Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1895
Page 6
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' $7.50 for a $15 Suit. Black Clay Worsted, Blue Cheviots and Fifty Other Styles! $15.00 SUITS FOR $7.5O. Can you realize it? Can you believe it? Over-production the cause, also short of cash. We told you we had mace an offer on 5OO /suits, the surplus of a Chicago Manufacturer. There are about 50 lots of sacks and cutaways, medium long and extra long : fashionably csifc Think of it! 50 styles of suits, all wool, all colors. Choice of all $7.50. Just stop a moment in passing our store. We will get out as many different styles as our space will permit, $7.50 for choice of any suitin the lot. You can't believe it! you can't understand it! $7.50 for choice although some are worth $20 and none less than $15. $2O value for $7.50, think cf it! can you grasp it? Imported Clay Worsted, the real stuff, included in this sale, equal to $30 Custom Made Suits for $7.5O. There are too many Clothing Stores in Logansport, therefore to hold the trade it has taken years to establish, we give our patrons tihe above wonderful values. We Must Do It Or Trade Will Scatter. Our March Sale of Fine Suits at $9 50 took like wild-fire. This sale will be ten times greater, because it's right in season and the '"OTTO KRAUS, "OF COURSE." it naturally follows that we must reduce the Boy'sfand Children's Clothing, Shoes and all Regular Stock in proportion. DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MOllNiNG, MAT 5 White shirts, 8 cents; cuffs, per i -coats; collars, 2 contfl. Cut ;-j»rlco8—Loo Wah Slop. 250 do^en underwear sold yesterday irt ihe Trade Palace. No wonder, auch Sow prices. "Como again Bessie, tho 12-year-old daughter of 3Br. aad Mrs, George M. Home of jfcthlehom township, Is reported dying. Buck's Patent Flexible Stamps are grcpsrlor to all others. 'Call or address i3eo. W. Lackey. Gon'l Ag't, Island \Vftw Hotel KslUblo agents wanted ot-onco. The ponalonora presented thoir -^Ouchers at the county clerk's office 788tsr(3ay. During 1 tho ensuing week .•about 35,000 in pensions will bedis- •.iributad hero. During 1 tho laat four years 0ra. ;3inatopher <fc Longenocker have treat- rf over 2,000 cases of female diseases with the new electrotype method, an so far as they know, without tailure o a permanent euro. Telephone No. 184 has been put i at Ed Dlehl's residence, and No. 151 a John B. Lux's lime office. Lost—Between S20 and $30 in tobacco pouch. Finder will leave a this office and receive reward. The Fort Wayne Inter-State ball team will go against the Logans port players this afternoon at th' Driving Park The Vurplllat divorce suit has been compromised at Winamac. The hue band gets the decree, and the ex batter-half secures $2,000 alimony. Pugilist Bob Fitzsimmons and his company will pass through the city to lay on a Pan Haadle special train on the way from Cincinnati to Chicago Monday night the princes of the Orient accompanied by their peerless band and with all their oriental bric- a-brac, will visit Marion for the pur. pose of instituting a lodgo at tha' city. Pure E*absolutely necessary in order to have food health. Tho greatest affliction of the human raco is impure blood. There nro about 2400 disorders incident to tho human frame, the large majority arising- from tlie impure or poisonous condition of tho blood. The best remedy for all blood dis- Jascs is found in Hood's Sarsaparilla. Its remarkable cures arc its loudest jnraise. It is not what vro say but • what Hood's Sariaparilla docs that •.Jells tho story. •}Nb remedy has ever had so marked success, or won such enormous sales. • Scrofula in its severest forms yields to'its potent powers, blood, poisoning and salt rheum and many other diseases are permanently cared by it. For a (pencral Spring Medicine to remove •those imparities which have accumulated during the winter, or to overcome 'That Tired Fueling-, nothing- equals " I wish to say that 3 years ago \ve had beautiful boy born to us. At the age of 11 months he breathed his lost, a victim to impure blood. On Aug. 4, 1S91, another boy wa« born, -who at tho age of two months became afflicted with the same disease. Wo believed tho trouble was constitutional, and not common sore mouth. I procured a bottle of Hood's Sarsapaiilla and commenced to give it regularly to both mother and baby. Improvement began at once. We have succeed in eradicating the scrofulous blood from the system and today we are blessed with a nice, fat baby boy, IS months old —the very . Picture of Health, all life and full ol mischief—thanta to Hood's Sarsaparilla. I am a minister In tho Methodist Protestant church, and it affords me much pleasure to recommend Hood's Ssrsapaiilla to all as a safe, sura remedy. Even my wife, after taJdngr Hood's, became healthy and fleshy and has tho bloom ot girlhood again." REV. J. M, PATE, Brootlino Station, Missouri. Sarsaparilla JAPAN'S KEPLY. Firmly Declines to Give Up Liao Tung Peninsula, Indicates That Matter Can Be Submitted for Subsequent Treaty Negotiations. ST. PETEBSBUBG, May 4.