Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont on August 22, 1964 · 1
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont · 1

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
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LOCAL TEMPERATURES YesftrdoyYear Aft High 69 M Low 45 54 Weather yesterday: Cloudy (Friday Aug 21) ESTABLISHED IF 11 VOL 111 NO 20 2 Copr 1964 by Harold Association Inc RUTLAND VERMONT SATURDAY MORNING AUGUST 22 1964 16 PAGES PRICE TEN CENTS Bob Endorses Bobby New York City Mayor Robert F W'agner speaks Friday at Atlantic City Earlier he endorsed Attorney General Robert F Kennedy for the New York Senate seat (Herald-AP Wirephoto) Kennedy Given Okay By W agner Attorney General Likely to Test Sen Keating in New York State NEW YORK (AP) - Mayor Robert F Wagner announced Friday his long-anticipated endorsement of Robert F Kennedy for the Democratic senatori- Successor? Leading candidate to succeed Robert F Kennedy as IIS Attorney General is Houston lawyer Leon Jawor-ski a former attorney for President Lyndon B Johnson (Herald-AP Wirephoto) The Weather Rutland Skies Toifay SATURDAY AUGUST 22 Sunset todoy 7 45 p m Sunrise tomorrow 6 05 om Moonrise todoy 7 56 pm Full Moon tomorrow 1 26 a m Prominent Star Vega high overhead 9 22 p m Visible Planets Saturn near the Moon Juolter rises 11 29 p m Venus rises 2 49 am Mars north of Venus (All Times Daylight Saving) SUNDAY AUGUST 23 Sunset today 7 43 pm Sunrise tomorrow 6 06 a m oonrise tonight 4 8 25 pm Last Quarter Aug 30 Prominent Star Atdetoaran in the east 2 25 o m The cluster of dim stars well above Alder- - boron is the Pleiode$ the very bnghtju3y to t3K6 p3It in 3 Slum Ci63r- "star" to the right of the Pleiades Is the planet Jupiter (All Times Daylight Saving) ZONE FORECASTS Champlain Valley North Central Up- per Connecticut Valley Saturday cloudy VlSlleu Uermany followed by Occasional rain and cooler ' Hlah temperatures In the 60s East to southeast winds 10 to 15 m pji Cloudy occasional showers possible thunder-fhowers end not so cool Saturday night Southwest Lower Connecticut Volley Saturday cloudy with occasional showers and cooler High temperatures in the ' 60s Cloudy occasional showers possible thunderstorms and not so cool Saturday night Southeasterlyewinds 10 to 15 m p h Saturday al nomination from New York virtually assuring the attorney generals nomination Kennedy is expected to oppose the incumbent Republican Sen Kenneth B Keating who is seeking a second term independently of the GOP presidential candidate Sen Barry Goldwater of Arizona Keating is 64 a veteran of 18 years in Congress the last six as US senator Kennedy is 38 and has never run for an elective office President Johnson has been pictured as welcoming Kennedy's entrance into New York politics as a means of strength emng the party locally and also in thehope of picking up one of the two Republican-held Senate seats However the White House has publicly kept hands off the preconvention maneuvering Kennedy is expected to announce his candidacy formally then resign as attorney general Sept 1 when the State Democratic Convention meets in New York In Washington Kennedy was at work in the Justice Department where there was no immediate reaction to Wagners endorsement Wagners endorsement came despite fervent pleas by Rep Samuel S Stratton D-N Y who has been seeking the senatorial nomination for himself Despite Strattons previously announced plains for a convention fight for the nomination Kennedy has more than enough backing among stqje Democratic leaders as of now to win the nomination An almost certain issue in any Kennedy campaign in New York is his- status as a Carpetbagger a resident of Virginia who has voted as a citizen of Massachusetts He needs only to be a resident here by election day to run however although he will be unable to vote in November PEACE CORPS GROUP AIDS SLUM CLEARANCE FRANKFURT Germany (AP) West Germanys first Peace Corps contingent 14 young people four of them girls flew to Tanganyika Wednes- ance project in Dar es Salaam The West German corps was formed in June 1963 when the late President John F Kennedy Priest Is Killed in Crash of Glider Craft Hits ill Moretown Pasture Victim Taken to Montpelier Hospital MORETOWN (AP) - A latholic priest died Friday aft-r the crash of a glider on a the farm owner sid Father farm in Moretown about 15j jwirer appeared to have suffer-miles from the state capital of ed a severe head injury and lost Montpelier The Rev Charles Maier of Maplewood N J was removed uflconscious from the wreckage and was taken jo the Heaton Hospital af Montpelier where he died He had been vacationing since li -if NATO Is Again Topic For Barrv Reiterates Position on Giving Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Chief Backs Social Security WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen Barry Goldwater of Arizona underscored Friday his call for more ready access to small tactical nuclear weapons for the supreme commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization And the Republican presidential nominee took the Senate floor to endorse the Social Security system and announce he will