The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 10
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Briefs— Mack Takes Action to Contest Izard County's Election Return By The Associated Press MELBOURWE—State Sen. Y. M. Mack of Mooreffeld says "gross tnegularltlei apparent in the unofficial returns of Izard County" hava cauc»d him to begin legal proceedings to contest, the vote in the 18th Dttrict Senatorial race. Mack lost the Senatorial nomination to Sen. Ocvtlle Cheney of Calico Hock—whose liome Is In Jzord County. Izard County's voters cast 3,464 votes in the race although only J,376 poll tax receipts were issued. Cheney led Mack by 745 votes In complete returns from tho 3- county district, 342 votes less than (lie 1,038 vote difference. Cheney &a!d Wednesday he knew nothing of any vote discrepancy. Meanwhile, at Malvcrn, Circuit Judge Ernest Manor said he had received reports of voting irregularities In the July M Democratic preferential primary. Yesterday lie asked the Hot Spring County Grand J«*r — meeting in regular session — to Investigate the reports. Union Carpenters Back at Jobs in Littlt Rock LITTLE HOCK—Union carpenters went back to work, on construction Jobs in Little Rock and North tattle Rock today with a new wage agreement calling for a raise of 17 1-2 cents an hour. Tlie AFl, carpenters, members of Local 690, reached the agreement with (he Labor Committee of the Associated General Conlracl- OM yesterday, ending a 4-day strike. Associaled's committee—b.iretiinluj; flgent for most Greater Llttie Rock contractors, announced (he new agreement in a statement. "The Labor Committee has agreed to sign an application to the Construction Industry stabilization Committee requesting approval of » raise in wages lor Journeymen corpentcrs from $2 per hour to $2,17 1-2 per hour," said the statement. "If approved the raise will take effect In the first full payroll period after approval Is given." Earthquake Recorded Somewhere Near Arkansas KAYETTEV1LLE—The operator of a government seismograph nt the University of Arkansas here says an earthquake was reported yesterday within a 220 mile radluj of Fnycttevllle. Jo» case, the operator, said the earthquake, with half the intensity of a recent earth tremor In Oklahoma, occurred in the Temiessec-Ar- fcaiUEiE-Missourl area of Oklahoma. AFL's Top Men to End Meeting Today; Traditions Are Broken Bjr JOHN BAUSMAN ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. tin — The .American Federation of Lahor'B top men wind up a five-day meeting today which has planned tradition-shattering events for the APL'fi 71st annual convention. Never before has the AFL nsked candidates for president to epcak at its na?3nal meeting. Yesterday, however. Invitations were wired [o Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower and Democrat Adlal E. Stevenson. This might lead the federation, which for many years has shunned taking sides in presidential campaigns, to break another tradition and name a favorita nominee. Another new event was added to the convention program when the AFL Executive Council yesterday decided to Invite n fraternal dclc- gnle from (he International Confederation of Fee Tade Unions. H will be nsked to address the 15 In New York. AFL president wlllJain Clreen said the decision to put an ICPru delegate on Iho program was based on advice of the APL International Relations Committee. The APL had a falling out with the iujTU over n year ngo. It opposed cerlain other members who wanted to admit Yugoslav labor unions. There were other points of disagreement on Ihe organizational level. However, niter a recent conference wllh the international group's top officers, the committee decided tho API, should consider resuming an active role in Ihe ICFTU. Te AFI, wns one of the founders Murder Trial 'Slow Moving' Only 2 Witneite, Heard So Far in Child Poisoning Ca»e WETOMPKA. Ala. W)_Thc slow- moving day-old murder trial of Mrs Earle Dcnnl.son, charged with pois- ,*?