The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 25, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1971
Page 6
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l'ase 6 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS . Tne following Miscellaneous Claims wiiTbe considered by the Tipton County Commissioners at their regular meeting on March 1.1971 • at 9:00 a.m. Win. B. Burford, Co. Offices... Xerox Corp.. Clerk. m J. R. Ramsay, Clerks..... Friden Div-Slnrer Co., Auditor Bobhs Merrill Co.. Inc., Auditor .. — J. R. Ramsay Co., Auditor Tipton Co. Recorder, Recorder ........ Kodak A/C —— Kodak A/C '. . Kodak A/C .— Bankers Dispatch. Recorder... Virginia Hoover, Recorder Police Equipment Serv. Sheriff .'™— Prairie Gun Shop, Sheriff _„ Frlsa Cigar-Store, Sheriff-.... J. R. Ramsay Co., Treasurer- Richard Ziegler, Sheriff..—Richard F. Ziegler, Sheriff Jacks Uniforms, Sheriff......... Carneys' Drug Store, SberifL— J. R. Ramsay Co., Sheriffs Cleo Scott, Sheriff .—— Richard Brankle, Sheriff ..- CommuDlcatlons Malnt. Inc., SheriB . .. .. Communications Malnt., Inc. Sheriff.. John M. Cardwell, Dr. Bd. Jan. John M. Cardwell, Dr. Bd. Teb. 3.R.Ramsay Co., Dr. Bd. Supplies • Purdue University, Co. Ext. Office •. .—• Ruth Wtmer. Co. Ext. Office™ ' Purdue University, Co. Ext Office. W.M. Clary. Co. Ext Otfice ..A J. R. Ramsay. Co. Health Office J. Carl Graf, Co. Assessor..— . J.R. Ramsay Co., Co. Assessor ——— National Market Reports Co. Assessor —. National Market Reports, Co. Assessor . Interstate Air Credit Pubs., Co. Assessor.. Bus Retimers Val Ser., Co. Assessor.. E. Glae Foster, Clc Twp. Assessor Post- E. Glae Foster, Clc Twp. Assessor Mil Curtis French, Co. Health ...... Todays Health Magazine, Co. Health. . Maude J. Welsh. Co. Health Automatic Voting Machine Div. Election Bd....—............... • J. R. Ramsay Co.. Or. Ct Tipton Utility Ser. Bd.; County Offices.. Tipton Telephone Co. Inc., County Offices...——..»-. Indiana Gas Co., Inc., Co. Jail. ; Baxter Plumbing * Heating, Co. Jail- . . Tipton Co. Memorial Hosp., , Co. Jail .'. 'Dean Milk Co.. Co. Home Petrolane, Co. Home-—.— Arab Pest Control. Co. Home- Kenneth R. Enrlght. Co. Horn? Laundry —-——...... Kinder Coal Co., Co. Home Fuel..- .*..— McGraw's Food Store, Co. Home Food...—.—-...„... •Kenneth Enrlght, Co. Home— ' Ralph Wllburn, Plan Comm.— J. R. Ramsay, Plan Comm.— Tipton Dairy Tribune, Comm. Adv ..— Tipton Dally Tribune, Comm. PhU Hoke. Comm. Fox Bounty.. .Lee Wolford, Comm. Fox Bounty —...:?*-.—.——. Fred Tragesser, Cbjnm. Fox Bounty ......^l..—— Francis CruU, Comm. Fox • Bounty— ..——V— Jeff Lwrence, Comni Ff x Bounty....—.—.——~ -David E. Morrow, Comm. Fox . Bounty.....——. Bob McPnearson, Comm. Fox Bounty ..——.— Tipton Co. Livestock Br., Comm ——.—.*.—... Montgomery Elevator Co., . -Comm '...—'—-.—. Guidance Center How. Co r , " Comm.— Warren West, Comm— J. R. Ramsay, Comm. Vet Ser Off. . .-. J. R. Ramsay, Comm..-'.—... . Kenneth L. Shoup, Comm. Ct House Repair.. Treasurer of State, ind., : Comm;- ... — Supt. ind. State Farm, Comm E. T. Bowers, Comm. Moving Del Equip ..... New Castle State Hosp., Comm Clothing—......... Eastman Kodak Co., Comm. . Equip................——. Eastman Kodak Co.. Comm. Supplies „ Tipton Co. 4-H Council, Comm Approp. _. ........ Honeychurcb Ins. Agency, Comm. Insurance— ... Tjptotr Lumber Co., Comm. CL Use. Rep———..—. Irene ByronHospltaL Comm — Tolle Bros., Comm. Paint— Ceotral State Kosp.,"Comm. .Clothing ^ .: Ruby NeaL Comnu Mops..-—.. Alrkem Central Ind., «omm. * Supplies... Indiana Gar. L Water, Comm. Heat lor Ct Hse . Raymond Eaton,' Comm.—— Compton t Sou, Comm. Ctbse. Repair ; William B. Frost, Comm. Mileage..—.——-.—— UcMullan & Rude Fun. Home, Comm. Soldier Bur.— . Warner Funeral Home, Comm . Soldier Burial— . Leatberman Funeral Home, Comm. Soldier Bur ....... Jackley-Landrum Funeral H., Comm: Soldier Bar............ Compton t Son, Comm. Dr. Malnt— .... ' Meal Cement Works, Comm. Dr. Impr. Hilton Hobbs, Comm. Dr. Impr Morris Trucking; Comm. Dr. Impr... ——.-— E. Glae Foster, Cic Twp. Assessor Supp Jo Ann Serljnt, Welfare Tra- - vel Exp—. Virginia Baumgartner, Welfare Travel Exp—..—.— J. R. Ramsay Co., Welfare Office Maude J. Welsh. RJ>'„ (Public) Health Nurse _! ... 386.96 58.00 84.96 116.50 23.70 559.12 3.00 40.56 36.00 121.40 2.88 1.53 12.60 ' 9.50 5.00 218.33 184.40 158.10 12.00 30.69 1.20 56.00 . 56.00 " 49.65 85.25 25.00. 25.00 9.00 17.10 108.08 50.00 ' U5 32.50 23.73 12.00 ' 125.50 5.00 83.62 50.00 32,50 •?° . . 5.00 6.00 38.45 114.B2 547.17 380.27 200.92 8.81 3.00 116.09 36.58 6.00 100.00 885.60 244.23 29.70 6.00 43.57 . 18.00 90.00 -9.00 18.00 3.00 . 3.00 21.00 200.00- 162.00 546.04'. 556.08 1,870.15 14.48 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 4.05 10.20 292.08 17.20 90.00 22.75 22.75 .16.28 23.84 Respectfully Submitted, Harold B. Allen, Auditor ABA Standings By United Press International • ' East W. L. 45 GB Virginia Kentucky New York Carolina Floridians Pittsburgh Utah Indiana Memphis Denver Texas 36 32 •29 29 28 22 32 35 37 40 40 Pet. .672 ... .529 Wz .478 13 ,439 15V 2 .420 17 .412 17% West W. 45 43 36 23 20 L. 20 21 32 42 45 Pet. .692 .672 .529 16% .354 22 .308 25 GB 1% Wednesday's Results New York 134 Pittsbgh 108 Carolina 144 Vrgnia 137 (ot) Kentucky 126 Memphis 115 Floridians 112 Denver 110 Indiana 117 Texas 113 * Thursday's Games Carolina vs. Virginia at Hampton, Va. Fliridnas at Pittsburgh Indiana at Utah (Only games scheduled) LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CLAIMS The following Additional Claims-win be considered by the County Commissioners at their regular meeting on Monday, March 1, 1971. Junior^ "66 > ' Service, Gas i Oil Service Sheriffs Car- Xerox Corporation, Clerks Office- . ... Bob Odle, Sanitary Landfill Op 345.05 92.55 2,152.43 Harold B. Allen, Auditor L-I04 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS 9 The following Payroll Claims for the County -Highway will be considered by the Tipton . County Commissioners at their regular meet. ing March 1, 1971 at the Courthouse at 9:00 a.m. Bernard S. Smith.—....... 501.00. Naomi E. Robinson......'.. 375.00 Dean Lane.—.— ' 533.75 Andrew Bushman.- 384.00 Murl Day. . 459.38 Wilbur Fishback...... . .. . 444.00 Ralph Gross———..—;...... 440.40 Audra Rlchey ....................... 475.20 Basil Shupperd ..................... 463.20 Byron Sinclair.. ............... 448.80 . Fay Smith—. 445.20 Maurice Tolle...................... 506.40 James Weismiller— : 466.80 Chester A. Jarrell— ...... 445.20 Emory Schulenburg—...... 457.20 Haskell H. Doss .. a..... • 463.20 Charles BunnelU..^—'—. 