Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin on December 17, 1886 · 3
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Portage Daily Register from Portage, Wisconsin · 3

Portage, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1886
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t K JSj “ i 't ¥ jailv Register EveiilnD©c 17 1886 jpFlClAL county officers L W Barden f Jadi ‘ D G Williams U: WmBSmitk -I’lrra - ChassA Colonins Wn2K” Z" J- D-J8wlfk roart J H Wells of ‘turner - - Thos ArmstronjrJr cAt0?BMden Z Merrill -rSBPrin Chas E Corning :f ' ""' B- Ji-Alln cTty officers” -JF L Sanborn James Dullaghan Charles Ilaertel x H W Hildebrand J JohnOlnder W S Strand VV Q Banker 8 B Llnseott E 8 Baker COMMON COUNCIL A- Trank Kelm Lonis Schultz F H iewls E 8 PmrdT P J Barkman I v1 V llf sAJ H‘ r fd !! trud $ 9riv f-t L council Meeting first Monday of every t v iLT liAAnalfi R A Sprecher Jas McMahon C F Mohr A Rhode Robt Zinke council room on Wisconsin street fire DEPARTMENT i - :ES Purdy f J Mueller f ut Chb f - V E Brewer 'AJ x A Klenert vr 1 A Kiefer a’srikns Frank Kelm -prtnjeht meets third Monday of March ‘fsII-MlV STEAMER CO No 3 ia ! -i't’int H y 'J ibtanl- " '-T r uf Steamer first Monday of each month at Engine burner Pleasant add Clark streets ooK AND LADDER CO No 1 itat I-— Louis Prehn Pt siilent -iff - qjref s“ 1 A- Want first Tuesday of every month V E Brewer H W Hildebrand M J Welsh A J Eastman E C Moran R S Brown Henry Epstein A Kiefer Frank Kelm UC Thede Oha Uteri el W II Reehm POST-OFFICE DIRECTORY AND CLOSINO or TUI KAILS 4 0ting Eat ? I Mails Going West sotf a n I Close at :45 a ni 5 ' Hi 45 s m I “ “ 2:45 p m f J iMWpnll “ “ 9:00pm (tiling Nrth t Mall Going South -4t 9-31 a BJ Closes at 6:00 a m j SAIL AKtUVES p at t on a m From West at 7:00 a m “ iiniarn “ West at 11 :45 a m “ 40 p tfi “ North at 6:45 p in S’S) puli “ South at 7:00 a m si Jlortcuu and points on the II & P Division ' ttip m j f ' al- from Port ace to Friendshipvia Lewiston jMlIe Onus lunar and Big Spring arrives tlT Wedm hiUvs and Fridays in the evening depart at ? :00 a ni on Tuesdays Thursdays ! iturd'u ’ ’ V 4 to and from Aliaa Wednesdays and Satut- t x i " i stul from Pariflo Tuesdaj r Thursdayn and k iniav jgr reioi aud doine-tie Money Order Oilire eSre tur 7 a tu tu p m On Sundays from I ’a m to 1-1 45 p Aeces o lock boxes irom la nr to U'T) p tu L E JONES Postmaster — f“ GEO KRECH’S Heat Market :resh and Saft Meats Poultry t wavs on hand 1 Fresh Fish every Friday Kant Cook 8L Portags'Wla Newspaper Agency For all American and Foreign - ‘i fd'Spapcrs j ami M igazi?ies I ? - 4T PCBLIsllEKV LOWEST PRICES V 1 31 I —BY- GRAHAM Portage Wis Ad for Catalogue 230dandwtfebl Vleat Market! !l McDonald & Co T tifd a Meat Market on Wisconsin Street ’ Y lorninj? iloune Meat of all kinds Chicken Turkey the near Market a trial SUBSCRIBE Sewepaper or Periodical you want at the I POSTVOFFICE List r 1 Periodicals l complete and LEADING NEWSPAPERS PERIODICALS In the World save money nI expense of sending your-hr Subscribing at the Post-Office ANDr HOUSE BARN ? Coming House Portage Wti N & TOMLINSON PROPRIETORS Lct£ 4ecriptIon including Hearaa for furalahed on hor — Dance to-night at Epstein’s Hall — They say George Is a boss auctioneer — E 8 Purdy is in La Crosse to-day on justness — Madison is tb have a new $50000 Opera House — “ Ranch 10 ” is the next attraction at our Opera House — Last evening of the fair Go to the Armory to-night x — Hon Lester Woodard of Pardeeville was in the city to-day — Supper to-night from five till eight o’clock at the Armory — J C Forbes the jeweler is in Beaver Dam to-day on business — 1 he city schools closed to-day for a a two weeks’ holiday vacation — The “Oat of Bondage” company Shows at Fond du Lac to-night Jlr and Mrs C W Snider of Kil-bournClty were guests at the Corning House to-day — Miss GraceGorton of Fox li&ke who has been visiting heKJirother Dr F T Gorton for several weeksreturned home to-day — John Brisbois reports the mercury at zero at his place this morning— j