The Recorder from San Francisco, California on May 7, 1925 · 1
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The Recorder from San Francisco, California · 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1925
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New Suits Probate Filings Etc 7 U S DISTRICT COURT NEW SUITS Filed May 6 1925 4 Division Two Bankruptcy 14284 In re M F Quintal of San Jose fanner debts $3683 assets $160 claimed exempt M F Mulcahy 14285 In re H A Respmi of Richmond merchant debts $1773 assets $673 claimed exempt $300 G J Irwin 14286 In re J B Elvidge of Oakland wage earner debts $1067 assets $1800 claimed exempt $1700 E J Smith 14287 In re C E Plant of S F clerk debts $2182 assets $47 claimed exempt V P Humphreys 14288 In re F C and C S Horst as Horst Bros (Alameda 0)'and llorst Candy & Cracker House (Santa Clara Co) of San Jose debts not totaled assets $1618 claimed exempt $15o in p p 14280 In re F C Horst of San Jose debts not totaled assets $125 claimed exempt Same 14290 In re C S Horst of San Jose debts not totaled assets $150 claimed exempt Same 14291 In re Madge A Matthews of S F music teacher debts $S41 assets $700 claimed exempt E J Trenton t SUPERIOR COURT ASSIGNMENT OF ACTIONS Filed May 5 assigned May 6 1923 civil rrobnte 4 lit JO Dp 9 41624 Dp 10 41628 Dp 9 41621 Dp 10 41625 Dp 9 41629 I)p In 41622 Dp 10 41626 Dp 10 41630 Dp 9 41623 Dp 9 41627 Dp 9 41631 Dp 10 41632 Dp 9 To Establish Title 38670 Dp 16 38671 Dp 15 38G72 Dp 14 NEW SUITS Civil Filed April 23 1923 156821 Dept 16 W Glover v C L Howe et al services $500 alt to Saciamento in p p 156813 Dept 9 Geo J Miller v Baibara Factory Store et al goods $543 att to Santa Barbara J Kirk 156843 Dept 10 Berger & Carter Co v C J Hillard Co note $1473 att to S F Robbins & E Filed May C 1925 1 57206 Attachment - 157207 Susie Black v John Black divorce extreme cruelty A Jacoby 157208 Patrick Curran v Marie Curran divotce wilful desertion J T Summerville 157209 Minnie P Norwood v Finest C A Norwood divorce wilful desertion 157210 Creditois Adi Co v Mead Hamilton prom note $1000 Dinkelspiei & L) 157211 Same v E B Pond et ux goods sold and delivered $t33 Same 1 5721 J Joseph C Olshecki v C S Baird prom note $545 U G Kuklinskl 1 57213 Attachment 157214 Florence Radloff v Andrew A Racllnff divorce wilful desertion F II Eichler and H C Schmidt 157215 Ernestine S H Adams Uhl ns tr etc v" Cal Development Co to issue new stock certificates Wilson & W 157216 Gertrude Martin v Robert Martin divorce extreme cruelty O H Mc-Conoughey 157217 Monte Aftell v Annie Altell divorce wilful desertion A Gliekbarg 167218 Garret Barry v Patrick Barrv as aclm quiet title W Eureka 50 N 20th N 25 x W 75 Tobin & T 15731 9 The Brown Palace Hotel v St Paul Cons Oil Co bill of exchange $812 A 1 Loeb 157220 Bertha Zuckerman v John Zuck-erman divorce wilful desertion Same 157221 Edward C Chambreau v Veda Chambreau divorce extreme cruelly A Waldstein 157222 Missing 3 57323 Attachment 157 124 Irene Biagini v Divio Biagini divorce wilful neglect D P Dunkley 157226 R A Siaa v Lulu M Sias divorce wilful desertion M M Get? 137226 Dept 8 Theresa Kilday v Edward S Lees et al damages personal injuries $20500 H K McKevitt 1 37227 Attac Innent 57228 Attachment 3 57229 Attachment ' 157230 Mary E Hale v Mrs M Campbell Smith damages personal injuries $39539 Burbank S 157231 Alfretta C MacDonald v John A MacDonald separate maintenance Charles McLaughlin 1 57232 Attachment 157233 S Steinberg et al v William Chorovski et al foreclose mech lien $16866 N Chestnut 150 E Laguna E 23 x N 137-6 P B Beggs and P F Fratessa 1 5 7 2 ' 1 S Steinberg et at v Vincenzo Dentaria et al same $3590 NW Naples 100 NR Avalon NE 25 x NW 100 P F Fratessa 1 57235 Attachment 1 57236 Attachment 137237 Colman OToole et ux v Victoi Clarke as admr quiet title E De Haio 175 S Hull S 25 X E 100 E F Conlln 157238 George Pollock v T Hoffernan et nl unlawful detainer $100 Same 157239 J H Humphrevs et al v Citv and County of S F Injunction E F Tread-tv ell Probate 41633 William A Himes alias let of adm petn of Anglo-Calif Trust Co personal property over $10000 healing Mai 21 N A Eisner 41634 Dept 10 Kaymonda N Beamish alias special letteis of adm petn of J N Beamish personal property under $10000 no date set T C Van Ness Jr 41635 K H Williams alias pro of will petit of Caioline A Williams real and poraonal property about$J0000f hearing May 21 W W Watson 41636 Julius Oollober alias pro of will petn of Irving Uullohcr et al real and personal property oyer $10000 hearing May 21 L E Morris INCORPORATIONS Fili-d May 6 1925 