496.80 Elmer Kinder—................... 463,20 Jerry Minegar——.—. 436.80 James'Blaylock———........ 446.40 Robert McFarland—............. 464.40 Fred Greathouse.— 126.00 Garry Bogue— J———• 48.00 "Wayne L. Smltl.................... 48.00 Wendell H. Amsbury—. . 22.00 Earl E. Hemmeger.....—....... 833.00 Harold B. Allen, Auditor NOTICE OF CLAIMS HIGHWAYDEPT. The following Miscellaneous Claims, for the Highway Dept. will be considered by the Tipton County Commissioners at their regular meeting on March 1,1971 at 9:00 a.m. 375.00 Tipton Telephone Co——.... 24.11 147.15 Indiana GaS Co. IhC.———.. 200.66 147.15 The Tipton Utility Service Bd.. 73.74 3.30 - Compton it Son Inc— — - .60 .69 Don Ross Motor Sales Inc..... 29.19 .69 - Indiana Equipment Co. Inc — 108.16 218.50 Indiana Equipment Co? Inc— 696.93 218.50 Kessler Auto Parts-.—.—— 8.00 2,220.00 Prlng Implement'Sales...— 24.35 4.20 Gene Cottlngham CbevrOlds.... 29.72 Ross & Doggett Body Shop...... -• 55.00 245.00 The FulweU Motor Prod Co.... 107.02 Tipton Automotive Supply—. - 105.06 17.14 Mack Machine Co....—...... 98.41 Sun Oil Co. DX Div„i 1,140.51 3,838.00 Tipton Co. Farm Bureau Co-op 53.18 Motor Fuel Tax Div..——. - 17.60 41.60 Clifton t Younce Tire Ser— 164.58 Myers Welding-Supply Co. Inc r 31.12 4,000.00 Wm. B. Burford Print Co — 9.00 Motorola C * E Inc_.—....— 57.20 14.00 Indiana Wiping Cloth Co.— 55.12 Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc...... 20.50 189.66 Tipton Lumber Co. Inc——-. 29.63 620.00 Pipe Creek Stone Co...—..... 328.88 111.33 - Yeoman Materials Co , 96.93 Logansport Metal Culn ^o.. 452.16 24.60 SteUo Products bc ^^Hh..; 343.86 23.00 Logansport Metal (^L ^pSo -' 116.32 Yeoman Stone L Sand Co— 2,233.18 247.75 International Harvester Co-.... 244.97 Clifton t Younce Tire Ser —- 184.58 Harold B. Allen, Auditor C-47-53 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Martha Anderson Dies Wednesday I Martha Holt Anderson, Markle, former resident of Atlanta : died Wednesday ejrening at Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis following open heart surgery. Funeral services will be held at Huntington at the Bailey Funeral Home. | The deceased was born July 12, 1912 in Wells County, daughter of Clem and Alma Hott. She was married to Wayne A. Anderson July 15. 1950! who survives. areadaughter THURSDAY, FEBIt'JAHY 25. 1071 Schedule , , , , / he lipton iribunel •TV (Continued from page five) to copturje. three men dnc^ a woman, following a major heist" at the Sarjito Luisa Fairgrounds. QD PlayhouM (Cont 'd) 10:00 (Cont 'd) Martin (Cont 'd) (Cont 'd) O Frott O Dean O Moviej {Q Auguft £J3 Saul Jfhelma H| perform Violin jouston and Jane Cortex m the New York Bass Choir. Joe (Doris) Cruse of Cha- her mother, NEW YORK: UPI newsmap shows the various radar defense systems which protect the U. S. and Canada from attack. In the face of the mistake February 20 at the civilian warning headquarters, an official at the North American Defense Command (NORAD) said that no one man could foul up the rad?r systems because they are maintained by teams of people working together. SPECIAL MEETING OF BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS NOTICE TO TRUCK DEALERS Pursuant to an order of tbe Board of Commissioners for Tipton Count/, Indiana, notice is hereby given that sealed bids will tie