ust12° higher than it was at the same place the morning before — Rev C T Susan leaves for Cambria to-morrow morning to officiate at the funeral services of Mrs Shipley mother of Mrs Jonas Conklin of this city -Fifty-four jets of gas were turned on at the Court House yesterday for the first time — coal gas we mean There’s nothing new about the other sorts used there — Mrs L II Mitchell niece of Mrs W T Parry is a guest at the Parry residence Her husband Revs Mitchell was formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church in this city — Peter Bartot-z of the firm of Ginther & Bartosz had the misfortune to fall and fracture one of the bones of his right leg while engaged in a friendly scuffle yesterday — Miss Martha Drew arrived here last night from Evansville where she makes her home with her sister and will spend the holidays with her parents Mr and Mrs John Drew — Our sleighing seem9 tb have come at last As our merchants watched “ the beautiful ” falling silently down to-day the languishing droop in the corners of their mouths which lately has disfigured their countenances disappeared — At the fair at the Armory last uigkt Miss Lena Klenert drew the toilet $et Mrs E L Bradbury the doll baby and Mr °E J S Wright the towel rack The remaining articles will be drawn to-night and the remnants of the fair goods closed out at auction — The interest in the contest for the baby bonnet at the Cemetery Improvement Association fair last evening did not languish The vote now stands: Dolly Ketchum 77 Dottic Fox 58 Ned Jones 20 Bennie Castle 17 Anice Splaine 2 Baby Taylor 2 Lizzie Michel 1 The voting will be closed to-night at 10 okdock and the prize awarded — The team of Herman Kiepp of Caledonia became frightened late yesterday afternoon while he was unloading wood at the Hosiery Company’s works and started off for a run The wagon struck the railing of the canal bridge tearing off part of it and the team was stopped uninjured lefore it got across The wagon suffered a broken wheel — At the recent election of officers of Lodge No 27 C K of W the following were chosen for the ensuing year: Spir itual Director Rev G W Brady President J E O’Keefe Vice-President Jos Janda Recording Secretary Jas Dulla-ghan Financial Secretary and Treasurer M J Welsh Trustee for three years P E Mahon Marshal J C Britt — The benefit dance held Wednesday night at Turner Hall netted the managers $35 which was turned over to F Smith of the First ward Mr S has been sick and unable work for some time past and hence the need of aid The managers of the affair did a good deed and the joy exhibited by the needy ones on receiving the timely lift was ample recompense for their trouble Who says Portage does not look after the poor ? The engineers and conductors are having a lively tustle over the possession of the elegant corner chair offered at the Cemetery association fair which will be given to the most popular one to-night At present Engineer Snow heads the list with 24 votes Engineer Reed coming second with 15 and having a close third i n Conductor Castle with 14 The others follow Ed Htcrtcl with 12 Gao Acers with 9 and P McMahon Ed Phillips 0 H Cunningham and M Wadsworth with one apiece There will be some lively voting before the ballot is closed Arrangements are making for a grand entertainment to be given at the Opera House the 28th inst by the pupils of St 'Manr Rchool It will consist of music both vocal and instrumental dialogues chorus recitation speaking etc and no possible The object is to raise sufficient money to put a set of new desks into one Xoom of the school house where the in- convenient old fashioned ones still remain Surefy this object is most worthy and liberal patronage should be forthcoming It is Played to rn Well pleased 1 Audience Last Night at the Opera House’ 1 1 It was anticipated that the reputation of the Hyers Sisters Sam Lucus Wallace King and Joe Hager man the well-known “lion bass” of the Original Tennesieans all of whom have been favorably kuown to the public for years j would fill the