The Recorder from San Francisco, California on October 8, 1927 · 1
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The Recorder from San Francisco, California · 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1927
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- - I New Suits Probate filings Etc U S DISTRICT COURT new suits Piled October 7 1927 Division Two Bankruptcy 16436 In re A J Barrette of S P uase earner debts $259 assets $64 claimed exempt In p p Law 18026 G J Henry v Carson Inv Co et al to decree contract For plff Knight Boland & Christm for def C A Murphy (Remoed from Superior Court S P Co) Ilabeas Corpus 19449 In re Ngim Ah Yai petn for writ-J P Fallon Division Three Admiralty 19450 U S v Launch Eltoro etc forfeiture U S Attorney SUPERIOR COURT Assignments of Judges to Departmen Superior Court Dept 1 J M Troutt 411 City Hall Dept 2 P J Murasky 4d0 City Hail Dept 3 G H Cabamss 403 City Hall Dept 4 J J Van Nostrand 466 Citv Hall Dept 5 F A Griffin 402 City Hall Dept 6 M J Roche Hall Justice Dept 7 E P Mogan 472 City Hall Dept 8 T I Fitzpatrick 465 Citv Hall Dept 9 F H Dunne 417 City Hall Dept 10 T F Granam 452 City Hall Dept 11 Harold Louderback Hall Justice Dept 12 J G Conlan Hall Justice Dept 13 D C Deasy 435 City Hal! Dept 14 W P Johnson 4L'9 City Hah Dept 15 E P Shortall 413 City Hall Dept 16 L H Ward 436 City Hall Ex Ses 1 Harold Louderback 404 City Hall ASSIGNMENTS OF ACTIONS Filed Oct 6 assigned Oct 7 1927 Probate 48258 Dp 10 48259 Dp 9 48260 Dp 10 48267- 48261 Dp 10 48264 Dp 10 48262 Dp 9 48265 Dp 10 48263 Dp 10 48286 Dp 9 Dp 10 48268 Dp 9 NEW SUITS Civil Filed September 28 1927 186719 Dept 4 Merc Acceptance Corp v H E Jordan as Joidan Motor Co agree ment $1207 att to San Joaquin O linen & Lucey 186736 Dept 4 Adrian Ramazzotti v Rosario Paratore woik $707 att to S F C 8 Morbio Filed September 29 1927 186782 Extra Session 1 John Stewart v Shirley D Parker etc dissolution ot partnership accounting and for appointment of receiver W E Hettman Filed October 6 1927 187626 Dept 10 Dorothy E Sami v Martin Saini divorce extreme cruelty S M Modi y Filed October 7 1927 187061 John E Freund v Hedwig I Fiound divorce wilful desertion S D Leipsic 187062 Extra Session 1 Mary E Robertson v Milton S Robertson divorce extreme cruelty O G Kukliirki 187063 Ralph I Millet v Dorothy E Millet divorce extreme cruelty B F Curtaz 187064 Margaret B Ecob v Robert G Ecob divorce wilful neglect B M Aikms 187065 Dept 10 Margaret A Jones v Robert J Jones divorce extreme cruelty R L Husted 187066 In re Blanche E Hall petn to terminate joint tenancy property m Santa Clara county E J Jose 187067 V Pappas et al v R C Newton et al unlawful detainer R H Borland 187068 Bessie Jung v Wm Tai Jung divorce extreme cruelty E E Rpbmson 187069 Edwin J Mandhey v Alice N Mandlsey annulment of marriage A L Shannon 187070 Edelle M Crouch v Robt C Crouch divorce extreme cruelty F Leve 187071 Dept 10 Thelma G McDonald v James V McDonald divorce wilful neglect F P Bull 187072 Attachment 187073 Attachment I 187074 Attachment I 187075 Perkins Mfg Co v Cracker First i Natl Bank et al money had and rc- i ceived 2579 W P Smith i 187076 Teresa Garetto v Vincinzo Garetto I divorce wilfu-l desertion V J GanbaU I 187077 Dept 16 Theresa Papa v Biagio Papa divorce extreme cruelty Pardim (Filed with County Clerk NOT LIENS on real estate under Section 074 Code of Chil Procedure) 172556 Pearl J Demsey v Clement F Dem-sey decree of divorce 186323 Maria Scannavino v Adolfo Scan-navmo $40 per n onth 172G81 Jean Dennin v John Dennln de-ciee of divorce v 172916Peail ft Ver2i v Salvatore Firzl bdine 18615 J C Beier v Ella Adams $501 54 182665 Norris K Davis v Herman A Lin-dewald $1170 170298 Marcus Widrin v F M Patterson Oiga M Pattei son S Victor Davidow and Eieljn Ddudow $3334 89 186108 McDonough Bros v Charles C Wax-man and Walter C Braum $H)1Q 182790 Pilar Ponti de Rodriguez V Joseph fll arrounfin and dissolution of nart-I Rodriguez inti decree of divorce - m witcan 1 1 1 pa ' 174592 Edward J Hemberger v V E Bar- mosirAUadhmerrt ' ' " dellim 4178 34 iSraSR oSSSA Stella Gregory dl- TeSMdXo vorce