received at the office of the Auditor of said count; until 9 a.m. March' 8th, 1971'for the purchase of the following equipment for the County Highway Department: (I) One new Red Chassis and Cab W.B. 125" or more .rC-V-W, 27,500 or moreTCab to . Axle at least 60". Trade in (1) one 1963 International Dump Truck 800 Series. Each bid must be on form as prescribed by the'State Board of Accounts, accompanied by 'a statutory son-collusion affidavit and a certified check or bond for 10% per cent of the amount .of bid as a guarantee that such bidder If sue- ' cessful will enter Into proper bond and contract subject to approval of the Board. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Harold B. Alien - Auditor of. Tipton County 'Tank-led (Continued from page one) had kept U.S. helicopters away from the beleaguered Hill 31 base for three days. It is a few miles from Landing Zone Ranger, where South Vietnamese forces suffered heavy losses last week in their Un­ backed drive to cut the Ho Chi Minn supply trail system in LEGAL NOTICE - NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS GLAIMS The following Payroll Claims will be considered by tbe Tipton County Commissioners at their regular meeting March 1, 1971 at 9:00 a.m. at the Tipton County Courthouse. Paul H. Jones, Clerk 504.16 Juanita Zaloudek, Same 375.00 Kay Burns, Same < 341.00 Harold B. Allen, Auditor. 504.16 Genevieve L. Morris, Same— 375.00 MaryE. Michel,-Same—..... 341.00 Goldle M. Cage, Same..— 300.00. Florence C. Morris, Same— 11.12 Ross M. Hutford, Treasurer... 504.16 Mar da Thompson; Same........ 375.00 Janet Shaddy, Same —..... ' 24.00 Virginia M. Hoover, Recorder. 458.33 Evelyn Cage, Same ... . 375.00 Richard F. Ziegler, Sheriff.™ .- 504.16 Cleo Scott, Sheriff Dept.—..... 403.00 Richard Brankle, Sheriff Dept. 314.00 Ronald L. Kemper, Sheriff Dept 100.00 CUrianna'Ziegler, Jail....— 190.00 Kenneth E. Ziegler, Jail- 100.00 W.M. Clary, Co. Eat. Off— 315.00 Richard E. Blank, Co. Eit Off 262.00 RuthWImer.Co. Eat. Off... 265.33 Nancy Cole, Co. Ext OH....— 375.00 Barbara Schinlaub, Co. Ext. . -Off. .. 216.00 Martha Paul, Co. Ext Off. . .36.00 Florence Morris, Co. Ext. Off. 12.00 ireneCook, Co. ExtOff—... 8:00 Maitfe 1 L. Welsh, Co. Health • Off.'..,.". — 436.66 Tressa L. Coy, Co. Health Off. 210.00 Phillip V. Nichols, Co. Coroner . - 91.66 J. Carl Graf, Co. Assessor.— 458.33 Ruth Maines, Co. Asessor — 375.00 E. Glae Foster, Twp. Assessor— :....— —. - 218.75 Ralph Miller, Twp. Asessor— 75.00 Helen P; Roe, Sec to Pros . 110.00 . Frederick K. Surber, Circ. Ct. 333.33 Beulah Hoback, CircCl—.„ 522.00 Lester Dodd, Circ Ct ... • 140.00 Olive Dodd, Circ Crt—. ' 88.50 Louis Riffe, Circ Ct . 600.00 , Dewey Roy Shupperd, Courthouse— —-— 225.00 Herscbel B. Mock, Courthouse 165.00 Ruby Neal, Courthouse — 165.00 Kenneth R. Enrlght, Co. Home. 165.00 Virginia Enrlght, Co. Home 125.00 Zada Moody, Co. Home. — 120.00 Ira Enrlght, Co. Home 120.00 Mark Lewis, Co. Home.....—. 55.00 Ralph Wllburn, Plan. Comm— 341.25 Mildred Brink, Plan. Comm... 140.00 Joe Watson, Plan. Comm. Atty 100.00 Earl E. Hemmeger, Dr. Bd..... 346.66 Donald F. Lord, Dr. Bd. 470.00 Betty J. Hobbs, Dr. Bd. ... 341.00 Horace C. Holmes, Dr. Bd. Atty—.-. 200.00 Edgar Weismiller, Dr. Bd—.. 25.00 Walter Schulenburg, Dr. Bd.-. 25.00 Roy Watson, Dr. Bd. ....... 