The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 8, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAKBBSFIBLD CAL1FORNIAN '•A, TWO LODGES ELECT THEIR NEW OFFICERS. LEGAL. win M. D. B. & M...containing 160 acres more or less. Also. ' . . *. , Th** Mminrn WnnrTmnn an,? thn rM,i . An. undivided ono-olKhth interest in i n« motiern woonmen ana tne ucia t hn MIZ. r»? j ne gix; O j- section l<». ompany LOS ANGELES Fellows held meetings last night and elected the officers for the new terms na follows: Modern Woodmen. Consul, J. F. Hydron; advisor, N. ttnkor; banker. Henry EJchenauer; Hork, F. E. Austin; tne N'<. of the S^ ot section 2<». town ship 3D S. nmue 21 R. M. U 1J. & M. com*Mniner 1*»M acres more or leaa. t Also one set of pinule harness niav be in ana tur inswrtlon a . *ne IVKI- dence of 1. T. Curt in nt McKUtrtck. LEGAL. m in Kern. Returns Tuesdays. ir««8, BARBEAU & ROQUETTR. Kern Conniv. California. a real ana personal nronert wilt ho re- rn Bid . . s and offers ii\ writing for said i>v_ >'** . . , - m .-. said afimnmtratqr ni F A Mor-' lij* paid offlc*. or may bo nlc<! with the '. :.'!:. ! clerk of the ;iWe named Court at his brated bbon Wurzburg ottled J. IA Heed; physicians, Drs. Owens, Scott and Ki-w; managers, D. K Newel] and J. n. Payne. Odd Fellows Encampment. R. ft. Rancous, chief patriarch; \V. E. Hillings, lih>h priest; C, E. Caaky, gHH-e NOTICE TO HEIRS ON W i L ornia. Denarfc- A dm MaU ers EYRAUD ONE MAIN senior warden; A. \V. Marlon, Junior« mlulstrator, warden; R. R. Robinson, scribe; C, N. Johnston, treasurer. Tlie Women of Woodcraft meet in regular session tonight and a big attendance la requested. ™»«^™—^ In the Sunenor i^mirt of the ^oturfQr of Kern, State or Coin ment 1. . . In the manor of the estate of rich AujruBt uiljieinetstcr. decea Notice IH hf'iebv tiven. 'hat Mon v— ,.»„.„ MI ,«.™ v> y ».. «, ».°.Uie 14tli (lav <" DecemUrr. A. D I the court house in Hiikers-MU 10 o clock. a v in, ot that day- 8 r|i lounivVuiilrSrn\a, "enTwer | the Cotirtroom. ^artnjj'ntj- °' County of Kt-rn, State ot ij;\mu have been aintointeri its the time place for proviuu the. will or Helnrlcn Aiiirust olblrmeiHter. (Jo- ceased, now on tllp in BUU! Court* for lienrlnt: rJie ;it>i>ltcntion oi H Mohna for the ismumce to Him of I »ld. Kprn cent of the amount bid must acoom- imnv ino bill, balance on confirmation of sale by said superior court. Deed iii the exucnso of ir.ircnaser. w. A. MCGINN. o in niMrator of tho estate ot Kmtl ekson, (U'Ceatsed, jesv 8. Pliitz, attorney for ml- ^ T f ^_ v v ^ ^.^H. ^ ^ v ™_^ v -• K v -l» v - --v--l-rvr — r - — v — -M- -T ^ - •- ters of Administration with the Date 01 Hrst unification. December UtOX. • 12-4 FIGHT PICTURES BEING SHOWN AT MORLEYS. SUMMONS. In the tfutmrlor Court or the Countv of Kern. Stut« of California. EtlHil uoUQUt'ttc. Plaintiff vs. Peter annexed thereon. J. Thos. Writrht ott. Wr . L Th m . TT MILLER. Cleric m os. Scott. Jr.. Juttt lor Pea ht, Attorneys Nov. 19. A. P. 31)09. Uounuette. Defendant. » _ * I t . . _ . < . - J_. SUMMONS ."Perlqr i Free delivery, to Bakersfleld and uarantee The best beer purity and quality, $1000 .era The Gans-Nelson fight pictures were shown at Morleys theater last night to a large crowd. The pictures are clear and give an excellent idea of the great pugilistic event. The silver set, the drawing for which was held last night, was