22U52 Steelform Contracting Co cap stk $359UI0 phs $190 OH subs $596 diced or C B Hopkins H W Greer G I Harjity Elena A Hopkins and H F Peart I sh ea place of business 8 F H F Peart L2133 Lee S Roberts Inc cap stk $200- 900 alls $100 ea subs $300 directors L 8 Roberts M E Harlan and E L Hayes 1 sh ea place of business S F Sapiro & H IM Superior Waterproofing & Paint Co cap stk $23090 shs $100 ea subs $100 directors H F Wiggins F S White and C O Greiver 1 sh ea place of business S F W P Rich f J ETRABUCCO Attorney at Law Registered U S Patent Office PATENTS TRADEMARKS UOBAKT BUILDING Phone Sutter 733 Notice to Attorneys For twenty-five years we have been specialliing In the eelection of general practitioner reliable and capable for out-of-town employment! Write or phone our San Francisco Office for the name of an attorney anywhere Pacific Coast Branch 68 Post St Phones Douglas 8278-8279 Anociation of Bondtd Attorneys Milwaukee Wisconsin drBondcd Attorney Law List free on request SURETY BONDS Issued While You Walt J B LANKTREE 500 BROADWAY OAKLAND CALIFORNIA Diagonally Across the Street Frond the Court House Phone Oaklen 22133 Weeks Investment Co cap stir $250000 sns $100 ea subs $700 directors W H Weeks Foster Weeks H H Weeks Hammond Weeks P L Dragon C R Schmidts and W S Brann X sh ea place of business Oakland Jordan & E 22136 El Capitan Gold Mining Co certified copy of articles F J and E R Sohnsky 22137 Irving Theatre and Realty Co cap stk $200000 shs $100 ea subs $600 directors A S Newburgh S M Boeder W R McWood L & Hamm G Ketchel and J G Moser 1 sh ea: place of business S F L S Hamm and A S Newburgh 22138 Pacific Luggage Factory cap stk $10000 shs $100 ea subs $300: directors Frank Tavlor Jack Sullivan and David A Davini 1 sh ea place of business S F Thomas B & P COPARTNERSHIPS Filed May 6 1925 9791 Robert J Alvarado and Arizona M Stephenson as Aharado-Siephenson Co at 462 Batterv st 82 Lilia L Tassi and Carl J Tassi as Carl Tassi Co at 4730 Mission st H L Horn 9783 Arthur J McDevitt as Tamony & Co 20 29th st (lillogley C & P 9784 Arthur H Beviloekway as Morrison & Bcvilockwav 110 Sieuart st 978- William W Witt Frank Munson and Walter H Lord as Commercial Hay Co 503 Santa Marina bidg 9786 Michael Mattel G B Podesta Hem y Ricci Luigi lniperatori Alfredo Bandettini and Angelo Villanti as City Auto Express and Drayage Co 221-223 Washington st W S bolari 9787 William J Mulpeters as Gray Line Motor Tours Co 920 Market st ACTION TO ESTABLISH TITLE Filed May 6 192T 38678 Giovani GardeHa plff E Webster UK) S Filbert S 25 x E 1001 Kctnnel JUDGMENTS 145263 Elizabeth Ries v Ward Ries decree of divorce 14440 1 Mela M Hester v Clide It Hes-ter same 114194 Ralph H Ratliff v Mildred Ratliff same 156633 A S Whitmore v William H Koepke $1492 9S 153878 Christina Dietrich v Heinrich Dietrich inti decree of divorce 153190 Alexandria Fancher v Franklin Fancher same 156102 Marie Porter same White v Nellie V 136747 David C While same 135616 Nettie M Youiid YouncI same 151776 Edith R Hedlund v Guy E Hed-lund iml decree of divorce 145785 Annie Miller John F Mjlier decree of divorce 135630 Josephine Brown v Harry E Brown inti decree of divorce $20 pei month 121905 J Macovvsky v American Indemnity Co $230035 126759 J D Toobig v D J Cliatkin and Marion H Kohn $3275 130x46 Joseph Laven v A B Cruslen A L Stone and W H Robinson quiet title costs 157171 Charles M Sehroth Doyle as admr etc same 166140 Vesta A Campbell Campbell inti decree of divorce $1 per week 1 4801 2 Solomon Sell Iff inti decree of divorce 156771 City Investment Co v F E West unlawful detainer $475 154882 B Bubies v J B Cole $36312 156746 Margaret E Gallusser v Albert M Gallusaer inti decree of divorce 15b92S Nidarice Warner v Allen Warner Si alnnony $50 per month 145805 Sarah L Harrison v Benjamin F Harrison decree of divorce 10291 1 Mar a Topete v Benj Topete same 136507 Henry Kostcr v Louis Graubart $1000 146111 George Reeves v P G and Louise augli $ 1250 153271 Agnes V D Heinkel v Herman F Heinkel inti decree of divorce 153659 Robert Goldsbury v Mary Golds-Imry inti decree of divorce 153792 Susie E Cowell v Frank M Cowell same ENTRIES IN ORDER BOOK 126759 Toohig v Kohn judgment UM'MiG Maeonskv v Irvine judgment ! L ve v Love imi decree -145548-Porter v Porter final decree 1 10878 Fortlv'ce v Fordycc same 138755 Stenlid v Dune execution 135657 San Joa etc v Wooster exn 1J61S0 Kelly v Silberberg exn 152759 Coi coran et al v Kilpatrick judgment 156507 Kostcr v Graubart judgment 156740 Gallus"r v Galluser inti decree 1504 80 Ten v Btirghess dismissal 155351 State Comp v Metals & Chemicals