Opera House but for some reason or other only a fair crowd greeted this best of colored companies last night The drama “ Out of Bondage” i s the merest flimsy structure itself being simply used as a string to hold together the pearls in the shape of solos duets quartettes and choruses by the various members Of the company It gives plenty of opportunity for the introductiou of those negroe melodies which are always well receivedL and especially so when sung by such an aggregation of talent as Donavin’s company as well as mucic of a higher class Miss Madah Ilyers retains her wonderfully clear sweet and pleasi'a g soprano voice and the audience many of whom had heard her several times before were even more than usually impressed Miss Emma Hyers has a good contralto voice and her acting and dancing are very good j j Sam Lucas the prince of colored comedians has lost none of his ability to make people laugh and was quite as amusing as ever During the concert in the third act hewas recalled four times and there’s no tellingvhow many more encores he would have received had he not gently Hl’jl be arpund next season hinted thus: if I live” ! Wallace King fully'sustained his reputation as one of tbe finesttenors in concert singing and his selectionSvwere enthusiastically applauded! Joe Ilager mart completes the quintet with a bass voice that is especially adaptetf'v411 SrowinS quite - j Constant attpnniinrf tor the part he takes He assumes the part of “ Uncle manner Mrs Sum Lucas who was advertised to play a number of solos on the violin guitar aud mandolin did pot appear al all much to the regre of the people who were anxious to hear her She is said to bje an excellent performer and is we understand a white woman i Eph CINDERS A Few of Them Caught for the Benefit of our Readers byj the Spark Arrester The Wisconsin Central railway engine-house at Ilurlingtob burned onWednesday morning I 1 t Chas Dean has been appointed assistant superintendent of the Hastings &- Dakota division of the Chicago Milwaukee Aj St Paul road with headquaters at Milbank Dak ' j j The Wisconsin Central railroad company has awarded a contract to cut find bank along its right of Way in the viei Ity of Fifield 8000 telegraph polles ’ contract to he filled by July 1 1887 A new time-table has just been issued by the St Paul company! which goes into effect next Sunday I Thej only change affecting this city is the arrival of No 2 the east-bound midnight passenger eight minutes earlier than is now the case By the new order of things t will arrive at 11 :50 i M and depjnrt atj 11 :5 i m “No” said the Central porter as he shook his head and gazed longinglyon the traditional 25-cent tip ” which a travel ing man unthinkingly held out to him “ I can’t take it We’re not allowed 4 tips ’any more” i And he applied his handkerchief to his eyes and hurried from the apartment to hide his emotion “Ah ha!” exclaimed the passenger with a grunt of satisfaction “ It’s no longer a fee-sible plan then” And as he stooped to restore r ill I Jhe quarter to his pocket he heard the gentle sing of the shoe-brush as it wended its way hurriedly through the air in uncomfortable proximity to the top of his head A heavy sigh was wafted to his ears from the further end of the car and then save the “clackety clack” of the wheels and the snoring of Ihe man in the next berth all was silent — The Lodi Valtiy Xeics advocates the making of Devil’s Lake the great curling headquarters of thd Northwest and says in that way it would soon become as prosperous and popular a winter resort as! it now is a summer one In support of the suggestion it says (that the lake affords ample room and splendid surface for the roaring game wfyile hotel accommodations f the first class may be obtained at the Cliff House We should like to ask what is the matter with Portage for a general curling headqt) alters We have the Canal and Silver Liake which gre as spit-able for curling as anjr expanse of ice while our railroad facilities are much superior to those of Baraboo 4-8 for hotels the