wilful desertion H F Boyen e?ipVl Hall 187085 Alliance Inv Go v C W Johnson j 10 per ?ek et al on agreement $867 L E Morris 183813 Mane A Spreen v Wm Spreen $15 187086 Attachment per week 187087 Edward Patterson v John T W 172392 Albert Oberfeld v Marie Oberfeld Jay findings and award I decree of divorce 187088 Vera J Childs v Harry Handles-172023 Helen Russell v Pat Russell same man damages pers Injuries $25650 j 1C5599 Bertram R Cisin v Essie Cisin Siiverstein & 5 Silverstein and W H Hoi- ( same lander 109691 Martha E Morse v Geoige W Morse 187089 Wm A Bartholomae Jr v John same Hancock Mutual Life Ins Co on con-1 174242 Helen R Goldberg v Walter M tract $574 J E Bien and W Olds Goldberg same 187090 Same v Edward L Burriil et al to 170098 Mabel A Cureton v Paul F Cure-recover pers prop $1050 and $500 dam- ton same ages Same I 17012 Eugene E Mason v Mary J Mason 187091 Eleanor Ebert v Gilbert S Ebert decree of divorce divorce wilful desertion L T Jacks j 167448 Iva A Paagett v James L Padgett 187092 Attachment same 187093 John Kunecuc v Cornelius Cullen 162623 Margaret Garner v George Garner et al damages pers injuries $25000 1 same D A Ryan 149756 Margaret Dittrich v Herbert Ditt- 1 1 l1 "" " rich same & Scampini Sc George 187078 -Christine Martin v Bennett Mar tin divorce wilful neglect I N Maroe-vieh T 187079 Attachment 187080 Extra Session 1 D Blame V H 8 Weaver et al on agreement C A Linn WF8frBimeon E Sheffey v Mane B Boone et al rent $3800 In p p 187082 Wm M'-Watson v Wm H Ford et Copying Documents fer Attorneys j Law Clerks Secretaries &c: j A decided time- & trouble-saver in copying documents will lie found in the FOTOGilAFIC DEPT of the Criminology College of California I)e Young bldg Suite 427 Fone j Karny 4021 Court exhibits wills j maps sketches &c copied confiden-1 Dally with scientific exactness yet rjuickly and at moderate prices the work being done by "senior or I ''post-graduate students but under expert supervision Work thoroly dependable -these students having been trained to readily apprehend the particular needs of Law Workers including police authorities &c I CHAUNCEY MGOVERN LL B Dean rjpi JLo render an efficient and personal service to local attorneys we have established a Branch Office in SAN FRANCISCO This Service includes Incorporation of New Companies 5 Stock Issues Resident Agency Registrar and Transfer Agency by an old established Bank giving service according to high banking standards HAROLD E HAVEN San Francisco Representative 1144 Russ Building Kearny 208 Corporation Department Gchcclinc Banking s Trurt Company Reno - Nevada I8iTwnnetta Eeccutl as admx V Pied-nr rW 'j!n Pron note 41732 O Gara and De Martini 18in S Slrvam v S F Riding School Vi imoges pers injuries 50000 r j Mahoney 18Tenllriabeth TemPle v Albert S Temple divorce crueitv J j McSliane 18rf?It0 Nl?hlnmra V Eizo Nishimura divorce cruelty H M Young 187098 Aiiacnment 187099 Ida M Labish v Wm A Labish l1y5rc! cruelty R D Williamson 187100 Giacomo Demaestri et al v D pi 1 " - e- - Doolmg et al foreclose chattel mortgage l8p101E E sbnn v Standard Elec sign Lawyers and the Law SMwfSSh1500-" B D Spag-I 187102 H Kaiser v Frederick W Eielen-berg et al unlawful detainer $193 50 E R Hoerchner 187103 Helen M Evans v Wm J Evans rl0Tce desertion A C Lackenbach 187104 A H Walker et al v Bille E Van Wjcoff et al pers injuries $10000 Ford Johnson & Bourqum 187105 Attachment 187106 Dorothea C Sawvelle v Carl F - ofveHe divorce cruelty H H Linney 187107 City and County of S F v Market St Ry Co license tax $11062 J J O Toole Probate 43269 Maria Koch let of adm petn of C W Mueller real prop about $200 hear- 48270 Peter A Maglaras alias pro of will petn of A A Maglaras pers prop over P 0 prop over icgui naiernitv in the was propped standing' the Tfodv of S100C0 hearing Oct 26 R L Husted 'chambers of the Supreme Court of Alfonso de la Huerta killed in a skir-alias proof California in the State building on niish with Mexican federal troops A 48271 Charles E Benedict will petn of Alice L Morris et al real dpers prop over $10000 hearing Oct n-n TT v -- ing Oct 20-11 F Boyen 27 Same 