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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont • 19

Rutland, Vermont
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1 '1 RUTLAND DAILY HERALD THURSDAY MORNING DECEMBER 2 1971 19 The Liberty Union Candidates: A Choice Not an Echo anyone to speak the truth and have it heard Thats not faith in America its more a faith in human survival" she continued "There are good things about mankind if we can be freed from (the restraints placed upon us The institutions that are harming us today were created by men and perhaps mankind can humanize them again" That hope possibly a lost and forlorn one is the aim of the Liberty Union people as they battle their improbable way toward the Jan 7 elections Ms Lake said Wednesday "But it needs to be done" Why does it need to be done if you're going to lose on election day? For the Liberty Union candidates the answer is simple: The truth needs to be spread another answer must be given a chance for a hearing I dont know what's going to happen" Ms Lake said Wednesday night as she prepared to drive to Middlebury for a debate in which Sanders was participating I have faith that theres a possibility for through news releases and use of various media outlets with varying success Weve had fairly good treatment everywhere except in The Herald" Sanders said Wednesday (The Herald has had a policy in recent years of not using political handouts as news trying instead for first-hand coverage of candidates and their campaigns) It's hard when you have to spend most of the day taking care of your children then dig your car out of the driveway and go halfway across the state" Above all the Liberty Union candidates seem to feel that government has somehow gotten out of hand that normal people cant control their lives any more "All the issues are really related to individual rights the right of a man or woman to control his or her own life" Ms Lake said It all comes back to that" Ms Lake and Sanders have made campus appearances and have appeared on radio talk shows They have tried to conduct much of their campaign All laws relating to prohibition of abortion birth control homosexual relationships and the use of drugs would be done away with by the Liberty Union candidates They are also concerned with the growth of the FBIs power and the use of electronic gadgetry to invade the homes of private citizens In a free society individuals and not government have the right to decide what is best for their own lives as long as their actions do not harm others" said Sanders SALE STMTS TODAY TtrA ux SAVE ON TODAY'S HITS! fiJi care and an adequate income" Sanders said Theres no reason why we have to have people who are hungry and people without adequate living space Ms Lake said I think that if people were free from the strains of providing for their families they would fulfill their potential be creative and so on" Sanders noted: The Democrats and Republicans have tried to obfuscate that we can do that provide for everyone theres no rational excuse for not doing that" Isnt that a bit Utopian? Not at all say the Liberty Uhion candidates Economically theres no reason for people to suffer poverty any more Were not talking about Utopia We re talking economics" Sanders said Both candidates are concerned about the concentration of wealth and power in the US They quote the oft-cited statistics: Two per cent of the US population controls one-third of the country's wealth the 200 largest corporations in the country control 60 per cent of the countrys industrial assets and increasingly that conglomeration of corporate wealth is making its weight felt in government so that big business and big government are becoming slowly intertwined The present tax structure is absurd they note "Most of the things I would like to see happen need a total restructuring of the present tax system before they can happen Ms Lake said Decision -making is in the hands of just a few people" Other areas of modern life need restructuring or at least reworking also according to the Liberty Union "The two main parties are talking about an east -west highway said Ms Lake "I feel we shouldn't build more roads to help subsidize General Motors and pollute the environment We need to develop better systems of public transportation instead She noted the all -but -defunct railroad network in Vermont if renovated could ease both the iressure for new roads and the lurdens on existing highways Finally both she and Sanders are strongly opposed to further incursions into the area of personal civil liberties They feel an increasingly punitive government allied with big business and modern electrotechnology is eating away those rights and liberties every day We are very much concerned with the role the government is playing in undermining individual freedom of thought and action" said Sanders "and 1984 may be closer than we think was Dennis Morrisseau His recent rise in the Democratic Party has been commensurate with his fall in the eyes of his former fellow Liberty Unionites Morrisseau was eyed sideways by the Liberty Union people for several months and finally lived up to their suspicions by dumping them in the last days of the Democratic House primary election campaign Morrisseau committed the cardinal sin they feel by compromising his