Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 21, 1898 · Page 34
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 34

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1898
Page 34
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ftGE ft FAIL December and May Once More find Out i hai Tney Have Made a Mistake. TO A LAST SPEffiG STOET. Wlf, Want* a Divorce »»<! *1O.OOO of the Old Man's Money - Tl-at M,ui-H»tln K Case-Everett Arrested Now for Umbcz- zlement— .Mount on T;ixins Lif« I' ollc —Whltecap Victim Is In»»»«-Spenccr'» Fire Costs One JLife and $3O.OOO. Shelbyville. Ind., Jan. 21.-Early last spring Mr. Theodore Jaco, who is .* years old and rich, told Tindall & Tm- dall, attorneys, that he wanted a youns -wife. The firm set to work to find a. suitable woman, and decided on Miss Blanche Whitham, a domestic employed at a hotel. Miss Whitham is 13 years old and good-looking. At their second meeting they were married in the office of Tlndall & Tindall, by 'Squire Andrews. Jaco had reared a family. For a number of years he has not been well For a while the Jaco home, with the new wife, seemed to be happy. It is lour miles cast of this city, on c of the most picturesque knolls in the county, 200 acres of fine land being one of the properties of Mr. Jaco. But Quarrells Dispel Their Bliss. Last week Jaco had a brother of Mrs Jaco arrested for trespass. The brother came to visit his sister, and after stay ing several weeks, the old man asserted •wa'S trying to mak« trouble between himself and wife. He ordered him t leave the place, and when he refuse, to go Jaco had him arrested, but 01 his promise to go the suit was dismissed, Jaco paying "he costs. Wednes- nr English. Three of five bridges over ,'t'tle Blue river are swept away More ban fifty people were submerged while n the bridge viewing the flood, ana Daniel Lambdin was swept down the .tream half a mile or more before he vas rescued. The streets are flooded and hundreds of people are in business houses and canot get home. As the ain Continues each hour the situation s more threatening. Losses alreaa> reach $10,000. _' He Is :i I,op-Sided Man. Indianapolis. Jan. 21.-A peculiar case vas presented to the Marion Counts- Medical society tor discussion. The patient is a man 42 years old. \Vhen . vea"' old he had scarlet fever. The Impairment, of the left side of the brain resulted and since that time he has bff-n able to control the move- the right side of his body, constantly whirling around. Paul Potter's New Play, "The Conquerors," Is Audacious. HAS MAM POWERFUL SITUATIONS. off in the receipts to a prater extent than else combined. To lie average actor in *!»»'«£» there is but ODO city in Nor* America, li,d that is New Yqrk. H he s playing even though he bo on the Bowery in Harlem or V ,n one of ^hou^vreH down tow-,. 1^-^^^gl never ments of His eye is the right side of his face is m><er day afternoon Jaco appeared before •Squire Kenton and entered a plea of guilty to assault on his young wife. He sai3 that Mrs. Jaeo had assaulted him •irlt h an Iron and a stick of wood. He then pushed her and kicked her. Now a Divorce I» Wanted. After doing this he started to town, bur Mrs. Jaco arrived first, having stopped a hack that was passing. She vent to Tlndall & Tinda.ll. exhibiting to them a number of bruises on her head, alleging that her husband caused them by striking her. Yesterday morn- Ins- Mrs. Jaco charged Mr. Jaco with *•' __. ^ 4.™ > n + 13 C! If 1 Tit* the same share, his right leg is contfvmallj, jerking and his joes are equally lively. Two Men Browned in tlie Olilo. Leavenworth, Ind., Jan. 21.-The towboat Job Williams, with a tow of sixty coal boats, was caught in the storm above h»re. Fourteen of the coal boats were -link and two of the steamer's crew were washed overboard and drowned. The boat was battered up considerably but was able to proceed on her way south. Most Popular Girl at DcPnuw. Greencastle. Ind., Jan. 21.-Miss Mabel Tenne of Shoals. Ind., won the prize offered by the DePauw Palladium for the most popular young woman m De- Pauw university. Her vote was 6,491. Miss Francis Arnold, of this city, was second by the vote of 5.S59. Indiana Republicans Surprised. Indianapolis, Jan. 21.