Corning and the Emder are acknowledged all over the State to be good enough for the best j ! —Dr J II Naramore formerly of Milwaukee has fitted up his dental parlors over Purdy’s drug store and decided to locate here permanently See his ad elsewhere ! NORTH AGAINST j j ! Xotice i hereby! given that the Annual Bv order’ tb 188 By order I Alexander I heeland Prei Columbia County j Curling Contest the “North against the South ’ will tgke place at Poynettp on Friday January The President has again sent in to the Senate the names of J E Jones of Portage and J A Bardon of Superior who failed of confirmation as postmasters at the last session of Congress The following new names have also been presented for comfirmation as postmasters: J J French Sparta P H Carney Waukesha Jeremiah Sullivan Ashland Carl Zillier Sheboygan Roderick McGregor River Falls j Cambria — Mrs D G Williams of Portage attended the funeral of Mrs J J Williams Tuesday — Mrs Jonas Conklin of Portage was called here Wednesday to the sick bed of her mother Mrs Sbepley — It is reported that Jno B Smith who was taken with a stroke of paralysis some time ago but was improving has had another stroke and his chances of recovery are very poor — A series of curling games have been arranged by the club here to play for a medal which was won by R N McCon ochie’s rink last year The first game played between R N MeConochie skip and Joe Sanderson skip resulted in a victory for McCondchie — The funeral of Mrs J J Williams whodied on Sunday lsst took place from the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist church Tuesday afternoon the Rev R T Roberts of Sparta officiating A large number of people gathered at the church but owing to the disagreeable weather but very few followed the remains to the cemetery — Mrs Maria Shipley an aged lady who has lived here for the past eight or ten years died quite suddenly Thursday morning Mrs Shipley has been an invalid during her residence here but always cheerful though never able to move from her chair alone About two weeks ago she be- Constant attendance She was about 80 yearsof age and leaves two sons and three daughters to mourn her loss her husband having died about nine years ago Scribe Randolph — Chas Snowden whO'has been sick so long is very low Dr Bllss thinks he cannot last long — Will Averill who has been in the employ of the It R Co at St Paul for wme years past has returned to the old hive and will be a farmer for the present — Georgia Woodruff who has been visiting her grandparents Martin Itussell and wife for a few weeks past left for her home at Stillwater Minnesota Thursday evening Shg was accompanied by her graudfather as far as Portage — Mr Elleryendell and Miss Mabelle Eager were married by Rev J VTrenery on Wednesday at three o’clock i m at the Eager homestead in this village Among the guests were Mr IIenry Eager and wife of Milwaukee The presents were not numerous but very nice — The house on B Hammond’s farm known as the Geo Wells place was burned last week It was occupied by Mr- Ivinuey a poor widow She lost most of her household good It is said that a man from Beaver Dam passed the house while it was burning and before the upright was euveloped in flames but did not stop to render the poor woman any assistance Neither did he make haste to notify others of the fire' A paper was circulated tor her benefit and about fifty dollars was paid in cash and some twenty dollars more were passed to her credit She will probably get some help from the farmers of Westford and Fox Lake will no doubt do something for her F Resolve Not to Procrastinate Any More On Tuesday Nov 9th 1880 in New Orleans La at the 198th Grand Monthly Drawing of the The Louisiana Stale Lot-tery under the sole care of Gen’ls G T Beauregard of La and Jub&l A Early of Vathe wheel of fortune spun rapidly thusly: No 94552 drew First Prize of $75000 It was sold in fifths at $100 each one to A L Beltran of No 193 Esplanade St New Orleans La a young sugar refiner there: oue to T L- Pendell of Keene Ivy a tobacco raiser