The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 9, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 7
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THE BATTRB8FIBLP OALIPORNIAN" -WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1908. HOT I DOUR BOM Good Whiskey Stimulates the emulation of the blood—makes the liver active,and the SunnyBrooR __ THB PURE. FOOD Whiskey . we wi " be glad to te " y° u SUNNV 'BROOK DISTILLERY co.. jrf«,.on Co.. Ky. Aunt Mirandy (*t her city nlece'i wedding)—What Is that Inscrlpshun Silas, on that there butter plate? ' Cynlcae Uncle—looks to me Hke "For Butter or Worse."—Harvard Lampoon. % U N C L E I K OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE 3E- LECTION OF USEFUL XMAS PRESENT^ AT PRICES FAR BELJDW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. LL A FEW SUGGESTIONS _, DIAMOND RINGS, DIA- J) MONO BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S E WATCHES M SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, AOCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. R U UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. Announcement Extraordinary Prof. J. Francis Brennan, the world's most celebrated palmist and clairvoyant, has arrived in the city and has opened an office in the Grand Hotel, corner Nineteenth and Chester avenue, room 2, where he can be consulted on all the affairs of life. Prof. Brennan has no equal in his profession. He stands alone, the prince of clairvoyants, and is recognized by the press and public as the greatest master of the science of palmistry the world has ever produced. He guarantees to reveal every incident of your life; tell when, whom and where you will marry; tell you 'ust what you are fitted for and how to obtain money you are In need of. The happiness of your future life may depend upon the right solution and proper advice. The professor makes no mistakes, and all his predictions are true, and he may be relied upon. You may wish to know If It Is advisable to make a change In business, Jn love and in marriage. WHOM SHALL I MARRY? HOW OFTEN SHALL I MARRY? SHAJLL I EVER BE DIVORCED? DOES ANOTHER SHARE THE LOVE THAT RIGHTLY BELONGS TO ME? IF SO.WHO? IS MY DISEASE CURABLE? WHEN SHALL I LEAVE HERE? AM I. LIABLE. TO. ACCIDENT? SHOULD I INVEST MY MONEY? IN WHAT SHALL I INVEST HAVE I ANY ENEMIES? CAN I TRUST MY FRIENDS? IN WHAT TOWN OR STATE WOULD I BE MOST SUCCESSFUL? HOW CAN I SELL MY PROPERTY? The professor tells all these things, and many more. He Is ever ready to help those with small capital to find a quick and sure Investment. If your business IB unsuccessful, or if you are In trouble of any kind, you should see Attractions at Opera House One of the leading novelties of the musical comedy field this season and one which has been meeting with re- narkable success, are those funny fel-, ows, Dixon and Bernard, in the sec- ' y - ond edition of their newest skit 'Hans and Nix," which will be presented at the Bakersfieid Opera House this evening. "Hans and Nix" Is a musical comedy of the up-to-date fashion ind from all accounts is designed to be one of the crowning laugh Inclters of the year. "Too Proud to Beg." The attraction at the Bakersfleld Opera House on Saturday afternoon and evening is Lincoln J. Carter's <reat detective story, "Too Proud to Beg.". The plot is said to fit the title of the piece to perfection. The heroine, who Is thrown on her own resources with her two children, spurns with contempt the smooth vllllan's advances for her heart and hand and his offer of gold, preferlng starvation and death to a loathsome marriage. The husband makes his appearance after a serious Witness, as a result of being dragged out of a flre In which he was trapped. At this point his two children ore stolen by t'/.c rejected suitor and the hustmnd starts at once to find them. Being a detective he disguises himself, locates their hiding place and M'snios the babes. The story finally ends In the hero making himself known to his enemies and Justice is metpj 0 ,,t t 0 the guilty ones while he is once more united to his happy fam. LEGAL. LEGAL. this truly gifted medium at once. He has helped thousands on the road to success and be can and will help you. He not only tells you what your life has been and will be, but