48272 Oliva L Johnson let of adm petn of public admr estate unknown hear- ig Oct 2011 F Boyen 4S273 Christ Stover alias same same same same Same 48ofJLHarolda Raines8 real and pers prlp unknown hearing Oct 26 L W Irving ofTtn'of Tl'olas Rol'ta'te unknown no date set Cullman & WJCiCey INCORPORATIOVS Filed October 7 1927 Leaumont and Kehar Singh high 24384 Porter Wheeler Corp certificate of!)1Pst of the Slkh in Stockton York011 f coporate stence (New - Al Lawyers 24385-The Cake Forming Machine Co can AUSTfX Texas Oct 7 With the stk $100 000 shs $1 ea subs $3 directors fxrpntmn Q k B J Wikiman Mabel Robb and H fX(etl0n a stenographer the en- Ailing 1 sh ear place of business S F i tire force in the governor's of- 2438-SanitaiyGarbage Removal Co cap'6 are en''tea t0 r a c t ' law stk $100000 shs S100 ea subs $300 (Governor Moodv is a lawer His (iuectors F J De Martini W M Case and private secretary Pat Daughertv Mabel Robb 1 sh ea place of busmes S f Same P Wafi assistant city attorney at Temple 24387 Wade Equipment Co cap stk $25- before he came to the governors of- RbwSS'Sarss5:fire- j- f- Hau 1 berger 1 sh ea place of business SF Toha0n-?rs Beedv Presley & Paramore RRR Vin t rim Pn Tnr (iqh eft Cl nfifi flfUl 21388 Weinstein Co Inc cap stk $1000000 it S3 W5 ea sub 75 directors Isidor altrne Miss Suzette Meyer one of Weiiiotcln M L Nathan and Max Bern-i the stenographers also has been Ii-OarVib Samuel bUSleS3 S to praetiee law Carl Thinney I "ho left the office October 1 is doing COPARTNERSHIPS Filed October 7 1927 11754 Paul Giant? Barnett Barber Fred A Stone Samuel Halpnn and C M Cher- Coy at2330Marketbteanln! Snd DyenB vk'tlon Homer C Mill-ftp Los An- 11755 P D Bullock H A Kellogg and W K 8es attorney of perjury in Judke Mitchell as Bullock Kellogg & Mitchell j Victor It Mrlucas department of the 1018 Rus Bldg-Byrne & Lamson :QMnflift rv 11756 Chailes Monson as Foisyth & Co Supenor oult lias heen reversed by S H Svenson I the Distiict Court of Appeal The 9 tease srew out of allegations by Ida ACTION TO ESTABLISH TITLE 1 A Morgan Clark who had employed Filed October 7 1927 Millsap as her attorney hi property 39578 Victor Bjors plff s Turk 50 E matters It is the opinion of the Court Seymour E 40 x S 100 Stoney Rouleau nn0 Sioney & Palmer of PPfal that a false oatli alleged bv the indictment does not support the chaise of perjuiy The opinion was a long one and went exhaustively into several similar cases Found Dead DENVER Oct 7 John T Muley about 40 years oil Denver attorney Vri fovndead in bed at his homo here r Death was at'tiibuted he$r$ disease-1 bv? a police inurgeoiv called KUGENE J KERRIGAN Confidential Investigations for Attorneys MILLS BUILDING Garfield 1858 Erwin M Cooper & Co PUBLIC STENOGRAPHERS Member Shorthand Reporters Association 1 Montgomery St Room 500 Telephone: Kearny 4253 PATENTS TRADE MARKS LINCOLN V JOHNSON Registered Parent Attorney 1645 RUSS BUILDING Phone: Sutter 572S LAWBOOKS HARRY B LAKE Representing BENDER-MOSS CO Law Book PublUoera Phone Park 7f Petersen Carter & Co Certified Public Accountants Chae H Petersen C P A J R Carter C P A L L B ALASKA COMMERCIAL BLDG Telephone Davenport 8325 Law will initiate nine students of Hastings into ""l ne f i Vv I at national legal fiaternity Saturday October 15 1927 at 2 p m The initiation will be followed by a room of the Whitcomb Hotel at 6:30 oclock t"" Twm D' dmner in the Italian i Sans T arbans ' FRESNO Oct 7Peace has been declared in the war of the turban I caused bv a" order of Judge Beau-' mom to his bailiff to bar from the courtroom Hindus wearing turbans The peace terms were mad by Judge it0 Practice law and Mark Wiginton 'who takes office October 1 is is also an er one of so to study law' Reversed LOS ANGELES Oet 7 The con- W'hen Malev complained of being j 111 1 few hom'd to tNinsart sOihe private Attorney ftialey fonnerly lived atjbusiness and ffe to Dortmund in ta New Castle Wyo and1 at one time') commercial plane at noortU He will Was chairman of the Democratic state embark 6n the7 Leviathan nt Octo coinmiltee of that Mate - 1 por 77 120624 Fred O Hungerford v Carrie' W Hungerford