25.00 Horace C. Holmes, Co. Atty— 112.50 John W. Barrum, Co. Council- 66.66 Arthur P. Birr, Co. Council-. 66.66 Donald W. Gossard, Co. Coun- cilL — . ,66.66 Guy Crouch Jr., Co. Council-. 66.66 Paul R. Michel, Co. Council— 66.66 Paul Duncan, Co. Council—. 66.66' Fern UTyner, Co. Council— 66.66 Walter Schulenburg, Co. Comm ^10.83 Edgar Weismiller, Co. Comm. 210.83 Roy C. Watson, Co. Comm.—. 210.83 W—am B. Frost, Vet Ser. • ' i Off. . 360.00 ' Mildred Brunk, Vet Serv. Off Secy— ... —... 140.00 Robert Heron, Civil Def......... 250.00 Carolyn F. Perry, Dept Well- 600.00 1 Joan Serlght. Dept Welt...—. . 450.00 ' Virginia Baumgartner, Dept. Welf— .—. 500.00 Marjorl* J. Kunkle, Dept Welf 400.00 ' Evelyn BoUngar, Dept Wait-. 400.00 Stanley Herbert, Dept Welf Atty 110.00 Waller Miller, Dept Welt...... 165.00 Karleen Walker, Dept Welf— - 400.00 Respectfully Submitted, ; Harold B. Allen, Auditor L-100 C-47 Laos. The base is named for its height in meters. Wiiiiih 15 minutes after the fall of Hill 31, U.S. air strikes began "blowing away" the outpost, military sources said. Artillery fire wis also directed against the base although pilots flying the attacking aircraft reported no letup in antiaircraft fire even as dusk fell. "I've been shot at before but when you see air bursts out LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO HEIRS, LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF = Elizabeth Speckbaugb, Deceased «• No. 3211 In Tipton Circuit Court, Calendar Term, 1971 • Notice is hereby given that DonaldD.Dehuls and Margaret M.'DennlsasCo-Adminlstrators - W.W.A. of said estate, have filed their account and vouchers in final settlement of saidestate, and their petition praying the .Court to allow said account and order dlstlrbutlon of said estate, ..and that the same will come up for hearing and action In said Court on the 8th day of March 9:30 o'clock a.m„ 1971 in the courthouse in Tipton,. Indiana, at which time - aU belrs, legatees and creditors of saidestate are required to appear and snow cause, if .any there by, why said accountandvouchersshould not be allowed, and distribution of the estate be made as prayed for in said petition; and all the heirs, devisees and legateesandofsaldde- ; cedent and said estate, and all others interested . are hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof : of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. Paul H. Jones Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana E.R. Chance, Attorney L-87 P-41-47. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. Notice is hereby given that Clifton Cardwell was on the 16th dayot February, 1971, appointed: Executor of the will of Olive Tobias, deceased. AU persons having claims against said real estate,.whether or .not now due, must file the same in said court within six months from the first publication of this notice or said claims' .will be forever barred. Dated at -Tipton, Indiana, this 16th-day of February, 1971. Paul H.Jones Clerk of the Circuit Court ^ for Tipton County, Indiana E. R. Chance, Attorney • L-88 P-4I-47-53 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS . Notice is herein given that tbe Board of ' Trustees of the Tlpton.County Memorial Hos- . ; pltal of Tipton County, Indiana, will receive bids for supplying the