also how to better your condition in every possible way. Thousands ol people are failures today simply because they do not see these things for themselves or are not following the right trade or profession. Prof. Brennan has made a life study of these things and he is now prepared to show you how to make a thorough success of your life. His fee is reasonable and within reach of all, and if he does not make you a reading that Is superior to any you have ever had he will positively refuse to accept any fee whatever. Office hours, 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sun. day, l to •! p. m. Lady In attendance. Three reception rooms, so arranged that you meet no strangers. Perfect satisfaction by mall. Send $1, day and date of birth, for mall reading. SPECIAL—Prof. Brennan Is the only medium In the country who positively tolls your full name; and he will tell it free of charge to all who come prepared to take a reading. Capital furnished for business enterprises; partners found; property bought and sold, etc. Remembe the address, Grand Hotel, corner Nineteenth and Chester avenue. head of stairs. Office located Just at tf ON THE LOOKOUT. ITnvi 1 you seen tin 1 window lull of holiday souvenirs for your friends, jtiist the thing. Hand bugs, purses, hat bands and Ljlovos. Lap robes. to Cut sheyp skin for burning, nny shades. t\. ii, HEREIKGTOF 1R17 19th Bt Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and Fine China _-^.,_. -»W carry tho finest line of imported goods to he found in the Valley. Imported Fiys in baskets, Sniffed Dntes rind Fijrs in bc.xes and gloss. Green Olives in bottles. California Glace Fruits. Pinnrd Prunes in ^lass. Shelled Almonds. Lowney's in fancy boxes Bench Nut Preserves. Ileinxc'.s Mince Ment in stone crock's and bill;-. Uomeinbcr we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A \isit to our store will oc«ivinee you of the superior quality of our y;oods and method of dninjr business. Our stock of llaviiand and Imported Maud Painted China is complete, opople who have called at our store in past week were ama/ed at our beautiful display of llavilaud Hand Painted China, Cut CilasK, Brasses, Can-inn Sets, Stems and articles in general, which appeal to Christinas shoppers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street THE WERINQER ASSAYING 00. Is now prepared to make assays of nil ores, metals nnd waters. Ore samples by mail cost Ic pe ounce. Send for free malliug envelopes and price list F. J. WERINQER, Ascayer and Metallurgical Chemist Woody, Cal. Near Bakertfleld DON'T PUT IT OFF U.NTTL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. We wiU agreeably surprise | you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING 18 JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly specks so little, plied, comes in any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 9a. Chw Schamblin M. D. B. & M.., contalnlnu 160 acres more or less. Also. .An Interest in the NV4 of the SV. of section 1U. township 3(1 S. ranee 21 E.. M. D. B. & M. containint: 160 acres more or less. . Also one set of sluirTe harness m.u be totinii for inspection a -no rt'sl- •enceor I. T. Curtis at McKiUrlcl;. ' i County. California . ds (iml offers In writing for said will be Bids nni sal and i pvived bv his sal do" clgrk of t! in -,-§ ffice eld. Korn Count T it'rsonal property wif tin; said a ami ' ' •(nee. or may be c no above named the court liBistrator at .._. _. filed with the named Court at his ..__ t house, (n Bakers- K^ni Countv. California, ton tier of the amount bid must, accom- tho bid. • ' cent pany of sa at the expense of u . mount balance on confirmation "s.ale'Tiv 'sa(({"superior" coiiVf,''"be.od ihaser. w A. McGINN Administrator of the es'tnte of Kihil Erjekson. deceased, rlatthew S. Platz. attorney for ad- first Dublication. December in Kern. Returns Fueaday*. ir«»8. BARBEAU&nOQUETTK. tt PnpTtmam NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVWW WILL. SUMMONS. In the Superior Oourt or tbe County Kern. State of CfeUtornia. Ethel Koiicniette. Plaintiff vs. Peter .ououette. Defendant. Act'on brouKhi In Uie Superior ourt o? the County of Kern. State of lajjfqrnia.. and. Qje Complaint fljed In office of ole of tfte .State of "callfi itln In the Superior court of tbe C of Kern, state of Colliornia. E ment 1. In the matter of the estate of rich Aueusi (HhU-meiHter, (lecea Notice l.s hereby aivr-n. that Moo, the 14th dav ot December. A. D. " at 10 o clock, a. m. ot that day, uie Courtroom. Department 1. ^otirt. Jounty have been appointed as the time place for provine the will of Heinrich Auuust Clldeiuelster, eased, now on tile I ir, hearine.the iinn ohnB for the Issuance .