etc default 153271 Heinkel v Heinkel inti decree 156140 Campbell v Campbell same 92519 Tanner v Tanner execution 15MJ33--VN hitmore v Koepke judgment 146111 Reeves v Waugh et al judgK 156118 In re Wiipoeke change of name 148012 Schiff v Schiff inti deciee 132941 Topete v Topete final decree 153659 Goldsbury v Goldsbury inti dec 1 56s 7 8 Adbr v Adlr default 1 53792 Cowell v Cowell Inti decree 156842 Weaver v Upton default 154382 Bubies v Cole et al judgment 156771 Citv Juv v West et al judgment 145785 Miller v Mi lie final decree 14440 1 H ster v Hester same 152664 Bunk of Los Banos v Hansen et al default 1 18737 Ieonhanlt v Dunphy judgment 133878 Ixetnch v Dietrich inti deciee 155630 Brown v Brown inti decree 156102 Porter v Porter same 133616 Yound v YouncI same 1567 17 lute 'v White same 157220 Zochman v Zoebman order 154571 Hddfiehl v Hadfieid default 156X16 Cosmos v Cosmos default 115265 Reis v Reis final decree 69220 Kuahm FraHr et al dismissal 70680 Siruhm Fraser Studios et al dismissal 149834 Demorn v Demoro inti decree 114194 Ratliff v Ratliff final decree 153190 Fancher v Fancher inti decree 150037 Leech v Leech default POSTING CLERKS NOTICES Department Nine May 18 41632 Kate Moran let of adm May 20 40326 Annie Holland let of adm will anxd 41630 Bert L Alburn let of adm 41623 Frederick Tetzer let of adm 41625 David W Kennedy let of adm 40032 Charles B Sealy sett of acct and dist 41620 Mary McGovern et al minors let of guardp May 21 38382 James C Dunn sett of acct and dist Department Ten May 19 41624 Mary Kiernan let of adm May 20 41626 John R A Vincent let of adm PHOTOSTAT COPIES of Wills Let tefs Checks Personal confidential j r l scrvee by Mr Love or Mr Stopple Jfp Documents 4 made in your pretence 143 8ANSOME Suite 807 gutr 1675 SAN FRANCISCO STANDARD PHOTOPRINT COMPANY PATENTS TRADE HARKS LINCOLN V JOHNSON Reg Pat Atty 717-19-21-23 FLOOD BLDG Phones: Kearny 3509 and 3610 LAW BOOKS HARRY b lake Representing BENDER-MOSS CO Lnw Book I'ubllsheia Fhono park 7I VOL XLIX No 106 Lawyers and the Law Items of Interest to the Legal Profession The Recorder will welcome short items concerning lawyers and the law for publication In this column Personal items notes of recent cases and rulings will be particularly acceptable Orange County Judge Resigns SANTA ANA May 6 The resignation of Superior Judge F C Drumni lias been announced here Judge Drunim according to his statement lias found service on the bench too confining for his health He plana to engage in private practice of law after July 1 on which date he has asked Governor Richardson to relieve him He has served slightly more than a year and was the first judge of the newly created Department Tiiree of the Orange county court Governor j Richardson appointed him Nineteen Outeide Lawyers Ad -mitted DOS ANGELES May 6 Nineteen lawyers who previously have practiced law in other states have been admitted to the California bar by the Second District Court of Appeal Division One They are: Frank P Allen North Dakota Phillip E Anthony Missouri Will P Brady Texas Samuel De Groot Massachusetts John L Dyer Texas L A Dymond Pennsylvania William It George Iowa Ross B Gilluly Missouri John J Huff Idaho Richard S Jones Minnesota George W Patterson Wyoming George W Pennington Illinois Robert F Stewart Missouri: John L Sweeney Arizona George W Talbott Idaho William G Van Horne Utah Howard Waterman Washington George A Westover Montana and Claude' C Wild Texas Ruling on Medical Practice RIVERSIDE May 6 An opinion by Attorney General U S Webb to O K Morton district attorney of Riverside county holds that licensed practitioners of any healing art cannot j legally be prohibited from practicing! in any city or county hospital in which physicians other than the city or county physicians are permitted to practice Webb rules that private hospitals may refuse to permit physicians professing a certain system of medicine to practice in them Ohio Bible Bill Vetoed COLUMBUS Ohio May S The Buchanan Bthl MU paed by the recent session of the Ohio general assembly to make daily reading of the Bible in all public schools in Ohio compulsory has been vetoed by Governor Vic Donahey because it op-(Contlnued on Pago Ten) 41629 Antonino adm 41334 Robert Jackson est 26563 Ina Gertrude Shootman et al minors sett of aCct 40519 John P Cannon alias inc conveyance - May 21 38204 Samuel Slayton sett of acct and dist Difalco let of I set aside JUSTICES CLERKS OFFICE NEW SUITS Filed May 5 19-5 89412 B Att to S F 8941:5 C Att to S F 89414 P A K Ness v Roger Philbrook rent $145 M F Sylva 89415 D A Bauer v Pacific