hospital with one (I) Automatic Blood Cell Analyxer. The specifications outlining this equipment are .on file and may be reviewed by all Interested parties.. ' Bids will be received at the hospital not later than 7:00 p.m., EST, dn.the 8th day of March 1971. at which time and place aU bids will be publicly opened and read aloud as soon after; the above named hour as possible. Bids re- . ceived after this Ume/wiU be returned unopened. ' \ • . Your bid proposal shall be properly-and completely executed on Indiana State Form of proposal No.95 with non-collusion affidavit attached. ' - A certified check or bld.bood In the amount ot 5% of the amount bid is to accompany the , bid;- Tte checks will be returned Immediately to tbe unsuccessful bidders and the successful bidder will have his check returned when the Installation of the equipment is completed. The Board of Trustees reserves tbe right to reject any or all bids and to. waive luformall- tles or obvious errors In bidding. Board of Trustees TIPTON COUNTY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Floyd Collins, President Hilton Hobbs, Secretary Howard Adler .' Carl Scudder your' window, you know it's bad," IKDAHOLT SAID. "Cobras"are not designed to| fight tanks," he said,.referring i to U.S. AH1 Cobra helicopter gunships. ,* South Vietnamese spokesmen said, meanwhile, that South Vietnamese, infantrymen aided by U.S. air strikes had killed 109 Communist troops 12 miles southwest of the Laotian town of Lao Bao on Highway 9. i UPI correspondent Joseph L. Galloway, reporting from Artillery Base DeHa just inside Laos, sail government troops backed by U.S. fighter-bombers killed another 159 North Vistna- mese troops in an area 18 miles southwest of the U.S. base at Lang Vei. Col.' Nguyen Van Diem, commander of the South Vietnamese 1st Division's 1st Regiment, told Galloway today, "I estimate. we killed, more . than 200 of them with combined air strikes, artillery and ground attacks" at Hill 31. j • .- .' '•':[' In Saigon, the U.S. Command reported 59 Americans killed in the war last week, the highest weekly death toll of the year,; Military sources attributed the increase to -the Laotian cam- 1 paign. ! IKN Cambodia, Communist gunners shelled an army fuel depot and an infantry training camp within sight of Phnom Penh Wednesday night. The attacks were the closest to the capital since a rocket attack Feb. 11. * U.S. Senate (Continued from page one) • -. " i ' sus. ' ; — Allow housing authorities to contract for pensions for. em­ ployes, other than the Public Employes Retirement Fund. — Raises the bond Ltrniibttom 10 to 12 per cent of assessed valuation for sanitary commissioners in second class cities. — Require that all institutions supported by state funds display a state flae. LEGAL NOTICE ' NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION ' In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. Notice Is hereby giventhat Kenneth L.DeWItt was on the4thdayof February,'1971,appolnled: Executor of the will of Edna DeWilt, deceased. All persons having claims against said real estate, whether or TA now due, must file the same in said court within six months from tbe j date of the first publication of this notice or \ •aid claims will be forever barred. i Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this 4 th day of ; February, 1971. Paul H. Jones Clerk of the Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana Other survivors] Mrs. goto Falls, Ohio; \ Mrs. Alma Hott of Anderson; 3 brothers: Harold! Hott of Decatur; Clem Hott of Petroleum, and Harlan Hott. of Alexandria; two sisters, Frances Sprague of Anderson and Mrs jWalter(Alice) Burkhardt of Tipton. ' .' * Sports Parade (Continued from page four) just | showed up' and took batting practice it would mean a lot. 