paid through 1st National Bank of Lexington Ky one to Mrs Eliza J Peterson No 53 Moulton St Charlestown Mass the others to parties in Chicago 111 and Manchester Va No 48000 drew the Second Prize of $25000 also sold in fifths at $1 00 eac’lr one to Henry L Valencia San Francisco Cal paid through Wells Fargo & Co Express one Jas Johnson San Antonio Tex paid through Traders’ National Bank there one each to W M Brown and James K Jackson both of Boston 41 ass No 67853 drew Third Prize $10000 also sold in fifths at $1 00 each one paid to Wm Tonkin San Jose Cal one to G Rocco Stockton Cal both paid through Wells Fargo & Co Express one to the Anglo-California Bank of San Francisco Cal the rest to parties in New York Nos 19001 and 62825 drew the two Fourth Prizes $6000 sold all around But on Jan 11th 1887 the 200(h Monthly Drawing will cause $535000 to go flying about and any information can be had of M A Dauphin New Orleans La on application It would be well to form new resolutions with the new year and not procrastinate the wooing of fortune Take Notice Sure All parties are notified not to negotiate a check given by A Holmes to Klenert Bros for $8563 dated Portage Wis Dec 15 188 the same having been lost by the subscribers who have received a duplicate from the maker Klenert Bros Portage Wis Dec 17 1886 Masonic The annual communication of Fort Winnebago Lodge No 33 F & A M “will take place Saturday evening Dec 18 for the election of officers and payment of dues P J Barkmam Sec’y New Styles New Year Cards ThiB office is prepared to offer its Customers ’choice of the finest lines of New Year falling Cards ever placed on the market in this country r Call and see for your-self The only perfect unadulterated washing article is Fair bank’s Sold by grocers — J— - -k ' Educational At jtbe first of the year I will be prepared! to receive a fpw pupils 'for private instructions in short-hand writing For particulars and terms address Box 174 or call oh Miss Aoua Daly Franklin street between Mac and Dunn' j i 1 l! : Jersey Fitting Underwear at Con We have an assortment of choice under-wearn woolen worsted and saxony yarns which1 are selling 1 at wholesale prices From our large stock we are able - to fur-uish any sort of sizes for 3 persons long Blim short and stout or otherwise Sleeves and lengths to suit everybody If you are not too particular in regard Ux matches of shades you can get some substantial bargains Knitting yarn at manufacturer’s prices Call and see them at our factory DeWitt street corner Canal ' Lewis Knitting Works Boots and Shoes Boots Shoes and Rubber Overshoes Our tock is now complete If yodwant the finest made we can suit you If you want medium or low-priced goods' we can give you good honest wearing goods for a low figure either in Gents’ Ladies’ M isses’ Children’s or Infants’ Shoes The largest stock in this jcity - - Loomis CIallett & Breese What True Merit Will Do ' I ‘ The unprecedented sale of BoseMe's Qerihan Syrup within a few yearshas astonished the world j It is- without doubt the Safest and best refnedy evpr discovered for the speedy effectual curg0f Coughs Colds and the severest Lung troubles It acts on an entirely! different principle from the usual pre$criptions given 'by physicians as it doenot dry up a Cough and leave the disease still in the system but pn the contrary removes the cause of the trouble heals the parts affected and leavps them in a purely healthy condition A bottle kept in the house for use' when the diseases make their appearance will save doctor’s bills add a long spell of serious illness A trial! will convince you of these facts It is positively sold by all druggists and general dealers in the land: Price 75 cents large bottles ‘ -1 list ice tempered with mercy is tradi tion justice temperetjl with money' is fact) I j ii— i iii i i j i -in- in Astage fright — a bhd actor - a I ' i List of Letters 1 I ""I I & t Remaining in the Post Office at Portage Cohim bia County Wie and unclaimed Dee 17 1886 Bibbin 8 L Hebb W T Haw kina 8 S Hill MissvMary Kingsley Edward