The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 26, 1971 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1971
Page 5
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V K11.) A Y, V !•: B It I 1 A K Y 26,1971 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE TELEVISfON SCHEDULE 6:00 O (» Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O Big News : IB Eyewitness Newt GD What 1 . New »:30 0° Daniel Been* Fierce pride and an. independent spirit cause a stubborn widow to resent ' help. - _ O Early Report (Cont'd) O Big Newt (Cont'd)' IB ABC Newt 83 Misrerogers 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O NBC Newt 0 CBS Newt © Beat the'Clock B3 The French Chef Repeat of Wednesday's . show. 7:30 O Petticoat Junction "Deor Minervo."' O High Chaparral . An all out Indian war is threat- ended wben a wounded Apache • leader is held hostage at the Cannon Ranch. O Interns A vetem boxer mokes a ...surprising comeback, but his longtime friend Dr. Barrin suspects that the fight handlers are dosing him .with" stimulants. *© - Brady Bunch Bobby is in" competition to "-win anything, when he realizes thot . iSe is the only Brady who has never won a trophy. Book Beat 'Repeat of Monday's program. 8:00 43 Truth or Consequences '. O Chaparral .(Cont'd) © Interns (Cont'd) © Nanny and Professor The Everett children find a passport issued to Phoebe Fingalily in'1875 ond believe that Nanny is obout 'to celebrate her 107th birthday. . - E3 Making Things Grow 8:30 . • O' What's My Line'. O Name of the Game Glenn" goes to Italy to write a . feature story and becomes the. unwilling central' figure in a feud between two Sicilian families. O Andy Griffith Andy refuses to "fix -his sister-in- • lows jaywalking ticket, but she won't.admit it to her friends. (Q Partridge Family The Partridges give a ride to a teen-oge girl who turns out to be. a runowoy fleeing from the police.. 03 <B) The Standwellt Isabelle and Garonce" read -the. letters of Queen Elizabeth I and Wary, Queen of Scots. 9:00 O David Frost David welcomes Mel Torme, George Lindsey and Shelley Du- • vail. , O Nam* Gam* (Cont'd) • O Friday Night Movie ' "Shone" "(1953), with Alan Ladd and Jeon Arthur. Former gunfighter, determined to establish a peaceful life, must strop on his gun again in defense of homesteaders when a range war threatens. © That Girl Lev, Don's prospective father-in-. law is insulted at Don's bachelor . party ond storms out. E3 Fanfora . Repeat of Sunday's program. . 9:30 ' O Frost (Cont'd) O Noma Game (Cont'd) O MoVia (Cont'd) © Odd Couple Pelik and Oscor try to find the source of ah ugh bankroll flaunted by their 11 -year-old neighbor. • ED Fanfare (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd). " Strange Report Ham poses as : a ..prospective heart donor to trop a foreign dictator who hos come to London seeking on illegal transplant operation. O* Movie "(Cont'd) © Lave, American Style Tammy Grimes, - Dick Sargent,. . Herm'ione Gingold, Nanette Fa- bray'and Phyllis Diller star in three tales of love, E9 " T °y The* Grew ' "The Making of Broncho Billy." 10:30 O Local Newt O Strang* Report (Cont'd) ' O Movie (Cont'd) © Love (Cont'd) . S3 (B) Toy That-Grew (Cont'd) 11:00 O (B) Nightmor*.Theater ' VThem" ' (1954), starring James Whitmore ond Joan Weldan. Investigation of mysterious killings by local police result in further . federal) . research. Also: "The Curse of Nostradamus" (1965), .with Jemnon Rabies. O Final Report O Local News © Eyewitness Newt 11:30 O (B) Nightmare (Cont'd) O Tonight Show O (B) Lote Show "Hud" (1963), with Paul Newmon ond Potricia NeaU A young . man, whose hard life is o revolt' . ogainst is' father, becomes the idol of his teen-age nephew. © Dick Cavctt TV, Sat 6:30 d (B) Hootier Roundup O Sunrise Semester ••• 7:00 O (B) Roundup (Cont'd) O Heckle ond Jeckle O Town ond Country . . © Time for Timothy • • _ • 7:30 . O Lessons for Living O Woody Woodpecker O Jettons © Agritcope 8:00 P Cool McCool ' 0 Three Stooges O Bugs