ideals in hopes of getting elected He failed this fall He may yet do it however Ms Lake and Sanders arent i likely to make the same move Nor are they likely to get elected 1 dont see winning as getting elected said Ms Lake Wednesday Sanders said essentially the same thing more completely The function of the Liberty Union is to present radically different philosophical and ilitical concepts from those ing offered by the two major parties On the most important questions the Democrats and the Republicans are identical For example Sanders said the main question now being debated with regard to the Vietnam War is just how long the withdrawal of American troops should take That debate ignores the basic uestions that got the US into war Sanders said and ignores the entire question of US imperialism abroad Were not only interested in an immediate end to the war but in understanding how it could be that a handful a literal handful of people could make a decision which has resulted in our waging one of the most immoral wars in history" Sanders says Liberty Union wants to investigate the basic structure of what happened to America in Vietnam why it happened what that says about US democracy and how it can be prevented from happening again Or consider the economy "Republicans and Democrats are arguing about whether the wage-price freeze is good or bad We say thats a smokescreen and has nothing to do with the basic economic questions facing this country" The basic economic truth say the Liberty Union candidates is that America is rich enough to provide well for every one of its citizens But it doesnt If we werent spending billions supporting dictatorships throughout the world building automobiles and washin machines designed to brea down in two yean and if we didnt allow a few people to have hundreds of millions of dollars while others go hungry and especially if we used our natural resources and labor to work for human ends rather than for more profits for millionaires every family in this country could have decent housing free medical By TOM SLAYTON (Vermont Press Bureau) Like Quixotes lifting their lances against the windmills of corporate America the candidates of the Liberty Union peer through the prisms of high ideals toward a better time to come Democrats and Republicans have lost the way they say Both parties are exponents pf the same grey ideas And so Bernard Sanders of Burlington and Doris Lake of Brattleboro waging their campaigns on a total of less than 500 when their opponents are spending thousands have taken up the campaign path They are the other candidates in the current special election campaign for the US House and US Senate Ms Lake is the wife of a 1970 Liberty Union candidate Peter Diamondstone She is running for the House as Doris Lake however and has asked to be referred to as Ms Lake Royalton College President Anthony Doria is also bucking the two regular party nominees running as an Independent Sanders is the only third-party candidate for the Senate While Republicans and Democrats battle in the limelight for those two posts the Liberty Union candidates get little attention While Republican Richard Mallary and Democrat William OBrien (House) and Democrat Randolph Major and Republican Robert Stafford (Senate) work against each other the Liberty Union candidates damn them all and condemn the system of which they are a part The special election will be held Jan 7 The winners will be either Republicans or Democrats The Liberty Union candidates simply hope they will have Introduced what they consider a bit more truth into the campaign by the time the votes are counted The Republicans and Democrats have their eyes cocked toward the number seven on the January 1972 calendar The Liberty Union people not having to watch that date concentrate simply on today Neither candidate seriously expects to get elected Both candidates intense attractive Both have families and in both cases all the time they can spare they spend campaigning The Liberty Union was founded last year when former Gov Philip Hoff a Democrat and the late Republican Sen Winston Prouty were venting their spleen on one another Cursing both parlies the Liberty Union went it alone and gathered a few votes Their efforts made little difference in the final outcome All the candidates fielded by the fledgling party were trouncfd soundly The only candidate who had any sort of widespread appeal 'ts Barbra Stn'ivnd A Christmas Album AY i LIST $598 A lri rml) Avar Wr rfcr-rrfv Awirr Mr tmr Uj hrmrm JMf Perfect for Christmas gifts I Choose from Cat Stevens The Carpenters Burt Bacharach and Carole King On A and Ode Records HOLIDAY SOUNDS FOR YOUR HOME AND FOR GIFTS! $497 list un 8-TRACK TAPES I i iwst LIST $498 aiii 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Select from "Merry Christmas" by Andy Williams "A Christmas Album" by Barbra Streisand and "Boots And Stockings" by Boots Randolph Alt on Columbia Records st 157 Lawmaker Would Give State Employes Unemployment Compensation Benefits to "White Christmas" by Jackie Gleason "I'll Be Home For Christmas" "Christ-mas Day" (Various Artists) "Deck The Halls" by Guy Lombardo and "Country Christmas" (Various Artists) on Pickwick 33 Records vc' "The Christmas" Living Strings 'Whitt Christmas" by Living Stringt and Living Voices "Elvis Christmas Album" and "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" by RCA ftvC1' lw ft" tJ new ELVIS tramways operated on state land He would require that a person be a resident of Vermont for six months before getting the discount Other legislation filed with the Legislative Council would require the state Environmental Board to hold hearings in the same town where the affected land is concerned Sen William Doyle R-Washington will introduce legislation which would pay legislative members expense money for serving the Education Commission of the States Patients or Inmates in slate institutions who receive pay for work done in facilities would not be covered under the program Rep William Orcutt R-44 of Chester also will introduce legislation which would increase the fee for non-resident hunting licenses He would raise the out-of-state fee from 30W to S0 Out-of-state fishing licenses would be upped to IS SO Orcutt's bill would not go into effect until January 1975 Orcutt also has legislation planned which would give Vermonters a 20 per cent discount on tickets for ski i Tfc WoaMii WwW ft CMMm -n i JL 1 --L WOO LmaBM- BRINGTHE JOYS OF CHRISTMAS MUSICTO YOUR HOME! 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LP sn ALBUMS FOR By STEVE PATTERSON (Vermoat Press Bareaa) MONTPELIER About 6000 state employes would be brought into the unemployment compensation program under a major bill that to be considered by the 1972 Legislature While the state requires all private companies to participate in the unemployment program the existing law doesnt cover stale workers This is the first time such legislation has been Introduced into the Legislature and surely will ignite a heated debate Under the legislation which is sponsored by Rep Oreste Valsangiacomo D-7-3 of Bar re private industries might have to pick up part of the tab for state workers unemployment benefits The bill requires that all state workers be covered but does not specify that the state pay into the fund The state law requires that all companies pay into the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund and it isnt likely that the Legislature will go along with a bill requiring the state as an employer to kick in 100 per cent funding In the past several years any bill dealing with labor has received rough going In the House Appropriations Committee And with Gov Deane Davis giving clear indications that be will propose another belt-tightening budget the bill will be extremely difficult to push through Valsangiacomo agreed it will be tough to pass the bill but he said state employes deserve to be covered by unemployment and the time has come to start it Maybe will have to split this up and do it section bjf section with departments Valsangiacomo said He noted that last year the Legislature approved a bill which covers unemployment for the state colleges employes of mr i A huge selection of famous artists includes Billy Vaughn Wayne Newton and many more On Kapp Capitol Dot MGM Verve Reprise and Liberty records Included artists such as: 101 Strings The Chipmunks Eddie Fisher The Mills Brothers etc Labels Include Dot Life Sunset etc ORIGINAL 2-RECORD SET JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIST $598 Poultney School Directors To Get Architects Advice method which costs substantially less than convent Iona school -build ing techniques When Phelps broached the subject of hiring an architect several board members were mum but when the two free alternatives were mentioned directors brightened up Dr Robert Cross said he has had some individual problems with architects but is not opposed to talk Stanley Jones said the two moves would represent a good first step" Adam Maslack was for a bit more consideration of the problem and perhaps a private meeting with school administrators Chairman Mrs Patricia Dillon said she thought there bad been enough public meetings to settle the problem of need of an BrXn audience member Mrs Catherine Colvin asked why the board didn't go ahead and interview several architects with the possible intent of hiring one to work on the overcrowding problem Such interviews would be free and provide a wealth of Information" pointed out her husband former school director Charles Colvin Well the board grudgingly agreed such interviews might not be loo bad an idea Recommended proposals for alleviating space problems include building an entirely new high school putting an addition on the current building or utilizing now-empty Poultney Central School These top quality Christmas albums by RCA include Jose Feliciano "The Wonderful World of Christmas" by Elvis Presley and "Christmas In My Home Town" by Charley Pride LIST SI 198 8-TRACK TAPE LIST $1291 $897 and state hospitals alsangiacomo said he ham yet drawn up figures on what me an upcoming meeting miM rmt the state if it cNx)l's directors Addressing the meeting bill would cost the state kicked In a full share of the ill unemployment compensation fund Under the legislation elected officials department brad judges and court offieers would be exempt from the compensation program be representatives from the Derry architectural firm of Hamlcm Douglas Associates That outfit designed a Deerfield school building which was built by an all-steel Rutland Vt Tel 773-8165 138 West St I.

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