-George F. Mc- Culloush, Republican state chairman. sprung a surprise upon the Republicans of the state by announcing in yesterday's Journal that he will not accept '• r e-"election. He was without opposition, •The Salt of the Earth" Has Not Been Enthusiastically Received In New York. Actors' Carele-s Work -On the Road." How Chevalier Got Eveu With a Critic. "Audacity" appears to be the watchword just now in matters theatrical Not only is this true of the more frothy forms of entertainment. The virus has entered the dramatic body, and it is evident that no portion of it is to be spared. The Empire Theater Stock company of this city is far and away the best organization in this country. There is not a stick in it and it contains several actors whoso superiors in their lines of work do not exist anywhere, Tho plays are mounted up- parently without regard to expense,a there is an air of respectability about tho theater which cannot fail to impress even the occasional visitor. And yet Paul Potter's drama, "The Conquerors, is now the attraction at the Empire. Paul Pottor (s one of the best living writers for the stag*, as he is perhaps the most cultured, but it is doubtful whether his reputation ... . , «._j KIT "Tho flonauorors. inVeSty'from the standpoint of the critics these'houses are not regarded as being strictly within their territory, and itmusc b6 !in absolutely new ana rather pretua Horn, production to lure ^em owl* from the Kialto district. But the actor know a nothing of this. He is m New ior f • ' that is enough joy for him. He'™ 1 .°°* lose a point: he gets to the theater a half hour before he is due ,,nd is as nervous as though he were about to create a roie. But just put that same player in Two Radical Departures In Putting and Driving. SOYICES SEED BUT THREE CLUBS. SfeYmallei- cities within a half hoar's ride of New York and note the difference I had a striking illustration of Shis a few fivenineib a K o, and it occurred in the east- rn dtotaof Brooklyn, which, by the wav will never be in New York, accord- ng to the actors, the gruawr city consolidation to the contrary notwithstanding. One of the best known actors in this country wus the principal offender on the lasion in question, although he was the star of the company. Tho cast was an es- 7ellentone,and the play, with the same star, had had a long run m one of the hich class theaters of -New York. Yet here was this fellow engaged in the most irritating horse play with tbe other actors 1 the author's lines at Chmncinsr From One Implement to Another Develops a IMOS* and Incon- Blstent Style-Chances In ?!>"« For the Amateur Championship. Just as golf in America vras becoming the most exact and methodical of games, two radical innovations are reported from Connecticut. Blood Humors •HTieUicr itching, bunrinc. Weeding. scaly, crusted, pimply, or blotchy, Aether simple- scrofulous.or hereditary, from jn&wy »•«•. ./yd Edward Leavittof the Fair- He lias evidently become a habit of being audacious, for there is cruel and inhuman treatment, asking for a divorce and demanding $10,000 alimony. Jaco is a pioneer of the county. His children violently opposed hisi marriage. The former home of Mrs. Jaco was Greensburg. She is an orphan. fA That Man-Hating Romance. * Crawfordsville, Ind.. Jan. 21.—Profes- eor Pearl Sager and bride, whose elope- m<>nt caused such a sensation m Crawfordsville Wednesday, are still in the city and it now seems that the bride •will" be able to obtain her clothes from h€-r mother's' home without invoking the aid of the law. The trousseau 13 •worth several hundred dollars, and Mrs. Stiger does not propose to leave for Iowa until she gets it. Mrs. Davis relented slightly Wednesday, but her three daughters are still very oitter ag;ainst the sister. MOU>T ON THE UFE POLICE. but his health requires absolute rest. Willetfs Bunks Pay 3O Per Cent, English, Ind.. Jan. 21,-Assignee Arnold of the defunct banks, notified creditors here Wednesday by telephone that he was preparing to pay depositors 30 per cent, on deposits. Cost a Human Life and *3O.OOO. Spencer, Ind., Jan. 21,-The total loss by Wednesday night's fire is placed at $30,000. The body of L. Dockerson was found in the ruins yesterday. POLITICslN~THE_BUCKEYE STATE. S«nate Bribery Investigation Takes » I>ay Off-After the Grosvenor Scalp. Columbus, O., Jan. 