won by James Addler of Kern. he Peonle of the a send creetmK to defendant. of 9 . tate of CaHfor- eter Uouauette. of the Sunerior Court of the Coucftr ^tate of California. ~J- Q^yp<fe ens - SMntiff vs. Silw Bow Oil Conananv. Defendant Lie i , ou are hereby OPPERS Musica Treat SOUTHERN RAMANCE AT OPERA HOUSE TONIGHT Tho ed to bv t ! < » » r>'oiu'a Kevenso" \\\ia prosont f ( M" (J»Vrf-fc I til . SI/F(* V(-ni n •'South PRESENT AT PRICES FAR BELOW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. i TIioso presmit »t the First Congre-,-: national Church Sunday evening wove i !> - v greeted by a \velrome surprise in the! _ As a form of a most exceptional musical! treat and one rarely afforded to those outside the large musical centers. The Ariol stringed quartette of Los Angeles, who- assisted In the Elks annual Lodge of Sorrow, was secured to render a special musical program. This quartette is one of the best in America and their superb interpretation of the work of the great masters was greatly appreciated by the crowded house present. audience ou.jKUiy ;u th house. co-i:;>;tny rvil] ;ipjte;>r In ilnwanco", which Is el fie e trf hi\i: The for i addo.l 1'eatuiv t< Cuik-r will iiivo ;m imper- .\lauu" Allon in the sen- ' > .'•:!'. cra;:c\ tne "Sahnr.o " i . f Vision ot Mnlnjne." • i'vl pilcos will prevail . .; iv. EMPIRE THEATER HAS GOOD VAUDEVILLE BILL, The Empire opened as a vaudeville house again last night and the show Professor Bierly, the celebrated vio- was much enjoyed by a good sized Hncelloist, rendered two solo numbers ! audience. Holmes and Holmes were l f -_ rr*t * very with — >^ - *-f ^ -•* — V "-• *« •*-• f.f ^- A b_/ | — nm inn eXquisltc manner. The Aeolla! tn e star liners. They have a FOBS, male quartette also added much to the evening's enjoyment by its rendition of "The Night of Rest" by Marzo. In addition to tho musical program musical act interspersed amusing stunts which never failed to bring applause. Raymoiftl Merritt appeared as the "College UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. rendered Rev. Edgar R. Fuller gave ' Tramp " in a sin R In S act, followed by the second of his instructive and en-! ? Tn Ir ?. lt l tion ° f Hermann the Great, tertaining: addresses on "The Making "" of Onr Rible," using as his special sub- joot "The Peculiarities of the He, brew." The following musical numbers wore rendered: -j "Traumerl" * (Schumann) Ariol Stringed Quartette, Cello solo, <! Simple Aveu" (Thome) Prof. Bierly. "By the Fireside" (Schumann) Ariol Stringed Quartette, Harold Yates is a mo'nologlst, doing his stunt in black face. A dainty little song and dance is rendered by Miss j Hazel Kirk and there are also a good j illustrated .song and moving pictures. ONE GOOD TAG DAY IS CERTAINLY ENOUGH. WERINGER THE CO ASSAYING er xamm AlliWork Guarante 'onmlliinf flipd"*Wfirft\rT' w'iffin' Urn I. iou ul ?. beteby «qtllr«d to 'Oniwamt nieu inpreip. wnnin .ienij n an ac tion brouuht BKarnst ttie above-named uiainuff in t oerlor Court of the County of eauired to annear h , action broueht against vou toy e above-named olamuff. in the Su- Dertor Court or the County of Kern. State of California* ana to ans.wer the CouiDlfl nrj'^ (ftxc aftf-r service if gervutl w elsewhere, within thJrtv nay An;l you are hereby notified that,if ., tuii to so appear and answer, the ' nhiintlfT wtll tnJ\e iUfiKment for any tnoiicv or riaimurps demauded in the Complaint as arlsinir unon Contrnct. or win uiwlv 10 tho Court for nnv other relief dfmanderl In tho Cummalnt. AVitncflrf mv hand and the Seal of ny. Action brouKbt the C a. ana ^fr^^f ^^^^^^"- ^^F T ^^^^_ 6 SU *bW of e County of Kern. 8 _. and. the Complain unty of Kern, in the. o unerlnr C eople o nja send Ureetine to Company. Defendant. the State of!