Bunny © Here and Now 8:30 . O.Popeye O Sfooget (Conttd) O Bunny (Cont'd) © Safety Corner 9:00 O Popeye (Cont'd) B Fun Club O Sahrina © Lancelot Link 9:30 O Underdog Q Fun Club (Cont'd) O Sabrina (Cont'd) © Lancelot (Cont'd) 10:00 . O Sampson © Dr - Doolittle O Jotic and Pussycats © The Real Jerry.Lewis • 10:30 .','|'| O Cowboy Bob *3 Pink Panther "O Globetrotters © The Double Deckers 11:00 O Focus O Children's Theater "Circus Town"- This production was filmed in . Peru, Ind., where each year, more then 2,000 local citizens unite, their efforts to present, a full-length circus. - O Archie Fun House © Hot Wheels 11:30 O TBA O Theater (Cont'd) O Archie (Cont'd). © Sky Hawks 12:00 O Favorite Hymns ' . O Hot Dog- O Clowning Around © Motor Mouse' 12:15 O Hoosier Hinterland 12:30 O Roller Derby O Jek Lino O Clowning (Cont'd) © Hardy Boys 1:00 O Roller De.-by (Cont'd) O Bible Telecaurte O Flying Machines © American Bandstand 1:30 O College Basketball Jacksonville ot Houston. ; O Tclecourse (Cont'd) O Roads to Learning © Bandstand (Cont'd) 2:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O.Sfci Championships O Big Ten Basketball Northwestern at Indiana. ©' American Sportsman 2:30 CI Basketball (Cont'd) O Ski Championships (Cont'd) O Basketball (Cont'd) © Amer. Sportsman (Cont'd) 2:45 (D Sports Line 3:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Ski Championships (Cont'd) O Basketball (Cont'd) © Bowlers Tour 3:30 O Outdoors O Wild Kingdom O Basketball (Cont'd) ' © Bowlers Tour (Conrldl 4:00 O Purdue Basketball Michigan State at Purdue. • O Cesar's World -•© Early Show © Bowlers (Cont'd) 4:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Bill Anderson O'Early Show (Cont'd) © PGA Golf Third round of play from Polm. Beach Gardens, Fla. LUCK Sectional Team! 5:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Wilburn Brothers O Sarly Show (Cont'di © Golf (Cont'd) 5:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Porter Wagoner O Early Show (Cont'd' © Golf (Cont'd) 6:00 O Dick Van Dyke Q Early. Report ' O. Flying Nun © Wide World Sports World Figure Skating Champion- chips from Lyon; France. 6:30 CJ Daniel Boone Ed Ames stors in a double role> as friendly Mingo and'olso cs his savage brother. O NBC Newt O Local Newt fQ World Sports (Cont'd! 7:00 I •T Daniel Boone (Cont'd 1 O Death Valley Days O CBS News © World Sports (Cont'd: . 7:30 O Star Trek When Kirk and his landing party arrive on Gamma Hydra Four' they cge at an incredible rate. O Sectional Highlights John Totten is host on this program previewing. the two teams scheduled to play in the upcoming Indianopolis Sectional championship gome. O Mission Impossible Andrew Duggan portrays a multi-_ millionaire militarist whose son defected behind the Iron Curtain. © Lawrence Welk 8:00 y O Star Trek (Cont'd) O Sectional Basketball This is the first, week in the four-week long Indiana High School. Bosketbalf Tourney. O Mission (Cont'd) © Welk (Cont'd) 8:30 Q. Saturday Night Movie "McClintock" (1963), with Johr Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. There is marital duel between o straight shooting, rough, cattle baron and a woman having more reservations than a Comanche • real estate agent. ' O Basketball (Cont'd) O My^Three Sons A beautiful young woman manipulates the Douglas moles while the womenfolk do a slow burn. © Pearl Bailey Show Guests ore Perry i Comb, B° B. i. King and The Little Step. 9:00 O Movie (Cont'd) ' O Basketball (Cont'd) . O Arnie When Arnie's unmarried sister arrives from out of town, Arnie manages to arrange a date for her with' his bachelor boss. © Pearl Bailey (Cont'd) 9:30 O Movie (Cont'd) O Basketball (Cont'd) O Mary Tyler Moore A young man falls for Rhoda, but. she and Mary ore concerned about his business connections. © Johnny Cash Billy Graham, Mohalia Jackson The Blackwood Brothers, Stuart Homblin. Staple Singers and the Oak Ridge Boys join John. 9:45 O Sectional Scoreboard 10:00 CI Movia (Cont'd) Q Engelbftt Humperdinck Engtebert