The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire on August 20, 1943 · Page 14
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The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire · Page 14

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1943
Page 14
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PAM SIX THI PORTSMOUTH, M. H HERALD, Friday Ivanina, Auauat 20, T94I Nylon Threads Go From Hose To 'Chutes to Mildew-Proof Laces Versatile Synthetic Fabric to Revert To Women in Postwar World Comes peacetime, American women will revel in a host of new fabrics as sheer and filmy as anything which ever came out of a Japanese cocoon, only these new materials will be test-tube babies, Most versatile of these Li nylon, which you now associate rcmlnls-cently with stockings, Nylon will be used as cloth for lingerie and dresses, as welt ai in solid forms (w n clear, npnrkling plastic for Jewelry and dressing table accessories. Nylon today, like everything elac, has gone to wai. Far More Tlun Yarn But the magical synthetic Is far more than a yarn which formerly made stockings and now makes parachutes, ft li a chemical substance that Li being fashioned Into many forms: arn, bristles, wire, PIE peaches CRUST ffv" - j , n telu 1, If, film, molded plastics and coating solutions, all serving In the flght. The molecular engineers who created the synthetic out of the elements of coal, air and water may have received their thanks from the women who were grateful for better hosiery, but at the same time they gave the nation a building material for an amazing variety of key military equipment. Parachutes today take the largest amount of nylon. Fabric development experts, working In collaboration with the air corps and weavers, have designed not only the cloth used In standard weight escape chutes for the air corps and para-troop detachment.'!, but have produced a number of other types of parachute cloths. Special Clolh for Cargo 'Chutes There Is an extra-tough special weave cloth for cargo parachutes. Other nylon chutes have been made experimentally for dropping fragmentation bombs and star shells. A very light fabric, with periodic heavier threads to act a rip-stops, has been woven to provide a mote compact chut for bomber crew members who work In close quarters. Nylon In rope form was developed three years ago, wheh It was produced for on-the-fly airmail pickup. Its combination of 'lightness, strength and elasticity adapted it to the sudden shock of contact between the grab-hook of the plane and the mall container. Shock-absorbing quantities of nylon rope also brought about its adoption by mountain troops. Normally, when a mountain climber slips and falls to the end of his rope he Li apt to get a severe Jolting, The elasticity of nylon, about three for I i BREAKFAST, LUNCH and SUPPER... America's favorite xeady-to-eat cereal will lave you time, work,, irjei ana oiner iooaa. enjoy n.ei- j logg'e Corn Flakes often . . . a de- Y b ltclous, nutritious wartime meal! Titm turn iimi. tWa3V; nnmm7r ' " (ViwweiammeiHiioa, ,mmmimimn times that of mantla, acts like a strong rubber band or spring. The nylon climbing ropes also have the advantage of being lighter weight than manila of the same strength. Bomber Tires in Pacific The fabric nylon was early adapted to tire linings. Pour dozen experimental bomber tires were sent to Wright Held shortly before Pearl Harbor, and many of these saw action in the Pacific war zone. Nylon bristles were first seen by the public in toothbrushes In the autumn of 1938. Today tney are De-ing used for gun swabs and shell cleaning brushes. A special tapered bristle has proven a caparjie sud- stltute for imported hog bristles In paint brushes and is doing a better Job and outlasting the hog Fabric made of synthetic nylon is impregnated with neoprene and stamped into snape, men diaphragms in special engine carburetors. One of the most important pro pel ties of the plastic is its resistance to mildew, which Is highly destructive to most other fabrics in tropical regions. In sufficient quantity, ny ion could be used for wearing ap riaiel in tropical war zones. Ordin aiy shoe laces rot quickly, and even shoes are tusintegratea Dy me jungle mildew and dampness. Nylon, in time, may help aolve the problem of a suitable