21. — The senatorial bribery investigation was not before the senate yesterday as expected. The crowds waited in vain during the morning session for a report from the senate committee. At its sessions Tues- and Wednesday nights the com- .car a critic in this city who is willing to admit that anything more frank to use -n mild term, has over been seen here, at least in a respectable and dignified houiso like the Empire. While there is practically but one opinion as to the boldness of "Tho Conquerors " there is some difference as to its dra- niatic value. To some persons it is a wonderful bit of construction, while to others it is theatric and in many respects even stupid and intensely unreal, btill, tho chance* are that it will have at least a moderately successful career, for there can be no denying that the story is a very strong and interesting one. It deals with the Franco-Prussian war and the gradual "respectableizing" of a brute of a uhlan officer through the awakening of a real love for the girl for whom at first his feelings were most contemptible. It is fliin- cult to tell the story without offending the sensibilities of the super-squeamish, but; there are several powerful situations doubtless feeling a good time the guying them and every opportunity, nnd that as ho wasi having audience wus correspondingly amused. This performer would not have behaved in that outrageous manner in a theater in this city for §3,000, but he cared very little for the opinion of "outsiders and proceeded to make a monKcy of himselt He will find that his former patrons will resent this insult by nonuttendance should he ever visit the same house. But, after all this very stupidity is one of the most pronounced characteristics of the average actor It is unbusinesslike and unconventional to behave in that manner, and there- mei«),"tne great skin cure, and mild dose* of ctmcciu. RESOI.VEST, greatest of Woo* purifiers and humor cures. ,r (uticura fore he does it. Helen Bertram's success in London is a genuine one, for not only do the members of the American colony there write enthusiastically to their friends in this city concerning the hit she has made, but the foreign papers all praise her highly This is especially gratifying in view of the fact that when the young lady first applied for a position to tho director of tho Prince of Wales' theater it is said that she was asked to sing and \vas then pleasantly informed field Country Golf -club boldly introduces a new style of putting. He insists upon facing the hole squarely back of tho ball, one foot on either side of the white sphere, which rests about 14 inches before an imaginary line drawn from shoe to shoo. The left hand rests on the hip, the club being held lightly just below the leather in the right hand, with the thumb down the shaft. Before striking Leavitt moves the putter with a slow, pendulum motion to and fro over the ball to get tbe exact line for the hole, and then he makes tie Bbot by a gentle hit with the back of the club Except on well roiled turf, Leavitt puts in the orthodox way, buton a smooth putting green he claims that his new style is deadly at any distance within 90 feet of the cup. Tho other new principle was discovered by William Wheeler of the Brook- Jawn club of Bridgeport, and is alleged to be an improvement in driving. Like many left handed drivers, Wheeler played the iron clubs right handed, and the discovery dates from his resolve some .six months ago to play right handed entirely. He has succeeded admirably in this result, and new, instead of an ambidextrous style, \Vbeeler uses only right handed clubs, and he ranks high among the scratch players throughout Connecticut. In the new Wheeler system the player must take his Btance as usual and tee up the ball. Then, which is the first part of tbe system, he must mark a line about four inches long before tbe ball in the direction he wishes it to fly. The line may be traced on the dirt or else be donned by» straw or a splinter of wood. Then it is time to drive off In tbe swing all effort to gain distance must be ignored and but one idea . throujtioul the worid. POKE t '(Q>-?Uo^'cur^^ Blood Hu» FACE HUMORS ^^ The Ministerial association, of Anderson, has undertaken to secure a better enforcement of the siloon and gaming laws. How's This! We offer One Hundred Dollar* rowmrd for M y cas« of Catarrh that cannot be cured ky Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. jr. CHENEY & CO., Props., T«l»*o. 0, We, the undersigned, tiave k»owm F. J Cheney for tne last IB years, and helirre ki» perfectly honorable in all business tr»nsa»- ttong and financially able to carry o»t W obligations made by their firm. W»si & TKUAX, Wholesale Druggist*. OMo- WALBINO, KIKBAH & MARVIN, Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure li taken Inirar41y, ««> directly upon the blood g*4 m»- Wktlesal* Ing Prio*. 