Printing Machinery Co labor $19 II L Horn 89416 Bn Att to B F 89417 B Att to B F 89418 C Att to Sonoma 89419 P Att to Meiccd 89420 I) Alt to B F 89421 Dn Att to B F 89422 B Rauer Coll Co v Luffene It Smith et al services $90 J K Mover 89423 C J Gorius V Julius Walter damages $299 Hall J - 8 1424 p f W Ludekens r Miunie J Giace damages $299 Same 89425 D D M Walker v Robert Damen-stein et al goods $115 -G W Walker 89420 Dn Att to San Mateo 89427 B Att to S F 89428 C H & L Giocery Wm Lyons et al goods $95 T H Barlow 89429 P Att to B F 89480 D Att to 8 V ' 89421 Dn Att to S F 89432 B-J-Att to S F 89422 C Att to S Y 89454 P Att 40 S F 89433 D Att to S P 89436 Dn Att to S F 89437 B Jos Loewenthal v United States Laundry damages $224 15 E Robinson 89428 C Att to B F 89439 P AM to S F - 89440 D Alt to S V 89441 Dn Alt to Santa Clara 89442 B Att to Sonoma 89443 C W Glover v John M Heffertnan et al goods $26 In p p g9444 p Harold M Olsen H M prazll et al damages $104 P B Nagle 89443 D Same v Carl J Lightford et al goods $127 In p p 89446 Dn Att to 8 F 89447 B Att to S F 8948 c A Giustn et al v Michele Del-firo damages $201 Reisner & D 89449 P H D Dye Co v Griffith Bloane & McDonald small claim $31 89450 D Same v John W Woten same $ i 5 89451 Dn W Leslie v C Woodsfield same $49 89432 B Wrm Bernstein v Albert and Hidny Joseph same $43 89453 C Mrs R Murray John Leighton same $1L 89434 pj a Greenhood v Ed Scanned same $22 89455 D Moise-KUnkner Co v Myrtle Apartments same $18 89456 Dn Frances W Kerr Mr and Mrs James Langdotl same $8 89457 B J S Gerard v Angelo Carat tl same $4 89458 0 Alvina F GeraghtyT Joseph Ie Bare same $30 89469 P Henry Bftrgsteln C W Fag-quhar same $2 89400 D T Karos v Joe Maloney same $14 89461 Dn Mrs Charles Foster J seph same $45 S9462 B 8 Myerson v R E Bell 1H - 89463 C E E Glllon P Pencovic $6 89464 P Hal D Willson r C J Same $16 89466 D Mrs Mabel Moon v C W FRr-quliar same $25 894G6 Dn Jim Karas v S C Rodman same $49 89467 B K Kocba et al same $19 89468 C H D Dye Co Mining Co same $43 89469 p -Att to 8 F 89470 D United Stales Laundry v J 8 Webster services $34 Thomas BAP 89471 Dn Att to H F 8947? B J J Ktttel v II H Rice replevin $50 McKinstry H A V" 89471 C Att to San Mateo 89474 P Bureau of Labor Statistics v Sherry Bros damages $116 A L Johnson ATTACHMENTS I Filed May 1 1923 ' pm) m JtM rVtiu (Dhtfect I 4 Pfi H TEN PAGES Trade Commission Faces Shake-op Investigation of Alleged Trusts Leads to Bitter Row WASHINGTON May 6 Investigations of the alleged radio power ami tobacco trusts were last night threatened with defeat and the Federal Trade Commission with a radical shake-up as the result of the bitter factional battle between the two groups within the commission Commissioner Huston Thompson protege of Woodrow Wilson and sought by both Democratic and Independent parties to run as Vice-President last year informed his close friends that the report he will resign in the midst of the fight is a bald fake Two groups aie battling in the board Commissioners Van Fleet Hunt and Humphrey assert that the commission will save from adverse publicity anv corporation which confesses that it is violating the law and which promises to sin no moie Commissioners Thompson and Nugent assert that the business of the commission ia nut to protect the crook but to keep the public informed of its official actions Thompson and Nugent declare they will publish their findings every time a coiporation is let off from prosecution unfairly President Coolidgc himself may have to stop the row Acting under instructions fiom the Senate the commission is investigating the charges that the General Electric Company is a power trust dominating water power sites controlling coal electric railroad and manufacturing corporations and generally fixing prices It is investigating the charges that certain English and American tobacco corporations have entered into a conspiracy to break the independent tobacco companies that the Radio Corporation of America has a stranglehold on radio broadcasting thruout the world and that the Bethlehem Steel Company has gotten control of the coal and steel industry thruout Now England Senator James IS Watson of Indiana charged that the commission under Thompson Nugent and Victor Murdock sinc resigned had become a nest of Socialists ' f The Port of London Authority is to spend $70000000 on modernizing the port and works 89269 P Rauer Coll Co v Merritt Concrete Products Co et al goods $86 (Santa Clara) J S Merer 89270 D Same v Grant MeatMaiket et al goods $57 (Alameda) Same S927R O The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co