tropical boot or shoe. In recent war tesls in Panama, nylon laces came through without a break, and a heavy canvas-type nylon cloth has been proposed lor use in shoe uppers. The army quartermaster corps has developed a pup tent of the fabric that Is only half the weight of the conventional type Finally, nylon cloth of a very fine weave is used for filters in preparing blood plasma for transfusions on the battle fronts, and small nylon filter bags have been adopted for transfusion kite at the Philadelphia General hospital, one of the largest in the country. The synthetic filters have advantages over other filter materials In that they are inexpensive, do not clog, and are easy to clean. Hats Come Back With Advent of Pompadour Styles That hatless ear that has been with us for some time owes its origin to the long bob. No self-respecting hat could look like much of anything on a head as shaggy as a Shetland pony. Hair has gone up hats have come back and are nesting again on top of pompadours or perching at 60 degree angles over eyes. Madge Ames Engaged To Corporal Wiggin Mrs. Dora G. Ames of Cape Ned-dick has announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss Madge Goodwin Ames, to Cpl. Charles S, Wiggin, formerly of Eliot. Corporal Wiggin is now stationed at Winter Garden, Fla. No date has been set for the wedding. Moscow Dateline- (Continued From Page Pour) lined his position. 'Hold firm, well help you,' was the answer. Major- General P. A. Belov. moving into position in the Kashira sector, was called to the telephone, told by the same voice to liquidate the enemy breakthrough at Venez. Other generals, all along the front, had similar experiences. LADIES' SPRING COATS $10.oo LADIES' SUMMER DRESSES PASTELS AND PRINTS Were $7.98 Now 2.98 LADIES' SLACK SUITS 2.98 spH lav EKIBP BUSY CAREER GIRLS today have learned the important art of transformation, adding or subtracting accessories from workaday suits so they can go to the office through the day, then step out at night. Screen star Donna Day has ideas for this turnabout, from daytime to after-dark practicality. She uses glamor tricks like a frilly blouse, pink suede gloves and a veil-draped felt calot crowned with pink roses. A lapel ornament and pin complete the accessory ensemble. Mexican Neighbors Combine Apples and Carrots for Timely Casserole Recipe You, undoubtedly, know all about the virtues of the lowly carrot, and you have very probably planted several neat rows of them in your Victory garden, but have you any idea how to make your family eat and enjoy them' Here Is a recipe from Middle America guaranteed to delight every member of the family even the die-hards. The recipe combines carrots and apples into an appetizing dish that Is also timely, with the green apple season coming right along. If you like, this Mexican specialty can be made into a perfect one- dish meal by placing bacon strips or pan -browned pork chops on the umit tne outter and bake un covered until the bacon is crisp or the chops aie tender when pierced with a fork. Carrot and Apple Casserole sliced 3 cups carrots, cooked and sliced 1!4 cups lart apple, sliced ' i teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons butter 13 cup brown sugar 13 cup water Put a layer of carrots in the bottom of a greased casserole Sprinkle lightly with salt. Cover wtih a layer of apples, sprinkled with sugar and dotted with butter. Continue until the carrots and apples are used up. Add water. Cover closely and bake in a hot oven, 375F until the ap ples are tender, then remove the cover and allow to brown, Serves 4 In the meantime, regularly, as often as every quafter of an hour, trains were passing along railway lines to the front, carrying fresh voting troops, divert in warm winter uniforms and armed to the teeth with modern automatic weapons. Inside and outside the German armored claws, these reserves stiffened the Russian resistance The Germans began to scratch vainlv for ground. Their left arm was pinned down on the Moscow-Volga canal. Their center was blocked east of Narofominsk. Their right arm was stopped before Kashira. They dangled awkwardly, in danger. The Kussians' hour to strike, with their full, force, had come. The Red army launched its coun ter-offensive on December 6 .By December 11, it had achieved these results: The German flanks were broken, their center rolled back, their campaign ruined. They started to retreat. In the battle of Moscow, from November 16 to December 10, the Soviet high command estimated the Red army killed more than 85,000 Germans, captured or destroyed 434 tonks. 