same ' 160166 Max Sternsher V Leonard & Holt and Charles A Johnson! $1173 59 (Recorded with County Recorder LIENS on real estate under Section 674 Code of Civil Procedure) Oct 3 27 Edward C Barth v Saul Samuel (No 36319 Fresno county) $2307 58 (Entered May 23 25) ENTRIES IN ORDER BOOK 184875 Eilken v Eilken default 185105 Gomez v Gomez default 187045 Busch v Busch decree 166586 Kitelbut v Gunther et al exn 172356 Street v Street Inti decree 165599 Cisin v Cisin final decree 183540 Widler v -Miller et al default 186226 United Stores v Murphy exn 184744 Beyer v Reibman et til dismissal 12505 and 12506 Gustonenn v Jonsen judgment - 186415 Beier v Adams judgment -' 17459a Heneberger v Alameda County Title Ins Co judgment 185976 McCreadie v Forest 11111 Judgt 120824 Hungerford v Hungerford final decree 1 149756 Dettrlch v Dettrich Judgment 172681 Dinnin v Dmnin final decree 182665 Davis v Linewald judgment ' 170541 Young v Young default 183108 Owens Land Co decree 169691 Moore v Moore final decree 172556 Demsey v Demsey final decree 170298 Widrin v Patterson et al judgt 186108 McDonough v Waxman et al judgt 183962 Sickles v Sickles inti decree 162623 Garner v Garner final decree 172916 Virzi v Virzi final decree 167448 Padgett v Padgett final decree 185819 Muth v English papers trans 174242 Goldberg v Goldberg final decree 170098 Cureton v Cureton final decree 170142 Mason v Mason final decree 185340 Pollard v Pollard papers trans 182790 Rodriguez v Rodriguez inti dec 188425 Hall v Hall same 187087 Patterson v Joy Judgment 185480 Kellog v Kellog trans 172023 Russell v Russell final decree 185676 Tasaelle v Willard default 170056 United etc v Brown et al execution 172392 Oberfeld v Oberfeld final decree 186581 Kellv v Kelly default 184466 Gaither v Lang et al default 160166 Sternsher v Leonard St Holt et al judgment 186050 Isaac v Compson etc judgment CERF & COOPER Certified Public Accountant Successors to 'GREEN MOOD t JANSEN - Audits Investigations Income Estate and Inheritance Taxes ' 519 CALIFORNIA STREET TEL DAVENPORT 1131 HART BROWN &HART Official Superior Court Shorthand Reporters DEPOSITIONS ' ! DOUGLAS 118 Ale E Brown Dept 3 Frank L Hart 4 Harold H Hart " 14 PHIL C KATZ Public AdminUtrator HENRY F BOYEN Attorney at Law i ' ' t PHELAN BUILDING v ! Rooms 918 to 926 Telephooei Svtter 341 :T! MS11 jsyj?js & ur SIXTEEN PAGES Huerta s Brother Killed in Revolt Mexican Rebel Meets End in Skirmish With Regular Forces NOGALES Sonora Mexico Oet 7 I Great crowds milled today aboQt tee n the plaza here against which placard on the bodv read: Here is an- j other rebel general I The bullet-ridden ' body of pe la f Huerta brother of Adolto de- la Huerta former provisional president of Mexico' BaH i"10 this bor- 1 der city at 5 a m this morning The was brought in on a flat car by I eneraI Manuel Agmire of the Mex- I ican federaI ariry who was sent wth ! nien to lunt or a Huerta yes- terday when the latter was seen at prohibition enfoi cement along Flm- j eirable delegates Tlie amendment Imuiez 60 miles from here idas lum row with ramifieutions said provides that delegates must piesent General Aguirre repoited he came j to extend into the police foiees of a tredentials toted by the immediate upon De la Huerta and nine com- citv and county came to light with ! organization with which they are af-panions ' one of whom was General the renewal of federal activities ariong j filiated Medina several miles east of Imurez this stretch of coast I Union labors intention of organiz- De la Huerta and his officer com- The arrest of nineteen persons came j additional crafts and new terri-panion gave battle and were literally Ion fedeial indictments charging con- i tory was manifest m many resolutions riddled with bullets The eight In- Isptracv to violate the prohibt'on laws land committee reports adopted dians with the officers fled at the ap- j The indictments allege spec fic in- S The convention went on recoid as de-proaeh of the federals stances of protection monos paid by ajtermined to continue its campaign to Official Mexican advices today report (government man pusing in various