The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 9
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, 'ATJWJB1' If, 59W (AMC.) OUR WARDING HOUSE — with M.j.r Ho* P l. AM6TA.H MAJOR, VJE IS GOT PLUM8 OFFfiM frfe HOKN6 OB OUR. ' -EMMA/~YesTIDDAY AFT6R- tJOOM OL& gATTLE AROUKSD LAK A COOP (Kj A THIS „ „ "SHE MOVED v ^- " "3LOVJ AS HOOK HAS STRUCK/ (SOT TH& Lime LADY TUFJMED / AKOOSiO SO SHE MIGHT IS DAY, BRILLIAsiT [JOVO FOE. THE ACID TEST, _>ATTLE- AX 15 3EFUDOLED WTO Wother anr/ Daughter Get Shore of Breaks fall from a horse. A fe\v month, later her mother, Dorothy, 29, hroke tier left arm at a skating rink. Her CF.NTRALIA, 111. (tP,— A mother cast was barely off when she and daughter have been sharing! slipped on her own rus and broke their breaks — first one arm then i her riylH arm. Three days later another. j Shirley — with the same horse a Shirley Underwood. 11, of Ccn-ithe same place as before — fel tralia broke her right arm in B i and broke her left arm. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. 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Scajr Motor ('n. will give you service you'll like. K yon don't like the service you're gcttine now—change ill T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrjsUr-rijmsBtk Owler UI E Mabi Ph.»* iUZ I Can't Cry Now By Addle McEllrcsK *. ItU. NtA i*rr«cf. 1^. VHI 'TTATY ELMO got a glimpse o( her face, puckered with fright and worry, in the rearvievv mirror nnd eased up on the accelerator. There was no use going nowhere in such a hurry. Chris had always said that. Chris thought that people drove themselves loo hard through life but he drove himself just a little harder than most, But with Chris it was the hook, always the book. "I must read it," Katy thought, although she had not been able to touch the don whore he haci worked that night—so late. She frowned as memory stirred. She hati been over it nil 50 many times, seeking the answer that had to be there, Ihe answer to why Cr.rif h-Tfl gone out that nighl why he had gone lo the store. Si:e had graded test papers that niaht. Composition IV, until 11 o'clock ami her head was splitting she went to bed. F,von up- stnirs. she could hear Chris thumping away on the old typewriter tncy both had used in high school and she drifted olT to sleep in one of the creative silencer that some- limes Deemed Joud in Vie den. When she wakened it was to hear Chris hurrying downstair? and out the front door: she called to him but he didn't hear and a moment Inter his car spun gravel in the driveway. Chris was having one of his had times with the book, r.hc li^d guessed, and bar] gone ba.'k lo sleep—nnd then Ted had c.>mc lo awaken her. Chris was dead. What now? What next? The tetr.po of ttu engine of her car seemed lo be a5)<ing that question. What was in store for her? Some- nr.o had cut the phone line and there could be only one reason for that. The person who had killed A^nes Jerome wanteci to kill Katy too. It had Hccn foolish to plunge headlong out ol Ihe house, fool- hardy to leave the only advantage she had—shelter, with her and Major inside il. The killer was outside and so long as he was. "So am I outside. Outside and, therefore, vulnerable." She realized she was thinking like Chris and Ted on those occasions when they were lost in memories of practice maneuvers . . . you did this because if you did thnt your position was made known to trie enemy and you were vulnerable. Katy shrugged oft the memory of the two voices raised friendly argument thrmigh KG many pleasant evenings. She had mndc tlie wrong move, she was vulnerable. She turned into the sleeping side .?t reel where Dave Argus lived with his sister arid her liusbnnd. Finn-,-* Ward miglil Ihink plenty about Dave's old girl coming calling nt daybreak in robe and slippers, but she would keep her own cminset, at least. Dave would see to that, Knly curbed Ihe car, started to order Mrtjor to "Stny!" and thought belter of Ll. Major at her side was rcawuring. She touched the bell. h«nr« U jangle discordantly somewhere inside, and waited. And waited. Forever, it seemed. • * • 'THEN Deputy Sheriff Dave Argus • was at the door, sleep dropping from him like a sight of her. "Katy! What happened? Come inside!" She was inside, shp and M,-i;or, and the door closed behind them almost before he sloppM talking, "Is something wrong? Katy, you're shaking! Here, let me—-sit down, Kaly." He led her a step or two to a chair an<i his hnncjs were genlte on her shoulders as he sat her down. Katy sank into the ohafr gratefully. She bad not realized how weak with fright she was until Dave touched her. She looked up. to the question in the cloudy gray eyes that could be so gay. "I—" suddenly she didn't know how to tell him—"someone was there, in the burn." The words came then, pouring over one another. "I tried