5.416 vehicle. 575 field guns, 339 mortars, and 870 machine ins. The Germans were caught in a trap of their own making. They had made a mistake they were to repeat a year later at Stalingrad. The Allies had often been criticized for doing 'too little, too late.' The Germans undertook 'too much, too soon." Moscow was saved. oufh' ht 1943 by C. Casi.itfj; Sizes 12 to 16 MEN'S GABARDINE SUITS ALL WOOL $ 29.50 FAMILY CLOTHING STORE 34 Congress St. "THE HOME OF THE FAMILY BUDGET PLAN" 2 LATEST HITS! "Ship Builders Song" "I Smile on Broadway" By IRVING WALDMAN Sung and Recommended by James Morrison Irving Waldman Music Publishing Co. . 185 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. co B. Gorgill Amusements What The Press Agents Say: ARCADIA Women Today Sugarless Cake Uses Staples from Kitchen.Shelves To add to your food-conserving wartime recipe collection, we give you a sugarless cake recipe which has been tested and approved in the foods laboratory at Stephens College for Women, in Columbus, Mo. All ingredients in this Victory cake recipe are easy to obtain, and should be staples in your kltcnen. One-half cup of shortening One and one-third cups of white corn syrup Two cups of -sifted cake flour One -half cup of milk One-half teaspoon of salt Two and one-half teaspoons of baking powder Two large eggs Two two-ounce squares of chocolate (melted) To prepare the cake, first, cream together shortening, flavonng, and corn syrup, men stir of the dry ingredients Into a creamed mixture. blend In well-beaten egg yolks, and stir in tne rest ot the dry ingre dients alternately with the milk Stir the melted chocolate into the Oatter. then fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Finally, pour the mixture into two well greased and floured eight-inch round layer pans, and bake from 30 to 35 minutes m a moderate oven, at about 350 degrees F. new March of Time. Then Japan," the latest Paramount World News. Performances at the Colonial tomorrow aie continuous from 2 pm. Housewives Asked To Save Paper Bags Concord, Aug. 20 (AP) Now they are going to turn old brown paper bags into bullets. This was revealed today when the state salvage division asked housewives in New Hampshire to join in a new waste paper drive. A survey of paper mills In New Hampshire, the division said, indicates a shortage of material from which nitrates can be taken to make powder. Paper bags and corrugated waste paper can be used for this purpose, It was said. Knitbits Cheer Outlook for Fall Fashions New York fashion surveys for early fall are showing numerous dresses and suits with knitted details. The hand and machine knit details give a custom-made look to garments. They also give added interest and are comfortable and warm, as well as smart. Clare Potter was one of the first fashionable designers to use hand knitted sweater-blouses trimmed with collars and cuffs of the same mateual as the body of the suit with which they were worn. Knitted sleeves and knitted panel backs were also "firsts" with this designer. This season's evening sweaters, decorated with paillattes, pearls, em-bioldered goldleaf scrolls and gold leather leaves, add a most gala note to sweaters, bringing them into the formal category. Scour Your Attics For Bottles, Jars Soft drink bottlers urge, beg and plead with you to get those "slack- bottles out of hiding. They ask i to do this for your own good well as for vour neighbors, ser-; men and all lovers of soft drinks, and here's why. There's a bottle shortage. Glass container manufacturers are working 24 hours a day in order to produce containers for many foods which were previously canned, so bottlers' orders cannot always be filled. And whv not take inventory of your Victorian Revival OLYMPIA Above Is a scene from the new mystery Uniller "Alibi" now at the Arcadia theatei "Alibi" is listed by Exhibitor, the moving picture tiade journal, as a suspense filled mystery thnller which will hold the Interest of every detective story fan. The big cast includes