$fli ver Bow ve of the day o service) ce on you of this Summons. ithin said .County; ([served , within thirty rlaa. of California, and to answer »e oroDlaint tiled therein, within .tea vs (exclusive of the.dav of service* ^t B ^fc^^^ T w " 1— ~ ^L """" ' ""• • -» mr — II • • — — — — ^^^ — — - — after service on von of this served within said Couutv; if within ihim aavs. , And you are hereby notified that elsewhere. I B m.r -»-"Ff "«»^ " ^mr -*— -r - •* ™ ^r — - ' ^f » - -*- - * to so nijnear and answer. Plaintiff will . said SinnM-ior Court ot tho County of i Kern, State . of Caliromin. this liHh dav of Jn v. A. D. 1*06. (Sonll I. I-. MIM/EH, Olorlc. By Bedel Smith, Deputy Clerk. Kowou Irwln and .f. \V. F. i.atrtl, nt- for DlaintliT. 11-18 tae livlatnont tor demanded in t monev or Commntnt ;\s an^u;: unon Conirac. will nnplv to the Court tor nnv OT relief demnnden In the rornulaliiT. Witness mv hnnd rji-i t!ie seal n. siiiii Superior Court of the Countv ce Kern. Staie of t'ali'.drnhi, this 2nd d,i* of November. A. U. ^ n. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Jraud Pri/.o Oil ( onipany. Principal nlnco of business. HaUeri^liold. Kern Countv. California. Nn*b o U horehv uiven that at a meeting ot the dlrpotors. held on the 21st day of Kovf-mb*>r. U*OK. an assessment of one cent ix*r share was levied unon tho optntMl Pto^k of the eoroora- tion, puvable linmediaUdv to tno un- dfrslcnGd secreturv ot said corpora- Hnn. -it vooniK 20:(-20-l Producers Sav- r nahersflelii. Kern Geo. ttir. \VhltaUer. Allornev for SUMMONS. th*? Suitenor Court of the CouutV Stnto of CnUfornia. lUiuK bulb Couutv. Cnl.iforn \_f ^ 44"-*l4« -^-- - » — - - - . — - - - ^ ^ *»*' - - - T. M. Ilodcens. Plaintitt. vs. KMv< Bow Oil .Conjouny. IH-^ 11 ^ 1111 - „ Action brought In the Smicrinr Co« of the Countv of Kf»rn. Sfote of dfa toruia. and (he Conu>laint nU'd in fiaid g onntv of Kern, (n the otlln* of tewi lerk of said Sunerior Court. The Poonlo of tli*» 8t;»to oi On? fftf- ih Anv ntncU unon which this assess idfp Itli dav of Januarv. 1909. will be iri''tsL* i* i * i r • t i* •*••*• shall remain unnal [\ th d on Tuesdav. The PcotJlo of the State oi ^ nla send ereettnir to bilver l»-»w Ofl Comuany. Defendant. , , You are ht»rebv required to b i werlor Court of the Countv of an nctlon broueht In the above-named nlalnttff. aeafiist in vou ne So- ** v ... and ndyertlHed Tor sale at nubtb- auction, nnd unlpss nnyment is mnd« bet'oro. will be sold on Saturdav. Ihe nth dav of Kebruarv. 11(09. at the Jhotir of 2 o'clock n. m. to nav the d*?-| 3av8"(exc"]usVve"of the dav of servtotrt MliKinent assesKnieut. toeether with after service on vou of this Siunmoa% xncnscB of I Tf served within said Couutv: irserv^ tale of CalH'ornia.and, to answer tlw omnlntnt nle<i therein, within h costs of advertising and «xpc sale P. E. BOHTEN, Secy, pro t Rooms 2011-204 Proiiucers Sayincs !)>in'' bidblfn:.r. ISaUerKfield. Kern Onun- California. 11-27 tv. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Keni Couutv Pine line and Storage Somebody has suggested another tag day, and there is talk of summary vengeance. Bakersfield has had one, "The Night of Rest" (Marzo) Aeolian the biggest and best, population con- WANT GAME WITH THE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS. An effort is now neing mnde by the hierh school football management to bring the Los Angeles high school team here Christmas day. The south- • Male Quartette. Cello solo, "Elegy" (Spohr) Prof. Bierly. "Asa's Death" from Peergrynt Suite (Grieg) Ariol Strinpcd Quartette. "War March" (Mendelssohn) Ariol Stringed Quartette. sidered, in the United States, and the town don't want another—won't have it in fact. GOVERNOR GIULETT IS SERIOUSLY ILL. J awaiting a reply from tlie south. The local players aro again in practice for the tfame Saturday when tlif.v lineup ;mainst the Portevvllle agfire?p.- ern Jads, by their defeat of tho Ala- tion.. This gnnie IK an important one meda team recently, lay claim to the and it will either put llakeixfipH In or REDDING, Dec. 7.—-Governor James IN. Gillett. who became seriously 111 last night after attending a banquet given by the Elks, is slightly better for Sacramento His temperature could not leave as he had expected. tonight is 101.2 and it Is believed that championship of the state and a game out of the championship running! " U1 ^ L l " * tn remain'in between tht* local eleven nnd the hpar- Coach Griffth is putting bis men P e ^"* na%0 . T ?.,f t P_ "! between the local eleven and the bearers would undoubtedly attract a great throng nnd provide a magnlflcent football contest. Manager Weiman Is ' ormtrp urowors. Coach Griffin is putting his men throuh the fast pare.-* and the? will hospital to which he was the local taken for DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- co.sts .so little, plied, comes in any width; Notice is hereby irlven. uiixt meetlniE Qf tno Boaid of prr held on tne 2Urd dav of Nove *$ after Jl W" I . _ — _, . t * - * t elsewhere, within thirty days. ^ And vou RTH herebv uotlflfd tna; von fall to «o vou a PJftintiff will take ludmnent tor monev or uamnep-s (Iemnn»i*ul In comDlaint as arlsin'-r »>ion contract, or will annlv to the Court for any'ouior 2f demanded in the c-omolaint. 'Itnesa mv hand nnd the sent < said Superior Court ot the (!puntv : a Korn. State of California, this Geo. E. Whitaker,Atty for Pltft. A? Companv. Ix>cat1on of nrlncinnl nlace 'cf business. San Francisco, California. Location of works. Kern Countv, California. . , at a rectors. mber. 1908. an aat*e»»Bnient No, 2. of 40 cents ner share. WHB levleu upon the Issued rnnltal stork of the corporation, nay- able ImmodtattMv m United States cold r-'!a to the secretory at tho offlco of the comnanv. No. 56M Cnllfornla street. San Francisco. California. Anv stock upon which this assess- ] of Producers' SavlncV Bank hulldlttK, and on after the 15th dav of .T* arv. 1 will nroceert to impound does found runnlne on the streets t DOG Li CENSE NOTICE. Notice la hereijv eiten to n.11 sons ownine and kee-nme. docs, the 11n\HB of the City of that License Taara lor the vear 1 I re now. readv for delivery at the ce of the City CVnc. in the ment shall A remain unpaid on ^ urdav. the 26th dav of December. 1908. win be delinquent and advertised for .* ,.» ^^ ..^.*-*^ «^..-.- ««*. .