Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on December 24, 1886 · 3
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 3

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1886
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IJ jiyRegister rxening Dec- 1 880‘ ADt winds ? v PP nf Gents’ Embroidered is U ! Lootfi-S GuJ-fcrr & Bheesf & Co- keep their store fcalmceof this week till 8:30 ? 4 the ('ontralof Cloyea’ Utica fr4 j it it you don’t call at fcee the new Christmas V Neckwear that have just ar- :J ' II k I four Automatic Howard El- 'llm Springfield Hampden Au-United States and I Swiss roll and Silver of every pos !4&ad price at W B Stevens’ 8 tVitt strtet at prices that Can J'p:ew ' V E Brewer ' Salesman evtry variety at Brode’s i° SP v f fing flowers just thetbingto Virht and cheerful Christmas “ HhyMEX af S’ New York surperfine gents’ V rr 11 Brouie’s Newmarkets and Cloaks of iout exception at cost at : Parry & Mcir’ I fiis of Gent’s Slippers at Schulze & Co’S t has just returned from Chicane most complete line of watches ttelry silver and plated ware! in $irest at prices that positively petition At W B fetevens’ ‘ 28 peWitt street Portage Wis ! ' V E Brewer Salesman Uien Novels for decorating at Rhyme’ i-l Hfgant line of Gent’s Slippers at Schulze & Co’s J Jwi Ladies’ Fine Shoes at Bro-Thej are lovely J ! -thersph pens Best and cheapest 3u to 40 pages of legal cap with one it Riiyme’s A bottle of nice perfume is always Kttptilile Rhyme has all the popu- holzeiCo hftye a tine 'lippm k t lino of I ! ’ Toilet ciH pocket cases cigar cases x Rhyme’s s I - ' J Allograph pen would be a very ac-abkrtent to a brother or father me tai tbeW and cheapest ‘ ' N 1 The Vehhniinl IJanan Sc Sons’' Shoes iie’v’ The lept in the world J ought to see the ladies’ line of tirrned Shoes at ' Brodie’S -sis' SbH-' a all prices at BrODIE’S Jik' ami Traveling Bags way down v Brodie’s? Fitrbank’s Soaps and you will I tny other 1 hey are the very Free Trade i 1 iduction of internal revenue and cf off of revenue stamps frpm fiiy Meiiit ines no doubt h&4 large-ttrtrf the consumers as well as 'sttbe burden of home manufac-EtpCcially is this the case wth flower and Boschce't Gtr-'£? the the reduction of thirty-- per dozen has beei added to in--esize of the bottles containing jsedlea thereby giving one-fifth awcineintbe 75 cent size The f &ttn for Dyspepsia and1 Liver 3jftnc Ike German Syrup for i-ky Lung troubles have perhaps yqt sxe of any medicines In the - t be adyantage of increased size jJ'”111 1)e greatly appreciated n and afflicted In every town in ClTibzed countries Sample ’ cents remain the same size Take Notice ftigbi being deceased and his in- of J D Pugh & Co placed in the hands of an alt persons now indebted to tU please call and settle the delay i-i £ Iec m Thus Drew ' j 9 Surviving Partner S M Smith of the estate ot’ J D j fid'4xBugle Blasts ’ rf°buyy°ur etches r s to buy your clocks ‘ toyiyattdismon' ve r 1 bu-v anything In the ‘ °r all the people gd there in tu' y°ur castors ' 1 1 to buy yourcanesi K jl V° UV your rubies iiitob1u3ryenr‘id and et the NO PAPER TO-MORROW In accordance with our custom there will be no issue of the Register to-morrow evening it being a legal holiday and one on which everybody in our opinion should be allowed to enjoy life untroubled by business cares We trust our sub scribers will recognize the fact that it is only fair for the poor printer to have a rst as well as the x balance of humanity and we hope to make the paper good enough on all other day's so that the omiasion of an issue on a Holiday a few times a year will be cheerfully forgiven Wishing our patrons and the public generally a Merry Christmas we shall do our best to have a merry one ourselves CITY AND VICINITY ’ pains c ant say J'ou want n he b the 11053 ! BarSain i :!ifer fail you ’ Watches Mv3 -clocs jewelry dia- ln?lPatClt'Ware at WVB dp fetreet than at a‘ers c°Uibined in! Portage H “Pctitcjre’ green x a3t convuce yourselves 1 s V E Biewek Salesman — Christmas Eve — Merry Christmas everybody ! — Look out for a very cold wave to-morrow —Miss Fannie Little is visiting her cousin 31iss Mary Little of Tomah — W L Hutchinson of Arlingtop Vas a welcome caller at this office to-day — A daughter Arrived at the residence of Mr aod Mrs Ernst Gerstenkorn this forenoon at 10 o’clock r A — Mrs L L Wright of Waupaca arrives in the citylthis evening to spend the holidays with her relatives in this city — A Beaver Dam paper says that a man in that place buys about town over 2000 old kerosene oil and gasoline barrels annually $ — Prof E W Clement of Beaver Dam will preach in the Baptist church next Sabbath morning and evening All are cordially invited — Those having received invitations to the Traveling Men’s Reception and Banquet can procure tickets at Graham’s Purdy’s and of W J Westlake at Loomis Gallett & Ilreese’s — Walter