—The Eus- sian foreign office has received tho reply of the Japanese government to the protest made by Kussia against the occupation of the Liao-Tung- peninsula, winch would prevent Russia securing- an open port for the terminus of its trans-Siberian railroad. The report, while friendly in tone, is firm, and indicates no intention on the pa.rt of Japan to abandon any of the concessions made by China. It is indicated, that Russia's wishes in this matter can be submitted as a matter of subsequent treaty negotiations bet\veen Kussia and Japan directly. May 2iot JSo Katlflcd. YOKOHAMA, May 4.—The Bussian warships which were lately stationed at the treaty ports have left with scaled orders. It is not expected that the treaty of peace arrived at between China and Japan will bo ratified. ITcpuro fur Mcetlo-r at Cho Foo, Cire Foo, May 4.—The Chinese and Japanese plenipotentiaries are expected hero Wednesday, May S, in order to exchange the ratifications of the treaty of peace. Mr. John W. Foster, the American, adviser of the Chinese commissioners, will accompany the latter. Treaty of 1'eacc Roported I5»tlHct!i. OXDO*, May 4,—The Times has a dispatch from Shanghai that the emperor of China ratified the treaty of peace with Japan Thursday, and that Li Living Chang will at once proceed to Chec Foo to exchange ratifications with the Japanese representatives. Seeks Extension of Time. TOKIO, May •!.—China has asked that the time for changing ratifications of the treatj- of peace at Cue Foo, set for Mav S, be extended ten days. Ja;r>an ,ias* sternly refused to grant the request. The mikado has called out the ntire body of reserves, and the Hok- ^aido garrisons have been heavily rein- iorccd. Preparing for Dcuperato iAI^asurcs.: The foregoing dispatch foreshadows i refusal by Japan to regard Russia's jrotest against that part oi tie icaco. treaty which takes the Laip Tung peninsula from China a.nd ,-rres it to Japan. Russia has demanded that Japan answer the note of protest in which France and Germany joined by May 7—next Tuesday. The date, set for the exchange of treaty ratification at Che Foo is May 8—next Wednesday. China asked that the date of exchanging ratifications be put off until May 13_ Jaoan peremptorily refused to" postpone the time of making- the treaty effective, showing that her mind is made up as to what course to pursue. The calling out of all the reserves is equivalent to putting about every able bodied man in Japan under arms. The reinforcing of the Hokkaido garrisons means that Japan intends to bo ready for hostilities with Russia. A family Fljrlit. USICA, Ind., May 4.—A desperate family -fight occurred hero between Henry Burns and Charles and William James, in which Burns received injuries from the effects of which he is not expected to recover. A Boy Sbot. Ind., May 4.—Alfred Bonewitz, aged -8, shot and killed Rex Whitely, aged C, while the two were playing with an old gun. A Farmer Killed. COLUMBUS, Ind., May 4.—Frank Dill, a farmer, was struck by a Pennsylvania express train and instantly killed. , JULOWV 'JChis! We offer One HuDdred Dollars Reward for any aise ot Catarrh thtit cannot De cured 65' Ball's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY * CO., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the lost 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable la all business transactions and financially ab!e to carry out any obligation made br their firm. WKST & THUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0 WALDIKO. K.INWAM &• MABTIK, Wholesale Drug gift. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is taken liiternaUy, acting directly anon the blood and mucous surfaces ot the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by nil druggists. Testimonials tree. CouPoU, Kitchen Ijtovo, Death. BLAIKSVLLLE, Pa., May 4.—At noon Saturday Mary Murphy, a .young lady of Maple avenue, was burned to death by the explosion of an oil can, -with the contents of which she was starting a fire. She ran to the street covered with'flames. Several persons were severely burned in endeavoring to render aid. l,ord KiiBberly to Take a Kent. Loxitos. May 4.—The Pall Mall Gazette- says it -understands that Lord Kiinberly will temporarily relinquish the secretaryship of state for foreign affairs, and during his absence .Lord Rosebery will 'manage the affairs of the foreign office. Lady KlMlxrly Di_-:id. LOXDOS, May 4. — Ladr Knnberly, wife of the secretary of state for foreign affairs, is dead. She was a daughter of Itichard Ilobart. third earl of Clare, a title which is now extinct, and was married to the carl of Kimberly in 1S-17. ' Hlauketlng tinmen In Stables. The blanket to a horse in the stable with his coat on is little less than cruelty. A blanket is scarcely justifiable when the horse stands out of doors. A blanket makes a horse very sensitive to the cold when he would be perfectly comfortable without one if unaccustomed to it. Tho best possible condition for a horse to take cold is when ho comes out of a warm stable where he has been standing blanketed. The cold will strike like a knife into every part of his body. When tho horse is not heated ho should not bo blanketed. Of course this refers to un- dipped horses. The man who would leave a clipped horso unblanketed in the winter should be arrested and pun- ishe'd. Nature provides a covering ample to protect the horse in this climate In the winter.