v Charles Che! as Bohemian Restaurant contract $151 (Santa Clara) W J Presho 89280 D Brunswiek-Balke Collender Co v F M Perra el al goods $80 (Humboldt) L E Morris 89283 C II E Clatk v F O Grounds et ux notes $203 (Alameda) S Hambuig Filed Mav 2 1923 89296 C C W Buigess et al r Daniel Hayes note $180 H K McKevitt 89300 D Paul Koeher v John Doe Allego goods $42 In p p Women Discuss Children Peace Committee Meetings Occupy Delegates to National Convention WASHINGTON Hay 6 A I-esolu-tion urging the United States to enter the League of Nations as the jingle International agency for world pe tee was adopted by the peace committee of the International 'Council of Women here yesterday Meetings of standing committees have continued to occupy the delegates to the seventh quintennial convention of the International Count il of Women with child welfare health education and peace as topics The principal social event fqr the second day was a breakfast tendered in honor of Lady -Aberdeen president of the International Council by Mrs Philip North Moore president of the United States Council In piesenting her message at the formal opening of the convention last night Lady Aberdeen said the organization must strive as Its mission to gather up the war-worn peoples of the earth in the arms of an enveloping motherhood and to soothe away all their fears of one another and of an unknown future Secretary Hoover in an address of greeting saw In the gathering of women of thirty-eight nations an augury of the upbuilding of the moral forces of the world which he said must not be permitted to lag behind Its material development The Labor Party in the British Parliament is opposed to the unemployment law which provides for an unemployment dole More than a million idle men are now receiving the weekly stipend INVESTORS DIGEST A Sni-Monthly Publication devoted tomaiket reports and financial Information which Stock and Bond Purchaser should know Sample copies sent ou free Name L v Address ity INVESTORS DIGEST T SAN FRANCISCO THURSDAY MAY 7 1925! SAVING SEEN IN COOLIDGE BUDGET WASHINGTON May President Cbolidgbs drive for economy in fel-eral expenditures will result in another substantial cut in the annual budget He hopes the reduction will be as great as $300000000 making total estimates to be submitted to the next Congress around $3000000009 Present budget estimates for the year beginning next June 30 are for $32670o0000 exclusive of the Post-office Department but including public debt requirements These appropriations already have been made Veterans Ready (or Fund Drive American Legion Seeks to Raise $400000 Quota in California American Legion -posts thruout (he state are anxiously awaiting the signal to start the drive for $10()ouo the quota assigned to California in the i Legion's campaign for a $5000900 endowment fund to be used for the rehabilitation of disabled ex-service mfn and women and for aid to the Oiphans of war veterans That was the word gien out es-terday by James Fisk Mate adjutant of the legion 'His report shows tlmt Bittsburg Contra Costa county is ready to make a report Similar word comes from Hollister in San Benito county Reedly Post in the southern part of the state has its quota pledged Huron R Fitts pa it state commander has been made campaign manager in the southern part of the state and Colonel David P Bnirows fornior University of California president heads the noithern California division 'We are confident California vill go over the top in this drive declared Fisk Our committee is headed nationally ly President Coolidge and in the Plate by Governor Richardson California has never fallen down in her aid to the veterans SEN j GREAT FALLS limit' Hay 0 Gordon Campbell who emploed Senator B K Wheeler as his attornev following Wheeler's election to the Senate in 1922 todny was found guillv of using the mails to defraud ' ' WHEELERS EMPLOYER GUILTY DEMURRER FILED IN TAX RECOVERY SUIT FHKSXO May 6 A demurrer filed by Distiict Attorney U K Schmidt of Kcm county in the suit of the General Petroleum Company lo recover $1304135 taxes paid on oil lands belonging to the government and on which royalties also had been paid was under advisement by Federal Judge McCormick here today The action dates luuk to March 1922 when the plaintiffs allege they paid taxes on three portions of oil lands leased from the government and on which they had paid ro allies for oil and-gas rcmiored The taxes weie paid' because t he x minty of Kern threatened to seize the lands for the laxes The General 'Petroleum Company claims thetax Jevy to be