76« day mittee, charges he had appointed' to investigate th* of Representative Otis, that been offered $1,750 by H. H. AS»oc*tes the Taxlne Thereof and State. His Reason Therefor. Indianapolis, JMI. 21. - Governor Mount has addressed an open letter to Indiana farmers calling attention to the recent supreme court decision denying- the right of the state board of tax commissioners to list paid-up and non-for- fi'itable life Insurance policies for taxation. The governor says the amount or life insurance carried in Indiana is about $120,000.000; that It is manifestly unjust to laboring men and farmers and all others who are trying to pay Mortgages on their homes, to list food and clothing for taxation while men •ivho carry thousands of dollars of life insurance escape, and that, while the iieople will submit to'the decision of the courts, they will feel aggrieved at the Injustice done them. He declares that $5,000.000 19 annually paid in premiums on life insurance, and is thus taken out of the way of taxation, and adds there is no more reason for the assumption that taxing uuch policies at their value will destroy life insurance than that taxing farm products at their value will destroy agriculture. THEIR VICTIM HAS GONE INSANE. One Result of the AVliitecap T>eviltr T Ex- ccated on Parrish. Decatur, Ind., Jan. 21.—Rapid progress Is being made in the whitecap trial and the evidence against the Kohrer brothers defendants in this case, is very damaging. Alva Nichols and Henry Aschbaucher. the two young men who pleaded guilty some time ago. were on the witness stand and gave testimony asainst the defendants which will undoubtedly send them to prison for a number of years. They told a long story of how the arraneements were made to whip Parrish and who formed the mob that did the terrible work. Mrs. Parrish and another woman sire implicated with the whitecappers and they will be prosecuted for conspiracy. It also developed on the witness stand that Parrish, the victim, is insane from the terrible beating he received. senseless mumbling while on the ness stand furnished conclusive dence that this is true. Friends claim that he has been unbalanced ever since that terrible night in which he almost lost his life. MOKE TROUBLE FOR EVKRETT. KopuoUcaw Editor Has Him Arrested for Embezzling YUty Collar-;. Ind., Jan. 21. — Last of Bovce to vote for Hanna, had before it a number of witnesses, none of whom 'would testify, claiming that a sena.e committee could not investigate a house case It was expected that it would report these- witnesses for contumacy, but it postponed the report. Senator Fink's bill to "gerrymanclei the congressional districts of the state was introduced in the legislature before adjournment yesterday. The mam purpose of the bill, and Fink frankly acknowledges it, is to legislate Representative Grosvenor out of office and a Democrat in his place. Conse- Grosvenor's district, thfl put mientlv Mr. , eleventh, is most completely changed. The bill proposes to make it Democratic by taking Ross and Meigs counties substituting Fairfield and aw;iy and Plckaway. dis- This would leave the trict composed of Vinton. Hocking, Athens Perrv. Fairfield and Pickaway. the vote of 1S96 the Democrat,, carried this b 1,86,, and oous surfaces of the system. bottle. Sold by all druggiita. tent free. Hall's Family Pills are the best. George Flanagan returned yesterday to Indianapolis, after a shori visit with bis parents, Mr. end Mrs.. G-. W. Flanagan. One way to b« Happy IB to attend to the comfort of your fim«r. Should, one of them catch ftlcold or •OM*. mi on W. H. Porter, corner Fourtk aad M »rke* etreetfi. sole agent, ana get a trl»l b»ttl» «T Otto's Cure, tie rreit German ie«i«4y, fr»«i We give It away to prove that we hRTe a »•*•' cure for coughs, colds, asthma, comin»»**«* and all diseases of the throat and lung*. I*rf*- gtoe 50c and 25c. _ _ _ Eben Wolcott,, of Woloott, wag lit town yesterday. _ _ RbenmatiEMi Cored in a D«y. for rb«u»ai«» M« ne«- niclb Upon would have upon the vote of 1S92. by 1,486. Kid Has Put Up His Money. New York, Jan. 21.