support a five per cent increase m benefits Goldwater reiterated his opposition to the Johnson plan for health care for the elderly under Social Security In a fast paced day on Capitol Hill and at Republican headquarters Goldwater also: Disavowed any desire to make a campaign issue of accounting methods that may have been used m arriving at published estimates of President Johnson's finances and those of the Johnson family Said he is investigating reports of trouble in the Minute-man missile program and termed the situation rather serious Scanned his presidential elec-' tion prospects in the Southern states and said they are best m Florida Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama Georgia will be tough he said Accused the Soviet Union of Nazi-style repression of Jews and the Johnson administration of deep amnesia in its dealings with the Russians Goldwater had breakfast with House Republicans studying NATO unity went to the Senate to declare his support of the Social Security increase and held a pair of impromptu news conferences Amid a swirl of political controversy over the auditing methods used in calculating President Johnsons wealth Goldwater aid: I dont want to make this a campaign issue Later Goldwaters press secretary Paul Wagner told newsmen it would be fair to say" Goldwater was ruling out as an issue the whole subject of personal finances On Capitol Hill Goldwater met privately with nine House Republicans working as a GOP task force on NATO unity Rep Albert H Quie of Minnesota the chairman said they had agreed that: The supreme NATO commander should have more ready access to smaller tactical nuclear weapons Goldwater has made suggestion before Quie quoted him as having said the nuclear force involved would be mortar-sized weapons (with) no more powen than many of our conventional weapons only in a smaller package The Minnesota congressman said the nominee and the representatives also agreed the 'West Southerner hut as a lifelong t Democrat and added: I state for a fight to force Senate action to you that I have no illusion on a House-passed bill to strip that the warwjg 1 sound will be federaj courts 0f jurisdiction heeded But let it he said that ver state reapp0rtonmeTjt the warning was sounded The hberal led b Sens Paul Wallace forecast failure for n J TI1 should have a united policy on h ffort of bis nclghbor Gov L Douglas D 111 and William trade with the Communists HeCaid E Sanders of Georgia to Pnxmire D Wis already have said they had called for USrjJ fouhern acceptance1 of a ued UP a much milder leaderresolving tmHorMn rv i nerhu niank sim- shP supported rider to the $3 3- leadership toward the disarray in NATO Bolivia Ends Diplomatic Relations With Cuba plank which is purportedly ac- the Judiciary Committee ceptable to my region of the set off heated debate country Wallace told the plat-) The South Carolina Democrat form drafters - 'supported by Sen Russell B LA PAZ Boliva (AP) Bo-! Let the record show that this Long D-La said that when the livia broke diplomatic relations is not true that no such plank Senate reconvenes after next with Cuba Friday night The will be acceptable to the people weeks Democratic National break left only two nations in of the South that you disdain Convention he will ask that the Latin America Mexico and the Constitution of the United bill be placed on the Senate cal-Uruguay maintaining rla- States if you feel compelled to endar where it can be motioned tians with Prime Minister Fidel include such a declaration in the up for debate Castros government 'platform of the Democratic par-j Twice during Fridays debate A communique said that Bo- ty - livia considered it her duty to This bill (the rights law) abide by the sanctions voted ought to be repealed against Cuba by the Organiza tion of American' States (OAS) last month in Washington Aug 15 at the Alpen Inn in among the first to arrive at the Waitsfield home of the Sugar 'priests side Bush "Soaring Club j He was still in the cockpit Soaring club members report-Gove said We didnt try to ed Father Maier had been in 'move him I ran a quarter of a the air for five hours when his mile to call Dr Shephard Quim-plane crashed j by of Waitsfield The doctor ar- The glider came down in a rived in 15 minutes and when pasture on the Robert Gove j more help arrived we lifted him farm Stephen Gove 16 ron ofout of the cockpit with blankets and placed him-in an ambu- considerable blood ' The boy said the priests head Catholic went through the plastic canopy N J and the impact broke the pilots He was 36 years old and had seat belt X served there the past 10 years The right wing and fore part A graduate of Immaculate Con- of the glider were damaged and ception Seminary imDarlington the tail dented iN J he was ordained pmest m Young Gove said he w a $'19$4 ' ' V r ! i j " i V Tempest Puffs in As Convention Third Party Threatened Wallace Hints Broadly as He Lashes Platform Panel on Equality ATLANTIC CITY NJ (AP) Segregationist Gov George C Wallace of Alabama demanded of Democratic platform writers Friday a plank calling for outright repeal of the Civil Rights act and hinted at a posri-ble new third party