is host to Shirley Bassey, Vince Edwards, and Stiller ond Meora. O Mann™ A young heiress.believes that her forher's murderer is still at large and pleads with-Monnix to find him. : i © Johnny Cosh (Cont'd) 10:30 . O Movie (Cont'd) O Humperdinck (Cont'd) O Mennis (Cont'd) © Eyewitness News { 11:00 O Local News ' Q Final Report . O Local N*ws © Saturday Movie "Mary, Mary" (1963), • starring . Debbie Reynolds ond Borry Nelv son. Also; "Mambo" (1-955). with Silvona Mangano and Shelley Winters. And: -"Blowing W.ld" (1953!. with Gory Cooper ond Barbara Stanwyck. Plus: "Mod Dog Coll" (1961), with Telly Savdlas and John Chancer. 11:30 O (B) John Wayne Movio "Lawless Range" (1935), with John Wayne and Sheila Manners. John and the posse save the ranchers. O This Is Your Life INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The Indiana Legislature has reached the time of painful. decision over such irreconcilable issues as whether teachers and public employes have a right to strike, whether nonproperty taxes should be increased and whether a direct primary is better than political convention for candidate selection. The lawmakers sparred with all three of these issues and others Wednesday and may settle some of them before the week ends. The House managed to perform a parliamentary impossible by rejecting both majority and minority reports Wednesday on a bill providing: for school board-teacher negotiations. The bill, which bans strikes by teachers, was returned to the Education Committee. Another bill that covers public employes, which might in- . elude teachers and does not bar a strike, was recommended by the House Labor. Committee Feb. 16 but has not been handed down as yet by Speaker Otis- R. Bowen. Ttis is the measure" that both Robert H. Wyatt, executive director of the Indiana State Teachers Association, and Robert Thornberry, executive of the Indiana Federation of Teachers, normally competitors, jointly are backing. Rail Law Debated ' The Senate also was involved in a long debate over the issue of whether to repeal a 1937 law requiring railroad trains to have six crew members. The so-called "full crew" law received an[inconclusive vote of 22 for repeal, 24 against and can be brought back again anytime in the next three days. The five - bill Republican House tax package, now divided with three bills in the Senate and two left in the House also was on .today's agenda. Bowen said that be expects to hand down the local option tax bill in the House this afternoon providing all 53 Republican representatives are present. This bill would allow counties to impose a 1 per cent kincome, tax. as. an alternate to.- property tax for local govern-,, mental expenses. The Senate has the bills to increase sales and income taxes statewide as a replacement for - kproperty taxes and a control bill whose intended purpose is to keep property taxes down, once- lowered. Sen. Walter Helmke, R-Fort Wayne, chairman of the taxation subcommit-. -tee of the Senate Finance Committee, scheduled a hearing today on the control bill. Vigorous Battles Develop ! The vigor with which opponents and proponents are beginning to battle over major pending legislation was an indication that the 1971 session is more than half-way to adjournment. The- Republican House tax package, with three bills ii the Senate and two still in the House, still held major interest, as does apportionment and election law changes. "on, Charles E. Bosnia, R- Beech Grove, chairman of the Senate Elections Committee, told fellow lawmakers that the committee will meet today "to consider the direct primary concept and a bill to control the length of time -during' which candidates may make use of purchased advertising for political campaigns." He indicated the proposed legislation will be O (Bl Late Show "The Joker Is. Wild" (1°57), with Frank Sinatra and Jean Croin. Life of Joe E. Lewis.."Also; "Blood of the Vampire'": (1958), with Donald Wolf it. Blood-letting story. © Movit (Cont'd) 12:00 Q The Movie ''Rio Bravo" (1959), starring John Wayne, Dean Mortin, Rick.Nel-; . son and Wolter Brennan as the • ' sheriff and his trusty deputies.'