—Farm and Bonxs. Girt for me Quaker city. PHILADELPHIA, May 4.—By the death I of Mrs. Richard Smith' in Paris Phila- I dclphia receives a legacy of over $1,000,000. She was the widow of a. leading typo, founder of this pity who died last September. T HE STRONG POINT about the cores by Hood's Sarsaparilla is that they are peiH^ent. Thay start from the solid foundation —P r» Free Pills. Sand your address to H. E. Bucklon & Co-i Chicago, and pet a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. £ trial will convince you of their merits These pills are ^easy in action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c per box. Sold by B. F. Keeellng, druggist. S«vrot«OD Sailor* Perish. POUT TOWXSEKD, Wash-, May 4.— News was received from Kodiak island, Alaska, on the steamer Alki that the steamer George E. White, of Seattle, was wrecked in a g-ale on April 14. Seventeen of the crew were either drowned or frozen to death. Create* a Sinwulon. PAJBIS, Slay 4.—The Dutch pianist, Zeldenrust, created a sensation at his first public appearance in Paris. A large number of Americans were present. Zeldenrust is considered the equal,.if not the superior, of cki. All Free. Ihose who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get & sample box of Dr. King's New Life, pills free, &a well &§ a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. All of which it guaranteed to do yon good and coit nothing. For sale at B. F. Keeillng'B drug itora. WAKBEX, O., May 4,—The Thomas Furnace ompany, of Niles, O., announce a 15 per cent, increase in the wages of it$ employes, to g-o into cSect Monday. This restores the employes to the original wages before there were any reductions. MEADVII.LK, Pa., May 4.—The Phojnii iron works of this city have announced a 10 per cent, raise in the wages of its J23 employes, to take effect May 6. Acquitted of nil Awful Crfmn. JiouGBTOX. Mich., May 4.—Charles Ulrich. who has been on trial for the past three days for the murder of Domick Christina-, by blowing up the nitroglycerine factory of the Hancock ' Chemical company, was acquitted Saturday. Kcrwln Wou't IteKlRn. UKW YORK, May 4.—Shortly after 1 o'clock Saturday Mayor Strong received a Jong letter from Police Commissioner Michael Kerwin, in which he declines to resig-n- K. M.irtovv Elliott Dead. XBW Yonic. M:iy 4.—E. Eartow Elliott, the editor of the Kennel News of Chicago, died in Bellevue hospital Friday night from rheumatism and Bright's diseasc- A Hop. AD athletic caper o£ this sort would marcel* be considered Indecorous In one, even of mature age and sedate habits. Impelled thewto br excess ot joj- on recovering his digestion through the instrumentality of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, fore- aost among remedies lor dyspepsia, DUlounness and constipation, a trio ol evllu usually found in conjonctloa with each other. A» the stomach recosers Its tone, And the custrlc 1olcc* are secreted in healthlul plenltnde throngh the agency of this snperb restorative, nerve ttan- uulllty, appetite and sleep return, the body gains la substance and the muscles In vigor. Ifor the prevention and cure ol malarious, rheumatic and Kidney trouble the Bitters is a most direct aud ouxDBJlns medicinal agent. Its elects are speedily lelt and comprehensive. Money-Made at Home, La« month I cleared, after timing »Ueip»as«s. $235.33; the mouth before tlSC.&i and have at the same time atiendod to my razular business. I believe anyone, anywhere, 3&n co a*well, a& I have no: a particularly good location and not much experience. When you have an article that every limsily wants. V; Is very easy selling it. It seems strange that a good, cheap dish washer was never before placed oc the market, with the Perfection which sells Jor $5, you can wast and dry the dlshe£Ior a family In two rotirai«5, without pnt- tldg the hands In water. A3 soon as the people see the washer work, they want one, and that is wbj go mncb money can be made to qulekly. For loll particular* address The Perfection Jtfg. Co., Station O.. Englewood, III I feel coorlaced thu any lady or geaUtnuin, In any location, can make «5 to $10 a dV, M erery family will verr Men EULT« * dish witsber. Try it and pabllsn roar experience for «te benefit of other*. JLZClO.

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