Mitch ell Alias Fancy Poster K O x I Schwanz Mrs Marla Sjiuce Mr and Mr Stephen Mr Ella Iftter All Fannie' Walfe M It Ratet of Commission f7nctr§ei f ot Monty Order I I Cent Order not exceeding $500 5 Exceeding $500 and not exceeding $1000 r 8 Exceeding $1000 and not exceeding$150010 Exceeding $1500 and not exceeding $5000 J 15 Exceeding $4000 and not exceeding $4000 J 20 Exceeding $4000 and notexeeeding $5000 ! j'25 Exceeding $5000 and notexceeding $6000 80 Exceeding $6000 and not exceeding $7000 - 35 Exceeding $7000 and not exceeding: $60 00 1 40 Exceeding $8000 and not exet eding$10000 J 45 1 E JONES Postmaster LEGAL- State of Wisconsin columbivcgiin- tjy Court— In Probate 1 In tlio matter of the etafe of John D l’ligb deceased n Letter of administrat'ortHm paJir estate having been granted to S Mf Smith and fr6m and after this date until the second Tuedny of July A p 1887 being allowed for creditor to' present theij-claims against eaid deceased fOr-exaipina-tion and allowance: I - I Xbttce u hereby given That the- Judge of Vaid County Court will on the said -second Tuesday 'being the 12th day of July 1887 at’ 10 o'clock A m ot said day at the Frolate Office in the CRy oT Portage receiveH’xamlnel and adjust all claim andldemands of all period againstsaid deceased L W BAIIDEN County Jndge Dted December 7 1886 tjecl8-4w iLvTE OF WISCONSIN COLUMBIA COUN-tj- Court— In Probate j In the matter Of the last iwill and testament of Zeblna J I) Swift deceased I -t On reading and filing an Instrument in writing purporting to bfe the last will and teetament of Zebjna J D Swift” of the city of Portage in the County of Colombia and State of Wi-' coniiiu and ato the accompanying petition' of Lydia A Swift representingamongother things that said Zebina J D Swift died testate at said Portage on the ‘3d day of Decern btr ’A D ilsS6 that said instrument' ie the'last will and testament of said deceased and tha the said petitioner is the executrix named in j said will and praying that eaid will he admittca to probate ' - - ‘ It is ordered That the proofs -of said instrument be heard before thtB ourt at a regular term thereof to be held at the Probate Ofilcij in the city jof Portage in sat'd Cottnty on the first Tue day! being the 4th day of January A D 1887 at 10 ofclock a m ! - i And it is further ordered That notice of the tlm$ and place of such hearing be -given to all persons interested by publishing a copy of This order for three weeks successively previous to said! day of hearing in the Wisconsin State Register a weekly newspaper printed and published at said Portage ' - - ' ’ ! Lr W BARDEN Qounty Judge Dated December 9 1886 - lldec43 3 STATE OF WISCONSIN COLUMBIACOUN-y Court — In Probate In the matter of the estate of Peleg L Peck-ham deceased On reading and filing tpe petition of Minerva Peckham stating that Peleg Li Feckbanv late! of the town of Marcelldn in the County of Columbia In theStatof Wisconsin died in-Testate on or about the 25th day of November 188k at said Marcellon leaving estate within j said Couhty of Columbia: that the petitioner i£ the widow of said deceased and praying that administration of Bald-bstate be granted unto Thqmas Viningr" t ' It is ordered That said! application be heard befofeThie Court at a regular term thereof to be held at tne Probate Office iu the city of Portage in aid Columbia County on the first Tuesday being tho4th day of January 1887 at JO o’clock A it p f And it is further ordered That notice of said application and of the time and place of bearing the isame be given by publishing a copy of thia order Tor three week successively previous to theTime appointed lor aald hearing in the i Wisconsin JState Register a newspaper printed and published at eaid PortageJ - - I - 1 L W BARDENr County Judge Dated December 6 lf®6 UdeC43-3- OtATE OF WISCONSIN COLUMBIA COUN ! O Ity Court— In Probate! In thq matter of the 1 estate of Philip Goodman deceased I ' Letters testamentary onsaidestate having been granted to Sarah N Goodman and from and after this date until the