. Also; 'The River's Edge" (1957),! with Ray Milland and Anthony! Quinn. 12:45 O Wrestling BOWNTOWN TWTON 12 oz. bottles plus dep. SPECIAL DR. PEPPER Friday - Saturday - Sunday $ 1 79 case SUPER 100 East Edge of Tipton 1 State Road 28? reported out "of committee so the Senate can consider the direct primary till next week. . Bosnia said he was aware "most people are of the opinion" that a direct primary bill would never be reported out of his committee. But he said that the delay has been due to efforts of his committee to "determine some way of controlling the filing for office and the expenses of campaigning for that office." "We've stumbled upon an idea that seems to have some merit," Bosma said. "Let candidates spend all the money they wish or that they can raise but place a limitation on th'e time during ! which they may spend it." L Lively Debate Erupts A short time after Bosma spoke the lively debate over the depression-years full-crew law d in the Senate. Sen. Robert L. Sheaffer, R-Shelbyville, one of the repeal bill's authors, described dramatically how diesel trains, crossing the United States, must be halted near the Ohio line to take on a fireman who has been hauled to the| state line by taxicab. He "said the fireman rides across the state of Indiana and gets off on the Illinois border. "It . is rathr \ ridiculous," Shaeffer concluded.* Sen. Earl Wilson, R-Bedford,a former congressman, told the senators that he j once worked three yeats on the railroad and was aware of the changes that IT IS IK DIFFERENCE OF HEIGHT! •£06 IS A CLOUD ON EftKTH J.j CLOUD IS *V FQg IN THE SVC/fi} THIS CONDITION IS GENERALLY ASCRIBED TO OVERWORK AND OVERSTUDy I IS ALUMINUM A BA51C METftL ok AN ALLpy WHAT COUNTRY* HAS ^ THE MOST VOLCANOES ? SAM SALVADOR.IH cwtRou AMWICA"., 2THASMORe fltflSlf VOLCANOES 1rtAN| ANN 01HW COUritRV flNOiflgRg (K& flUWANw ONE OR MORE IVl Vl£W i - automation could bring about to of the fact the repeal bill pro- reduce costs. He warned oppo- poses that no existing railroad nents of the measure that they employes be laid off, he vfelt will be adding a $10 surcharge certain ther'e would be a layoff on each freight car crossing In-' of 4,000 men, diana if a pending petition be- Sen; William Christy, D-Ham fore the Interstate Commerce. monaV suggested tfiat the addi Commission is granted. tional "eyes •'. This petition was filed by the buted to the major eastern railroads recent- iy. : • / " Tais means a lot to the economy of Indiana," Wilson said. "Let's get rid of this reather- bedding. Let's get in step with other states." But Sen. Herman Fanning, D- Terre Haute, charged that the ICC. j petition is "legislative blackmail.". Fanning said that regardless Now You Know By United Press International The brightness of the moon from, the earth equals that of a 100 candle power lamp viewed from' 22 yards. watching" contri- safety, regardless of what work] the fireman does. Wilson-returned to the microphone waving . a 'clipping in which Christy was mentioned as a, candidate | fjor' Hammond mayor and said j'i recommend you for that job. SERVICI 122 WJaffersoi 675-2540 •Tune-up * Washing •Braka Service * Lubxlcation I "Raindrops kept falling on our heads" (hen if FROZE - THAWED - FELL SOME MORE! water, COME PREPARED TO HAUL We got During the recent rains and the freezing, thawing that followed, our store and warehouse floor was covered with Damage resulted to some furniture, rugs and bedd We've got to eliminate some of these items. J SMALL ITEMS * 30 Chairs 22 Loveseats * 4 Sofas * 11 bedroom suites * 4f£;Mattresse"s ( box springs ..twin and full size BONUS We are going fopuf qi FACTORY FRESH I of our ofher FURNITURE DOUBLi BARRELED SAVINCSI FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED of course - E-Z terms can be arranged

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