illegal invalid and void as it was levied on a government lease add the land never uas subject to seizure REWARD FOR TIPSTERS IN RUM SMUGGLING NKW YORK Mav 6 Citizens who Inform the federal authorities of liquor smuggling activities leading to the conviction 'of hootleggeis under the customs law will receive twenty-five per cent of the lines imposed and of the money obtained thiu the sale of seized boats Edward Barnes assistant solicitor to the collector of the port announced today DECISION REVERSES FILIPINO RULING HONOLULU May 6 The ' terri-tonal attorney general William B Lymer has ruled that Filipinos owing permanent allegiance to the United Slates who become residents xC 'Hawaii may become naturalized citizens and when citizens they become eligible for membership In the Hawaiian National Guard This opinion reverses a former ruling THE SAN FRANCISCO BANK a ' (LATELY THE SAN FRANCISCO SAVINGS AND LOAN SOCIETY) W SAVINGS COMMERCIAL " INCORPORATED FEBRUARY 10th 1868 One of the Oldest Banksfn California the Assets of which have never been Increased by mergers or-consoHdattons with other Banks Member Associated Savings Banks of San Francisco 526 California Street San Francisco Cal DECEMBER 31st 1924 Assets $9691717069 Capital Reaerve and Contingent Fund 400000000 Emplpyees Pension Fund 46174652 MISSION BRANCH Mission sod 21st Street PARK-PRESIDIO BRANCH Clement St and 7th Ave HAIGHT STREET BRANCH Hsisht and Belvedere Streets WEST PORTAL BRANCH West Portal Ave and UlloaSt Interest paid on Deposits at the rate of ' FOUR AND ONE QUARTER (AH) Pr cent per annum COMPUTED MONTHLY and COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY f AND MAY BB WITHDRAWN (JUARTERf-Y Many Auto License Plates Unclaimed Over Two Thousand Sets Are Held by Departmei for Owners SACRAMENTO May 6 Failure ofj a large number of California motorists! to secure their 1925 license plates was ascribed fo the fact that many either give wrong addresses or furnish inadequate information in their inquiries by the Division of Motor Vehicles today The division has some 2000 unclaimed sets of plates on hand it was stated and the records reveal almost invariably that the owners gave wrong information Before writing about plates motorists are advised to determine if the chock sent as a fee has been cashed If so the cancelled check will show the number assigned to the motorist and that number should be mentioned m making inquiries If the check has not been cashed the motorist should draw a duplicate A proper showing that the application was made during the renewal period accompanied by an affidavit will assist the motorist in avoiding a penalty If cash was 'sent the motorist should so state as it can be checked from fee slips in the department Money oiders can also be checked if proper information is given concerning number of last year's plates number and date of application In other words say division officials dont simply write N that you havent received our plates give them something to work on MEXICO BISHOP FACES ARREST MEXICO CITY May 6 Jose de Jesus Manrique Zarate bishop bf 'Uuejutla has been cited to the at-' ! lorney general by the department of 1 the interior for a recent pastoral letter which the authorities consider openly seditious Referring to the occurrences in connection with the creation of the Mex-I iean Apostolic Church and the taking o er of church buildings by the gov-! eminent Bishop Zarate said that the 1 church owned the buildings and that the government was guilty of theft w hen nUstpok them over IV fV j Bread is seldom sened at Chinese lineals its place is taken by ried Which Is always steamed and never I boiled f EVOLUTION TEACHER IN TEST ARREST) DAYTUX Tenn May 6 Professor J T Scopes of the science department Rhea high school lias been arrested by a deputy sheriff and charged with violating the Tennessee law prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the state public schools George W Rappleea Dayton businessman is prosecutor Preliminary hearing will be held Saturday It is stated the defense wifi attack the constitutionality of the new law GRAND JURY U S District Court March Term 1925 Clark Geo B Foreman 112 Natoma St San JFrancisco Banfield J F fu3 Geary St S F Bernstein Maurice 123 Ioweil St San Francisco Berry David M 2839 Prince St Bkly Berwin Charles 410 Powell St S F Brown Chas K 382 Adams SI Okld Hrown W P 223 Main St S F Cadogan L F SausalUo Caldwell Angus B San Ansehno Chamberlin W K Balfour Bldg San Francisco Chanslor Jos A 45 Scenic Wav S F Chapman John W 110 California St San Francisco Collins William P 212 Spreckels