movement In sharp language Wallace warned of an uprising against the party's prevailing leadership unless it reverses- an alien philosophy of government w'hich the American people can-no! long embrace an unsound and dangerous philosophy He implied he will take leadership in a third-party movement immediately after the presidential election if as he put it the Democratic and Republican parties me-too each other through the presidential campaign of this year In such an event the Alabama governors statement said: We will begin immediately after Nov 3 to start a movement to bring about representative government We will use public opinion and we will use the ballot box We are going to remove some people from office and we are going to represent people who want to save this country Wallace who entered presidential primaries in Wisconsin Indiana and Maryland and showed surprising strength released his own delegates after the Republican party had nominated Arizona Sgif Barry Gold-water He recalled Reconstruction days in his appearance at the final session of the P 1 a t-form Committee preceding next weeks Democratic National Convention He said Southerners once before have thrown the yoke of oppression from their backs Their action is instructive to this party at this time In return for a promise of removal of federal troops in 1876 he recalled three Southern states gave their electoral votes to Republican Rutherford B Hayes w'ho had run second' to Democrat Samuel J Tilden Hayes won the troops were removed and Reconstruction ended Wallace said The people rose up and sternly changed (he direction of government which ignored a the ! whole people and " catered to vested interests he'declared I come here today to sound a warning to the Democratic party of another such uprising Wallace said he spoke not as a moderate civil rights plank sim- ply pledging implementation of i billion foreign aid bill which the 1964 Civil Rights Act with 'would simply delay thereappor-emphasiH on local rather than tionment federal enforcement Thurmond s objection to a There has been presented to 'routine second reading of the this committee a civil rights House bill blocked sending it to the reapportionment debate for 'a week or more Earlier Dirksen had said he would fight any laying aside of the foreign aid bill but he did not block Mansfields move and the majority leader said he had reached an agreement with Dirksen Douglas told the Senate he looks for several more weeks of debate on what he termed the Wallace tod the ' platform (Continual on Page Three' lance Father Maier was assistant pastor at St Patricks Roman Church m Elizabeth iV i Delegates from the Democratic Freedom partv sit on luggage outside their Atlantic City hotel waiting for rooms Friday shortly after Reapportionment 0 1 i-r rp -i i otirs Bitter lalk Sen Long Calls Justices Screwballs During Hot Debate WASHINGTON (AP) Stormy debate m which a Southerner called Supreme Court justices those screwballs erupted in the Senate Friday over court-ordered reapportionment of state legislatures Democratic liberals supporting the Supreme Court ruling clashed with Southern opponents after Sen Strom Thurmond D-S C had set the stage I Palmiro Togliatti (left) leader of Italys Communist Party died Friday in Russia The hard-lisfbd politician was 71 He suffered a stroke earlier (his month LuigiIiOngo (right) seems likely to replace him Longowas his chief deputy prior to his death (Herald-AP Wirephoto) i the Supreme Court as those screwballs Later he conceded this was a little intemperate But still later in an exchange with Douglas he insisted that No I dont take it back and I didnt say they all were anyhow Any showdown on whether to vote on the House bill or the rider sponsored by Sen Everett M Dirksen the Republican Senate leader from Illinois as postponed indefimtely when Mje majority leader Sen Mike Mansfield D-Mont got unanimous consent to lay aside the foreign aid bill when the Senate returns Aug 31 " Mansfield wants to have the Senate consider a House-passed bill raising Social Security benefits Half a dozen Democratic senators plan an effort to amend this measure to include an administration-backed plan for healtff care for the elderly under the Social Security system - This is expected to touch off another verbal battle which could' delay the resumption of I Atlantic City Start Nears n V- sjj A i CONVENTION HALL Atlantic City NJ (AP) Three busloads of Mississippians rolleckonto the Democratic convention scene Friday and heralded the possibility of another roaring party-shattering civil rights row and a throwback to 1948 The convention opens Monday to pick President Johnson for president and the man he wants for a running mate This will be routine But Democrats usually stir up fight about something frequently civil rights This time it is simmering m two spots in the Platform Committee and the Credentials Committee Party leaders are hunting for a way to keep it from boiling over onto the convention floor and winding up with a bolt by Southerners such as they staged 16 years ago in Philadelphia Both Alabama and Mississippi are involved now as they were then The main menace to