organize labor in the automobile in- (efeat of skirrsTilng troops of Gen- Arnulfo Gomez presidental ran - didate in two engagements near! - - The official dispatches Which came - from Mexico City to General PabloE - Macias commandant of the State of Sonora said 'the Gome2 force- were routed and compelled to-fall Imckon the main position of the revolutionist In the hills about Perote LEVINE ALLEGES COUNTER CLAIM BERLIN Oct 7 Charles A Levine appeared utipefiubod to lay When he as shownga difpatch from Washington to the effect that thefederal government intends to push a claim against Mm for $500000 over w'ar cm-uacts unless a compromise is leached out of court We have a counter claim 'against the government exceeding $hK amount Levine eail 'and I consider our chances of(collectLng it better the governments prospect' ofcfIle(gtii) uV' uv-i tfc Levine remained in Berlin only1 11 POSTING CLERKS NOTICE Department Nine 1 UctoBet 10 27046 Phebe A Hearst sett of aect October 20 ' 4S256 Lillora Ritchie Hungerford let of adm will anxd October 24 47234 Bartholomew Donovan sett of acct and dist 47233 Nellie Desmond sett of acct 137986 Dn Same v Harry J Gaves pre-and dist October 25 47075 Fred W Gdricke sett of acct and dist 46906 Elva M Daugherty conf sale real est 47293 George Carlos set aside est 44915 and dipt 46845 George W JenltiiM alias sett of acct and dist r - October 26 4 A 7722 Philip Moliho set aside est Department Ten October 19 48225 Paul Canale alias let adm October 25 48264 Charles L Brown let nf adm 48260 Eric L Ericsson let of adm 48258 A G Anderson let ot adm 48263 Matthew Twomey let adm 4S267 Annie McLaughlin let of adm 47225 Alvin Thomas' Anderson set aside erst NEW SHITS J Filed October 6 1927 137933 K Rolph Mills & Co v Axel A Johnson as The Johnson Line damages $151 Thacher As Wright 137984 P State Comp Ins Fund v Joseph B Englehart et al premium $20 Creede & O Connor 137985 D Same v H D Haley As Co premium $94 Same 7986 Dn Same mium $39 Same 137987 B Same v Carl S Akers premium S21 Same 137988 K Same v Wm H Holmes et al premium 136 Same 137989 P Same v Wm W Thompson premium $83 Same 137990 B Same v Wm J B Lee premium $24 Same 137991 Dn Same v James F Archibald premium $157 Same John H JLarney-sett of acct to Sonoma 137994 P Same v Wm G Holmes et lal premium $14 Same 137995 D Att to S P 137996 Dn Att to S F 13799 7 B Att to Fresno 137998 K Lewis P White v Inez Beirne et al goods $40 Jn p p 137999 P Same v W Williams goods $26 I In p p s 138000 D Att to S F 1 138001 Dn Att ttf Butte Of 138002 B Att to Sonoma 138003 K Att to Contra Costa 138004 P Att to S F 138005 D Att to 8 F 13006 Dn Associated Credit Exchange v P J Rose et al goods $59 F H Ainsworth 138007 E Att to 8 F 138008 K Att tfi 8 F 138009 P Att to S P Of ( 138010 D J W S Schmidt v C T Patter- i son note $100-M Vecki 138011 Dn The Continental Illustrating Co v The American Coal Co advertising $52 Geo S Whitehead 13$012 B -Florence M Rom8ine t AC Paulsen et al damages $299 L A Madden 138013 K Att to 8 F 138014 P Att to S F 138015 D Att to 8 P 138016 Dn Att to S P 1380 17 B Att to Sonoma 138018 K Att to 8 F 138019 P Att to Humboldt 138020 D Att to Marin 138021 Dn Att to Sonohia 138022 B Att to Lake 13G023 K Att to Sonoma 138024 P Att to 8 T 138025 D Att to S F 138026 Dn Att to 8 F v 138027 B Att to Sonoira JUSTICES CLERKS OFFICE The assignment of suits fild in tire Jus iices Cleric's office Is noted as follows: B A T Barnett: K Cornelius W Kelly: 626 Hunter-Dulin Bldg - Private Deposition Suite SAN FRANCISCO SATURDAY OCTOBER 8 1927 STANDARD OIL QUIT'S TAMPICO : xEArMONT Tex Oct 7 With dmwal of all producing and refining equipment now standing and in storage at Tampico Mexico has been ordered by the Standard Oil Company of New York it was learned at the offices of the Megnalio Peti oleum Company here from E W Gross purchasing agent and official in charge of this undeitaking AllAfforl PofaoFM cir(LAm Alleged protection System of Prohibition Officials j 1 j j FORT LAUDERDALE Fla Oct 7 ( An alleged protection system in Ihjtior violation loics and ethers Sioup Warrant? towd on Irnlp-tments wee