARNER HARDWARE CO Hotels FARMER’S HOTEL Photographers E L MEMHARD Brewers EULBERG BROS EULBERG BROS 0BREWERSt° Deliver a first class Pure Lager Beer at all times All orders will receive prompt attention Home industry City Brewery Cor Colk and Clark Bts Portage Wis PBE SH OYSTERS KT THE STATE REGISTER E W MORAN’S and HARPEK'S BAZAR- I Telephone r® all the houses andf inhabitants in fage and Gougev(l!e np till 1845 We Our trading at Uncle Daniel Whitney’ lef at Fort Winnebago or at Gougeville ®1 Daniel i Whitney built the flrat Ming at the fort the aeeond at Car Jter’a one house whre ttie canal etnp- Current Literature) and Field Flowers) nrice of Curbent Literatuke alone for one year Is 1300—25 cent a coS W5w T°ririS57w ripl eopv -HI "field flowm u iu pride 17 of the beet known toward Mr Field by the Childhood"— Eugene Field A reurenlr of wpect illustrated -a noble contribution from higbeet art talent of the land it jriwEK9 la published under the auspice of Mn thlrty-eix world-famous artist Committoe for the purpose of CTcatlng Eugene Field and with tb appro of the MonumeMjommuure ior the fund f I a fund to be divided pewt of childhood But for f he gratultou assist- the building of a “’iWfowES9 woufi eaaUjr 1700 s Ir THE 'CURRENT LITERATURE PUBLISHING COMPANY ( con’ 1 1 jn r tw tFT 1 l W ’6 inni 1 uw n D '’’t ttli itil’ ut'ukrt 1 J s mi it Kpf- -fei J&Z Sf Home Life Aiun bLMALla ! 1 1 1 I t I i 1 iper but ‘ aNt t i' cnvri ijrv i 11 le t m tbc r yr t our 1 he I I m niMu pU Hients the tU ni 1 1 1 ? f vpvciil Ui- i t j‘'t 3tn h as Wm iM cinntica in thr tUe eit'rts i’6vounii I nlt'itc report n- cou TRAD! MARKS DSSIONS 00PYRICHT8 Ao Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain free whether au Invention is probably patentable Communications strictly confidential Oldest ageucy for securing patents in America We have a Washington office Patents taken through Munn A Co receive special notice in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN beautifully Illustrated Unrest circulation of anj seientlflo 1 “ ‘ - — - tliostz mont Bo I tooMI ’ N w W nSm’K t Nrwa u m wn an I tnan 4i miU- K 1 iik "g 'oiik tolimmi 1 well s ism i i t t It s not ichnsU m w i t 1 most wi'kluN but is s t to f i Im 'nmn'i cov 1 1 m tnul Ml ink t ’ 1 ht X4? 1 T Stntm1 in' 'i'1 pint oC) I It I t lint MK iviTl-ir iUoituto any Vh a U i t th p in' ifher ot hi lipupti to un t l name ami subscription t m Milu itMe jolili es Tina ofler S optn ti'l Vpnl 1 1S‘7 lhe Wttkly Scntlucl ami The Wisconsin State will ho sent fur ?1 7S to any address ' ono year IIUSirRlVU IBIRUB UIIVUI4IIVSS V any sclentiflo journal weekly terms 9300 a year: -lSdslx months Specimen copies and Uand look on Patents sent free Address CO MUNN A 361 Broadway New Ysrk i Caveats and Trade-Mark obtained and all Pat-'entbusmeas conducted for MODCIIATC Ftr lOtmOrrictia Opposite U8 PsTiNTOrrict 'and we can secure patent in less tuna than those 'remote from Washington Send model drawing or photo with description We advise if patentable or not free of 'charge Our fee not duo till patent is secured a psmphlct “ H°w to Obtain Patents with colt of same in the U S and foreign countries sent free Address CASNOW&CO Opp paTCNT Orncc Whinoton D Kabo Corset Reception -: A T ' HOWARD & SHARKEY’S BEGINNING Monday Feb 8 And Lasting All the Week MISS KITTIECOLIINS An Expert Fitter representing the Kabo Corset Co will be here and all Corsets will be fitted to the form Satisfaction and comfort is guaranteed We claim nothing for the “Kabo except Perfection in Shape Style and Finish Every pair is warranted to wear ONE YEAR and not to roll over on the hip If they do your money will be cheerfully refunded or you may have another pair of Corsets Our Guarantee to this effect is given to each purchaser It is the impression of nearly all ladies that a $300 Corset is truer and better fitting than one costing a doliar and with most lines such is the fact but not with Kabo Corsets The dollar numbers are as perfectly fimshed as graceful in design and excellent in workmanship as the three-dollar kind and they fit jus? as well Seven styles with high bust varying in length of waist height of bust and fitlness of figure No matter whether you want a Corset or not we want you to see the Kabo Corsets' at $1 $125 $2 and $250 that we sell We will consider it a special compliment paid to us personally if you visit us during the stay of Miss Collins There never wa a week that we were r U A - r 554 LaUyette Place New York1 HOWARD & SHARKEY u 1: ‘-rr--s‘ I

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