£}}" "" ant 1>lecc ' Preceded methodically today with only two witness heard from tlm.s far Court, was called for 9 a.m. CS1 after an overnight recess > Although the Irlal at 9 oclock yesterday morning, It was almost seven hours later before testimony started, after attorneys and Circuit JudKc Oakley Melton »ad finished tho painstaking lob Of qualifying- and s (rlWi|<r a Jury. Women are barred by law from Jury duly in Alabama. The former operating room nurse at Wclumnkn General Hosnltal )• eharKed wit), Ktvtaf fnta , doscs oj arsenic to two small nieces — one ?. !S "™ r] " " lrec *""•« ago and the other last May 1. nut she Is DpIiiB tried now on i y for the dcalh of the latter child, ciirly-hnircd 2- yeir-oM Shirley niann Weldon »hcUier (lie 54-year-oW widow will be nrowuted nl«o for the nois- onlng of Shirley's sister. Polly Ann will depend on (lie outcome of her first trial. Polly was two years old when she died. The parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. O O Weldon of rural Claud Community near Wctumnka, were the only wlt- nesww heard yesterday. Both tosti- led that Shirley Dlnnn became violently ill nflcr she drank two soft drinks given her by the visitine aunt. (ARK.) COURBPt of the ICFTU n , 0 ,, B wuh , tte CIO and other free trade unions which were unable to gel along \vilh tho Communists in the World Federation of Trade Unions. The AFL has maintained Its Rescue Crew Hauling Body Up from Cave L1CQ-ATHERY, France ln->— Rescue workers today began the sad task of hauling the broken body of a young French underground explorer from the 1,000-foot deep Pyrenees mountain cave in which he fell to his death. The victim, 33-year-old Marcel Lessens, died !ast night as a death- defying rescue team was about to try hoisting him by cable from a ledge where he had lain In m coma nearly 36 hours. Dr. Andrew Malrey, a fellow explorer of the earth's depths, had been towered Into the fissure—one of the world's deepesU-to try to bring the unconscious man to the surface. Working desperately on the narrow shelf In the dark wet hole. Mairey managed to strap Loubcns to a stretcher. But the explorer cited shortly afterwards from his injuries and the bitter cold. , v , ,^.144 ^.jj i jit niv t\f LI nas mnlntiiiipn it« approximately 700 .«, 800 delegates membership despite ?hed, nB rc" to the convention which opens Sept. merits. msngree- Romantic Old Man Who Loved In Death Is Laid in Grave ZEPHYRHJLL, PI a. (/PI — A romantic old man who believed bis love for a young woman was stronger than death Itself lay Iti a simple grave today near a life- size replica of the girl. Even at S3 Karl Tanzler. who liked to be called Dr. Karl Tangier von Cosel, did everything ho could to keep alive his love for the beautiful Elena Mesa. Officers searching the cluttered little house where the old German X-ray technician was found dead Wednesday discovered n wax replica of Elena's body and a wax Image of her head. Both were skillfully mi , d e and, tile features were faithful reproductions of pictures of the girl ( found in albums bearing such titles' as "The Secret of the Tomb" a n d I "Elena in the Battle of Life." i Not far from the house a handful of neighbors watched Thursday while Tanzlcr was buried beside his daughter Crystal, who died In her teens. Tamlcr's wife, Dr-ris a nurse In Kiintlngton Woods Mich wns unable to attend. The bearded, white - h.iired old mm took with him to the B ravc the srrrrt of what really did'hap- pen to Elena's body. Tangier fell in love win, the cirl a lie wnrki-x in a hn-.pital at Kcv West., \\hen she rliod of lubcrcu- fi-or.i her family to hn:td a vault, i tor her In !!