sorvcln airnlT Paul C Bryan Tif Broward count foul- deputirs As- i7c iwfent Police Chief B-rt Croft a pa tnlnum six former piicen and six other persons ( fiREKX BVY W'k Ovt 7 The Brown cunfv e'e in up craande which attracted statewide attention last spring wht n moie than P)Q persons wfro on Pin -ses of violating the national prohibition ln'v was bt ought to a foumal end in the Mu jiticipal Couit here when the entire list of ninety-two cises was dismissed ASSOCIATED CHARITIES ANNOUNCES LECTURE The second lecluro in the interesting senes now being 'conducted by the Associated Charities in cooperation with the Extension Division of the Univoifv of California wifi ! given bv Dr N Wing Mah nf the depart fii'Obt of pffiticel scLpncft pt the uhl- tversity on Mondav Ootob? af 2 Sd apditotium 15 Butter street The rums of Pqmpcn shpw thatj windows of glass weie used before j ' D 79 BFranfc-T Deasy r Dn frank? w Bunn P Thos F Prenrfcrgabt 1 i INVESTIGATIONS Federal and State Statutes -- AH Branches Costello Bureau of Investigation - I) F Costello Owner v Former Federal snd State Agent Suite 317' Pacific Building Phone Kearny 7699 r San Francisco J E -TRABUCCO ' Attorney-at-Law Registered U 8 Patent Office PATENTS TRADE-MARKS HOBART BUILDING Phone Sutter 73S PHOTOSTAT COPIES of Wills Let Personal confidential ndLr'ual service by Mr Love or Mr Stopple -fy Documents made in yout STANDARD 14S SAhMUIl PHOTOPRINT Hotter I87S COMPANY SMFRANOSCO Federation Plans to Clean Own House r- i r Expulsion of Foes WltHm Organization Will Be First Step LOS ANGELES Oct 7 Expulsion 1 of foes within and a crusade to spread j organized labors dominion into new ! fields are ths aims which have been I emblazoned on the banners of the f American Fe leration of Labor in its annual convention here The first project was expressed at esterday's convention session in aj I fiery PPeal by President William Green t0 actept no dictation from ( I Moscow make no compromise with Communism It was reiterated in the unanimous vote of the delegates jeration constitution described as step to prent the seating of unde- tojdustry of Ameiica The support of the federation was j pnmiseil to the work of organizinir the laundry workers of e Umted states and Canada! to aidiiw workers 1 ' in Porto Kico and to assist in a drive to extend the memership of the hotel and restaurant union a We ask you to free the white slaves of the South he pleaded There are more than a million textile work- er-ln tha South working 55 hours a week for low wages That is why tl e South is not on the same buying basis as other communities A movement to have all unions recognize and receive negro workers failed and the federation reaffirmed its policy of providing special organ -(Continued on Page Sixteen) TWO INYO BANKERS FACE NEW CHARGES IDS ANGELES Oct 7 W Watterson and Maik Q( Watterson inyo county hankers wera accused of CpneeflU pg the whereabouts of exten- ruptcy petition fljed in tlie Fedeial Court here yesterday against Watter- Bros Ine the holding company for the numerous Watterson corpora tions 138028 K Att to S F 138029 P Elizabeth Simms Phil C Katz admr estate David Alllck deed services $299 Hubbard & Hubbard ATTACHMENTS Filed October 3 1927 137763 K John H Gritfith v T Tramutoio et al note $130 (Santa Clara) A M Schwarz 137808 K Golden West Credit & Adj Co v P J Sullivan as Standard Grocery Co goods $12 (San Mateo) J A Muciier 137818 K L Freitas v Arthur Lee et ux goods $176 (Alameda) L R Lsep 137827 B B B Stimmel v E Enten goods $96 (San Mateo) In p p Filed October 4 1927 137834 P United Credit & Coll Co v Mike Rowen et al money loaned $63 Meyer & OBrien 137838 K Lewis P White v Lorimer H Chapman et al services $170 In p p 437853 K Henry D Egan v Thomas Ward et al services $250 V W Hallinan 137854 P M V Reese v Ike Benjamin et al oontract $112 Hubbard & Hubbard 137855 D S & S Gump Co v Geo O Brown note $182 R F Peckham 137858 K A Weigle v Raymond Hyzer et al clothing $44 In p p 137859 P N M Winters v B Kttoblock goods $11 F R Stewart 137860 D Same v James Waring goods $174 -Same 137870 Dn Louis A Brusadin v Richard Karsey labor $75 H H Baier 137877 B P Andrighi v Pablo La Costa et al rent $260 A Vinkler 137885 D Paul Kocher v Charlotte Reeves et al goods $168 In p p 137886 Dn Same v May I Foster et al goods $120 P Nagle ' (Continued on Page Sixteen) Lower Fees Due to the excellent business done by our firm with local attorneys We are able to reduce our Residence and Transfer fees as follows First Year: Resident agent $100 Transfer agency 50 Later Years: Resident agency 50 Reduced from $100) ) Transfer agency 50 Kearny 6957 NEV&DA AGENCY fTR-UST RENO NEVAQA O RENO ' ' OSFKI 459 Mills Building SinFraacuco CaE SIXTEEN PAGES CHINESE FORCES FIGHT FOR PEKIN SHANGHAI Oct 7 The Shansi tin eat to Pekin capital of northern i China is developing steadily both from the north and the south say reports received here The drive of the Shansi province troops from the north whence thev I originally started their advance upon j Pekin has developed into a kind of trench warfare but the second drive from the southwest has resulted in W ASHINGTGN Oct 7-The appeal fierce battle which was still unheeded today - tomPany to set aside the decision of The advices received here state CenJoimrg 11 40000 Shansi troops have been con- lvetms 111 10 se reservorg for-ducting a fierce fronta attack upon 7 ZT f T 2 positions occupy by 60000 Fengtin or northern troops along the Pekin- I Hankow railway near Tmgchow to ! ounse for the company attacked hich tlie northerners retreated after nJunctin claiming the company acts as an agency of the government under licenses granted by the Federal Water Power Commission and assert ing that should the decision of the California court stand the federal government wrould be unable to carry' out the federal water power act in many of its substantial features Edwdid F Treadwell opened the aiguiwnt for the company but en countered a constant flow of ctues-4 tions from members of the court who expressed doubt whether any elites tions were presented which the court had the right to review He consumed all the time allotted his side for argument in trying to establish that federal questions were presented which brought the case within the jurisdiction of the court At the conclusion of his argument the couit look a iecess for luncheon-and upon returning notified riparian owners along the river who had won ' in the state's court that it would not be necessary for them tQ reply indi t eating under its practice that it had t a severe engagement Saturdav Bulgars Receive Jugoslav Ultimatum Threats to Break OiF Diplomatic Relations Are Forwarded BELGRADE Jugoslavia Oct 7 The Jugoslav minister to tfofi i ha been authorized to infoim the Bulgarian government that unless effective measures are taken to disband Bulgarian groups operating in Macedt nia T the Jugoslav got eminent has no otner i T "ut tu 6('al1 hmi an brPak ! nrr n i nlnrn otic nln t off diplomatic relations The protest over the actnities of I the Bulgarian conutadjis or ii regulars came as a result of the assas- I (-on( luded no federal question was pre- -filiation yesterday of Biigadier Gen- rented upon which it should pass knd eral Michael Kovachcv itch one of the case must be dismissed for best-known officers in the Jugoslav aimy at Istip the crime being attiib-uted to coimtadjis The Serbian- Bulganan- Macedonian frontier has been dosed bv Jugoslav government troops and gendarmes who are halting all traffic excepting transit in Macedonia uncDr tlie martial law measures taken as of the assassination Advices received in Belgrade this afternoon said that a band -of Bulgarian comitadjis attacked the Mace- I (Ionian frontier village of Klisura I early this morning throwing nine I -yy bombs in government buildings anft j later fighting the gendarmes with j lifles nnd grenades The attacking partv (he ad ice? stated finally was repelled after a pitched battle lasting fiooi 1 oclock this morning until davbreak result Tle largest lake in Euiope is Iake Ladoga m Russia Yesterday's U S CIRCUIT CT OF APPEALS Before Hunt Rudkin and Dietrich JJ 5113 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co etc v Miller ord appeal sub U S DISTRICT