*.. . *•"**"* I UUliO itjuiiu tunuiuu wu i ii^.' nit t:r-ia sale at nublic auction; and unless nav- o re not wenrine the license t.a* rnent Is mnde before, win be sold oh I ft, 0 v^nr iQftfi Frldav. the 15th dav of Jnnimrv. tflOR. the. (loffnaiient nsHossuient. to ^ w ^^f ^m ^^ P — ^ — ^l - ,_ ^ ^B . - ^m ^ -^ ^ ^r - fr — — r- 1 - -p ^ ^r "^mf ^ w -I mt ^f m^f m^ ^mt ^f ^f ^v ^ ^^ T^— crcthor with the costs of ndvorUBfn? and expenses of saje. Bv order of tlip Bonrrl of Directors. F. RRJS. ,TR.. Secretriry. 3£ California Street. SaTi 11-25 the year 1308. ^^ ^ J. K. COX. Poundmast«r. Dated Januan- f*. 1908. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_u^^^^^^b^^^H^H^^^^^_^^^^u NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. M Office. No, 569 Cali Francisco. California. Pioneer Mercantile Go Phone Main 98. bo fn^roaf. shapp whon'lhey face th- perhaps a Nyeek. No visitors were a!- K ^ ^ j ^H J < lowed to see him. GUI Echtmblin NOTICE TO CREDITORS TQ PRESENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. Surinefleld Oil romnanv. of nrlnoipn] nlace of 1 field. CaMfoinla. Lot-a . Ba er*- Notice Is hc-rohv «Iveri_ that inectlnc of tdo. Directors held on tt» 23rd day of November. 1908. a seesmcui of two (2) cents ner ! & K ._„ the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. ,h was levied'i the canitnl stocl the cvrnprnlion. nayaMp iiinnenla In United States told coin to the rotary of said cornoratlon at onto LEGAL. Holid ion Chin Filings ake Gro pany Street Work on We And STREET MA AN 230- PHONES ' NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT, ( , Kern- u tun Oil Oomnauv. Principal place of tnisjnoKs. UaKersfieUl. Kern Count. CUitorntn. . meeting oi t . islierehv el von thftt at e he diroctors . on the 'Jnl dav of Dficembor, 1908. a hold r In the matter of the estate of L. Gartman. deceased. Notice js hereby etven l>v the under( administrator of the estate or. r n .. rpnillln Jartman.rfecoaBed. to the creditors JP n \f ir ' rv ,' n ^L/<fSV l V,? and all nresons havlne claims n\«), °i uecernntr d docoased. to oxhiblt' nuni * eDl """ af * %< necessary vouchers wiuiin rour months after the first publication of this notice to the said ad- his office in the co» re , of. , aeainst the sai them with the said cornoratlon at "» "•»» *"•"' ' m ~* T * •"•*"•* T "•" " — ••*>. - VJ\ 4 I - -w « - -f t bank nnllulnsr. RakersGeld. Anv stock unon which th. _. enr, shajl renxain unpaid on the ; 1908. will he for sale nubile,auction ai}<\ unless uavmeni a nade bejore. will be sold on the ITtti of Ji an ( niniBtrator at his office in the co» i louse, in yie City of uakerrtfie < Countv of Kern. State of Cuiiforn i the same belne the nlace for t, i trannncUpn of business of said eatat m said Kern Com d. a. 10 <»f one-quarter of a cent s levied upuii tne cn HtocU of tho rorporation. DJivable im per Hhare was l nplta e immediately to the! undorsiimed sccrota- rv of suld corporation, at tho Hhoritf'H pflk'o. Hakt'rstield. Kt;rn Couutv, Cai- Any stock upon which Hits nsscss- nu-nt fih.ijl remain unimid on wodncrt- 'lav. tin* ttih dav of .lanuarv, HMH). will be delinuuent and at miitlii' u I" Ijliillt,' Uf.nrtv. , n l ii y\T fj\Jii l Mil .'l\.Hl~ l i;uv._ UK- ni'.tli. dav. of Janiiarv. liKiK, to 3 item County., Dated October U. tOOS. ay oi januarv. UM»fl. to nav the _^ nouent assesment. toirether with OOK of jidvertisinc nnd