second Tuesday of June A D 1887 beini: allowed for creditors to present their claims against eaid deceased for examination aud allowance: i - -' - J Notice is hereby ivgw That -ths Judge of said CountyCourt willon thesaid second Tuesday being the 14th day of June 1887 af 10 o’clock A M of said day at the Probate Office In the Citrof Poftage receive exnmind and “adjust all claims and demands of all person against said deceased “ - ( L W BARDEN County Judee- Dated December 7 1886 ildec43-4 ‘T TRADE WINDS There is j nothing more appropriate ‘or a Christmas gift than a nice piece of urniturei and! there is not a cheaper place to buy It than at j D Q Treadway’s s Newmarkets and Clpaks of all kinds without exception at cost at j Parry & Muir’s largest stock of furniture ever shown in Portage Make your selections for Christmas early 1 1 D C Treadway —Twenty-four Automatic Howard Elgin Waltham Springfield Hampden Aurora Columbus United States and Swiss watches sible sty and 30 DeWitt street at prices that 1 can not fail to please V E Brewer ' Salesman Valiquets New York surperfine gents’ fancy Slippers at Brodie’s j —The Celebrated Han&n & Sons’ Shoes at Brodie’s 1 The best in the world —You jought to see the ladies’ line of fine hsodj turned Shoes at Brodie’s Gents Shoes at all prices at t 1 Ii i BRODIK’a Brodie has thecontrolof Cloyes’ Utica Fine Shoes! ! 1 i ns and Caskets at all prices at jj Treadway’s — Ludlows Ladies’ Fine Shoes at Brodie’s They are lovely — Booti in every variety at Brodie’s awful cheap j — Trunks' and Traveling Bags way down at (j ! Brodie’s — Brewer has just returned from Chicago with the most complete line of watches clocks jewejlry silver and plated ware in the Northwest at prices that positively defy competition At W B Stevens’ 28 and 30 DWitt street Portage Wis Y E Brewer Salesman ’ — Organs and Pianos cheap for cash or sold on monthly payments Just the thing for ai Christmas gift them at 1)1 C Treadway’s Call and see ‘The greatest household treasure is Fair-Sbank’s SoapH Bold by grocers 1 1 Bard's Bugle Blasts 1 1 1 1 Go toJBard’s to buy your watches Go to Bard’s o buy your clocks Go to Bard’s t6 buy you diamonds Go to Bird’s to buy anything in the jewelry lind for all the peopfe gp jlhere in flocks 1 j I j j - Go to Bard’s to buy your castors 1 Go to Bard’s to buy your canes Go to Bards td Jbuy your rubies Go to Band’s to buy yeur gold and silver plated ware and get the best of bargains for ypur pains ‘ N B — Go to Lard’s and say you want him-to proe that he is the Boss Bargain giver and bje will never fail you feverybody Kribws tha the finest Commercial printing is done'at the Register office Gold and Silver Watches More watches clocks jewelry diamonds silver and plated ware at W B Stowtno’ os ontlj ltd TVWit Stevens’ 28 an30 DeWitt 6treet than at all the other dealers combined in Portage at prices that make competitors green 1 with envy Call and convince yourselves of these faifis V E Brewer Salesman No Ipiner Job Printing Of any kiffd can be obtained anywhere than at the Register office It only takes one trial tojconVince any patron Portage Market December 1 WHEAT— Red Winter $ —White Vinter —No 1 Spring — Nb 2 —NO 3 —No 4 — Rejected RYE — (60 pounds) —No 2 OATS”— New CORN — New BARLEY 1886 78 65 61 63 55 53 50 48 46 32n 45 42 53 45 30 40 Gp 40 (ft 45 lift 40 & (721b) -N'o 2 -No 3 I CLOVER 3 75 4J 4 00 TIMOTIIY-iPrtme 1 25ftl 50 FLOUR— Patent per barrel 5 80 & 6 00 -Spring! “ “ 4 60 4 80 — Uyd “ SALT per barrel ’ — Green —Calf EGGS potatoes: HOGS— Live! —Dressed FAT CATTLE DRESSED BEEF WOOL — Washed — Unwashed HOPS KIPPER & HELMANN B EAL ESTATE Life Insurance Agency PORTAGE WIS Fire and Represent the leading companies doing business in the United States Particular attention given to the sale of City and Farm Property and Ocean Steamship passenger tickets Office on Cook-st one door east 'of Loomte Gallett A Breese’s store Artists’ Materials A PULL LINE OF - Oil Colors and Brushes F A iRHYME DRUGGIST AND STATIONER

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