'Would you come?' I asked him. •Hell, yes,' he said. "You should'vej seen him at the ! park. He was the most enthusiastic guy there. He took i batting practice and then stuck ] around after the | game signing | autographs for all the kids. He was just perfect.] That's what I mean. I never see stories about him like that in the paper.' Everyone in j the entire Dodger. organization is excited about Rich Allen r senses that and 10:30 O Local News O Dean Martin (Cont'd) Q Movi« (Cont'd) fQ Dragrat SB Soul Cont'd) 11:00 Q (I) Perry Maton O Final Report OUc.lj.Nawt (B Cwawitncss Newt ' 11:30 Parry Mason (Cont'd) Qlll O T.nij O Late "A Time IB Dick Shaw . to Live and A Time to Cavatt , Feb. 26 O Today O Sunrii © Quest a tB) O Today O CBS Q7J Clover 6:30 In Indiana a Semester For Adventure 7:00 , a O Tod O CBS © Kind* ay s'arrival. He jit makes him feel good to be here. *Cage-ology (Continued from page four) ed on Tipton High School Bulletin Board this week and it paid off with a 63-60 first game: win over the Delphi Oracles in the Frankfort Sectional Wednesday night. Tipton plays 'Tri-Central Friday 7 p.m. (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) J 'Giving Appears (Continued from page two) "Without impoi taht new sources of funds that will amount to many billions of dollars, we will soon feel the full force of a charitable crisis'/' says Peterson. • The American Fund-Raising includes most of the leading professional fund raisers; sees only one likely source for the needed increase in philanthropy. Somehow corporations must be persuaded to make much larger contributions to voluntary organizations. Federal tax laws permit corporations to give up to 5 per cent of their[ income to philanthropy and claim a tax deduction for it. L But the average corporation actually gives less than 1 per cent of its income. : O Kami O Today O'Capta O Karni r» Tod n Capt. f£) Man O (B) O Vii a fQ Tho •rginia. Coffia O Jack O Graho o Q Paul O Lucy i -Q Dii a 0 Paul nah Theater [Association of Counsel,, which O o o CD o o o CO o o o CD Ncwi Powor ** 7:30 JCortoton Kornivsl (Cont'd) Hewa* (Cont'd) garten College 8:00 jvol (Cont'd) (Cont'd). ' in Kangaroo College (Cont'dl 8:30 fv.l (Confd> (Cont'd) Kangaroo (Co**t'd> Trap 9:00 Topper ' Giaham Cup Thck... Paul Dison Show 9:30 L.Lanna . (Cont'd) Theater (Cont'd) Dixon (Cont'd) 10:00 Show Short (Cont'd) Dixon (Cont'd; ' 10:30 O Movio Gam. Q Cahcantration O Beverly Hillbilliai CD That | Girl 11:00 Girl Talk m Sola Family Affair Bowitchod 11:30 New^- Hollywoad Square* •f Life Eyewftneu Newt ' 12:00 Chuckwagon Theater Jeopardy Where the Heart It 50-5O Club J ' 12:30 .' '. O Chuckwogon (Cont'd) O Aftetnean/Channel 6 Q Search for Tomorrow ID 50-SO Club (Cont'd) tiospita WED., FEB ADMISSIONS: Griggs, Tipton; L 1:00 News Z4, 1971 Bessie W. Robin Elaine Brown, Tipton; Cheryl Stewart, Tipton; Mary Ann Breedlove, Tipton; Ricky Lee Goodnight, Atlanta; Penny E. Young, Tipton; Kenneth L.Boyd, Atlanta; Sheldon W. Shockney, Windfall; Tom McCool, Windfall. Jennie A. Lee, Atlanta.