„ .,— _. rs of Administration with the unexe-d thereon.. ¥EbB. Scott. Jr.. Klit. Attorneys for or- uQuette, lunty o: to a w of service) s Summons. : HBerved i an, action brpu le. at fern alV » 3y Bedel SnilthT CepuIy'Clel Rowen Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for alalntlff. 11-18 LEGAL. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Bakersfleld Fuel and Oil Company. Location of'principal Place of business Selma. California. .Location ot works Kprn County.. California. Notice Is hereby Riven, thai at a meeting of the 3. 1 r^tors i 9f the^abpxe pame^ coroor- iceni' W . CI •. J ;* v '. 1 ?- tlu £usot?»«uieiit 01 one bun 1 AreddolarsperBTiare ' ' ' e h d u dred dollars per share was levied uoon the capital stock of the corporation. payable immediately to the secretary ot said corooratlon. Charles A. L< his office at the office of the C Recorder of Kern Countv. ' . .. . Anv stocK upon wnich this ment shall remain.unoau" nent shall remain unoafd on tne 9u day of January. 1909. will be dellp. guent and advertised for sale at imp- He auction, and unless payment Is made before, will be. sold on the 30th day of January. 1909. to i>av the delln th nuont nsBP^sment. toeetner with costs of advertising jind expense sale. CHAS. A. LEE. ibi'i-ictarv. of the Bakerstteld Fuel an Oil Co.. Bakersfleld. Cul. 12-9 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. a corporation. >f business Armlnta Oil Company I,oration of principal nlaco o Bnkerafleia. California. Notice la hereby eiven: That at a meeting- of the directors of the Armln- ta Oil Comnanv.n corporation, held on •-- th dav of December., 1908. tin as- of six and one-fourth ct?nis ner share wiia levied tinon the . Fresn ich th . . is assessment of ' I remain unpaid on tho 9th dav of •uarv, 1909. will be delinquent and irtised for sale at nubile auction, .unless payment is made boforo Any stock upon wh.,, .„ .„.„,,„ Febrita"- 1 "' 9 """"^'' 1 ^ '- h fi- 9tn dftv advert! 'will bo sol/Ifm'tu'emfa Y.' tlieTnd daVof March. 1!)00, to oav thp delluaucnt as- HPKumnnt. together with costs of advertising and expenses of Bale. Diuoii. December 7th. 1908. (Seal) A. B. ELMORR. Secretary Armlntu Oil Conjiauv. lx>catlon of office. 1047 T St Fi-eano. California. lij-8 NOTICE OF ASSESSMEJvrr h Oil Company. Principal place of business. Uakersflold. Kern County, California.. Notice is hereby eiven that at a meetintr of the directors, held on the ,'ird day at December. 1908, an assessment of one-quarter pf a cent upon the capital stock ot the ooroorntion. navable Immediately to the undersigned Per Khni-e was levie secreta- t said corporation, at the sheriffs . Ikikei-hflelil. Ke r ot sai . 'Otfl/ Corn" County."" Cal- .Any^Btock 110911 which this nssesB' . Wedi n public miclion. and unless __, Is made before, will bo sold on Moil- cdriea- 909 will le -«".» , ol -yA' n , UNUU wiiicii HUH mout shall remain unpaid on \ day. tiji' dtli dav of January, Hi.,, .., he del mnienl and advertised for sa.v, u public mictlon. and unless payment Is made before, will bo sold on Monday, tho 2Mb <iny of January. li)i)!». at tho hour of 2 o'clock p. m. to pay lellnmient assessment. _ pav ~~ *i«_ •-—-•--•>"•--• •• ,»• »"--k'M««*v,«*v, *OK6*il6t* X. lt ??. < 5 0 . s . ta ...?i f ,. •idvertlslne and exuons- Board of Directors. AKKR. Secretary. e 6H of the safe. ri Uy oi,,er of ^ SALE \LE OF iSTATE 1 REAL ANt «1 r " T . 'he ifornjii. ,. . i of Kmll .....son. Deceased. .Notice IK hereby eiven that In pur- fv', l , n rf e r,i,"",. or '¥ r V, the Superior f'A f 1 of i ""' ( 9 llnt -v «( Kern. State of (..illtornla. iiiado on the 30th day of \'F*-i V"?*. ?,.!