-"Kld" McCoy, has deposited $5,000 with a sporting paper as a forfeit to fight either Corbet or Fltzslmmoi.* for the heavy-weight championship J)f_the_vvorld_ The Weather We May Expect. Jan. 21.—Following an: tie for twenty-four how> av For Indiana and I'li Washington, weather General 1\ fkir weather: probablr colder t westerly ™^. For Michigau-S <™-. J5CENE FROM • enough to mako almost BU , ^/"go7' r and they will probably prove" sufficiently potent in the cate of "The Conquerors." . In tho role which is primarily the villain and afterward the hero William Faversham has distinguished himself, and his admirers declare that it is the most cred- SALT OF THE EARTH." that it was useless for her to think of an operatic career, for the very excellent reason that she had practically no voice. This brutnl remark was made more unfeeling, if possible, by tho suggestion that there were »t the time no vacancies in the chorus It was only a short time ere Miss Bertram was offered tbe prima donna role LEAYITT PCTTIN8. dominate the mind, which is that the ball must be propelled exactly along the line before it. To do this the eyes must be fixed on the tall, not behind it, as the books teach. Then, at the moment of impact, tbe gaze must bo kept concentrated on the ball and the line without the slightest shifting of the glance to follow the flight. This inclination to look oftgf the ball is a w Scrofula is the advertisement ot foul blood. It may be entirely driven from tbe system by tbe ful use of Hood's SarsaparllU, i thoroughly purifies the blood. Hood's pills~are easy to take, to operate. Cure Indigestion, blHoii- ness, 25c. Mrs. Edward Winters, who ha» been Ylsltlnit relatives here for a few days, returned today to her home i* Wabash. itable piece of work he has ever done. For lowa-Partly cloudy northwesterly w:,nfis. THE MARKETS. URO Graiu itnd Produce. Chicago, Jan. 20. •were the quotations on the Viola Mien, as the heroine, whose purity brings the uhlan to his senses, is cbarm- ina and has added one more to the long list of successes which she has scored since she became the leading lady of the Empire Theater Stock company. The rest of the case is exceptionally good. Down at Wallaek's Charles Frohman has another production. It is "The Salt of the Earth 11 and is from the pen of Joseph Arthur, the man who invented fire engine and buzzsaw effects m Still Uarai" and "Blue Jeans" respectively It assumes to exploit the various the The s oeful cause of poor drives dtd it is a habit difficult to overcome. Once mastered and the drive made in accordance with the Wheeler system, the ball win DO seen to leave the tee and to fly along the From Sire to JS«n. A«a amily medicine Baoon'e for the Metres pause* from sire to »m h»i legacy. If you have kidney, Hrer n WH*disorder, get a free sample p»ck««« •< *•• remedy. If you bare indigestioc, oon»tip»tio». headache, rheumatism, etc., this spe«i*c *» cure you. W. H. Portor. corner Fourtk ••*> Market street*, the leading [.druggist, M •>!• agent, ana ia distributing- samples fro*. His wit- evi- 30c OtsJar.uar and ,,., v . closed S9.52H: May. ope closed $9.62^. Lard-January, and closed nominal; May. optned . phases of humble Indiana life and in that respect is moderately successful. But as a play it will never do for Broadway, and it appears to peculiar disadvantage at \\al- lack's theater. Ic is possible, and by no means improbable, that it may develop into a successful road attraction, but there is no doubt that it is a melodrama, and. not a very high class one at that To pretty and dninty as well as talented little Annie Russell is intrusted the principal role, and she makes more of it than most actresses could, while the rest of tho | cast is quite isatisf actory -, but the piece has atfsome theater farther down town. "Vet ly, the hits this season—that is to say. SOc per bu. Sweet )0 per bbl. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Jc.n. ;« Fort Wayne, rv-estns Charles Everett, chairman the "Republican county central committee was arrested at his home on the charge of embezzlement/ Editor E. W. Minor of the Garrett, Ind., Herald, a Republican paper, filed the charges, and S wears that Everett as his agent appropriated to his own use SoO which he sent to Everett to take up a note. Everett furnished a 5500 bond. He is n.w under a $2.000 bond to appear at Decatur to answer the charge of o taintos money under false pretenses EnfLUli Is » Vary "Wot Town. English. Ind.. Jan. 21.-The heay rain el the past eighteen hours is flood- rou^h packing. *--.-. ^--- - , ts =i5<e3 T" 1 ^- for heavy packir.gr ana sh ?££ lots 1 .' Cattle-Estimated receipt,; for the day. 11.000: Quotations raipc at $5.00@o.+5 for choice to extra ship- ling steers. $4.50<a4.95 sooa to chu:,;. do S4.S5@-4.SO fair to good, S*.?^-' common to medium do *;,;' c ;^ 4 -' butchers' steers, $V-OS*-^ -• OC V..:, J3SO@iS5 feeders. $2.1503.90 cows. S-W @4 50 heifers. K.40®4.25 bulls, oxen ant stags, $3.40«M.-»0 Texas steer? ana >*.;>. 73 v7al csilves. Sheep and Lambs- receipts for the day, lo.ut iHns^i &t 5^-60(^4,50 "v\ <?st.- ems. 5o.W<S--!,.60 natives, and $4.CO@ .>.$•. lambs. SUliranke* Grain. Milwaukee. Jan. 20. •Wheat—Firmer: No. 1 northern. SS© S2%c; No. 2 spring - SS®S9c: May, 31 ^ Rye—Higher; No. 1. 46%@4t>^:C. »*r- . . No. 2, 42U C ; aomple. 27^ in "La Perichole" and did so well in it that a half dozen managers were engaged in a struggle to secure her services, bhe had however, previously signed as principal boy" in one of the annual pantomimes for which London is celebrated, and will therefore have to defer her opportunity for future comic opera triumphs. But when she is again at liberty it is safe to assert that she will not have to go to a manager and submit to having her voice tried as » preliminary to getting an engagement. Albert Chevalier, tbe famous singer of coster songs, has never been noted as a Bpendthrilt, and he is therefore not particularly popular with the handshakers along the Rial to, who have no use for a fellow who has sense enough to save his monev while he is able to earn lots of it. But be has always enjoyed the reputation of being a pretty shrewd individual, with an ability for repartee which was dazzling and discouraging to many of the proles,- sioual wits of this city who were ra»n enough to test their mettle ugainst Chevalier when he was over here a couple of j;o. Chevalier is now starring in ish provincial towns in a three act) a self opinionated critic in one laces was beautifully called down singer recently. This writer seasons ago. P aroused''few favorable comments here. If t is to have a long New York run, it would appear that it will have to be made [ ^^^-^ fact thiic while ^ ,,„,,„ ~™n X«- ^ ^^ nQc a regular actor be made a ie hits which are so pronounced that ;heir genuineness cannot be called into question—are few and far between. The so called theatrical trust has been accused of many iniquities, but none more serious than that it was organized lor the purpose of so controlling the market, as it were that local managers would not be in a position to protest effectively against the misrepresentation of the New York producers with reference to "original New York casw.'' There is undoubtedly a tendency so misstate the length of o run m this city and to create the impression that the players on the road are the same ones who participated in the metropolitan run. Still that wzis done long before a theatrical trust was ever thought of. Tie disinclination of people in the smaller cities to patronize tbe attractions which visit them until opportunity has been given to gauge their value through the medium of newspaper criticisms is growing alarmingly. It may be due in a measure to tbe tiller \Viia liULi a ic^witii. «vw— pretty good showing, and then he proceeded to regret that he had not earlier devoted his attention to "playing parts." Chevalier informed tbe gentleman througn the columns of a rival newspaper that he did not begin to sing coster songs until after he had been a legitimate actor for many Tears, and as a sort of clincher quoted the fault finding critic, who had warmly praised his work in one of the principal characters of a standard comedy nearly a decade earlier. Naturally the laugh was not on '' Chewie.'' OCTAVTS COHE.V Xew York. and straight toward the hole. Topping, sclaffing, slicing and pulling, that quartet of dire faults, are all said to be impossible under this system. The best teachers of golf advise beginners to use n limited number of clubs. 