- DISMISSALS: Kerrie Cook, Sharpsville; Avery R. Bowman, Arcadia; Lida E. Frazier.'Arcadia; Donna J. Harlow, Tipton. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Q (B) Nolly wood Marie "An/ |Numbex Coo Play" with Clark Gable arid Alexis Smith. ^ successful gambler is told by his doctor to give up his Card playing. O AfteUoan (Cont'd) O Local Newt ID 50-50 Club (Cont'd) .1' 1:30 (B) Movie (Cont'd) a a a CD Meniory Game At World Tumi Left Make' A Deal : 2:00*— O Movie (Cont'd) Q DayL of Our Uvet O Ma»)y Splendored Thing fQ Newly wed Gam. 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 615-2115 By carrier in city . 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties:....................... 1 year . $11.00 6 months 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery Is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3. 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE , PAID IN TIPTON, IND. Published Daily Except Sunday 2:30 O <B) Movie (Cont'd) O The Doctor! O The Guiding light CD Dating Gain. 3:00 O Gourmet O Another World O'Sec" ID General, Hotprta! 3:30 0 (B) Lon..Hangar O Bright Pramit. O Edg. of Night CD **"« Life to Lira 4:00 O Popeye and Jania O Another World O Gomcr Pyle CD Dark Shadawt 4:30 O Popay. (Cont'd) O Mik. Douglat O Early Shaw "Asylum for a Spy" with Roberl • Stack and Felicia Farr.' Ar American spy, harboring- toe .'secret information, suffers c mental breakdown and is committed. CD B'9 Valley - O Setem. Street ' - 5:00 O Batman O Mike Douglat (Conr'a, O Early Shaw (Cont'd) CD Bi9 Vallay (Cont'd) 2D Satama (Cont'd) 5:30 O (B) Addamt Family O Mika. Douglat (Cont'd) O Early Shaw (Cont'd) CD Dragnet SO Misterogert LEAVING HOME IS NO LAUGHING MATTER... Biit the Welcome Wagon hostess can make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings, and maybe put a smile on your face! Call 675 " 4492 NOTICE BHEREBil GIVEN that on February 19, 1971, INDIANA GAS COMPANY, INC.. an Uxllana corporation, filed per schedules ot rates »ilti tie Pal>Uc Service Commission ct Indian, which v/ould increase Its rates' and charges tor tbe caa services rendered by It throughout the territory served by It Is the State of Indiana, to be eOactlve March 22,1971. In accordance with the Order afenchCommis- sioo. approved December 11, 1970,.In Cause No. 32415. INDIANA GAS, ByJ.W. L-89 . C-41-47 Joe F. Watson, Attorney L-S2 P-J4-4M7 L-102 COMPANY, INC. Heine;, President The incredible attack on Pearl Harborastold from both the American and Japanese sides. m How did • United States V Intelligence know of • the attack before the • Japanese Ambassador? f Zt:^ "EXaTEMENT CA10REI HOT ONE DULL MOMENT" -M.Y.FOST From 20th Century-Fox.The most spectacular film ever made. DANCE Moose Lodge Million Sounds ( Paul Southard's Band ) 9:30 to 1:30 members only. Blue Flamigo Lounge 723 E. Jefferson Tipton. Country music by Western Ranglers Every Friday and Saturday i from 9 until 1:30. NOW IHRy • • TUESDAY EVENINGS: >:d6 & 9:35-MAT.SAT. 2:00 Thr'ee Shows SUNDAY: 2:00 - 4:50 - 7:40

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