L Brooks arrived home last evening from a visit with relatives at Englewood His cousin Miss Anna Cutter accompanied him and will spend the holidays with Mrs Brooks —The funeral of Mrs Ed Rubin who died yesterday after a long illness will take place to-morrow morning the ser vices being held in St Mary’s church Rev Father Brady officiatihg — Mine Julia Rive-King is to give a concert at the Opera House in this city early in January She needs no words of commendation — her fame as a pianist ha3 spread everywhere in the country — The County Treasurer reports that the following towns have paid in their State tax in the order given : Columbus Fountain Prairie Ft Winuebago Newport Wyocena Scott Marcellon and Caledonia ’ — Pugh Bros announce to the public through the columns of the Register today that they have opened a new grocery store on DeWitt street next door to Bro-die’s boot and shoe store Give the new firm a trial 7 r ' — We are happy io state that Mr E L Jieger who has been suffering from an unusually severe attack of pleurisy is now convelescent and hopes to be about again soon lie has been unable to attend to hisholiday tradeon account of his illnessl — Alex Thompson has accepted a position wth W and T Smith nurserymen of Geneva N Y This firm is one of the oldest and most reliable in the country having been established in 1846 The stock is invariably delivered to customers in good condition and guaranteed true to name ’ — Our thanks are due 31 r C T Kennan of 3Iilwaukee for a plat of the new town of Finney In the Gogebic region on the Penokee Range railroad The principal advantages of the town are a good site a central location and a fair water power 3Ir Kennan has the agency for selling lots — The ice rink is completed and if tonight proves cold will he jopened to-morrow The house has been erected a warm place provided to put on skates or to rest Everything is not quite so nice in the in the building as it ’ will be later but there is no discount on the skating surface V-1 The Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul railroad is first in the field with a beautiful calendar representing the four seasons elegantly illustrated with appropriate designs on separate sheets fastened with ribbon The design is artistic and the execution fine Several of them are to be seen about town — “Ranch 10’’ will be produced at the Opera House Dec 29th The play is said to be an exceptionally good one being both hnmorns and pathetic Of the drama the Philadelphia Record of Tuesday August 24 tb says : “At the Central Theatre the American melodrama “Ranch 10" received a satisfactory presentation It is humorous $nd sensational with stirring situations ami 31 r James Neill in the dual role of Tom and A1 3IcClelland proved himself a good actor 1 Wbhn Hardy and Henry Sinclair were up before Justice Linscotl to-day While engaged in a friendly scufiie in S M Dul iaghan’a saloon a few evenings since they accidentally broke a light of glass In the door Dullaghan brought suit to-day to recover damages which was settled by the defendants piying costs and agreeing to replace the glass 3Ilchael Farmer was before the same tribunal charged with deserting an infant child 10 months old and his case was adjourned until 3Ionday next His wife was the complainant — J E Shirk of the Fox Lake Breezet was a guest at the Emder House to-day — L J Russell of Chicago is spending the holidays at home with his better half — 3Ir Fred Briggs will arrive home from 31adison this evening to spend Christmas — A Christmas tree has been decorated at the Baptist church for this evening All are cordially invited — We understand that our merchants will close their places of business to-morrow at least for most of the day —Cecil Dent who has been in 3Iilwau-kee for some time is home visiting his mother 31rs 31 Dent for the holidays — 3Iidnight mass will be read at St Mary’s church to-night The church has been very neatly trimmed with evergreen — 31r and 3Irs J S 3Iaxwell of Columbus arrived in the city to-day to while away Christmas with 3Ir and 3Irs C L‘ Dering — 3Ir and 3Irs A D Fredickson of 3Iadisoo are expected to arrive this even ing to spend Christmas with 3Ir and 3Irs Jas Fyfe — The Presbyterian Sunday school Christmas entertainment next Sunday evening will be very fine if one may judge from the elaborate preparations — Christmas services at St John’s church this evenihg and to-morrow morning at 7 :00 and 10 :30 a m To these services everyone is cordially invited The church has the most beautiful aud elaborate Christmas decorations ever produced there There is a small surplus of Princess Pine left over which can be obtained at the Rectory by those wishing it — “Indian Dandy” an old Indian supposed to be considerably over a hundred years of age died yesterday ’at the settlement over on the Baraboo flats He is said to have been quite wealthy and will be