pxnenses of sale. Bv order or tl»e Hoard of Director*. A. T. L10HTNER. Secre Office, room No, 3. Prouucora InuB Bank bulldiner. Corner l&Ui an' i. BaUersfleld. Callfo streets rnla. 1 Public AdmlnlBtnttor'oi Kern Countv anrLA(|n]lnl8(.rator of. tho Ks TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTIOK Notice 16 hereby given that anfl JNN. int.. -„ f - ^ . —- — tato of Gartman. Deceased. Thoa. Scott. Attorney for Admlnl^cji-| tMeB on aU perBO nal pro? «rty. one-half of the taxes on all real pro* erty, will be due and payable o* tte ^tlSS. rt n U n»Sf ,S??n!SS o^^nllS MSSSSfy V»« I ««*^^enf^K^uSifll >tore ( will bo wold on Mon- way. Oakland. Alanieda County. State °« delinquent on trm last Monday B November next therafter, at 6 o'c>oraBNt NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Wolllnsr u:) [4L tiiv fji/ui ui **> \J t;iuv:i\ u, ti| f iu l HI v i *i YJ,.*^ »KP * ( ^^ v •; T < * *, i»* V *.***- **^. " IMC cielmuuf-nt i-Ksossniont. toROthor, motUlnir of the Dlroctor» held on the with cosfs of vlvertiflinif and exnons- ninth dav of November. 1908. an A»RS of the rtule. t HtM^utK-nt of ,i cents t>er K/mrp waa lev- at the Jiuur of 2 o'clock u. m. to mivi Nofice l.s.nor^bv p»vcn % y\at at.a| pi m ^ Hnd un lcss paid prior thes<^» fifteen per cent will be added te tfcw HMjsrneni or .1 cents r*er sparo waa lev-1 amount thereof, and that If saW on* MlliiVISS ^^te^Wcg^n. 0 ^ to" be Bot ^ ^ f ore the last MOR- day in April next, at 6 o'clock p. wm added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-halt i Jlv order of tho Hoard of T 11-5 T. A. U.AKKH. si-c- retarv. n is NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL AND PERSONAL ESTATE BY PRIVATE SALE. In Hi' 1 Hunorlor Court Tn and for MIC 'ouusv t )C Kcni. State of I'aHt'orh... In the matter of the Ksluto oi' Ktuil Krieksou. l.)ecoaHed. Noti< i- in hereby ulven that in pur- ot an order f»t th* v SuiMjrlor the Countv ot Kern, State ol' California, made tin tho ll'itb dav of . son. Secrfchirv of said h m/i v**V' ^olfini anv. at his «ffl<i<». rooniu 1H and) n - A/MiHrinAi flv« n*>r r\nnt ifiS broadwuv. Oakland Ai»«.^««lan additional nve per cent n DOM remain November. e.siaif) of Kinil ^i in 1 firloUs the matter ol' l non, deceased, t. to in ie *'•*—*» F««*»J»«J <•'_»'' * \ *.' *. *•• < Uie administrator of t 111 Bell at Drlvato Bale to dor for canli, uold coin < j siatf, the blu'hest. i u • 4 d -1 ^^M ~ "~ ' ^" ~^^ * W ^" " "* ' ' ^"^ ^ ^ I ^ ^ ^~ r *~^ ™ ^" ~™ of (he rnUod States, and subject to louflnmitlon bv tho Suuortor Court, on en or finer .ina zisi oay IftuS. at tho office of Decenil)er. f o said admin Is-1 .. X..V, - V «. L , lv ase. in Bakers-' ;rn. of California, ii H it v^****»J». T | kJllll^' »/| VMlitl^JI 14HI, all the rteht. t tlo. interest, nnd asf;jf^ of the saw IvinU Erfckaon. dGeoased. at tliy time of his death and all tho rtoht. >. and iriter^Bt that the ewtu operation of law or othorwf I'j. Kuis uroanwav. Count v. Callrorula. Anv vliIch thin tiRBeHHinent Hhal UntKlid on tho ninth <J«V Of L/t;c;uiniM*r, Uf,* #o*oa n« all pnal r»»^n««*« «.I*T tuns, will bo dellnauent and advertis-1 tne taxes On aU real Property wm ed for Kalo at Puliuct Auction and uii- toR 'jsrw ^'^^^^ ?« l •£?****} be l f ,H)8, at 8 a. in,, to Day dellnauont as* Unquent on the last Monday In tocotiuur with cost of aavor* next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. 