Bldg San Francisco Lollard A W 1442 Bush St S( F Dutton H O Los Altos Goodfellow Wm 342 Lester Ave Oakland ' Graham Chalmers A 219 San Fernando St San Francisco Klopenstine H C 2527 California St San Francisco Kuhlman H J 885 Market St S F Maxwell Wm B care Blake Moffitt & Towne 41 First St S F Newbauer Jesse 130 Sutter St S F Stewait Chas H City of Paris Dry Goods Co San Francisco Strassburger I 133 Montgomery St San Francisco The woolen mills of Belgium have been famous since the Middle ages There are eertain streams along which the mills are located whose waters give the Belgian wool a peculiar brilliancy and softness not found elsewhere - TEN PAGES COAL OPERATORS SEEK INJUNCTION "WHEELING W Va May 6 Application for a blanket injunction re- straining officers and members of the United Mine Workers of America from interfering in any way with the mines of fifteen coal companies in the Pan Handle district was made in the Federal District Court here today The application will -come up for hearing at Parkersburg June 6 and If granted operators said would end the coal strike in this section which they admitted lias seriously crippled production United States deputy marshals immediately began serving some two hundred persons named in the application Bledsoe Beaten in Los Angeles Poll Incomplete Returns Indicate Re-election of George E Cryer LOS ANGELES ' May 6 Semi-official complete returns from 725 of the citys 1926 precincts indicated early today the re-election of Mayor George E Cryer in jesterdaj's municipal primary The 725 precincts gave the mayor 54276 out of a total of 104791 votes tabulated for six candidates apparently assuring him the necessary majority of all votes cast The total for former Judge Benjamin F Bledsoe Mayor Crvers most formidable opponent was 43615 while the other mayoralty candidates trailed in the order named: Miles S Greg ory 6306 Edgar McKee 242 G J Rindler 217 and Ralph L Knapp 135 In the contest for controller Councilman W C Mushet and City Auditor Myers were nominated and will compete for the office at the June 2 election All the members of the present Board of Education were re-elected and the proposal to prohibit leasing of the cits ocean beach frontage as well as the proposed $709000 bond issue for the purchase of the Beverly Hilts-Westwood site fot the University of California southern branch apparently carried by overwhelming majorities The Vote on the bond in 725 precincts was: Yes 70401 no 22703 Approximately 44 per tent of the total registered vote of 379563 was cast in yesterdays balloting election officials estimated Yesterday's U S CIRCUIT CT OF APPEALS Before Gilbert Hunt and Rudkin JJ 4550 U S Casualty Co v Drew ord appeal sub U S DISTRICT COURT Before Partridge DJ 17231 Fred Baxter S S Co v London Assur Corp et al on rtial eontd to tomorrow 10 a m 17124 Wilson etc et al v City and Co of S F ord action dis without costs Before Kerrlflan J 1280 Alliance Securities Co v J A Mohr & Co and cons case 1299 on trial eontd to tomorrow 10 a m 1S643 U S v 49 Cases Oysters etc ord dec ent etc 17861 Hanlon Shipbldg & Drydock Co v Cal Reclamation Dist 307 f ord mandate CCA filed and ' spread on minutes 14234 In re Mary Smith adj bkt and ref to A B Kreft 14287 In re C E Plant same 14284 In re M F Quintal adj bkt and ref to O W Waldorf 14285 In re H A Respini adj bkt and ref to W J Hayes 14286 In re J B Eldridge same 18071 Joseph Gutradt Co v Pacific Mail S S Co ord dec ert for libit against respdt for $247680 with int etc and costs and like dec ent for respdt against 3rd party respdt memo opu filed 12X0 Jointless Fire Brick Co v Davis ord dec ent for plff and cause ref to comr memo opn filed 1396 Barr etc v Roderick et al mo to dis action den mo for inju and to appt recr etc gr memo opn filed 1397 Same v Same same 1426 M H Detrick Co v Hunt Mirk & Co Inc mo for bill of - particulars sub on briefs on file ' Before 6t Sure Je 15785 U S v Njchelsen et al on trial eontd to Tomorrow' 1(1 a m U S v Cavagnaro def pleads guilty ord seu to fine of $500 otherwise procs dis SUPREME COURT San Francisco April 2S 1925 In Bank 1 7 h A 7965 Chambers v Larronde The judgment i3 affirmed Lawlor J We concur: Riohafds J Waste J Shenkt J Sea well J Lennon J Sacramento May 5 1925 In Bank The Supreme Court of California EUGENE J KERRiCXN Confidential Investigations for Attorneys ' MILLS BUILDING Garfield 18JIS CARLOS P GRIFFIN - Attorney t Iw Formerly Examiner U S Patent Office (J 8 sad Foreign Patent and Trade Marks 304-5-6 Flatiron Buildinf Sutter and Market after 16 Years In Hie Pacific Building rPiQti$ 6815 SAN