COURT Before St Sure J R D Sclioles W G Muiphy and C T Benjamin on mo of Bertha Ast admitted to practice 18956 U S v Templin del' pleads guilty ord sen to 6 mos in "Co 'tj'icf Division One is denied jdij Vaste C J Dated October 5 1927 17784 U S v Nelson same for 1 yr Crim 3063 Application of Ven-and 1 dav in Fed Pen able on Habeas Corpus By-the V Court: The application for a writ lo353 U S v Riley et a ord nol 1 0f habeas corpus herein is denied pros ent j without prejudice to an application Before Kreft Referee 0 tlle Superior Court of Glenn - j I County Waste C J Dated Oc- 16314 S Davison 1st nitg creds 7 1927 held no tr elec lie a cunciu i 1 n(( w 16372 C has Pratt 1st mtg creds I 15 7 28 Royal Shapro nes concld held no tr elec 15008 Wayne Williams trs 1st acct alld SUPREME COURT San Francisco October 7 1927 In Bank S F 11599 Dickey v Kuhn By the Court: Respondents netition to 1 have the above entitled cause heard 1 and determined by this court after THE SAN FRANCISCO BANK SWINGS COMMERCIAL ' INCORPORATED FEBRUARY 10TH 1868 One of the Oldest Banks in California the Assets of which have never been - increased by mergers or consolidations with other Banks t MEMBER ASSOCIATED SAVINGS BANKS OF SAN FRANCISCO 526 California Street San Francisco Cal JUNE 30th 1927 Assets $11392583154 Capital Reserve and Contingent Funds 470000000 Employees Pension Fund over $57500000 standing on Books at 100 ' MISSION BRANCH Mission and 2i Streets 4 PARK-PRESIDIO BRANCH Clement St and 7th Ave HAIGHT STREET BRANCH Haight and Belvedere Streets WEST- PORTAL BRANCH West Portal Ave and Ulloa St Interest paid on Deposits at the rato of ' ' FOUR AND ONE-QUARTER (i) per cent per annum COMPUTED MONTHLY and COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY AND MAY BE WITHDRAWN QUARTERLY CARLOS P GRIFFIN Attorney st Law formerly Examiner U B Patent Offloe I) B and Foreign Patents and Trade Marks 304-56 Flatiron Building gutter and Market after 15 Years In - the Pacific -Building Phone Sutter 6815 GEORGE J HENRY Registered Patent Attorney Expert assistance difficult mechanical electrical and chemical caeea U 8 ana foreign patent! 905-906 Crocker Building Phone Kearny 14 - SAN FRANCISCO LAW JOURNAL VOL XC1X No S3 Riparian Rights ( Appeal Collapses Refusal of High Court to Act Re-establishes Precedent' I want of jurisdiction FRESNO Oct 7 The litigation of the Herminghaus heirs against 'the Southern California Edison Company r ongmated over the alleged interfere? ence of tlie powrer corporation with the normal flow of the San Joaquin J river past the riparian lands of the Berminghnus estate of approximately U 18000 acres ? It was the contention of the plain- (Continued on Page Sixteen) t 168 PACIFIC COAST ALIENS REACH EAST s NEW YORK Oct 7 One -hundred and sixty-eight aliens collected in roundup staited from Seattle and San Francisco were landed on Ellis Island ! yesterday for deportation The grdup incUde(3 26 insane aliens and about 5( women some of them not yet out of their teens Proceeding: judgment in the District Court of Appeal of the First Appellate District Division Two is denied (Opinion filed) Waste C J Dated October 3 1927 L A 8335 'Levinson v Continental National Bank etc By the Court: Appellants petition to have the above entitled cause heard and determined by this court after judgment in the District Court of Appeal of the Second Appellate Dis- S F 11780 United Taxnayers Co V City and Colmty f & F The judgment is affirmed Richards J JWe concur: Shenk J CurtisJ iqfQWoii T Ip Vi Langdon J Waste L A 10185 Cody v Fadel et al By the Court: In accord with the foregoing stipulation it is ordered that the appeal referred to therein be and the same is herehy dismissed without costs remittitur forthwith astf C J Dated October 6 1927 L A 10186 Langley et al v Sun (Continued on Page Six) Edward Oscar HeinrichB3 SAN FRANCISCO: 24 CALIFORNIA T berkblby: iooi oxford$trbbi Consulting Expert in u DISPUTED HANDWRITING -Typewriting Ink Paper etc In cfafl ' actual with tbeir use a Lepl EvtdencS Douglas 6145 tOSceTi) Ashberry 1478 (ubouWT:

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