to call but the telephone was dead." "What!" Dave Argus cried. Kaly stumbled on, "All I could think of was (hat someone had cut the wires. It—it sounds s-silly. doesn'^ril?" It did. Strangely, hearing her rushing words bog down in their >wn imaginative idiocy, it sounded utterly foolish. The mad night- naic of a frightened woman. Katy :>H her lip. Dave didn't believe her. lio'd think, she wa.t just trying to throw suspicion away from her- solf, she hnd read about murderers who Hid lhat. It does not!" Dave hnd the telephone in his hand. She heard him Kive a number; then, "Pete! Dave Ar^us. I'm coming by. I don't know. May bo." He hung up "You stny here, Kaly. My sister Krnnin cnn fix you up with some clothes, if necessary, but stay 'icre!" 'I'd rather—" AVE went to Ihe door, called lo his sister, and came back. "I shouldn't have let you stay oul there. I should have eucsserl—-" "Y<ni ami Ted." Katy smiled at his concern. "I'm sorry I ran like a baby, Dave. I won't again, I promise. I,et me go back with '.vilh you?" Argus shook his head. He turned lo Mrs. Kmma Ward, who came in belting a robe around her ample figure. "Can you diij Katy sumo clolhcs, Km? And keep her here?" K'rnma looked from her brother lo Kaly. "Do I say yes?" "He says so," Katy nodded. nt- ?rtjs :><i, rwaty noiioort. "Yes to both questions, F-m,* Dave told her firmly. Then, with n twinkle, "You micht feed her, too. They say it helps." Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMfT. Memphis. Channel 4 FRIDAY NIGHT, ADO, 15 6:00 Curtain Call 6:30 We the People 7:00 Doorway lo Danger 7:30 Strange Day 8:£0 Sports reel 8:30 Bill Day 8:45 Fashion show 9:00 Where the People Stand 9:30 Playhouse of stars 10:00 Lights Out 10:30 News 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Industry on Pararle 11:30 News 11:40 Si=rn off .SATURDAY, AUG. IS, 105! 9:00 Test Pattern 9:15 News 9:25 Morning Meditation 9:30 The l,itl!e Hevua 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Western 12:00 News 12-15 Dr. Sollau 12.-.10 Super Circuit 1:30 Big Picture 2:00 Baseball 4:00 Film Featurette 4:30 Film FenturctU 5:00 TV Teen Club 5:30 Lone Ranger 6:00 All Star Revue 7:00 Dance Party 8:30 Manhunt 9:00 Barn Dance 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 C. A. Prevu« • 10:45 Film Penturctte 11:15 News 11:30 Sign Off Scientists Shortage Seen by British >— Britain Is running short of scientists, the Govern meat's ndvisatory council on scien lific policy hn.s announced. Warning that there will be more jobs (ban scientists during the II five years, the council said in n port: "We are already beginning lose some of onr Rood scientific men to American industry." The report called for Increased scientific educational facilities In Britain, both tor the needs of gov ernmcnt and Industry, COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Otho Curtner Ovrr 12 years csperienre In the commercial refrigeration repair business assures you of expert service. 1'luine 2(H2 Fred Ciillihiin Knclio Service OUT OUR WAY ty J. R. WHfem, TnTnB ^Etm FRICKLES AND HIS FRIINDf "ID TH' FIRST AlP: HR SE.Z TO WATCH WHO IT IS- RUSHES TO HELP HIM/ P6VICES WOW THE OMLV WAV SOU LOSE A FJM<seRNAIL IS Bn~IN' 'EM! . WEATHER REPORT/ Btn«tit by Rtading and Using Courier N«wi Classified Adi IF r COULD .y6ern STAK.TEV/ HOW CAN OIKIZ KIN FAIL TO Z UA* TROUBLE —. WHEN ATTEMPTS TO LSAVS THE ^. ' 7\'C>MV 1 SfcE YOU'RE WEARING YOUR HAIR DOWN AGAIM. 1 LIKE IT! YOU ALWAYS SAY I NEVER NOTICE SUCH THINGS 1 BUT / FOOLED /IT'S VERY NICE! WHEN DID VOL) CHANGE IT? HOPE THESE WALKS A\AK6^ NOT RX5HT NOW WU FEEL 8ETTEE.AMSS _Aw CUNT StJT ' HAKPEffTY. NOW^HOW ) WHAT'S ALL TH^CT ArJOUTA S\Vrt\? ^^ ^COMMOTION AKOUNW •n-e A BO!7y/THAT LOOK5 LIKB K6-OL 7ROU&LEJ W,BILLV,,.I'LLFIMD SOMETHING MORE HEBOrW\0 YCWilOOK . WHEM I REFU5EB/ WHAT ft . .,„, TO BUVIT, GIG-. \PRETTYTIE JALOME BUT BV THE TWB \1 FOOMD! / • VOU WE LEFT TK STORE V_ Jil uniE TAKEM 1U A Bir HERE ttAPMA? HE'D FOCGorrEH in ft. o o >- ui _! _l < THE ASSEMBLY OF X ^YE...EACH DW WirnOUr THIS QOEEM OF SMEBA:S\ t-v MAGIC TURBAM 6 A CARAVAN WAS ABOUT I PAIN ... AND MANY DAYS THE FASTEST THING /OF TRAVEL LIE AHEAD •-. I EVEK Sf\W! .~^-~~^. ' ^ ^ ^< C^—^x&ttf* . s. He was gone before either o( (To B« FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VBTCH, SEED WHBAT, 1! A It LEY KES CUK AM) CI.OVEHS MOW CROP SEKI) BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. I'hone KO MATTER \VHAT ISSfti C DO ORSAV, THIS 1HINE / VV1LL KgEFS ON / IT KEEP ITS MERRY / ON GOING WHAT TOOK YA ) I H UOMG, ^ f TWOUSuE I'VE GOT TO GO TO TH'C/VK... LPORGOT THA.T'6 FUNNY/ I C?ON'T j HAVING INNER TUBE WITH MIW ON TM EEE ' Back-To-School Qualit} materials— fine workmanship— Mll.siaetlon ruaranleed. H-flLTCRS JLBt TY SHOE SHOP • 7 • w. M (4 f M ST.

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