remembered by all the old settlers He was a brother of the old squaw that goes by the name of “Judah” alias “Old Shoddy” or “Shotty” —It is worth while to take a look at the display of Curling stones in the window at J E Wells & Co’s 'hardware store The special attraction to-day were the fine pair of Observatory 3Iount blocks belonging to Hon A J Turner on each of which 31iss Lou Cochrane has painted most skillfully a stem of Scotch thistle ending m a beautiful blossom 1 Yesterday three pairs were received from Toronto Canada two of the Alsa Craig ancf the other of the famous Nethau Waters These with the Waupaca 3Iontello and Wausau samples make about as handsome a display as can well be found in the country” — This forenoon about eleven o’clock the team of Patrick Lehane of Pacific caused a little commotion on Cook street as the Weber funeral procession was passing Lehane was driving out of the alley by the Emder House when his team took fright ran the wagon against the telegraph pole by Bard’s and broke it up badly throwing the occupant j out The hind wheels were left by Bard’s and the team tore across the street to 'Judson’s wnere their owner who still held desperately to the reins brought them to a standstill On the way across the street ' a wagon in the funeral procession was struck and somewhat damaged but the team did not get away Lehane's wagoa-j-an old one — was badly used up - i — The Florence House at Rio took fire Monday afternoon last from a defective chimney but the incipient blaze was prcmptly squelched The Rio Reporter speaking of what the Various business men did while their property was endangered by the fire says “It was too amusing 3Iike Waters seized a couple of bottles of Purdv’s giuger ale and carried them across the street and set them down by the elevator for safe keeping Barber Leffingwell took a cake of soap lather-box and brush and a rope with which to commit suicide Butcher Christenson was last seen on the Wyocena road with a link of sausage T W Thompson was hunting up Insurance Agent Leffliogwell Attorney Cuff rushed out of his office with his gold pen over his right ear the Finney brothers mounted the roof and turned ice cold water on the burning sealof flame below while 3Iartin Olson could be seen on the top round of a ladder peering into a black hole burned in the end of the building Gossip Says i That to-morrow morning there will be more surprises and possibly more disappointments than during all the rest of the year That— The kid looked on the snowy field That glistened in the night And called his mother to him there To see the wonderful eight “ Oh mamma look!” he said and sighed And shook his golden head: How will the angels sleep to-night The sheets are off their bed ? That a Portage bachelor recently related to a friend the following: " On pottery my love was pleased to paint Design that were exceeding rare and qnaint And when she had them done as the desired With neatness and dispatch the pots were fired “ Love I am but a vase of common clay — Design me as yon will I humbly pray! The maiden fashioned me as she thought best And then— why I was fired with the rest " That it is sad to contemplate how many young ladies who ordinarily wear a small three suffer an abnormal increase in the size of their little “ tootsy-wootsys ” about Christmas time The stockings that go up on the wall by the chimney to-night would frighten into convulsions a less enthusiastic admirer of large feet than generous old St Nick holiday goods Two of Our Enterprising Merchants Who Are Enjoying a Large Trade in This Line In making up our resume of the holiday trade iq ihe city yesterday the following articles-weremislaid and failed to obtain their proper place PH GOODMAN’S Store has been thi-pnged of late by ladies wishing to make presents to a father a brother or some other girl’s brother and who knew just where suitable ones might be found The trade in neckties mufflers handkerchiefs fine sealskin caps gloves and gents’ furnishing goods of such varieties has been very lively and the reputation which the establishment has always enjoyed for reliable goods and fair dealing is yet sustained The house made no particular Christmas display but all departments of goods which find readier sale at this season were carefully stocked up and nobody has been obliged to go elsewhere for anything usually kept at first-class stores of this kind Our popular young druggist frank a riiyme Was on hand for the trade and would be pleased to take your order for a toboggan if you choose to make such a present to a friend and i will obtain for you plans and specifications for a slide He also keeps a full line of stylographic pens plain and gold-mounted large and small which would be acceptable to anyone as a gift His stock of choice perfumes is large and complete as w'ell as that of fancy stationery and fancy articles usually kept