>.» ritv r»me;crv Ei!:ht years bsrr. In '19-iO Ihe body ua? found in Tanzlor's slnck dressed in „ ,,,., : ii,. e ,,. ; ,rionicd wi(hP jewel?, re -i'!» ,n a canomrd bed. ™ r « wwc fresh {lowers in her TTiizicr tow dram in. ho sorriind- ed her nmMly with a pipe nrean he ronsinvlsd nntl phnm-ii (o'fly Elena had first been Interred. No one knew where Rlcna was finally buried. Her family now dead, kept it secret and "Tanzler never (old anyone. Horse Gets Wrong Door JIT. VERN'O.Y, III. (in—The owner of Billy the horse was proud of Billy's cute Irick of opening gates and doors. Dut Billy finally opened the wrong one. I. B. Morgan's trained horse mailed open the door of Morgan's wheat granary. Billy and his team mate, Beaut, ate their fill, tilled up with water, swelled up and died. The whooping crane, believed to bo the tallest bird in the United Stales, is six fcr.l. lc:-.g. York C ting a ' HOURS—Six-year-old Maxine Hudncr. of New ity. plugs mlo a miniature switchboard without over cct- wrons number." rhe board was one of the novelties displayed at Ihe Toy Guidance exhibit in New York Louisiana Democrats Predict Large Vote for Eisenhower NEW ORLEANS f/J>) _ Two slate Democratic leaders predict a mass nlgralion across Louisiana party ines to Gen. Dwlght Eisenhower, he Rcpublicnn presidential nominee. Gov. Robert Kennon conceded hat the Republicans might carry his traditionally Democratic state in the Nov. 4 general election. Kcn- :ion is a strong states rights Democrat and has not expressed his choice of candidates. N. B. Cnrstarphen of Shreveport, chairman of the Democratic state Central Committee, said yesterday :hat telegrams and telephone calls le has received show a "great" percentage of the Democrats want to r ote for Eisenhower." GOP Numbers S.OOO Louisiana has more than a mil- Ion Democrat,-; and 2.000 registered Republicans. Gov. Thomas Dewey of New York polled 72.000 votes us he GOP nominee In 1948. when xmislana broke with President 'nimnn and the States Rights ticket carried the state. "The Republicans are In a strong- :r position (n Louisiana than they have been for years." Kennon said. Tied closely to the question of Democrats voting Republican ts the meeting Wednesday at Baton Rouge of the State Central Committee, which must decide whether to list the Stevenson - Sparkman ticket under the rooster— Louisiana's traditional Democratic symbol. The newspaper New Orleans Slates reported yesterday "there has been wide talk that the Central Committee would atempt to have Democratic electors listed alphabetically on the ballot without party symbols." Thi.s would give voters a chance to support Eisenhower without formally voting Republican. Story Called Erroneouj Carstarphen had no comment on (he story. He also called erroneous a States story yesterday quoting him as saying the Central Committee would mak-e It as easy as possible for Democrats to cast their ballots for the Republican presidential nominee. Kennon declined to-glve his views on the Democratic slate of Illinois Gov. Adlal Stevenson and Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama. With a smile and a wave of his hand, the governor commented "I have said if Truman were the Democratic nominee, I would not support him." He would not elaborate. Before the Democratic National Convention In Chicago, Kennon told reporters "If the Democrats come up with an unpalatable candidate or platform, (hen I would have more than a passing interest In the Re- 'Girlie Bumps' Draw Snickers Official Gives Version Of Show by 'Tirxa, The Wine Bath Girl' NEW YOHK W-A license Inspector, smiling sheepishly, did "bumps" and "grinds" Thursday before a snickering audience at B public hearing. It was his version of what he saw at a Coney Island girlie show. License Commissioner Edward T McCaffrey was holding a hearing on whether the license of the "Tirza. the Wine Bath Girl" show should be permanently lifted on grounds of staging an immodest and immoral performance. Supervising Inspector Humbert J Satrlano testified that the show-' girls made naughty movements. Directed to demonstrate, lie arose from the witness stand and performed. He drew a smile from Miss Loftna Duval, operator of the show She told newsmen that the Inspector's performance had "no beauty" because it was "exaggerated." Rltrhno, who happened to over- hcnr thh, declared to newsmen that in his 16 years in the department he had seen roughly 5.000 "bumps" At the hearing, Satriano dpfin-d bumps" r,s "a sudden sporadic flu'ust of the Jo ,ver torso" and ermds" as "a rhythmic gyration 01 the lower torso " Napoleon III Letter Found by Italians i BOLOGNA, Italy (/!