£« «9«!tor oV tho NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Prlncl l place of business. Bakorsfleld County. California. Ice Fs .hereby raven, that at i of the directors. p«ld on th ol Noveinber. i»08. an aasesi tnent of one cent per .snare, was levlec e oornora the un ooroora ,v ersffefd. Kern ellnauent.and public-auction, made before, i 6 ]e Btn day o: our of 2 o cli nquent asse_ r - r costs of advertising ana .expenses o sale F. B. BORTEN, Secy, pro tern i 203-204. Producers Savlnin Idmcr. Bakersfleld. Kern Com; Drola. 11-21 wi . ., for Bale unless nayment i sold qnjiatur. _l>ruary. I949. at D. m. to pay the nent. together wl banfr ty. Ca NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Kern Co« Ino line and Storae ton ot DrlnclDal. nlapi , . . a, San. Francisco, California jjocijtlon oT works. Kern County. Cal Company, of business Np},tce Is hereby eiven, that at of tne jBoai'i of TJrrectori the 23ru day of Novembe rs sllnse neid on tne 23rd dav o. .. 1908. an assessment No. 2. of 40 cent per share, wns Jevleo. uoon the issue ranltal slock of the corporation. tm> able immediately in United States BO! coin to the secretary at tho office o the comnanv. No. 569 California stree San FranctHco. Ciilifqrnia. Any stock uoon which this nsa ment shall remain iinnald on urday. the 26th dav of Decemlwr. 1 will be doihiauent, and advertised lo at Dublfc auction: and unless. J t Is rnado before. wTII be so j 1 Btn dav of January, riflay. tf\e ... r to.nay the. deflnouont 5t pjl eether with tho costs of hdvertlsln ~id oxnenses of sajo. Bv order of the Board of Directors «« »r F - jkElS. JR.. Secretary. Office. No. 569 California Street. San •anclsco. California. 11-2 _ Franc NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN. DECEAS ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. ofjft iirt; the Superior Cp.qrt of the Count} ern. State of California, tho matter of the estate of L ion. deceased. Ice Is hereby clven bv the under lerrieu administrator of tl ' ' „ Gar slerp kator of'the estate , Gartman.,,deceaBod. to the creditors . and all uresons havfne claims :alnst tho said deceased, to uxHlbl tern with the necessary vouchers within four months after tho first nub- liqatlon of this.notice to the said ad aa uie same Demer tne Place for tho tratiBiictlon of business or said estate .orn countv. October 11. 190S. Public . ,__. and Administrator of . L. Gartrnan. Decoased. to o: Thos. Scott. Attorney for Adminlstra tor. I NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. WelliijK ,O« vv"'"anv. locution ol jrlnciDiiI nlaco of business. JOBS Broad .klaiid. Alttmeda Countv. State piven, that at. a vvuiuni irlncinal yjsJflgi Notice ootlne o v-it' r ' rw "\ tiiai, ut a Directors held on the "dav'pr. N6vem¥e"r.~ 19i 3 cents per share w;: capital stock of tin vable at 01 arv of said tils office, rooms . v, Oakland, Ah an As- lov- noon , ,, , »)Hdb on Novonibor. ijiog. In OBI ate of Emll Erlck nln iossment , en upon t ipratloii. Payable at once to ^ilKon. Sccretarv of said wolli '»n>panv. at his office .9. 10t>8 Broiidwttv. Oa.,.., 1 ,,,, „., tv. California. Anv stock U this aBseHttment shall remain 'AM!!' 1 " P,P t ne ninth day of Dncer iiOiS. will bo dcliuauent IIIKI advi id for sale at Publlo Auction and un BHH rmvment is made boforo. will be ISlA °" o the 28th diiv of December i!)(>», at 8 a. m.. to nay dellnaueut us soHBment tocothor with cost of udver and ex»onse of sale. Bv on ' cir r°O"i,(?iftC [ ' °l Birectors Office rooms 'iJTaml id. l?)?8 0 Broa(" om.«r ATumoda 6ountv - fei ed 'SorVh; Kern CoiinYv."state iraior flfild.l, he e office of the .... ttut court house. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Bakcrsfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET .jv.ii.0 iu vyiiiuuriii.i, Interest, and entato ckson, (loceaHptf. at, am! all the rlirht. Bessuel. Notion Is hereby aduiinlHt ter of o Kstat lllo. deceased^ of Alex- or the transaction of said estate. sflpld nnty. nliicu ue«a or DESIRB BESSUHILLK Administrator of the Estate ot Alexander BeBsuellle. rVKieased. Dated November 19. 1908T 11-19 An undivided on»«|j»hth tntoroat ta J'tH ]rf/ ,2. J. 4. and Bin Mellon 0. town- Jhln 80 B. ranife 21 B. SUD. B. aad if. <qnwinine 160 acres more or leua. ^ DELONEOHA MOT SPRINGS. ""Most remancaoia mineral spring* in California. An aoaoiute care for RHHUMATI8M miles from BaKeraQeU is 31«rra Nevada Mountains. Ftaa man m«r climate. Good acconunodatfeiM, Ternu reasonable, stage tenv*» Safe •Mfleld Thursday rnoratogv between i and 9 o'clock from Ar» 4icto« ••• nd t» lourtroom. Denarlment 1. Of .. at the Court House. ]» ty of Kern. State ol CtUllo been annulmcd ;IH the time 1'pr proviim the will of tMldenieiBter, n siiid Court. lioiition of H' ice to him of .Thps. :ht i rle oner. L. MILLER. Cl«tt BOB. Scott. 