at a drug store If you call on 31r Rhyme you will find him a pleasant obliging gentleman ready to serve you to the best of his ability Traveling Men Attention! There will be a meeting of the Portage Traveling Men’s Association at the Emder House parlors at 4 r m on Saturday for the election of officers and other business W J Westlake Secy Masonic Notice The members of Ft Winnebago Lodge No 33 F & A 31 will meet at the Lodge Room Sunday feve Dec 27that 6:30 o’clock to attend services at the Episcopal churc P J Barkmax Secy — Lost on DeWitt street between 31 rs Bacon’s and the Court House a brocaded silk handkerchief of a dark brown color with bright yellow flowers The finder would confer a favor by leaving the same at the residence of C A Colonius or at the County Treasurer’s office in the Court House Pardeeville — Win Sedden of Portage called upon friends in town 3tonday who were all delighted to see him once more among us and regret more than ever his change of residence — We heard vague rumors of a concert at 31 r Salisbury’s billiard room one day last week A darkey played the bones and triaDgle while home talent furnished the rest of the music with mopth-organs — Considerable has been said about Ivan Herremans new well it being the first of the kind in the place A “bored well lined with tile” is the expression used and to the envy of all his neighbors it is pure soft water — Rabbit hunting with ferrets is the rage this winter and poor bnnny seems in a fair way of ieiDg exterminated Rial Langdon brought in thirty caught in that way and several other parties are getting much “ sport ” in that style — Jeff Allen returned from 3iilwaukee last Thursday and went back again 31on-day His eyes were much better and the oculist warrants him a complete cure if he will stay two months longer under his care which we understand he will do — Last Friday evening Geo Stancer was most agreeably surprised by about fifty of his friends from our town aud his neighborhood 3Iirth music and oysters winged the flying hours and the enjoyment of all was perfect When returning all agreed that the party was a grand success —Oh how the people must have enjoyed their sleigh rides Sunday All day long cutter after cutter could be heard going by banging humping scraping along over the scarcely concealed ground All seemed to think the inch or two 6f snow on the ground must be made the most of as if we never were to have any more — Will the readers who saw the item last week about the brick floor at the school house please re-read and insert birch in its place We are very sorry to have anyone gef a wrong impression of teacher or suppose him cruel enough to “bang” a scholar upon a brick floor We referred to its slippery condition — Wre mentioned that “ David ” had returned to the home of his “ youth ” — but did not tell how sheepish and shame-faced he is over it Loud and- long had been his praise of the land he was going to and great the things he was to do there But five days was the length of his stay He would run and hide when visitors entered his house for several days after his return being a little sensitive over his “ fizzle” — We have to tell this week of a strike in Pardeeville Two rival turkey pickers struck for lower wages One is very quick and they say- picks a hundred a minute Or one R minute it’s hard to tell which The other is not so expert and as a consequence one got more of the pay than the! other So from five cents to three and a half the slower one bids if he can have ail the work Three is quickly bid by iightning” and to save blood shed R C divides the work equally at three and a half — A few days ago the people of Pardeeville were much excited and ery enthusiastic over the discovery of a huge bear near Rube Kohler’s place ! Word was frvnK ii ODe trial to convince any patron brought to town and Jim Kohleiy-dearfal of some other sportsman’s $aj sportsman’s bagging the game went up with a lantern I that ’ night and searched the woods overJ The next morning by daylight a company headed by the great hunter John Blaisdell were upon the sceue We understand a party from the east were also there and a jealous rivalry began as to which jparty should secure the game After a long exciting chase it was found to be a big black hog belonging to Kohler that had escaped from durance and was enjoying a ramble by moonlight” They’eay the I sheriff-elect was much excited over the matter and offered to head the hunt in person if he could be spared no doubt jthlnkiug it would be practice ( — Sunday and 3Ionday nights of this week the new residence of Mrk Cora Allen on WTis street was entered by a gang of young men from appearencei to smoke drink play cards and have a general carouse 3lrs Allen during the absence of her husband in Milwaukee stays at her mothers The house is carefully locked each night but the miscreants are provided with a key 3Ionday