Margaret Lockwood, Hugh Sinclair, James Mason and Raymond Lovell The co-featuie is "Wild Horse Stampede," fust of new "Trail Blazers" western series featuring Hoot Gibson and Ken Maynard. "Wild Horse Stampede" also includes in its cast fuch well known players as Betty Miles in the leading feminine lole Ian Keith, Don Stewart, Bob Baker, Si Jenks, Kenneth Harlan, John Bridges, Glen Strane, Tom London and Reed Howes. Vaudeville is presented from the Arcad:a stage. COLONIAL Beautiful Elyse Knox has a prominent part in the hilarious Abbott and Costello fun-film showing today and tomoirow at the Colonial. Also featured are Gmny Simms and her inimitable songs: Johnny Long and his famous orchestra; and 50 of Hollywood's most gorgeous skating beauties. ner piogram nignugnts include Packed with thrills, Bob Livingston as the Lone Rider in the third of the fast western series, "Death Rides the Plains," furnishes an hour of exciting action as he uncovers a murder racket with the help of his saddle partner, Al (Fuzzy) St. John. The picture is now playing at the Olympia theater. The co-hit is "They Came to Blow Up America" with George Sanders and Anna Sten. FLAPJACK FURORE! Pour pancake batter verv thin: make miniature flapjacks, roll pancake around a sizzling link sausage, fasten with toothpicks; serve novel meat-stretcher I TODAY and SATURDAY COLONIAL BUD ABBOTT COSTELLO CINNY SIMMS EXTRA! New March of Time CONTINUOUS" SATURDAY FROM 2:00"P.M OLYMPIA TODAY SATURDAY WEY CAME r nw n - COMING Fronchor Tone Erich Von Stroheim SUNDAY! "FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO pantry, basement and garage today ana see just now many "slackers" you can find? You may be amaaed at the number you have lying around taking up space. Return them to ,our dealer at once. The refunded bottle deposits may amount to almost what you need to finish your War Savings Stamp Book. Demure and appealing. FABRIC FRISGE- ani ball fringe appear in man. new little woolen suits to pe i these models a demure Vic. torian accent that is mos; appealing. Here is an attrac tive suit of smooth black wool, of the popular dres; maker type. The snugly i ting jacket has a high rour.c neck and flared pockets tha: are fringe edged like rt; front and hem of the jacket. The braid is the lattice ba'' type. Take My- (Continued From Page Four) was hud as ah bommuhs hulled block-bustahs on theh tahgets, spotting lodge fahs that could be seen Saw fawty-faw miles aw maw. MOCK means "mark," as: Churchill remocked that eh raids on the Rtih have been mocked by remockable success. CHOT means "chart," as: The bommuh chotted a cawse ovah the hot of Bummah, dotting in and stottnlg large fahs rawing in a pot of the hahbuh. Do you know how to address a letter to your congressman, the president, an ambassador, a minister? My free pamphlet contains the correct forms, also the rules of precedence as observed in Washington. Send a stamped (3c), self-addressed envelope to Frank Colby, in care of this Trn,r a.v Forms of Address pamphlet. YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER FR0N HOT FLASHES If you euffer from hot flashes, la. treaa of "Irregularities", and itifc nervous feelings due to the functional "middle-age" period pecuUa: -try Lydla E Plnkhaa Vegetable Compound ( jropioma. 11 neipt nature f olio label directions. LYDU E. PINKHAM'S comnm ii r i TODAY-SATURDAY ALL "FIRST RUN" SHOWl DANCE FRIDAY EVENING COLE'S ORCHESTRA AMERICAN LEGION BALLROOM Adm. 55c tea Included LONG ON EXPENSES? SHORT OF CASH? Consider the advantages of ftnimitr loan. It provides needed cash quickly ... can be repaid in sensible monthly amounts as jdu readjust your budget to riling prices and new taxes. A ft mat' loan on your furniture, car or signature is made without embarrassing rigamir- ole . . . and does: aiders. For a loan, phone or write today. HiAemai FINANCE CO. 22 Congress St. Portsmouth, N. H. 2860 Wm. Kioh, Mar. DELUXE VAUDEVILLE ALL HEADLINE ACTS JOHN FULLFORD'S MUSIC TWO OUTSTANDING MAJOR FEATURES MAMAtlT MASTERMIND OF CRIME! .. HIS J SKCUITY . . FLAWLESS MURDERS! j AU PROTECTED IY PERFECT ALIBIS! ! LOCKWOOD SINCLAIR ALIBI JAMES MASON RAYMOND LOVELL PLUS! THE FIRST OF am e.t,ue SERICS!, I AlS0! THI UT WSOPE OF "THE SECRET C0tl irRRCHM

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