Democratic harmony centers in the determination of delegates of the Democratic Freedom party of Mississippi to keep the regular Mississippi delegation from being seated at the cpnvention The Freedom Democrats are largely Negro the regulars are all white It was the former who came m by bus Friday prepared to take the battle to the convention floor But the first significant rounds will be fought in the Credentials Committee at its first meeting Saturday The Freedom Democrats contend they were barred methodically from taking part in the choice of the regular Democrat-A L -i 1C delegates They also contend rjl DLLS II the latter have spurned the national ticket in the past the last time in 1960 and may again this year Party officials and the White House want to snuff out a floor fight before it starts since a vie- tory for the Mississippi regulars might hurt the ticket among Negro voters in the North while the seating of the challengers might swing white votes to GOP nominee Barry Goldwater in the South v Johnson has been weighing three possibilities: seating Mississippi delegation their arrival at the site of the Democratic national convention They claim the right to represent Mississippi (Herald-AP Wirephoto) u-s- Soldier Shot Down In Special Forces Man Is 189th American to Die in Vietnamese War SAIGON South Viet Nam (AP) Red ambushers killed another American serviceman Friday while Vietnamese student leaders addressing rallies ' either in the safety of the major cities denounced Maj Gen Nguyen Khanhs U S -backed regime as a dictatorship A US Army special forces enlisted man became the 189th American to die in combat in the Vietnamese war He was cut down while on patrol with mountain troops in the Aa Shau Valley near the Laotian frontier 370 miles north of Saigon This incident ' developed as blood from the wounded of one of the Viet Cong's most success ful strikes in the Mekong River delta stained the helicopter landing pad at My Tho 30 miles southwest of Saigon I The guerrillas killed four American advisers and inflicted 198 casualties on Vietnamese government troops Thursday in what may hae been the troops costliest single action to date From a morning attack on the Phu Tuc outpost 50 miles southwest of Saigon through two ambushes by night the Viet Cong killed 121 in addition to the Americans wounded 63 and apparently captured 14 Viet Cong losses were des-jcribed by official sources as heavy But relatively few enemy bodies appeared to have been left behind The- Americans three officers and an enlisted man were v n i irl batialonH0fu OUtv500! troops heading- back to their 'Sess four-mile push to the relief of Phu Tuc Apparently in a relaxed mood (he unit walked at dusk into an ambush laid by an enemy force estimated to total 1000 men Rangers who answered battalions call for help also were ambushed There was - confused fighting until 9 pm then the guerrillas pulled out ' A relief column that moved in by daylight found the bodies of the Americans scattered in a coconut groyer In Washington thev Defense Department identified two of the dead in the ambush as 1st Lt William David H Ragin whose wife is in Ft Monroe Va and Sgt lC Tom Ward whose wife is in Fayetteville NTL ' The other dead were not identified Civil Rights Row Looms Mississippis Freedom Party Mostly Negroes Fires Party Strife seating both or seating only delegates who promise to support his ticket Representatives of at least two Negro organizations are prepared to demonstrate outside the convention on behalf of the Freedom Democrats To bring the Mississippi issue to the convention flooF Monday will take a majority vote of eight delegations The Freedom Democrats say they can count on at least 10 delegations The Alabama delegation faces a challenge in the Credentials Committee from Negro attorney Orzell Billingsley chairman of the Alabama Democratic Con ference in Birmingham on grounds it hasnt fulfilled requirements of the Democratic National Committee set forth in the call for the convention Alabama Democrats have followed the recommendation of Gov George C Wallace and named a slate of unpledged presidential electors The convention call says it is understood - that in certifying convention delegates a' state party thereby undertakes to assure that voters in the state will have the opportunity to cast their election ballots for the presidential ard vice presidential nominees selected by said convention The Democratic Platform Committee - ran through final hases of fts hearings Frid mid OB-1W non 0 out a civil rights plank that would offend nobody unduly even if it satisfied nobody completely There was a general feehng that something could be "worked out The worry over words focused on how far td go and where to (Continued on Page Three) News in Brief SPORTS BOSTON Red So wallop New York Yankees In first of four game series Pope 7 MILWAUKEE Chleooo Bears meet Green Bay Packers In fdbtball exhibition Saturday night Page 6 I EDITORIAL JOHN P CLEMENT 100 Years' Age Tht Wegk - Page 4 - WHIT LEM BEASLEY SEZ Page 4 VONDA BERGMAN Vermonter I Washington 'Page 4 " i i "i f I ? Y n i 'I c t i v Wi

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