>>—The document for which France has been looking for the past 80 years has been discovered in the archives of a fount here. The document Is the signed letter with which Napoleon HI last emperor of Prance, surrendered at Sedan to wilhelm I of Germany. The document disappeared from the German court between 1872 and 1875. The letter says: "Mister my brother, as I was unable to die in the midst of my troops, I have only to hand ms sword in the hands of Your Majesty. I am, of Your Majesty, the good brother—Napoleon " Tlie document belongs to the two sons of the late attorney Francesco Galli, Gallo Quinto and Qallo Quarto. AtrGtJST IB, M«« Read Courier News. Classified Ads publican choice." Few Republicans have gone so far as to predict that Louisiana, will give Eisenhower a majority vote however. ' The slate has not gone Republican in a presidential election since 1876 when Rutherford B. Hayes turned the trick in a contested election. "'"' v-nrt- lo life The romnmtc technician was tried tor dUt;.rbir. B r > crave ie quitted and left ,„,„, As ^ C;! ,.^ e away from Key West, on exnlo- sion destroyed the vault in which MSO 100 PROOF BOTT1ED IN BOND YELLOWSTONE INC., LOUISVILLE, KY. MACHINE WORKS fHfit MET»L SHOP ucHJHAl ITCH . 0*1 AND (UawK WILDINO . GIN Mf AIM . UACKtMrTH IN4 • HADOWAIII • MACHIW ARKANSAS PHONES: Dqy 3142; Night 6153 J. Louis Cherry Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY In Mississippi County 9 YEARS New York Life Has Been In Arkansas 106 Years Khan Visits Rita Haywortl For 5 Hours in Early Morning HOLLYWOOD (A-) _. Prince Aly later today but "no n to a «ve-h<nir visit his only reply when " with his estranged wife Rita Hayworth soon after he arrived here last night, but when the meeting broke up early today their reconciliation question remained unanswered. Appearing glum as he left the red haired actress' home at 2:38 a.m. PDT, the prince said only "I talked with Rita and saw our daughter who Is beautiful." He said another visit Is planned Rhee Is Cheered In Inauguration SEOUL. Korea (ff> — Thousands in this war-ruined capital cheered wrinkled syngman Rhce today os he was inaugurated to his second term as president of Soutli Korea He promised "no rest" until the Communists are licked The 77-year-old President, reelected Aug. 5 in South Korea's first popular presidental election proclaimed during open-air ceremonies that Korea's "first charge remains upon the battlefield" He added that his long-range aim and that of the u. S. and the U N' is "the restoration of all Korea as a free. Independent, united and democratic nation." i . Frank Costeflo To Jail Today NEW YORK m-Frank Costello gambling overlord who sidestepped the law for 37 years, goes to jail today for contempt of the United States Senate. "^?' swart "y. Italian-born will surrender to a U s marshal this morning. Then he'll trade his luxurious Manhattan apartment, Long i s i and mansion and custom-tailored clothes for a jail cell and drab prison garb mm ... 'lf "" 1 ' f a - — r-j -T..^,, oaii conciliation WBS possible Aly arrived by plane' last nlo and a few hours later, shorn? K fore mlrlniiri!*. „.„„» 4- r . u > b went - o-.-. ,,^,11. tu VISIt in her Beverly Hills home The prince had parried qiiestin of when he was going (o meet 11 shapely actress, apparently to ih, newsmen and photo 8 raplier« o " (0 the > hei iJ 0 / £°" rse rm eoin he told reporters at e But he wouldn't say when Th J he drove off with Charles Via movie director. flc Baggage weighing 175 pounds f n 'owed the prince off (he plane T° eluded were five big package's toys for y asmln , who' has bee with Rita since the actress left i> PHnce In Europe several mom Twin Brother's Visits To Wife Keep Sailor Away Unnoticed LOS ANGELES lfP> - Rah,), H«ly. 25. went to sea Hiree ', Hcaly filed sm t fol . divorce v brolher charglns! ' llis identical' t, ited his wife during'his* a'b'wr Hcaly's wifr. Grace, sued lor voree recently, charging „„. and desertion B rlle Pay your Courier News carrier boy tomorrow. 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