10 allow a novice to play over a course using all the clubs that an expert would employ is to handicap him so heavily as to render consistent progress almost impossible Moreover, he is apt to become disgusted with his weary tramp over ground beset with difficulties, which to his unskillful hand seem well nigh insurmountable and in the playing of which a hundred clubs would offer no suggestions. A complete outfit of clubs is apt to develop a ragged and inconsistent style, coupled with habits of form that are seldom eradicated later, and a bewildered inconsistency as to which club should be used at the various pointe of tbe game. It is better to start with toe. few clubs than never to learn the correct; use of any. Let the beginner confine him • self to the brassie, cleek and iron, and he will accomplish moie than if he had a •pecial club for every emergency of tho links. These three clubs will teach him all that is necessary during the preliminary weeks of his practice, and when mere proficiency is acquired others may be added as circumstance requires. Kotbing bars a man's progress so much as the constant changing from one implement to another, without ever learning the correct use oE 'it is understood that the United States THH City National^ Bant CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOHN GKVT, President, I. N. CBAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier.. — »«RBCTORS — John Gray. C. G- Newell J. T. Elli«tt. Dr. W H. Belu A. e. Jec-ks, W C. renmoei, Is^e hideler, Oeo. W. Funk and John C. JjMn»»- I.oan money •• personal §md c*UBUr*I ^luy and sell GoyerMoent Ixmds. Will pay 2per cent per annum on «ertif j»t«t f deposits, wfcen deposited itx month*: I y»r cent oerwnm™. wme» left one year. Itoxai in Safety Deposit Taulw. *>r tutt eiBpinir of T»lu«bl» pajem. renMd at ttom- •5 to «1S per year misrepresentation mentioned above, but there are other causes; and the actors s are respozfiiblfi for the falling Liberal Athletic*. Under the new registration rules of the Amateur Athletic union the registration committee is given all the powers thai were formerly vested in the board of governors and tbe subcommittees. Each member of the committee in his district; is supreme. He has the right to sanction games, schedule sports for A. A. U. clubs, suspend athletes, reinstate athletes, try all cases of infractions of the rules and to solicit and receive applications for registration fro* atbletsi. Golf association will make some radical Changes in the future arrangements for conducting the amateur championship The amateur and open championships are likelv to be separated. If the champion- ship'is given to the St. Andrew's club, the contemplated separation may be waived for this season, out of respect for the St. Andrew's club, which has requested that tbe two events be held together this year, and that the professionals play on the Monday and Tuesday following the week of the amateur championship. It woulc jfuarantee a successful competition, as )t is a question if it would be convenient for either the professionals or amateurs to make a second trip from a distance were the events separated. Guide The guide registration law, which wi tried during the recent big game season in Maine, met with general favor. An other sitep in the right direoSion could be taken by classifying the gnideo. A tbor ougli protection for fish and game and a strict close season is what the bettar .claw of sportsmen desire. icCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLAW AND VAN IIUREh CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. H» t- it r. 1. S. &. at. S. Railroad Improvements costing $75,000.00 tare just been completed, ind the house »ow offers every conTenience to befound ta hotel, includiaf hot and cold water, Gght and steam heat i> every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in <connectkML WILLIAM AcCOY, tontr mt

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