FRANCISCO LAW JOURNAL VOL XC1V No 106 Supreme Court Salary Increase Bill Signed Court of Appeals Pay Raise Still Awaits Signature of Governor (Special to The Recorder) SACRAMENTO May 6 The justices of the Supreme Court with the exception Chief Justice Louis W Myers today witnessed the signing of the measure which increases their salaries to $19000 a year The justices who have been holding a two-day session at the state capital were summoned to the Governor's office this morning Governor Richardson told them he had before him a bill the constitutionality of which might be in doubt He said he would like an immediate opinion from them The bill is Senate Bill No 576 by Senator Harry Chamberlin of Los Angeles county he said and read the title of the bill Absolutely constitutional was the answer in chorus from the justices and Mr Justice Elijah Hart of the Third District Court of Appeal who has been sitting with the Supreme Court in place of Mr Chief Justice Myers joined in the opinion And do you think I ought to sign it? asked the Governor Absolutely the justices agreed As thev watched the Governor thereupon took up his pen and affixed his signature The bill increasing the salaries of the Appellate Court justices to $8000 a year (S B No 575 also by Chamberlin) is reported to be having the Governors attention and approval of this pleasure is expected to follow within a day or two Six other bills were signed today by the Governor They were S B 732 (Slater) correcting errors in the assessments of property by city and county officials S B No 776 (Sharkey) providing that bequests to municipalities and counties should not be subject to the -restriction provided for in the 'present lawr and putting them on the same basis as state bequests S B No 624 (Hollister) requiring all building and loan associations to have at least twenty-five per cent reserve of the paid in guaranteed stock P B No G27 (Christian) eliminating the present provisions of the law authorizing building and loan associations to charge a withdrawal fee S B No 49S (Creighton) the Sutter county government act A B No 414 (Xoes) the Yuba county government act Proceeding met in bank in the Senate Chamber State Capitol Sacramento at -10 oclock a m this day Present: Lawlor Acting Chief Justice presiding Lennon J Waste J Richards J Seawell J Shenk J Hart J pro tern Taylor clerk Lafferty reporter Hinkle bailiff Sac 3767 Futterer v City of Sacramento On call for ex parte motions Chas A Bliss and R L Shinn Esqs presented motion to advance this cause and place it upon this calendar for hearing Motion submitted for determination in conference Sac 3770 Doyel v Massie Motion to reinstate appeal presented by Thos Ashby Esq on behalf of appellant no appearance on behalf of respondent Motion denied on graund the court has no jurisdiction of cause Sac 3750 Glenn County Bank v Zumwalt Motion to dismiss appeal presented by U W Brown Esq on behalf of respondent: no appearance on behalf of appellant Motion granted and appeal dismissed Sac 3738 Reclamation District No 1500 v Reclamation Board Hearing on mandate Matter called Robert T Devlin Esq appeared on behalf of petitioner and H B Seymour Esq on behalf of respondent On request of Mr Seymour and consent of Mr Devlin matter continued to Los Angeles June calendar Mr Devlin asked and received permission to file an amendment to petition Sac 3627 Johnson v Schimpf Cause called for hearing on merits Frank L Guerena Esq appeared on behalf of attorneys for appellant and W H Carlin Esq on behalf of respondent By consent respondent granted 30 days to file supplemental brief and appellant 15 days to file reply thereto if desired cause then to be submitted Cvim 2756 People etc v Quarez' Cause called for hearing on merits Argued by Thos Ashby Esq on behalf of appellant and J Chas Jones Esq Deputy Attorney-General on 'behalf of respondent and submitted Crim 2777 People etc v Garcia Hearing on merits Mr A R Price appeared on- behalf of appellant and J Chas Jones Esq Deputy Attorney-General on behalf of respondent On request of Mr Price cause ordered submitted upon briefs on file and argument in Crim 2756 S F 10660 Estate of Vetter Hearing on merits Cause called for hearing on' merits and argued (Continued on Page Ten) Edward Oscar Heinrich BS 24 CsUfomk Strwt' 8m Fnncjwe CiL COMIUITATION AOOMfc 1001 Oxford ina Berkeley Cai cAdtiisor of FORGERY fraud and personal identification to fa ' found thru the scknnfic examination of f Suesticned Documents i Paper Script Typewriting Esc fMrtMf prepend IMm Ois f

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