3~ Nov. 19. A. D. 1908. SUMMONS .In the Suoerlor f JCejn..^tate of the Counter 'ornla. aMrt- * flUUKCUD. JW^i^tlfJT Vfl. SR^«»' ow Oil Company. pefendanL_ Action proueht In the o«rt oT the County of Ken omla. and the Comohvi inly, of .Kem. In. . la send tomnany. You are suDiirlor ,.„,. _llver -..'encfant. . M A lereby reaulred to Complaint aa ansinK uDonT3onti Ty wJthe*cqurt Tor any < jmandeS In the Comnmlii.-. _ SB my "hand and" the ma. mf Superior C»«rf of. the. .Countv.ot .ern. State of ' L Np.vember. ^- T — Whltalier.' Afii6rney"for" „ _ Causf: In,the Snnerfor Court of the ofJCenuZStote of Califprafa. _ TV wCHDlkenB. PJaJouff. vs .... „. ._ rallfprnla,^and" to answer pled therein, within rlor , ,te of. A> "L7MtLLER, Cl«lc. Geo. E. Whltaker.Atty for Pltff. *? DOQ LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby eiven to all ions owning and keeptne doss, :he limits of the City of Bakers! :nat License Taes tor the year „ ire now ready for delivery at tls* now ready for deliven i of the City Clerk. In th Producers 8»vlns.s Ban v d . fwfi 1 KB found i of Producers Savines Bank bui and on after the 15th dav of . arv. I will nroceed to impound.— does found runnintr on the streets uW* are not weannK the license tae BJB e year j> ^ Poundmastor. Dated January 9. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sprlncfield Oil O if nrf-^--' leld rlncOeld rincipal Dl . Califoin Notice Is horebv clven f the Director or November Is tine of rd dav Com lace of business ila. r $ w th (2 th panv. Local**, i. Bauer*,-en that )rs held 01 r. 1908. n.1 that st-m OH th» sessment of two (2) cents per .,„,.. -.apital Bloc lion, nayablf Immedljr ' tes tcolil coin to Urn t cornoratlon at offic e company, room 1. Producers Eb bank buildlnff. Bakersfleld. Anv stock upon which this au ment shaTl remain unpaid on the dav of December. 1908. will be lln^jjent and advertised for na!« an and un '. will ne f lar.v. 1909. as levied upon tho capital st< e. corDoratu United Sta I tarv of saw cornoratjoii su ors ?• I nL ,- _ttt Tig sold" on the 5 <jE guent blic auction do be pub undo bejcre. ,av of January. . . , llnauent assosmont. toeether with outt of advortlsfne and e By order of me B . T. LIGHT unless pavyien t<? - Iiiiv vi\i e «^ f sale. xpense d o . . , Secret Ofilce. room No. 1. Producers eu Bank Dulldlnir. Corner iflth a reets. Bakorsfleld. California. neu stree TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that A* axes on all personal property, one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable om second Monday In October, and >e delinquent on the last Monday te November next theraft«r, at 6 o'clock >. m., and unless paid prior themta Ifteon per cent will be added te tta amount thereof, and that If saM <*»»• alf bo not paid before the last iay In April next, at 6 o'clock 9. an additional five per cent wlSl fee added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-haJf 05 he taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the first Menday in January next, and will be 4«- inquent on the last Monday l n Apt® next thereafter, at 8 o'clock p. »„ and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to tte* amount thereof. 2. That all taxes mar be paid ei he time th first Installment, as here- n provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In tft* ifflce of the Tax Collector la tbe ounty courthouse between the tciwt if 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. -m.-Ktd P. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. H. DAT, Tax Collector M Kern County, Callfornl*. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. for thi rnia. n e uperior Court in ami I Jojinty of Kern. State of Callfo la the mailer oripe estate of ^-..pWnln. deceased. _5TqticelB"nereby clven J«v tl n. deceased, to all persons havinit sufd deceased, the noros ur months this notice, to tor at uie offloe. rooms p. and .7 ine b In the d y of Kern. .S me. of DUBrnoBs o

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