'o/lhl^o^^of Directors ttnd tnat " nle9fl * tti<J ^or J?rflsfMr%c^rv. Mfl^ added to OUIB 1§ and 19^1068 BroaM amount thereof. / 2. That all taxes may be paid fifl the time U first installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxeu may be paid in tfca office of the Tax Collector ia thxs county courthouse between" the tiowre Offloe rpoiriB ]' v •*-*. *"«» wav. Ojik-land. Auimedu County, of Califoruia. ta l 1 e NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In the Malta r of the Kstato of Alexandor BeHsuellle. decoaaou. i rt tho , , ,, * - -.~. -,-PO. <('*•' fhrt f'C&tillt nulrod other thap or f ,tn iiddHVon in \n" c la ma hat of tho mid Ern Krrksoii. at t bi» tc^exhibit time of his -*- A ' ' • u MJlll ' UIt Notice in hereby tdvon. by the un-l9^ 9 »• m. and 12 m., and 1 p.m. mJniBtrator of tho t lkjHBuMUo. i ors of. and all i ad Alexander lt s 'd<»u . nine ith, liv. and .to all. that alnst the sr m with th estate docwaned, to iKirsons hav- aiu deceased o neceBBurv (i\ uf, 1 ;!,?/!} lSk. DH1CP i P 1 *.'"";^!? *-'{,inn'is'(lrsV"mHillcaflV)h of this notice; "whlfih nV l ^^J vl 2?/fi n(i l !- oln A' lPr lno i Coun \ » tni> date honjof. to Bald admin>tri- pf Korn, State of. Cailforri a, and t or ft t the law office of C £ Clafl n hqundetl and doscrlbinl UH foHowa. to-; r ^ u % c 5? ftDtf»O?iikpT B&fliSM«W 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. EL DAY, Tax Collector, Kern County, Call for nte •«^/i«Li^it-'ti twv^i ^i^:ovvi iui;ki an IVM n.J w n. 111-* ; nunilH A I nil II ,fZ rift I «•*{•• ;§ \" fi*"f« BT V* ^ \» ff • \u^ n ^ n !V vU Mfl uar f ter 'P^^l ! P thft : ianrArnla. the^lamo* alivJ Sft o ««;;.« 01 S 5" » lo fl *t\ f i < > WJ 5*i ">r. tho transaction oi «nln 29. 8. ranu'e 21 east. M. I). B, ft < on M nutate M,. containing SO acres, more or less, Wi ™w*.*>. jy^^^^ :o At County. the i)Iac:e UflhiettH of .. th and Al X,)! nfIIv t (If> . fJ " e- SW>A of th 3 J in 21 eas. 88 73-100 ne- 8W« JO. -fifth Interest and lotB 1. 2. own nh In 30 R. . A- M., contutn- '," fi: >,. . Bin shin SO 8. raime 21 & M an IfiO Httcuon J 1 «t. M. D ncrea, m<»r« or An uridJvldod on**-elp:hth Intareat (n 5. 4, nnd 6 Jn -Melton 6> town- D. n. nnd M. I . r .,.» MU .»» -»« acres uior* or le»a. Also. An imdivldor] on»-«i?hth 1nter«j«l i LH «. )• ^i 9. 10 and ;n»hli> 30 .K, rai&ce M.. conUilnlaw ICO acre*, more or Administrator f?f tha Batato of Alex iiinlor Baa&Qtnl November NOTICE TO CREDITORS. he Superior Court ?n i\tn\ for tia of Kern. BTatP of Onlifo matter of the estate of DELONEQHA HOT SPBINQ8. Most reraafKaTVto mineral sprtngi OaUfornta. An aoeoiute euro (or lotH € ^ -^ . rem. in nd 11, of Bftcuon {. 2f R. M. D. B. BaKexaflaAd lltrra Nevada llomtaima. Blae Mtm mer climate. O««4 ftooommodadoo*. Terma roaaomMex 0bMe leaven Bate ra»M 8 and 9 Ocddectal wid rnl». ice^is Sereby Kivpn .hv .,. ;ned admlnlfitrator ot tho oat ot Jffimllr A. snurlln, d<-r<*;*Ketl. .to creditors of. iinu all .nor^ons c lain ia aeauifit tno. naid <i<^o ftxhlpH then? with tno necoB S oucners within four tnorithp uft«r r»i nuhllrajlpn .of tin* iy»f»ce. to ftltnew^w. QUIZ., rooms f an bnltua J3ufl{lfn(r. m the ,.B/Uila. jBountv of Kftrn,_, 'orma, the same t)elij(r th© ' traJMHCtfou ot business la BOW Kflrn ^.o IPO tor nf'the A. •apurlin, i)eg Flaw, attorney publication No

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