mornihg the house presented a most discouraging'appearance The stove was covered with tobacco spit the floor littered with burnt matches the wood she had carried in burned up Glasses upon the table gave evidence of liquor and everything in the house turned topsy turvy This is published to warn them to discontinue their visits as they are known If they do not take heed their names will be published next week Such an outrage committed here in the midstop our town almost passes belief There are a few very lawless characters n the place but it would not seem possible they dared go to such lengths The law should be called into use and as house jbreaking Is no light offence they should be pUDished as they deserve Beware of alkali and washing compounds and use Fairbanks Soap Strictly pure Notice All those persons who have accounts with the estate of the late Daniel Wells are hereby notified to call and settle before Jan 1 1887 Boots and Shoos Boots Shoes anti Rubber’ Overshoes Our stock is now’ complete If you want the finest made we can suit you 1 you want medium or low-pnced goods we can give you good honest wearing goods for a low figure either in Gents’ Ladies’ 3Iisses Children’s or Infants’ Shoes The largest stock in this city Loomis Gallett & Brkese World’s Exposition Highest Premium Flour “Gold 3Iedal” and Dakota’s Royal It recoimmeuds its superiority Sold only by I N 31 Henry Jersey Fitting Underwear at Co it 1 We have an assortment of choice underwear in woolen worsted and saxony yarns which are selling at wholesale prices From our large stock we are able to furnish any son of sizes for persons long slim short aod stout or otherwise Sleeves and lengths to suit everybody If you are not too particular in regard to matches of shades you can get some substantial bargains Knitting yarn at manufacturer’s prices Call and see them at our factory DeWitt street corner Canal Lewis Knitting Works i GO TO PUGH BROS’ lew Giooeni Store On De Witt St next to Brodic’d where you ‘ will find a large fresh stofik of Staple and Fancy Groceries At satisfactory prices N B— Goods delivered to any part of the city KIEFER & HELMANN REAL ESTATE Fire and Life Insurance Agency PORTACE WIS1 Represent the leading companies doing business in the United States Particular attention given to the sale of City and Farm Property and Ocean Steamship passenger tickets Office on Cook-st one door east of Loomis Gallett & Breeee's store GEO KRECH’S Meat Market Fresh and Salt Meats Poultry Sc always on hand Fresh Fieh every Friday Kut Cook St Portage Wli CITY BANK i Portage Wis Organized under the laws of Wisconsin 31 a v 4th 1874 Ll BREESE President j E L JAEGER Vice President M T ALVERSOlf Cashier Drafts sold on all the principal cities of England Ireland Scotland and Germany Money received on deposit payable on demand U S- Bonds bought and sold COLLECTIONS a promptly attended to and remittances mado on pay of payment Money loaned on good collaterals at reasonable rates of Interest ’Office hours : From 9 a m to 12 m and from 1 :30 to 4 :00 p m No Finer Job Printing j Of any kind can be obtained anywhere tban at the Register office It only takes Portage Market WHEAT- -Red Winter —White Winter ' — No 1 Spring -Np 2 —No S —No 4 - —Rejected RYE — (60 pounds) —No 2- OATS— New CORN- —New (721b) BARLEY— No 2 ' -No 3 CLOVER TIMOTHY— Prime FLOUR — Patent per barrel - — Spring “ “ — — Ie M SALT per barrel CEM ENT per barrel UlDESr-Dry — Green —Calf BUTTER EGGS BEANS : POTATOES HOGS— Live —Dressed FAT CATTLE DRESSED BEEF WOOL— Washed —Unwashed ‘ pECKMBXK 21 $ 1 25 feb 1 50 idea is 7 8& 10 JO 15 ll 17 73 la 1 15 ! 40 3 00 3 25 4 00 ft 4 25 zyi 23® 32 23 pops - is® Toy Chairs and Rockers Child’s Chairs and Rockers Misses’ Chairs' and Rockers - -- J y : Ladies’ Chairs and Rockers - - I1 ' v 1 Gent’s Chairs and Rockers ' 1 jl i J Yienna Chairs and Rockers f i ' In fac-L everything in the Chair Line Bracket Wall Poms PARLOR GOODS And Bedroom Sets ' j ‘ - At all prices j ORGANS and) PIANOS Coffins Caskets & Surial Robes D C TREADWAY Newspaper t For all American a Newspapers and Magazines AT PUBLISHERS’ LONGEST PRICES - ' —BY— f 1 j JOHN GRAHAM Portage Wis ESend for Catalogue 230dandwtfcbl SUBSCRIBE I !!i f I For any Newspaper or Priojlic&l you want at the ' POST-OFFICE Our List Of Newepapereand Periodical la complete and embrace all the LEADING NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS In thd World SAVE MONEY ! - - -"11 ! t 16 And the trouble and expense of sending yourselves by Subscribing at the Post-Office Artists’ Materials S A FULL LINK OF Oil Colors and Brushes F A RHYME ' -DRUGGIST ANP STATIONER! : CORNING HOUSE BARN Opposite the Corning House Portage Wls COBB & TOMLINSON - PROPRIETIES I Good ngs hf every description including Hearse and Carriages for Funerals furnished on short npticc ' V t

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